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On line bundles in derived algebraic geometry

Toni Annala

On refined metric and hermitian structures in arithmetic, I: Galois-Gauss sums and weak ramification

Werner Bley, David Burns, Carl Hahn

The extension problem for graph C*-algebras

Søren Eilers, James Gabe, Takeshi Katsura, Efren Ruiz, Mark Tomforde

On Modules over Motivic Ring Spectra

Elden Elmanto, Håkon Kolderup

Witt and cohomological invariants of Witt classes

Nicolas Garrel

Hausdorffified algebraic K_1 group and invariants for C*algebras with the ideal property

Guihua Gong, Chunlan Jiang, Liangqing Li

Tate tame symbol and the joint torsion of commuting operators

Jens Kaad, Ryszard Nest

Twisted iterated algebraic K-theory and topological T-duality for sphere bundles

John A. Lind, Hisham Sati, Craig Westerland

The Godbillon-Vey invariant and equivariant KK-theory

Lachlan MacDonald, Adam Rennie

Functorality of the gamma filtration and computations for some twisted flag varieties

Eoin Mackall

Rigidity in equivariant algebraic $K$-theory

Niko Naumann, Charanya Ravi

Homotopy equivalence in unbounded KK-theory

Koen van den Dungen, Bram Mesland

The Omega spectrum for mod 2 KO-theory

W. Stephen Wilson