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A Baum-Connes conjecture for singular foliations

Iakovos Androulidakis, Georges Skandalis

Periodic cyclic homology and derived de Rham cohomology

Benjamin Antieau

The IA-congruence kernel of high rank free Metabelian groups

David El-Chai Ben-Ezra

On refined metric and hermitian structures in arithmetic, I: Galois-Gauss sums and weak ramification

Werner Bley, David Burns, Carl Hahn

Linkage of Pfister forms over C(x_1,...,x_n)

Adam Chapman, Jean-Pierre Tignol

The extension problem for graph C*-algebras

Søren Eilers, James Gabe, Takeshi Katsura, Efren Ruiz, Mark Tomforde

Motivic analogues of MO and MSO

Dondi Ellis

Hausdorffified algebraic K_1 group and invariants for C*algebras with the ideal property

Guihua Gong, Chunlan Jiang, Liangqing Li

Vanishing theorems for the negative K-theory of stacks

Marc Hoyois, Amalendu Krishna

Twisted iterated algebraic K-theory and topological T-duality for sphere bundles

John A. Lind, Hisham Sati, Craig Westerland

A Dolbeault-Hilbert complex for a variety with isolated singular points

John Lott

Higher genera for proper actions of Lie groups

Paolo Piazza, Hessel Posthuma

A generalized Vaserstein symbol

Tariq Syed

On the intersection motive of certain Shimura varieties: the case of Siegel threefolds

Jörg Wildeshaus

Witt groups of abelian categories and perverse sheaves

Jon Woolf, Jörg Schürmann