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Author Index – A
Aaltonen, Martina
Nonmanifold monodromy spaces of branched coverings between manifolds
Aarnes, Johan
Locally compact spaces and two classes of $C^{\ast}$-algebras
Aarts, J. M.
Aarts, Johannes
Pseudo-completeness and the product of Baire spaces
The orientability of matchbox manifolds
Abadie, Beatriz
Generalized fixed-point algebras of certain actions on crossed products
Abate, Marco
Abatzoglou, Theagenis
Unique best approximation from a $C^{2}$-manifold in Hilbert space
Abbott, Harvey
Extremal problems on nonaveraging and nondividing sets
Abbott, Stephen D.
Boundedness of the Riesz projection on spaces with weights
Abdi, Wazir
Abdulali, Salman
Conjugates of strongly equivariant maps
Abe, Kinetsu
Isometric immersions of $H^n_1$ into $H^{n+1}_1$
Relative nullity foliations and indefinite isometric immersions
Aberbach, Ian
Homology multipliers and the relation type of parameter ideals
Abernethy, Kenneth
On characterizing certain classses of first countable spaces by open mappings
Abian, Alexander
The use of mitotic ordinals in cardinal arithmetic
Abolarinwa, Abimbola
Differential Harnack and logarithmic Sobolev inequalities along Ricci-Harmonic map flow
Abouabdillah, Driss
Topologies de corps $A$ linéaires
Abrahamse, Allan
Uniform integrability of derivatives on $\sigma $-lattices
Abrahamse, Marine
Mapping intervals to intervals
Abrahamsen, Trond
New applications of extremely regular function spaces
Abramczuk, Wojciech
A class of surjective convolution operators
Abramovich, Yuri
Operators preserving disjointness on rearrangement invariant spaces
Abrams, Gene
Corrections and addenda to: The isomorphism problem for incidence rings
The isomorphism problem for incidence rings
Abu Muhanna, Yusuf
The boundary behaviour of harmonic univalent maps
Abuabara, Teófilo
A remark on infinitely nuclearly differentiable functions
Abuaf, Roland
Erratum to Singularities of the projective dual variety
Singularities of the projective dual variety
Aceti, John
Elements of higher homotopy groups undetectable by polyhedral approximation
Achter, Jeffrey
A note on $L$-packets and abelian varieties over local fields
Elliptic curves, random matrices and orbital integrals
Acker, Andrew
On the successive approximation of classical solutions for multi-surface free-boundary problemswith general non-linear joining conditions
Acker, Andrew
Existence and geometry of a free boundary problem for the heat equation
On the existence of convex classical solutions to multilayer fluid problems in arbitrary space dimensions
Acosta, Gabriel
Extension theorems for external cusps with minimal regularity
Acosta, Miguel
Adachi, K.
Continuation of bounded holomorphic functions from certain subvarieties to weakly pseudoconvex domains
Continuation of holomorphic mappings, with values in a complex Lie group
Extending bounded holomorphic functions from certain subvarieties of a weakly pseudoconvex domain
Le problème de Lévi pour les fibrés grassmanniens et les variétés drapeaux
On the extension of Lipschitz functions from boundaries of subvarieties to strongly pseudoconvex domains
On the multiplicative Cousin problems for $N^{p}(D)$
Adachi, Kenzō
$L^p$ and $H^p$ extensions of holomorphic functions from subvarieties of analytic polyhedra
Adamaszek, Michał
The Vietoris--Rips complexes of a circle
Adámek, Jiří
Sums of Boolean spaces represent every group
Adams, Colin
Cleanliness of geodesics in hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Crossing number ofalternating knots in $S \times I$
Dehn filling hyperbolic $3$-manifolds
Adams, David
On the exceptional sets for spaces of potentials
Quasi-additivity and sets of finite $L^{p}$-capacity
Adams, Helen
Factorization-prime ideals in integral domains
Filtrations and valuations on rings
Adams, Henry
The Vietoris--Rips complexes of a circle
Adams, Jeffrey
Adams, Michael
Lattices with unique complementation
Adams, Robert
Compact Sobolev imbeddings for unbounded domains
Adams, Scot
An application of the very weak Bernoulli condition for amenable groups
Adams, William W.
Analysis of the module determining the properties of regular functions of several quaternionic variables
Adams, William
Simultaneous diophantine approximations and cubic irrationals
The best two-dimensional Diophantine approximation constant for cubic irrationals
Adeboye, Ilesanmi
Lower bounds for the volume of hyperbolic n-orbifolds
Adkins, William
A Harnack estimate for real normal surface singularities
An analogue of Oka's theorem for weakly normal complex spaces
Adler, Allan
Characterization of modular correspondences by geometric properties
Pseudofinite fields, procyclic fields and model-completion
Adler, Andrew
Weak homomorphisms and invariants: an example
Adler, Jeffrey
Multiplicity upon restriction to the derived subgroup
Refined anisotropic $K$-types and supercuspidal representations
Adolfsson, Vilhelm
$L^p$-integrability of the second order derivatives of Green potentials in convex domains
Adolphson, Alan
Adrian, Moshe
On the local Langlands correspondences of DeBacker/Reeder and Reeder for GL(\ell,F), where \ell is prime
Aeppli, Alfred
Some exact sequences in cohomology theory for Kähler manifolds
Afeltra, Claudio
Singular periodic solutions to a critical equation in the Heisenberg group
Afgoustidis, Alexandre
Continuity of the Mackey-Higson bijection
Agarwal, Ashok
Lattice paths and multiple basic hypergeometric series
Agarwal, Ravi
Some dynamic Wirtinger-Type inequalities and their applications
Agmon, Shmuel
On the singularities of Taylor series with reciprocal coefficients
Agnew, Ralph
Ratio tests for convergence of series
Agol, Ian
Pants immersed in hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Agoston, Max K.
An obstruction to finding a fixed point free map on a manifold
Agou, S.
Degré minimum des polynômes $f(\sum^m_{i=0}a_iX^{p^{ri}})$ sur les corps finis de caractéristique $p > m$
Agrawal, Om
Invariant subspaces in the polydisk
Aguilera, Juan
Ackermann and Goodstein go functorial
Aguilera, Nestor
On the search for weighted norm inequalities for the Fourier transform
Aharoni, Ron
Path partitions and packs of acyclic digraphs
Ahern, Patrick
A mean value inequality with applications to Bergman space operators
A note on real orthogonal measures
Exceptional sets for Poisson integrals of potentials on the unit sphere in $\mathbf{C}^n,\;p\leq 1$
On a theorem of Hayman concerning the derivative of a function of bounded characteristic
On the behavior near a torus of functions holomorphic in the ball
On the generalized F. and M. Riesz theorem
On the geometry of the unit ball in the space of real annihilating measures
The boundary behavior of Henkin's kernel
Weighted maximal functions and derivatives of invariant Poisson integrals of potentials
Ahlfors, Lars
Remarks on the Neumann-Poincaré integral equation
Ahmad, Shair
Dynamical systems of characteristic $0^{+}$
On the oscillation of solutions of a class of linear fourth order differential equations
Ahmedou, Mohameden
A geometric equation with critical\\nonlinearity on the boundary
Ahn, Jae Moon
An evaluation of the conditional Yeh-Wiener integral
Aiello, Valeriano
Arborescence of positive Thompson links
Aigner, Martin
Aiolfi, Arì
The Dirichlet problem for the mimimal hypersurface equation with Lipschitz continuous boundary data in a Riemannian manifold
Aissen, Michael
A set function defined for convex plane domains
Aitken, Wayne
Davenport pairs over finite fields
Aizenberg, Lev
Mean-value characterization of pluriharmonic and separately harmonic functions
Aizenbud, Avraham
Uniqueness of Shalika functionals: the archimedean case
Akahori, Takao
On the Romanov kernel and Kuranishi's $L^2$-estimate for $\overline\partial_\mathrm{b}$ over a ball in the strongly pseudo convex boundary
Akahori, Takao
Real analyticity of the canonical versal deformations ofCR-structures
Akbas, Erol
A presentation for the automorphisms of the 3-sphere that preserve a genus two Heegaard splitting
Akbulut, Selman
Polynomial equations of immersed surfaces
Rational structures on $3$-manifolds
Akcoglu, Mustafa
A counter example to the Blum Hanson theorem in general spaces
A general local ergodic theorem in $L_1$
Akemann, Charles
A Gelfand representation theory for $C^{\ast}$-algebras
A geometric spectral theory for$n$-tuples of self-adjoint operators in finite von Neumann algebras: II
Approximate units and maximal abelian $C^{\ast}$-subalgebras
Compact and weakly compact derivations of $C^{\ast}$-algebras
Geometry of the unit sphere of a $C^{\ast}$-algebra and its dual
Some mapping properties of the group algebras of a compact group
Akhmedov, Anar
Geography of simply connected nonspin symplectic 4-manifolds with positive signature
Akin, Ethan
Chain transitive homeomorphisms on a space: all or none
Akiyama, Jin
A graph and its complement with specified properties. VI. Chromatic and achromatic numbers
Akman, Murat
On the absolute continuity of p-harmonic measure and surface measure in Reifenberg flat domains
Akutagawa, Kazuo
Convergence for Yamabe metrics of positive scalar curvature with integral bounds on curvature
Akyildiz, Ersan
Gysin homomorphism and Schubert calculus
Vector fields and equivariant bundles
Al-Hussaini, Ata
Potential operators and equimeasurability
Al-Salam, Waleed
$q$-beta integrals and the $q$-Hermite polynomials
A fractional Leibniz $q$-formula
Orthogonal polynomials associated with the Rogers-Ramanujan continued fraction
Al-Tuwairqi, Salma
Symmetry and Painleve analysis of generalized Zakharov equations
Alagia, Humberto
Cartan subalgebras of Banach-Lie algebras of operators
Albert, Abraham
On exceptional Jordan division algebras
Albrecht, Ulrich
A note on locally $A$-projective groups
Locally $A$-projective abelian groups and generalizations
Albuquerque, Rui
The Euler characteristic of hypersurfaces in space forms and applications to isoparametric hypersurfaces
Alcalde-Cuesta, Fernando
Alder, Henry
Generalizations of the Rogers-Ramanujan identities
Alekseev, Vadim
Uniqueness questions for C*-norms on group rings
Alekseevsky, Dmitri
Homogeneous Ricci positive $5$-manifolds
Alesina, Alberto
A dichotomy for a class of positive definite functions
Alex, Leo
Simple groups and a Diophantine equation
Alex, Tristan
On the half-space theorem for minimal surfaces in Heisenberg space
Alexakis, Spyros
The decomposition of global conformal invariants: Some technical proofs II
Alexander, Charles
Semi-developable spaces and quotient images of metric spaces
Alexander, Herbert
Extending bounded holomorphic functions from certain subvarieties of a polydisc
On the approximation of singularity sets by analytic varieties
Alexander, Ralph
Metric averaging in Euclidean and Hilbert spaces
The effect of dimension on certain geometric problems of irregularities of distribution
Alexander, Stephanie
A cone splitting theorem for Alexandrov spaces
Local and global convexity in complete Riemannian manifolds
Alexopoulos, G.
An application of homogenization theory to harmonic analysis on solvable Lie groups of polynomial growth
Alf, Carol
Unimodality of the Lévy spectral function
Alfaro Garcia, Manuel
Existence of shortest directed networks in $\mathbb{R}^2$
The standard double soap bubble in $\mathbf{R}^2$ uniquely minimizes perimeter
The structure of singularities in $\Phi$-minimizing networks in $\mathbf{R}^2$
Alfsen, E. M.
On dominated extensions in linear subspaces of $\mathscr{C}_C(X)$
Ali, Mir
Content of the frustum of a simplex
Ali, Mohammad
Correction to: ``On the degree of the minimal polynomial of a commutator operator''
On the degree of the minimal polynomial of a commutator operator
Alías, Luis
A mean curvature estimate for cylindrically bounded submanifolds
Biharmonic hypersurfaces in complete Riemannian manifolds
New characterizations of linear Weingarten spacelike hypersurfaces in the de Sitter space
Surfaces in the $3$-dimensional Lorentz-Minkowski space satisfying $\Delta x=Ax+B$
Alin, John
Goldie's torsion theory and its derived functor
Aliprantis, Charalambos
Compactness properties of abstract kernel operators
On universally complete Riesz spaces
Alishahi, Akram
Unknotting number and Khovanov homology
Alladi, Krishnaswami
Moments of additive functions and the sequence of shifted primes
On an additive arithmetic function
On the asymptotic behavior of large prime factors of integers
Allaway, Wm. R.
On finding the distribution function for an orthogonal polynomial set
Allday, Christopher
Rational Whitehead products and a spectral sequence of Quillen
The minimal Hirsch-Brown model via classical Hodge theory
The stratification of compact connected Lie group actions by subtori
Allegretto, Walter
Finiteness of lower spectra of a class of higher order elliptic operators
Nonoscillation theory of elliptic equations of order $2n$
On the equivalence of two types of oscillation for elliptic operators
Positive solutions and spectral properties of second order elliptic operators
Allen, Brian
Contrasting various notions of convergence in geometric analysis
Allen, Graham
An operator version of a theorem of Kolmogorov
Hermitian liftings in Orlicz sequence spaces
Allen, Harry
Jordan algebras and exceptional subalgebras of the exceptional algebra $E_{6}$
Lie algebras of type $D_{4}$ over algebraic number fields
Allen, Keith
Allen, Paul
Elements of finite order in $V(Z A_4)$
Allenby, P. D.
Extension of flows via discontinuous functions
Alling, Norman
Analytic and harmonic obstruction on nonorientable Klein surfaces
On Cauchy's theorem for real algebraic curves with boundary
Allison, Bruce
Lie algebras of type $D_4$ over number fields
Alltop, William
Almaraz, Sérgio
An existence theorem of conformal scalar-flat metrics on manifolds with boundary
The asymptotic behavior of Palais--Smale sequences on manifolds with boundary
Almeida, Jorge
Minimal nonpermutative pseudovarieties of semigroups. I
Minimal nonpermutative pseudovarieties of semigroups. II
Almkvist, Gert
Stability of linear differential equations with periodic coefficients in Hilbert space
The number of nonfree components in the decomposition of symmetric powers in characteristic $p$
Alonso García, Maria Emilia
A note on orderings on algebraic varieties
Aloulou, Walid
Cohomologie de Chevalley des graphes vectoriels
Alperin, Jonathan
Groups with finitely many automorphisms
Alperin, Roger
Locally compact groups acting on trees
Alpers, Burkhard
Round quadratic forms under algebraic extensions
Alpert, Louis I.
An elementary definition of surface area in $E^{n+1}$ for smooth surfaces
Alsedà, Lluís
Badly ordered cycles of circle maps
Minimal sets of periods for torus maps via Nielsen numbers
Alsina i Català, Claudi
On countable products and algebraic convexifications of probabilistic metric spaces
Alspach, Dale
On ${\mathscr{L}}_{p,\lambda}$ spaces for small $\lambda$
Alter, Ronald
The diophantine equation $x^{2}+D=p^{n}$
Altman, M.
An optimum cubically convergent iterative method of inverting a linear bounded operator in Hilbert space
Altman, Mieczyslaw
Contractor directions, directional contractors and directional contractions for solving equations
Contractors, approximate identities and factorization in Banach algebras
Altshuler, Amos
Enumeration of the quasisimplicial $3$-spheres and $4$-polytopes with eight vertices
The complete enumeration of the $4$-polytopes and $3$-spheres with eight vertices
Altuğ, Salim
Elliptic curves, random matrices and orbital integrals
Álvarez, Daniel
Integrability of quotients in Poisson and Dirac geometry
Alvarez de Araya, Jorge
A Radon-Nikodým theorem for vector and operator valued measures
Álvarez López, Jesús
Topological description of Riemannian foliations with dense leaves
Alves da Silva, Pedro
Fixed points of endomorphisms of virtually free groups
Alzubaidy, Kahtan
Rank$_{2}$ $p$-groups, $p > 3$, and Chern classes
Amacha, Inas
Yamabe flow with prescribed scalar curvature
Amar, Denise
Sur les suites d'interpolation en plusieurs variables
Amar, Eric
A counterexample to the corona theorem for operators on $H^{2}({\mathbb D}^{n})$
On $H^p$-solutions of the Bezout equation
Sur les suites d'interpolation en plusieurs variables
Sur un théorème de Mooney relatif aux fonctions analytiques bornées
Amara, Hédi
Groupe des classes et unité fondamentale des extensions quadratiques relatives à un corps quadratique imaginaire principal
Amayo, Ralph
Engel Lie rings with chain conditions
Amberg, Bernhard
Groups with maximum conditions
Ambrus, Gergely
Polarization, sign sequences and isotropic vector systems
Ameku, Harunori
On the Romanov kernel and Kuranishi's $L^2$-estimate for $\overline\partial_\mathrm{b}$ over a ball in the strongly pseudo convex boundary
Amelin, Charles
A numerical range for two linear operators
Ames, Guillermo
Fundamental solutions of invariant differential operators on a semisimple Lie group
Ames, Guillermo
Fundamental solutions of invariant differential operators on a semisimple Lie group II
Amini, Massoud
Order on the homology groups of Smale spaces
Amir, Dan
Chebyshev centers and uniform convexity
Generalized convexity cones and their duals
On Jung's constant and related constants in normed linear spaces
Amit, Gideon
On a question of Feit concerning character values of finite solvable groups
Amitsur, Shimshon
Central embeddings in semi-simple rings
Commutative linear differential operators
Ammar, Mourad
Strongly r-matrix induced tensors, Koszul cohomology, and arbitrary-dimensional quadratic Poisson cohomology
An, Byung Hee
A family of representations of braid groups on surfaces
On folded cluster patterns of affine type
An, Jinpeng
A generalization of random matrix ensemble I: general theory
Anandavardhanan, U. K.
Iwahori-Hecke model for mod p representations of GL(2,F)
On the degree of certain local L-functions
Anantharaman-Delaroche, Claire
Amenable correspondences and approximation properties for von Neumann algebras
Ancel, Fredric
Compact contractible $n$-manifolds have arc spines $(n\geq 5)$
Anciaux, Henri
Marginally trapped submanifolds in space forms with arbitrary signature
Ancona, Vincenzo
Fano bundles and splitting theorems on projective spaces and quadrics
On moduli of instanton bundles on $\mathbb{P}^{2n+1}$
Anders, Katherine
Graphs admitting only constant splines
Andersen, Henning
Cellular structures using Uq-tilting modules
Cellularity of certain quantum endomorphism algebras
Andersen, Kenneth
On the reverse weak type inequality for the Hardy maximal function and the weighted classes $L(\mathrm{log}\,L)^{k}$
On the transformation of Fourier coefficients of certain classes of functions
On the transformation of Fourier coefficients of certain classes of functions. II
Andersen, Nils Byrial
Real Paley-Wiener theorems for the inverse Fourier transform on a Riemannian symmetric space
Andersen, Tage Bai
On Banach space valued extensions from split faces
Anderson, Bruce
Anderson, Daniel
A remark on the lattice of ideals of a Prüfer domain
The Krull intersection theorem
The Krull intersection theorem. II
Anderson, David
On the generalized principal ideal theorem and Krull domains
Projective modules over subrings of $k[X,\,Y]$ generated by monomials
Anderson, Donald
There are no phantom cohomology operations in $K$-theory
Anderson, Frank
Characterizations of certain lattices of functions
Anderson, Frank W.
Anderson, G. D.
Generalized elliptic integrals and modular equations
Anderson, Gerald
$\Lambda $-homology cobordism bundles
Computation of the surgery obstruction groups $L_{4k}(1;Z_P)$
Anderson, Glen
Inequalities for quasiconformal mappings in space
Anderson, J. A.
On a class of Cauchy exponential series
Anderson, James
Closed essential surfaces in hyperbolizable acylindrical3-manifolds
Anderson, Joel
A geometric spectral theory for$n$-tuples of self-adjoint operators in finite von Neumann algebras: II
Anderson, Joel
Properties which normal operators share with normal derivations and related operators
Anderson, John
Finitely generated algebras and algebras of solutions to partial differential equations
Anderson, Lee
On the breadth and co-dimension of a topological lattice
Anderson, Michael
Subgroups of finite index in profinite groups
Anderson, Richard
Extending homeomorphisms to Hilbert cube manifolds
Zero-dimensional compact groups of homeomorphisms
Anderson, Robert F. V.
Laplace transform methods in multivariate spectral theory
Anderson, Robert
Continuous spectra of a singular symmetric differential operator on a Hilbert space of vector-valued functions
Anderson, Tim
Semisimple nil algebras of type $\delta $
Andersson, Mats
$H^p$-estimates of holomorphic division formulas
$L^p$ and $H^p$ extensions of holomorphic functions from subvarieties of analytic polyhedra
A Carleson estimate for the complexMonge--Amp\`ere operator
Andima, Susan
Order-induced topological properties
Ando, Naoya
C^1-umbilics with arbitrarily high indices
Andô, Tsuyoshi
Closed range theorems for convex sets and linear liftings
Contractive projections in $L_{p}$ spaces
Convergent sequences of finitely additive measures
On fundamental properties of a Banach space with a cone
Andradas Heranz, Carlos
A note on projections of real algebraic varieties
On projections of real algebraic varieties
André, Carlos
Supercharacters of the Sylow p-subgroups of the finite symplectic and orthogonal groups
Andreatta, Marco
Generic properties of the adjuction mapping for singular surfaces and applications
Andreev, Valentin
Extremal functions and the Chang-Marshall inequality
Andreotti, Aldo
An analogue of Oka's theorem for weakly normal complex spaces
Andresen, Patricia
Weyl's inequality and quadratic forms on the Grassmannian
Andrew, Alfred
A remark on generalized Haar systems in $L_{p}$, $1 < p < \infty $
The Banach space $\mathrm{JT}$ is primary
Andrews, Ben
Motion of hypersurfaces by Gauss curvature
Andrews, George
An algebraically derived $q$-analogue of a character sum associated with a class of semiregular permutations
Multiple series Rogers-Ramanujan type identities
On a calculus of partition functions
On a partition problem of H. L. Alder
Plane partitions. II. The equivalence of the Bender-Knuth and MacMahon conjectures
The Rogers-Ramanujan reciprocal and Minc's partition function
Two theorems of Gauss and allied identities proved arithmetically
Andrews, Kevin
Representation of compact and weakly compact operators on the space of Bochner integrable functions
Androulakis, George
Positivity results for the Yang--Mills--Higgs Hessian
Andruskiewitsch, Nicolás
Angeleri Hügel, Lidia
Torsion pairs in silting theory
Anger, Bernd
Hahn-Banach type theorems for hypolinear functionals on preordered topological vector spaces
Angle, Robert
Parametrization of holomorphic Segre preserving maps
Anh, V. V.
On starlikeness and convexity of certain analytic functions
Anick, David
A loop space whose homology has torsion of all orders
Anjos, Silvia
Non-contractible Hamiltonian loops in the kernel of Seidel's representation
Ankeny, Nesmith
Criterion for $r$th power residuacity
On the divisibility of the class number of quadratic fields
Annoni, Marco
Almost everywhere convergence for modified Bochner-Riesz means at the critical index for p\geq 2
Ansari, Shamim
On Banach spaces $Y$ for which $B(C(\Omega),Y)=K(C(\Omega),Y)$
Anselone, Philip
Collectively compact sets of linear operators
Regular operator approximation theory
Spectral analysis of collectively compact, strongly convergent operator sequences
Anshelevich, Michael
Free evolution on algebras with two states II
Anshelevich, Michael
Free stochastic measures via noncrossing partitions II
Anthony, Joby
Topologies for quotient fields of commutative integral domains
Antić, Miroslava
Affine hypersurfaces with constant sectional curvature
Antieau, Benjamin
Derived categories of representations of small categories over commutative noetherian rings
Anton, Howard
Integration on topological semifields
Separation axioms and metric-like functions
Antoniou, Austin
On the arithmetic of power monoids and sumsets in cyclic groups
Antonippillai, Anne
Subsemigroups of completely simple semigroups
Antosiewicz, Henry
A theorem on alternatives for pairs of matrices
Boundary value problems for nonlinear ordinary differential equations
Antunes, Leandro
Light groups of isomorphisms of Banach spaces and invariant LUR renormings
Antunes, Paulo
Hierarchies and compatibility on Courant algebroids
Anvari, Nima
Extending smooth cyclic group actions on the Poincaré homology sphere
Anzai, Kazuo
On common fixed points for several continuous affine mappings
Aoki, Yasunori
Bounded and Unbounded Capillary Surfaces in a Cusp Domain
Numerical study of unbounded capillary surfaces
Aomoto, Kazuhiko
Point spectrum on a quasihomogeneous tree
Aougab, Tarik
On curves and polygons with the equiangular chord property
Origamis associated to minimally intersecting filling pairs
Apostol, Constantin
Isomorphisms modulo the compact operators of nest algebras
Nilpotent approximations and quasinilpotent operators
Apostol, Tom M.
Addendum to `On the Lerch zeta function'
Arithmetical properties of generalized Ramanujan sums
Elementary proofs of Berndt's reciprocity laws
Möbius functions of order $k$
On the functional equation $F(mn)F((m,\,n))=F(m)F(n)f((m,\,n))$
Theorems on generalized Dedekind sums
Appell, Jürgen
Noncompactness principles in nonlinear operator approximation theory
Apter, Arthur
Some results on Specker's problem
Aquino, Cícero
A new characterization of complete linear Weingarten hypersurfaces in real space forms
Characterizations of immersed gradient almost Ricci solitons
Ara, Pere
$K_1$ of separative exchange rings and C*-algebras with real rank zero
Matrix rings over $*$-regular rings and pseudo-rank functions
Arad, Zvi
$\pi $-homogeneity and $\pi^{\prime}$-closure of finite groups
A characteristic subgroup of a group of odd order
Abelian and nilpotent subgroups of maximal order of groups of odd order
Correction to: ``A characteristic subgroup of a group of odd order''
Araki, Huzihiro
An application of Dye's theorem on projection lattices to orthogonally decomposable isomorphisms
Some properties of modular conjugation operator of von Neumann algebras and a non-commutative Radon-Nikodym theorem with a chain rule
Aramaki, Junichi
Asymptotic behavior of eigenvalues for a class of pseudodifferential operators on $\mathbf{R}^n$
On an extension of the Ikehara Tauberian theorem
On the asymptotics of the trace of the heat kernel for the magnetic Schr\"odinger operator
Aramayona, Javier
Exhausting curve complexes by finite rigid sets
Aranda Cuevas, Jose
Thin position through the lens of trisections of 4-manifolds
Arapura, Donu
Hodge cycles and the Leray filtration
Araruna, Fágner
Rate of attraction for a semilinear wave equation with variable coefficients and critical nonlinearities
Araujo, José
The Borel-Weil theorem for reductive Lie groups
Aravire, Roberto
Cohomological kernels of purely inseparable field extensions
Quadratic forms over rational function fields in characteristic 2
Arazi, B.
A generalization of the Chinese remainder theorem
Archbold, Robert
Characterization of $C^*$-algebras with continuous trace by properties of their pure states
Ardila, Federico
Computing the Tutte polynomial of a hyperplane arragement
Arendt, B. D.
On partial homomorphisms of semigroups
On the structure of commutative periodic semigroups
Arendt, Wolfgang
Spectrum andasymptotics of the Black--Scholes partial differential equation in $(L^1,L^\infty)$-interpolation spaces
Arens, Richard
A generalization of normed rings
Extension of functions on fully normal spaces
Extensions of Banach algebras
Manifestly dynamic forms in the Cartan-Hamilton treatment of classical fields
On embedding uniform and topological spaces
Operational calculus of linear relations
Pseudo regular elements in a normed ring
Reducing the order of a Lagrangian
Reducing the order of the Lagrangean for a classical field in curved space-time
The analytic-functional calculus in commutative topological algebras
The geometry of relativistic $n$-particle interactions
The limit of a sequence of squares in an algebra need not be a square
The maximal ideals of certain functions algebras
Topologies for function spaces
Argabright, Loren
Invariant means on topological semigroups
Arganbright, Deane
The power-commutator structure of finite $p$-groups
Argerami, Martín
Schur-Horn theorems in II$_\infty$-factors
Argyros, Spiros
A decomposition of complete Boolean algebras
On compact spaces without strictly positive measure
Representations of convex nondentable sets
Arhangel'skii, Alexander
On closed mappings, bicompact spaces, and a problem of P. Aleksandrov
Arias, Alvaro
On the structure of tensor products of $\ell_p$-spaces
Arias Abad, Camilo
An A infinity version of the Poincare lemma
Arias-de-Reyna Dominguez, Sara
Compatible systems of symplectic Galois representations and the inverse Galois problem II. Transvections and huge image.
Arkin, Joseph
An extension of E. G. Straus' perfect Latin $3$-cube of order $7$
Arkowitz, Martin
The generalized Whitehead product
Armacost, David
Compactly cogenerated LCA groups
Correction to: ``Compactly cogenerated LCA groups''
Armacost, William
The Frobenius reciprocity theorem and essentially bounded induced representations
Armendariz, Efraim
Closure properties in radical theory
On semiprime P.I.-algebras over commutative regular rings
Quasi-injective modules and stable torsion classes
Armentrout, Steve
Equivalent decomposition of $R^{3}$
Armijo, Larry
Minimization of functions having Lipschitz continuous first partial derivatives
Armstrong, Thomas
Barycentric simplicial subdivision of infinite-dimensional simplexes and octahedra
On the semimetric on a Boolean algebra induced by a finitely additive probability measure
Polyhedrality of infinite dimensional cubes
Simplicial subdivision of infinite-dimensional compact cubes
Arnal, D.
Choix des signes pour la formalit\'e de M. Kontsevich
Arnal, Didier
$\ast $ products and representations of nilpotent groups
Chevalley cohomology for Kontsevich's graphs
Cohomologie de Chevalley des graphes vectoriels
The structure of ${\mathrm{s}}{\mathrm{l}}(2,1)$-supersymmetry: irreducible representations and primitive ideals
Arney, James
Random mappings with constraints on coalescence and number of origins
Arnold, Bradford
Distributive lattices with a third operation defined
Arnold, David
A duality for quotient divisible abelian groups of finite rank
Abelian groups, $A$, such that $\mathrm{Hom}(A,-)$ preserves direct sums of copies of $A$
Duality and invariants for Butler groups
Endo-wild representation type and\\generic representations of finite posets
Typesets and cotypesets of rank-$2$ torsion free abelian groups
Arnold, James
Attaching Hurewicz fibrations with fiber preserving maps
Arnold, Jimmy
Power series rings over discrete valuation rings
Power series rings over Prüfer domains
Arnold, Maxim
Non-smooth convex caustics for Birkhoff billiard
Arnold, Richard
Aroca, Fuensanta
The fundamental theorem of tropical differential algebraic geometry
Aron, Richard
A geometric function determined by extreme points of the unit ball of a normed space
Aronszajn, N.
Correction to: ``Extension of uniformly continuous transformations in hyperconvex metric spaces''
Extension of uniformly continuous transformations and hyperconvex metric spaces
Arrison, John D.
On nearly commutative degree one algebras
Arrondo Esteban, Enrique
Vector bundles with no intermediate cohomology on Fano threefolds of type V22
Arroyo, Josu
Willmore--Chen tubes on homogeneous \\spaces in warped product spaces
Arsove, Maynard
On the behavior of Pincherle basis functions
The Paley-Wiener theorem in metric linear spaces
Artal Bartolo, Enrique
Miranda--Persson's problem on extremal elliptic K3 surfaces
One remark on polynomials in two variables
Arterburn, David
Projections in the space of bounded linear operators
Artés, Joan
On the number of invariant straight lines \\for polynomial differential systems
Artino, Ralph
Gevrey classes and hypoelliptic boundary value problems
Artmann, Benno
Geometric aspects of primary lattices
Artstein, Zvi
Integration of compact set-valued functions
Artzy, Rafael
Solution of loop equations by adjunction
Arvanitoyeorgos, Andreas
Biharmonic Lorentz hypersurfaces in E
Arveson, William
A theorem on the action of abelian unitary groups
An addition formula for the index of semigroups of endomorphisms of $B(H)$
Asymptotic lifts of positive linear maps
The domain algebra of a $CP$-semigroup
Arya, Shashi Prabha
More sum theorems for topological spaces
On the locally countable sum theorem
Arzhantseva, Goulnara
Rips construction without unique product
Asaeda, Marta
Fusion rules on a parametrized series of graphs
Asano, Kouhei
On polynomial invariants of fibered $2$-knots
Aschbacher, Michael
$L$-functions for $\mathbf{GS}{p}_4$
A characterization of the unitary and symplectic groups over finite fields of characteristic at least $5$
Finite groups acting on homology manifolds
Ash, Avner
Generalized modular symbols and relative Lie algebra cohomology
Ashbaugh, Mark
A unified approach to universal inequalities for eigenvalues of elliptic operators
On minimal and maximal eigenvalue gaps and their causes
Ashley, Frantz
A cone of super-$(L)$ functions
Ashour, Ola
On certain dual $q$-integral equations
Asimow, Leonard
Extensions of continuous affine functions
Facial decomposition of linearly compact simplexes and separation of functions on cones
Superharmonic interpolation in subspaces of $C_{c}(X)$
Askey, Richard
A transplantation theorem for Jacobi coefficients
A transplantation theorem for ultraspherical coefficients
Aslaksen, Helmer
Invariant theory of special orthogonal groups
Asmar, Nakhle
Invariant subspaces and harmonic conjugation on compact abelian groups
Asmuth, Charles
Supercuspidal components of the quaternion Weil representation of $\mathrm{SL}_{2}(\mathfrak{k})$
Tensor products for $SL_{2}(\mathfrak{k})$. II. Supercuspidal representations
Tensor products for $SL_{2}(\mathscr{K})$. I. Complementary series and the special representation
Assad, Nadim
Fixed point theorems for set-valued mappings of contractive type
Asserda, Saïd
Covering of a holomorphically convex manifold carrying a positive line bundle
Covering of a holomorphically convex manifold carryinga positive line bundle
Astala, Kari
$(s)$-nuclear sets and operators
Astashkevich, Alexander
Asymptotics for singular vectors in Verma modules over theVirasoro algebra
Astashkin, Sergey
Disjointification inequalities in symmetric quasi-Banach spaces and their applications
Astier, Vincent
Realizing profinite reduced special groups
Atencia, Enrique
The maximal ergodic Hilbert transform with weights
Athanasiadis, Christos
Flag subdivisions and $\gamma$-vectors
Athanassenas, Maria
A capillarity problem for compressible liquids
CMC capillary surfaces at reentrant corners
Compressible Fluids in a Capillary Tube
On the Convergence of Axially Symmetric Volume Preserving Mean Curvature Flow
Athanassopoulos, Konstantin
Explosions near isolated unstable attractors
Atkinson, F. V.
On second-order non-linear oscillations
Atneosen, Gail
Sierpinski curves in finite $2$-complexes
Wild points of cellular arcs in $2$-complexes in $E^3$ and cellular hulls
Atsuji, Masahiko
Uniform continuity of continuous functions of metric spaces
Atwill, Timothy
Diagonalizing Hilbert cusp forms
Atzmon, Aharon
A moment problem for positive measures on the unit disc
Spectral synthesis in some spaces of bounded continuous functions
Aubert, Anne-Marie
Continuity of the Mackey-Higson bijection
Some properties of character sheaves
Aubert, Karl Egil
Tensor products of ideal systems and their modules
Aucoin, A. A.
Auer, Jan
Fiber integration in smooth bundles
Auinger, Karl
Free products of combinatorial strict inverse semigroups
Aumann, Robert (Yisrael)
Acceptable points in games of perfect information
Aupetit, B.
Caractérisation spectrale des algèbres de Banach commutatives
Continuité du spectre dans les algèbres de Banach avec involution
Une généralisation du théorème de Gleason-Kahane-Żelazko pour les algèbres de Banach
Aurora, Silvio
A representation theorem for certain connected rings
Multiplicative norms for metric rings
Normed fields which extend normed rings of integers
On normed rings with monotone multiplication
Auslander, Louis
Remark on the use of forms in variational calculations
The use of forms in variational calculations
Austin, A. K.
Austin, Tim
Nonconventional ergodic averages and multiple recurrence for von Neumann dynamical systems
Avann, S. P.
A numerical condition for modularity of a lattice
Ax, James
Injective endomorphisms of varieties and schemes
Axler, Sheldon
Extensions of harmonic and analytic functions
Ayala, R.
Lusternik-Schnirelmann invariants in proper homotopy theory
Ayoub, Raymond
A mean value theorem for quadratic fields
Azeredo da Silveira, Flavio
Rational homotopy theory of fibrations
Azimi, Parviz
Examples of hereditarily $l^1$ Banach spaces failing the Schur property
Aziz, Abdul
On the location of the zeros of certain composite polynomials
On the zeros of composite polynomials
Azizi, Abdelmalek
Capitulation des $2$-classes d'id\'eaux de certains corps biquadratiques dont le corps de genres diff\`ere du $2$-corps de classes de Hilbert
Construction de la tour des2-corps de classes de Hilbert de certains corps biquadratiques
Azumaya, Goro
On $M$-projective and $M$-injective modules