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Singular periodic solutions to a critical equation in the Heisenberg group

Claudio Afeltra

Contrasting various notions of convergence in geometric analysis

Brian Daniel Allen, Christina Sormani

Polarization, sign sequences and isotropic vector systems

Gergely Ambrus, Sloan Nietert

Graphs admitting only constant splines

Katie Anders, Alissa S. Crans, Briana Foster-Greenwood, Blake Mellor, Julianna Tymoczko

The moduli space of real bundles of rank two over a real hyperelliptic curve

Thomas John Baird, Shengda Hu

The Poincaré homology sphere, lens space surgeries, and some knots with tunnel number two

Kenneth L. Baker, Neil Hoffman

Explicit formulae and discrepancy estimates for $a$-points of the Riemann zeta-function

Siegfred Baluyot, Steven M. Gonek

Bounds of double zeta-function and their applications

Debika Banerjee, Makoto Minamide, Yoshio Tanigawa

On the Ekeland-Hofer symplectic capacities of the real bidisc

Luca Baracco, Martino Fassina, Stefano Pinton

Centers of disks in Riemannian manifolds

Igor Belegradek, Mohammad Ghomi

Lp operator algebras with approximate identities I

David P. Blecher, N. Christopher Phillips

Fusion systems of blocks of finite groups over arbitrary fields

Robert Boltje, Çisil Karagüzel, Deniz Yilmaz

Commensurability growth of branch groups

Khalid Bou-Rabee, Rachel Skipper, Daniel Studenmund

The center of a Green biset functor

Serge Bouc, Nadia Romero

Torsion points and Galois representations on CM elliptic curves

Abbey Bourdon, Pete L. Clark

Freeness characterizations on free chaos spaces

Solesne Bourguin, Ivan Nourdin

Stability of the positive mass theorem for axisymmetric manifolds

Edward T. Bryden

The geometry of the flex locus of a hypersurface

Laurent Busé, Carlos D'Andrea, Martin Sombra, Martin Weimann

On the boundedness of multilinear fractional strong maximal operator with multiple weights

Mingming Cao, Qingying Xue, Kôzô Yabuta

Dominance order and monoidal categorification of cluster algebras

Elie Casbi

Index Estimates for Free Boundary Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces

Marcos Cavalcante, Darlan de Oliveira

Asymptotic orders of vanishing along base loci separate Mori chambers

Chih-Wei Chang, Shin-Yao Jow

On the fine expansion of the unipotent contribution of the Guo-Jacquet trace formula

Pierre-Henri Chaudouard

Diffeological vector spaces

J. Daniel Christensen, Enxin Wu

Embedding and compact embedding for weighted and abstract Sobolev spaces

Seng-Kee Chua

On a theorem of Hegyvari and Hennecart

Nguyen Van Anh Dao, Le Quang Ham, Doowon Koh, Thang Pham, Anh Vinh Le

Degree-one, monotone self-maps of Pontryagin surfaces are near-homeomorphisms

Robert J. Daverman, Thomas L. Thickstun

Strongly algebraic realization of dihedral group actions

Karl Heinz Dovermann

Denoetherianizing Cohen-Macaulay rings

László Fuchs, Bruce Olberding

On commuting billiards in higher-dimensional spaces of constant curvature

Alexey Glutsyuk

Ordinary points mod p of GL(n,R) locally symmetric spaces

Mark Goresky, Yung sheng Tai

Real structures on polarized Dieudonne modules

Mark Goresky, Yung sheng Tai

On the arithmetic of a family of twisted constant elliptic curves

Richard Griffon, Douglas Ulmer

On the nonexistence of S6 type complex threefolds

Daniel Guan

A criterion for modules over Gorenstein local rings to have rational Poincar\'e series

Anjan Gupta

Morse inequalities for Fourier components of Kohn-Rossi cohomology of CR covering manifolds with $S^1$-action

Rung-Tzung Huang, Guokuan Shao

Generalized Cartan matrices arising from new derivation Lie algebras of isolated hypersurface singularities

Naveed Hussain, Stephen S. T. Yau, Huaiqing Zuo

On SU(3) Toda system with multiple singular sources

Ali Hyder, Chang-Shou Lin, Juncheng Wei

On Seifert fibered spaces bounding definite manifolds

Ahmad Issa, Duncan McCoy

Local Langlands correspondence in rigid families

Christian Johansson, James Newton, Claus Sorensen

A pro-p group with infinite normal Hausdorff spectra

Benjamin Klopsch, Anitha Thillaisundaram

Regularity of quotients of Drinfeld modular schemes

Satoshi Kondo, Seidai Yasuda

Sums of algebraic trace functions twisted by arithmetic functions

Maxim A. Korolev, Igor Shparlinski

Spectrahedral representations of plane hyperbolic curves

Mario Kummer, Daniel Plaumann, Simone Naldi

Convergence of mean curvature flow in hyperkähler manifolds

Keita Kunikawa, Ryosuke Takahashi

Invariant connections and PBW theorem for Lie groupoid pairs

Camille Laurent-Gengoux, Yannick Voglaire

Twisted calculus on affinoid algebras

Bernard Le Stum, Adolfo Quirós

On the commutativity of coset pressure

Bing Li, Wen-Chiao Cheng

on some conjectures of Heywood

Dong Li

Symplectic $(-2)$-spheres and the symplectomorphism group of small rational 4-manifolds

Jun Li, Tian-Jun Li

Pseudo-index theory and Nehari method for a fractional Choquard equation

Min Liu, Zhongwei Tang

Signature invariants related to the unknotting number

Charles Livingston

The two-dimensional analogue of the Lorentzian catenary and the Dirichlet problem

Rafael López

Addendum to "Contact stationary Legendrian surfaces in $\mathbb{S}^5$"[Pacific Math. J. 293(2018), no.1, 101-120]

Yong Luo

Symmetry and Nonexistence of Positive Solutions for Fractional Choquard Equations

Pei Ma, Xudong Shang, Jihui Zhang

Random M\"obius Groups I; Random subgroups of PSL(2,R)

Gaven Martin, Graeme O'Brien

The Hamiltonian Dynamics of Magnetic Confinement in Toroidal Domains

Gabriel Martins

Gluing Bartnik extensions, continuity of the Bartnik mass, and the equivalence of definitions

Stephen McCormick

The global well-posedness and scattering for the $5$D defocusing conformal invariant NLW with radial initial data in a critical Besov space

Changxing Miao, Jianwei-Urbain Yang, Tengfei Zhao

A positive mass theorem for manifolds with boundary

Pengzi Miao, Sven Hirsch

Restricted sum formula for finite and symmetric multiple zeta values

Hideki Murahara, Shingo Saito

The universal Poisson deformation of hypertoric varieties and some classification results

Takahiro Nagaoka

A mod-p Artin-Tate conjecture, and generalizing the Herbrand-Ribet theorem

Dipendra Prasad

Puzzles in $K$-homology of Grassmannians

Pavlo Pylyavskyy, Jed Yang

Decomposability of orthogonal involutions in degree 12

Anne Quéguiner-Mathieu, Jean-Pierre Tignol

Linearly dependent powers of binary quadratic forms

Bruce Reznick

Transitive topological Markov chains of given entropy and period with or without measure of maximal entropy

Sylvie Ruette

Zelevinsky operations for multisegments and a partial order on partitions

Peter Schneider, Wilhelm Zink

Liouville-type theorems for weighted p-harmonic 1-forms and weighted p-harmonic maps

Keomkyo Seo, Gabjin Yun

Schwarz' D-surfaces in Nil_3

Heayong Shin, Young Wook Kim, Sung-Eun Koh, Hyung Yong Lee, Seong-Deog Yang

Langlands parameters, functoriality and Hecke algebras

Maarten Solleveld

Decomposable Specht modules indexed by bihooks

Liron Speyer, Louise Sutton

Compactness of constant mean curvature surfaces in a three-manifold with positive Ricci curvature

Ao Sun

Stability of the existence of a pseudo-Einstein contact form

Yuya Takeuchi

On the Archimedean local gamma factors for adjoint representation of $GL_3$, part I

Fangyang Tian

Frobenius-Schur indicators for near-group and Haagerup-Izumi fusion categories

Henry Tucker

Deformations of Linear Lie Brackets

Luca Vitagliano, Pier Paolo La Pastina

Remarks on the Hölder-continuity of solutions to parabolic equations with conic singularities

Yuanqi Wang

Deformation of Milnor algebras

Zhenjian Wang

Preservation of log-Sobolev inequalities under some Hamiltonian flows

Bo Xia

An Explicit CM Type Norm Formula and Effective Nonvanishing of Class Group L-functions for CM Fields

Liyang Yang

On the global well-posedness of one-dimensional fluid models with nonlocal velocity

Zhuan Ye

Ground state solutions of poly-harmonic equations with potentials of positive low bound

Caifeng Zhang, Jungang Li, Lu Chen

Hopf cyclic cohomology for non-compact $G$-manifolds with boundary

Xin Zhang

Compactness theorems for 4-dimensional gradient Ricci solitons

Yongjia Zhang

The rational cohomology Hopf algebra of a generic Kac-Moody group

Zhao Xu-an, Hongzhu Gao