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Polynomial conditions and homology of FI-modules

Cihan Bahran

Spike solutions for a fractional elliptic equation in a compact Riemannian manifold

Imene Bendahou, Zied Khemiri, Fethi Mahmoudi

On slice alternating 3-braid closures

Vitalijs Brejevs

A lift of West's stack-sorting map to partition diagrams

John M. Campbell

Multivariate correlation inequalities for $P$-partitions

Swee Hong Chan, Igor Pak

Compatibility in Ozsváth-Szabó's bordered HFK via higher representations

William Chang, Andrew Manion

An isoperimetric inequality of minimal hypersurfaces in spheres

Niang Chen, Fagui Li

Vanishing theorems and adjoint linear systems on normal surfaces in positive characteristic

Makoto Enokizono

The fundamental group of an extension in a Tannakian category and the unipotent radical of the Mumford-Tate group of an open curve

Payman Eskandari, V. Kumar Murty

Constructing knots with specified geometric limits

Urs Fuchs, Jessica S. Purcell, John Stewart

Horospherical coordinates of lattice points in hyperbolic spaces: Effective counting and equidistribution

Tal Horesh, Amos Nevo

Spin Kostka polynomials and vertex operators

Naihuan Jing, Ning Liu

The Fox-Hatcher cycle and a Vassiliev invariant of order three

Saki Kanou, Keiichi Sakai

Bounded Ricci curvature and positive scalar curvature under Ricci flow

Klaus Kröncke, Tobias Marxen, Boris Vertman

On the theory of generalized Ulrich modules

Cleto B. Miranda-Neto, Douglas S. Queiroz, Thyago S. Souza

Groups with 2-generated Sylow subgroups and their character tables

Alexander Moretó, Benjamin Sambale

Boundary regularity of Bergman kernel in Hölder space

Ziming Shi

The cohomological Brauer group of weighted projective spaces and stacks

Minseon Shin

Pochette surgery of 4-sphere

Tatsumasa Suzuki, Motoo Tange

Universal Weil module

Justin Trias

Loewner chains applied to $g$-starlike mappings of complex order of complex Banach spaces

Xiaofei Zhang, Shuxia Feng, Taishun Liu, Jianfei Wang