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Ackermann and Goodstein go functorial

Juan P. Aguilera, Anton Freund, Michael Rathjen, Andreas Weiermann

Thin position through the lens of trisections of 4-manifolds

Román Aranda

N-Infinity operads and associahedra

Scott Balchin, David Barnes, Constanze Roitzheim

Recovering affine curves over finite fields from L-functions

Jeremy Booher, José Felipe Voloch

The Waring rank of binary binomial forms

Laura Brustenga i Moncusí, Shreedevi K. Masuti

On the Lévy constants of Sturmian continued fractions

Yann Bugeaud, Dong Han Kim, Seul Bee Lee

Entanglement in the family of division fields of elliptic curves with complex multiplication

Francesco Campagna, Riccardo Pengo

The relative L-invariant of a compact 4-manifold

Nickolas A. Castro, Gabriel Islambouli, Maggie Miller, Maggy Tomova

Every centroaffine Tchebychev hyperovaloid is ellipsoid

Xiuxiu Cheng, Zejun Hu, Luc Vrancken

Orders of the canonical vector bundles over configuration spaces of finite graphs

Frederick R. Cohen, Ruizhi Huang

The Unit Signature Rank Deficiency is Unbounded over Cyclotomic Fields

David S. Dummit, Hershy Kisilevsky

On totally umbilical surfaces in the warped product M(k)fxR

Abigail Folha, Ady Cambraia Jr., Carlos Peñafiel

Volume estimates for Alexandrov spaces with convex boundaries

Jian Ge

Canonical resolutions in hereditary abelian model categories

James Gillespie

Ricci flow with bounded curvature integrals

Shota Hamanaka

On the global weak solution problem of semilinear generalized Tricomi equations, II

Daoyin He, Ingo Witt, Huicheng Yin

On a property of Bergman kernels when the Kahler potential is analytic

Hamid Hezari, Hang Xu

On the asymptotic structure of steady Stokes and Navier-Stokes flows around a rotating two-dimensional body

Toshiaki Hishida, Mads Kyed

Ribbon cobordisms between lens spaces

Marius Huber

Derivation Lie algebras of new $k$-th local algebras of isolated hypersurface singularities

Naveed Hussain, Stephen Shing-Toung Yau, Huaiqing Zuo

On incidence algebras and their representations

Miodrag Cristian Iovanov, Gerard D. Koffi

The L-infinity algebra of a symplectic manifold

Bas Janssens, Leonid Ryvkin, Cornelia Vizman

Strong representation equivalence for compact symmetric spaces of real rank one

Emilio A. Lauret, Roberto J. Miatello

Vanishing conditions on Weyl tensor for Einstein-type manifolds

Benedito Leandro

Variational principles and combinatorial p-th Yamabe flows on surfaces

Chunyan Li, Aijin Lin, Chang Yang

An infinitesimal variant of Guo-Jacquet trace formula II

Huajie Li

Prime thick subcategories and spectra of derived and singularity categories of noetherian schemes

Hiroki Matsui

Canonical almost complex structures on ACH Einstein manifolds

Yoshihiko Matsumoto

Extrinsic curvature and conformal Gauss-Bonnet for four-manifolds with corner

Stephen McKeown

The universal Poisson deformation of hypertoric varieties and some classification results

Takahiro Nagaoka

Uniformization theorems: Between Yamabe and Paneitz

Cheikh Birahim Ndiaye, Yannick Sire, Liming Sun

Geometric structures, the Gromov order, Kodaira dimensions and simplicial volume

Christoforos Neofytidis, Weiyi Zhang

Describing amoebas

Mounir Nisse, Frank Sottile

Group invariant solutions of certain partial differential equations

Jaime Ripoll, Friedrich Tomi

Outer automorphism groups of graph products: subgroups and quotients

Andrew Sale, Tim Susse

The Minkowski inequality in de Sitter space

Julian Scheuer

A quantitative multi-parameter mean ergodic theorem

Andrei Sipoș

Radicals of principal ideals and the class group of a Dedekind domain

Dario Spirito

Tunnel number and bridge number of composite genus 2 spatial graphs

Scott A. Taylor, Maggy Tomova

Moduli of Legendrian foliations and quadratic differentials in the Heisenberg group

Robin Timsit

Explicit height bounds for K-rational points on transverse curves in powers of elliptic curves

Francesco Veneziano, Evelina Viada

Teichmuller spaces of piecewise symmetric homeomorphisms on the unit circle

Huaying Wei, Katsuhiko Matsuzaki

Corrigendum to "Local estimates on two linearparabolic equations with singular coefficients"

Qi S. Zhang