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Spin Lefschetz fibrations are abundant

Mihail Arabadji, R. İnanç Baykur

Co-Hopfian and boundedly endo-rigid mixed abelian groups

Mohsen Asgharzadeh, Mohammad Golshani, Saharon Shelah

The homology of the partition algebras

Rachael Boyd, Richard Hepworth, Peter Patzt

Some arithmetical properties of convergents to algebraic numbers

Yann Bugeaud, Khoa D. Nguyen

Smooth local solutions to Schrödinger flows with damping term for maps into symplectic manifolds

Bo Chen, Youde Wang

Modules over the planar Galilean conformal algebra arising from free modules of rank one

Jin Cheng, Dongfang Gao, Ziting Zeng

F-algebroids and deformation quantization via pre-Lie algebroids

John Alexander Cruz Morales, Jiefeng Liu, Yunhe Sheng

Existence of principal values of some singular integrals on Cantor sets, and Hausdorff dimension

Julià Cufí, Juan Jesús Donaire, Pertti Mattila, Joan Verdera

Group topologies on automorphism groups of homogeneous structures

Zaniar Ghadernezhad, Javier de la Nuez González

Prime spectrum and dynamics for nilpotent Cantor actions

Steven Hurder, Olga Lukina

Local Galois representations of Swan conductor one

Naoki Imai, Takahiro Tsushima

Divisors of Fourier coefficients of two newforms

Arvind Kumar, Moni Kumari

Desingularizations of quiver Grassmannians for the equioriented cycle quiver

Alexander Pütz, Markus Reineke

Varieties of chord diagrams, braid group cohomology and degeneration of equality conditions

Victor A. Vassiliev

Positively curved Finsler metrics on vector bundles II

Kuang-Ru Wu