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The Euler characteristic of hypersurfaces in space forms and applications to isoparametric hypersurfaces

Rui Albuquerque

On the arithmetic of power monoids and sumsets in cyclic groups

Austin A. Antoniou, Salvatore Tringali

Abelianization of the unit group of an integral group ring

Andreas Bächle, Sugandha Maheshwary, Leo Margolis

On the BV structure of the Hochschild cohomology of finite group algebras

Dave Benson, Radha Kessar, Markus Linckelmann

On the value group of the transseries

Alessandro Berarducci, Pietro Freni

Restricting supercuspidal representations via a restriction of data

Adèle Bourgeois

A Delaunay-type classification result for prescribed mean curvature surfaces in $\mathbb{M}^2(\kappa)\times\R$

Antonio Bueno

Derived decompositions of abelian categories, I

Hongxing Chen, Changchang Xi

Existence and uniqueness of optimal transport maps obtained by the secondary variational method

Ping Chen, Hai-Rong Liu, Xiao-Ping Yang

Drinfel'd doubles of the $n$-rank Taft algebras and a generalization of the Jones polynomial

Ge Feng, Naihong Hu, Yunnan Li

Regularity versus smoothness of measures

Jonathan M. Fraser, Sascha Troscheit

Limit of first eigenfunctions of $p$-Laplacian on graphs

Huabin Ge, Bobo Hua, Wenfeng Jiang

Quasi-projective dimension

Mohsen Gheibi, David A. Jorgensen, Ryo Takahashi

Canonical resolutions in hereditary abelian model categories

James Gillespie

Conformal boundary operators, T-curvatures, and conformal fractional Laplacians of odd order

Ashwin Rod Gover, Lawrence Peterson

Dynamical height growth: left, right, and total orbits

Wade Hindes

On incidence algebras and their representations

Miodrag Cristian Iovanov, Gerard D. Koffi

Spinoriality of orthogonal representations of $GL_n(\mb F_q)$

Rohit Joshi, Steven Spallone

On the Bieri-Neumann-Strebel-Renz $\Sigma^1$-invariant of even Artin groups

Dessislava H. Kochloukova

A nonexistence result for CMC surfaces in hyperbolic 3-manifolds

William H. Meeks III, Álvaro K. Ramos

Lefschetz fibrations on nonorientable 4-manifolds

Maggie Miller, Burak Özbağcı

A full-twisting formula for the HOMFLY polynomial

Keita Nakagane

Classification of smooth factorial affine surfaces of Kodaira dimension zero with trivial units

Tomasz Pełka, Paweł Raźny

Characterizing the spectra of cardinalities of branches of Kurepa trees

Márk Poór, Saharon Shelah

Relating Tate-Shafarevich group of an elliptic curve with class group

Dipendra Prasad, Sudhanshu Shekhar

Equivariant Picard groups and Laurent polynomials

Vivek Sadhu

On the graded quotients of the SL(m)-representation algebras of groups

Takao Satoh

Frobenius nilHecke algebras

Alistair Savage, John Stuart

Word images in symmetric and classical groups of Lie type are dense

Jakob Schneider, Andreas Thom

Corrigendum to ``Uniform bounds of Piltz divisor problem over number fields''

Wataru Takeda

Cancellation problem for AS-Regular algebras of dimension three

Xin Tang, Helbert Venegas Ramirez, James J. Zhang