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Lie 2-algebras of vector fields

Daniel Berwick-Evans, Eugene Lerman

On the topological dimension of the Gromov boundaries of some hyperbolic ${\text{Out}}(F_N)$-graphs

Mladen Bestvina, Camille Horbez, Richard D. Wade

Existence of steady multiple vortex patches to the vortex-wave system

Daomin Cao, Guodong Wang

Lower regularity solutions of the biharmonic Schrödinger equation in a quarter plane

Roberto de A. Capistrano Filho, Márcio Cavalcante, Fernando A. Gallego

The arithmetic Hodge index theorem and rigidity of dynamical systems over function fields

Alexander Carney

On the vanishing of the theta invariant and a conjecture of Huneke and Wiegand

Olgur Celikbas

Value distribution properties for the Gauss maps of the immersed harmonic surfaces

Xingdi Chen, Zhixue Liu, Min Ru

Scattered representations of SL(n,C)

Chao-Ping Dong, Kayue Daniel Wong

\sigma_{2} Yamabe problem on conic spheres Ⅱ: Boundary compactness of the moduli

Hao Fang, Wei Wei

Algebraic and geometric properties of flag Bott-Samelson varieties and applications to representations

Naoki Fujita, Eunjeong Lee, Dong Youp Suh

Small isomorphisms of $C_{0}(K)$ onto $C_{0}(S)$ generate a unique homeomorphism of $K$ onto $S$ similar to that of isometries

Elói Medina Galego, André Luis Porto da Silva

Limit of first eigenfunctions of $p$-Laplacian on graphs

Huabin Ge, Bobo Hua, Wenfeng Jiang

Number of singular fibres of surface fibrations over $\mathbb{P}^1$

Cheng Gong, Yi Gu

Relations of rationality for special values of Rankin--Selberg $L$-functions of $\GL_n\times\GL_m$ over CM-fields

Harald Grobner, Gunja Sachdeva

Asymptotic behavior of solutions for some elliptic equations in exterior domains

Zongming Guo, Zhongyuan Liu

The degenerate principal series representations of exceptional groups of type $e_7$ over $p$-adic fields

Hezi Halawi, Avner Segal

On the fixed locus of framed instanton sheaves on ℙ3

Abdelmoubine Amar Henni

Ulrich elements in normal simplicial affine semigroups

Jürgen Herzog, Raheleh Jafari, Dumitru I. Stamate

A convergence result on the second boundary value problem for parabolic equations

Rongli Huang, Yunhua Ye

The azimuthal equidistant projection for a Finsler manifold by the exponential map

Nobuhiro Innami, Yoe Itokawa, Toshiki Kondo, Tetsuya Nagano, Katsuhiro Shiohama

A bound for the conductor of an open subgroup of GL_2 associated to an elliptic curve

Nathan Jones

Shift operators, residue families and degenerate Laplacians

Andreas Juhl, Bent Ørsted

Topology of complexity one quotients

Yael Karshon, Susan Tolman

A uniform betweennness property in metric spaces and its role in the quantitative analysis of the "Lion-Man" game

Ulrich Kohlenbach, Genaro Lopez-Acedo, Adriana Nicolae

Notes on equivariant homology with constant coefficients

Sophie Kriz

Flag Bott manifolds and the toric closure of a generic orbit associated to a generalized Bott manifold

Shintarô Kuroki, Eunjeong Lee, Jongbaek Song, Dong Youp Suh

Local normal forms for multiplicity free $U(n)$ actions on coadjoint orbits

Jeremy Lane

Projective cases for the restriction of the oscillator representation to dual pairs of type I

Sabine Lang

Symplectic, Poisson, and contact geometry on scattering manifolds

Melinda Lanius

Bilinear Hilbert transforms and (sub)bilinear maximal functions along convex curves

Junfeng Li, Haixia Yu

Functional determinant on pseudo-Einstein 3-manifolds

Ali Maalaoui

On a modular form of Zaremba's conjecture

Nikolay Moshchevitin, Ilya D. Shkredov

A remark on a trace paley-wiener theorem

Goran Muić

Spectrum of the Laplacian and the Jacobi operator on rotational cmc hypersurfaces of spheres

Óscar Perdomo

Distribution of distances in positive characteristic

Thang Pham, Lê Anh Vinh

Differential-henselianity and maximality of asymptotic valued differential fields

Nigel Pynn-Coates

Word images in symmetric and classical groups of Lie type are dense

Jakob Schneider, Andreas Thom

The first nonzero eigenvalue of the p-Laplacian on differential forms

Shoo Seto

Regular irreducible representations of classical groups over finite quotient rings

Koichi Takase

Corrigendum to ``Uniform bounds of Piltz divisor problem over number fields''

Wataru Takeda

Conjugacy classes of $p$-elements and normal $p$-complements

Hung Phi Tong-Viet

Not even Khovanov homology

Pedro Vaz

Elliptic gradient estimates for a parabolic equation with V-Laplacian and applications

Jian-hong Wang, Yu Zheng

Mean curvature flow in Riemannian manifold endowed with Killing vector field

Weng Liangjun

Global regularity of the Navier-Stokes equations on 3D periodic thin domain with large data

Na Zhao

Optimal $L^2$ extension of sections from subvarieties in weakly pseudoconvex manifolds

Xiangyu Zhou, Langfeng Zhu

Green correspondence and relative projectivity for pairs of adjoint functors between triangulated categories

Alexander Zimmermann