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On folded cluster patterns of affine type

Byung Hee An, Eunjeong Lee

Origamis associated to minimally intersecting filling pairs

Tarik Aougab, William Menasco, Mark Nieland

Local data of rational elliptic curves with non-trivial torsion

Alexander J. Barrios, Manami Roy

A note on the two dimensional Lagrangian mean curvature equation

Arunima Bhattacharya

Entanglement in the family of division fields of elliptic curves with complex multiplication

Francesco Campagna, Riccardo Pengo

Four-manifolds of pinched sectional curvature

Xiaodong Cao, Hung Tran

Torsion free endotrivial modules for finite groups of Lie type

Jon F. Carlson, Jesper Grodal, Nadia Mazza, Daniel Nakano

On some symmetries of the base $ n $ expansion of $ 1/m $ : The class number connection

Kalyan Chakraborty, Krishnarjun Krishnamoorthy

Semigroup rings as weakly Krull domains

Gyu Whan Chang, Victor Fadinger, Daniel Windisch

Smooth solutions to the Gauss image problem

Li Chen, Di Wu, Ni Xiang

$C^1$-continuation of periodic orbits from homoclinics

Chong-Qing Cheng, Min Zhou

Erratum to: Split bounded extension algebras and Han's conjecture

Claude Cibils, Marcelo Lanzilotta, Eduardo N. Marcos, Andrea Solotar

Genuine infinitesimal bendings of submanifolds

Marcos Dajczer, Miguel Ibieta Jimenez

Average size of 2-Selmer groups of Jacobians of odd hyperelliptic curves over function fields

Thinh Van Dao

Nevanlinna theory via holomorphic forms

Xianjing Dong, Shuangshuang Yang

Betti numbers and anti-lecture hall compositions of random threshold graphs

Alexander Engström, Christian Go, Matthew T. Stamps

Isoperimetric bounds for lower order eigenvalues

Fuquan Fang, Changyu Xia

Purity of the embeddings of operator systems into their C$^*$- and injective envelopes

Douglas Farenick, Ryan Tessier

On the multiplicity of umbilic points

Marco Antônio do Couto Fernandes, Farid Tari

Connected components of Morse boundaries of graphs of groups

Elia Fioravanti, Annette Karrer

An algebraic construction of sum-integral interpolators

Benjamin Fischer, James Pommersheim

Divisors on surfaces isogenous to a product of mixed type with $p_g=0$

Davide Frapporti, Kyoung-Seog Lee

Hopf algebra of multi-decorated rooted forests, free matching Rota-Baxter algebras and Gröbner-Shirshov bases

Xing Gao, Li Guo, Yi Zhang

A note on infinite number of exact Lagrangian fillings for spherical spuns

Roman Golovko

A new gap for complete hypersurfaces with constant mean curvature in space forms

Juan-Ru Gu, Li Lei, Hongwei Xu

Prime thick subcategories on elliptic curves

Yuki Hirano, Genki Ouchi

Gradient estimates and Liouville theorems for Lichnerowicz equations

Pingliang Huang, Youde Wang

Exceptional complete intersection maps of local rings

Srikanth B. Iyengar, Janina C. Letz, Jian Liu, Josh Pollitz

The concordance crosscap number and rational Witt span of a knot

Stanislav Jabuka

Certain Fourier operators on GL(1) and local Langlands gamma functions

Dihua Jiang, Zhilin Luo

Bridge trisections and classical knotted surface theory

Jason Joseph, Jeffrey Meier, Maggie Miller, Alexander Zupan

On relational complexity and base size of finite primitive groups

Veronica Kelsey, Colva M. Roney-Dougal

An algorithm taking Kirby diagrams to trisection diagrams

Willi Kepplinger

Totally geodesic surfaces in twist knot complements

Khanh Le, Rebekah Palmer

Regularity, symmetry and asymptotic behaviour of solutions for some Stein-Weiss type integral systems

Michael Melgaard, Minbo Yang, Xianmei Zhou

The partial transpose and asymptotic free independence for wishart random matrices: Part II

James A. Mingo, Mihai Popa

Elliptic surfaces of Kodaira dimension zero

Kentaro Mitsui

Rigidity of valuative trees under henselization

Enric Nart

Describing amoebas

Mounir Nisse, Frank Sottile

Geometry of non-transitive graphs

Josiah Oh, Mark Pengitore

A remark on Gersten complex for Milnor $K$-theory

Rakesh Pawar

Algebraic geometric secret sharing schemes over large fields are asymptotically threshold

Fan Peng, Hao Chen, Chang-An Zhao

Generalizations of degeneracy second main theorem and Schmidt's subspace theorem

Si Duc Quang

Generalized ideal classes in application to toroidal solenoids

Maria Sabitova

On eternal mean curvature flows of tori in perturbations of the unit sphere.

Claudia Salas Magaño, Graham Smith

Short closed geodesics on cusped hyperbolic surfaces

Hanh Vo

Poles of Eisenstein series and theta lifts for unitary groups

Chenyan Wu

Bounds for $2$-Selmer ranks in terms of semi-narrow class groups

Hwajong Yoo, Myungjun Yu