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Continuity of the Mackey-Higson bijection

Alexandre Afgoustidis, Anne-Marie Aubert

Integrability of quotients in Poisson and Dirac geometry

Daniel Álvarez

Affine hypersurfaces with constant sectional curvature

Miroslava Antić, Haizhong Li, Luc Vrancken, Xianfeng Wang

On the arithmetic of power monoids and sumsets in cyclic groups

Austin A. Antoniou, Salvatore Tringali

\sigma_{2} Yamabe problem on conic spheres Ⅱ: Boundary compactness of the moduli

Hao Fang, Wei Wei

Properties of triangulated and quotient categories arising from $n$-Calabi-Yau triples

Francesca Fedele

Embeddings of maximal tori in groups of type $F_4$

Andrew Fiori, Federico Scavia

Regularity versus smoothness of measures

Jonathan M. Fraser, Sascha Troscheit

Small isomorphisms of $C_{0}(K)$ onto $C_{0}(S)$ generate a unique homeomorphism of $K$ onto $S$ similar to that of isometries

Elói Medina Galego, André Luis Porto da Silva

Multiple solutions for quasilinear elliptic equations with critical exponents in $\mathbb{R}^N$

Fengshuang Gao, Yuxia Guo

Limit of first eigenfunctions of $p$-Laplacian on graphs

Huabin Ge, Bobo Hua, Wenfeng Jiang

Compactness and generic finiteness for free boundary minimal hypersurfaces (I)

Qiang Guang, Zhichao Wang, Xin Zhou

Distinguished Cuspidal representations over p-adic and finite fields

Jeffrey Hakim

The degenerate principal series representations of exceptional groups of type $E_7$ over $p$-adic fields

Hezi Halawi, Avner Segal

Decompositions of principal series representations of Iwahori-Hecke algebras for Kac-Moody groups over local fields

Auguste Hébert

Dynamical height growth: left, right, and total orbits

Wade Hindes

A convergence result on the second boundary value problem for parabolic equations

Rongli Huang, Yunhua Ye

On incidence algebras and their representations

Miodrag Cristian Iovanov, Gerard D. Koffi

Spinoriality of orthogonal representations of $GL_n(\mb F_q)$

Rohit Joshi, Steven Spallone

$\mathbb{CP}^2$-stable classification of $4$-manifolds with finite fundamental group

Daniel Kasprowski, Peter Teichner

A uniform betweennness property in metric spaces and its role in the quantitative analysis of the "Lion-Man" game

Ulrich Kohlenbach, Genaro Lopez-Acedo, Adriana Nicolae

Symplectic, Poisson, and contact geometry on scattering manifolds

Melinda Lanius

Bilinear Hilbert transforms and (sub)bilinear maximal functions along convex curves

Junfeng Li, Haixia Yu

Conjugacy class numbers and $\pi$-subgroups

Gunter Malle, Gabriel Navarro, Geoffrey R. Robinson

Irreducible components of exotic Springer fibres II: The Exotic Robinson-Schensted algorithm

Vinoth Nandakumar, Daniele Rosso, Neil Saunders

MacLane-Vaquié chains of valuations on a polynomial ring

Enric Nart

Classification of smooth factorial affine surfaces of Kodaira dimension zero with trivial units

Tomasz Pełka, Paweł Raźny

Characterizing the spectra of cardinalities of branches of Kurepa trees

Márk Poór, Saharon Shelah

Relating Tate-Shafarevich group of an elliptic curve with class group

Dipendra Prasad, Sudhanshu Shekhar

Word images in symmetric and classical groups of Lie type are dense

Jakob Schneider, Andreas Thom

The length and depth of associative algebras

Damian Sercombe, Aner Shalev

Regular irreducible representations of classical groups over finite quotient rings

Koichi Takase

Corrigendum to ``Uniform bounds of Piltz divisor problem over number fields''

Wataru Takeda

The continuity equation of the Gauduchon metrics

Tao Zheng