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Integrality relations for polygonal dissections

Aaron Abrams, James Pommersheim

Unknotting via null-homologous twists and multi-twists

Samantha Allen, Kenan Ince, Seungwon Kim, Benjamin Ruppik, Hannah Turner

$\Sp(1)$-symmetric hyper-Kähler quantisation

Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen, Alessandro Malusà, Gabriele Rembado

Combinatorics of the tautological lamination

Danny Calegari

Higher genus quantum $K$-theory

You-Cheng Chou, Leo Herr, Yuan-Pin Lee

Unknotted curves on genus one Seifert surfaces of Whitehead doubles

Subhankar Dey, Veronica King, Colby T. Shaw, Bülent Tosun, Bruce Trace

Limit theorems and wrapping transforms in bi-free probability theory

Takahiro Hasebe, Hao-Wei Huang

Concentration inequalities for Paley-Wiener spaces

Syed Husain, Friedrich Littmann

Tame quasiconformal motions and monodromy

Yunping Jiang, Sudeb Mitra, Zhe Wang

On multiplicity-free weight modules over quantum affine algebras

Xingpeng Liu

A characterization and solvability of quasi-homogeneous singularities

Guorui Ma, Stephen S.-T. Yau, Qiwei Zhu, Huaiqing Zuo

Reduction types of CM curves

Mentzelos Melistas

Stable value of depth of symbolic powers of edge ideals of graphs

Nguyen Cong Minh, Tran Nam Trung, Thanh Vu

Collapsed limits of compact Heisenberg manifolds with sub-Riemannian metrics

Kenshiro Tashiro

On the coefficient inequalities for some classes of holomorphic mappings in complex Banach spaces

Qinghua Xu, Xiaohua Yang, Taishun Liu

$RLL$-realization of Two-parameter Quantum Affine Algebra in Type $D_n^{(1)}$

Rushu Zhuang, Naihong Hu, Xiao Xu