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The Dirichlet problem for the mimimal hypersurface equation with Lipschitz continuous boundary data in a Riemannian manifold

Arì Aiolfi, Giovanni da Silva Nunes, Lisandra Sauer, Rodrigo Soares

Cohomological kernels of purely inseparable field extensions

Roberto Aravire, William B. Jacob, Manuel O'Ryan

Tensor structure for Nori motives

Luca Barbieri-Viale, Annette Huber, Mike Prest

A new complex reflection group in $PU(9,1)$ and the Barnes-Wall lattice

Tathagata Basak

On the topological dimension of the Gromov boundaries of some hyperbolic ${\text{Out}}(F_N)$-graphs

Mladen Bestvina, Camille Horbez, Richard D. Wade

A spectral approach to the linking number in the 3-torus

Adrien Boulanger

On the Garden of Eden theorem for endomorphisms of symbolic algebraic varieties

Tullio Ceccherini-Silberstein, Michel Coornaert, Xuan Kien Phung

Willmore type inequality using monotonicity formulas

Xiaoxiang Chai

Bergman kernels of elementary Reinhardt domains

Debraj Chakrabarti, Austin Konkel, Meera Mainkar, Evan Miller

Cluster automorphism groups and automorphism groups of exchange graphs

Wen Chang, Bin Zhu

Split bounded extension algebras and Han's conjecture

Claude Cibils, Marcelo Lanzilotta, Eduardo N. Marcos, Andrea Solotar

Symmetry breaking differential operators, the source operator and Rodrigues formulae

Jean-Louis Clerc

Kuperberg and Turaev-Viro invariants in unimodular categories

Francesco Costantino, Nathan Geer, Bertrand Patureau-Mirand, Vladimir Turaev

On the irreducible components of a Gelfand-Graev representation of a finite Chevalley group

Charles W. Curtis

Central splitting of manifolds with no conjugate points

James Dibble

Eliminating tame ramification: generalizations of Abhyankar's Lemma

Arpan Dutta, Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann

On the global Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture for general spin groups

Melissa Emory

Shift operators, residue families and degenerate Laplacians

Matthias Fischmann, Andreas Juhl, Bent Ørsted

Geometric microlocal analysis in Denjoy-Carleman classes

Stefan Fürdös

A new equivalence between super Harish-Chandra pairs and Lie supergroups

Fabio Gavarini

Generalized Mullineux involution and perverse equivalences

Thomas Gerber, Nicolas Jacon, Emily Norton

Periodicities for Taylor coefficients of half-integral weight modular forms

Pavel Guerzhoy, Larry Rolen, Michael H. Mertens

A conical approach to Laurent expansions for multivariate meromorphic germs with linear poles

Li Guo, Sylvie Paycha, Bin Zhang

The azimuthal equidistant projection for a Finsler manifold by the exponential map

Nobuhiro Innami, Yoe Itokawa, Toshiki Kondo, Tetsuya Nagano, Katsuhiro Shiohama

Circle patterns on surfaces of finite topological type revisited

Yue-Ping Jiang, QiangHua Luo, Ze Zhou

A bound for the conductor of an open subgroup of GL_2 associated to an elliptic curve

Nathan Jones

Isotypic Multiharmonic Polynomials and Gelbart-Helgason Reciprocity

Anthony C. Kable

Topology of complexity one quotients

Yael Karshon, Susan Tolman

Two applications of the integral regulator

Matt Kerr, Muxi Li

Definability and approximations in triangulated categories

Rosanna Laking, Jorge Vitória

Affine structures on Lie groupoids

Honglei Lang, Zhangju Liu, Yunhe Sheng

Projective cases for the restriction of the oscillator representation to dual pairs of type I

Sabine Lang

on some conjectures of Heywood

Dong Li

Remarks on the theta correspondence over finite fields

Dongwen Liu, Zhicheng Wang

On the configurations of centers of planar Hamiltonian Kolmogorov cubic polynomial differential systems

Jaume Llibre, Dongmei Xiao

Calderon-Zygmund singular integral estimates in generalized weighted function spaces

Ahmed Loulit

Knapp--Stein dimension theorem for finite central covering groups

Caihua Luo

Strong Negative Type in Spheres

Russell Lyons

Some classifications of biharmonic hypersurfaces with constant scalar curvature

Shun Maeta, Ye-Lin Ou

2-categories of symmetric bimodules and their 2-representations

Volodymyr Mazorchuk, Vanessa Miemietz, Xiaoting Zhang

Local Plurisubharmonic Defining Functions on the Boundary

Luka Mernik

A positive mass theorem for manifolds with boundary

Pengzi Miao, Sven Hirsch

Exceptional groups of relative rank one and Galois involutions of Tits quadrangles

Bernhard M. Mühlherr, Richard M. Weiss

A remark on a trace paley-wiener theorem

Goran Muić

The homotopy groups of the $\eta$-periodic motivic sphere spectrum

Kyle M. Ormsby, Oliver Röndigs

Surface diffusion flow of arbitrary codimension in space forms

Dong Pu, Hongwei Xu

Differential-henselianity and maximality of asymptotic valued differential fields

Nigel Pynn-Coates

Globally analytic principal series representation and Langlands base change

Jishnu Ray

Zeros of $p$-adic hypergeometric functions, $p$-adic analogues of Kummer's and Pfaff's identities

Neelam Saikia

On the Noether problem for torsion subgroups of tori

Federico Scavia

Word images in symmetric and classical groups of Lie type are dense

Jakob Schneider, Andreas Thom

Non-vanishing square-integrable automorphic cohomology classes - the case GL(2) over a central division algebra

Joachim Schwermer

Invariant Banach limits and applications to noncommutative geometry

Evgenii Semenov, Fedor Sukochev, Alexandr S. Usachev, Dmitriy Zanin

On the compactness of commutators of Hardy operators

Shaoguang Shi, Zunwei Fu, Shanzhen Lu

Explicit polynomial bounds on prime ideals in polynomial rings over fields

William Simmons, Henry Towsner

Schur Algebras for the Alternating Group and Koszul Duality

Geetha Thangavelu, Amritanshu Prasad, Shraddha Srivastava

Conjugacy classes of $p$-elements and normal $p$-complements

Hung Phi Tong-Viet

Not even Khovanov homology

Pedro Vaz

A combinatorial identity for the Jacobian of $t$-shifted invariants

Oksana S. Yakimova

A new local gradient estimate for a nonlinear equation under integral curvature condition on manifolds

Liang Zhao, Shouwen Fang