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Rips construction without unique product

Goulnara Arzhantseva, Markus Steenbock

Polynomial conditions and homology of FI-modules

Cihan Bahran

Spike solutions for a fractional elliptic equations in compact Riemannian manifolds

Imene Bendahou, Zied Khemiri, Fethi Mahmoudi

Maass lifts of half-integral weight Eisenstein series and theta powers

Ajit Bhand, Karam Deo Shankhadhar, Ranveer Kumar Singh

Invariant theory for the free left-regular band and a q-analogue

Sarah Brauner, Patricia Commins, Victor Reiner

No periodic geodesics in jet space

Alejandro Bravo-Doddoli

On slice alternating 3-braid closures

Vitalijs Brejevs

Stable invariance of the restricted lie algebra structure of Hochschild cohomology

Benjamin Briggs, Lleonard Rubio y Degrassi

Algebraicity of critical values of triple product $L$-functions in the balanced case

Shih-Yu Chen

On Bertrand's and Rodriguez Villegas' higher-dimensional Lehmer conjecture

Ted Chinburg, Eduardo Friedman, James Sundstrom, Fernando Rodríguez-Villegas

Appearance of the Kashiwara-Saito singularity in the representation theory of p-adic GL(16)

Clifton Cunningham, Andrew Fiori, Nicole Kitt

Generalisations of Hecke algebras from loop braid groups

Celeste Damiani, Paul Martin, Eric C. Rowell

Coarse geometry of Hecke pairs and the Baum-Connes conjecture

Clément Dell'Aiera

Genus 2 Cantor sets

Alastair Fletcher, Daniel Stoertz

On homology theories of cubical digraphs

Alexander Grigor'yan, Yuri Muranov

Horospherical coordinates of lattice points in hyperbolic spaces: Effective counting and equidistribution

Tal Horesh, Amos Nevo

On constraints for knots to admit chirally cosmetic surgeries and their calculations

Kazuhiro Ichihara, Tetsuya Ito, Toshio Saito

The geometry and topology of stationary multi-axisymmetric vacuum black holes in higher dimensions

Vishnu Kakkat, Marcus Khuri, Jordan Rainone, Gilbert Weinstein

Fold maps on small dimensional manifolds with prescribed singular set

Boldizsár Kalmár

Derived right adjoints of parabolic induction: an example

Karol Kozioł

Quasilinear Schrödinger equations: Ground state and infinitely many normalized solutions

Houwang Li, Wenming Zou

Non-existence of negative weight derivations of the local $k$-th Hessian algebras associated to isolated singularities

Guorui Ma, Stephen S.-T. Yau, Huaiqing Zuo

On the Chow groups of a biquaternion Severi--Brauer variety

Eoin Mackall

Conjugacy classes of $\pi$-elements and nilpotent/abelian Hall $\pi$-subgroups

Nguyen Ngoc Hung, Attila Maróti, Juan Martínez

Representations of orientifold Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier algebras and the Enomoto-Kashiwara algebra

Tomasz Przeździecki

Thomae's function on a Lie group

Mark Reeder

The classification of non-degenerate uniconnected cycle sets

Wolfgang Rump

On the potential function of the colored Jones polynomial with arbitrary colors

Shun Sawabe

Compactifications of the affine plane over non-closed fields

Masatomo Sawahara

Ostrowski quotients for finite extensions of number fields

Ehsan Shahoseini, Ali Rajaei, Abbas Maarefparvar

On irreducible supersingular representations of $\mathrm{GL}_{2}(F)$

Mihir Sheth

Constructing span categories from categories without pullbacks

David Weisbart, Adam Yassine

Pushforward and smooth vector pseudo-bundles

Enxin Wu

A coarse geometric expansion of a variant of Arthur's truncated traces and some applications

Hongjie Yu

Tannakian reconstruction of reductive group schemes

Yifei Zhao