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Author Index – B
Baader, Sebastian
Arborescence of positive Thompson links
Baartz, Arne
Souslin's conjecture as a problem on the real line
The measure algebra of a locally compact semigroup
Babbitt, Donald
Formal reduction theory of meromorphic differential equations: a group theoretic view
The geometry of relativistic $n$-particle interactions
Babic, Antonio
Lower bounds for essential dimensions in characteristic $2$ via orthogonal representations
Baccella, Giuseppe
Semiprime $\aleph$-$\mathrm{QF}3$ rings
Bachelis, Gregory
Homomorphisms of annihilator Banach algebras
Homomorphisms of annihilator Banach algebras. II
Homomorphisms of Banach algebras with minimal ideals
On unconditionally converging series and biorthogonal systems in a Banach space
Bächle, Andreas
Abelianization of the unit group of an integral group ring
Bachman, David
Locally helical surfaces have bounded twisting
Bachman, Gennady
Convergence of infinite exponentials
Bachman, George
Function algebras over valued fields
On regular extensions of measures
Regular lattice measures: mappings and spaces
Bachmuth, Seymour
Kostrikin's theorem on Engel groups of prime power exponent
Baclawski, Kenneth
Induced topologies for quasigroups and loops
Topisms and induced non-associative systems
Bacon, Philip
Axioms for the Čech cohomology of paracompacta
The compactness of countably compact spaces
Bacopoulos, Alex
On polynomials approximating the solutions of nonlinear differential equations
Bade, William
An operational calculus for operators with spectrum in a strip
Closed extensions of the Laplace operator determined by a general class of boundary conditions
Complementation problems for the Baire classes
Embedding theorems for commutative Banach algebras
Two properties of the Sorgenfrey plane
Weak and strong limits of spectral operators
Badger, Lee
An Ehrenfeucht game for the multivariable quantifiers of Malitz and some applications
Badoian, Leslie
Simple connectivity of the Markov partition space
Bae, Jong Sook
Range of Gateaux differentiable operators and local expansions
Bae, Sunghan
Hecke characters of singular Drinfel'd modules
Baer, Reinhold
Irreducible groups of automorphisms of abelian groups
Baeth, Nicholas
Monoids of modules and arithmetic of direct-sum decompositions
Bagby, Richard
On $L^{p}$, $L^{q}$ multipliers of Fourier transforms
Bagchi, Somesh
Spherical mean periodic functions on semisimple Lie groups
Baggett, Lawrence
A note on groups with finite dual spaces
Representations of the Mautner group. I
Baggs, Ivan
A connected Hausdorff space which is not contained in a maximal connected space
Bagley, Robert
On a class of topological groups more general than SIN groups
Bahn, Hyoungsick
Isoperimetric inequalities for sectors on surfaces
Bahoura, Samy
Some uniform estimates for scalar curvature type equations
Bahri, Anthony
The eta invariant, $\mathrm{Pin}^c$ bordism, and equivariant $\mathrm{Spin}^c$ bordism for cyclic $2$-groups
Bahturin, Yuri
Group gradings on restricted Cartan type Lie algebras
Bahuaud, Eric
Intrinsic characterization for Lipschitz asymptotically hyperbolic metrics
Bai, Chengming
Left-symmetric superalgebra structures on the super-Virasoro algebras
O-operators on associative algebras and associative Yang-Baxter equations
Pre-alternative algebras and pre-alternative bialgebras
Baica, Malvina
An algorithm in a complex field and its application to the calculation of units
Baider, Alberto
The Campbell-Hausdorff group and a polar decomposition of graded algebra automorphisms
Baildon, John
On starshaped sets and Helly-type theorems
Bailey, Duane
On symmetry in certain group algebras
Bailey, James
An unexpected surgery construction of a lens space
Baird, Thomas
The moduli space of real bundles of rank two over a real hyperelliptic curve
Baker, John
A note on compact operators which attain their norm
Baker, John
Some mappings which do not admit an averaging operator
Baker, Kenneth
The Poincaré homology sphere, lens space surgeries, and some knots with tunnel number two
Baker, Kirby
Compact, distributive lattices of finite breadth
Equational classes of modular lattices
Hypotopological spaces and their embeddings in lattices with Birkhoff interval topology
Baker, M. J. C.
A spherical Helly-type theorem
Baker, Mark
All links are sublinks ofarithmetic links
On coverings of figure eight knot surgeries
Baker, T. H.
Isomorphisms of type $A$ affine Hecke algebras\\ and multivariable orthogonal polynomials
Bakhtary, Parsa
Splitting Criteria for Vector Bundles on Higher Dimensional Varieties
Balacheff, Florent
Measurements of Riemannian two-disks and two-spheres
Balakrishna Reddy, K.
Altman's contractors and fixed points of multivalued mappings
Balakrishnan, A.
Fractional powers of closed operators and the semigroups generated by them
Prediction theory for Markoff processes
Balakrishnan, Ramakrishnan
Eichler-Zagier map for Jacobi forms of half-integral weight
Theory of newforms of half-integral weight
Balakrishnan, V.
Ordered cycle lengths in a random permutation
Balbes, Raymond
On $(\mathbf{J}, \mathbf{M}, \mathfrak{m})$-extensions of order sums of distributive lattices
Order sums of distributive lattices
Projective and injective distributive lattices
Projective distributive lattices
Balchin, Scott
N-Infinity operads and associahedra
Baldassarri, Francesco
Cohomology of singular hypersurfaces
Baldi, Paolo
Stable laws arising from\\ hitting distributions of processes\\ on homogeneous trees \\ and the hyperbolic half-plane
Baldridge, Scott
Seiberg--Witten vanishing theorem for $S^1$-manifolds with fixed points
Baldwin, John
Ramsey quantifiers and the finite cover property
Baldwin, Stewart
Minimal sets of periods for torus maps via Nielsen numbers
Balestro, Vitor
On Legendre curves in normed planes
Balinski, Michel
On the graph structure of convex polyhedra in $n$-space
Ball, Billy
Quasicompactifications and shape theory
Ball, John
Remarks on the paper: ``Basic calculus of variations''
Ball, Joseph
On a class of contractive perturbations of restricted shifts
Ball, Richard
Full convex $l$-subgroups and the existence of $a^*$-closures of lattice ordered groups
Topological lattice-ordered groups
Ballantine, Charles
Products of positive definite matrices. I
Products of positive definite matrices. II
Ballard, John
Clifford's theorem for algebraic groups and Lie algebras
Ballas, Samuel
Thin subgroups isomorphic to Gromov-Piatetski-Shapiro lattices
Ballico, Edoardo
A splitting criterion for rank $2$ vector bundles on $\mathbf{P}^n$
On the existence of special stable spanned vector bundles on projective curves
On the failure cycles for the quadratic normality of a projective variety
On the minimal free resolution of general embeddings of curves
On the restrictions of the tangent bundle of the Grassmannians
Rank $2$ vector bundles on higher dimensional projectivemanifolds
Spanned and ample vector bundles with low Chern numbers
Stable bundles on projective curves: Theirfiltrations and their subbundles
Ballot, Christian
Group structure and maximal division for cubic recursions with a double root
Ballou, Donald
Shock sets for first order nonlinear hyperbolic equations
Balog, Antal
A hybrid of theorems of Vinogradov and Piatetski-Shapiro
Balser, Werner
Dependence of differential equations upon parameters in their Stokes' multipliers
Balser, Werner
Divergent solutions of the heat equation:\\ On an article of Lutz, Miyake and Sch\"afke
Balslev, Erik
The essential spectrum of a class of ordinary differential operators
Baltazar, Halyson
Remarks on critical metrics of the scalar curvature and volume functionals on compact manifolds with boundary
Baluyot, Siegfred
Explicit formulae and discrepancy estimates for $a$-points of the Riemann zeta-function
Bambah, Ram
Ban, Dubravka
Banaschewski, Bernhard
On the congruence lattice of a frame
Banchoff, Thomas
Tangential and normal Euler numbers, complex points, and singularities of projections for oriented surfaces in four-space
Bandle, Catherine
Extensions of an inequality by Pólya and Schiffer for vibrating membranes
Radial averaging transformations with various metrics
Bandt, Christoph
Metrically invariant measures on locally homogeneous spaces and hyperspaces
Banerjee, Abhishek
Affine Group Schemes over Symmetric Monoidal Categories
Banerjee, Debargha
The Eisenstein elements of modular symbols for level product of two distinct odd primes
Banerjee, Debika
Bounds of double zeta-function and their applications
Bäni, Werner
Subspaces of positive definite inner product spaces of countable dimension
Banica, Teodor
Classification results for easy quantum groups
Quantum automorphism groups\\of small metric spaces
Banilower, Howard
Isomorphisms and simultaneous extensions in $C(S)$
Bank, Steven
On majorants for solutions of algebraic differential equations in regions of the complex plane
Banks, Dallas
Bounds for eigenvalues and generalized convexity
Bounds for the eigenvalues of some vibrating systems
Lower bounds for the eigenvalues of a vibrating string whose density satisfies a Lipschitz condition
Upper bounds for the eigenvalues of some vibrating systems
Banks, William
Heredity of Whittaker models on the metaplectic group
Bannai, Eiichi
Generalized generalized spin models (four-weight spin models)
Bannai, Etsuko
Generalized generalized spin models (four-weight spin models)
Bao, David
On a nonlinear equation related to the geometry of the diffeomorphism group
Bao, Erkao
On J-holomorphic curves in almost complex manifolds with asymptotically cylindrical ends
Bao, Yan-Hong
Bapat, Asilata
Torus actions and tensor products of intersection cohomology
Baracco, Luca
On the Ekeland-Hofer symplectic capacities of the real bidisc
Baragar, Arthur
The exponent for the Markoff--Hurwitz equations
Baraki, Gebreselassie
Metrically invariant measures on locally homogeneous spaces and hyperspaces
Barback, Joseph
Composite numbers and prime regressive isols
Hereditarily Odd--Even and combinatorial isols
On finite sums of regressive isols
On hereditarily odd-even isols and a comparability of summands property
On recursive functions and regressive isols
On solutions in the regressive isols
On the intersection of regressive sets
Barbeau, Edward
Semi-algebras that are lower semi-lattices
Barbieri-Viale, Luca
Tensor structure for Nori motives
Barbosa, Ezequiel
A positive mass theorem and Penrose inequality for graphs with non-compact boundary
Barbut, Erol
Localizations of torsion theories
Barchini, Leticia
Application of restriction of Fourier transforms to an example fromrepresentation theory
The geometry of flag manifold and holomorphic extension of Szeg\"{o} kernels for $\mathbf{SU}(p,q)$
Bardelli, Fabio
The moduli space of genus four double covers of elliptic curves is rational
Bardwell, Maureen
The $o$-primitive components of a regular ordered permutation group
Bardy-Panse, Nicole
Iwahori-Hecke algebras for Kac-Moody groups over local fields
Barge, Marcy
Conjugacy class structure of smooth hyperbolic sectors
Horseshoe maps and inverse limits
Barker, George
Cones of diagonally dominant matrices
Barker, William H.
Noether's theorem for plane domains with hyperelliptic double
Barlow, Richard
Moment inequalities of Pólya frequency functions
Some inequalities for starshaped and convex functions
Barman, Rupam
Certain character sums and hypergeometric series
Barnard, Roger
Coefficient bounds for some classes of starlike functions
Correction to: ``Subordination theorems for some classes of starlike functions''
Subordination theorems for some classes of starlike functions
The growth and $1/4$-theorems for starlike mappings in $\mathbf{C}^n$
Barnard, Roger W.
Area, width, and logarithmic capacity of~convex~sets
Combinatorial excursions in moduli space
Barnes, Bruce
Algebraic elements of a Banach algebra modulo an ideal
Algebras with minimal left ideals which are Hilbert spaces
Banach algebras which are ideals in a Banach algebra
Correction to: ``Banach algebras which are ideals in a banach algebra''
Operators which satisfy polynomial growth conditions
Representations Naimark-related to $\ast$-representations; a correction: ``When is a representation of a Banach $\ast$-algebra Naimark-related to a $\ast$-representation?''
Representations of $B^{\ast}$-algebras on Banach spaces
When is a representation of a Banach $*$-algebra Naimark-related to a $*$-representation?
Barnes, David
N-Infinity operads and associahedra
Barnes, David
Some isoperimetric inequalities for the eigenvalues of vibrating strings
Barnes, Wilfred
On the $\Gamma $-rings of Nobusawa
Barnett, I. A.
A functional independence theorem for square matrices
Barnette, David
A necessary condition for $d$-polyhedrality
A proof of the lower bound conjecture for convex polytopes
Generalized combinatorial cells and facet splitting
Preassigning the shape of a face
Barov, Stoyu
On boundary avoiding selections and some extension theorems
Barr, Dennis
A necessary and sufficient condition for uniqueness of solutions to two point boundary value problems
Barrar, Richard
Characterizing the divided difference weights for extended complete Tchebycheff systems
On the continuity of the nonlinear Tschebyscheff operator
Barrera Vargas, Waldemar
On the number of lines in the limit set for discrete subgroups of PSL(3,C)
One line complex Kleinian groups
Three dimensional SOL manifolds and complex Kleinian groups
Barreto, Alexandre
Deformation of three-dimensional hyperbolic cone structures: the noncollapsing case
Barrett, David
Sums of CR functions from competing CR structures
Barrett, Eamon
A three point condition for surfaces of constant mean curvature
Barrett, John
Disconjugacy of a self-adjoint differential equation of the fourth order
Second order complex differential equations with a real independent variable
Barros, Manuel
Willmore--Chen tubes on homogeneous \\spaces in warped product spaces
Barros-Neto, J.
Analytic composition kernels on Lie groups
Barroso, Nilton
Surfaces in $\mathbb{R}^3_{+}$ with the same Gaussian curvature induced by the Euclidean and hyperbolic metrics
Barrucand, Pierre
Some explicit upper bounds on the class number and regulator of a cubic field with negative discriminant
Barsotti, Iacopo
Intersection theory for cycles of an algebraic variety
Bart, Harm
Spectral properties of locally holomorphic vector-valued functions
Bartelt, Martin
An integral representation for strictly continuous linear operators
Commutants of multipliers and translation operators
Multipliers and operator algebras on bounded analytic functions
Strongly unique best approximates to a function on a set, and a finite subset thereof
Barthe, Franck
Restricted Pr\'ekopa--Leindler inequality
Bartholdi, Laurent
Lie algebras and growth in branch groups
Bartick, Philip
Finite-to-one open mappings on circularly chainable continua
Barton, James
Generalized complex submanifolds
Bartoszynski, Tomek
On covering of real line by null sets
Baruch, Ehud
Bessel distributions for GL(3) over the $p$-adics
Bessel functions for ${\mathbf{GL}}(3)$ over a $p$-adic field
Basak, Tathagata
A new complex reflection group in $PU(9,1)$ and the Barnes-Wall lattice
Basener, Richard
Several dimensional properties of the spectrum of a uniform algebra
Basmaji, B. G.
Real-valued characters of metacyclic groups
Bass, Hyman
Groups of integral representation type
Bate, Michael
Cocharacter-closure and spherical buildings
Bates, Larry
Proper group actions and symplectic stratified spaces
Bates, Peter
Green's function inequalities for two-point boundary value problems
Periodic solutions of higher order systems
Batoréo, Marta
On periodic points of symplectomorphisms on surfaces
Batra, Punita
Classification of irreducible integrable modules for twisted toroidal Lie algebras with finite dimensional weight spaces
Bättig, Daniel
On the Korteweg--de Vries equation:\\ Frequencies and initialvalue problem
Battin, Richard
Note on the ``Evaluation of an integral occurring in servomechanism theory''
Batty, Charles
Derivations on the line and flows along orbits
Bauer, Friedrich-Wilhelm
A shape theory with singular homology
Extensions of generalized homology theories
Postnikov-decompositions of functors
Bauer, Heinz
The part metric in convex sets
Bauldry, William
Asymptotics for solutions of systems of smooth recurrence equations
Baum, John D.
Instability and asymptoticity in toplogical dynamics
Baum, Leonard E.
Growth transformations for functions on manifolds
Baum, Paul
Local isomorphism of compact connected Lie groups
Bauman, Steven
The Klein group as an automorphism group without fixed point
Baumann, Pierre
Canonical bases and the conjugating representation of a semisimple group
Baumert, Leonard
Extreme copositive quadratic forms
Extreme copositive quadratic forms. II
Bauschke, Heinz
Maximal monotonicity of dense type,\\local maximal monotonicity,\\ and monotonicity of the conjugate\\ are all the same for \\ continuous linear operators
Baxter, Glen
An analytic problem whose solution follows from a simple algebraic identity
Baxter, John
Functionals on continuous functions
Nonlinear functionals on $C([0,1]\times [0,1])$
Baxter, Willard
On rings with proper involution
Rings with involution and the prime radical
Topological rings with property $(Y)$
Bayard, Pierre
Spinorial representation of submanifolds in Riemannian space forms
Bayart, Frédéric
Compact composition operators with non-linear symbols on the $H^2$ space of Dirichlet series
Bayer, Margaret
Bayer-Fluckiger, Eva
Embedding functor for classical groups and Brauer--Manin obstruction
Hermitian categories, extension of scalars and systems of sesquilinear forms
Trace forms of $G$-Galois algebras in virtual cohomological dimension 1~and~2
Baykur, Refik
On the topology of broken Lefschetz fibrations and near-symplectic four-manifolds
Beachy, John
A generalization of injectivity
On rings with bounded annihilators
Rings whose faithful left ideals are cofaithful
Beals, Richard
On spectral theory and scattering for elliptic operators with singular potentials
Bean, Dwight
Avoidable patterns in strings of symbols
Bean, Phillip
Helly and Radon-type theorems in interval convexity spaces
Bean, Ralph
Decompositions of $E^{3}$ which yield $E^{3}$
Bear, Herbert
Algebras which satisfy a second order linear partial differential equation
An abstract potential theory with continuous kernel
Approximate identities and pointwise convergence
Corrections to: ``Ordered Gleason parts''
Integral kernel for one-part function spaces
The part metric in convex sets
Beatrous, Frank
$H^{\infty}$-interpolation from a subset of the boundary
Hölder estimates for the $\bar \partial $ equation with a support condition
On holomorphic approximation in weakly pseudoconvex domains
Beatson, R. K.
The degree of monotone approximation
Beaudoin, Robert
The proper forcing axiom and stationary set reflection
Beaumont, Ross A.
A characterization of the subgroups of the additive rationals
On the construction of $R$-modules and rings with polynomial multiplication
Strongly semisimple abelian groups
Beauwens, Robert
Convergence theorems in Banach algebras
Bebernes, Jerrold
A subfunction approach to a boundary value problem for ordinary differential equations
Bebiano, Natália
On the evaluation of permanents
Becerra Rojas, Edward
Twisted K-theory for the orbifold $[*/G]$
Becher, Karim
On the second K-group of a rational function field
Sums of squares in algebraic function fields over a complete discretely valued field
Bechtell, Homer
Frattini subgroups and $\Phi $-central groups
Beck, Anatole
Beckenbach, E. F.
Global properties of rational and logarithmico-rational minimal surfaces
Subfunctions of several variables
Beckenstein, Edward
Function algebras over valued fields
Becker, James
Skew linear vector fields on spheres in the stable range
Becker, Joseph
On extending higher derivations generated by cup products to the integral closure
Bedford, Eric
Holomorphic mapping of products of annuli in $\mathbf{C}^{n}$
The Dirichlet problem for some overdetermined systems on the unit ball in $C^{u}$
Bedient, Richard
Double branched covers and pretzel knots
Bednar, Jonnie
Concerning Banach spaces whose duals are abstract $L$-spaces
Beekman, John
Gaussian Markov expectations and related integral equations
Beelsey, E. M.
Concerning total differentiability of functions of class $P$
Beem, John
Characterizing Finsler spaces which are pseudo-Riemannian of constant curvature
Klein-Gordon solvability and the geometry of geodesics
Whitney stability of solvability
Beer, Gerald
A natural topology for upper semicontinuous functions and a Baire category dual for convergence in measure
Starshaped sets and the Hausdorff metric
Tax structures whose progressivity is inflation neutral
The approximation of upper semicontinuous multifunctions by step multifunctions
The index of convexity and parallel bodies
The index of convexity and the visibility function
Beesack, Paul
Extensions of Opial's inequality
Hardy's inequality and its extensions
On the Green's function of an $N$-point boundary value problem
Beeson, Michael
Continuity and comprehension in intuitionistic formal systems
Extensionality and choice in constructive mathematics
Non-continuous dependence of surfaces of least area on the boundary curve
The $6\pi$ theorem about minimal surfaces
Beffa, Gloria
A transverse structure for the Lie-Poisson bracket on the dual of the Virasoro algebra
Hamiltonian evolutions of twisted polygons in parabolic manifolds: The Lagrangian Grassmannian
On bi-Hamiltonian flows and their realizations as curves in real semisimple homogenous manifolds
Poisson brackets associated to invariant evolutions of Riemannian curves
Behmardi, Daryoush
On the density theorem of the subdifferential of convex functions on Hadamard spaces
Behncke, Horst
Functions acting in weighted Orlicz algebras
Behr, Erazm
Enveloping algebras of Lie superalgebras
Behrends, Ehrhard
Isomorphic Banach-Stone theorems and isomorphisms which are close to isometries
Multiplicity theory for Boolean algebras of $L^{p}$-projections
The centralizer of tensor products of Banach spaces (a function space representation)
Behrens, Stefan
On 4-manifolds, folds and cusps
Behrstock, Jason
Hierarchically hyperbolic spaces II: Combination theorems and the distance formula
Beidar, Kostial
Applying functional identities to somelinear preserver problems
Beidleman, James
Generalized Frattini subgroups of finite groups
Beineke, Jennifer
Renormalization of certain integrals defining triple product $ L$-functions
Weyl group multiple Dirichlet series of type C
Beineke, Lowell
On the critical lines of a graph
Bekes, Robert
Algebraically irreducible representations of $L_{1}(G).$
The range of convolution operators
Belegradek, Igor
Centers of disks in Riemannian manifolds
Rays and souls in von Mangoldt planes
Belfi, Victor
Nontangential homotopy equivalences
Belhachemi, Rachid
Local versus global peak sets in real-analytic convex boundaries
Peak sets in real-analytic convex boundaries
Beli, Constantin-Nicolae
On maximal tori of algebraic groups of type $G_2$
Belinschi, Serban
Bell, Allen
Uniform rank over differential operator rings and Poincaré-Birkhoff-Witt extensions
Bell, Gregory
Cohomology of degree $1$ and $2$ of the Suzuki groups
Bell, Howard
A commutativity study for periodic rings
Infinite subrings of infinite rings and near-rings
Bell, Murray
Cardinal inequalities for topological spaces involving the weak Lindelof number
Bell, Steven
Regularity of the Bergman projection in certain nonpseudoconvex domains
Bell, Thomas
Uniqueness of conformal Ricci flow using energy methods
Bell, Wayne
A characterization of the representable Lebesgue decomposition projections
A decomposition of additive set functions
Separation properties and exact Radon-Nikodým derivatives for bounded finitely additive measures
Bellamy, David
Composants of Hausdorff indecomposable continua; a mapping approach
Bellamy, Gwyn
On deformation quantizations of hypertoric varieties
Bellar, Fred
Pointwise bounds for the second initial-boundary value problem of parabolic type
Bellenot, Steven
An anti-open mapping theorem for Fréchet spaces
Bellingeri, Paolo
A simple solution to the word problem for virtual braid groups
Bellman, Richard
Recurrence times for the Ehrenfest model
Belluce, Lawrence
Fixed-point theorems for families of contraction mappings
Normal structure in Banach spaces
Prime rings with a one-sided ideal satisfying a polynomial identity
Belna, Charles
Planar continua with restricted limit directions
Belousov, Valentin
Generalized Bol functional equation
Beltrametti, Mauro
Generic properties of the adjuction mapping for singular surfaces and applications
Ben Amar, Nabiha
A comparison between Reiffel's and Kontsevich's deformation quantization for linear poisson tensors
Tangential deformations on the dual of nilpotent special Lie algebras
Ben Ayed, Mohamed
Concentration phenomena for a fourth order equation on R^n
On the prescribed scalar curvature problem on the three-dimensional half sphere
Ben Saïd, Salem
Weighted Bergman spaces on boundedsymmetric domains
Benameur, Moulay-Tahar
Triangulations and the stability theorem for foliations
Benamor, Hédi
The structure of ${\mathrm{s}}{\mathrm{l}}(2,1)$-supersymmetry: irreducible representations and primitive ideals
Benard, Mark
Characters and Schur indices of the unitary reflection group $[321]^3$
Benaych-Georges, Florent
A permutation model for free random variables and its classical analogue
Benda, Miroslav
Bender, Edward
Characteristic polynomials of symmetric matrices
Random mappings with constraints on coalescence and number of origins
Bendersky, Martin
$v_1$-periodic homotopy groups of $Sp(n)$
Bénéteau, Catherine
Cyclicity in Dirichlet-type spaces and extremal polynomials II: functions on the bidisk
Bengtson, Thomas
Benjamin, Elliot
Imaginary quadratic fields$k$ with ${\mathbf Cl}_2 (k) \simeq (2,2^m)$ and rank ${\mathbf Cl}_2 (k^1) = 2$
On imaginary quadratic number fields with 2-class group of rank 4 and infinite 2-class field tower
On the unit group of some multiquadratic number fields
Benkart, Georgia
An investigation of real division algebras using derivations
Indefinite Kac-Moody algebras of special linear type
Benke, George
On the hypergroup structure of central $\Lambda (p)$ sets
Trigonometric approximation theory in compact totally disconnected groups
Bennett, Colin
A Hausdorff-Young theorem for rearrangement-invariant spaces
Bennett, Donald
Aposyndetic properties of unicoherent continua
Strongly unicoherent continua
Bennett, Grahame
Some inclusion theorems for sequence spaces
Bennett, Harold
Generalized ordered spaces with capacities
Benson, Chal
A geometric criterion for Gelfand pairs associated with the Heisenberg group
Benson, David
On the BV structure of the Hochschild cohomology of finite group algebras
Periodic flat modules, and flat modules for finite groups
Benson, Donald
Extensions of a theorem of Loewner on integral operators
Nonconstant locally recurrent functions
Unimodular solutions of infinite systems of linear equations
Bentley, Herschel
Benyamini, Yoav
Continuous images of weakly compact subsets of Banach spaces
Benzaquen, Salomon
The expected measure of the level sets of a regular stationary Gaussian process
Beran, Ladislav
On solvability of generalized orthomodular lattices
Bérard, Pierre
Eigenvalue estimates for hypersurfaces in H^m x R and applications
Berarducci, Alessandro
On the value group of the transseries
Berberian, Sterling
Expectations in semifinite algebras
Note on some spectral inequalities of C. R. Putnam
The character space of the algebra of regulated functions
Berck, Gautier
Volume entropy of Hilbert geometries
Bercovici, Hari
Lévy-Hinčin type theorems for multiplicative and additive free convolution
Obstructions to diagonalizationmodulo Lorentz ideals
Superconvergence to freely infinitely divisible distributions
Berele, Allan
Correction to: ``Trace rings for verbally prime algebras''
Trace rings for verbally prime algebras
Berens, Hubert
On accretive operators on $l^\infty_n$
Berenstein, Arkady
Primitively generated Hall algebras
Berenstein, Carlos
Mean-value characterization of pluriharmonic and separately harmonic functions
Berg, Gordon
Metric characterizations of Euclidean spaces
Bergamasco, Adalberto
Uniqueness in a doubly characteristic Cauchy problem
Bergen, Jeffery
A note on derivations with power central values on a Lie ideal
Semisimplicity of restricted enveloping algebras of Lie superalgebras
Berger, Thomas
Berggren, J. Lennart
Finite groups in which every element is conjugate to its inverse
Solvable and supersolvable groups in which every element is conjugate to its inverse
Berglund, John
On extending almost periodic functions
Berglund, Jorgen
Minimal surfaces with catenoid ends
Bergman, Aaron
Moduli spaces for Bondal quivers
Bergman, George
Homomorphisms on infinite direct products of groups, rings and monoids
Right orderable groups that are not locally indicable
The index of a group in a semigroup
Universal derivations and universal ring constructions
Bergman, Stefan
Bounds for distortion in pseudoconformal mappings
On an initial value problem in the theory of two-dimensional transonic flow patterns
On pseudo-conformal mappings of circular domains
Bergvelt, Maarten
Partitions, vertex operator constructions and multi-component KP equations
Bergweiler, Walter
On the fix-points of composite functions
Berhanu, Shiferaw
Counting subgroups and topological group topologies
Propagation of hypo-analyticity along bicharacteristics
Berhuy, Grégory
The discriminantof a symplectic involution
Berkesch, Christine
Systems of parameters and holonomicity of A-hypergeometric systems
Berkey, Dennis
Linear differential systems with measurable coefficients
Berkovitz, Leonard
A multimove infinite game with linear payoff
Berkson, Earl
A characterization of scalar type operators on reflexive Banach spaces
Analyticity and spectral decompositions of $L^p$ for compact abelian groups
Invariant subspaces and harmonic conjugation on compact abelian groups
One-parameter semigroups of isometries into $H^{p}$
Sequel to a paper of A. E. Taylor
Some metrics on the subspaces of a Banach space
The generalized M. Riesz theorem and transference
Berman, Elizabeth
Matrix rings over polynomial identity rings. II
Berman, Gerald
Berman, Joel
Uniform representations of congruence schemes
Berman, Lawrence
Quadratic forms and power series fields
Berman, Simeon
A class of isotropic distributions in $R_{n}$ and their characteristic functions
A new characterization of characteristic functions of absolutely continuous distributions
Excursions above high levels for stationary Gaussian processes
Berman, Sorrell
Spectral theory for a first-order symmetric system of ordinary differential operators
Berman, Stephen
Enveloping algebras and representations of toroidal Lie algebras
On the low-dimensional cohomology of some infinite-dimensional simple Lie algebras
Bernard, Yann
Singularity removability at branch points for Willmore surfaces
Bernau, S. J.
Bicontractive projections and reordering of $L_{p}$-spaces
The range of a contractive projection on an $L_{p}$-space
The spectral theorem for unbounded normal operators
Theorems of Korovkin type for $L_{p}$-spaces
Topologies on structure spaces of lattice groups
Berndt, Bruce
A certain quotient of eta-functions found in Ramanujan's lost notebook
Berndtsson, Bo
Analytic multifunctions, the $\overline\partial$-equation, and a proof of the corona theorem
Berner, Andrew
Products of compact spaces with $bi-k$ and related spaces
Bernfeld, Stephen
Minimal and maximal solutions of nonlinear boundary value problems
The extendability and uniqueness of solutions of ordinary differential equations
The extendability of solutions of perturbed scalar differential equations
Bernhardt, Robert
On splitting in hereditary torsion theories
Bernig, Andreas
Volume entropy of Hilbert geometries
Bernik, Janez
Brauer-type results on semigroups over $p$-adic fields
Bernstein, Allen
Invariant subspaces of polynomially compact operators on Banach space
Solution of an invariant subspace problem of K. T. Smith and P. R. Halmos
Bernstein, Leon
An explicit formula for the units of an algebraic number field of degree $n\geqq 2$
Fundamental units and cycles in the period of real quadratic number fields. I
Fundamental units and cycles in the period of real quadratic number fields. II
New infinite classes of periodic Jacobi-Perron algorithms
Berriozabal, Manuel
Noncompact, minimal regular spaces
Bertelson, Mélanie
Some remarks on a Künneth formula for foliated de Rham cohomology
Bertolini, Massimo
p-adic Rankin L-series and rational points on CM elliptic curves
Bertolo, Nativi Viana Pereira
On the Hardy space $H^1$ on products of half-spaces
Bertram, Edward
A density theorem on the number of conjugacy classes in finite groups
Permutations as products of conjugate infinite cycles
Bertrand, Daniel
Galois theory, functional Lindemann-Weierstrass, and Manin maps
Berwick-Evans, Daniel
Lie 2-algebras of vector fields
Bessenrodt, Christine
On Kronecker products of spin characters \\ of the double covers of the symmetric groups
On Kronecker products\\ of complex representations \\ of the symmetric and alternating groups
On mixed products ofcomplex charactersof the double covers of the symmetric groups
q-Cartan matrices and combinatorial invariants of derived categories for skewed-gentle algebras
Besser, Amnon
The syntomic regulator for $K_4$ of curves
Bessis, David
Springer theory in braid groups and the Birman--Ko--Lee monoid
Bestvina, Mladen
On the topological dimension of the Gromov boundaries of some hyperbolic ${\text{Out}}(F_N)$-graphs
Bethel, Edward
A note on continuous collections of disjoint continua
Betten, Frank
Causal compactification and Hardy Spaces\\ for spaces of Hermitian type
Bettiol, Renato
Multiplicity of solutions to the Yamabe problem on collapsing Riemannian submersions
Beuzart-Plessis, Raphaël
A short proof of the existence of supercuspidal representations for all reductive $p$-adic groups
Beyer, William
Hausdorff dimension of level sets of some Rademacher series
Bezerra, Flank
Rate of attraction for a semilinear wave equation with variable coefficients and critical nonlinearities
Regularity and upper semicontinuity of pullback attractors for a class of non-autonomous thermoelastic plate systems
Bharali, Gautam
Peak-interpolating curves for $A(\Omega)$ for finite-type domains in $\mathbb C^2$
Proper holomorphic maps between bounded symmetric domains revisited
Bhargava, Sandeep
Realizations of $BC_r$-graded intersection matrix algebras with grading subalgebras of type $B_r$, $r \geq 3$
Bhat, B. V. Rajarama
On a characterization of velocity maps in the space of observables
Regular representations of completely bounded maps
Bhattacharya, Prabir
The normal index of a finite group
Bhattacharya, Tilak
A nonexistence result for the $n$-Laplacian
Bhattacharya, Tilak
On thebehaviour of $\infty$-harmonic functions on some special unboundeddomains
Bhattarai, Hom
Bhonsle, B. R.
An inversion formula for a distributional finite-Hankel-Laplace transformation
Bhupal, Mohan
Milnor open books of links of some rational surface singularities
Bi, Enchao
Rigidity of proper holomorphic mappings between generalized Fock-Bargmann-Hartogs domains
Bialy, Mikhail
Non-smooth convex caustics for Birkhoff billiard
Białynicki-Birula, Andrzej
On action of $\mathrm{SL}(2)$ on complete algebraic varieties
On the field of rational functions of algebraic groups
Bianchi, Angelo
On Demazure and local Weyl modules for affine hyperalgebras
Bianchi, Giuliana
Colorings of hypermaps and a conjecture of Brenner and Lyndon
Bianchini, M.
On the strong compact-ported topology for spaces of holomorphic mappings
Biancofiore, Aldo
Polarized surfaces with hyperelliptic sections
Biane, Philippe
Permutation model for semi-circular systems and quantum random walks
Biasi, Carlos
A primary obstruction to topological embeddings \\ for maps between generalized manifolds
Bican, Ladislav
Bichon, Julien
Half-commutative orthogonal Hopf algebras
Bichteler, Klaus
Locally compact topologies on a group and the corresponding continuous irreducible representations
Bidaut-Véron, Marie-Françoise
Global existence and uniqueness results for singular solutions of the capillarity equation
Rotationally symmetric hypersurfaces with prescribed mean curvature
Self-similar solutions of the p-Laplace heat equation: the fast diffusion case
Bieliavsky, Pierre
The classification of simply-connected contact sub-riemannian symmetric spaces
Universal deformation formula, symplectic Lie groups and symmetric spaces
Bigard, A.
Free lattice-ordered modules
Biles, Charles
Gelfand and Wallman-type compactifications
Billigheimer, Claude
Regular boundary problems for a five-term recurrence relation
Bilyeu, Russell
Bing, RH
Concerning hereditarily indecomposable continua
The simple connectivity of the sum of two disks
Bird, Robert H.
Integral bases for bicyclic biquadratic fields over quadratic subfields
Birindelli, Isabeau
Monotonicity and symmetry results for degenerate elliptic equations on nilpotent Lie groups
Birkenmeier, Gary
Baer rings and quasicontinuous rings have a MDSN
Birman, Joan
Studying links via closed braids. I: A finiteness theorem
Studying links via closed braids. III. Classifying links which are closed $3$-braids
Studying links via closed braids. VI. A nonfiniteness theorem
Bisch, Dietmar
A note on intermediate subfactors
Bishop, Christopher
A distance formula for algebras on the disk
Bounded functions in the little Bloch space
Harmonic measures supported on curves
Orthogonal functions in $H^\infty$
Bishop, Errett
A duality theorem for an arbitrary operator
A generalization of the Stone-Weierstrass theorem
A minimal boundary for function algebras
Analytic functions with values in a Frechet space
Subalgebras of functions on a Riemann surface
Bishop, Richard
A cone splitting theorem for Alexandrov spaces
Biswas, Indranil
Connections onprincipal bundles over curves in positive characteristics
Equivariant principal bundles and logarithmic connections on toric varieties
Vector bundles over a real elliptic curve
Wonderful compactification of character varieties
Bisztriczky, Tibor
On the singularities of almost-simple plane curves
Bittencourt, Fidélis
Gauss map harmonicity and mean curvature of a hypersurface in a homogeneous manifold
Björk, Jan-Erik
Extensions of the maximal ideal space of a function algebra
On the spectral radius formula in Banach algebras
Black, Jodi
Totaro's question for simply connected groups of low rank
Blackadar, Bruce
Infinite tensor products of $C^*$-algebras
Inner quasidiagonality and strong NF algebras
The regular representation of local affine motion groups
Blackwell, David
An analog of the minimax theorem for vector payoffs
Extension of a renewal theorem
Blair, David
Almost contact manifolds with Killing structure tensors
Blair, Robert
Characterizations of certain lattices of functions
Blair, William
On rings with bounded annihilators
Rings whose faithful left ideals are cofaithful
Blake, Louis
A generalization of martingales and two consequent convergence theorems
Canonical extensions of measures and the extension of regularity of conditional probabilities
Simple extensions of measures and the preservation of regularity of conditional probabilities
Blanc, Pablo
Maximal operators for the p-Laplacian family
Blanchard, Etienne F.
Embeddings of reduced free products of operator algebras
Blanco, Jose Perez
Factorization method for a bimeromorphic morphism
Blank, Brian
Boundary behavior of limits of discrete series representations of real rank one semisimple groups
Blasco Olcina, José
Two questions on Wallman rings
Blasius, Don
+ In memoriam-Jonathan Rogawski (1955-2011)
Period relations and critical values of $L$-functions
Blass, Andreas
Corrections to: ``Exact functors and measurable cardinals''
Exact functors and measurable cardinals
Blattner, Robert
Automorphic group representations
Crossed products and Galois extensions of Hopf algebras
Group extension representations and the structure space
Blau, Harvey
Indecomposable modules for direct products of finite groups
Bleak, Collin
Twisted conjugacy classes in R. Thompson's Group F
Blecher, David
Completely contractive projections on operator algebras
Lp operator algebras with approximate identities I
Multipliersof operator spaces, and the injective envelope
One-sided$M$-Ideals and multipliers \\ in operator spaces, I
Real positivity and approximate identities in Banach algebras
The standard dual of an operator space
Bledsoe, Woodrow
A topological measure construction
Bleher, Frauke
Finite groups of Lie type of small rank
Blei, Ron C.
Sidon partitions and $p$-Sidon sets
Bleier, Roger
The lattice of closed ideals and $a^{\ast}$-extensions of an abelian $l$-group
Bleiler, Steve
Realizing concordant polynomials with prime knots
Bletz-Siebert, Oliver
The Euclidean rank of Hilbert geometries
Bley, Werner
An infinite family of elliptic curves and Galois module structure
Block, Richard
Transitive groups of collineations on certain designs
Bloom, Walter
Sets of $p$-spectral synthesis
Strict local inclusion results between spaces of Fourier transforms
Bloomfield, Peter
Characterizations of completely nondeterministic stochastic processes
Bluher, Antonia
The Weil representation and Gauss sums
Blum, Edward
A convergent gradient procedure in prehilbert spaces
Blum, Ilya
Continuous selections and realcompactness
Blum, Julius
On invariant probability measures I
On invariant probability measures. II
On the structure of infinitely divisible distributions
Pointwise ergodic theorems in l.c.a. groups
Blumenthal, Leonard M.
An extension of a theorem of Jordan and von Neumann
Two existence theorems for systems of linear inequalities
Blumenthal, Robert
The asymptotic distribution of the eigenvalues for a class of Markov operators
Boas, Harold
Holomorphic reproducing kernels in Reinhardt domains
Boas, R. P.
Completeness of sets of translated cosines
Boasso, E.
A spectral theory for solvable Lie algebras of operators
Bobisud, Larry
Energy bounds and virial theorems for abstract wave equations
On the behavior of the solution of the telegraphist's equation for large velocities
Singular perturbation of a time-dependent Cauchy problem in a Hilbert space
Boca, Florin
On the method of constructing irreducible finite index subfactors of Popa
Boden, Hans
Metabelian SL(n, C) representations of knot groups II: fixed points
Metabelian SL(n,C) representations of knot groups
The SU(2) Casson-Lin invariant of the Hopf link
The SU(N) Casson-Lin invariants for links
Body, Richard
Rational homotopy and unique factorization
Unique factorization of rational homotopy types
Boe, Brian
Category O for the Virasoro algebra: cohomology and Koszulity
Determination of the intertwining operators for holomorphically induced representations of Hermitian symmetric pairs
Intertwining operators between holomorphically induced modules
Boehm, Barry
Existence of best rational Tchebycheff approximations
Boehme, Harald
Glättungen von Abbildungen $3$-dimensionaler Mannigfaltigkeiten
Boehme, Thomas
Boen, James
Further results on $p$-automorphic $p$-groups
Bogaevsky, Ilya
Lagrange mappings of the first open Whitney umbrella
Boggess, Albert
CR approximation on a nonrigid hypersurface graph in ${\mathbf C}^n$
CR extension for $L^p$ CR functions on a quadric submanifold of $C^n$
Local reproducing kernels on wedge-like domains with type $2$ edges
Model rigid CR submanifolds of CR dimension 1
Bøgvad, Rikard
Piecewise harmonic subharmonic functions and positive Cauchy transforms
Böhme, Reinhold
The two-dimensional analogue of the catenary
Bohn, (Sherman) Elwood
Equicontinuity of solutions of a quasi-linear equation
Bohner, Martin
Oscillation and nonoscillation of forced second order dynamic equations
Some dynamic Wirtinger-Type inequalities and their applications
Boidol, Joachim
A Galois-correspondence for general locally compact groups
Boij, Mats
Components of the space parametrizing \\ graded GorensteinArtin algebras \\ with a given Hilbert function
Boileau, Michel
Meridional rank and bridge number for a class of links
Boisen, Monte
Prüfer and valuation rings with zero divisors
Boland, Philip J.
Holomorphy on spaces of distribution
Bolger, Edward
Some characterizations of exponential-type distributions
The sum of two independent exponential-type random variables
Bolker, Ethan
When is a bipartite graph a rigid framework?
Bolstein, A.
Subnormal operators in strictly cyclic operator algebras
Boltje, Robert
Fusion systems of blocks of finite groups over arbitrary fields
Bond, James
Lie algebras of genus one and genus two
Bonderson, Parsa
Congruence Subgroups and Super-Modular Categories
Bondy, John
On Ulam's conjecture for separable graphs
Bonic, Robert
Symmetry in group algebras of discrete groups
Bonk, Mario
Distortion theorems for Bloch functions
Bonnafé, Cédric
Calogero-Moser versus Kazhdan-Lusztig cells
Bonneau, Philippe
Universal deformation formula, symplectic Lie groups and symmetric spaces
Bonsall, Frank
Positive operators compact in an auxiliary topology
Booher, Jeremy
Recovering affine curves over finite fields from L-functions
Boone, James
A note on linearly ordered net spaces
A note on mesocompact and sequentially mesocompact spaces
On the cardinality relationships between discrete collections and open covers
Booth, Peter
Monoidal closed, Cartesian closed and convenient categories of topological spaces
Borcea, Ciprian
Deforming varieties of $k$-planes of projective complete intersections
Borcea, Julius
Piecewise harmonic subharmonic functions and positive Cauchy transforms
Borell, Christer
A note on an inequality for rearrangements
Borelli, Mario
Some results on ampleness and divisorial schemes
The cohomology of divisorial varieties
Borges, Carlos
A study of absolute extensor spaces
A study of multivalued functions
Borges, Carlos R.
Absolute extensor spaces: a correction and an answer
How to recognize homeomorphisms and isometries
Sup-characterization of stratifiable spaces
Borisenko, Alexander
Curvatures of spheres in Hilbert geometry
Borodzik, Maciej
Complex algebraic plane curves via Poincaré-Hopf formula I parametric lines
Borrego, J. T.
Uniquely representable semigroups on the two-cell
Uniquely representable semigroups. II
Borwein, David
Tauberian theorems between the logarithmic and Abel-type summability methods
Transformations of certain sequences of random variables by generalized Hausdorff matrices
Borwein, Jonathan
A note on $\varepsilon$-subgradients and maximal monotonicity
Maximal monotonicity of dense type,\\local maximal monotonicity,\\ and monotonicity of the conjugate\\ are all the same for \\ continuous linear operators
Weak local supportability and applications to approximation
Borwein, Peter
On Sylvester's problem and Haar spaces
Rational functions with positive coefficients, polynomials and uniform approximations
Borzellino, Joseph
The closed geodesic problem for compact Riemannian $2$-orbifolds
Bose, Raj
Strongly regular graphs, partial geometries and partially balanced designs
Botelho, Fernanda
Rotation sets of maps of the annulus
Rotational entropy for annulus endomorphisms
Botelho, Geraldo
Operator ideals related to absolutely summing and Cohen strongly summing operators
Botta, Peter
Linear transformations that preserve the nilpotent matrices
Matrix inequalities and kernels of linear transformations
The preservers of any orthogonal group
Bou-Rabee, Khalid
Commensurability growth of branch groups
Expected depth of random walks on groups
Simple closed curves, word length, and nilpotent quotients of free groups
Bouc, Serge
The center of a Green biset functor
Boulanger, Adrien
A spectral approach to the linking number in the 3-torus
Bouldin, Richard
A generalization of the Weinstein-Aronszajn formula
The peturbation of the singular spectrum
Bourdon, Abbey
Torsion points and Galois representations on CM elliptic curves
Bourdon, Paul
Density of the polynomials in Bergman spaces
Bourgain, Jean
A Hausdorff-Young inequality for $B$-convex Banach spaces
A problem of Douglas and Rudin on factorization
Bourgeois, Adèle
Restricting supercuspidal representations via a restriction of data
Bourgin, D. G.
Fixed point and min-max theorems
Bourgin, Richard
Conically bounded sets in Banach spaces
Partial orderings for integral representations on convex sets with the Radon-Nikodým property
Bourguin, Solesne
Freeness characterizations on free chaos spaces
Bourizk, Ismaïl
Bousfield, Aldridge
Uniqueness of infinite deloopings for $K$-theoretic spaces
Bouw, Irene
Alternating groups as monodromy groups\\in positive characteristic
Bowditch, Brian
A class of incomplete non-positively curved manifolds
Coarse median spaces and groups
Groups acting on Cantor sets andthe end structure of graphs
Large-scale rigidity properties of the mapping class groups
Systems of bands in hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Uniform hyperbolicity of the curve graphs
Bowe, James
Bowers, Philip
Nonshrinkable ``cell-like'' decompositions of $s$
Bowman, Thomas
Construction functors for topological semigroups
Bownik, Marcin
A combinatorial characterization of tight fusion frames
Boxer, Laurence
The space of ANR's of a closed surface
Boyallian, Carina
On the signature of certain spherical representations
Boyce, Richard
Irreducible representations of finite groups of Lie type through block theory and special conjugacy classes
Boyd, A. V.
Boyd, David
Composition operators on $H^{p}(A)$
Boyd, David
A new class of infinite sphere packings
Best constants in a class of integral inequalities
Inequalities for positive integral operators
The Diophantine equation $u(u+1)(u+2)(u+3)=v(v+1)(v+2)$
The spectral radius of averaging operators
Boyer, Billy
On the summability of derived Fourier series
Summability of derived conjugate series
Boyer, Charles
On the equivalence problem for toric contact structures on ${\bf S^3}$-bundles over ${\bf S^2}$
Boyer, Delmar
A representation theorem for abelian groups with no elements of infinite $p$-height
Almost locally pure Abelian groups
Boyle, Ann
On nonsingularly $k$-primitive rings
Rings over which certain modules are injective
Boyle, Brighid
Electrical resistance of N-gasket fractal networks
Boyle, McBlaine
Entropy versus orbit equivalence for minimal homeomorphisms
Boyle, Michael
Flow equivalence of shifts of finite type via positive factorizations
Boyom, Michel
The cohomology of Koszul-Vinberg algebras
Bożejko, Marek
Convolution and limit theorems for conditionally free random variables
Braaksma, B. L. J.
Summation of formalsolutions of a class of linear difference equations
Braaksma, B. L. J.
The Stokes phenomenon in exact asymptotics
Brace, John
The topology of almost uniform convergence
Braden, Tom
The equivariant Chow rings of quot schemes
Bradley, John
Adjoint quasi-differential operators of Euler type
Correction to: ``Adjoint quasi-differential operators of Euler type''
Bradley, Richard
A ``coboundary'' theorem for sums of random variables taking their values in a Banach space
On $\rho$-mixing except on small sets
Brady, Noel
Divergence of finitely presented subgroups of CAT(0) groups
Brafman, Fred
An ultraspherical generating function
Brahic, Olivier
Integration of coupling Dirac structures
Bramble, James
Bounds for derivatives in elliptic boundary value problems
Bounds in the Neumann problem for second order uniformly elliptic operators
Branco, Manuel
Irreducible numerical semigroups
Brandal, Willy
Conditions for being an FGC domain
Localizations of torsion theories
Brandenburg, Harald
For every Hausdorff space $Y$ there exists a nontrivial Moore space on which all continuous functions into $Y$ are constant
Brander, David
Constant Gaussian curvature surfaces in the 3-sphere via loop groups
Brandi, Primo
A quasi-additivity type condition and the integral over a BV variety
Brannan, Michael
Quantum groups and generalized circular elements
Brannen, Joseph
A note on Hausdorff's summation methods
Branson, Thomas
Conformally invariant non-local operators
Brantner, D. Lukas
Bratteli, Ola
Small eigenvalue variation and real rank zero
Bratten, Tim
A comparison theorem for Lie algebra homology groups
The Borel-Weil theorem for reductive Lie groups
Brauer, Fred
Spectral theory for linear systems of differential equations
Brauer, George
Summability and Fourier analysis
Braun, Gábor
Strong submodules of almost projective modules
Braun, Rüdiger
Characterization of the homogeneous \\ polynomials $P$ for which $(P + Q)(D)$ admits \\ a continuous linear right inverse\\ for all lower order perturbations $Q$
Perturbation ofdifferential operators admitting a continuous linear right inverse onultradistributions
Braunling, Oliver
Hochschild coniveau spectral sequence and the Beilinson residue
Bray, Henry
A note on $\mathrm{CLT}$ groups
On the square-freeness of Fermat and Mersenne numbers
Brechner, Beverly
Almost periodic homeomorphisms of $E^{2}$ are periodic
Homeomorphism groups of dendrons
On the non-monotony of dimension
Breckenridge, J. C.
Burkill-Cesari integrals of quasi additive interval functions
Bredon, Glen
On the continuous image of a singular chain complex
Some examples for the fixed point property
Breen, Marilyn
A characterization theorem for compact unions of two starshaped sets in $R^3$
A Krasnosel'skiĭ-type theorem for unions of two starshaped sets in the plane
A quantitative version of Krasnosel'skiĭ 's theorem in $R^2$
Clear visibility and unions of two starshaped sets in the plane
Decomposition theorems for $3$-convex subsets of the plane
Decompositions for nonclosed planar $m$-convex sets
Determining a polytope by Radon partitions
Sets in $R^{d}$ having $(d-2)$-dimensional kernels
Sets with $(d-2)$-dimensional kernels
The dimension of the kernel of a planar set
Breiner, Christine
Compactness results for sequences of approximate biharmonic maps
Bremermann, Hans-Joachim
Holomorphic functionals and complex convexity in Banach spaces
The envelopes of holomorphy of tube domains in infinite dimensional Banach spaces
Brenken, Berndt
Hecke algebras and semigroup crossed product $C^*$-algebras
Representations and automorphisms of the irrational rotation algebra
Brenner, Holger
Ample families, multihomogeneous spectra, and algebraization of formal schemes
Brenner, J. L.
Composition algebras of polynomials
Covering theorems for finite nonabelian simple groups. V
Exponential Diophantine equations
Free semigroups of $2\times 2$ matrices
Geršgorin theorems, regularity theorems, and bounds for determinants of partitioned matrices. II. Some determinantal identities
Maximal ideals in the near ring of polynomials modulo 2
Zolotarev's theorem on the Legendre symbol
Brenti, Francesco
Kazhdan--Lusztig and$R$-polynomials, \\ Young's lattice, and Dyck partitions
Permutation enumeration symmetric functions, and unimodality
Brenton, Lawrence
Differentiably $k$-normal analytic spaces and extensions of holomorphic differential forms
On the Diophantine equation $1=\sum 1/n_i+1/\prod n_i$ and a class of homologically trivial complex surface singularities
On the Riemann-Roch equation for singular complex surfaces
Brešar, Matej
Applying functional identities to somelinear preserver problems
Breslin, William
Principal curvatures of fibers and Heegaard surfaces
Thick triangulations of hyperbolic n-manifolds
Bressler, David
Bressoud, David
A new family of partition identities
A note on gap-frequency partitions
Lattice paths and multiple basic hypergeometric series
Brestovski, Michel
Algebraic independence of solutions of differential equations of the second order
Breusch, Robert
An elementary proof of the prime number theorem with remainder term
Brevig, Ole
Compact composition operators with non-linear symbols on the $H^2$ space of Dirichlet series
Brevik, John
Curves on normal rational cubic surfaces
Brick, Stephen
Dehn functions of groups and extensions of complexes
Bridgeman, Martin
Bounding the bending of a hyperbolic 3-manifold
Bridges, Douglas
A constructive look at positive linear functionals on $\mathscr{L}(H)$
Connectivity properties of metric spaces
Correction to: ``On the isolation of zeroes of an analytic function''
On the isolation of zeroes of an analytic function
The constructive Radon-Nikodým theorem
Bridges, William
The polynomial of a non-regular digraph
Bridgland, T.
Trajectory integrals of set valued functions
Bridson, Martin
The Chabauty space of closed subgroups of the three-dimensional Heisenberg group
The virtual first Betti number of soluble groups
Briem, Eggert
Normpreserving extensions in subspaces of $C(X)$
Briggs, James
Finitely generated ideals in regular $F$-algebras
Bright, Ido
A note on flux integrals over smooth regular domains
Brillhart, John
Note on the discriminant of certain cyclotomic period polynomials
On sums of Rudin-Shapiro coefficients. II
Brin, Matthew
Generalized three-manifolds with zero-dimensional nonmanifold set
Totally peripheral $3$-manifolds
Bringmann, Kathrin
Unimodal sequences and ``strange'' functions: a family of quantum modular forms
Brink, James
Inequalities involving $\|f\|_{p}$ and $\|f^{(n)}\|_{q}$ for $f$ with $n$ zeros
Brion, Michel
On extensions of algebraic groups with finite quotient
Brislawn, Christopher
Traceable integral kernels on countably generated measure spaces
Brito, Fabiano
Energy and volume of vector fields on spherical domains
Brittenham, Mark
Essential laminations and Haken normal form
Free genus one knots with large volume
When incompressible tori meet essential laminations
Brock, Bradley
Local restrictions on nonpositively curved $n$-manifolds in ${\mathbf R}^{n+p}$
Brock, Jeffrey
The standard double soap bubble in $\mathbf{R}^2$ uniquely minimizes perimeter
Brodmann, Markus
Piecewise catenarian and going between rings
Brodsky, A. R.
The existence of wave operators for nonlinear equations
Broglia, F.
Separation of global semianalytic subsets of $2$-dimensional analytic manifolds
Brokemper, Dennis
On the Chow Ring of the Stack of Truncated Barsotti-Tate Groups
Brom, James
The theory of almost periodic functions in constructive mathematics
Brøndsted, Arne
On a lemma of Bishop and Phelps
The inner aperture of a convex set
Bronn, Stephen
Brook, Tim
Local limits and tripleability
Brooks, J. D.
Second order dissipative operators
Brooks, R. A.
Conditional expectations associated with stochastic processes
Brooks, Robert
Analytic structure in the spectrum of a natural system
On locally $m$-convex $^{\ast}$-algebras
On representing $F^{\ast}$-algebras
The structure space of a commutative locally $m$-convex algebra
Brooks, Robin
Nielsen numbers for roots of maps of aspherical manifolds
On removing coincidences of two maps when only one, rather than both, of them may be deformed by a homotopy
Brookshear, James
On the structure of hyper-real $z$-ultrafilters
Projective ideals in rings of continuous functions
Brothier, Arnaud
The cup subalgebra of a ${\rm II}_1$ factor given by a subfactor planar algebra is maximal amenable
Broughton, Sean
Simple group actions on hyperbolic Riemann surfaces of least area
Browder, David
Derived algebras in $L_{1}$ of a compact group
Browder, Felix
Scattering for non-linear wave equations
Topological methods for non-linear elliptic equations of arbitrary order
Browder, William
Brown, Andrew
Expressions for Catalan Kronecker products
Brown, David
Galois theory for Banach algebras
Brown, Dennison
A characterization of uniquely divisible commutative semigroups
Topological semilattices on the two-cell
Brown, Ezra
The $2$-class group of biquadratic fields. II
Brown, Gavin
Analytic discs in the maximal ideal space of $M(G)$
Indicator functions with large Fourier transforms
Brown, Ian
Representation of finitely generated nilpotent groups
Brown, J. Ryan
Topological invariants of putative C*-symmetric exotic complex projective spaces
Brown, James
Approximation theorems for Markov operators
Brown, Jim
Congruence primes for Ikeda lifts and the Ikeda ideal
Brown, Johnny
On the Ilieff-Sendov conjecture
Brown, Jonathan
Representation theory of type B and C standard Levi $W$-algebras
Brown, Kenneth
Brown, Lawrence
Extensions of topological groups
Note on the open mapping theorem
Stable isomorphism and strong Morita equivalence of $C^*$-algebras
Stable isomorphism of hereditary subalgebras of $C^*$-algebras
Brown, Leon
Classes of Banach spaces with unique isometric preduals
On the range sets of $H^{p}$ functions
Brown, Martin
A note on tamely ramified extensions of rings
Brown, Morton
Fixed points for orientation preserving homeomorphisms of the plane which interchange two points
Brown, Nathanial
Approximation entropies in crossed products with an application to free shifts
Brown, Richard
Notes on generalized boundary value problems in Banach spaces. I. Adjoint and extension theory
Notes on generalized boundary value problems in Banach spaces. II. Infinite-dimensional extension theory
Brown, Robert
On generalized Cayley-Dickson algebras
Brown, Robert
A topological bound on the number of distinct zeros of an analytic function
Addendum to: ``Fixed points of automorphisms of compact Lie groups''
An elementary proof of the uniqueness of the fixed point index
Cohomology of homomorphisms of Lie algebras and Lie groups
Fixed points of automorphisms of compact Lie groups
Fixed points of boundary-preserving maps of surfaces
Nielsen root theory and Hopf degree theory
On a homotopy converse to the Lefschetz fixed point theorem
On maps with identical fixed point sets
Real homology of Lie group homomorphisms
Retraction methods in Nielsen fixed point theory
Topological identification of multiple solutions to parametrized nonlinear equations
Brown, Ronald
Extended prime spots and quadratic forms
Quadratic forms with prescribed Stiefel-Whitney invariants
Real closures of fields at orderings of higher level
The behavior of chains of orderings under field extensions and places
Brown, Russell
The Neumann problem on Lipschitz domains in Hardy spaces of order less than one
Brown, Scott W.
Full analytic subspaces for contractions with rich spectrum
Brown, Thomas
Simple paths on convex polyhedra
Brown, Thomas
A semigroup union of disjoint locally finite subsemigroups which is not locally finite
An interesting combinatorial method in the theory of locally finite semigroups
Brown, William
On extending higher derivations generated by cup products to the integral closure
Brownell, Frank
A note on Cook's wave-matrix theorem
A note on Kato's uniqueness criterion for Schrödinger operator self-adjoint extensions
An extension of Weyl's asymptotic law for eigenvalues
Flows and noncommuting projections on Hilbert space
Fourier analysis and differentiation over real separable Hilbert space
Translation invariant measure over separable Hilbert space and other translation spaces
Brozos-Vazquez, Miguel
Complete locally conformally flat manifolds of negative curvature
Brualdi, Richard
Permanent of the direct product of matrices
Transversal matroids and Hall's theorem
Brubaker, Benjamin
Unique functionals and representations of Hecke algebras
Weyl group multiple Dirichlet series of type C
Bruck, R. H.
Finite nets. II. Uniqueness and imbedding
Loops with transitive automorphism groups
Brück, Rainer
Geometric properties ofJulia sets of the composition of polynomials of the form$z^2+c_n$
Bruck, Ronald
A common fixed point theorem for a commuting family of nonexpansive mappings
Nonexpansive projections on subsets of Banach spaces
Bruckner, Andrew
Chaos in terms of the map $x\to\omega(x,f)$
Minimal superadditive extensions of superadditive functions
Some function classes related to the class of convex functions
The Darboux property and solutions of algebraic differential equations
Bruen, Aiden
Blocking sets and complete $k$-arcs
Unimbeddable nets of small deficiency
Bruguières, Alain
On the center of fusion categories
Bruijning, Jeroen
A characterization of covering dimension by use of $\Delta_{k}(X)$
A characterization of dimension of topological spaces by totally bounded pseudometrics
Brumfiel, Gregory
Homotopy theoretic consequences of N. Levitt's obstruction theory to transversality for spherical fibrations
Bruna Floris, Joaquim
$L^2$ estimates on chord-arc curves
Free interpolation for holomorphic functions regular to the boundary
On $H^p$-solutions of the Bezout equation
Brundan, Jonathan
Modular representations of the supergroup Q (n) II
Brungs, Hans-Heinrich
Right chain rings and the generalized semigroup of divisibility
Brunk, Hugh
A generalized Radon-Nikodym derivative
Best fit to a random variable by a random variable measurable with respect to a $\sigma $-lattice
Integral inequalities for functions with nondecreasing increments
Minimizing integrals in certain classes of monotone functions
On the growth of functions having poles or zeros on the positive real axis
Brunner, Andrew
Knot groups in $S^{4}$ with nontrivial homology
Brustenga i Moncusí, Laura
The Waring rank of binary binomial forms
Brusyanskaya, Elena
What do Frobenius's, Solomon's, and Iwasaki's theorems on divisibility in groups have in common?
Bryant, Billy
Bryant, Jack
A note on Edelstein's iterative test and spaces of continuous functions
Bryant, John
On embeddings of $1$-dimensional compacta in a hyperplane in $E^{4}$
Bryant, Steve
Isomorphism order for Abelian groups
Bryden, Edward
Stability of the positive mass theorem for axisymmetric manifolds
Brzdęk, Janusz
Fixed-point results and the Hyers--Ulam stability of linear equations of higher orders
On orthogonally exponential functionals
Bu, Shangquan
Well-posedness of second order degenerate differential equations with finite delay in vector-valued function spaces
Buan, Aslak
Cotilting modules over tame hereditary algebras
Buchdahl, Nicholas
Buchman, Edwin
A characterization of the parallelepiped in $E^{n}$
Buck, Robert
Approximation properties of vector valued functions
Buck, Robert
A generalized Hausdorff dimension for functions and sets
Hausdorff dimensions for compact sets in $R^{n}$
Buckholtz, James
Series expansions of analytic functions. II
Buell, Duncan
Note on the quadratic character of a quadratic unit
Solutions of certain quaternary quadratic systems
Bueno Linares, Jesús Antonio
A Delaunay-type classification result for prescribed mean curvature surfaces in $\mathbb{M}^2(\kappa)\times\R$
Bugeaud, Yann
On homogeneous and inhomogeneous Diophantine approximation over the fields of formal power series
On the Diophantine equation $\displaystyle\frac{x^{m}-1}{x-1} = \frac{y^{n} -1}{y-1}$
On the Diophantine equation $\displaystyle\frac{x^n - 1}{x-1} = y^q$
On the Lévy constants of Sturmian continued fractions
Buhler, Joe
A note on tamely ramified polynomials
Buium, Alexandru
Ritt schemes and torsion theory
Bujalance, E.
On non-orientable Riemann surfaces with $2p$ or $2p+2$ automorphisms
Bujalance, Emilio
Cyclic groups of automorphisms of compact nonorientable Klein surfaces without boundary
Bulíček, Miroslav
On existence of a classical solution to a generalized Kelvin-Voigt model
Bullen, Peter
A criterion for $n$-convexity
Peano derivatives and general integrals
Some inequalities for symmetric means
Bullock, Douglas
On the Kauffman bracket skein module of surgery on a trefoil
Bulman-Fleming, Sydney
Bumby, Richard
Amitsur cohomology of quadratic extensions: formulas and number-theoretic examples
Irreducible integers in Galois extensions
Remark on a problem of Niven and Zuckerman
Bump, Daniel
Unique functionals and representations of Hecke algebras
Bunce, John
Characterizations of amenable and strongly amenable $C^{\ast}$-algebras
Bunce, L.
Compact operations, multipliers and Radon-Nikodým property in $JB^*$-triples
On orthomorphisms between von Neumann preduals and a problem of Araki
The quasi-linearity problem for $C^\ast$-algebras
Velocity maps in von Neumann algebras
Bund, Iracema M.
Birnbaum-Orlicz spaces of functions on groups
Bungart, Lutz
Boundary kernel functions for domains on complex manifolds
Piecewise smooth approximations to $q$-plurisubharmonic functions
Bunke, Ulrich
Chern classes on differential K-theory
Buoni, John
On the generalized Calkin algebra
Burbea, Jacob
Boundary behavior of holomorphic functions in the ball
Operator-valued Pick's conditions and holomorphicity
The Schwarzian derivative and the Poincaré metric
Total positivity and reproducing kernels
Total positivity of certain reproducing kernels
Weighted Hadamard products of holomorphic functions in the ball
Bures, Donald
Outer conjugacy of shifts on the hyperfinite $\mathrm{II}_1$-factor
Tensor products of $W^{\ast}$-algebras
Burge, William H.
Burger, Edward
Homogeneous Diophantine approximation in $S$-integers
Bürger, Reinhard
Functions of translation type and solid Banach spaces of functions
Burgess, Cecil
Chainable continua and indecomposability
Collections and sequences of continua in the plane
Collections and sequences of continua in the plane. II
Burgess, John
A selection theorem for group actions
Burgess, Walter
Abian's order relation and orthogonal completions for reduced rings
Burgoyne, N.
Finite groups with Chevalley-type components
Maximal subgroups and automorphisms of Chevalley groups
Semi-simple classes in Chevalley type groups
Burillo, José
Commensurations and metric properties of Houghton's groups
Metric properties of higher-dimensional Thompson's groups
Burke, Dennis
A note on $p$-spaces and Moore spaces
On $p$-spaces and $w\Delta $-spaces
On certain point-countable covers
Subsets of $^{\omega}\omega $ and generalized metric spaces
Burkinshaw, Owen
Compactness properties of abstract kernel operators
On universally complete Riesz spaces
Burns, Daniel
Kähler metrics on singular toric varieties
Burns, John
Integration of compact set-valued functions
Burns, John
Curvature functions on Lorentz $2$-manifolds
Burr, Stefan
On the completeness of sequences of perturbed polynomial values
Bursztyn, Henrique
Completely positive inner products and strong Morita equivalence
Burton, Geoffrey
Congruent sections of a convex body
Burton, Leonard
Oscillation theorems for the solutions of linear, nonhomogeneous, second-order differential systems
Burton, Richard
Fractional elements in multiplicative lattices
Burton, Robert
An invariance principle for associated random fields
Burton, Theodore
On the asymptotic behavior of solutions of $x''+a(t)f(x)=e(t)$
Busby, Robert
Centralizers of twisted group algebras
Buschman, Robert
A substitution theorem for the Laplace transformation and its generalization to transformations with symmetric kernel
Asymptotic expressions for $\sum \,n^{a}f(n)\,\mathrm{log}^{r}\,n$
Busé, Laurent
The geometry of the flex locus of a hypersurface
Buşe, Olguţa
Relative familyGromov--Witten invariants and symplectomorphisms
Busemann, Herbert
A general version of Beltrami's theorem in the large
Irreducible sums of simple multivectors
Two theorems on general symmetric spaces
Volume in terms of concurrent cross-sections
Buske, Dale R.
Semicrossed products of the disk algebra: Contractiverepresentations and maximal ideals
Butaev, Almaz
On some refinements of the embedding of critical Sobolev spaces into BMO
Butler, Geoffrey
Comparison theorems for second-order operator-valued linear differential equations
Butler, Jean W.
On complete and independent sets of operations in finite algebras
Butler, John
Almost smooth perturbations of self-adjoint operators
Correction to: ``Almost smooth perturbations of self-adjoint operators''
Butscher, Adrian
A gluing construction for prescribed mean curvature
Buttin, C.
Existence of a homotopy operator for Spencer's sequence in the analytic case
Butts, Hubert
Corresponding residue systems in algebraic number fields
Buyske, Steven
Geometric aspects of Bäcklund transformations of Weingarten submanifolds
Buzano, Maria
Non-K\"{a}hler expanding Ricci solitons, Einstein metrics, and exotic cone structures
Buzzard, Kevin
A mod five approach to modularity of icosahedral Galois representations
Bynum, William
Characterizations of uniform convexity
Normal structure coefficients for Banach spaces
Byrd, Kenneth
Right self-injective rings whose essential right ideals are two-sided
Byrd, Richard
Automorphisms of the semigroup of finite complexes of a periodic locally cyclic group
Complete distributivity in lattice-ordered groups
On the retractability of some one-relator groups
Byrne, John
On the construction of $R$-modules and rings with polynomial multiplication
Byun, Yanghyun
Product formula for self-intersection numbers