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Author Index – C
Cabaña, Enrique M.
The expected measure of the level sets of a regular stationary Gaussian process
Cabello Sánchez, Félix
Complex interpolation and twisted twisted Hilbert spaces
Cabrelli, Carlos
On the Hausdorff $h$-measure of Cantor sets
Cabrera, Alejandro
van Est isomorphism for homogeneous cochains
Cabrera, Francisco
Curvature of special almost hermitian manifolds
Cadoret, Anna
Counting real Galois covers\\of the projective line
Caenepeel, Stefaan
A note on Taylor's Brauer group
Caffarelli, Luis
Sequential testing of several simple hypotheses for a diffusion process and the corresponding free boundary problem
The two-obstacle problem for the biharmonic operator
Cahn, Patricia
Vassiliev Invariants of Virtual Legendrian Knots
Cahn, Robert S.
Asymptotic behavior of multiplicities of representations of compact groups
Cai, Gang
Well-posedness of second order degenerate differential equations with finite delay in vector-valued function spaces
Cai, Jin-Xing
Classifications of fiber surfaces of genus 2 with automorphisms acting trivially in cohomology
Cai, Mingliang
On shrinking gradient Ricci solitons With nonnegative sectional curvature
Cain, Bryan
Biholomorphic approximation of planar domains
Cain, George
Fixed points and stability for a sum of two operators in locally convex spaces
Caine, John
Wonderful compactification of character varieties
Cairns, Stewart S.
On permutations induced by linear value functions
Calder, Allan
$\varepsilon$-covering dimension
Incompressibility of maps and the homotopy invariance of Čech cohomology
Caldwell, William
Calegari, Danny
Certifying incompressibility of noninjective surfaces with scl
On stable commutator length in hyperelliptic mapping class groups
Stable commutator length in subgroups of PL(I)
Calegari, Francesco
Mod-p representations on elliptic curves
Calica, Arnold
Reversible homeomorphisms of the real line
Całka, Aleksander
On local isometries of finitely compact metric spaces
Callender, Edward
Hölder continuity of $n$-dimensional quasi-conformal mappings
Calvert, Bruce
Nonlinear equations of evolution
Calvert, James
An integral inequality with applications to the Dirichlet problem
Correction to: ``An integral inequality with applications to the Dirichlet problem''
Energy bounds and virial theorems for abstract wave equations
Integral inequalities involving second order derivatives
Singular perturbation of a time-dependent Cauchy problem in a Hilbert space
Calviño-Louzao, Esteban
Bach-flat isotropic gradient Ricci solitons
Cambern, Michael
Isomorphisms of $C_{0}(Y)$ onto $C(X)$
Isomorphisms of spaces of norm-continuous functions
Near isometries of Bochner $L^1$ and $L^\infty$ spaces
Cambraia, Ady
On totally umbilical surfaces in the warped product M(k)fxR
Cameron, Douglas
Cameron, R. H.
Two related integrals over spaces of continuous functions
Camillo, Victor
A note on commutative injective rings
A theorem on Noetherian hereditary rings
Modules whose quotients have finite Goldie dimension
Camion, Paul
On the nonsingularity of complex matrices
Campagna, Francesco
Entanglement in the family of division fields of elliptic curves with complex multiplication
Campbell, Douglas
Continua in the plane with limit directions
Valence properties of the solution of a differential equation
Campbell, Howard
Campbell, Stephen
Linear operators for which $T^{\ast} T$ and $TT^{\ast}$ commute. II
Linear operators for which $T^{\ast} T$ and $TT^{\ast}$ commute. III
Linear operators for which $T^*T$ and $T+T^*$ commute
Linear operators for which $T^*T$ and $T+T^*$ commute. III
Operator-valued inner functions analytic on the closed disc
Operator-valued inner functions analytic on the closed disc. II
Campisi, Marion
Hyperbolic manifolds containing high topological index surfaces
Camporesi, Roberto
A generalization of the Cartan--Helgason theorem for Riemannian symmetric spaces of rank one
The Helgason Fourier transform for \\ homogeneousvector bundles over \\ Riemannian symmetric spaces
Campos, Jamilson
Operator ideals related to absolutely summing and Cohen strongly summing operators
Canary, Richard
Bounding the bending of a hyperbolic 3-manifold
Candel, Alberto
Topological description of Riemannian foliations with dense leaves
Canfell, M. J.
Dimension theory in zero-set spaces
Cannon, James
Bi-twist manifolds and two-bridge knots
New proofs of Bing's approximation theorems for surfaces
Sets which can be missed by side approximations to spheres
Cannonito, Frank
The word problem and power problem in $1$-relator groups are primitive recursive
Cano Cordero, Angel
On the number of lines in the limit set for discrete subgroups of PSL(3,C)
One line complex Kleinian groups
Cantor, David
On arithmetic properties of coefficients of rational functions
On arithmetic properties of the Taylor series of rational functions. II
On certain algebraic integers and approximation by rational functions with integral coefficients
On the Stone-Weierstrass approximation theorem for valued fields
Cantrell, James
Codimension one embeddings of manifolds with locally flat triangulations
Cao, Daomin
Existence and nonexistence of interior-peaked solution for a nonlinear Neumann problem
Existence of steady multiple vortex patches to the vortex-wave system
Cao, Guangfu
Fredholm properties of Toeplitz operators on Dirichlet spaces
Cao, Mingming
On the boundedness of multilinear fractional strong maximal operator with multiple weights
Cao, Xiaodong
Cross curvature flow on locally homogenous three-manifolds, I
Differential Harnack estimates for Fisher's equation
Dimension reduction under the Ricci Flow on manifolds with nonnegative curvature operator
Čap, Andreas
Conformal Holonomy Equals Ambient Holonomy
Capdeboscq, Inna
A {2,3}-Local shadow of O'Nan's Simple Group
Capistrano-Filho, Roberto
Lower regularity solutions of the biharmonic Schrödinger equation in a quarter plane
Capobianco, Frank
Capovilla-Searle, Orsola
Non-orientable Lagrangian cobordisms between Legendrian knots
Cappelletti Montano, Beniamino
Geometric structures associated to a contact metric (κ,μ)-space
Caprace, Pierre-Emmanuel
On embeddings into compactly generated groups
Caraballo, David
Areas of level sets of distance functions\\induced by asymmetric norms
B2-convexity implies strong and weak lower semicontinuity of partitions of R^n
Caradus, Selwyn
Operators with finite ascent and descent
Perturbation theory for generalized Fredholm operators
Carberry, Emma
Carbery, Anthony
$L^p$ estimates for operators associated to flat curves without the Fourier transform
Weights and $L\,\mathrm{log}\,L$
Carbone, Vera
Regularity and upper semicontinuity of pullback attractors for a class of non-autonomous thermoelastic plate systems
Carboni, Aurelio
Carey, Richard
Eigenvalues of seminormal operators, examples
Cargo, Gerald
Carini, Luisa
A note on derivations with power central values on a Lie ideal
Commutators with power central values on a Lie ideal
Carleson, Lennart
Harmonic measures supported on curves
Carlisle, W.
Residual finiteness of finitely generated commutative semigroups
Carlitz, L.
A note on certain biorthogonal polynomials
A note on multiple exponential sums
A three-term relation for some sums related to Dedekind sums
Distribution of matrices in a finite field
Enumeration of doubly up-down permutations
Enumeration of up-down permutations by number of rises
Factorization of a special polynomial over a finite field
Multiplication formulas for products of Bernoulli and Euler polynomials
Note on the multiplication formulas for the Jacobi elliptic functions
Restricted bipartite partitions
Some congruences for the Bell polynomials
Some special equations in a finite field
Some theorems on Bernoulli numbers of higher order
Some theorems on generalized Dedekind sums
Some theorems on generalized Dedekind-Rademacher sums
Some theorems on the Schur derivative
The inverse of the error function
The number of solutions of certain types of equations in a finite field
The number of solutions of some special equations in a finite field
The reciprocity theorem for Dedekind sums
Carlson, Bille
Mixed arithmetic and geometric means
Carlson, David
Cones of diagonally dominant matrices
Critical points on rim-compact spaces
On real eigenvalues of complex matrices
Carlson, John
$H$-closed and countably compact extensions
Carlson, Jon
Automorphisms of groups of similitudes over $F_{3}$
Carlson, Robert
A Borg--Levinson theorem for Bessel operators
Eigenfunction expansions for selfadjoint integro-differential operators
Carlson, Timothy
Extending Lebesgue measure by infinitely many sets
Carlsson, Gunnar
On the stable splitting of $b\mathrm{o}\wedge b\mathrm{o}$ and torsion operations in connective $K$-theory
Carlsson, Hasse
$H^p$-estimates of holomorphic division formulas
Carmeli, Claudio
Superdistributions, analytic and algebraic super Harish-Chandra pairs
Carmichael, Richard D.
Analytic functions in tubes which are representable by Fourier-Laplace integrals
Distributional boundary values in the dual spaces of spaces of type $\mathscr{S}$
Carmona, Joan
The converse of Fatou'stheorem for Zygmund measures
Carney, Alexander
The arithmetic Hodge index theorem and rigidity of dynamical systems over function fields
Carnovale, Giovanna
A classification of spherical conjugacy classes in good characteristic
Carocca, Angel
Orbifolds with signature $(0;k,k^{n-1},k^{n},k^{n})$
Carpenter, Ronn
Principal ideals in $F$-algebras
Carpentier, Michel
Sommes exponentielles dont la géométrie est très belle: $p$-adic estimates
Carpentier, Rui
Extending triangulations of the 2-sphere to the 3-disk preserving a 4-coloring
Carrara, V.
Singularities of the projections of surfaces in 4-space
Carrell, James
Vector fields, torus actions and equivariant cohomology
Carro, María
Tent spaces over general approach regions and pointwise estimates
Carroll, Francis
Some properties of sequences, with an application to noncontinuable power series
Carroll, Jeffrey
Some undecidability results for lattices in recursion theory
Carroll, Robert
Some degenerate Cauchy problems with operator coefficients
Carron, Gilles
Un th\'eor\`eme de l'indice relatif
Carruth, James
A note on partially ordered compacta
Carson, Andrew
Coherent polynomial rings over regular rings of finite index
Carstens, Allan
The lattice of pretopologies on an arbitrary set $S$
Carter, D. S.
Existence of a class of steady plane gravity flows
Uniqueness of a class of steady plane gravity flows
Carter, John
Homology for quandles with partial group operations
Singularities of the projections of surfaces in 4-space
Cartwright, Donald
A structural criterion for the existence of infinite Sidon sets
Caruso, Jeffrey
An approximation theorem for equivariant loop spaces in the compact Lie case
Carvalho, Alexandre
Attractors for strongly damped wave equations with critical nonlinearities
Casadio Tarabusi, Enrico
Envelopes of holomorphy of Hartogs and circular domains
Casadio Tarabusi, Enrico
Stable laws arising from\\ hitting distributions of processes\\ on homogeneous trees \\ and the hyperbolic half-plane
Casale, Guy
Galoisian methods for testing irreducibility of order two nonlinear differential equations
Casasayas, Josefina
Periods and Lefschetz zeta functions
Casbi, Elie
Dominance order and monoidal categorification of cluster algebras
Cascante Canut, Carmen
Exceptional sets for Poisson integrals of potentials on the unit sphere in $\mathbf{C}^n,\;p\leq 1$
Holomorphy tests based on Cauchy's integral formula
Cascini, Paolo
On the moduli space of theSchwarzenberger bundles
Casciotti, L. A.
Rings with involution and the prime radical
Case, James
Another $1$-dimensional homogeneous continuum which contains an arc
Characterizations of tree-like continua
Case, Jeffrey
On the nonexistence of quasi-Einstein metrics
The weighted $\sigma_k$-curvature of a smooth metric measure space
Caselles, Vicent
Uniqueness of the Cheeger set of a convex body.
Cashen, Christopher
Cashwell, Edmond
The asymptotic solutions of an ordinary differential equation in which the coefficient of the parameter is singular
The ring of number-theoretic functions
Casian, Luis
Toda lattice and toricvarieties for real split semisimple Lie algebras
Caspers, Martijn
On MASAs in q-deformed von Neumann algebras
Cass, Frank
Mercerian theorems via spectral theory
Cassels, John
On a paper of Niven and Zuckerman
Casson, Andrew
Some homology lens spaces which bound rational homology balls
Cassou-Noguès, Pierrette
Compositions of birational endomorphisms of the affine plane
One remark on polynomials in two variables
Castagna, Frank
Every generalized Petersen graph has a Tait coloring
Sums of automorphisms of a primary abelian group
Castañeda, Jeffrey
The Ramification Group Filtrations of Certain Function Field Extensions
Castellanos, Julio
The semigroup of a space curve singularity
Casteras, Jean-Baptiste
A mean field type flow part 2 : Existence and convergence
Castillo, Jesús
Complex interpolation and twisted twisted Hilbert spaces
Castillo, Kenier
On a spectral theorem in the para-orthogonality theory
Castillon, Philippe
Eigenvalue estimates for hypersurfaces in H^m x R and applications
Castro, Alex
The chains of left-invariant Cauchy-Riemann structures on SU(2)
Castro, Alfonso
A semilinear wave equation with nonmonotone nonlinearity
Resonant solutions and turning points in an elliptic problem with oscillatory boundary conditions
Castro, Ildefonso
Closedconformal vector fields and Lagrangian submanifolds in complex space forms
Hamiltonian-minimal lagrangian submanifolds in complex space forms
Castro, Nickolas
Diagrams for relative trisections
The relative L-invariant of a compact 4-manifold
Cateforis, Vasily
Minimal injective cogenerators for the class of modules of zero singular submodule
On commutative rings over which the singular submodule is a direct summand for every module
On regular self-injective rings
Cater, Frank
Continuous linear functionals on certain topological vector spaces
On Hilbert space operators and operator roots of polynomials
On the theory of spatial invariants
Catino, Giovanni
A variational characterization of flat spaces in dimension three
On the geometry of gradient Einstein-type manifolds
Cattaneo, Alberto
Symplectic microgeometry IV: Quantization
Cattaneo, Andrea
Calabi-Yau 4-folds of Borcea–Voisin type from F-theory
Cavalcante, Márcio
Lower regularity solutions of the biharmonic Schrödinger equation in a quarter plane
Cavalcante, Marcos
Convexity in locally conformally flat manifolds with boundary
Eigenvalue estimates for hypersurfaces in H^m x R and applications
Index Estimates for Free Boundary Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces
Cavaretta, Alfred
A theorem of J. L. Walsh, revisited
Cayford, Afton
Equality in certain inequalities
Ceccherini-Silberstein, Tullio
On the Garden of Eden theorem for endomorphisms of symbolic algebraic varieties
Cecchini, Carlo
Projections of uniqueness for $L^{p}(G)$
State extensions and a Radon-Nikodým theorem for conditional expectations on von Neumann algebras
Cecil, Thomas
On Kuiper's question whether taut submanifolds are algebraic
Ceder, Jack
Chaos in terms of the map $x\to\omega(x,f)$
On products of maximally resolvable spaces
Some generalizations of metric spaces
Cekala, Kristin
Electrical resistance of N-gasket fractal networks
Çelik, H. A.
Commutative associative rings and anti-flexible rings
Celikbas, Olgur
Criteria for vanishing of Tor over complete intersections
On the vanishing of the theta invariant and a conjecture of Huneke and Wiegand
Cellini, Paola
Celniker, Nancy
Eigenvalue bounds and girths of graphs of finite, upper half-planes
Cendra, Hernán
A normal form and integration in finite terms for a class of elementary functions
Cengiz, Bahattin
On extremely regular function spaces
Cenkl, Bohumil
Cohomologie d'intersection modérée. Un théorème de de Rham
Cohomology groups associated with the $\partial \bar{\partial}$-operator
Cohomology operations from higher products in the de Rham complex
de Rham theorem with cubical forms
Nilmanifolds and associated Lie algebras over the integers
Ceresa, Giuseppe
Some remarks on algebraic equivalence of cycles
The Abel-Jacobi isomorphism for the sextic double solid
Cerin, Zvonko
Characterizing global properties in inverse limits
Homotopy properties of locally compact spaces at infinity-calmness and smoothness
On cellular decompositions of Hilbert cube manifolds
Cernele, Shane
Essential dimension and error-correcting codes
Cerulli Irelli, Giovanni
Degenerate flag varieties and Schubert varieties: a characteristic free approach
Cervone, Davide P.
A tight polyhedral immersion in three-space of the real projective plane with one handle
Every tight immersion in three-space of\\the projective plane with one handle\\is asymmetric
Ch'ên, Chang P'ao
A generalization of the Gleason-Kahane-Żelazko theorem
Cha, Jae
Nonconcordant links with homology cobordant zero-framed surgery manifolds
Chaatit, Fouad
On uniform homeomorphisms of the unit spheres of certain Banach lattices
Chacón, Pablo
Energy and topology of singular unit vector fields on $S^3$
Chacon, Rafael
Approximation of transformations with continuous spectrum
Estimates of positive contractions
Functionals on continuous functions
Nonlinear functionals on $C([0,1]\times [0,1])$
Chacron, Maurice
Co-radical extension of $PI$ rings
Discriminants of involutions on Henselian division algebras
Nonisotropic unitary spaces and modules with Cauchy-Schwarz inequalities
Chadam, John
The asymptotic behavior of the Klein-Gordon equation with external potential. II
Chai, Jingsong
A strong multiplicity one theorem for $SL_2$
Some results on archimedean Rankin--Selberg integrals
Chai, Xiaoxiang
Willmore type inequality using monotonicity formulas
Chai, Young
An estimate of the volume of a compact set in terms of its integral of mean curvature
Chakerian, Gulbank
An inequality for closed space curves
On coverings of Euclidean space by convex sets
Chakrabarti, Debraj
Bergman kernels of elementary Reinhardt domains
Chakraborty, Partha
K-groups of the quantum homogeneous space SU_{q}(n)/SU_{q}(n-2)
Chalice, Donald
Restrictions of Banach function spaces
Chalmers, Bruce
On boundary behavior of the Bergman kernel function and related domain functionals
Subspace kernels and minimum problems in Hilbert spaces with kernel function
Chałupnik, Marcin
Lazard's Theorem for differential algebraic groups and proalgebraic groups
Chamarie, Marc
Rings of differential operators on one-dimensional algebras
Chamberlin, Richard
Characterizations of tree-like continua
Remark on the averages of real functions
Chambers, J. T.
Semi-groups of local Lipschitzians in a Banach space
Chambolle, Antonin
Uniqueness of the Cheeger set of a convex body.
Chan, Heng Huat
A certain quotient of eta-functions found in Ramanujan's lost notebook
Cubic modular equations and new Ramanujan-type series for $1/\pi$
Cubic singular moduli, Ramanujan's class invariants $\lambda_n$ and the explicit Shimura Reciprocity Law
Elliptic functions to the quintic base
Chan, Kwokwai
A formula equating open and closed Gromov-Witten invariants and its applications to mirror symmetry
Chan, Shan Tai
On the structure of holomorphic isometric embeddings of complex unit balls into bounded symmetric domains
Chan, Wai Kiu
Spinor genera under $\mathbf{Z}_p$-extensions
Chan, Yuen-Kwok
A constructive proof of Sard's theorem
A constructive study of measure theory
Constructive foundations of potential theory
Chandarana, Sharad
$L^p$-bounds for hypersingular integral operators along curves
Chandgotia, Nishant
Mixing properties for hom-shifts and the distance between walks on associated graphs
Chandra, Jagdish
Minimal and maximal solutions of nonlinear boundary value problems
Chandra, Prem
Absolute summability by Riesz means
Chandrasekhara Rao, K.
Matrix transformations of some sequence spaces
Chaney, Robin
A chain rule for the transformation of integrals in measure space
On the transformation of integrals in measure space
Chang, Chen
Applications of ultraproducts of pairs of cardinals to the theory of models
The Suslin-Kleene theorem for $V_\kappa$ with cofinality $(\kappa)=\omega$
Chang, Chih-Wei
Asymptotic orders of vanishing along base loci separate Mori chambers
Chang, Gyu Whan
Almost factoriality of integral domains and Krull-like domains
Chang, Jeongwook
Variational characterizations of the total scalar curvature and eigenvalues of the Laplacian
Chang, Joo Sup
An evaluation of the conditional Yeh-Wiener integral
Chang, Kun
An evaluation of the conditional Yeh-Wiener integral
Converse measurability theorems for Yeh-Wiener space
The Feynman integral of quadratic potentials depending on two time variables
Chang, Liang-Chu
A note on P-harmonic $l$-forms on complete manifolds
Chang, Peter H.
On the characterizations of the breakdown points of quasilinear wave equations
Chang, Shaoping
On closed hypersurfaces of constant scalar curvatures and mean curvatures in $S^{n+1}$
Chang, Shih-Sen
Some random fixed point theorems for continuous random operators
Chang, Shu-Cheng
On the estimate of first eigenvalue of a sublaplacian on a pseudo-hermitian 3-manifold
The entropy formulas for the CR heat equation and their applications on pseudohermitian (2n + 1)-manifolds
Chang, Sun
Measures with continuous image law
On continuous image averaging of probability measures
Chang, Sun-Yung
Conformal invariants associated to a measure: conformally covariant operators
Weights and $L\,\mathrm{log}\,L$
Chang, Wen
Cluster automorphism groups and automorphism groups of exchange graphs
Chang, Xiao
Spanning trees and random walks on weighted graphs
Chang, Xuewu
A class of irreducible integrable modules for the extended baby TKK algebra
Chanillo, Akshay
Norm constants in cases of the Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg inequality
Chanillo, Sagun
Norm constants in cases of the Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg inequality
Chanturia, Z. A.
Errata: ``On the absolute convergence of Fourier series of the classes $H^{\omega}\cap V[v]$''
On the absolute convergence of Fourier series of the classes $H^{\omega}\cap V[v]$
Chao, Chong-Yun
A nonimbedding theorem of nilpotent Lie algebras
Chao, Jia-Arng
A note on $H^{1}$ $q$-martingales
Lusin area functions on local fields
Chao, Kuok Fai
Dual $R$-groups of the inner forms of $\SL(N)$
Chao, Xiao-Li
Length-preserving evolution of immersed closed curves and the isoperimetric inequality
Chapman, Scott
On diophantine monoids and their class groups
Chapman, Thomas
Concordances of noncompact Hilbert cube manifolds
Extending homeomorphisms to Hilbert cube manifolds
Homotopy conditions which detect simple homotopy equivalences
Surgery and handle straightening in Hilbert cube manifolds
Charatonik, Janusz J.
On local connectedness of absolute retracts
Chari, Vyjayanthi
Quantum affine algebras and affine Hecke algebras
Charitos, Charalampos
Approximation of recurrence in negatively curved metric spaces
Charney, Ruth
The Euler characteristic of a nonpositively curved, piecewise Euclidean manifold
Charnow, Allen
Free semigroups of $2\times 2$ matrices
Charpentier, Philippe
On the zero sets of bounded holomorphic functions in the bidisc
Charris, Jairo
On sieved orthogonal polynomials. X. General blocks of recurrence relations
Chartrand, Gary
Ramsey theory and chromatic numbers
Chase, Karen
Maximal groups in sandwich semigroups of binary relations
Chase, Stephen
On direct sums and products of modules
Torsion-free modules over $K[x,\,y]$
Chatbouri, Ridha
Cohomologie de Chevalley des graphes vectoriels
Chatfield, John
Solution for an integral equation with continuous interval functions
Chatterjea, S. K.
A bilateral generating function for the ultraspherical polynomials
Chatterjee, Tapas
On a conjecture of Erdős and certain Dirichlet series
Chattopadhyay, K.
Not every Lodato proximity is covered
Quasiregular nearness spaces and extensions of nearness-preserving maps
Chatzarakis, George
Optimal oscillation criteria for first order difference equations with delay argument
Chaudouard, Pierre-Henri
On the fine expansion of the unipotent contribution of the Guo-Jacquet trace formula
Chaumat, Jacques
Quelques propriétés du couple d'espaces vectoriels $(L^1m/H^{\infty\perp},\,H^{\infty})$
Chavarriga, Javier
On the existence of limit cycles for real quadratic differential systems with an invariant cubic
Chaves, Rosa
A free boundary isoperimetric problem in hyperbolic 3-space between parallel horospheres
Non existence results and convex hull property for maximal surfaces in L^3
Cheah, Jan
Cellular decompositions for nested Hilbert schemes ofpoints
Cheatham, T. J.
Cheatham, Thomas
Finite dimensional torsion free rings
Chebotar, Mikhail
Applying functional identities to somelinear preserver problems
Maps characterized by action on zero products
Checcoli, Sara
On the torsion anomalous conjecture in CM abelian varieties
Cheikh Ali, Hussein
The second best constant for the Hardy-Sobolev inequality on manifolds
Chekalov, I. V.
Primitive subalgebras of complex Lie algebras. I. Primitive subalgebras of the classical complex Lie algebras
Cheltsov, Ivan
Non-rational nodal quartic threefolds
Chemla, Sophie
Duality properties for quantum groups
Chen, Bin
Monotonicity of eigenvalues of geometric operaters along the Ricci-Bourguignon flow
Chen, Bing-Long
Isometric embedding of negatively curved complete surfaces in Lorentz-Minkowski space
Chen, Chi
On the image of the generalized Gauss map of a complete minimal surface in $\mathbf{R}^{4}$
Chen, Daguang
Eigenvalue estimates on domains in complete noncompact Riemannian manifolds
Estimates of the gaps between consecutive eigenvalues of Laplacian
Chen, Dan
Weighted infinitesimal unitary bialgebras on rooted forests and weighted cocycles
Chen, Ercai
Topological pressures for {$\epsilon$}-stable and stable sets
Variational Inequality for Conditional Pressure on a Borel Subset
Chen, Guoting
Formal reduction of linear difference systems
On the stability of canonical forms of singular linear difference systems
Chen, Hongxing
Derived decompositions of abelian categories, I
Chen, Hsian-Yang
An explicit Majorana representation of the group $3^2{:}2$ of $3C$-pure type
Chen, Imin
Explicit isogeny theorems for Drinfeld modules
Chen, Jiecheng
A simple proof of an inequality dominating the area integral by the nontangential maximal function
The well-posedness of nonlinear Schrödinger equations in Triebel-type spaces
Chen, Jin-Tzu
Capillary surfaces in wedge domains
On the existence of capillary free surfaces in the absence of gravity
Chen, Jingyi
Hamiltonian stationary cones with isotropic links
Lagrangian sections and holomorphic $U(1)$-connections
Liouville type theorems for the p-harmonic functions on certain manifolds
Chen, Jui-Tang
Dimension estimate of harmonic forms on complete manifolds
The space of harmonic p forms of complete manifolds with weighted Poincaré inequality
Chen, Jungkai
An example of surface of general type with Pg=2 and k2x=5
Chen, Kuang-Ho
Phragmén-Lindelöf type theorems for a system of nonhomogeneous equations
Chen, Kwang-Wu
A note on generalized Bernoulli numbers
Sums of products of generalized Bernoulli polynomials
Chen, Lin
Orthogonal Quantum Group Invariants of Links
Symmetrized Cut-Join Equation of Marino-Vafa Formula
Chen, Linda
The equivariant Chow rings of quot schemes
Chen, Liwei
Weighted Sobolev regularity of the Bergman projection on the Hartogs triangle
Chen, Lu
Ground state solutions of polyharmonic equations with potentials of positive low bound
Chen, Lu-san
Asymptotic behavior of solutions of parabolic equations of higher order
Chen, Meng
Bicanonical and adjoint linear systems\\on surfaces of general type
Chen, Ping
Existence and uniqueness of optimal transport maps obtained by the secondary variational method
Chen, Qiang
On Bach flat warped product Einstein manifolds
Chen, Qing
Conformal metrics with constant curvature one and finitely many conical singularities on compact Riemann surfaces
Existence and explicit constructions of HCMU metrics on S^2 and T^2
On the construction of Lagrangian submanifolds in CP^n
Singular angles of weak limiting metrics under certain integral curvature bound
Chen, Qingtao
Orthogonal Quantum Group Invariants of Links
Witten genus and stringy complete intersections
Chen, Qionglei
Global well-posedness for the 3D rotating Navier--Stokes equations with highly oscillating initial data
Chen, Robert
A generalization of a theorem of Chacon
Chen, Roger
Gap estimates of Schr\"odinger operator
Polynomial growth solutions to linear elliptic systems
Chen, Shibing
Convex solutions to the power-of-mean curvature flow
Chen, Shu Ping
Proof of extensions of two conjectures on structural damping for elastic systems
Chen, So-Chin
Global analytic hypoellipticity of $\square_b$ on circular domains
Real analytic regularity of the Szegő projection on circular domains
Chen, Su-Shing
Duality condition and property (S)
Weak rigidity of compact negatively curved manifolds
Chen, Wenxiong
Prescribing scalar curvature on $S^n$
Chen, William
Interlacing Log-concavity of the Boros-Moll Polynomials
The srank conjecture on Schur’s Q-functions
Chen, Xiaojun
Batalin-Vilkovisky coalgebra of string topology
Chen, Xingdi
Value distribution properties for the Gauss maps of the immersed harmonic surfaces
Chen, Xiuxiong
Singular angles of weak limiting metrics under certain integral curvature bound
Chen, Xuezhang
Remarks on GJMS operator of order six
Chen, Youmin
The uniqueness of tangent cone for biharmonic map with isolated singularity
Chen, Zhenhua
Local real analytic boundary regularity of an integral solution operator of the $\overline\partial$-equation on convex domains
Chen, Zhi-Min
$L^n$ solutions of the stationary and nonstationary Navier-Stokes equations in $R^n$
Solutions of the stationary and nonstationary Navier-Stokes equations in exterior domains
Chen, Zhihua
Boundary Schwarz lemma for non-equidimensional holomorphic mappings and its application
Chen, Zhuo
On the Operators $\partial$ and $\bar{\partial}$ of a Generalized Complex Structure
Cheney, Elliott
A finite algorithm for the solution of consistent linear equations and inequalities and for the Tchebycheff approximation of inconsistent linear equations
Best approximation problems in tensor-product spaces
Cheng, Chon Hu
Unitary representation induced from maximal parabolic subgroups for split $F_4$
Cheng, Chong-Qing
$C^1$-continuation of periodic orbits from homoclinics
Cheng, Chunxia
A direct method of moving planes for the system of the fractional Laplacian
Cheng, Henry
A constructive Riemann mapping theorem
Cheng, Jin
Q(N)-graded Lie superalgebras arising from fermionic-bosonic representations
Cheng, Qing-Ming
A lower bound for eigenvalues of the poly-Laplacian with arbitrary order
Compact hypersurfaces in a unit sphere with infinite fundamental group
Cheng, Shiu-Yuen
An index characterization of the catenoid and index bounds for minimal surfaces in $\mathbf{R}^4$
Cheng, Sui Sun
Isoperimetric eigenvalue problem of even order differential equations
Cheng, Wen-Chiao
Fractal entropy of nonautonomous systems
On the commutativity of coset pressure
Variational Inequality for Conditional Pressure on a Borel Subset
Cheng, Xiuxiu
Every centroaffine Tchebychev hyperovaloid is ellipsoid
Cheng, Xu
An almost-Schur type lemma for symmetric (2,0) tensors and applications
Eigenvalue estimate and compactness for closed $f$-minimal surfaces
Cherix, Pierre-Alain
On spectra of simple random walks on one-relator groups.With an appendix by Paul Jolissain
Chernoff, Herman
Gradient methods of maximization
Chernoff, Paul
Schrödinger and Dirac operators with singular potentials and hyperbolic equations
The quantum $n$-body problem and a theorem of Littlewood
The Stone-Weierstrass theorem for valuable fields
Chernousov, Vladimir
Lower bounds for essential dimensions in characteristic $2$ via orthogonal representations
Chesebro, Eric
Algebraic invariants, mutation, and commensurability of link complements
Cheung, C. K.
The constant curvature property\\ ofthe Wu invariant metric
Cheung, Chi
On some properties of exhaustion maps between bounded domains
Cheung, Wai-Shun
K-orbit of normal element in complex semisimple Lie algebra
Chi, Quo-Shin
Curvature characterization and classification of rank-one symmetric spaces
On Kuiper's question whether taut submanifolds are algebraic
Chi, Wen-Chen
Integer points on elliptic curves
Chiacchio, Francesco
Some sharp Hardy inequalities on spherically symmetric domains
Chidambaraswamy, J.
A problem complementary to a problem of Erdős
Divisibility properties of certain factorials
Generalized Dedekind $\psi $-functions with respect to a polynomial. II
Chihara, Theodore
On indeterminate Hamburger moment problems
The derived set of the spectrum of a distribution function
Childress, Jospeh
Restricting isotopies of spheres
Childs, Lindsay
Correction to: ``On automorphisms of separable algebras''
On automorphisms of separable algebras
On covering spaces and Galois extensions
Representing classes in the Brauer group of quadratic number rings as smash products
Chillag, David
On a question of Feit concerning character values of finite solvable groups
Chin, William
Crossed products and generalized inner actions of Hopf algebras
Chinburg, Theodore
Embedding problems and finite quotients
Picard–Vessiot extensions with specified Galois group
Ching, Wai-Mee
Multipliers and $H^{\ast}$ algebras
The structure of standard $C^*$-algebras and their representations
Chirvăsitu, Alexandru
Non-commutative geometry of homogenized quantum $\mathfrak{sl}(2,\mathbb{C})$
Chiu, Hung-Lin
On the estimate of first eigenvalue of a sublaplacian on a pseudo-hermitian 3-manifold
Cho, Chong-Man
$M$-ideals of compact operators
Cho, Eung
$s$-Smith equivalent representations of dihedral groups
Cho, Hong Rae
$L^p$ and $H^p$ extensions of holomorphic functions from subvarieties of analytic polyhedra
Cho, Jinseok
Quandle theory and the optimistic limits of the representations of link groups
Chō, Muneo
Boundary points of joint numerical ranges
Cho, Sangbum
Genus-two Goeritz groups of lens spaces
Cho, Sanghyun
Embedding of pseudoconvex CR manifolds of Levi-forms with one degenerate eigenvalue
Cho, Tae
On the Choquet boundary for a nonclosed subspace of $C(S)$
Choda, Marie
Duality for finite bipartite graphs (with an application to $\mathrm{II}_1$ factors)
Index for factors generated by Jones' two sided sequence of projections
Choda, Marie
Approximation entropies in crossed products with an application to free shifts
Entropy of Cuntz's canonical endomorphism
Choe, Boo
Weights induced by homogeneous polynomials
Choe, Jaigyoung
Every stationary polyhedral set in $\mathbf{R}^n$ is area minimizing under diffeomorphisms
On the analytic reflection of a minimal surface
Stable capillary hypersurfaces in a wedge
Choe, Tae
Extensions of completely regular ordered spaces
Intrinsic topologies in a topological lattice
Wallman's type order compactification
Choi, Eric
Rays and souls in von Mangoldt planes
Choi, Howon
Certain self-homotopy equivalences on wedge products of Moore spaces
Choi, Hyeong In
Mathematical theory of medial axis transform
Choi, Man-Duen
The full $C^{\ast}$-algebra of the free group on two generators
Choi, Stephen
Average Mahler's measure and $L_p$ norms of unimodular polynomials
Choi, Sung Woo
Mathematical theory of medial axis transform
Choi, Suyoung
Topological classification of quasitoric manifolds with the second Betti number 2
Choi, Youn-Seo
Modular transformations involving the Mordell integral in Ramanujan's lost notebook
Choi, Young-Eun
Lines of minima are uniformly quasi-geodesic
Choi, Young-Jun
Uniqueness theorems for CR and conformal mappings
Choie, YoungJu
Special values of Koecher--Maass series of Siegel cusp forms
Choike, J. R.
On a characterization using random sums
Choike, James
On the value distribution of functions meromorphic in the unit disk with a spiral asymptotic value
Chojnacki, Wojciech
On some totally ergodic functions
Cholewa, Jan
Attractors for strongly damped wave equations with critical nonlinearities
Cholewinski, Frank
Inversion of the Hankel potential transform
Chong, Kong Ming
Spectral inequalities involving the infima and suprema of functions
Choo, K.
Whitehead Groups of twisted free associative algebras
Choquet, Gustave
Exposed points of convex sets
Chou, Michael
Torsion of rational elliptic curves over the maximal abelian extension of Q
Chou (Tso), Kai Seng (Kaising)
Asymptotic radial symmetry for solutions of $\Delta u+e^u=0$ in a punctured disc
Correction to: ``Asymptotic radial symmetry for solutions of $\Delta u+e^u=0$ in a punctured disc''
Choudary, Alla Ditta
Chouinard, Leo
Chow, Bennett
The maximum principle for systems of parabolic equations subject to an avoidance set
Chow, Kwang-nan
Chow, Thomas
The equivalence of group invariant positive definite functions
Chowla, S.
Linear recurrences of order two
On the divisibility of the class number of quadratic fields
Chrestenson, H. E.
A class of generalized Walsh functions
Chriss, Neil
A geometric construction of the Iwahori--Hecke algebra for unramified groups
Christensen, Erik
On the vanishing of $H^n({\mathscr{A}},{\mathscr{A}}^*)$ for certain $C^*$-algebras
Two generalizations of the Gleason--Kahane--\`Zelazko theorem
Christensen, Inge Futtrup
Some further extensions of a theorem of Marcinkiewicz
Christensen, John
The $D$-topology for diffeological spaces
Christenson, Charles
Pointlike subsets of a manifold
Christilles, William Edward
A result concerning integral binary quadratic forms
Christol, Gilles
Fonctions et éléments algébriques
Christoph, Francis
Free topological semigroups and embedding topological semigroups in topological groups
Christopher, Colin
Multiplicity of invariant algebraic curves in polynomial vector
Chruściel, Piotr
The mass of asymptotically hyperbolic Riemannian manifolds
Chtioui, Hichem
On the prescribed scalar curvature problem on the three-dimensional half sphere
Chu, Cho-Ho
Compact operations, multipliers and Radon-Nikodým property in $JB^*$-triples
Isomorphisms of spaces of continuous affine functions
Chu, Hsin
Fixed points in a transformation group
On the structure of almost periodic transformation groups
Chu, Jianchun
The complex Monge-Ampere equation on some compact Hermitian manifolds
Chu, Yu-Ming
Regularity of the p-harmonic maps with potential
Strong solutions to the compressible liquid crystal system
Chua, Seng-Kee
A compact embedding theorem for generalized Sobolev spaces
Embedding and compact embedding for weighted and abstract Sobolev spaces
Self-improving properties of inequalities of Poincare type on s-John domains
Sobolev interpolation inequalities on generalized John domains
Chuai, Jian-Jun
The covers of a Noetherian module
Chuan, Hao Zhi
Note on the inequality of the arithmetic and geometric means
Chuan, Jen-Chung
Axioms for closed left ideals in a $C^{\ast}$-algebra
Chuang, Chen-Lian
An independence property of central polynomials
On regular subdirect products of simple Artinian rings
Chuaqui, Martin
Applications of subordination chains to starlike mappings in $\mathbb{C}^n$
Characteristic properties of Nehari functions
On Ahlfors' Schwarzian derivative and knots
On Schwarz--Christoffel mappings
Schwarzian norms and two-point distortion
Chuaqui, Rolando
Measures invariant under a group of transformations
Chui, Charles
Characterization of a function by certain infinite series it generates
Degree of uniform approximation on disjoint intervals
Limit sets of power series outside the circles of convergence
Chun, Jang-Ho
Isomorphism theorem on low dimensional Lie algebras
Chung, Dong
Operator-valued Feynman integrals via conditional Feynman integrals
Scale-invariant measurability in abstract Wiener spaces
Chung, Kai Lai
Chung, Kun-Jen
Remarks on nonlinear contractions
Chung, Lung O.
Biharmonic and polyharmonic principal functions
Derivations and commutativity of rings
Derivations and commutativity of rings. II
Derivations of higher order and commutativity of rings
Chung Graham, Fan-Rong
Weighted graph Laplacians and isoperimetric inequalities
Church, Philip
A nonlinear elliptic operator and its singular values
Differentiable maps with $0$-dimensional critical set. I
Differentiable open maps of $(p+1)$-manifold to $p$-manifold
Maps with $0$-dimensional critical set
Churchill, Richard
The Campbell-Hausdorff group and a polar decomposition of graded algebra automorphisms
Chvátal, Václáv
Generalized Ramsey theory for graphs. III. Small off-diagonal numbers
Cianchi, Andrea
A fully anisotropic Sobolev inequality
Cibils, Claude
Split bounded extension algebras and Han's conjecture
Cibotaru, Florentiu
Refined Kato Inequalities for harmonic fields on Kahler manifolds
Cieliebak, Kai
A Floer homology for exact contact embeddings
Corrigendum to "A Floer homology for exact contact embeddings"
Hamiltonian unknottedness of certain monotone Lagrangian tori in $S^2\times S^2$
Ciganović, Igor
Composition series of a class of induced representations, a case of one half cuspidal reducibility
Cima, Joseph
Bourgain algebras on the unit disk
Essential norms of composition operators and Aleksandrov measures
Ciobanu, Laura
Sofic groups: graph products and graphs of groups
Cipriani, Fabio
Dirichlet Forms as Banach Algebras and Applications
Cirre, F.
The moduli space of real algebraic curves ofgenus 2
Cisneros de la Cruz, Bruno
A simple solution to the word problem for virtual braid groups
Civin, Paul
Annihilators in the second conjugate algebra of a group algebra
Correction to ``Some ergodic theorems involving two operators''
Involutions on Banach algebras
Involutions on locally compact rings
Lie and Jordan structures in Banach algebras
Multiplicative closure and the Walsh functions
Some ergodic theorems involving two operators
The second conjugate space of a Banach algebra as an algebra
Claborn, Luther
Dedekind domains and rings of quotients
Dedekind domains: Overrings and semi-prime elements
Every abelian group is a class group
Note generalizing a result of Samuel's
Clapp, Michael
Unicoherent compactifications
Clarenz, Ulrich
A stabilitycriterion for extremals of elliptic parametric functionals
On surfaces of prescribed $F$-mean curvature
Clark, Allan
Homotopy commutativity and the Moore spectral sequence
Hopf algebras over Dedekind domains and torsion in $H$-spaces
The rational homotopy of a wedge
The realization of polynomial algebras as cohomology rings
Clark, Charles
A characterization of compact connected planar lattices
Clark, Colin
An embedding theorem for function spaces
On relatively bounded perturbations of ordinary differential operators
Clark, Douglas
Invariant subspaces in the polydisk
On matrices associated with generalized interpolation problems
Clark, Peter
Torsion points and Galois representations on CM elliptic curves
Clark, William
Algebras of global dimension one with a finite ideal lattice
Connected quandles associated with pointed abelian groups
Clarke, Francis
On the inverse function theorem
Clay, Adam
Circularly ordering direct products and the obstruction to left-orderability
Clay, Matthew
Simultaneous construction of hyperbolic isometries
Cleary, Sean
Commensurations and metric properties of Houghton's groups
Distortion of wreath products in some finitely presented groups
Metric properties of higher-dimensional Thompson's groups
Cleaver, Charles
Packing spheres in Orlicz spaces
Clement, Paul
Generalized convexity and surfaces of negative curvature
Clements, George
Entropies of several sets of real valued functions
Clerc, Jean-Louis
Symmetry breaking differential operators, the source operator and Rodrigues formulae
Cleveland, Richard
On the multiplicative extension property
Cleveland, Sandra
Homomorphisms of non-commutative $^{\ast}$-algebras
Cleveland, Sandra
On the multiplicative extension property
Cliff, Gerald
Crossed product and hereditary orders
Realizing the local Weil representation over a number field
Cline, Edward
On an embedding property of generalized Carter subgroups
Clozel, Laurent
Formes modulaires sur la $\Z_p$-extension cyclotomique de $\Q$
Clutterbuck, Julie
A capillarity problem for compressible liquids
Interior gradient estimates for anisotropic mean curvature flow
Co, Jinseok
Bach-flat $h$-almost gradient Ricci solitons
Cochran, Allan
On a class of topological algebras
Cochran, James
Growth estimates for the singular values of square-integrable kernels
Cochran, Thomas
Homological stability of series of groups
Coddington, Earl
Hermitian and anti-hermitian properties of Green's matrices
Normal extensions of formally normal operators
Coffman, Adam
Analytic stability of the CR cross cap
Coffman, Charles
Correction to: Non-linear differential equations on cones in Banach spaces
Linear differential equations on cones in Banach spaces
Non-linear differential equations on cones in Banach spaces
Spectral theory of monotone Hammerstein operators
Cohen, Daniel
Topological complexity of basis-conjugating automorphism groups
Cohen, David
A counterexample to the easy direction of the geometric Gersten conjecture
Cohen, David
Hermitian quadratic forms and Hermitian modular forms
Cohen, Eckford
A class of residue systems $\pmod{r}$ and related arithmetical functions. I. A generalization of Möbius inversion
A class of residue systems $\pmod{r}$ and related arithmetical functions. II. Higher dimensional analogues
Arithmetical notes. III. Certain equally distributed sets of integers
The number of solutions of certain cubic congruences
Cohen, Frederick
Bundles over configuration spaces
Orders of the canonical vector bundles over configuration spaces of finite graphs
Cohen, Haskell
Uniquely representable semigroups on the two-cell
Uniquely representable semigroups. II
Cohen, Henry
Isomorphisms of spaces of continuous affine functions
Projecting onto cycles in smooth, reflexive Banach spaces
Cohen, Jo-Ann
Extensions of valuation and absolute valued topologies
Locally bounded topologies on $F(X)$
The strong approximation theorem and locally bounded topologies on $F(X)$
Topologies on the quotient field of a Dedekind domain
Topologies on the ring of integers of a global field
Cohen, L. W.
A non-archimedian measure in the space of real sequences
Cohen, Miriam
A Morita context related to finite automorphism groups of rings
Smash products, inner actions and quotient rings
Cohen, Paul
Asymptotic decay of solutions of differential inequalities
Cohen, Ralph
Bundles over configuration spaces
Realizing transfer maps for ramified coverings
The Adams spectral sequence of the real projective spaces
Cohen, Stephen
Corrections to: ``The Galois group of a polynomial with two indeterminate coefficients''
The Galois group of a polynomial with two indeterminate coefficients
Cohn, John
Some quartic Diophantine equations
Squares in some recurrent sequences
The diophantine equation $Y(Y+1)(Y+2)(Y+3)=2X(X+1)(X+2)(X+3)$
The length of the period of the simple continued fraction of $d^{1/2}$
Two primary factor inequalities
Cohn, Richard
Specializations over difference fields
Cohn, William
Carleson measures for functions orthogonal to invariant subspaces
Weighted maximal functions and derivatives of invariant Poisson integrals of potentials
Colares, Antonio
Isometric deformation of surfaces in $R^3$ preserving the mean curvature function
Colarusso, Mark
The orbit structure of the Gelfand-Zeitlin group on n X n matrices
Colbois, Bruno
Large eigenvalues and concentration
Colby, Robert
$QF$-3 rings with zero singular ideal
On indecomposable modules over rings with minimum condition
Coleman, Donald
Semigroup algebras that are group algebras
Coleman, Robert
One-dimensional algebraic formal groups
Coles, William
Wirtinger-type integral inequalities
Colestock, Adam
Cleanliness of geodesics in hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Collier, James
The dual of a space with the Radon-Nikodým property
Collingwood, David
A duality theorem for extensions of induced highest weight modules
Intertwining operators between holomorphically induced modules
Collino, Alberto
Some remarks on algebraic equivalence of cycles
The Abel-Jacobi isomorphism for the cubic fivefold
Collins, Heron
Approximate identities and the strict topology
Characterizations of convolution semigroups of measures
Weak compactness in spaces of compact operators and of vector-valued functions
Collison, Joseph
A variance property for arithmetic functions
An analogue of Kolmogorov's inequality for a class of additive arithmetic functions
Central moments for arithmetic functions
Colombeau, J.-F.
A density result in spaces of Silva holomorphic mappings
On some spaces of entire functions defined on infinite-dimensional spaces
Colorado, Eduardo
Perturbations of a critical fractional equation
Colpi, Riccardo
Cotilting modules and bimodules
Comalada, Salvador
Elliptic curves with trivial conductor over quadratic fields
Coman, Dan
Thepluricomplex Green function with two poles of the unit ball of ${\mathbb C}^n$
Comer, Stephen
Classes without the amalgamation property
Representations by algebras of sections over Boolean spaces
Comerford, Mark
Conjugacy and counterexample\\ in random iteration
Comfort, William
$F^{\prime}$-spaces and their product with $P$-spaces
Cardinality constraints for pseudocompact and for totally dense subgroups of compact topological groups
Cardinality of $\mathfrak{k}$-complete Boolean algebras
Compactness-like properties for generalized weak topological sums
Countably compact groups and finest totally bounded topologies
Counting subgroups and topological group topologies
Pseudocompact group topologies and totally dense subgroups
Pseudocompactness and uniform continuity in topological groups
Compoint, Elie
Stable flags, trivializations and regular connections
Conant, James
Fusion and fission in graph complexes
Condori, Alberto
Cyclicity in Dirichlet-type spaces and extremal polynomials II: functions on the bidisk
Conger, Mark
The structure of singularities in $\Phi$-minimizing networks in $\mathbf{R}^2$
Conley, Charles
Geometric realizations of representations of finite length II
Conlon, Lawrence
An application of the Bott suspension map to the topology of $EIV$
Connes, Alain
Hyperfinite von Neumann algebras and Poisson boundaries of time dependent random walks
Connett, William
Weak type multipliers for Hankel transforms
Connor, Jeffery
Strong integral summability and the Stone-Čech compactification of the half-line
Conrad, Paul
An embedding theorem for lattice-ordered fields
The lattice of closed ideals and $a^{\ast}$-extensions of an abelian $l$-group
The relationship between the radical of a lattice-ordered group and complete distributivity
Conrey, John
Factoring Hecke polynomials modulo a prime
Conte, S. D.
Numerical solution of vibration problems in two space variables
Contreras, Ivan
Convolution algebras for relational groupoids and reduction
The Graph Laplacian and Morse Inequalities
Contreras, Manuel
Analytic flows on the unit disk: angular derivatives and boundary fixed points
Conway, John B.
The harmonic functional calculus and hyperreflexivity
Conway, John
A theorem on sequential convergence of measures and some applications
Singly generated antisymmetric operator algebras
Cook, David
A conditionally compact point set with noncompact closure
Cook, Roger
On the fractional parts of a set of points. II
Cooke, Kenneth
The rate of increase of real continuous solutions of algebraic differential-difference equations of the first order
Cooper, Daryl
The Thurston norm via normal surfaces
Cooper, Shaun
Cooper, Yonina
Stable sequences in pre-abelian categories
Coornaert, Michel
Mesures de Patterson-Sullivan sur le bord d'un espace hyperbolique au sens de Gromov
On the Garden of Eden theorem for endomorphisms of symbolic algebraic varieties
Cootz, Thomas
A maximum principle and geometric properties of level sets
Copeland, Arthur
Images and pre-images of localization maps
Coppage, William
Peirce decomposition in simple Lie-admissible power-associative rings
Coppens, Marc
Very ample linear systems onblowings-up at general points of smooth projective varieties
Coppens, Marc
Weierstrass points with two prescribed nongaps
Copping, J.
Application of a theorem of Pólya to the solution of an infinite matrix equation
Coquereaux, R.
Remarks on the differential envelopes of associative algebras
Coquet, G.
Sur les convexes ubiquitaires
Corach, Gustavo
Differential geometry of systems of projections in Banach algebras
Generalized rational convexity in Banach algebras
Coram, Donald
Approximate fibrations and a movability condition for maps
Non-cell-like decompositions of $S^{3}$
Corbas, Basil
Congruence of two-dimensional subspaces\\ in $M_2(K)$ (characteristic $ 2$)
Congruence oftwo-dimensional subspaces\\ in $M_2(K)$ (characteristic $\neq 2$)
Cordero, Luis
Examples of foliations with foliated geometric structures
Cordero-Erausquin, Dario
A transport inequality on the sphere obtained by mass transport
Cordes, Craig
Quadratic forms over nonformally real fields with a finite number of quaternion algebras
Cordes, Heinz
An algebra of pseudodifferential operators with nonsmooth symbol
On continuation of boundary values for partial differential operators
Remarks on singular elliptic theory for complete Riemannian manifolds
Corel, Eduardo
Exponents of a meromorphic connection on a compact Riemann surface
Stable flags, trivializations and regular connections
Cori, Robert
Colorings of hypermaps and a conjecture of Brenner and Lyndon
Cornelius, Eugene
A generalization of separable groups
Characterization of a class of torsion free groups in terms of endomorphisms
Correction to: ``Characterization of a class of torsion free groups in terms of endomorphisms''
Cornette, William M.
A generalization of the unit interval
Cornish, William
Crawley's completion of a conditionally upper continuous lattice
Corrádi, Keresztély
A new proof of Rédei's theorem
Corro, Armando
Ribaucour transformations for constant mean curvature \\ and linear Weingarten surfaces
Corson, Harry
Exposed points of convex sets
Corson, Harry
On some special systems of equations
Cortes, Vinícius
Complemented copies of $c_0(\tau)$ in tensor products of $L_p[0,1]$
Corvellec, Jean-Noël
Quantitative deformation theorems and\\ critical point theory
Corvino, Justin
On Isoperimetric Surfaces in General Relativity
Corwin, Lawrence
Approximation of prime elements in division algebras over local fields and unitary representations of the multiplicative group
Computing characters of tamely ramified $p$-adic division algebras
Degrees and formal degrees for division algebras and $\mathrm{GL}_n$ over a $p$-adic field
On factor representations of discrete rational nilpotent groups and the Plancherel formula
Representations of division algebras over local fields. II
Spectrum and multiplicities for restrictions of unitary representations in nilpotent Lie groups
Corzatt, Clifton
Permutation polynomials over the rational numbers
Costa, Antonio
Symmetries of real cyclic $p$-gonal Riemann surfaces
Costantini, Mauro
A classification of spherical conjugacy classes
The finite simple groupshave complemented subgroup lattices
Costantino, Francesco
Kuperberg and Turaev-Viro invariants in unimodular categories
Costenoble, Steven
Approximating equivariant mapping spaces
Equivariant orientations and $G$-bordism theory
The equivariant Thom isomorphism theorem
Cotlar, Mischa
On a theorem of Beurling and Kaplansky
Cottle, Richard
Symmetric dual nonlinear programs
Coulbois, Thierry
Botanic of irreducible automorphisms of free groups
Countryman, Roger
On the characterization of compact Hausdorff $X$ for which $C(X)$ is algebraically closed
Coury, John
Some results on lacunary Walsh series
Walsh series with coefficients tending monotonically to zero
Cousot, Patrick
Constructive versions of Tarski's fixed point theorems
Cousot, Radhia
Constructive versions of Tarski's fixed point theorems
Cover, Alan
Cowan, David
Some infinite chains in the lattice of varieties of inverse semigroups
Coward, Alexander
Topological and physical link theory are distinct
Cowen, Carl
Commutants and the operator equations $AX=\lambda XA$
Cowling, Michael
Hardy's Uncertainty Principle \\ on semisimple groups
Restrictions of certain function spaces to closed subgroups of locally compact groups
Cox, Ben
Enveloping algebras and representations of toroidal Lie algebras
Realizations of the four point affine Lie algebra sl(2, R) + (Omega_R/dR)
Realizations of the three-point Lie algebra $\mathfrak{sl}(2, \mathcal R) \oplus( \Omega_{\mathcal R}/d{\mathcal R})$
Verma modules induced from nonstandard Borel subalgebras
Cox, David
Representations associated with elliptic surfaces
Tate resolutions and Weyman complexes
Transfinite diameter on complex algebraic varieties
Cox, Samuel
Commutative endomorphism rings
Cozzens, John
A theorem on Noetherian hereditary rings
Cozzi, Elaine
Vanishing viscosity in the plane for nondecaying velocity and vorticity II
Craggs, Robert
Involutions of the $3$-sphere which fix $2$-spheres
Craig, Cecil
Inequalities for functions regular and bounded in a circle
Craig, Homer V.
Cramer, Timothy
Countable Boolean algebras as subalgebras and homomorphs
Cramer, W. J.
Solvability of nonlinear operator equations
Crampon, Mickaël
Le flot géodésique des quotients géométriquement finis des géométries de Hilbert
Crans, Alissa
Graphs admitting only constant splines
Cranwell, Robert
Covering theorems for finite nonabelian simple groups. V
Crary, Fred
Craven, Thomas
An inequality for the distribution of zeros of polynomials and entire functions
Characterizing reduced Witt rings. II
Jensen polynomials and the Turán and Laguerre inequalities
On the number of real roots of polynomials
Craw, Ian
Separable algebras over a commutative Banach algebra
Crawley, Peter
Abelian $p$-groups determined by their Ulm sequences
Direct decompositions with finite dimensional factors
Lattices whose congruences form a boolean algebra
Refinements for infinite direct decompositions of algebraic systems
Creede, Geoffrey
Concerning semi-stratifiable spaces
Cremaschi, Laura
Crenshaw, Julie
A generalization of "Existence and behavior of the radial limits of a bounded capillary surface at a corner"
Crisp, John
Representations of the braid group\\by automorphisms of groups, invariants of links,\\and Garside groups
Crocker, Roger
On the sum of a prime and of two powers of two
Crockett, Jean Bronfenbrenner
Gradient methods of maximization
Crofoot, Robert
Multipliers between invariant subspaces of the backward shift
Croke, Christopher
A ``maximal torus'' type theorem for complete Riemannian manifolds
Cromwell, Peter
A note on Morton's conjecture concerning the lowest degree of a $2$-variable knot polynomial
Cross, Wesley
Principal value volumes of p-adic rational polyhedra
Crouch, Ralph
Characteristic subgroups of monomial groups
Crowell, Richard
Cruthirds, John
Infinite Galois theory for commutative rings
Cruz-Barroso, Ruymán
On a spectral theorem in the para-orthogonality theory
Csima, József
A class of counterexamples on permanents
Embedding partial idempotent $d$-ary quasigroups
Csordas, George
An inequality for the distribution of zeros of polynomials and entire functions
Jensen polynomials and the Turán and Laguerre inequalities
On the number of real roots of polynomials
Čučković, Željko
A local weighted Axler-Zheng theorem in $\mathbb{C}^n$
A mean value inequality with applications to Bergman space operators
Commutants of Toeplitz operators on the Bergman space
Determinantal hypersurfaces and representations of Coxeter groups
Cude, Joe
Cueto-Hernández, A.
Nilpotent extensions of number fields with bounded ramification
Cui, Dacheng
Global conic shock wave for the steady supersonic flow past a cone: Isothermal case
Cukierman, Fernando
Culmer, William
Convergent solutions of ordinary linear homogeneous difference equations
Cumenge, Anne
Zero sets of functions in the Nevanlinna or the Nevanlinna--Djrbachian classes
Cummings, Larry
Decomposable symmetric tensors
Transformations of symmetric tensors
Cunningham, Charles
Recognizing right-angled Coxeter groups using involutions
Cunningham, Clifton
A note on $L$-packets and abelian varieties over local fields
Geometrization of continuous characters of $\mathbb{Z}_p^\times$
Cunningham, Joel
Cunningham, Robert
Rings of quotients of endomorphism rings of projective modules
Cuny, Christophe
Pointwise convergence of almost periodic Fourier series and associated series of dilates
Cuppens, Roger
On the decomposition of infinitely divisible characteristic functions with continuous Poisson spectrum. II
On the decomposition of infinitely divisible probability laws without normal factor
Curbera, Guillermo
When $L^1$ of a vector measure is an AL-space
Curran, Peter
Cohomology of finitely presented groups
Correction to: ``Cohomology of finitely presented groups''
Curran, Stephen
Classification results for easy quantum groups
Currey, Bradley
Explicit orbital parameters and the Plancherel measure for exponential Lie groups
Smooth decomposition of finite multiplicity monomial representations for a class of completely solvable homogeneous spaces
Curtin, Brian
Some planar algebras related to graphs
Curtis, Charles
Modules whose annihilators are direct summands
Notes on the structure constants of Hecke algebras of induced representations of finite Chevalley groups
On Lie algebras of algebraic linear transformations
On the irreducible components of a Gelfand-Graev representation of a finite Chevalley group
Curtis, Howard
The uniformizing function for certain simply connected Riemann surfaces
Curtis, Philip
$n$-parameter families and best approximation
A factorization theorem for analytic functions operating in a Banach algebra
Embedding theorems for commutative Banach algebras
Nonanalytic functional calculi and spectral maximal spaces
Curtis, Wendell
A class of infinite dimensional subgroups of $\mathrm{Diff}^{r}$ $(X)$ which are Banach Lie groups
Gauge groups and classification of bundles with simple structural group
Curtiss, J. H.
Limits and bounds for divided differences on a Jordan curve in the complex domain
Polynomial interpolation in points equidistributed on the unit circle
Cusick, Thomas
Integer multiples of periodic continued fractions
The two-dimensional Diophantine approximation constant. II
Cutler, Doyle
Generalized final rank for arbitrary limit ordinals
Quasi-isomorphism for infinite Abelian $p$-groups
Cutler, William
Cygan, Jacek M.
$D$-harmonic distributions and global hypoellipticity on nilmanifolds
Czerwinski, R. A.
Bonded quadratic division algebras