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Author Index – D
D'Agnolo, Andrea
Cauchy problem for hyperbolic $\mathcal{D}$-modules with regular singularities
D'Ambra, Giuseppina
Lipschitz solutions to the isometry relation for pairs of riemannian metrics
D'Ambrosia, Barbara K.
D'Andrea, Carlos
The geometry of the flex locus of a hypersurface
D'Antoni, Claudio
A spectral mapping theorem for locally compact groups of operators
Groups of linear isometries on multiplier C*-algebras
D'Atri, Joseph
The isotropy representation for homogeneous Siegel domains
D'Souza, Harry
Threefolds whose hyperplane sections are elliptic surfaces
da Silva, André Luis
An Amir-Cambern theorem for quasi-isometries of $C_{0}(K, X)$ spaces
Small isomorphisms of $C_{0}(K)$ onto $C_{0}(S)$ generate a unique homeomorphism of $K$ onto $S$ similar to that of isometries
The Hilbert vector-valued Banach-Stone theorem via isomorphisms with the large distortion $\sqrt{2}$
da Silva, João
Fully non-linear parabolic dead core problems
Dabrowski, Romuald
On normality of the closure of a generic torus orbit in $G/P$
Daccach, Janey
Stiefel's theorem and toral actions
Daccach, Janey
A primary obstruction to topological embeddings \\ for maps between generalized manifolds
Dădărlat, Marius
On homomorphisms of matrix algebras of continuous functions
Reduction of topological stable rank in inductive limits of $C^*$-algebras
Dade, Everett
Remark on a problem of Niven and Zuckerman
Dade, Everett C.
Daepp, Ulrich
The saturation of $k$-analytic rings and topological equivalence of associated analytic set germs
Dai, Dao-Qing
Riemann mapping theorems for Beltrami equations by circle packings
Dai, Song
A curvature flow unifying symplectic curvature flow and pluriclosed flow
Dai, Wei
Classification of positive smooth solutions to third-order PDEs involving fractional Laplacians
Daigle, Daniel
Compositions of birational endomorphisms of the affine plane
Dajczer, Marcos
A mean curvature estimate for cylindrically bounded submanifolds
Genuine infinitesimal bendings of submanifolds
Dal'bo, Françoise
On the horoboundary and the geometry of rays of negatively curved manifolds
Dalla, Leoni
Increasing paths on the one-skeleton of a convex compact set in a normed space
Dalla Volta, Francesca
Cherlin's conjecture for sporadic simple groups
Damelin, Steven
The support of the equilibrium measure for a class of external fields on a finite interval
Damian, Erika
Some properties of the probabilistic zeta function of finite simple groups
Damiano, Robert
Damianou, Pantelis
Transverse Poisson structures to adjoint orbits in semi-simple Lie algebras
Dan, Wakako
Remark on the $L_q - L_\infty$ estimate of\\ the Stokes semigroup\\in a 2-dimensional exterior domain
Dana-Picard, Thierry
Generic $8$-dimensional algebras with mixed basis-graph
Dancer, Andrew
Non-K\"{a}hler expanding Ricci solitons, Einstein metrics, and exotic cone structures
Dancer, Edward
Asymptotic behavior of positive solutions of some elliptic problems
Deformation retracts to the fat diagonal and applications to the existence of peak solutions of nonlinear elliptic equations
Multipeak solutions for a singularly perturbed Neumann problem
Order intervals of selfadjoint linear operators and nonlinear homeomorphisms
Dandapat, G. G.
Some new results on odd perfect numbers
Dannon, Victor
A representation theorem for convolution transform with determining function in $L^{p}$
Dantzig, George
Constructive proof of the Min-Max theorem
Symmetric dual nonlinear programs
The generalized simplex method for minimizing a linear form under linear inequality restraints
Dao, Nguyen
On a theorem of Hegyvari and Hennecart
Dappa, Henry
A Marcinkiewicz criterion for $L^{p}$-multipliers
Darmon, Henri
p-adic Rankin L-series and rational points on CM elliptic curves
Darst, Richard
A continuity property for vector valued measurable functions
Norm convergence of martingales of Radon-Nikodym derivatives given a $\sigma$-lattice
On a Radon-Nikodym theorem for finitely additive set functions
On a theorem of Nikodym with applications to weak convergence and von Neumann algebras
The Lebesgue decomposition, Radon-Nikodym derivative, conditional expectation, and martingale convergence for lattices of sets
Das, Ashish
Nonplanarity of unit graphs and classification of the toroidal ones
Das, Gokulananda
The non absolute Nörlund summability of Fourier series
Das, Krishna
Extensions of Opial's inequality
Dasbach, Oliver
A volume-ish theorem for the Jones polynomial of alternating knots
Dăscălescu, Sorin
Quiver Algebras, Path Coalgebras and co-reflexivity
Dash, Artatrana
Dashiell, Frederick
Isomorphism problems for the Baire classes
Daskalopoulos, Georgios
Higgs bundles over cell complexes and representations of finitely presented groups
Datchev, Kiril
Solitary waves for the Hartree equation with a slowly varying potential
Date, Etsurō
Braid group representations arising from the generalized chiral Potts models
Datta, Mahuya
Lipschitz solutions to the isometry relation for pairs of riemannian metrics
Daugherty, Zajj
Degenerate two-boundary centralizer algebras
Dauns, John
An embedding theorem for lattice-ordered fields
Chains of modules with completely reducible quotients
Convolution transforms whose inversion functions have complex roots
Generalized monoform and quasi injective modules
Integral domains that are not embeddable in division rings
Representation of $L$-groups and $F$-rings
Uniform dimensions and subdirect products
Davenport, John
Multipliers on a Banach algebra with a bounded approximate identity
Daverman, Robert
$1$-dimensional phenomena in cell-like mappings on $3$-manifolds
Acyclic decompositions of manifolds
Approximating polyhedra in codimension one spheres embedded in $S^{n}$ by tame polyhedra
Degree-one, monotone self-maps of Pontryagin surfaces are near-homeomorphisms
Detecting the disjoint disks property
Factored codimension one cells in Euclidean $n$-space
Intrinsically $(n-2)$-dimensional cellular decompositions of $E^{n}$
On proper surjections with locally trivial Leray sheaves
On the number of nonpiercing points in certain crumpled cubes
Special approximations to embeddings of codimension one spheres
David, Guy
Quasiminimal surfaces of codimension 1\\and John domains
David, Marie-Claude
Paragroupe d'Adrian Ocneanu et algèbre de Kac
David, Philip
Uniqueness theory for asymptotic expansions in general regions
Davidson, Kenneth
An operator algebra which is not closed in the Calkin algebra
The generalized Berezin transform and commutator ideals
Davidson, Mark
Szegő maps and highest weight representations
The harmonic representation of $U(p,q)$ and its connection with the generalized unit disk
Davie, Alexander
Interpolation sets for analytic functions
Peak interpolation sets for some algebras of analytic functions
Davis, Anne C.
A characterization of complete lattices
Davis, Donald
$v_1$-periodic homotopy groups of $Sp(n)$
Classification of the stable homotopy types of stunted real projective spaces
Connective coverings of $BO$ and immersions of projective spaces
Desuspensions of stunted projective spaces
Davis, Edward
Further remarks on ideals of the principal class
Ideals of the principal class, $R$-sequences and a certain monoidal transformation
Regular sequences and minimal bases
Davis, Henry
An elementary proof that Haar measurable almost periodic functions are continuous
Families of $L_p$-spaces with inductive and projective topologies
Davis, Jeffrey
Toeplitz forms and ultraspherical polynomials
Davis, Michael
Smooth $G$-manifolds as collections of fiber bundles
The Euler characteristic of a nonpositively curved, piecewise Euclidean manifold
Davis, Philip
Linear functional equations and interpolation series
Linear functionals and analytic continuation problems
On a problem in the theory of mechanical quadratures
Simple quadratures in the complex plane
Davis, Robert
The factors of the ramification sequence of a class of wildly ramified $v$-rings
Davis, Sheldon
A cushioning-type weak covering property
Subsets of $^{\omega}\omega $ and generalized metric spaces
Davis, William
Multipliers and unconditional convergence of biorthogonal expansions
Dawson, David
Matrix summability over certain classes of sequences ordered with respect to rate of convergence
Summability of matrix transforms of stretchings and subsequences
Summability of subsequences and stretchings of sequences
Day, Alan
Distributive lattices with finite projective covers
Day, B. J.
Correction to: ``Locale geometry''
Day, George
Free complete extensions of Boolean algebras
Day, Jane
Compact semigroups with square roots
Day, Mahlon M.
Left thick to left lumpy---a guided tour
Lumpy subsets in left-amenable locally compact semigroups
Dayanithy, Kandiah
On perturbation of differential operators
Dayton, Barry
Homotopy and algebraic $K$-theory
De Blasi, F. S.
On continuous approximations for multifunctions
On the differentiability of multifunctions
de Boor, Carl-Wilhelm
On two polynomial spaces associated with a box spline
De Carli, Laura
Unique continuation for a class of higher order elliptic operators
de Cornulier, Yves
On embeddings into compactly generated groups
De Filippis, Vincenzo
Commutators with power central values on a Lie ideal
de Giovanni, Francesco
Cohopfian groups and accessible group classes
de Goursac, Axel
de Graaf, Willem
A computational approach to the Kostant--Sekiguchi correspondence
de Guzman, I. P.
Annihilator alternative algebras
de Jeu, Rob
The syntomic regulator for $K_4$ of curves
De Korvin, André
Convergence theorems for some scalar valued integrals when the measure is Nemytskii
Normal expectations in von Neumann algebras
de la Harpe, Pierre
Spin models for link polynomials, strongly regular graphs and Jaeger's Higman-Sims model
The Chabauty space of closed subgroups of the three-dimensional Heisenberg group
de La Pradelle, A.
Sur certaines extensions du théorème d'approximation de Bernstein
de la Puente, María Jesús
Specializations and a local homeomorphism theorem for real Riemann surfaces of rings
De Laubenfels, Ralph
Correction to: ``Well-behaved derivations on $C[0,1]$''
Extensions of $d/dx$ that generate uniformly bounded semigroups
Well-behaved derivations on $C[0,\,1]$
de León, Manuel
Almost $s$-tangent manifolds of higher order
de Lima, Henrique
A new characterization of complete linear Weingarten hypersurfaces in real space forms
Characterizations of immersed gradient almost Ricci solitons
Hypersurfaces with prescribed angle function
New characterizations of linear Weingarten spacelike hypersurfaces in the de Sitter space
de Lima, Levi
A Feynman-Kac formula for differential forms on manifolds with boundary and geometric applications
de Lira, Jorge
Existence of nonparametric solutions for a capillary problem in warped products
de Mendonça, Luis
On the $\Sigma$-invariants of wreath products
De Michele, Leonede
A dichotomy for a class of positive definite functions
de Moraes, Suzana
Moment maps on symplectic cones
de Oliveira, Darlan
Index Estimates for Free Boundary Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces
de Oliveira, Graciano
A conjecture and some problems on permanents
Matrices with prescribed characteristic polynomial and a prescribed submatrix. I
Matrices with prescribed characteristic polynomial and a prescribed submatrix. II
de Oliveira, M. P.
The product of exponentials in the definition of canonical kernel function
de Pablo, Arturo
Perturbations of a critical fractional equation
de Paepe, Peter Johanna
Homomorphism spaces of algebras of holomorphic functions
de Pagter, Bernardus
Algebras of unbounded scalar-type spectral operators
Characterizations of conditional expectation-type operators
Spectrum andasymptotics of the Black--Scholes partial differential equation in $(L^1,L^\infty)$-interpolation spaces
The space of extended orthomorphisms in a Riesz space
de Pillis, John
Convexity properties of a generalized numerical range
Linear transformations which preserve hermitian and positive semidefinite operators
De Pree, John
Characterization of collectively compact sets of linear operators
Semi-groups and collectively compact sets of linear operators
De Riggi, Dennis F.
Shear distality and equicontinuity
de Snoo, Hendrik
Self-adjoint extensions of symmetric subspaces
Unitary colligations in $\Pi_\kappa$-spaces, characteristic functions and Štraus extensions
de Sousa, Alexandre
The Gauss-Bonnet-Chern mass of higher codimension graphical manifolds
de Souza, Thyago
A generalization of Maloo's theorem on freeness of derivation modules
De Sterck, Hans
Numerical study of unbounded capillary surfaces
de Vries, Jan
A note on the $G$-space version of Glicksberg's theorem
On the $G$-compactification of products
De Zur, Robert
Point-determining homomorphisms on multiplicative semi-groups of continuous functions
Deaconu, Valentin
Generalized solenoids and C*-algebras
Dean, David
Multipliers and unconditional convergence of biorthogonal expansions
On $k$-shrinking and $k$-boundedly complete bases in Banach spaces
Dean, Richard
Idempotent semigroups with distributive right congruence lattices
Dèbes, Pierre
Integral specialization\\ of families of rational functions
Nonrigid constructions in Galois theory
Debiève, Camille
On a Radon-Nikodým problem for vector-valued measures
On Banach spaces having a Radon-Nikodým dual
DeBlois, Jason
Algebraic invariants, mutation, and commensurability of link complements
DeBoth, Gene
Norm convergence of martingales of Radon-Nikodym derivatives given a $\sigma$-lattice
Dechamps-Gondim, Myriam
On the minorant properties in $C_p(H)$
Deck, Thomas
Hankel operators over complex manifolds
Deckard, Don
On continuous matrix-valued functions on a Stonian space
Unique factorization in power series rings and semigroups
Dedecker, Paul
A property of differential forms in the calculus of variations
Deferrari, G.
Sheaves and functional calculus
Defever, Filip
Biharmonic Lorentz hypersurfaces in E
Degtyarev, Alexander
On plane sextics with double singular points
Dehornoy, Patrick
Still another approach to the braid ordering
Deitmar, Anton
Equivariant torsion of locally symmetric spaces
Lewis-Zagier correspondence for higher order forms
Dekimpe, Karel
The Anosov theorem for infra-nilmanifolds with cyclic holonomy group
Dekker, David
Generalizations of hypergeodesics
Dekker, Jacob
The constructivity of maximal dual ideals in certain Boolean algebras
Del Centina, Andrea
The moduli space of genus four double covers of elliptic curves is rational
del Hoyo, Matías
del Junco, Andres
A simple measure-preserving transformation with trivial centralizer
Del Muto, Mauro
Anisotropic diffusion on totally disconnected Abelian groups
del Río Mateos, Ángel
Corrections and addenda to: The isomorphism problem for incidence rings
The isomorphism problem for incidence rings
Delange, H.
Delanoë, Philippe
Obstruction to prescribed positive Ricci curvature
On the local k-Nirenberg problem
Thin $r$-neighborhoods of embedded geodesics with finite length and negative Jacobi operator are strongly convex
Delaurentis, John
Random permutations and Brownian motion
Delbaen, Freddy
The Dunford-Pettis property for certain uniform algebras
Weakly compact sets in $H^{1}.$
DeLeeuw, Karel
Extreme points and extremum problems in $H_{1}$
Delfs, Hans
Separation, retractions and homotopy extension in semialgebraic spaces
Deliyanni, Irene
Representations of convex nondentable sets
Dell'Ambrogio, Ivo
Affine weakly regular tensor triangulated categories
Delladio, Silvano
A result about C^3-rectifiability of Lipschitz curves
Differential geometry of generalized submanifolds
Minimizing functionals depending on surfaces\\and their curvatures: A class of variational\\problems in the setting of generalized Gauss\\graphs
Delorme, Patrick
A local relative trace formula for PGL(2)
An analogue of the Cartan decomposition for p-adic symmetric spaces of split p-adic reductive groups
Deloro, Adrien
Involutive automorphisms of $N_\circ^\circ$-groups of finite Morley rank
DeMarr, Ralph
Common fixed points for commuting contraction mappings
Order convergence in linear topological spaces
Demeter, Ciprian
Multilinear singular operators with fractional rank
DeMeyer, Frank
An action of the automorphism group of a commutative ring on its Brauer group
Correction to: ``On automorphisms of separable algebras''
Irreducible characters and solvability of finite groups
Metabelian groups with an irreducible projective representation of large degree
On automorphisms of separable algebras
On automorphisms of separable algebras. II
On separable polynomials over a commutative ring
The Brauer group of polynomial rings
Dempster, Arthur
Constructions for poles and polars in $n$-dimensions
Dence, Thomas
A Lebesgue decomposition for vector valued additive set functions
Deng, Bangming
Bases of quantized enveloping algebras
Deng, Fusheng
On some properties of squeezing functions on bounded domains
Deng, Shaoqiang
Invariant Finsler metrics on polar homogeneous spaces
The group of isometries of a Finslerspace
Denham, Graham
On the Smith normal form of the Varchenko bilinear form of a hyperplane arrangement
Dennemeyer, Rene
Conjugate surfaces for multiple integral problems in the calculus of variations
Deo, Chandrakant
On Berry-Esseen approximation and a functional LIL for a class of dependent random fields
Deo, Satya
Some examples of nontaut subspaces
The cohomological dimension of an $n$-manifold is $n+1$
Derby-Talbot, Ryan
Locally helical surfaces have bounded twisting
Derderian, Jean-Claude
Derman, Cyrus
DeRock, Bram
The Anosov theorem for infra-nilmanifolds with cyclic holonomy group
Derr, James
Generalized quasicenter and hyperquasicenter of a finite group
Generalized Sylow tower groups. II
Derr, John
Operators of meromorphic type with multiple poles of the resolvent
Derr, Leroy
Triangular matrices with the isoclinal property
Derrick, William
Derridj, Makhlouf
Local estimates for Hormander's operators of first kind with analytic Gevrey coefficients and application to the regularity of their Gevrey vectors
Derry, Douglas
On closed differentiable curves of order $n$ in $n$-space
The convex hulls of the vertices of a polygon of order $n$
DeSapio, Rodolfo
Almost diffeomorphisms of manifolds
Deshmukh, Sharief
Rigidity of compact minimal submanifolds in a sphere
Deshommes, Bernadette
Sur les zéros des fonctions symétriques complètes des corps cubiques
Deshpande, M. G.
On nonsingularly $k$-primitive rings
Rings whose proper homomorphic images are right subdirectly irreducible
Structure of right subdirectly irreducible rings. II
Deshpande, M. V.
Collectively compact and semi-compact sets of linear operators in topological vector spaces
Collectively compact sets and the ergodic theory of semi-groups
Deshpande, V.
Completions of Noetherian hereditary prime rings
Rings whose proper homomorphic images are right subdirectly irreducible
Desjardins, S.
Asymptotic expansions for the heat content
Deskins, Wilbur
On the homomorphisms of an algebra onto Frobenius algebras
On the radical of a group algebra
Desmonts, Christophe
Constructions of periodic minimal surfaces and minimal annuli in Sol3
Dessai, Anand
Topology of positively curved 8-dimensional manifolds with symmetry
Detlefsen, Michael E.
Symmetric sublattices of a Noether lattice
Detmer, Richard
Sets which are tame in arcs in $E^{3}$
Deutsch, Emeric
Bounds for the Perron root of a nonnegative irreducible partitioned matrix
Deutsch, Frank
Weak Chebyshev subspaces and alternation
Dev, N. J.
Finite group action and vanishing of $N^G_*[F]$
Deveney, James
Generalized primitive elements for transcendental field extensions
Splitting and modularly perfect fields
Devinatz, Allen
The asymptotic nature of the solutions of certain linear systems of differential equations
The deficiency index of ordinary self-adjoint differential operators
DeVito, Carl
DeVos, Robert
Corrections to: ``Subsequences and rearrangements of sequences in $FK$ spaces''
Sequences of bounded summability domains
Subsequences and rearrangements of sequences in $FK$ spaces
Devun, Esmond
Special semigroups on the two-cell
Uniquely representable semigroups on the two-cell
Uniquely representable semigroups. II
Dey, Arijit
Equivariant principal bundles and logarithmic connections on toric varieties
Dhar, Deepak
Asymptotic enumeration of partially ordered sets
Dherin, Benoit
Symplectic microgeometry IV: Quantization
Dherte, H.
Discriminants of involutions on Henselian division algebras
Di Biase, Fausto
Boundary behaviour of $H^p$ functions on convex domains of finite type in $\mathbb{C}^n$
Di Cerbo, Luca Fabrizio
Finite-volume complex-hyperbolic surfaces, their toroidal compactifications, and geometric applications
Di Paola, Robert
On sets represented by the same formula in distinct consistent axiomatizable Rosser theories
Di Terlizzi, Luiguia
Geometric structures associated to a contact metric (κ,μ)-space
Di Vizio, Lucia
Descent for differential Galois theory of difference equations. Confluence and $q$-dependency.
Diaconis, Persi
On the difference between the empirical histogram and the normal curve, for sums. II
On the maximum difference between the empirical and expected histograms for sums
On the mode of an empirical histogram for sums
The Radon transform on $\mathbf{Z}^k_2$
Diamond, Beverly
Some properties of almost rimcompact spaces
Diamond, Harold
A measure of the nonmonotonicity of the Euler phi function
A number theoretic series of I. Kasara
Estimates for partial sums of continued fraction partial quotients
Diamond, Jack
Hypergeometric series with a $p$-adic variable
Diaz, Steven
Space curves that intersect often
Díaz-Madrigal, Santiago
Analytic flows on the unit disk: angular derivatives and boundary fixed points
Dibaei, Mohammad
Linkage of modules with respect to a semidualizing module
Dibag, Ibrahim
$J$-approximation of complex projective spaces by lens spaces
Dibble, James
Central splitting of manifolds with no conjugate points
Dickinson, David
On a class of polynomials orthogonal over a denumerable set
Dickinson, Robert P.
On right zero unions of commutative semigroups
Dickman, Raymond
$\theta$-closed subsets of Hausdorff spaces
Another characterization of the $n$-sphere and related results
Completely regular absolutes and projective objects
Unicoherent compactifications
Dicks, Warren
Universal derivations and universal ring constructions
Dickson, Spencer
Algebras for which every indecomposable right module is invariant in its injective envelope
Goldie's torsion theory and its derived functor
Didierjean, A.
Quelques classes de cobordisme non orienté refusant de se fibrer sur des sphères
Diederich, James
Representation of superharmonic functions mean continuous at the boundary of the unit ball
Diem, John
A radical for lattice-ordered rings
Dierkes, Ulrich
The $n$-dimensional analogue of the catenary: existence and nonexistence
Dierolf, Peter
Topological properties of the dual pair $\langle\mathring{\mathscr{B}}(\Omega)^{\prime},\mathring{\mathscr{B}}(\Omega)^{\prime\prime}\rangle$
Dierolf, Susanne
Examples of locally compact noncompact minimal topological groups
Topological properties of the dual pair $\langle\mathring{\mathscr{B}}(\Omega)^{\prime},\mathring{\mathscr{B}}(\Omega)^{\prime\prime}\rangle$
Diesel, Susan
Irreducibility and dimension theorems for families of height $3$ Gorenstein algebras
Dietrich, Heiko
A computational approach to the Kostant--Sekiguchi correspondence
Dietrich, William
Ideals in convolution algebras on Abelian groups
Dieudonné, Jean
Pseudo-discriminant and Dickson invariant
Dieulefait, Luis
Compatible systems of symplectic Galois representations and the inverse Galois problem II. Transvections and huge image.
Digne, François
Complements on disconnected reductive groups
Springer theory in braid groups and the Birman--Ko--Lee monoid
Dijksma, Aad
Self-adjoint extensions of symmetric subspaces
Unitary colligations in $\Pi_\kappa$-spaces, characteristic functions and Štraus extensions
Dijkstra, Jan
On boundary avoiding selections and some extension theorems
Strong negligibility of $\sigma$-compacta does not characterize Hilbert space
The space of infinite-dimensional compacta and other topological copies of $(l^2_f)^\omega$
Dikshit, G. D.
Absolute Nörlund summability factors for Fourier series
Dikshit, H. P.
$|C,\,1|$ summability of series associated with Fourier series
Absolute $(C,\,1)\cdot (N,\,p_{n})$ summability of a Fourier series and its conjugate series
Absolute summability of Fourier series with factors
Absolute total-effective $(N,p_{n})(C,1)$ method
Determination of bounds similar to the Lebesgue constants
On a class of Nörlund means and Fourier series
Summability of Fourier series by triangular matrix transformations
Diliberto, Stephen
On the approximation of a function of several variables by the sum of functions of fewer variables
Dillen, Frank
Lagrangian submanifolds in complex projective space with parallel second fundamental form
Dilworth, R. P.
Abstract commutative ideal theory
Dimovski, Donco
One-parameter fixed point indices
Dineen, Sean
Holomorphy on spaces of distribution
Ding, Hongming
Ramanujan's master theorem for symmetric cones
Ding, Hongyu
Classification of cyclic group actions on noncompact surfaces
Ding, Shijin
The Landau–Lifshitz–Maxwell equation in dimension three
Ding, Shusen
New weighted integralinequalities for \\ differential forms in some domains
Ding, Yu
A remark on degenerate singularity in three dimensional Ricci flow
Dinh, Tien-Cuong
On the asymptotic behavior of Bergman kernels for positive line bundles
Dippell, Marvin
A Serre-Swan theorem for Coisotropic algebras
Ditzian, Zeev
Convolution transforms whose inversion function has complex roots in a wide angle
Inverse theorems for multidimensional Bernstein operators
On a class of convolution transforms
On asymptotic estimates for kernels of convolution transforms
On interpolation of $L_p[a,\,b]$ and weighted Sobolev spaces
Optimal approximation class for multivariate Bernstein operators
Dixit, Atul
Character analogues of Ramanujan type integrals involving the Riemann $\Xi$-function
Dixon, David
The fundamental divisor of normal double points of surfaces
Dixon, Edmond
Matric polynomials which are higher commutators
Dixon, John
Djadli, Zindine
Dlab, Vlastimil
A characterization of perfect rings
Đoàn, Thế Hiếu
Ruled minimal surfaces in $\Bbb R^3$ with density $e^z$
Dobbs, David
Amitsur cohomology of algebraic number rings
Amitsur cohomology of quadratic extensions: formulas and number-theoretic examples
On the generalized principal ideal theorem and Krull domains
Dobrinen, Natasha
Complete embeddings of the Cohen algebra into three families of c.c.c., non-measurable Boolean algebras
Dobrowolski, Tadeusz
The hyperspaces of infinite-dimensional compacta for covering and cohomological dimension are homeomorphic
Dodds, Peter
Algebras of unbounded scalar-type spectral operators
Characterizations of conditional expectation-type operators
Doeringer, Willibald
Exceptional values of differential polynomials
Dokken, Douglas
The Poisson flow associated with a measure
Đoković, Dragomir
Explicit Cayley triples in real forms of $E_7$
Explicit Cayley triples in real forms of $E_8$
Explicit Cayley triples in real forms of $G_2$, $F_4$, and $E_6$
Linear transformations of tensor products preserving a fixed rank
Products of positive reflections in real orthogonal groups
Dolecki, Szymon
Compactoid and compact filters
Dombrowski, Joanne
Tridiagonal matrix representations of cyclic self-adjoint operators. II
Tridiagonal matrix representations of cyclic selfadjoint operators
Dominguez, Jesus M.
Non-Archimedean Gel'fand theory
Domínguez Murillo, Eladio
Lusternik-Schnirelmann invariants in proper homotopy theory
Dominici, Diego
Discrete semiclassical orthogonal polynomials of class one
Domokos, András
Length spectra of sub-Riemannian metrics on compact Lie groups
Donaire, Juan J.
The converse of Fatou'stheorem for Zygmund measures
Donald, John
Non-openness and non-equidimensionality in algebraic quotients
Donaldson, John
Inequalities for polynomials with a prescribed zero
Dong, Chao-Ping
Scattered representations of SL(n,C)
Dong, Chongying
${\mathbb Z}_3$ symmetry and $W_3$ algebra in lattice vertex operator algebras
Holomorphic vertex operator algebras of small central charge
Some finite properties for vertex operator superalgebras
Dong, Conghan
Compactness of conformal metrics with integral bounds on Ricci curvature
Dong, Yujun
Maslov type index theory for linear Hamiltonian systems with Bolza boundary value conditions and multiple solutions for nonlinear Hamiltonian systems
Donnelly, Harold
Domains in Riemannian manifolds and inverse spectral geometry
Donoghue, William
The lattice of invariant subspaces of a completely continuous quasi-nilpotent transformation
Donsig, Allan
Dilations of limit algebras and\\ interpolating spectrum
Dooley, Anthony
On norms of trigonometric polynomials on $\mathrm{SU}(2)$
Dor, Leonard
Dorff, Michael
Area-minimizing minimal graphs overnonconvex domains
Dorfmeister, Josef
On constant mean curvature surfaces with periodic metric
The isotropy representation for homogeneous Siegel domains
Dornhoff, Larry
$p$-automorphic $p$-groups and homogeneous algebras
Dorroh, James
Contraction semi-groups in a function space
Integral equations in normed abelian groups
dos Santos, Fábio
New characterizations of linear Weingarten spacelike hypersurfaces in the de Sitter space
dos Santos, João
Helicoidal flat surfaces in hyperbolic 3-space
dos Santos, Joedson
Operator ideals related to absolutely summing and Cohen strongly summing operators
Doss, Raouf
On measures with small transforms
Dostoglou, Stamatis
Positivity results for the Yang--Mills--Higgs Hessian
Dotson, William
A generalized corollary of the Browder-Kirk fixed point theorem
Dotti de Miatello, Isabel
Extension of actions on Stiefel manifolds
Homogeneous Ricci positive $5$-manifolds
Transitive isometry groups with noncompact isotropy
Doty, Stephen
On the geometry of extensions of irreducible modules for simple algebraic groups
Dotzel, Ronald
An Artin relation (mod $2$) for finite group actions on spheres
Semifree finite group actions on homotopy spheres
Dou, Donna
The srank conjecture on Schur’s Q-functions
Dou, Jingbo
Classification of positive solutions for an elliptic system with a higher-order fractional Laplacian
Douglas, Jim
On the numerical integration of quasilinear parabolic differential equations
Douglas, Ronald
Approximation by inner functions
Contractive projections on an $\mathfrak{L}_{1}$ space
Invariant subspaces in the polydisk
Douglas, Ronald G.
The generalized Berezin transform and commutator ideals
Douglas, Roy
Rational homotopy and unique factorization
Unique factorization of rational homotopy types
Dovermann, Karl
Cohomology complex projective space with degree one codimension-two fixed submanifolds
Smith equivalence for finite abelian groups
Strongly algebraic realization of dihedral group actions
Surgery of involutions with middle-dimensional fixed point set
Dow, Alan
Absolute $C^{\ast}$-embedding of $F$-spaces
On $F$-spaces and $F^{\prime}$-spaces
Dowling, Patrick
MLUR renormings of Banach spaces
Downey, Charles
Classification of singular integrals over a local field
Downey, Rodney
Downing, David
A generalization of Caristi's theorem with applications to nonlinear mapping theory
Renorming and the theory of phi-accretive set-valued mappings
Some properties of the characteristic of convexity relating to fixed point theory
Surjectivity results for $\phi$-accretive set-valued mappings
Dowson, H. R.
Boolean algebras of projections \& algebras of spectral operators
Doyle, P.
A generalization of the Wilder arcs
A sufficient condition that an arc in $S^{n}$ be cellular
Bijectively related spaces. I. Manifolds
Correction to: A sufficient condition that an arc in $S^n$ be cellular
Unions of cell pairs in $E^{3}$
Drachman, Byron
A duality between transpotence elements and Massey products
Dragnev, Peter
Discrete logarithmic energy on the sphere
The support of the equilibrium measure for a class of external fields on a finite interval
Drake, David
Klingenberg structures and partial designs. II. Regularity and uniformity
The translation groups of $n$-uniform translation Hjelmslev planes
Dranishnikov, Alexander
On the mapping intersection problem
Drazin, Michael
A theorem on matrices of $0$'s and $1$'s
Dresher, Melvin
A multimove infinite game with linear payoff
Dressel, Francis
Convergence of extended Bernstein polynomials in the complex plane
Dressler, Robert
A density which counts multiplicity
Dreyfus, Thomas
A density theorem in parametrized differential Galois theory
Drézet, Jean-Marc
D\'eformations des extensions larges de faisceaux
Sur les conditions d'existence des faisceaux semi-stables sur les courbes multiples primitives
Driscoll, Richard
Existence theorems for certain classes of two-point boundary problems by variational methods
Drobot, Vladimir
Approximation properties of polynomials with bounded integer coefficients
Droste, Manfred
On the universality of systems of words in permutation groups
Products of conjugate permutations
Druetta de Martinez, María Josefina
Minimal orbits at infinity in homogeneous spaces of nonpositive curvature
Nonpositively curved homogeneous spaces of dimension five
Drugan, Gregory
Solitons for the inverse mean curvature flow
Drummond, Thiago
van Est isomorphism for homogeneous cochains
Druschel, Kimberly
The cobordism of oriented three dimensional orbifolds
Druţu Badea, Cornelia
Remplissage dans desr\'eseaux de Q-rang $1$ et dans des groupes r\'esolubles
Du, Jie
Bases of quantized enveloping algebras
Extending Hecke endormorphism algebras
Representations of little $q$-Schur algebras
Du, Rong
New invariants for complex manifolds and rational singularities
Du, Yihong
Asymptotic behavior of positive solutions of some elliptic problems
Duan, Haibao
The classification of cohomology endomorphisms of certain flag manifolds
Dube, L. S.
An inversion of the $S_{2}$ transform for generalized functions
On finite Hankel transformation of generalized functions
Dubey, S. N.
$|C,\,1|$ summability of series associated with Fourier series
Dubins, Lester
Bernstein-like polynomial approximation in higher dimensions
Equidiscontinuity of Borsuk-Ulam functions
Dubinsky, Edward
Dubois, D. W.
A note on David Harrison's theory of preprimes
Second note on Artin's solution of Hilbert's 17th problem. Order spaces
Second note on David Harrison's theory of preprimes
Dubois, Paul F.
Generalized final rank for arbitrary limit ordinals
Dubois-Violette, Michel
Half-commutative orthogonal Hopf algebras
Duchamp, Thomas
Holomorphic foliations and deformations of the Hopf foliation
Duda, Edwin
A theorem on one-to-one mappings
Finite-to-one open mappings on circularly chainable continua
Pointwise periodic homeomorphisms on chainable continua
Dudley, Earl
Sidon sets associated with a closed subset of a compact abelian group
Dudley, Richard
Duffin, R. J.
Algorithms for localizing roots of a polynomial and the Pisot Vijayaraghavan numbers
Dugas, Manfred
Duguid, A.
Feasible flows and possible connections
Dugundji, James
An extension of Tietze's theorem
Topologies for function spaces
Duhoux, M.
Compactness properties of abstract kernel operators
Duke, John
A note on the similarity of matrix and its conjugate transpose
Duke, William
The index of a modular differential operator
Dula, Giora
Recursion formulas for the homology of $\Omega(X\vee Y)$
Dulock, Victor A.
On the degeneracy of the Kepler problem
Dumas, François
Dérivations, et hautes dérivations, dans certains corps gauches de series de Laurent
Dumitraşcu, Dorin
Asymptotic morphisms, $K$-homology\\and Dirac operators
Dumitrescu, Florin
Addendum to "Superconnections and parallel transport"
Superconnections and parallel transport
Dummigan, Neil
Eisenstein primes, critical values and global torsion
Dummit, David
Signature Ranks of Units in Cyclotomic Extensions of Abelian Number Fields
The Unit Signature Rank Deficiency is Unbounded over Cyclotomic Fields
Dummit, Evan
Signature Ranks of Units in Cyclotomic Extensions of Abelian Number Fields
Dumont, Yves
On the $\varepsilon$-regularization of the mean curvature flow problem with Neumann condition
Duncan, David
The Chern--Simons invariants for the double of a compression body
Duncan, R. L.
Some continuity properties of the Schnirelmann density
Some continuity properties of the Schnirelmann density. II
Duncan, Richard
Integral representation of excessive functions of a Markov process
Duncan, Tyrone
Absolute continuity for abstract Wiener spaces
Dunfield, Nathan
Alexander and Thurston norms of fibered 3-manifolds
Dunford, Nelson
Spectral theory. II. Resolutions of the identity
Dunkl, Charles
A difference equation and Hahn polynomials in two variables
Differential-difference operators and monodromy representations of Hecke algebras
Fourier-Stieltjes transforms and weakly almost periodic functionals for compact groups
Structure hypergroups for measure algebras
Dunninger, Dennis
Monotone operators and nonlinear biharmonic boundary value problems
Dunton, Marguerite
Linear recurrences of order two
Duong, Xuan
From the $L^1$ norms of the complex heat kernels to a Hörmander multiplier theorem for sub-Laplacians on nilpotent Lie groups
Dupin, J. C.
Sur les convexes ubiquitaires
Durbin, John
On locally compact wreath products
Duren, Peter
Coefficient multipliers of $H^{p}$ and $B^{p}$ spaces
Contractive zero-divisors in Bergman spaces
Grunsky inequalities for univalent functions with prescribed Hayman index
Harmonic mappings of multiply connected domains
On the spectrum of a Toeplitz operator
Robin functions and energy functionals of multiply connected domains
Schwarzian norms and two-point distortion
Durfee, Alan
The characteristic polynomial of the monodromy
Durst, Lincoln
Exceptional real Lehmer sequences
Exceptional real Lucas sequences
Unique factorization in power series rings and semigroups
Dussan Angulo, Martha
Manifolds with $2$-nonnegative Ricci operator
Dutta, Arpan
Eliminating tame ramification: generalizations of Abhyankar's Lemma
Dutta, Kunal
Combinatorics of finite abelian groups and Weil representations
Duval, Anne
Matrices de Stokes et groupe de Galois des équations hypergéométriques confluentes généralisées
Duval, Anne
Confluence $q$-diff\'erence vers diff\'erence pour un syst\`eme Fuchsien
Duvall, Paul
Approximate fibrations and a movability condition for maps
Non-cell-like decompositions of $S^{3}$
Tame $Z^{2}$-actions on $E^{n}$
Dvoretzky, Arieh
A converse of Helly's theorem on convex sets
Relations among certain ranges of vector measures
Dwass, Meyer
Random crossings of cumulative distribution functions
Dwilewicz, Roman
CR approximation on a nonrigid hypersurface graph in ${\mathbf C}^n$
Dyer, Eldon
An adjunction theorem for locally equiconnected spaces
Connectivity of topological lattices
Dyer, James
The inversion of a class of linear operators
Dyer, Jessica
Molino theory for matchbox manifolds
Dyer, Micheal
Correction to: ``Rational homology and Whitehead products''
Nonminimal roots in homotopy trees
Rational homology and Whitehead products
Dykema, Kenneth
Embeddings of reduced free products of operator algebras
Interpolated free group factors
Dykes, Donald
Weakly hypercentral subgroups of finite groups
Dykes, Nancy
Generalizations of realcompact spaces
Mappings and realcompact spaces
Dyn, Nira
On two polynomial spaces associated with a box spline
Džambić, Amir
Automorphisms and quotients of quaternionic fake quadrics
Invariants of some compactified Picard modular surfaces and applications
Dzinotyiweyi, Heneri
A note on measures on foundation semigroups with weakly compact orbits