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Author Index – F
Faber, B. F.
Summation of formalsolutions of a class of linear difference equations
Fabes, Eugene
On the boundedness of singular integrals
Facchini, Alberto
Decompositions of algebraically compact modules
Flat modulesand lifting of finitely generated projective modules
Fack, Thierry
Generalized $s$-numbers of $\tau$-measurable operators
Fadell, Edward
Identifications in singular homology theory
Nielsen numbers as a homotopy type invariant
On a coincidence theorem of F. B. Fuller
On deforming $G$-maps to be fixed point free
Some examples in fixed point theory
The relationship between Ljusternik-Schnirelman category and the concept of genus
Fadyn, Joseph
The projectivity of $\mathrm{Ext}(T,\,A)$ as a module over $E(T)$
Fahim, Abdelmajid
Extensions galoisiennes d'alg\`ebres diff\'erentielles
Formal reduction of linear difference systems
Fahim, Abdelmajid
On the stability of canonical forms of singular linear difference systems
Faierman, Melvin
Bounds for the eigenfunctions of a two-parameter system of ordinary differential equations of the second order
Faires, John
Comparison of the states of closed linear transformations
Faith, Carl
Corrections to: ``When are proper cyclics injective''
When are proper cyclics injective?
Fakhoury, Hicham
Structures uniformes faibles sur une classe de cônes et d'ensembles convexes
Falb, Peter
Bochner's theorem in infinite dimensions
Falbel, Elisha
A flag structure on a cusped hyperbolic 3-manifold with unipotent boundary holonomy
The classification of simply-connected contact sub-riemannian symmetric spaces
Falikman, Dmitry
On spaces of matrices containing a nonzero matrix of bounded rank
Falkowitz (Soshniak), Meira
A general local ergodic theorem in $L_1$
Fall, Mouhamed
Area-minimizing regions with small volume in Riemannian manifolds with boundary
Fan, Aihua
Products of non-stationary random matrices and multiperiodic equations of several scaling factors
Fan, Dashan
On singular integrals with angular integrability
Transference of certain maximal Hilbert transforms on the torus
Fan, Ky
A comparison theorem for eigenvalues of normal matrices
Evenly distributed subsets of $S^{n}$ and a combinatorial application
The angular derivative of an operator-valued analytic function
Fan, Xiaoming
Random attractor for a damped sine-Gordon equation with white noise
Fan, Yun
Group-graded rings and finite block theory
Fang, Caiyun
Normal families of holomorphic mappings into complex projective space concerning shared hyperplanes
Fang, Chong Hsio
On the values of a zeta function at nonpositive integers
Fang, Hao
\sigma_{2} Yamabe problem on conic spheres Ⅱ: Boundary compactness of the moduli
Equivariant spectral flow and a Lefschetz theorem on odd-dimensional spin manifolds
On the gemetric flows solving Kählerian inverse $sigma_k$ equations
Fang, Jiangxue
Sationary phase principle for Fourier transform of D-modules
Fang, Shouwen
A new local gradient estimate for a nonlinear equation under integral curvature condition on manifolds
Classification of gradient expanding and steady Ricci solitons
Gradient estimates for a nonlinear Lichnerowicz equation under general geometric flow on complete noncompact manifolds
Fang, Wang
A generalization of Gauchman's rigidity theorem
Fang, Xiang
The Cauchy integral, analytic capacity and subsets of quasicircles
Fang, Yi
Asymptotic behavior of Palais-Smale sequences associated with fractional Yamabe type equations
Fang, Yi
When is a minimal surfacea minimal graph?
Fang, Yingjue
Conjugacy and element-conjugacy of homomorphisms of compact Lie groups
Fania, Maria
Polarized surfaces with hyperelliptic sections
Fantino, Fernando
On pointed Hopf algebras over dihedral groups
Faouzi, Abdelkhalek
Sur les op\'erateurs nilpotents \`a images des it\'er\'es ferm\'eesdans un espace de Banach
Farag, Hany
Curvatures of the Melnikov type, Hausdorff dimension, rectifiability, and singular integrals on $\mathbf{R}^{n}$
Farah, Ilijas
Faris, William
The product formula for semigroups defined by Friedrichs extensions
Farkas, Daniel
Diagonalizable derivations of \\finite-dimensional algebras II
Generalized reductive algebras\\and a quantum example
Farkas, Daniel
Miscellany on Bieberbach group algebras
Farmer, David
Factoring Hecke polynomials modulo a prime
Testing the functional equations of a high degree Euler product
Farmer, Jeffrey
On the structure of tensor products of $\ell_p$-spaces
Farmer, Thomas
On the reduction of certain degenerate principal series representations of $\mathrm{SP}(n,\,C)$
The dual of the nilradical of the parabolic subgroups of symplectic groups
Farnsteiner, Rolf
On the structure of simple-semiabelian Lie algebras
Farrell, Francis
Farris, Frank
An intrinsic construction of Fefferman's CR metric
Tangential and normal Euler numbers, complex points, and singularities of projections for oriented surfaces in four-space
Farsi, Carla
Generalized twisted sectors of orbifolds
Farwig, Reinhard
$L^q$-theory of a singular ``winding'' integral operator arising from fluid dynamics
Asymptotic structure of a Leray solution to the Navier–Stokes flow around a rotating body
Fáry, István
Self-intersection of a sphere on a complex quadric
Fassina, Martino
On the Ekeland-Hofer symplectic capacities of the real bidisc
Faticoni, Theodore
Localization in finite-dimensional FPF rings
The endlich Baer splitting property
Fattahi, Abi
On generalizations of Sylow tower groups
Fattorini, Hector
A note on fractional derivatives of semigroups and cosine functions
Convergence and approximation theorems for vector-valued distributions
Extension and behavior at infinity of solutions of certain linear operational differential equations
On a class of differential equations for vector-valued distributions
Some remarks on convolution equations for vector-valued distributions
Vector-valued distributions having a smooth convolution inverse
Faudree, Ralph
Automorphism groups of finite subgroups of division rings
Faulkner, Gary
Kernel dilation in reproducing kernel Hilbert space and its application to moment problems
Fauntleroy, Amassa
Automorphism groups of unipotent groups of Chevalley type
Fearnley, Lawrence
Characterization of the continuous images of all pseudo-circles
Fedele, Francesca
Properties of triangulated and quotient categories arising from $n$-Calabi-Yau triples
Feder, Samuel
Composition properties of projective homotopy classes
Fedosov, B.
On the index formula for singular surfaces
Feehan, Paul
Critical-exponent Sobolev norms andthe Slice Theorem for the quotient space of connections
Fefferman, Charles
$L_{p}$ spaces over finitely additive measures
A Radon-Nikodym theorem for finitely additive set functions
Fegan, Howard
First order differential operators on a locally symmetric space
Invariants of the heat equation
Regularity of convolution operators
Spectral symmetry of the Dirac operator for compact and noncompact symmetric pairs
The spectrum of the Laplacian on forms over a Lie group
Fei, Jiarui
Counting using Hall algebras III. Quivers with potentials
Fei, Mingwen
Bound states of asymptotically linear Schr\"{o}dinger equations with compactly supported potentials
Existence and concentration of bound states of nonlinear Schrödinger equations with compactly supported and competing potentials
Feichtinger, Hans
Nonfactorization in commutative, weakly selfadjoint Banach algebras
Feichtner, Eva
Complexes of trees and nested set complexes
Feichtner-Kozlov, Dmitry
Discrete Morse theory and Hopf bundles
Feigelstock, S.
Principal ideal and Noetherian groups
Feigon, Brooke
A relative trace formula for PGL(2) in the local setting
Fein, Burton
Maximal subfields of tensor products
Minimal splitting fields for group representations
Minimal splitting fields for group representations. II
Representations of direct products of finite groups
The Schur index for projective representations of finite groups
Feinberg, Robert
Faithful distributive modules over incidence algebras
Feingold, David G.
Block diagonally dominant matrices and generalizations of the Gerschgorin circle theorem
Feinsilver, Philip
Feit, Paul
Poles of Eisenstein series on $\mathrm{SL}_n$ induced from maximal parabolics
Feit, Walter
Bibliography, from Solvability of groups of odd order
Chapter I, from Solvability of groups of odd order
Chapter II, from Solvability of groups of odd order
Chapter III, from Solvability of groups of odd order
Chapter IV, from Solvability of groups of odd order
Chapter V, from Solvability of groups of odd order
Chapter VI, from Solvability of groups of odd order
Groups which have a faithful representation of degree less than $(p-1/2)$
Fejzullahu, Bujar
On orthogonal polynomials with respect to certain discrete Sobolev inner product
Fekete, Michael
Asymptotic behavior of restricted extremal polynomials and of their zeros
Fel'shtyn, Alexander
Twisted conjugacy classes in R. Thompson's Group F
Feldman, Jacob
Correction to ``Equivalence and perpendicularity of Gaussian processes''
Equivalence and perpendicularity of Gaussian processes
Existence of Borel transversals in groups
On measurability of stochastic processes in products space
Some classes of equivalent Gaussian processes on an interval
Feldman, William
A characterization of the topology of compact convergence on $C(X)$
Axioms of countability and the algebra $C(X)$
Compact convergence and the order bidual for $C(X)$
Felipe, Raul
A note on unital quadratic quasi-Jordan algebras
Félix, Yves
Extended Adams-Hilton's construction
Fell, Harriet
On the zeros of convex combinations of polynomials
Fell, James
On algebras whose factor algebras are Boolean
The measure ring for a cube of arbitrary dimension
Weak containment and Kronecker products of group representations
Feller, Edmund
Completely injective semigroups
On nonsingularly $k$-primitive rings
Rings where the annihilators of $\alpha $-critical modules are prime ideals
Felli, Veronica
A geometric equation with critical\\nonlinearity on the boundary
Felzenszwalb, B.
A commutativity theorem for rings with derivations
Felzenszwalb, B.
On rings which are sumsof two PI-subrings: a combinatorial approach
Feng, Lianggui
Classifying zeros of two-sided quaternionic polynomials and computing zeros of two-sided polynomials with complex coefficients
Feng, Ge
Drinfel'd doubles of the $n$-rank Taft algebras and a generalization of the Jones polynomial
Feng, Huitao
Transversal holomorphic sections and localization of analytic torsions
Feng, Huitao
Novikov-type inequalities for vector fields with non-isolated zero points
Feng, Y. K.
On the density of $(k,\,r)$ integers
Fenley, Sérgio
Continuous extension of Anosov foliationsin $3$-manifolds with negatively curved fundamental group
Fenn, Roger
Duality and cohomology for one-relator groups
Fenske, Christian C.
On fixed points of zero index in asymptotic fixed point theory
Ferenczi, Valentin
Light groups of isomorphisms of Banach spaces and invariant LUR renormings
Feres, Renato
Groups that do not act by automorphisms of codimension-one foliations
The invariant connection of a $\frac12$-pinched Anosov diffeomorphism and rigidity
Ferguson, Le Baron
Korovkin sets for an operator on a space of continuous functions
Uniform and $L_{p}$ approximation for generalized integral polynomials
Uniform approximation by polynomials with integral coefficients I
Uniform approximation by polynomials with integral coefficients. II
Ferland, Jacques
Domains of negativity and application to generalized convexity on a real topological vector space
Fernandes, Rui
Integration of coupling Dirac structures
Fernandez, Dicesar
Vector-valued singular integral operators on $L^p$-spaces with mixed norms and applications
Fernandez, James
Fernández, Marisa
Strong Kähler with torsion structures from almost contact manifolds
Fernández Pérez, José Luis
Distortion of boundary sets under inner functions. II
Fernando, Suren L.
Reflection groups and a convolution theorem
Fernando Galván, José
Positive semidefinite germs on the cone
Fernholz, Robert
Factorization of Radonifying transformations
Fernström, Claes
Rational approximation and the growth of analytic capacity
Ferrand, Jacqueline
Conformal capacities and extremal metrics
Ferrandez, Angel
On surfaces in the $3$-dimensional Lorentz-Minkowski space
Surfaces in the $3$-dimensional Lorentz-Minkowski space satisfying $\Delta x=Ax+B$
Ferrar, Joseph
Jordan algebras and exceptional subalgebras of the exceptional algebra $E_{6}$
Ferrario, Davide
Equivariant deformations of manifolds \\ and real representations
Ferraris, Carlos
Homogeneous Ricci positive $5$-manifolds
Ferrarotti, Massimo
Real algebraic varieties with prescribed tangent cones
Ferreira, Lucas
Besov-weak-Herz spaces and global solutions for Navier-Stokes equations
Ferreira, Walterson
Ribaucour transformations for constant mean curvature \\ and linear Weingarten surfaces
Ferreira Soares, Helena
Ferrer, Leonor
Non existence results and convex hull property for maximal surfaces in L^3
Properly embedded minimal disks bounded by noncompact polygonal lines
Ferrer Santos, Walter
Ferrera Cuesta, Juan
Spaces of weakly continuous functions
Ferri, M.
Ferrone, David
Electrical resistance of N-gasket fractal networks
Ferry, Steven
Strongly regular mappings with compact $ANR$ fibers are Hurewicz fiberings
Fetcu, Dorel
Explicit formulas for biharmonic submanifolds in Sasakian space forms
Feustel, C. D.
A generalization of Kneser's conjecture
On realizing $\mathrm{HNN}$ groups in $3$-manifolds
Feyel, D.
Sur certaines extensions du théorème d'approximation de Bernstein
Fialkow, Lawrence
Fialowski, Alice
On the cohomology of the Lie algebra $L_2$
Fiedorowicz, Zbigniew
A comparison of two naturally arising uniformities on a class of pseudo-PM spaces
Fields, David
Correction to: ``Dimension theory in power series rings''
Dimension theory in power series rings
Fields, Kenneth
On the global dimension of residue rings
Fife, Paul
Schauder estimates under incomplete Hölder continuity assumptions
Figà-Talamanca, Alessandro
A theorem of Littlewood and lacunary series for compact groups
A theorem on random Fourier series on noncommutative groups
Anisotropic diffusion on totally disconnected Abelian groups
Applications of random Fourier series over compact groups to Fourier multipliers
Functions that operate on the algebra $B_{0}(G)$
Positive definite functions which vanish at infinity
Projections of uniqueness for $L^{p}(G)$
Stable laws arising from\\ hitting distributions of processes\\ on homogeneous trees \\ and the hyperbolic half-plane
Figiel, Tadeusz
Factorizations of natural embeddings of $l^n_p$ into $L_r$. II
Filippenko, Ivan
On the unitary invariance of the numerical radius
Filippenko, Vladimir
On the reflection of harmonic functions and of solutions of the wave equation
Fillmore, Jay
Fundamental groups of compact complete locally affine complex surfaces
Finch, James
On the local spectrum and the adjoint
The single valued extension property on a Banach space
Fine, Benjamin
Test words, generic elements and almost primitivity
Fine, Nathan
On groups of orthonormal functions. I
On groups of orthonormal functions. II
Tensor products of function rings under composition
Finis, Tobias
On the degrees of matrix coefficients of intertwining operators
Finkbeiner, Daniel
Irreducible congruence relations on lattices
Finkel, David
Local control and factorization of the focal subgroup
Finkelstein, Larry
Finite groups with a standard component of type $J_{4}$
Finkelstein, Mark
Integrals of continuous functions
Finlayson, Henry
Approximation of Wiener integrals of functionals continuous in the uniform topology
Finlinson, Kathleen
Finn, Robert
Capillary surfaces in wedge domains
Compressible Fluids in a Capillary Tube
On a theorem of Lancaster and Siegel
Some unusual comparisonproperties of capillary surfaces
The sessile liquid drop. I. Symmetric case
Fino, Anna
Strong Kähler with torsion structures from almost contact manifolds
Fino, Raphaël
J-invariant of hermitian forms over quadratic extensions
Fintushel, Ronald
Circle actions on homotopy spheres with codimension $4$ fixed point set
Local $S^{1}$ actions on $3$-manifolds
Nonsymplectic $4$-manifolds with one basic class
Fioresi, Rita
Algebraic and differential star productson regular orbits of compact Lie groups
On the deformation quantization of coadjoint orbits of semisimple groups
Smoothness of algebraic supervarieties and supergroups
Superdistributions, analytic and algebraic super Harish-Chandra pairs
The projective linear supergroup and the SUSY-preserving automorphisms of $\mathbb{P}^{1|1}$
Fiori, Andrew
Embeddings of maximal tori in groups of type $F_4$
Firey, William
Isoperimetric ratios of Reuleaux polygons
Local behaviour of area functions of convex bodies
Mean cross-section measures of harmonic means of convex bodies
Some applications of means of convex bodies
First, Uriya
Hermitian categories, extension of scalars and systems of sesquilinear forms
Fischer, Bert
Boundary behaviour of $H^p$ functions on convex domains of finite type in $\mathbb{C}^n$
Fischer, Hanspeter
On the fundamental groups of trees of manifolds
Fischer, Pál
On some new generalizations of Shannon's inequality
On the inequality $\sum_{i=1}^{n} p_{i}\tfrac{f(p_{i})}{f(q_{i})}\geqq 1$
Fischer, Wilhelm
On Dedekind's function $\eta(\tau)$
Fishburn, Peter C.
Directed graphs as unions of partial orders
Fisher, J. C.
Blocking sets and complete $k$-arcs
Fisher, Joe
An embedding of semiprime $P.I.$-rings
On the von Neumann regularity of rings with regular prime factor rings
The primary decomposition theory for modules
Fisher, John
A Goldie theorem for differentiably prime rings
Axiomatic radical and semisimple classes of rings
Fisher, Robert
Generalized immersions and the rank of the second fundamental form
Fisher, Stephen
Bounded approximation by rational functions
Mapping intervals to intervals
Fitzgerald, Carl
Conformal mappings onto $\omega $-swirly domains
Some bounds on convex mappings in several complex variables
The growth and $1/4$-theorems for starlike mappings in $\mathbf{C}^n$
Fitzgerald, Robert
Combinatorial techniques and abstract Witt rings III
Derivation algebras of finitely generated Witt rings
Small extensions of Witt rings
Witt kernels of function field extensions
Witt rings under odd degree extensions
Fitzpatrick, Ben
Two theorems on metrizability of Moore spaces
Fitzpatrick, Patrick
Fixed point theorems for multivalued noncompact acyclic mappings
Fixman, Uri
Flam, Sjur
A characterizaton of $R^2$ by the concept of mild convexity
Flanders, Harley
A method of general linear frames in Riemannian geometry. I
Methods in affine connection theory
Relations on minimal hypersurfaces
The norm function of an algebraic field extension
The norm function of an algebraic field extension. II
Flanigan, Francis
Algebraic geography: Varieties of structure constants
On Levi factors of derivation algebras and the radical embedding problem
Flapan, Erica
Necessary and sufficient conditions for certain homology $3$-spheres to have smooth $Z_p$-actions
Flaschka, Hermann
Flath, Daniel
A comparison of the automorphic representations of $\mathrm{GL}(3)$ and its twisted forms
Fleischer, Isidor
Tensor products of ideal systems and their modules
The Galois connection between partial functions and relations
Fleischmann, Peter
Simple periodic modules of twisted Chevalley groups
Fleming, Richard
Hermitian and adjoint abelian operators on certain Banach spaces
One parameter groups of isometries on certain Banach spaces
Fleming, Thomas
Crossing number ofalternating knots in $S \times I$
Fletcher, Leslie
A note on $C\theta\theta$-groups
Fletcher, Peter
Conditions under which a connected representable space is locally connected
Extension properties induced by complete quasi-uniformities
On $w\Delta $-spaces, $w\sigma $-spaces and $\Sigma^{\sharp}$-spaces
Quasi-uniformities with a transitive base
Topologies compatible with homeomorphism groups
Flett, Thomas
Fleury, Patrick
Hollow modules and local endomorphism rings
Flicker, Yuval
On the symmetric square. Unit elements
The adjoint representation $L$-function for $\mathrm{GL}(n)$
Flinn, Patrick
A characterization of $M$-ideals in $B(l_{p})$ for $1 < p < \infty $
Flood, Merrill M.
On the Hitchcock distribution problem
Florentino, Carlos
Singularities of free group character varieties
Floret, Klaus
On bases in strict inductive and projective limits of locally convex spaces
Floyd, Denis
Floyd, Edwin
Boolean algebras with pathological order topologies
Floyd, William
Bi-twist manifolds and two-bridge knots
Fluch, Martin
The Brin--Thompson groups $sV\!$ are of type $\F_\infty$
Fodor, Ferenc
On the volume bound in the Dvoretzky--Rogers lemma
Foertsch, Thomas
On rough-isometry classes of Hilbert geometries
The Euclidean rank of Hilbert geometries
Foged, Leslie
Characterizations of $\aleph $-spaces
Fogel, Micah
Knots with algebraic unknotting number one
Foguel, Shaul
Biorthogonal systems in Banach spaces
Boolean algebras of projections of finite multiplicity
Computations of the multiplicity function
Markov processes with stationary measure
Powers of a contraction in Hilbert space
Strongly continuous Markov processes
The relations between a spectral operator and its scalar part
Weak and strong convergence for Markov processes
Foguel, Tuval
Gyrogroups and the decomposition of groups into twisted subgroups and subgroups
Foguel, Tuval
Finite groups with a special $2$-generator property
Foias, Ciprian
Complete contractivity of maps associated with the Aluthge and Duggal transforms
On a commutative extension of a commutative Banach algebra
Properties which normal operators share with normal derivations and related operators
Foisy, Joel
The standard double soap bubble in $\mathbf{R}^2$ uniquely minimizes perimeter
Fokkink, R. J.
Foland, Neal
Sets with zero-dimensional kernels
The structure of the orbits and their limit sets in continuous flows
Folha, Abigail
Entire constant mean curvature graphs in $\mathbb{H}^2\times\mathbb{R}$
On totally umbilical surfaces in the warped product M(k)fxR
The Dirichlet problem for constant mean curvature graphs in HXR over unbounded domains
Folsom, Amanda
Unimodal sequences and ``strange'' functions: a family of quantum modular forms
Fong, Che-Kao
An operator algebra which is not closed in the Calkin algebra
Quasi-affine transforms of subnormal operators
Fong, Humphrey
On the ratio ergodic theorem for semi-groups
Fong, Y.
Applying functional identities to somelinear preserver problems
Fontenele, Francisco
A characterization of round spheres in space forms
Submanifolds with parallel mean curvature vector in pinched Riemannian manifolds
Fontenot, Robert
Approximate identities and the strict topology
Fora, Ali
A fixed point theorem for product spaces
Forbes, Anthony D.
Congruence properties of functions related to the partition function
Ford, G. C.
On the uniform convergence of a certain eigenfunction series
Ford, Timothy
Division algebras over nonlocal Henselian surfaces
Ford, William F.
Acceleration by subsequence transformations
Forelli, Frank
A necessary condition on the extreme points of a class of holomorphic functions
A necessary condition on the extreme points of a class of holomorphic functions. II
Formanek, Edward
Maximal quotient rings of group rings
Fornæss, John
A non-strictly pseudoconvex domain for which the squeezing function tends to one towards the boundary
Biholomorphic mappings between weakly pseudoconvex domains
Continuously varying peaking functions
Plurisubharmonic defining functions
Forrest, Brian
Arens regularity and discrete groups
Forrester, Peter
Isomorphisms of type $A$ affine Hecke algebras\\ and multivariable orthogonal polynomials
Forster, Ortwin
Absolute $C^{\ast}$-embedding of $F$-spaces
Forsythe, George E.
Asymptotic lower bounds for the frequencies of certain polygonal membranes
Asymptotic lower bounds for the fundamental frequency of convex membranes
Fort, Marion
A geometric problem of Sherman Stein
Homogeneity of infinite products of manifolds with boundary
Minimal coverings of pairs by triples
Fort, Tomlinson
The five-point difference equation with periodic coefficients
Fortuna, Elisabetta
Real algebraic varieties with prescribed tangent cones
Foskey, Mark
On the odd primary cohomology of higher projective planes
Fossum, Timothy
Characters and orthogonality in Frobenius algebras
The center of a simple algebra
Foster, Lorraine
Exponential Diophantine equations
On the characteristic roots of the product of certain rational integral matrices of order two
Foster-Greenwood, Briana
Graphs admitting only constant splines
Fotino, Ingrid
Generalized convolution ring of arithmetic functions
Foulis, David
Conditions for the modularity of an orthomodular lattice
Fountain, Leonard
A generalized solution of the boundary value problem for $y^{\prime\prime}=f(x,\,y,\,y^{\prime})$
Fournier, John
Analytic and arithmetic properties of thin sets
Extensions of a Fourier multiplier theorem of Paley
Sharpness in Young's inequality for convolution
Fouvry, Étienne
A positive density of fundamental discriminants with large regulator
Corrigendum Sommes de modules de sommes d'exponentielles
Sommes de modules de sommes d'exponentielles
Fowler, Jim
Cleanliness of geodesics in hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Fowler, Neal
Discrete product systems of Hilbert bimodules
Fowler, Peter
Capacity theory in Banach spaces
Infimum and domination principles in vector lattices
Fowler, Russell
Spherical nilpotent orbits in positive characteristic
Fox, Geoffrey
Compact subsets of a Tychonoff set
Non-Hausdorff multifunction generalization of the Kelley-Morse Ascoli theorem
Fox, Glenn J.
A method of Washington applied to the derivation of a two-variable $p$-adic $L$-function
Fox, Jeffrey
$K$ homology and regular singular Dirac--Schr\"odinger operators\\on even-dimensional manifolds
Fox, Jeffrey
Adeles and the spectrum of compact nilmanifolds
The index of transversally elliptic operators for locally free actions
Fox, Martin
Some zero sum two-person games with moves in the unit interval
Fox, William
Harmonic functions with arbitrary local singularities
Fraenkel, Aviezri
On the determination of sets by the sets of sums of a certain order
Fragoulopoulou, Maria
Automatic continuity of $^*$-morphisms between nonnormed topological $^*$-algebras
Spaces of representations and enveloping l.m.c. $^{\ast}$-algebras
Frahm, Jan
The compact picture of symmetry breaking operators for rank one orthogonal and unitary groups
Frajria, Pierluigi Möseneder
Francaviglia, Stefano
Rigidity of representations in SO(4,1) for Dehn fillings on 2-bridge knots
Franco, Jose
Global representations of the conformal group and eigenspaces of the Yamabe operator on S^1 \times S^n
Frandsen, Abraham
Isoperimetric Surfaces with Boundary II
Frank, Michael
Injective envelopes of $C^*$-algebras as operator modules
Franke, David
Quasiregular mappings and ${\mathcal {WT}}$-classes of differential forms on Riemannian manifolds
Frankel, Theodore
Manifolds with positive curvature
Franklin, Joel
A function-theoretic approach to the study of nonlinear recurring sequences
Franklin, Stanley
Closed and image-closed relations
On the metrizability of $k_{\omega}$-spaces
Frantz, Marc
Controlling Tietze-Urysohn extensions
Fraser, David
A probabilistic method for the rate of convergence to the Dirichlet problem
Fraser, Jonathan
Regularity versus smoothness of measures
Fraser, Robert
Sequences of contractive maps and fixed points
Frauenfelder, Urs
A Floer homology for exact contact embeddings
Corrigendum to "A Floer homology for exact contact embeddings"
Fray, Robert
Frechette, Sharon
Weyl group multiple Dirichlet series of type C
Frederick, William
Fredman, Michael
Congruence formulas obtained by counting irreducibles
Freedman, A.
Shirshov's theorem and representations of semigroups
Freedman, Allen
An inequality for the density of the sum of sets of vectors in $n$-dimensional space
On asymptotic density in $n$-dimensions
On the additivity theorem for $n$-dimensional asymptotic density
Freedman, David
On the difference between the empirical histogram and the normal curve, for sums. II
On the maximum difference between the empirical and expected histograms for sums
On the maximum of scaled multinomial variables
On the mode of an empirical histogram for sums
Freedman, Michael
Existence of strong solutions to singular nonlinear evolution equations
Freedman, Michael
A converse to (Milnor-Kervaire theorem) $\times R$ etc{\dots}
Cancelling $1$-handles and some topological imbeddings
Extension ofincompressible surfaces on the boundaries of 3-manifolds
Uniqueness theorems for taut submanifolds
Freeman, Michael
A compact set that is locally holomorphically convex but not holomorphically convex
Tangential Cauchy-Riemann equations and uniform approximation
The polynomial hull of a thin two-manifold
Freeman, Robert
Closed extensions of the Laplace operator determined by a general class of boundary conditions
Closed extensions of the Laplace operator determined by a general class of boundary conditions, for unbounded regions
Closed operators and their adjoints associated with elliptic differential operators
Freese, Ralph
Congruence lattices of algebras of fixed similarity type. I
Congruence lattices of semilattices
Freese, Raymond
Freije, Margaret N.
The formal group of the Jacobian of an algebraic curve
Freiman, Richard
Homeomorphisms of long circles without periodic points
Freitas, Pedro
Bessel quotients and Robin eigenvalues
Frejlich, Pedro
The normal form theorem around Poisson transversals
Fremlin, David
On the completion of locally solid vector lattices
Freni, Pietro
On the value group of the transseries
Freniche, Francisco
Grothendieck locally convex spaces of continuous vector valued functions
Frenzen, C.
Asymptotic expansions of the Lebesgue constants for Jacobi series
Freund, Anton
Ackermann and Goodstein go functorial
Fricke, Gerd
Sequence transformations that guarantee a given rate of convergence
Fridman, Buma
Osgood-Hartogs type properties of power series and smooth functions
Fridy, John
An addendum to: ``Tauberian theorems via block dominated matrices''
Lacunary statistical convergence
Sequence transformations that guarantee a given rate of convergence
Tauberian theorems for matrices generated by analytic functions
Tauberian theorems via block dominated matrices
Fried, Ervin
A nonassociative extension of the class of distributive lattices
Homomorphisms of commutative rings with unit element
Fried, Michael
Davenport pairs over finite fields
Integral specialization\\ of families of rational functions
Nonrigid constructions in Galois theory
The nonregular analogue of Tchebotarev's theorem
Friedberg, Michael
On representations of certain semigroups
Friedberg, Solomon
Unique functionals and representations of Hecke algebras
Friedl, Stefan
Metabelian SL(n, C) representations of knot groups II: fixed points
Metabelian SL(n,C) representations of knot groups
Reidemeister torsion, the Thurston norm and Harvey's invariants
Friedland, Shmuel
On spaces of matrices containing a nonzero matrix of bounded rank
Subspaces of symmetric matrices containing matrices with a multiple first eigenvalue
Friedlander, Eric
Extension functions for rank $2$, torsion free abelian groups
Friedlander, John
A hybrid of theorems of Vinogradov and Piatetski-Shapiro
Certain hypotheses concerning $L$-functions
Friedlander, Richard
Partitions of groups and complete mappings
Friedler, Louis
Inverse limits and mappings of minimal topological spaces
Paracompact $C$-scattered spaces
Friedman, Avner
A strong maximum principle for weakly subparabolic functions
Bounded entire solutions of elliptic equations
Differentiability of solutions of ordinary differential equations in Hilbert space
On two theorems of Phragmén-Lindelöf for linear elliptic and parabolic differential equations of the second order
Remarks on the maximum principle for parabolic equations and its applications
Sequential testing of several simple hypotheses for a diffusion process and the corresponding free boundary problem
Systems of nonlinear wave equations with nonlinear viscosity
The two-obstacle problem for the biharmonic operator
The wave equation for differential forms
Uniqueness for the Cauchy problem for degenerate parabolic equations
Friedman, Bernard
Eigenfunction expansions associated with a non-self-adjoint differential equation
Friedman, Harvey
Provable equality in primitive recursive arithmetic with and without induction
Friedman, Joel
Wave equations for graphs and the edge-based Laplacian
Friedman, Yaakov
Conditional expectation without order
Some affine geometric aspects of operator algebras
Frigerio, Roberto
Complexity and Heegaard genus of\\ an infinite class of compact 3-manifolds
Relative measure homology and continuous bounded cohomology of topological pairs
Similar fillings and isolation of cusps of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Friis, Peter
Approximation with normal operators with finite spectrum, and an elementary proof of a Brown--Douglas--Fillmore theorem
Frink, Orrin
On the distributivity of the lattice of filters of a groupoid
Fristedt, Bert
Sample function behavior of increasing processes with stationary, independent increments
Frith, J. L.
On the congruence lattice of a frame
Fritsch, Rudolf
An approximation theorem for maps into Kan fibrations
Froemke, Jon
The spectrum of an equational class of groupoids
Froeschl, Paul
Froese, John
Domain-perturbed problems for ordinary linear differential operators
Frohman, Charles
An unknotting lemma for systems of arcs in $F\times I$
Minimal surfaces and Heegaard splittings of the three-torus
Frolík, Zdeněk
Absolute Borel and Souslin sets
Fryant, Allan
Ultraspherical expansions and pseudo analytic functions
Fu, Hai-Ping
Four-manifolds with positive Yamabe constant
Fu, Qiang
Affine quantum Schur algebras and affine Hecke algebras
Finite representation type of infinitesimal q-Schur algebras
Representations of little $q$-Schur algebras
Fu, Xiang
Coxeter groups, imaginary cones and dominance
Fu, Yu
Biharmonic hypersurfaces with constant scalar curvature in space forms
Fu, Yu Li
On Lipschitz stability for F.D.E
Fu, Zunwei
On the compactness of commutators of Hardy operators
Fuchs, Dmitry
Asymptotics for singular vectors in Verma modules over theVirasoro algebra
Chekanov--Eliashberg invariants and transverse approximations of Legendrian knots
Laplacian spectrum for the nilpotent Kac-Moody Lie algebras
Fuchs, László
Denoetherianizing Cohen-Macaulay rings
Fuchs, Wolfgang H. J.
Radial distribution and deficiencies of the values of a meromorphic function
Fuchssteiner, Benno
An abstract disintegration theorem
Fuelberth, John
On the structure of finitely generated splitting rings
The singular submodule of a finitely generated module splits off
Fugate, Joseph
The fixed point property for tree-like continua with finitely many arc components
Fujimori, Shoichi
Minimal surfaces with two ends which have the least total absolute curvature
Fujimoto, Ichiro
A Gelfand--Naimark theorem for C*-algebras
Fujioka, Tadashi
Application of good coverings to collapsing Alexandrov spaces
Fujita, Naoki
Algebraic and geometric properties of flag Bott-Samelson varieties and applications to representations
Fujiwara, Hidenori
Représentations monomiales des groupes de Lie nilpotents
Fujiwara, Masahiko
Some forms of odd degree for which the Hasse principle fails
Fujiwara, Toshiaki
Convexity of the figure eight solution to the three-body problem
Fujiyama, Toshifumi
C^1-umbilics with arbitrarily high indices
Fukuma, Yoshiaki
A generalization of curve genus for ample vector bundles, II
Fukumoto, Yoshihiro
A cancellation formula of Alvarez-Gaumé and Witten and a signature defect-type invariants of 11-dimensional lens spaces with spin structures
Fulkerson, Delbert
Incidence matrices and interval graphs
Zero-one matrices with zero trace
Fulks, Watson
An approximate Gauss mean value theorem
Asymptotics. II. Laplace's method for multiple integrals
On the boundary values of solutions of the heat equation
On the unique determination of solutions of the heat equation
Regular regions for the heat equation
The Neumann problem for the heat equation
Fullbright, B. E.
Intersectional properties of certain families of compact convex sets
Fuller, Derek
Mappings of bounded characteristic into arbitrary Riemann surfaces
Fuller, Kent R.
Cotilting modules and bimodules
Fuller, Kent
Algebras for which every indecomposable right module is invariant in its injective envelope
On indecomposable injectives over artinian rings
Primary rings and double centralizers
Rings with quivers that are trees
Fuller, Luther
Trees and proto-metrizable spaces
Fuller, Richard
Relations among continuous and various non-continuous functions
Fuller, Terry
Generalized nuclei of complex surfaces
Hyperelliptic Lefschetz fibrations and branched covering spaces
Fullerton, G.
On a class of Cauchy exponential series
Fullerton, Robert
Geometric structure of absolute basis systems in a linear topological space
Fulman, Jason
Card shuffling and the decomposition of tensor products
Fulp, Ronald
Correction to: ``Tensor and torsion products of semigroups''
Integrals of foliations on manifolds with a generalized symplectic structure
Tensor and torsion products of semigroups
Fulton, Curtis M.
Funano, Kei
Two infinite versions of nonlinear Dvoretzky's Theorem
Funar, Louis
On the TQFT representations of the mapping class groups
Fürdös, Stefan
Geometric microlocal analysis in Denjoy-Carleman classes
Furi, M.
A continuation principle for forced oscillations on differentiable manifolds
A continuation principle for periodic solutions of forced motion equations on manifolds and applications to bifurcation theory
Furio, Kathryn A.
On the distribution of Weierstrass points on irreducible rational nodal curves
Furuhata, Hitoshi
Moduli spaces of isometric pluriharmonic immersions of Kähler manifolds into indefinite Euclidean spaces
Furushima, Mikio
On the singular $K$-$3$ surfaces with hypersurface singularities
Furuya, Jun
Analytic properties of Dirichlet series obtained from the error term in the Dirichlet divisor problem
Futer, David
Cost-minimizing networks\\among immiscible fluids in $\mathbb R^2$
Futorny, Vyacheslav
Irreducible non-dense $A^{(1)}_1$-modules