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Author Index – G
Gabe, James
A note on non-unital absorbing extensions
Gabel, Michael
Lower bounds on the stable range of polynomial rings
Gaddum, Jerry
Linear inequalities and quadratic forms
Gadea, Pedro
Spaces of constant para-holomorphic sectional curvature
Gadgil, Siddhartha
Equivariant framings, lens spaces and contact structures
Gaffey, William
A real inversion formula for a class of bilateral Laplace transforms
Gagliardi, C.
Gagliardo, Emilio
Fixed points for orientation preserving homeomorphisms of the plane which interchange two points
Gagola, Stephen
Characters fully ramified over a normal subgroup
Characters vanishing on all but two conjugacy classes
Gagrat, Mani
Proximity approach to semi-metric and developable spaces
Gaier, Dieter
On conformal mapping of nearly circular regions
On the change of index for summable series
Gaifman, Haim
Concerning measures on Boolean algebras
Gaines, Fergus
Kato-Taussky-Wielandt commutator relations and characteristic curves
Gaines, Robert
Continuous dependence for two-point boundary value problems
Gajer, Pawel
Concordances of metrics of positive scalar curvature
Gál, I. S.
On the theory of $(m,\,n)$-compact topological spaces
Uniformizable spaces with a unique structure
Galazka, Piotr
The straightening theorem for tangent-like maps
Galdi, Giovanni
Asymptotic structure of a Leray solution to the Navier–Stokes flow around a rotating body
Existence of time-periodic solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations around a moving body
On the best conditions on the gradient of pressure for uniqueness of viscous flows in the whole space
On the two-dimensional steady-state problem of a viscous gasin an exterior domain
Gale, David
A note on polynomial and separable games
Galé, José
Gel'fand theory in algebras of differentiable functions on Banach spaces
Galego, Elói
An Amir-Cambern theorem for quasi-isometries of $C_{0}(K, X)$ spaces
Complemented copies of $c_0(\tau)$ in tensor products of $L_p[0,1]$
Small isomorphisms of $C_{0}(K)$ onto $C_{0}(S)$ generate a unique homeomorphism of $K$ onto $S$ similar to that of isometries
The Hilbert vector-valued Banach-Stone theorem via isomorphisms with the large distortion $\sqrt{2}$
Galichon, Alfred
Variational representations for $N$-cyclically monotone vector fields
Galindo Martínez, César
Braid group representations from braiding gapped boundaries of Dijkgraaf-Witten theories
Galindo Pastor, Carlos
On the structure of the value semigroup of a valuation
Gallaugher, Michael
Non-K\"{a}hler expanding Ricci solitons, Einstein metrics, and exotic cone structures
Gallego Restrepo, Fernando Andrés
Lower regularity solutions of the biharmonic Schrödinger equation in a quarter plane
Galli, Matteo
On the classification of complete area-stationary and stable surfaces in the subriemannian Sol manifold
Galloway, Gregory
A note on the fundamental group of a compact minimal hypersurface
Galvin, Fred
Completeness in semimetric spaces
Gamara, Najoua
CR Yamabe conjecture -- the conformally flat case
Gamboa Mutuberría, José Manuel
A note on projections of real algebraic varieties
On projections of real algebraic varieties
Gamelin, Theodore
Bounded approximation by rational functions
Decomposition theorems for Fredholm operators
Iversen's theorem and fiber algebras
Localization of the corona problem
The essential spectrum of a class of ordinary differential operators
The polynomial hulls of certain subsets of $C^{2}$
Uniform algebras spanned by Hartogs series
Weak compactness of representing measures for $R(K)$
Gammella, Angela
An approach to the tangential Poisson cohomology based on examples in duals of Lie algebras
Gammella, Angela
Chevalley cohomology for Kontsevich's graphs
Gan, Wee Liang
Batalin-Vilkovisky coalgebra of string topology
Gangolli, Ramesh
Sample functions of certain differential processes on symmetric spaces
Gannot, Oran
From quasimodes to resonances: exponentially decaying perturbations
Gansner, Emden
Matrix correspondences of plane partitions
Gantos, Richard
Completely injective semigroups
Gao, Fan
Distinguished theta representations for certain covering groups
Gao, Fengshuang
Multiple solutions for quasilinear elliptic equations with critical exponents in $\mathbb{R}^N$
Gao, Hongzhu
The rational cohomology Hopf algebra of a generic Kac-Moody group
Gao, Laiyuan
Evolving convex curves to constant-width ones by a perimeter-preserving flow
Gao, Xing
Free Rota-Baxter family algebras and (tri)dendriform family algebras
Weighted infinitesimal unitary bialgebras on rooted forests and weighted cocycles
Gao, Yun
Realizations of $BC_r$-graded intersection matrix algebras with grading subalgebras of type $B_r$, $r \geq 3$
Gao, Yun
New invariants for complex manifolds and rational singularities
Gao, Zhiyong
On the compactness of a class of Riemannian manifolds
Garabedian, Paul
A partial differential equation arising in conformal mapping
Calculation of axially symmetric cavities and jets
Orthogonal harmonic polynomials
Garay, O. J.
Willmore--Chen tubes on homogeneous \\spaces in warped product spaces
Garay, Oscar J.
A classification of certain $3$-dimensional conformally flat Euclidean hypersurfaces
Garay López, Cristhian
The fundamental theorem of tropical differential algebraic geometry
Garbagnati, Alice
Calabi-Yau 4-folds of Borcea–Voisin type from F-theory
Garbanati, Dennis
Classes of circulants over the $p$-adic and rational integers
Classes of unimodular abelian group matrices
García, Gastón
On pointed Hopf algebras over dihedral groups
García, Isaac
On the existence of limit cycles for real quadratic differential systems with an invariant cubic
García Iglesias, Agustín
Representations of the category of modules over pointed Hopf algebras over $S_3$ and $S_4$
García Lara, René
Three dimensional SOL manifolds and complex Kleinian groups
García-Martínez, Sandra
Biharmonic hypersurfaces in complete Riemannian manifolds
García-Máynez Cervantes, Adalberto
Unicoherent plane Peano sets are $\sigma$-unicoherent
García-Río, Eduardo
Bach-flat isotropic gradient Ricci solitons
Complete locally conformally flat manifolds of negative curvature
Four-dimensional Osserman metrics of neutral signature
García-Sánchez, Pedro
Correction to:\\Modular Diophantine inequalities\\and numerical semigroups
Modular diophantine inequalities and numerical semigroups
Numerical semigroups generated by intervals
On Buchsbaum simplicial affine semigroups
Uniquely presented finitely generated commutative monoids
Gardiner, Stephen
Removable singularities for subharmonic functions
Gardner, Barry
A ``going down'' theorem for certain reflected radicals
Radical classes of regular rings with Artinian primitive images
Radicals of supplementary semilattice sums of associative rings
Semi-simple radical classes of algebras and attainability of identities
Some aspects of $T$-nilpotence. II: Lifting properties over $T$-nilpotent ideals
Some closure properties for torsion classes of abelian groups
Torsion classes and pure subgroups
Gardner, Richard
Relative width measures and the plank problem
Garfinkel, Boris
Singularities in a variational problem with an inequality
Garfinkel, Gerald
Generic splitting algebras for $\mathrm{Pic}$
Garge, Shripad M.
Maximal tori determining the algebraic groups
Garibaldi, Ryan
Rost invariant of the center, revisited
Garibay, F.
The geometry of sum-preserving permutations
Gariepy, Ronald
Geometric properties of Sobolev mappings
Multiplicity and the area of an $(n$ $-$ $1)$ continuous mapping
Garimella, Gayatri
Weak Paley--Wiener property\\for completely solvable Lie groups
Garity, Dennis
Homogeneity groups of ends of open $3$-manifolds
Intrinsically $(n-2)$-dimensional cellular decompositions of $E^{n}$
Menger spaces and inverse limits
Uncountably many inequivalentLipschitz homogeneous Cantor sets in $\mathbb{R}^{3}$
Garnett, John
A topological characterization of Gleason parts
Bounded approximation by rational functions
Harmonic measures supported on curves
Interpolating Blaschke products generate $H^\infty$
Sobolev approximation by a sum of subalgebras on the circle
Weights and $L\,\mathrm{log}\,L$
Garoutte, Dennis
A note on extremal properties characterizing weakly $\lambda$-valent principal functions
Garrido, Danilo
Entire sign changing solutions with finite energy to the fractional Yamabe equation
Garrity, Thomas
The equivalence problem for higher-codimensional CR structures
Garsia, Adriano
An embedding of Riemann surfaces of genus one
Entropy and singularity of infinite convolutions
The calculation of conformal parameters for some imbedded Riemann surfaces
Gary, John
Higher dimensional cyclic elements
Gaskill, Herbert
Distributive lattices with finite projective covers
Gasper, George
Products of terminating $_{3}F_{2}(1)$ series
Gasull, Armengol
Chebyshev property\\ of complete elliptic integrals\\ and its application to abelian integrals
Upper bounds for the number of limit cycles through linear differential equations
Gatica, Juan
A fixed point theorem for $k$-set-contractions defined in a cone
Gatterdam, Ronald
The word problem and power problem in $1$-relator groups are primitive recursive
Gaudry, Garth
Bad behavior and inclusion results for multipliers of type $(p,\,q)$
Quasimeasures and operators commuting with convolution
Gauger, Michael A.
Some remarks on the center of the universal enveloping algebra of a classical simple Lie algebra
Gaussent, Stéphane
Iwahori-Hecke algebras for Kac-Moody groups over local fields
Gavarini, Fabio
A new equivalence between super Harish-Chandra pairs and Lie supergroups
Gay, David
On the degree of the splitting field of an irreducible binomial
Partially normal radical extensions of the rationals
The torsion group of a radical extension
Gay, David
Diagrams for relative trisections
Gazik, R. J.
Coarse uniform convergence spaces
Convergence in spaces of subsets
Non-Hausdorff convergence spaces
Ge, Huabin
3-dimensional discrete curvature flows and discrete Einstein metrics
Limit of first eigenfunctions of $p$-Laplacian on graphs
Ge, Jian
Volume estimates for Alexandrov spaces with convex boundaries
Ge, Jianquan
A proof of the DDVV conjecture and its equality case
Ge, Zhong
Horizontal path spaces and Carnot-Carathéodory metrics
On a constrained variational problem and the spaces of horizontal paths
Geatti, Laura
Univalence of equivariant Riemann domains over the complexification of rank-one Riemannian symmetric spaces
Gee, Alice
Cubic singular moduli, Ramanujan's class invariants $\lambda_n$ and the explicit Shimura Reciprocity Law
Geer, Nathan
An invariant supertrace for the category of representations of Lie superalgebras
Kuperberg and Turaev-Viro invariants in unimodular categories
Gehret, Allen
A tale of two Liouville closures
Gehring, Frederick
A note on a paper by L. C. Young
Geiger, David
Closed systems of functions and predicates
Geiges, Hansjörg
Contact structures on $(n-1)$-connected $(2n+1)$-manifolds
Geitz, Robert
Vector-valued functions as families of scalar-valued functions
Gekhtman, Dmitri
Cyclic pursuit on compact manifolds
Gelbaum, Bernard
Bases of tensor products of Banach spaces
Some theorems in probability theory
Tensor products of group algebras
Geline, Michael
On Tate duality and a projective scalar property for symmetric algebras
Gellar, Ralph
A new look at some familiar spaces of intertwining operators
Genet, Gwenaëlle
On the commutator formula of a split BN-pair
Gentili, Graziano
Landau--Toeplitz theorems for slice regular functions over quaternions
Gentry, Roosevelt
New diagram proofs of the Hausdorff-Young theorem and Young's inequality
Geoghegan, Ross
Splitting homotopy idempotents which have essential fixed points
The homomorphism on fundamental group induced by a homotopy idempotent having essential fixed points
Geramita, Joan
Automorphisms on cylindrical semigroups
Gérardin, Paul
Asymptotic behaviour of eigenfunctions on semi-homogeneous tree
Gerber, Leon
The orthocentric simplex as an extreme simplex
The volume cut off a simplex by a half-space
Gerber, Thomas
Generalized Mullineux involution and perverse equivalences
Gerek, Aydin
On Isoperimetric Surfaces in General Relativity
Gergen, J. J.
Convergence of extended Bernstein polynomials in the complex plane
Gerhard, James
Subdirectly irreducible idempotent semigroups
Word problems for free objects in certain varieties of completely regular semigroups
Gerhardt, Claus
$L^{p}$-estimates for solutions to the instationary Navier-Stokes equations in dimension two
A free boundary value problem for capillary surfaces
A note on inverse curvature flows in ARW spacetimes
On the CMC foliation of future ends of a spacetime
Geroldinger, Alfred
Monoids of modules and arithmetic of direct-sum decompositions
Gershenson, Hillel
A problem in compact Lie groups and framed cobordism
Gersting, Judith
A rate of growth criterion for universality of regressive isols
Gerth, Frank
The Iwasawa invariant $\mu$ for quadratic fields
Gervais, Jean-Jacques
Stability of unfoldings in the context of equivariant contact-equivalence
Gerver, Joseph
Long walks in the plane with few collinear points
On certain sequences of lattice points
Getoor, Ronald
Additive functionals of a Markov process
Infinitely divisible probabilities on the hyperbolic plane
Markov operators and their associated semi-groups
On characteristic functions of Banach space valued random variables
The asymptotic distribution of the eigenvalues for a class of Markov operators
Getz, Jayce
A general simple relative trace formula
Nonabelian Fourier transforms for spherical representations
Geue, Andrew S.
Precompact and collectively semi-precompact sets of semi-precompact continuous linear operators
Ghaemi, Mohammad Bagher
Boolean algebras of projections \& algebras of spectral operators
Ghahramani, Fereidoun
Compact elements of weighted group algebras
The $L^p$ theory of standard homomorphisms
Ghaswala, Tyrone
Circularly ordering direct products and the obstruction to left-orderability
Ghate, Eknath
(p,p)-Galois representations attached to automorphic forms on GL_n
Gheibi, Mohsen
Gheorghe, Dana
Spectral Theory for Linear Relations via Linear Operators
Ghez, P.
Ghezzi, Laura
Homology multipliers and the relation type of parameter ideals
Ghimenti, Marco
On Yamabe type problems on Riemannian manifolds with boundary
Ghioca, Dragos
A variant of a theorem by Ailon-Rudnick for elliptic curves
Ghomi, Mohammad
Centers of disks in Riemannian manifolds
Ghorpade, Sudhir
Hilbert series of certain jet schemes of determinantal varieties
Ghosh, Shamindra Kumar
Ghoussoub, Nassif
Variational representations for $N$-cyclically monotone vector fields
Weak compactness in spaces of Bochner integrable functions and the Radon-Nikodým property
Ghrist, Robert
Flowlines transverse to knot and link fibrations
Giacomini, Hector
Upper bounds for the number of limit cycles through linear differential equations
Giambruno, Antonio
A commutativity theorem for rings with derivations
Derivations with invertible values in rings with involution
On rings which are sumsof two PI-subrings: a combinatorial approach
Giaquinta, Mariano
On the regularity up to the boundary for second order nonlinear elliptic systems
Gibson, Archie
Triples of operator-valued functions related to the unit circle
Gibson, Christopher
On stratifying pairs of linear mappings
Giertz, Magnus
On generalized elements with respect to linear operators
Gierz, Gerhard
A duality principle for rational approximation
Injective Banach lattices with strong order units
On the Dunford-Pettis property of function modules of abstract $L$-spaces
Gigante, Giuliana
$M$-hyperbolic real subsets of complex spaces
Gil De Lamadrid, Jesus
Bases of tensor products of Banach spaces
Gilbert, J. E.
Characterization of Hardy spaces by singular integrals and `Divergence-Free' wavelets
Gilbert, John
Convolution operators on $L^{p}(G)$ and properties of locally compact groups
On the ideal structure of some algebras of analytic functions
Gilbert, Richard
Extremal spectral functions of a symmetric operator
The deficiency index of a third order operator
Gilbert, Robert
On a class of elliptic partial differential equations in four variables
On harmonic functions of four variables with rational $p_{4}$-associates
Singularities of three-dimensional harmonic functions
Gilbert, Simcha
Generalized splines on arbitrary graphs
Gilbert, Walter
Completely monotonic functions on cones
Giles, John
Generic differentiability of convex functions on the dual of a Banach space
Geometrical implications of upper semi-continuity of the duality mapping on a Banach space
On numerical ranges of elements of locally $m$-convex algebras
Gilfeather, Frank
Isomorphisms modulo the compact operators of nest algebras
Operator valued roots of abelian analytic functions
Gilkey, Peter
Four-dimensional Osserman metrics of neutral signature
Invariants of the heat equation
The eta invariant, $\mathrm{Pin}^c$ bordism, and equivariant $\mathrm{Spin}^c$ bordism for cyclic $2$-groups
The local index formula for a Hermitian manifold
Gill, Nick
Cherlin's conjecture for sporadic simple groups
Gillam, William
Cleanliness of geodesics in hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Gillaspy, Elizabeth
$K$-theory and homotopies of 2-cocycles on higher-rank graphs
Gille, Philippe
On maximal tori of algebraic groups of type $G_2$
Gillespie, James
Canonical resolutions in hereditary abelian model categories
Gillespie, Thomas
An invariant subspace theorem of J. Feldman
Analyticity and spectral decompositions of $L^p$ for compact abelian groups
Invariant subspaces and harmonic conjugation on compact abelian groups
The generalized M. Riesz theorem and transference
Gilliam, David
Geometry and the Radon-Nikodym theorem in strict Mackey convergence spaces
Gillman, David
Gilman, Robert
Finite groups with small unbalancing $2$-components
Gilmer, Patrick
Arf invariants of real algebraic curves
Integral TQFT for a one-holed torus
On surgery curves for genus-one slice knots
Real algebraic curves and link cobordism
Topological proof of the $G$-signature theorem for $G$ finite
Gilmer, Robert
A characterization of Prüfer domains in terms of polynomials
Jónsson $\omega_0$-generated algebraic field extensions
On a classical theorem of Noether in ideal theory
On the divisors of monic polynomials over a commutative ring
Power series rings over a Krull domain
Rings in which semi-primary ideals are primary
Some containment relations between classes of ideals of a commutative ring
The group of units of a commutative semigroup ring
The pseudo-radical of a commutative ring
Gilmore, Maurice
Three-dimensional open books constructed from the identity map
Gilmour, C. R. A.
On the congruence lattice of a frame
Giménez, Fernando
Volume estimates for real hypersurfaces of a Kaehler manifold with strictly positive holomorphic sectional and antiholomorphic Ricci curvatures
Gindikin, Simon
The geometry of flag manifold and holomorphic extension of Szeg\"{o} kernels for $\mathbf{SU}(p,q)$
Giné, Jaume
A family of isochronous foci with Darboux\\first integral
Gingold, Harry
On the location of zeroes of oscillatory solutions of $y^{(n)}=c(x)y$
Uniqueness of linear boundary value problems for differential systems
Ginoux, Nicolas
A new upper bound for the Dirac operator on hypersurfaces
Ginsburg, John
$S$-spaces in countably compact spaces using Ostaszewski's method
A note on the cardinality of infinite partially ordered sets
Cardinal inequalities for topological spaces involving the weak Lindelof number
Some applications of ultrafilters in topology
Ginsburg, Seymour
On mappings from the family of well ordered subsets of a set
Semigroups, Presburger formulas, and languages
Ginzburg, David
Generalized modular symbols and relative Lie algebra cohomology
Ginzburg, Viktor
On the Maslov class rigidity for coisotropic submanifolds
Periodic orbits ofHamiltonian flows near symplectic extrema
Gioia, Anthony
Convolutions of arithmetic functions over cohesive basic sequences
Girão, Darlan
Girão, Frederico
The Gauss-Bonnet-Chern mass of higher codimension graphical manifolds
Girard, Dennis
The asymptotic behavior of norms of powers of absolutely convergent Fourier series
The behavior of the norm of an automorphism of the unit disk
Girardi, Maria
Dentability, trees, and Dunford-Pettis operators on $L_1$
Errata: ``Dentability, trees, and Dunford-Pettis operators on $L_1$''
Girolo, Jack
Approximating compact sets in normed linear spaces
Gislason, Gary
On the existence question for a family of products
Gitik, Moti
Some results on Specker's problem
Gitler Hammer, Samuel
Composition properties of projective homotopy classes
Gittings, Raymond F.
Finite-to-one open maps of generalized metric spaces
Giuffrida, Salvatore
On the postulation of $0$-dimensional subschemes on a smooth quadric
Giulini, Saverio
Singular characters and their $L^{p}$ norms on classical Lie groups
Giusti, Enrico
Generalized solutions for the mean curvature equation
Glaser, Leslie
A proof of the most general polyhedral Schoenflies conjecture possible
On tame Cantor sets in spheres having the same projection in each direction
Uncountably many almost polyhedral wild $(k-2)$-cells in $E^{k}$ for $k\geqq 4$
Glasner, Eli
Glasner, Moses
Correction to: ``Function-theoretic degeneracy criteria for Riemannian manifolds''
Function-theoretic degeneracy criteria for Riemannian manifolds
Surjective extension of the reduction operator
Glass, Andrew
$a^{\ast}$-closures of completely distributive lattice-ordered groups
Archimedean extensions of directed interpolation groups
Correction to: ``$a^*$-closures to completely distributive lattice-ordered groups''
Glass, Darren
Embedding problems and finite quotients
Glassco, Donald
Irreducible sums of simple multivectors
Glassman, Neal
Cohomology of nonassociative algebras
Glauberman, George
A characteristic subgroup of a group of odd order
Correction to: ``A characteristic subgroup of a group of odd order''
Normalizers of $p$-subgroups in finite groups
On Burnside's other $p^{a}q^{b}$ theorem
Weakly closed direct factors of Sylow subgroups
Gleason, Andrew
Distribution of round-off errors for running averages
The abstract theorem of Cauchy-Weil
The extension of linear functionals defined on $H^{\infty}$
Gleit, Alan
On the structure topology of simplex spaces
Glenn, Laura Ann
Model rigid CR submanifolds of CR dimension 1
Glennie, Charles
Some identities valid in special Jordan algebras but not valid in all Jordan algebras
Glicksberg, Irving
A Phragmén-Lindelöf theorem for function algebras
A remark on analyticity of function algebras
An analogue of Liapounoff's convexity theorem for Birnbaum-Orlicz spaces and the extreme points of their unit balls
An application of Wermer's subharmonicity theorem
Boundary continuity of some holomorphic functions
Convolution semigroups of measures
Correction to: ``Maximal algebras and a theorem of Radó''
Homomorphisms of certain algebras of measures
Indicator functions with large Fourier transforms
Maps preserving translates of a function
Maximal algebras and a theorem of Radó
More on Phragmén-Lindelöf for function algebras
Multipliers of quotients of $L_{1}$
Removable discontinuities of $A$-holomorphic functions
Semi-square-summable Fourier-Stieltjes transforms
Weak compactness and separate continuity
Glimm, James
Families of induced representations
Unitary operators in $C^{\ast}$-algebras
Globevnik, Josip
Analytic extensions of vector-valued functions
Fourier coefficients of the Rudin-Carleson extensions
The range of analytic extensions
Glöckner, Helge
Real and $p$-adicLie algebra functors on the category of topological groups
Glorieux, Olivier
Entropy of embedded surfaces in quasi-fuchsian manifolds
Glover, Henry
Gluck, David
Character value estimates for groups of Lie type
Glutsyuk, Alexey
On commuting billiards in higher-dimensional spaces of constant curvature
Gnepp, Andrei
Cost-minimizing networks\\among immiscible fluids in $\mathbb R^2$
Göbel, Rüdiger
Products of conjugate permutations
Goberstein, Simon
On orthodox semigroups determined by their bundles of correspondences
Godefroy, Gilles
Godelle, Eddy
Parabolic subgroups ofArtin groups\\ of type FC
Godoy, Tomás
$L^2$ spectral decomposition on the Heisenberg group associated to the action of $U( p,q)$
Goebel, Kazimierz
On the minimal displacement of points under Lipschitzian mappings
Goel, D. S.
Best approximation by a saturation class of polynomial operators
Goggins, Robert
Cobordism of manifolds with strong almost tangent structures
Golan, Jonathan
Topologies on the torsion-theoretic spectrum of a noncommutative ring
Golasiński, Marek
Postnikov towers and Gottlieb groups of orbit spaces
Golber, David
The cohomological description of a torus action
Gold, Robert
$\Gamma $-extensions of imaginary quadratic fields
Goldberg, David
$R$-groups and elliptic representations for $\mathrm{SL}_n$
Goldberg, Jack
Polynomials orthogonal over a denumerable set
Goldberg, Michael
Matrix $A_p$ weights via maximal functions
Goldberg, Moshe
On characterizations and integrals of generalized numerical ranges
Goldberg, Myron
Cycles in $k$-strong tournaments
Goldberg, Richard
An inversion of the Stieltjes transform
Averages of Fourier coefficients
Goldberg, Samuel
Integrability of almost cosymplectic structures
Totally geodesic hypersurfaces of Kaehler manifolds
Goldberg, Seymour
Closed linear operators and associated continuous linear opeators
Linear operators and their conjugates
Ranges and inverses of perturbed linear operators
Goldbring, Isaac
Games and elementary equivalence of II_1 factors
Goldman, André
Mesures cylindriques, mesures vectorielles et questions de concentration cylindrique
Goldman, William
Polynomial forms on affine manifolds
Two examples of affine manifolds
Goldschmidt, David
Classical link invariants and the Burau representation
Goldsmith, Donald
Convolutions of arithmetic functions over cohesive basic sequences
On the density of certain cohesive basic sequences
On the multiplicative properties of arithmetic functions
Goldstein, Allen
A finite algorithm for the solution of consistent linear equations and inequalities and for the Tchebycheff approximation of inconsistent linear equations
Goldstein, Daniel
Inversion invariant additive subgroups of division rings
Norms in central simple algebras
Goldstein, Jerome
Groups of isometries on Orlicz spaces
One parameter groups of isometries on certain Banach spaces
Goldstein, Myron
$K$- and $L$-kernels on an arbitrary Riemann surface
Goldstein, Norman
Ampleness in complex homogeneous spaces and a second Lefschetz theorem
Degenerate secant varieties and a problem on matrices
Golightly, George
Graph-dense linear transformations
Shadow and inverse-shadow inner products for a class of linear transformations
Golodets, Valentin Ya.
Regularization of actions of groups and groupoids on measured equivalence relations
Golomb, Solomon
A function-theoretic approach to the study of nonlinear recurring sequences
Golovko, Roman
A note on infinite number of exact Lagrangian fillings for spherical spuns
A note on Lagrangian cobordisms between Legendrian submanifolds of R^{2n+1}
The cylindrical contact homology of universally tight sutured contact solid tori
Golubitsky, Martin
Primitive subalgebras of exceptional Lie algebras
Gomes, Andre
Energy and volume of vector fields on spherical domains
Gomes, José
Characterizations of immersed gradient almost Ricci solitons
Gómez Gil, Javier
On local convexity of bounded weak topologies on Banach spaces
Gómez-Molleda, Maria
Dihedral Galois groups of even degree polynomials
Gomi, Kensaku
Finite groups with a standard subgroup isomorphic to $PSU(4,2)$
Goncalves, Adilson
Gonçalves, Daciberg
Fixed points of $S^1$-fibrations
Groups of PL-homeomorphisms admitting non-trivial invariant characters
Inclusion of configuration spaces in Cartesian products, and the virtual cohomological dimension of the braid groups of S^2 and RP^2
Postnikov towers and Gottlieb groups of orbit spaces
Sigma theory and twisted conjugacy classes
Sigma theory and twisted conjugacy-II: Hougton groups and pure symmetric automorphism groups
Twisted conjugacy classes in R. Thompson's Group F
Gonek, Steven
Explicit formulae and discrepancy estimates for $a$-points of the Riemann zeta-function
Gong, Cheng
Number of singular fibres of surface fibrations over $\mathbb{P}^1$
Gong, Guihua
Determinant rank of $C^*$-algebras
Gong, Sheng
Biholomorphic convex mappings of ball in $\mathbb{C}^n$
The growth and $1/4$-theorems for starlike mappings in $\mathbf{C}^n$
Gong, Xianghong
Divergence of the normalization for real Lagrangian surfaces near complex tangents
Normal forms for CR singular codimension-two Levi-flat submanifolds
Gonshor, Harry
Remarks on the Dedekind completion of a nonstandard model of the reals
Gonzalez, E.
Existence and regularity for the problem of a pendent liquid drop
Gonzalez Fuentes, Maria
$L^2$ estimates on chord-arc curves
González Nogueras, Marí­a del Mar
Asymptotic behavior of Palais-Smale sequences associated with fractional Yamabe type equations
Classification of singularities for a subcritical fully non-linear problem
Renormalized weighted volume for the conformal fractional Laplacian
González Ortiz, Manuel
Local reflexivity of dual Banach spaces
González-Espino-Barros, Jesús
Classification of the stable homotopy types of stunted lens spaces for an odd prime
González-Meneses López, Juan
Ordering pure braid groups on compact, connected surfaces
Gonzalez-Velasco, Enrique
On the range of an unbounded partly atomic vector-valued measure
Goodearl, Kenneth
$K_1$ of separative exchange rings and C*-algebras with real rank zero
Cancellation of low-rank vector bundles
Centers of regular self-injective rings
Choquet simplexes and $\sigma $-convex faces
Commutation relations for arbitrary quantum minors
Completions of regular rings. II
Direct limit groups and the Keesling-Mardešić shape fibration
Directly finite aleph-nought-continuous regular rings
Distributing tensor product over direct product
Essential products of nonsingular rings
Homogenization of regular rings of bounded index
Idealizers and nonsingular rings
Krull dimension of skew-Laurent extensions
Localization and splitting in hereditary noetherian prime rings
Patch-continuity of normalized ranks of modules over one-sided Noetherian rings
Periodic flat modules, and flat modules for finite groups
Power-cancellation of groups and modules
Rings over which certain modules are injective
Uniform rank over differential operator rings and Poincaré-Birkhoff-Witt extensions
Goodey, Paul
Goodman, Frederick
The Temperley-Lieb algebra at roots of unity
Translation invariant closed $\ast $ derivations
Goodman, Roe
Positive-definite distributions and intertwining operators
Goodman, Ruth
A certain class of polynomials
Goodman, Victor
Goodrick, Richard
Two bridge knots are alternating knots
Goodwin, Simon
Counting conjugacy classes in the unipotent radical of parabolic subgroups of GL_n(q)
Representation theory of type B and C standard Levi $W$-algebras
Goodykoontz, Jack
Aposyndetic properties of hyperspaces
Connectedness im kleinen and local connectedness in $2^X$ and $C(X)$
Gootman, Elliot
The type of some $C^{\ast}$ and $W^{\ast}$-algebras associated with transformation groups
Gopala Krishna, J.
Maximum term of a power series in one and several complex variables
Gopalakrishnan, N. S.
Homological dimension of Ore-extensions
Gopalsamy, K.
Oscillatory properties of systems of first order linear delay differential inequalities
Gordeev, Nikolai
Intersection of conjugacy classes with Bruhat cells in Chevalley groups
Gordh, George
Characterizing local connectedness in inverse limits
Monotone decompositions of irreducible Hausdorff continua
Terminal subcontinua of hereditarily unicoherent continua
Gordon, B.
Algebraically defined subspaces in the cohomology of a Kuga fiber variety
Gordon, Basil
A generalization of the coset decomposition of a finite group
A proof of the Bender-Knuth conjecture
Binomial coefficients whose products are perfect $k$th powers
Correction to: A generalization of the coset decomposition of a finite group
On a theorem of Delaunay and some related results
On the determination of sets by the sets of sums of a certain order
Partitions of groups and complete mappings
Sequences in groups with distinct partial products
Gordon, Cameron
Gordon, Gerald
On the degeneracy of a spectral sequence associated to normal crossings
Gordon, Hugh
Measure defined by abstract $L_{p}$ spaces
Rings of functions determined by zero-sets
Gordon, James
Approximating annular capillary surfaces with equal contact angles
Properties of annular capillary surfaces with equal contact angles
Gordon, Julia
Elliptic curves, random matrices and orbital integrals
Gordon, Manfred
Determinants of Petrie matrices
Gordon, Robert
Rings in which minimal left ideals are projective
Gordon, Samuel
Gordon, William
An analysis of equality in certain matrix inequalities. I
Gordon, Y.
Unconditional Schauder decompositions of normed ideals of operators between some $l_{p}$-spaces
Gorenstein, Daniel
On almost-commuting permutations
Goresky, Robert
Ordinary points mod p of GL(n,R) locally symmetric spaces
Real structures on polarized Dieudonne modules
Gorkin, Pamela
Division theorems and the\\Shilov property for ${\rm H}^{\infty} + {\rm C}$
Essentially commuting Toeplitz operators
Gorman, Howard
Zero divisors in differential rings
Gorman, Howard
The Brandt condition and invertibility of modules
Gorodski, Claudio
The classification of simply-connected contact sub-riemannian symmetric spaces
Górski, Jerzy
The Sochocki-Plemelj formula for the functions of two complex variables
Goseki, Zensiro
On semigroups in which $x=xyx=xzx$ if and only if $x=xyzx$
Goss, David
On a new type of $L$-function for algebraic curves over finite fields
Goss, G.
$C$-compact and functionally compact spaces
Some topological properties weaker than compactness
Gosselin, Richard
Closure theorems for affine transformation groups
On Diophantine approximation and trigonometric polynomials
On the convergence behaviour of trigonometric interpolating polynomials
Gossez, Jean-Pierre
Some geometric properties related to the fixed point theory for nonexpansive mappings
Goswami, Debashish
Dilation of Markovian cocycleson \\ a von Neumann algebra
Gotoh, Yasuhiro
On composition operators which preserve BMO
Gottlieb, Daniel
The Lefschetz number and Borsuk-Ulam theorems
The total space of universal fibrations
Gottlieb, Sarah
Algebraic automorphisms of algebraic groups with stable maximal tori
Gould, Matthew
Automorphism groups retracting onto symmetric groups
Endomorphism and automorphism structure of direct squares of universal algebras
Multiplicity type and subalgebra structure in universal algebras
Goulding, Thomas
Structure of semiprime $(p,\,q)$ radicals
Gouli-Andreou, Florence
On the concircular curvature of a $(\kappa, \mu, \nu)$-manifold
Three classes of pseudosymmetric contact metric 3-manifolds
Two classes of pseudosymmetric contact metric 3-manifolds
Goullet de Rugy, Alain
Un théorème du genre ``Andô-Edwards'' pour les Fréchet ordonnés normaux
Gourevitch, Dmitry
Uniqueness of Shalika functionals: the archimedean case
Govaerts, Willy
Locally convex spaces of non-Archimedean valued continuous functions
Gover, Ashwin
Conformal boundary operators, T-curvatures, and conformal fractional Laplacians of odd order
Conformal Holonomy Equals Ambient Holonomy
Conformally invariant non-local operators
The ambient obstruction tensor and the conformal deformation complex
Gover, Eugene
Increasing sequences of Betti numbers
Gow, R.
Groups whose irreducible character degrees are ordered by divisibility
Goyal, Vinod
Bounds for the solution of a certain class of nonlinear partial differential equations
Goze, Michel
Grabiner, Sandy
The $L^p$ theory of standard homomorphisms
Grabinsky, Guillermo
Poisson process over $\sigma $-finite Markov chains
Grabowski, Jan
A triple construction for Lie bialgebras
Grace, Edward
Cut points in totally non-semi-locally-connected continua
On local properties and $G_{\delta}$ sets
Graczyk, Piotr
The product formula for the spherical functions on symmetric spaces inthe complex case
Transition density estimates for stable processes on symmetric spaces
Graef, John
Limit circle type results for sublinear equations
On the nonoscillation of perturbed functional-differential equations
Some nonoscillation criteria for higher order nonlinear differential equations
Graf, Siegfried
On the existence of strong liftings in second countable topological spaces
Realizing automorphisms of quotients of product $\sigma $-fields
Grafakos, Loukas
A Selberg integral formula and applications
Graham, Charles
Conformal Holonomy Equals Ambient Holonomy
Graham, Colin
Bilinear operators on $L^\infty(G)$ of locally compact groups
Bimeasure algebras on LCA groups
Nonfactorization in commutative, weakly selfadjoint Banach algebras
Planar sidonicity and quasi independence for multiplicative subgroups of the roots of unity
Graham, Ian
Bloch constants in one and several variables
Intrinsic measures and holomorphic retracts
Graham, Ronald
On finite sums of reciprocals of distinct $n$th powers
On tightest packings in the Minkowski plane
The Radon transform on $\mathbf{Z}^k_2$
Graham, William
The forgetful map in rational K-theory
Graham-Squire, Adam
Calculation of local formal Mellin transforms
Grainger, Arthur D.
Invariant subspaces of compact operators on topological vector spaces
Granas, Andrzej
Applications of topological transversality to differential equations. I. Some nonlinear diffusion problems
Topological transversality. II. Applications to the Neumann problem for $y^{\prime\prime}=f(t,\,y,\,y^{\prime})$
Granata, Antonio
A geometric characterization of $n$th order convex functions
Grandjean, F.
A note on Taylor's Brauer group
Granirer, Edmond
On the invariant mean on topological semigroups and on topological groups
Granja, Angel
Apéry basis and polar invariants of plane curve singularities
Granlund, Seppo
Note on the PWB-method in the nonlinear case
Grant, Caroline
Hyperbolicity of surfaces modulo rational and elliptic curves
Metrics for singular analytic spaces
Grant, Douglas
Topological groups which satisfy an open mapping theorem
Grant, John
Automorphisms definable by formulas
Corrections to: ``Automorphisms definable by formulas''
Grant, Joseph
Braid groups and quiver mutation
Granville, Andrew
Values of Bernoulli polynomials
Grassl, Richard
Multisectioned partitions of integers
Polynomials in denumerable indeterminates
Grätzer, George
A nonassociative extension of the class of distributive lattices
Chain conditions in free products of lattices with infinitary operations
Embedding lattices into lattices of ideals
On the endomorphism semigroup (and category) of bounded lattices
On the number of polynomials of an idempotent algebra. I
On the number of polynomials of an idempotent algebra. II
Symmetric difference in abelian groups
The amalgamation property in equational classes of modular lattices
Uniform representations of congruence schemes
Gray, Alfred
Asymptotic values of a holomorphic function with respect to its maximum term
Sphere transitive structures and the triality automorphism
Gray, Allan
Normal subgroups of monomial groups
Gray, Jack D.
Local analytic extensions of the resolvent
Gray, John
Extensions of sheaves of associative algebras by non-trivial kernels
Gray, Mary
Gray, Neil
Unstable points in the hyperspace of connected subsets
Gray, William
A note on topological transformation groups with a fixed end point
Grbac, Neven
Endoscopic transfer for unitary groups and holomorphy of Asai L-functions
Greco, Gabriele H.
Compactoid and compact filters
Greco, Silvio
The Lüroth semigroup of plane algebraic curves
Green, David G.
The lattice of congruences on an inverse semigroup
Green, Edward
Diagonalizable derivations of \\finite-dimensional algebras II
On the representation theory of rings in matrix form
Green, Euline
On a Radon-Nikodym theorem for finitely additive set functions
Green, John W.
Length and area of a convex curve under affine transformation
Mean values of harmonic functions on homothetic curves
On the level surfaces of potentials of masses with fixed center of gravity
Green, John
Completion and semicompletion of Moore spaces
Separating certain plane-like spaces by Peano continua
Green, Leon
A sphere characterization related to Blaschke's conjecture
Green, Marvin
A locally convex topology on a preordered space
Green, Paul
Sphere transitive structures and the triality automorphism
Green, Philip
$C^*$-algebras of transformation groups with smooth orbit space
Stable isomorphism and strong Morita equivalence of $C^*$-algebras
Green, Richard
On representations of affine Temperley--Lieb algebras, II
Greenberg, Marvin
Strictly local solutions of Diophantine equations
Greenberg, Michael
On Isoperimetric Surfaces in General Relativity
Greenberg, Peter
Pseudogroups of $C^1$ piecewise projective homeomorphisms
The Euler class for ``piecewise'' groups
The geometry of sum-preserving permutations
Greene, John
Lagrange inversion over finite fields
Greene, M. T.
Greene, Robert
Addendum to: ``Lipschitz convergence of Riemannian manifolds''
Lipschitz convergence of Riemannian manifolds
Semicontinuity of automorphism groups of strongly pseudoconvex domains: The low differentiability case
Greenfield, Gary R.
Uniform distribution in subgroups of the Brauer group of an algebraic number field
Greenleaf, Frederick
Characterization of group algebras in terms of their translation operators
Cyclic vectors for representations associated with positive definite measures: nonseparable groups
Existence of Borel transversals in groups
Groups of automorphisms of Lie groups: density properties, bounded orbits, and homogeneous spaces of finite volume
Norm decreasing homomorphisms of group algebras
Spectrum and multiplicities for restrictions of unitary representations in nilpotent Lie groups
Greenleaf, Newcomb
Analytic sheaves on Klein surfaces
Positive holomorphic differentials on Klein surfaces
Greenspan, Bernard
A bound for the orders of the components of a system of algebraic difference equations
Greenstein, Jacob
Primitively generated Hall algebras
Greenwald, Harvey
Lipschitz spaces of distributions on the surface of unit sphere in Euclidean $n$-space
Lipschitz spaces on the surface of the unit sphere in Euclidean $n$-space
On the theory of homogeneous Lipschitz spaces and Campanato spaces
Greenwood, R. E.
Distribution of round-off errors for running averages
Grefsrud, Gary
Oscillatory properties of solutions of certain $n$th order functional differential equations
Gregorac, Robert
On realizing $\mathrm{HNN}$ groups in $3$-manifolds
Gregory, David
Geometrical implications of upper semi-continuity of the duality mapping on a Banach space
Gregory, John
An approximation theory for elliptic quadratic forms on Hilbert spaces: Application to the eigenvalue problem for compact quadratic forms
Numerical algorithms for oscillation vectors of second order differential equations including the Euler-Lagrange equation for symmetric tridiagonal matrices
Greither, Cornelius
On constructions similar to the Burnside ring for commutative rings and profinite groups
Grenier, Douglas
Fundamental domains for the general linear group
On the shape of fundamental domains in $\mathrm{GL}(n,\mathbf{R})/\mathrm{O}(n)$
Griego, Richard
Asymptotics for certain Wiener integrals associated with higher order differential operators
Grieser, Daniel
Asymptotics of eigenfunctions on plane domains
Griess, Robert
A remark about groups of characteristic $2$-type and $p$-type
Automorphisms of extra special groups and nonvanishing degree $2$ cohomology
Maximal subgroups and automorphisms of Chevalley groups
The splitting of extensions of $\mathrm{SL}(3,3)$ by the vector space $\mathbf{F}^3_3.$
Griffeth, Stephen
Systems of parameters and holonomicity of A-hypergeometric systems
Griffin, Ernest
Everywhere defined linear transformations affiliated with rings of operators
Griffin, John
Multipliers and the group $L_{p}$-algebras
Griffith, Phillip
Binomial behavior of Betti numbers for modules of finite length
Transitive and fully transitive primary abelian groups
Griffon, Richard
On the arithmetic of a family of twisted constant elliptic curves
Grillet, Pierre
On subdirectly irreducible commutative semigroups
Grimaldi, Ralph
Baer and $\mathrm{UT}$-modules over domains
Grimm, David
Sums of squares in algebraic function fields over a complete discretely valued field
Grimmer, Ronald
On the asymptotic behavior of solutions of $x''+a(t)f(x)=e(t)$
Grinberg, Eric
Analytic continuation of convex bodies and Funk's characterization of the sphere
Grishkov, Alexandre
Grivaux, Sophie
Light groups of isomorphisms of Banach spaces and invariant LUR renormings
Grobner, Harald
A cohomological injectivity result for the residual automorphic spectrum of $\mathrm{GL}_n$
Relations of rationality for special values of Rankin--Selberg $L$-functions of $\GL_n\times\GL_m$ over CM-fields
Groemer, H.
On coverings of Euclidean space by convex sets
On some mean values associated with a randomly selected simplex in a convex set
On the extension of additive functionals on classes of convex sets
Space coverings by translates of convex sets
Gromadzki, Grzegorz
On non-orientable Riemann surfaces with $2p$ or $2p+2$ automorphisms
Gronbaek, Niels
Amenability of discrete convolution algebras, the commutative case
Grønbæk, Niels
An imprimitivity theorem for representations of locallycompact groups on arbitrary Banach spaces
Gronski, Jan
Classification of closed sets of attainability in the plane
Grosjean, Jean-Francois
Upper boundsfor the first eigenvalue of the Laplacian on compact submanifolds
Gross, Benedict
Embeddings into the integral octonions
Gross, Daniel
Compact quotients by $\mathbf{C}^{\ast}$-actions
Gross, Fletcher
Fixed-point-free operator groups of order $8$
Groups admitting a fixed-point-free automorphism of order $2^{n}$
The $2$-length of a finite solvable group
Gross, Fred
Entire functions of several variables with algebraic derivatives at certain algebraic points
Gross, Jonathan
Quotients of complete graphs: revisiting the Heawood map-coloring problem
Gross, Kenneth
Ramanujan's master theorem for symmetric cones
Gross, Leonard
Hankel operators over complex manifolds
Gross, Oliver
A note on polynomial and separable games
Incidence matrices and interval graphs
Gross, Robert
$S$-integer points on elliptic curves
Große-Brauckmann, Karsten
Stable constant mean curvature surfaces minimize area
Grossman, Edward
On the prime ideal divisors of $(a^{n}-b^{n})$
Grossman, Jerrold
On groups with specified lower central series quotients
Grossman, Nathaniel
The volume of a totally-geodesic hypersurface in a pinched manifold
Grosswald, Emil
A class of modified $\zeta $ and $L$-functions
Rational valued series of exponentials and divisor functions
Grove, Larry
Tensor products over $H^{\ast}$-algebras
Grover, John
Covering groups of groups of Lie type
Gruenhage, Gary
Metrization of spaces with countable large basis dimension
Spaces determined by point-countable covers
Sup-characterization of stratifiable spaces
Grunau, Hans-Christoph
Nonexistence of local minima of supersolutions for the circular clamped plate
Grünbaum, Branko
Corrections to: ``Isotoxal tilings''
On a theorem of L. A. Santaló
On some covering and intersection properties in Minkowski spaces
On the number of invariant straight lines \\for polynomial differential systems
Partitions of mass-distributions and of convex bodies by hyperplanes
Preassigning the shape of a face
Some applications of expansion constants
The dimension of intersections of convex sets
Grünbaum, Francisco
Discrete bispectral Darboux transformations from Jacobi operators
Grundmeier, Dusty
Sums of CR functions from competing CR structures
Grünenfelder, Luzius
Ascent and descent for finite sequences\\ of commuting endomorphisms
Jordan analogs of the Burnside and Jacobson density theorems
Permutability of characters on algebras
Gu, Caixing
Products of block Toeplitz operators
Gu, Yi
Number of singular fibres of surface fibrations over $\mathbb{P}^1$
Guadalupe, Irwen Valle
Normal curvature of surfaces in space forms
Guan, Bo
The Monge--Amp\`ere equation with \\ infinite boundary value
Guan, Zhuang-Dan
Extremal-solitons and the $C^{\infty}$ exponential convergence of modified Calabi flows on certain completion of $C^*$ Bundles
On Bisectional Negatively Curved Compact K\"ahler-Einstein Surfaces
On the nonexistence of $S^6$ type complex threefolds in any compact homogeneous complex manifolds with the compact lie group $G_2$ as the base manifold
Type I almost homogeneous manifolds of cohomogeneity one---III
Type II almost homogeneous manifolds of cohomogeneity one
Guan, Qi'an
On some properties of squeezing functions on bounded domains
Guang, Qiang
Compactness and generic finiteness for free boundary minimal hypersurfaces (I)
Guàrdia i Rúbies, Jordi
A family of arithmetic surfaces of genus 3
Guaschi, John
Inclusion of configuration spaces in Cartesian products, and the virtual cohomological dimension of the braid groups of S^2 and RP^2
Guay, Nicolas
Double affine Lie algebras and finite groups
Gubeladze, Joseph
Gudder, Stanley
A note on proposition observables
A Radon-Nikodým theorem for $\ast $-algebras
Erratum: ``Uniqueness and existence properties of bounded observables''
Orthogonally additive and orthogonally increasing functions on vector spaces
Partial algebraic structures associated with orthomodular posets
Unbounded representations of $\ast$-algebras
Uniqueness and existence properties of bounded observables
Guenther, Ronald
Applications of topological transversality to differential equations. I. Some nonlinear diffusion problems
Topological transversality. II. Applications to the Neumann problem for $y^{\prime\prime}=f(t,\,y,\,y^{\prime})$
Guerberoff, Lucio
Semi-stable deformation rings in even Hodge–Tate weights
Guerin, E. E.
A convolution related to Golomb's root function
Guéritaud, François
Compact anti-de Sitter 3-manifolds and folded hyperbolic structures on surfaces
Guerzhoy, Pavel
Periodicities for Taylor coefficients of half-integral weight modular forms
Guggenheimer, Heinrich
Guha, U. C.
$(\gamma, k)$-summability of series
Gui, Changfeng
On a sharp Moser--Aubin--Onofri inequality for functions on $S^2$ with symmetry
Guido, Daniele
An asymptotic dimension for metric spaces, and the $0$-th Novikov--Shubin invariant
Guijarro, Luis
On the metric structure ofopen manifolds with nonnegative curvature
Guijarro, Luis
Bundles with spherical Euler class
Guilbault, Craig
Compact contractible $n$-manifolds have arc spines $(n\geq 5)$
Noncompact manifolds that are inward tame
On the fundamental groups of trees of manifolds
Guillemin, Victor
Kähler metrics on singular toric varieties
Guinand, Paul
Between the unitary and similarity orbits of normal operators
Guirardel, Vincent
Scott and Swarup’s regular neighborhood as a tree of cylinders
Gulick, Frances F.
Actions of functions in Banach algebras
Gulick, Sidney
Commutativity and ideals in the biduals of topological algebras
The bidual of a locally multiplicatively-convex algebra
Gulliver, Robert
Finiteness of the ramified set for branched immersions of surfaces
Total Curvature of Graphs after Milnor and Euler
Gun, Sanoli
Gunawan, Hendra
A generalization of maximal functions on compact semisimple Lie groups
Gundersen, Gary
Meromorphic functions that share two finite values with their derivative
Guo, Bin
Two Kazdan-Warner type identities for the renormalized volume coefficients and the the Gauss-Bonnet curvatures of a Riemannian metric
Guo, Enli
Novikov-type inequalities for vector fields with non-isolated zero points
Guo, Hongxin
Entropy and lowest eigenvalue on evolving manifolds
Guo, Jiandong
Uniqueness of generalized Waldspurger model for $GL(2n)$
Guo, Jianhan
Fixed points of surface diffeomorphisms
Guo, JinFeng
The measures of asymmetry for coproducts of convex bodies
Guo, Li
A conical approach to Laurent expansions for multivariate meromorphic germs with linear poles
O-operators on associative algebras and associative Yang-Baxter equations
Rota-Baxter operators on the polynomial algebras, integration and averaging operators
Guo, Qi
Dual mean Minkowski measures and the Grunbaum conjecture for affine diameters
The measures of asymmetry for coproducts of convex bodies
Guo, Qilong
The Heegaard distances cover all nonnegative integers
Guo, Ren
Cell decompositions of Teichmüller spaces of surfaces with boundary
Guo, Yuxia
Multi-bump bound state solutions for the quasilinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation with critical frequency
Multiple solutions for quasilinear elliptic equations with critical exponents in $\mathbb{R}^N$
Guo, Zhen
The Möbius characterizations of Willmore tori and Veronese submanifolds in the unit sphere
Guo, Zongming
Asymptotic behavior of solutions for some elliptic equations in exterior domains
Existence of singular positive solutions for some semilinear elliptic equations
On non-radial singular solutions of supercritical bi-harmonic equations
Partial regularity for weak solutions of semilinear elliptic equations with supercritical exponents
Gupta, Anjan
A criterion for modules over Gorenstein local rings to have rational Poincar\'e series
Gupta, Arjun
Generalisation of a ``square'' functional equation
On a ``square'' functional equation
Gupta, R. N.
Shirshov's theorem and representations of semigroups
Gupta, Radhika
Loxodromics for the cyclic splitting complex and their centralizers
Gupta, Sanjiv
On norms of trigonometric polynomials on $\mathrm{SU}(2)$
Gurak, Stanley
Explicit construction of certain split extensions of number fields and constructing cyclic classfields
Minimal polynomials for circular numbers
Minimal polynomials for Gauss circulants and cyclotomic units
Guralnick, Robert
Inversion invariant additive subgroups of division rings
Permutability of characters on algebras
Shirshov's theorem and representations of semigroups
Gürel, Başak
Periodic orbits of Hamiltonian systems linear and hyperbolic at infinity
Gurevich, D.
Braided groups of Hopf algebras obtained by twisting
Gursky, Matthew
Conformal invariants associated to a measure: conformally covariant operators
Guruprasad, K.
Flat connections, geometric invariants and the symplectic nature of the fundamental group of surfaces
Gustafson, Grant
Green's function inequalities for two-point boundary value problems
Gustafson, Karl
A note on left multiplication of semigroup generators
Multiplicative perturbation of semigroup generators
Gustafson, Richard F.
A simple genus one knot with incompressible spanning surfaces of arbitrarily high genus
Gustavsen, Trond
An elementary, explicit, proof of the existence of Quot schemes of points
Gustin, William
Guthrie, Joe
Mapping spaces and $cs$-networks
Gutiérrez, Mauricio
Concordance and homotopy. I. Fundamental group
Gutiérrez-Rodríguez, Ixchel
Bach-flat isotropic gradient Ricci solitons
Guttman, Louis
Some inequalities between latent roots and minimax (maximin) elements of real matrices
Gutú, Olivia
Guyker, James
On partial isometries with no isometric part