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Author Index – H
Ha, Chung
Hà, Huy
Homology multipliers and the relation type of parameter ideals
Haack, Joel
Rings with quivers that are trees
Haagerup, Uffe
Fusion rules on a parametrized series of graphs
The injective factors of type $\mathrm{III}_\lambda,\;0 < \lambda < 1$
Haak, Guido
On constant mean curvature surfaces with periodic metric
Haan, Jaeho
On the Fourier-Jacobi model for some endoscopic Arthur packet of $U(3) \times U(3)$ : the non-generic case
Haas, Andrew
The distribution of Jager pairs for continued fraction like mappings of the interval
Haber, Seymour
On the sum $\sum \langle n\alpha \rangle^{-t}$ and numerical integration
Habermas, Derek
Compact symmetric spaces, triangular factorization, and Cayley coordinates
Habib, Georges
A new upper bound for the Dirac operator on hypersurfaces
Hacon, Christopher
An example of surface of general type with Pg=2 and k2x=5
Hadari, Asaf
Simple closed curves, word length, and nilpotent quotients of free groups
Hadass, Rina
On the zeros of the solutions of the differential equation $y^{(n)}(z)+p(z)y(z)=0$
Haddad, David
Angular limits of locally finitely valent holomorphic functions
Haddad, Labib
Les cogroupes et la construction de Utumi
Hadwin, Donald
Variations of projectivity for C*-algebras
Haefner, Jeremy
Corrections and addenda to: The isomorphism problem for incidence rings
The isomorphism problem for incidence rings
Haessig, Charles
p-adic variation of unit root L-functions
Hagelstein, Paul
C\'ordoba--Fefferman collections in harmonic analysis
Rearrangements and the local integrablility of maximal functions
Hagen, Mark
Hierarchically hyperbolic spaces II: Combination theorems and the distance formula
Quantifying separability in virtually special groups
Hager, Anthony
A description of HSP-like classes, and applications
Cardinality of $\mathfrak{k}$-complete Boolean algebras
Hagler, James
Examples of hereditarily $l^1$ Banach spaces failing the Schur property
Hagood, John
Separation properties and exact Radon-Nikodým derivatives for bounded finitely additive measures
Hagopian, Charles
A characterization of solenoids
Arcwise connectivity of semi-aposyndetic plane continua
Characterizations of $\lambda $ connected plane continua
Concerning semi-local-connectedness and cutting in nonlocally connected continua
Locally homeomorphic $\lambda $ connected plane continua
On generalized forms of aposyndesis
Planar images of decomposable continua
The orientability of matchbox manifolds
Hahn, Frank
On the action of a locally compact group on $E_{n}$
Hahn, Heekyoung
A general simple relative trace formula
Hahn, Hwa
On the relative growth of differences of partition functions
Hahn, Kyong
A remark on integral functions of several complex variables
Correction to ``A remark on integral functions of several complex variables''
Minimum problems of Plateau type in the Bergman metric space
Nontangential limit theorems for normal mappings
On completeness of the Bergman metric and its subordinate metrics. II
Hahn, Lothar
A note on stochastic methods in connection with approximation theorems for positive linear operators
Haimo, Deborah
$L^{2}$ expansions in terms of generalized heat polynomials and of their Appell transforms
Inversion of the Hankel potential transform
Haimo, Franklin
Polynomials in central endomorphisms
Power-type endomorphisms of some class $2$ groups
Haine, Luc
Hajian, Arshag
Strongly recurrent transformations
Hajir, Farshid
Correction to: On a theorem of Koch
On the class numbers of Hilbert class fields
Hajlaoui, Hatem
On stable solutions of the biharmonic problem with polynomial growth
Hajnal, András
Chain conditions in free products of lattices with infinitary operations
Hakim, Jeffrey
Distinguished Cuspidal representations over p-adic and finite fields
Supercuspidal representations of $GL(n)$\\ distinguished by a unitary subgroup
Halacheva, Iva
The Gromov width of coadjoint orbits of the symplectic group
Halawi, Hezi
The degenerate principal series representations of exceptional groups of type $E_7$ over $p$-adic fields
Halbeisen, Lorenz
Techniques for approaching the dual Ramsey property in the projective hierarchy
Halberg, Charles
On the spectra of linked operators
Semigroups of matrices defining linked operators with different spectra
Halberstam, Heini
Halbout, Gilles
Coboundary Lie bialgebras and commutative subalgebras of universal enveloping algebras
Quantization of Poisson–Hopf stacks associated with group Lie bialgebras
Hales, Alfred
Stable augmentation quotients of abelian groups
Haley, David
Equational compactness and compact topologies in rings satisfying A.C.C
Halfpap Kacmarcik, Jennifer
The Bergman and Szegő kernels near points of infinite type
Hall, Christopher
Characterizing abelian varieties by the reduction of the Mordell--Weil group
Hall, Marshall
Complete mappings of finite groups
Hall, Rita
On the cohomology of Kuga's fiber variety
Hall, Robert E.
The translational hull of an $N$-semigroup
Hall, Stuart
Variation of complex structures and the stability of K\"ahler--Ricci Solitons
Hall, Thomas
On the lattice of varieties of bands of groups
The isomorphism problem for orthodox semigroups
The lattice of pseudovarieties of inverse semigroups
Hallahan, Charles
Stability theorems for Lie algebras of derivations
Hallam, Thomas
Asymptotic relations between perturbed linear systems of ordinary differential equations
Hallenbeck, David
Convex hulls and extreme points of families of starlike and close-to-convex mappings
Subordination and extreme-point theory
Hallouin, Emmanuel
Computation of some moduli spaces of covers and explicit ${\mathcal S}_n$ and ${\mathcal A}_n$ regular ${\mathbb Q}(T)$-extensions with totally real fibers
Hallstrom, Alfred
A counterexample to a conjecture on an integral condition for determining peak points (counterexample concerning peak points)
Halmos, P. R.
Invariant subspaces of polynomially compact operators
Halperin, Israel
On the additivity of lattice completeness
Halperin, John
The homology of a free loop space
Halpern, Benjamin
A characterization of the circle and interval
Addendum to: ``Fixed points for iterates''
Halpern, Frederick
Transfer theorems for topological structures
Halpern, Herbert
Essential central spectrum and range for elements of a von Neumann algebra
Finite weight projections in von Neumann algebras
Normal expectations and integral decomposition of type $\mathrm{III}$ von Neumann algebras
Open projections and Borel structures for $C^{\ast}$-algebras
Halpern, James
Correction to: ``On a question of Tarski and a maximal theorem of Kurepa''
On a question of Tarski and a maximal theorem of Kurepa
Halpin, Patrick
Some Poincaré series related to identities of $2\times 2$ matrices
Halverson, Denise
Area-minimizing minimal graphs overnonconvex domains
Halverson, Thomas
Characters of the centralizer algebras of mixed tensor representations of $GL(r, \mathbb{C})$ and the quantum group $\mathcal{U}_q(gl(r, \mathbb{C}))$
Ham, Le
On a theorem of Hegyvari and Hennecart
Hamachi, Kentaro
Differentiability of quantum moment maps and $G$-invariant star products
Hamachi, Toshihiro
A measure theoretical proof of the Connes-Woods theorem on AT-flows
Hamada, Hidetaka
Starlike mappings on bounded balanced domains with $C^1$-plurisubharmonic defining functions
Hamada, Noriyuki
Non-holomorphic Lefschetz fibrations with (-1)-sections
Hamanaka, Shota
Ricci flow with bounded curvature integrals
Hamann, Eloise
Properties of uppers to zero in $R[x]$
Hamilton, David
Hamilton, H. B.
Commutative cancellative semigroups without idempotents
Congruences on $\mathfrak{N}$-semigroups
Modularity of the congruence lattice of a commutative cancellative semigroup
Semigroups whose lattice of congruences is Boolean
Hamilton, Mark
The geography of symplectic 4-manifolds with divisible canonical class
Hammerl, Matthias
Conformal Holonomy Equals Ambient Holonomy
Hammoudi, Lakhdar
Correction to:\\Eggert's conjecture on the dimensions\\of nilpotent algebras
Eggert's conjecture on the dimensions of nilpotent algebras
Quotients of nilalgebras and \\ their associated groups
Han, Chong-Kyu
Partial integrability of almost complex structures and the existence of solutions for quasilinear Cauchy--Riemann equations
Han, Fei
Witten genus and stringy complete intersections
Han, Gang
A class of primary representations associated with symmetric pairs and restricted root systems
Conjugacy and element-conjugacy of homomorphisms of compact Lie groups
Han, Ilseop
Hasse principles for theBrauer groups of algebraic function fields of genus zero over globalfields
Han, Jianzhi
Some finite properties for vertex operator superalgebras
Han, Jingwei
Harmonic maps from complex Finsler manifolds
Han, Kyung Hoon
A Kirchberg type tensor theorem for operator systems
Han, Xiaoli
A note on entire graphic mean curvature flows
Han, Yongsheng
Boundedness of singular integrals with flag kernels on weighted flag Hardy spaces
Han, Zheng-Chao
Two Kazdan-Warner type identities for the renormalized volume coefficients and the the Gauss-Bonnet curvatures of a Riemannian metric
Hanaki, Ryo
On intrinsically knotted or completely 3-linked graphs
Hanan, Maurice
Oscillation criteria for third-order linear differential equations
Hanani, Haim
On sums of series of complex numbers
Some characterizations of a class of unavoidable compact sets in the game of Banach and Mazur
Hančl, Jaroslav
Handelman, David
Actions of finite groups on self-injective rings
Addition of $C^*$-algebra extensions
Entropy versus orbit equivalence for minimal homeomorphisms
Good traces for not necessarily simple dimension groups
Homogenization of regular rings of bounded index
Representing polynomials by positive linear functions on compact convex polyhedra
Hang, Fengbo
Vanishing sectional curvature on the boundary and a conjecture of Schroeder and Strake
Hankins, J.
The extremal structure of locally compact convex sets
Hanlon, Philip
A Hodge decomposition for the complex of injective words
On the Smith normal form of the Varchenko bilinear form of a hyperplane arrangement
The fixed-point partition lattices
Hannah, John
Homogenization of regular rings of bounded index. II
Hanner, Olof
Mean play of sums of positional games
Hansard, J.
Hansell (Sr.), Roger
Generalized quotient maps that are inductively index-$\sigma$-discrete
Hansen, Friedhelm
Hansen, Kristina
Restriction to $\mathrm{GL}_2({\mathscr{O}})$ of supercuspidal representations of $\mathrm{GL}_2(F)$
Hansen, Lowell
On the range sets of $H^{p}$ functions
Hansen, Mogens
Banach algebras with unitary norms
Hansen, Vagn
Polynomial covering spaces and homomorphisms into the braid groups
The homotopy type of the space of maps of a homology $3$-sphere into the $2$-sphere
Hanson, David
On invariant probability measures I
On invariant probability measures. II
Hanzer, Marcela
The subrepresentation theorem for automorphic representations
The unitary dual of p-adic \widetilde{Sp(2)}
Unitary dual of the hermitian quarternionic group of split rank 2
Happel, Dieter
Viewing finite dimensional representations through infinite dimensional ones
Hara, Masaru
Harada, Megumi
Grossberg-Karshon twisted cubes and hesitant walk avoidance
Properties of the residual circle action \\ on a hypertoric variety
Haran, Dan
The absolute Galois group of a pseudo real closed algebraic field
Haran, Dan
The absolute Galois group of $C(x)$
Harary, Frank
A graph and its complement with specified properties. VI. Chromatic and achromatic numbers
Generalized Ramsey theory for graphs. III. Small off-diagonal numbers
Generalized Ramsey theory. IX. Isomorphic factorizations. IV. Isomorphic Ramsey numbers
On the critical lines of a graph
On the number of bi-colored graphs
On the number of dissimilar line-subgraphs of a given graph
The number of dissimilar supergraphs of a linear graph
The spectral approach to determining the number of walks in a graph
Harasymiv, Sav
Dilations of rapidly decreasing functions
Groups of matrices acting on distribution spaces
On approximation by dilations of distributions
Harbater, David
Ordinary and supersingular covers in characteristic $p$
Harboure de Aguilera, Eleonor
On the search for weighted norm inequalities for the Fourier transform
Harbourne, Brian
Irreducibility of $-1$-classes on anticanonical rational surfaces and finite generation of the effective monoid
Hardie, Keith
A proof of the Nakaoka-Toda formula
Hardin, Clyde
Integral invariants of functions and $L^{p}$ isometries on groups
Hardouin, Charlotte
Descent for differential Galois theory of difference equations. Confluence and $q$-dependency.
Hardy, Jack
Extensions of regular Borel measures
Hardy, Kenneth
Normality and the weak $cb$ property
On $c$-realcompact spaces and locally bounded normal functions
On the solvability of the Diophantine equation $dV^2-2eVW-dW^2=1$
Hare, Kathryn
Arithmetic properties of thin sets
Hare, William
Characterizations of Radon partitions
Harer, John
Some homology lens spaces which bound rational homology balls
Harinck, Pascale
A local relative trace formula for PGL(2)
Haris, Stephen J.
Complete reducibility of admissible representations over function fields
Harkness, William
Convergence of a sequence of transformations of distribution functions
Some characterizations of exponential-type distributions
Harley, Peter
Harmon, Sidney
Regular covering surfaces of Riemann surfaces
Harpain, Franz
A representation theorem for measures on infinite dimensional spaces
Harper, Eric
A Casson-Lin type invariant for links
The SU(N) Casson-Lin invariants for links
Harper, Lawrence
On a continuous analog of Sperner's problem
Harrabi, Abdellaziz
On stable solutions of the biharmonic problem with polynomial growth
Harrell, Evans
On minimal and maximal eigenvalue gaps and their causes
Harrell, R. E.
On tree structures in Banach spaces
Harris, Bruno
Centralizers in Jordan algebras
Derivations of Jordan algebras
Harris, Douglas
Every space is a path component space
Regular-closed spaces and proximities
Harris, John
Prime generators with parabolic limits
Harris, John
The Kauffman bracket skein module of surgery on a (2,2b) torus link
Harris, Langdon
On subgroups of prime power index
Harris, Lawrence
A continuous form of Schwarz's lemma in normed linear spaces
Harris, Luke
Non-compact totally peripheral $3$-manifolds
The uniqueness of compact cores for $3$-manifolds
Harris, Michael
Weight zero Eisenstein cohomology of Shimura~varieties via Berkovich spaces
Harris, Morton
Finite groups having an involution centralizer with a $2$-component of type $\mathrm{PSL}(3,\,3)$
Harris, Theodore
Recurrence times for the Ehrenfest model
Harris, Vincent
Congruence properties of $\sigma_{r}(N)$
Harris, William
Convergent solutions of ordinary linear homogeneous difference equations
Harrison, David
Infinite primes of fields and completions
On constructions similar to the Burnside ring for commutative rings and profinite groups
Hart, Neal
Ulm's theorem for Abelian groups modulo bounded groups
Hart, William L.
A composite Newton-Raphson gradient method for the solution of systems of equations
Proof of the fundamental theorem on implicit functions by use of composite gradient corrections
Hartfiel, Darald
A characterization of the maximal monoids and maximal groups in $\beta_X$
A study of convex sets of stochastic matrices induced by probability vectors
Counterexamples to a conjecture of G. N. de Oliveira
Diagonal similarity of irreducible matrices to row stochastic matrices
Hartley, Brian
A general Brauer-Fowler theorem and centralizers in locally finite groups
Hartley, David
Motion by mixed volume preserving curvature functions near spheres
Hartley, Richard
Metabelian representations of knot groups
Hartman, Irith
Path partitions and packs of acyclic digraphs
Hartman, Philip
Convex sets and the bounded slope condition
On functions representable as a difference of convex functions
On the asymptotic integration of ordinary differential equations
On third order, nonlinear, singular boundary value problems
Hartmann, Frederick
Sequences of bounded summability domains
Hartshorn, Kevin
Heegaard splittings of Haken manifolds\\ have bounded distance
Hartshorne, Robin
Construction de familles minimales de courbes gauches
Gonality of a general ACM curve in P^3
Hartung, Joachim
An extension of Sion's minimax theorem with an application to a method for constrained games
Hartwig, Robert
A note on the group structure of unit regular ring elements
Schur's theorem and the Drazin inverse
The universal flip matrix and the generalized faro-shuffle
Haruki, Hiroshi
On inequalities generalizing a Pythagorean functional equation and Jensen's functional equation
Haruki, Shigeru
On the theorem of S. Kakutani-M. Nagumo and J. L. Walsh for the mean value property of harmonic and complex polynomials
Harvey, Frank
A compact set that is locally holomorphically convex but not holomorphically convex
Harvey, John
Harvey, Shelly
Homological stability of series of groups
Hasanis, Thomas
Ricci curvature and minimal submanifolds
Hasegawa, Minoru
Correction to ``On the convergence of resolvents of operators''
On the convergence of resolvents of operators
Hasegawa, Shigeru
A general ratio ergodic theorem for semigroups
Hasegawa, Takehiro
On a prime zeta function of a graph
Hasegawa, Yoshimitsu
Integrability theorems for power series expansions of two variables
Hashikawa, Tomonori
Conformal designs and minimal conformal weight spaces of vertex operator superalgebras
Haskell, Peter
$K$ homology and regular singular Dirac--Schr\"odinger operators\\on even-dimensional manifolds
The index of transversally elliptic operators for locally free actions
Haskins, L.
Haslinger, Friedrich
A dual relationship between generalized Abel-Gončarov bases and certain Pincherle bases
Hass, Joel
Complete area minimizing minimal surfaces which are not totally geodesic
Intersections of least area surfaces
Topological and physical link theory are distinct
Hassannezhad, Asma
Eigenvalues of perturbed Laplace operators on compact manifolds
Hasse, Helmut
An explicit formula for the units of an algebraic number field of degree $n\geqq 2$
Hasson, Maurice
Degree of uniform approximation on disjoint intervals
Hastings, Harold
$G$-bordism with singularities and $G$-homology
Hästö, Peter
Isometries of the quasihyperbolic metric
Hasumi, Morisuke
Extreme points and unicity of extremum problems in $H^{1}$ on polydiscs
Hatcher, Allen
Affine lamination spaces for surfaces
Isoperimetric inequalities for automorphism groups of free groups
On the boundary curves of incompressible surfaces
Hatori, Osamu
Range transformations on a Banach function algebra. II
Hattab, Hawete
Minimal set of a recurrent discrete flow
Hatziafratis, Telemachos
Explicit $\overline\partial$-primitives of Henkin-Leiterer kernels on Stein manifolds
Integral representation formulas on analytic varieties
Hauenschild, Wilfried
Harmonic analysis on central hypergroups and induced representations
Hauschild, Volker
Rational homotopy of circle actions
Transitive actions and equivariant cohomology as an unstable A∗-algebra
Hausen, Jutta
Ideals and radicals of some endomorphism rings
Supplemented modules over Dedekind domains
The hypo residuum of the automorphism group of an abelian $p$-group
Hauseux, Julien
On the exactness of ordinary parts over a local field of characteristic p
Hausman, Miriam
Generalization of a theorem of Landau
Hausner, Alvin
The tauberian theorem for group algebras of vector-valued functions
Haussmann, U.
Bochner's theorem in infinite dimensions
The inversion theorem and Plancherel's theorem in a Banach space
Hauswirth, Laurent
A note on some overdetermined elliptic problem
An end-to-end construction for singly periodic minimal surfaces
Generalized Riemann minimal surfaces examples in three-dimensional manifolds products
Haver, William
Mappings between $\mathrm{ANR}$s that are fine homotopy equivalences
Monotone mappings of a two-disk onto itself which fix the disk's boundary can be canonically approximated by homeomorphisms
Hawkes, Trevor
On the Fitting length of a soluble linear group
Hawkins, Jane
Properties of ergodic flows associated to product odometers
Hawley, Newton
Complex bundles with Abelian group
Riemann surfaces which are doubles of plane domains
Weierstrass points of plane domains
Hay, Louise
Concerning partial recursive similarity transformations of linearly ordered sets
The class of recursively enumerable subsets of a recursively enumerable set
Hayashi, Chuichiro
Thin position of a pair ($3$-manifold, $1$-submanifold)
Hayashi, Elmer
Analytic functions in tubes which are representable by Fourier-Laplace integrals
Hayashi, Eric
Characterizations of completely nondeterministic stochastic processes
The spectral density of a strongly mixing stationary Gaussian process
Hayashi, Makoto
$2$-factorization in finite groups
Hayashi, Mikihiro
Point separation by bounded analytic functions of a covering Riemann surface
Smoothness of analytic functions at boundary points
Hayat Legrand, Claude
Degree-one maps onto lens spaces
Hayden, Kyle
Minimal braid representatives of quasipositive links
Hayden, Thomas
Biholomorphic maps in Hilbert space have a fixed point
Nonlinear holomorphic semigroups
The extension of bilinear functionals
Hayes, A.
A representation theory for a class of partially ordered rings
Hayes, C. A.
Derivation of the integrals of $L^{(q)}$-functions
Hayes, Sandra
The weak Nullstellensatz for finite-dimensional complex spaces
Hayman, Walter
Differential inequalities and local valency
Haynsworth, Emilie
A theorem on matrices of $0$'s and $1$'s
Hazama, Fumio
Twists and generalized Zolotarev polynomials
He, Chenxu
On Bach flat warped product Einstein manifolds
He, Daoyin
On the global weak solution problem of semilinear generalized Tricomi equations, II
He, Hongyu
Associated varieties and Howe's N-Spectrum
He, Ji-Wei
Pre-resolutions of noncommutative isolated singularities
He, Qun
Monotonicity of eigenvalues of geometric operaters along the Ricci-Bourguignon flow
He, Weiyong
Entire solutions of Donaldson's equation
Singular angles of weak limiting metrics under certain integral curvature bound
He, Zheng-Xu
The inverse Riemann mapping theorem for relative circle domains
Headley, Velmer
A monotonicity principle for eigenvalues
Oscillation criteria for elliptic equations
Heal, E. R.
Finitely generated $F$-algebras with applications to Stein manifolds
Heard, E. A.
An interpolation problem for subalgebras of $H^{\infty}$
Heath, Daniel
Essential tangle decomposition from thin position of a link
On classification of Heegaard splittings and triangulations
Heath, Philip
Product formulae for Nielsen numbers of fibre maps
Heath, Robert
Arc-wise connectedness in semi-metric spaces
Dugundji extension theorems for linearly ordered spaces
Hebda, James
Manifolds admitting taut hyperspheres
Normal holonomy and writhing number\\ of polygonal knots
The collars of a Riemannian manifold and stable isosystolic inequalities
Hébert, Auguste
Decompositions of principal series representations of Iwahori-Hecke algebras for Kac-Moody groups over local fields
Hebert, Delma
On supports of regular Borel measures
Hebey, Emmanuel
Compactness and the Palais--Smale property for critical Kirchhoff equations in closed manifolds
Hecht, Henryk
Character identities and asymptotic behavior of matrix coefficients of discrete series
Hector, Gilbert
Cohomologie d'intersection modérée. Un théorème de de Rham
Hedayat, A.
An algebraic property of the totally symmetric loops associated with Kirkman-Steiner triple systems
On the theory and application of sum composition of Latin squares and orthogonal Latin squares
Hedenmalm, Håkan
Carleson's convergence theorem for Dirichlet series
Hedlund, G. A.
Minimal coverings of pairs by triples
Hedlund, James
Expansive automorphisms of Banach spaces
Expansive automorphisms of Banach spaces. II
Hedstrom, John
Heiberg, Charles
Fourier series with bounded convolution powers
Norms of powers of absolutely convergent Fourier series: an example
Heidel, John
Qualitative behavior of solutions of a third order nonlinear differential equation
Uniqueness, continuation, and nonoscillation for a second order nonlinear differential equation
Heider, Lester
$T$-sets and abstract $(L)$-spaces
Heifetz, Daniel
$p$-adic oscillatory integrals and wave front sets
Heil, Wolfgang
On punctured balls in manifolds
Testing $3$-manifolds for projective planes
Heilmann, Cory
Proof of the Double Bubble Conjecture in $\mathbf{R^{4}}$ and certain higher dimensional cases
Heinonen, Juha
The boundary distortion of a quasiconformal mapping
Heins, Maurice
A note on the Löwner differential equations
Heinz, Erhard
On one-to-one harmonic mappings
Heinzer, William
Integral domains that lose ideals in overrings
Jónsson $\omega_0$-generated algebraic field extensions
On Krull overrings of an affine ring
On the divisors of monic polynomials over a commutative ring
On the generalized principal ideal theorem and Krull domains
Heisey, Richard
Manifolds modelled on the direct limit of lines
On the topology of direct limits of ANRs
Heitmann, Raymond
Generating ideals in Prüfer domains
Good chains with bad contractions
The group of units of a commutative semigroup ring
Hélein, Frédéric
A note on some overdetermined elliptic problem
Helfenstein, Heinz
Helfer, Adam
Conjugate points on spacelike geodesics or pseudo-self-adjoint Morse-Sturm-Liouville systems
Heller, Gertrude I.
On certain non-linear opeartors and partial differential equations
Heller, Isidore
Contributions to the theory of divergent series
Neighbor relations on the convex of cyclic permutations
On a class of equivalent systems of linear inequalities
On linear systems with integral valued solutions
Heller, Robert
A generalization of a classical necessary condition for convergence of continued fractions
Hellerstein, Simon
On a class of meromorphic functions with deficient zeros and poles
Radial distribution and deficiencies of the values of a meromorphic function
Hellman, Olavi
On the periodicity of the solution of a certain nonlinear integral equation
Helm, David
Bass numbers of semigroup-graded local cohomology
Helm, John
On orders of translations and enumerations
Helmberg, Gilbert
A theorem on equidistribution in compact groups
Generating sets of elements in compact groups
Helson, Henry
Conjugate series and a theorem of Paley
Conjugate series in several variables
Helton, Burrell
A product integral solution of a Riccati equation
Integral equations and product integrals
The solution of a Stieltjes-Volterra integral equation for rings
Helton, Jon
Bounds for products of interval functions
Mutual existence of sum and product integrals
Product integrals and inverses in normed rings
Product integrals and the solution of integral equations
Helzer, Garry
Hemmi, Yutaka
Higher homotopy commutativity of $H$-spaces and the $\mod p$ torus theorem
Hemminger, Robert
Hempel, John
Henderson, David
$D$-dimension. I. A new transfinite dimension
$D$-dimension. II. Separable spaces and compactifications
Henderson, James
Approximating cellular maps between low-dimensional polyhedra
Menger spaces and inverse limits
Hengartner, Walter
Interpolation, continuation, and quadratic inequalities
Hengartner, Walter
Harmonic mappings of multiply connected domains
Henk, Martin
Henke, Ellen
Products of partial normal subgroups
Henkin, Leon
Hennefeld, Julien
A decomposition for $B(X)^{\ast}$ and unique Hahn-Banach extensions
Finding a maximal subalgebra on which the two Arens products agree
The Arens products and an imbedding theorem
The non-conjugacy of certain algebras of operators
Henni, Abdelmoubine Amar
On the fixed locus of framed instanton sheaves on ℙ3
Henniart, Guy
Comparison of compact induction with parabolic induction
Hennig, Johanna
Presentations for the higher dimensional Thompson's groups nV
Henrich, Allison
Semiquandles and flat virtual knots
Henrichs, Rolf
Weak Frobenius reciprocity and compactness conditions in topological groups
Henrici, Peter
On certain series expansions involving Whittaker functions and Jacobi polynomials
On generating functions of the Jacobi polynomials
Henriksen, Melvin
Lattice-ordered rings and function rings
On the ideal structure of the ring of entire functions
On the prime ideals of the ring of entire functions
Some remarks on a paper of Aronszajn and Panitchpakdi
Henry, David
Conditions for countable base in spaces of countable and point-countable type
Stratifiable spaces, semi-stratifiable spaces, and their relation through mappings
Henry, Jackson
The $\bar \beta $ topology for $W^{\ast}$-algebras
Henry, Michael
Connections between Floer-type invariants and Morse-type invariants of Legendrian knots
Henry, Myron
Applications of approximation theory to differential equations with deviating arguments
Hensley, Doug
The statistics of the continued fraction digit sum
Hensley, Douglas
Dirichlet's theorem for the ring of polynomials over $\mathrm{GF}(2)$
Lattice vertex polytopes with interior lattice points
The distribution mod $n$ of fractions with bounded partial quotients
The largest digit in the continued fraction expansion of a rational number
The number of lattice points within a contour and visible from the origin
Henson, C. Ward
A family of countable homogeneous graphs
The nonstandard hulls of a uniform space
Hentzel, Irvin
Generalized right alternative rings
Heo, Ya Ryong
An endpoint estimate for some maximal operators associated to submanifolds of low codimension
Her, Hai-Long
Symplectic energy and Lagrangian intersection under Legendrian deformations
Herald, Christopher
The SU(2) Casson-Lin invariant of the Hopf link
Herb, Rebecca
A uniqueness theorem for tempered invariant eigendistributions
Characters of averaged discrete series on semisimple real Lie groups
Characters of induced representations and weighted orbital integrals
Elliptic representations for $\mathrm{Sp}(2n)$ and $\mathrm{SO}(n)$
Matching theorems for twisted orbital integrals
Stable discrete series characters as lifts from complex two-structure groups
The Schwartz space of a general semisimple Lie group. V. Schwartz class wave packets
Herbera, Dolors
Flat modulesand lifting of finitely generated projective modules
Herman, Louis
Semi-orthogonality in Rickart rings
Herman, Paul
The functional equation and beyond endoscopy
Herman, Richard
Automorphism groups of operator algebras
Covariant representations of infinite tensor product algebras
Hermi, Lotfi
A unified approach to universal inequalities for eigenvalues of elliptic operators
Hernandez, David
Double affine Lie algebras and finite groups
Hernandez, Eugenio
An interpolation theorem for analytic families of operators acting on certain $H^{p}$ spaces
Hernández Reyes, Rodrigo
Schwarzian derivatives and a linearly invariant family in C^n
Hernández Rodríguez, Francisco
Universal classes of Orlicz function spaces
Herod, James
A product integral representation for the generalized inverse of closed operators
Generators for evolution systems with quasi continuous trajectories
Herpel, Sebastian
Cocharacter-closure and spherical buildings
Herrero, Domingo
Analytic continuation of inner function-operators
Continuity of spectral functions and the lakes of Wada
Inner functions under uniform topology
Herriot, John G.
The solution of Cauchy's problem for a third-order linear hyperoblic differential equation by means of Riesz integrals
Herrlich, Horst
Semi-universal maps and universal initial completions
Herrmann, Manfred
Regular sequences and lifting property
Hersch, Joseph
Physical interpretation and strengthening of M. H. Protter's method for vibrating nonhomogeneous membranes; its analogue for Schrödinger's equation
The method of interior parallels applied to polygonal or multiply connected membranes
Hersh, Patricia
A Hodge decomposition for the complex of injective words
Herstein, Israel (Yitzchak)
Finite multiplicative subgroups in division rings
Lie mappings in characteristic $2$
On a theorem of Brauer-Cartan-Hua type
Regular elements in $\mathrm{P}.\mathrm{I}.$-rings
Hery, William
Maximal ideals in algebras of topological algebra valued functions
Herzberg, Norman
Herzlich, Marc
The mass of asymptotically hyperbolic Riemannian manifolds
Herzog, F.
Schlicht Taylor series whose convergence on the unit circle is uniform but not absolute
Sets of radial continuity of analytic functions
Herzog, Jürgen
Stability properties of powers of ideals over regular local rings of small dimension
The Koszul property in affine semigroup rings
Ulrich elements in normal simplicial affine semigroups
Herzog, Marcel
$C\theta \theta $-groups involving no Suzuki groups
Central $2$-Sylow intersections
Intersections of nilpotent Hall subgroups
On finite groups containing a $\mathrm{CCT}$-subgroup with a cyclic Sylow subgroup
On finite groups with independent cyclic Sylow subgroups
Hess, Paul
Dedekind's problem: monotone Boolean functions on the lattice of divisors of an integer
Hestenes, Magnus R.
Applications of the theory of quadratic forms in Hilbert space to the calculus of variations
Relative self-adjoint operators in Hilbert space
Hetzelt, Lothar
On accretive operators on $l^\infty_n$
Heumos, Michael
Symplectic-Whittaker models for $\mathrm{Gl}_n$
Heusener, Michael
Representations of knot groups into SL(n,C) and twisted Alexander polynomials
Hewgill, Denton
On the eigenvalues of a second order elliptic operator in an unbounded domain
Some exact solutions of the nonlinear problem of water waves
Hewitt, Edwin
Indicator functions with large Fourier transforms
Lacunarity for compact groups. II
Structure theory for a class of convolution algebras
The multiplicative semigroup of integers modulo $m$
Hewitt, Gloria
Limits in certain classes of abstract algebras
Heyneman, Robert
Duality in general ergodic theory
Heywood, John
A counterexample concerning the pressure in the Navier-Stokes equations, as $t\to 0^{+}$
An error estimate uniform in time for spectral Galerkin approximations of the Navier-Stokes problem
Hezari, Hamid
On a property of Bergman kernels when the Kahler potential is analytic
Hiai, Fumio
Distance between unitary orbits in von Neumann algebras
Standard invariants for crossed products inclusions of factors
Sufficiency and relative entropy in $\ast $-algebras with applications in quantum systems
Sufficiency, KMS condition and relative entropy in von Neumann algebras
Hibi, Takayuki
Face number inequalities for matroid complexes and Cohen-Macaulay types of Stanley-Reisner rings of distributive lattices
Hickel, M.
Calcul de la fonction d'Artin--Greenberg d'une branche plane
Hickerson, Dean
Abelian groups and packing by semicrosses
Length of period simple continued fraction expansion of $\sqrt{d}$
Hickman, J. L.
Hicks, Noel
Hicks, Troy
Fixed-point theorems in locally convex spaces
Hida, Haruzo
$\Lambda$-adic Barsotti--Tate groups
Non-abelian base change for totally real fields
Hidalgo, Rubén
Kleinian groups with an invariant Jordan curve: $J$-groups
Orbifolds with signature $(0;k,k^{n-1},k^{n},k^{n})$
Hidalgo, Rubén A.
Higgins, Olga
Prime generators with parabolic limits
Higgins, Peter
A short proof of Isbell's zigzag theorem
Higman, Donald
Remarks on splitting extensions
Higson, Nigel
A characterization of $KK$-theory
Hijazi, Oussama
On a Liu--Yau type inequality for surfaces
Hildebrand, Adolf
The asymptotic behavior of a family of sequences
The divisor function at consecutive integers
Hildebrandt, Stefan
The two-dimensional analogue of the catenary
Hildebrant, John
On compact unithetic semigroups
On uniquely divisible semigroups on the two-cell
Hilden, Hugh
Closed oriented $3$-manifolds as $3$-fold branched coverings of $S^{3}$ of special type
Cobordism of branched covering spaces
Embeddings and branched covering spaces for three and four dimensional manifolds
Generators for two groups related to the braid group
Representations of homology $3$-spheres
Hile, Gerald
Algebras which satisfy a second order linear partial differential equation
Entire solutions of linear elliptic equations with Laplacian principal part
Inequalities for eigenvalues of the biharmonic operator
The Cauchy problem and asymptotic decay for solutions of differential inequalities in Hilbert space
Hilion, Arnaud
Botanic of irreducible automorphisms of free groups
Hill, David
On dominant and codominant dimension of $QF-3$ rings
Hill, J. D.
The Borel property of summability methods
Hill, Paul
On quasi-isomorphic invariants of primary groups
On the number of pure subgroups
Primary groups whose subgroups of smaller cardinality are direct sums of cyclic groups
Relation of a direct limit group to associated vector groups
When $\mathrm{Tor}(A,\,B)$ is a direct sum of cyclic groups
Hill, Richard
On the Diophantine equation $1=\sum 1/n_i+1/\prod n_i$ and a class of homologically trivial complex surface singularities
Hill, Richard
Moore-Postnikov towers for fibrations in which $\pi_1$(fiber) is non-abelian
Hille, Lutz
Exceptional sequences and spherical modules for the Auslander algebra of $k[x]/(x^t)$
Hillel, Joel
On the number of type-$k$ translation-invariant groups
Hilliker, David
An algorithm for computing the values of the ramification index in the Puiseux series expansions of an algebraic function
Hillman, Jonathan
Deformation retracts to the fat diagonal and applications to the existence of peak solutions of nonlinear elliptic equations
Hilzman, John
Error bounds for an approximate solution to the Volterra integral equation
Hindes, Wade
Dynamical height growth: left, right, and total orbits
Hindman, Neil
$F^{\prime}$-spaces and their product with $P$-spaces
The product of $F$-spaces with $P$-spaces
Hindmarsh, Alan
Pick's conditions and analyticity
Hinkle, C. V.
The extended centralizer of an $S$-set
Hinrichs, Lowell
Hinrichsen, John
Hinton, Don
Continuous spectra of second-order differential operators
Hirabayashi, Mikihito
Unit indices of some imaginary composite quadratic fields
Unit indices of some imaginary composite quadratic fields. II
Hirano, Norimichi
Nonlinear ergodic theorems for an amenable semigroup of nonexpansive mappings in a Banach space
Hirasawa, Mikami
Genera and Fibredness of Montesinos knots
Hirashita, Yukio
On the Weierstrass points on open Riemann surfaces
Hirsberg, B.
On dominated extensions in linear subspaces of $\mathscr{C}_C(X)$
Hirsch, Morris
Polynomial forms on affine manifolds
Hirsch, Sven
A positive mass theorem for manifolds with boundary
Hirschman, Isidore
A maximal problem in harmonic analysis. II
Convolution transforms with complex kernels
Extreme eigen values of Toeplitz forms associated with Jacobi polynomials
Toeplitz forms and ultraspherical polynomials
Hirshberg, Ilan
Rokhlin actions and self-absorbing C*-algebras
Hirshon, R.
Hirzallah, Omar
Non-commutative Clarkson inequalities for unitarily invariant norms
Hishida, Toshiaki
$L^q$-theory of a singular ``winding'' integral operator arising from fluid dynamics
On the asymptotic structure of steady Stokes and Navier-Stokes flows around a rotating two-dimensional body
Hitt, Daniel
Invariant subspaces of ${\mathscr{H}}^2$ of an annulus
Hjelle, Geir Arne
Approximating the modulus of an inner function
Hladky, Robert
The bar{partial}_b-Neumann problem on noncharacteristic domains
Ho, Aggie
The Kreĭ n-Milman property and complemented bushes in Banach spaces
Ho, Chungwu
A graph-theoretic proof of Sharkovsky's theorem on the periodic points of continuous functions
Deforming p. l. homeomorphisms on a convex polygonal $2$-disk
Ho, Pak Tung
The Yamabe problem on noncompact CR manifolds
Hobby, Charles
A characteristic subgroup of a $p$-group
Doubly stochastic operators obtained from positive operators
Elements of finite order in $V(Z A_4)$
The Frattini subgroup of a $p$-group
Hochschild, G.
Abstractly split group extensions
Coverings of pro-affine algebraic groups
On representing analytic groups with their automorphisms
Hochstadt, Harry
Addition theorems for solutions of the wave equation in parabolic coordinates
Fourier series with linearly dependent coefficients
Hochster, Melvin
An obstruction to lifting cyclic modules
Expanded radical ideals and semiregular ideals
Five theorems on Macaulay rings
Totally integrally closed rings and extremal spaces
Hocking, John
A generalization of the Wilder arcs
Bijectively related spaces. I. Manifolds
Hodel, Margaret
Enumeration of weighted $p$-line arrays
Hodel, Richard
Metrizability of topological spaces
Moore spaces and $w\Delta$-spaces
Sum theorems for topological spaces
Hodes, Harold T.
A minimal upper bound on a sequence of Turing degrees which represents that sequence
Hodges, John
Distribution of matrices in a finite field
Hodges, Joseph
Recurrence-time moments in random walks
Hodges, Kenneth
The structure of singularities in $\Phi$-minimizing networks in $\mathbf{R}^2$
Hodges, Nickelous
The standard double soap bubble in $\mathbf{R}^2$ uniquely minimizes perimeter
Hodges, Reuven
Free resolutions of some Schubert singularities in the Lagrangian Grassmannian
Hoelscher, Corey
Classification of cohomogeneity one manifolds in low dimensions
Hoffman, Alan
On the nonsingularity of complex matrices
On the number of absolute points of a correlation
Path partitions and packs of acyclic digraphs
Hoffman, Dean
Sets of integers closed under affine operators---the closure of finite sets
Sets of integers closed under affine operators---the finite basis theorem
Hoffman, James A.
Examples of bireducible Dehn fillings
Hoffman, Kenneth
The minimum boundary for an analytic polyhedron
Hoffman, Michael
Noncoincidence index of manifolds
Noncoincidence index, free group actions, and the fixed point property for manifolds
Hoffman, Neil
The Poincaré homology sphere, lens space surgeries, and some knots with tunnel number two
Hoffmann, Joseph
A characterization of Prüfer domains in terms of polynomials
Hoffmann, Rudolf-Eberhard
On the sobrification remainder $^{s}X-X$
Hoffoss, Diane
Morse area and Scharlemann-Thompson width for hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Hofmann, Karl
Lie's fundamental theorems for local analytical loops
Hogan, J. A.
Characterization of Hardy spaces by singular integrals and `Divergence-Free' wavelets
Hogan, Jeffrey A.
Weighted norm inequalities for the Fourier transform on connected locally compact groups
Hohti, Aarno
On Ginsburg-Isbell derivatives and ranks of metric spaces
Holden, Peter
Extension theorems for functions of vanishing mean oscillation
Holland, A. S. B.
Best approximation by a saturation class of polynomial operators
Holland, W. Charles
$a^{\ast}$-closures of completely distributive lattice-ordered groups
Correction to: ``$a^*$-closures to completely distributive lattice-ordered groups''
Wreath products of ordered permutation groups
Hollingsworth, John
Embeddings of shape classes of compacta in the trivial range
Holm, Henrik
Approximations by maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules
Holm, Thorsten
q-Cartan matrices and combinatorial invariants of derived categories for skewed-gentle algebras
Holmes, Calvin
Automorphisms of monomial groups
Commutator groups of monomial groups
Holmes, John
Analytic $H$-spaces, Campbell-Hausdorff formula, and alternative algebras
Differentiable power-associative groupoids
One parameter subsemigroups in locally complete differentiable semigroups
Holmes, Raymond
$n$-dimensional area and content in Minkowski spaces
On contractive semigroups of mappings
Holmes, Richard
Interposition and approximation
Holt, Derek
Sofic groups: graph products and graphs of groups
Some closure results for C-approximable groups
Holt, Linda M.
Davenport pairs over finite fields
Holte, Sarah
Generalized horseshoe maps and inverse limits
Holten, Robert
Holub, James
Hilbertian operators and reflexive tensor products
Holzsager, Richard
When certain natural maps are equivalences
Homer, William
Hong, Dang
Covering relations among lattice varieties
Hong, Guanghao
A new proof of Reifenberg’s topological disc theorem
Geometric approach to the Topological Disk Theorem of Reifenberg
Hong, Jeong Hee
Quantum lens spaces and graph algebras
Hong, Kyusik
Nonrationality of nodal quartic threefolds
Hong, Min-Chun
Biharmonic hypersurfaces with constant scalar curvature in space forms
Existence of infinitely many equilibrium configurations of the liquid
Hong, Sungbok
Ubiquity of geometric finiteness in mapping class groups of Haken 3-manifolds
Hong, Sungpyo
Isoperimetric inequalities for sectors on surfaces
Hong, Young
Extensions of completely regular ordered spaces
Hoo, Cheong
Nilpotency class of a map and Stasheff's criterion
Principal and induced fibrations
Hoobler, Raymond
A cohomological interpretation of Brauer groups of rings
Cohomology in the finite topology and Brauer groups
Hoover, Thomas
Operator algebras with reducing invariant subspaces
Hopenwasser, Alan
The carrier space of a reflexive operator algebra
The radical of a reflexive operator algebra
Horadam, E. M.
A sum of a certain divisor function for arithmetical semi-groups
Horak, Matthew
A spectral sequence determining the homology of Out(Fn) in terms of its mapping class subgroups
Horbez, Camille
On the topological dimension of the Gromov boundaries of some hyperbolic ${\text{Out}}(F_N)$-graphs
Horinaga, Shuji
Nearly holomorphic automorphic forms on $\mathrm{Sp}_{2n}$ with sufficiently regular infinitesimal characters and applications
Horn, Alfred
Eigenvalues of sums of Hermitian matrices
Eigenvalues of the unitary part of a matrix
Order sums of distributive lattices
Projective distributive lattices
The normal completion of a subset of a complete lattice and lattices of continuous functions
Horn, Roger
Schlicht mappings and infinitely divisible kernels
Hornbostel, Jens
Smooth Schubert varieties and generalized Schubert polynomials in algebraic cobordism of Grassmannians
Horne, James
Real commutative semigroups on the plane
Hornell, James
Divisorial complete intersections
Horton, Clark
Stability of nonsingular group orbits
Horvat, Eva
The topological biquandle of a link
Hoshi, Akinari
Twisted symmetric group actions
Hosseini, Seyedehsomayeh
On the density theorem of the subdifferential of convex functions on Hadamard spaces
Hoste, Jim
A polynomial invariant of knots and links
Hou, Fei
On global existence and blowup of smooth solutions of 3-D potential equations with time-depending damping
Remarks on GJMS operator of order six
Hou, Shui-Hung
On property $(Q)$ and other semicontinuity properties of multifunctions
Hou, Xiang-Dong
Connected quandles associated with pointed abelian groups
Hou, Zixin
The group of isometries of a Finslerspace
Unitary representations of classical Lie groups of equal rank with nonzero Dirac cohomology
House, Virgil
Countable products of generalized countably compact spaces
Houston, Evan
Properties of uppers to zero in $R[x]$
Houston, Kevin
Disentanglements of maps from $2n$-space\\to $3n$-space
Howard, Edgar
First and second category Abelian groups with the $n$-adic topology
Howard, Fredric
The numer of multinomial coefficients divisible by a fixed power of a prime
Howard, Henry
Oscillation and nonoscillation criteria for $y''(x)+f(y(x))p(x)=0$
Howards, Hugh
Extension ofincompressible surfaces on the boundaries of 3-manifolds
Howe, Roger
Computing characters of tamely ramified $p$-adic division algebras
Kirillov theory for compact $p$-adic groups
On a connection between nilpotent groups and oscillatory integrals associated to singularities
On representations of discrete, finitely generated, torsion-free, nilpotent groups
Some qualitative results on the representation theory of $Gl_{n}$ over a $p$-adic field
Tamely ramified supercuspidal representations of $Gl_{n}$
The Fourier transform for nilpotent locally compact groups. I
Topics in harmonic analysis on solvable algebraic groups
Howes, Norman
Howland, James
Embedded eigenvalues and virtual poles
On the essential spectrum of Schroedinger operators with singular potentials
Puiseux series for resonances at an embedded eigenvalue
Hrycay, R.
Hsia, John
Correction to: ``Spinor norms of local integral rotations. II''
Integral equivalence of vectors over local modular lattices
Integral equivalence of vectors over local modular lattices. II
Representations by spinor genera
Round and Pfister forms over $R(t)$
Spinor norms of local integral rotations. I
Spinor norms of local integral rotations. II
Hsia, Liang-Chung
A quantitative estimate for quasi-integral points in orbits
A variant of a theorem by Ailon-Rudnick for elliptic curves
Hsiang, Fu Cheng
On $|C, 1|$ summability factors of Fourier series at a given point
Hsiang, Wu-Chung
A remark on the isotopy classes of diffeomorphisms of lens spaces
Abelian groups characterized by their independent subsets
Parametrized surgery and isotopy
Those abelian groups characterized by their completely decomposable subgroups of finite rank
Hsiang, Wu-Yi
Generalized rotational hypersurfaces of constant mean curvature in the Euclidean spaces. II
Those abelian groups characterized by their completely decomposable subgroups of finite rank
Hsieh, Chun-Chung
Phragm\`en--Lindel\"of theorem forminimal surface equations in higher dimensions
Hsieh, Po-Hsun
Canonical almost Hermitian structures of normal bundles and applications to K{\"a}hler forms
Hsiung, Chuan
Some integral formulas for closed hypersurfaces in Riemannian space
Hsu, Chen-jung
Remarks on certain almost product spaces
Hsu, Chin-Shui
A class of Abelian groups closed under direct limits and subgroups formation
Hsu, Derbiau
Generalized complete mappings, neofields, sequenceable groups and block designs. I
Generalized complete mappings, neofields, sequenceable groups and block designs. II
Hsu, Nai-Chao
The group of automorphisms of the holomorph of a group
Hsu, Shu-Yu
Large time behaviour\\ of solutions of the\\ Ricci flow equation on $R^2$
Hu, Bei
The DeGiorgi--Nash--Moser type of estimatefor parabolic Volterra integrodifferential equations
Hu, Changqing
A constant rank theorem for level sets of immersed hypersurfaces in ℝn+1 with prescribed mean curvature
Hu, Jun
On the structure of cyclotomic nilHecke algebras
Hu, Naihong
Convex PBW-type Lyndon basis and restricted two-parameter quantum groups of type G_2
Drinfel'd doubles of the $n$-rank Taft algebras and a generalization of the Jones polynomial
The two-parameter quantum group of exceptional type G2 and Lusztig's symmetries
Hu, Sen
On the construction of Lagrangian submanifolds in CP^n
Hu, Shengda
The moduli space of real bundles of rank two over a real hyperelliptic curve
Hu, Sze-Tsen
On the realizability of homotopy groups and their operations
Hu, Zejun
Every centroaffine Tchebychev hyperovaloid is ellipsoid
Moebius isoparametric hypersurfaces with three distinct principal curvatures
Moebius isoparametric hypersurfaces with three distinct principal curvatures, II
Hu, Zhengyu
Hu, Zhibao
Errata: ``Dentability, trees, and Dunford-Pettis operators on $L_1$''
MLUR renormings of Banach spaces
Hua, Bobo
Limit of first eigenfunctions of $p$-Laplacian on graphs
Liouville theorems for $f$-harmonic maps into Hadamard spaces
Hua, Xin-Hou
Sharing values and a problem due to C. C. Yang
Hua, Zheng
Chern-Simons functions on toric Calabi-Yau threefolds and Donaldson-Thomas theory
Huang, Guangyue
Gradient estimates and entropy formulae of porous medium and fast diffusion equations for the Witten Laplacian
Huang, Hong
Optimal transportation and monotonic quantities on evolving manifolds
Huang, Hua-Lin
Hopf structures on minimal Hopf quivers
Huang, Jing-Song
Dirac cohomology of Wallach representations
Harmonic analysis on compact polar homogeneous spaces
Klein four-subgroups of Lie algebra automorphisms
Plancherel formulae for non-symmetric polar homogeneous spaces
Huang, Libing
On the flag curvature of a class of Finsler metrics produced by the navigation problem
On the Landsberg curvature of a class of Finsler metrics generated from the navigation problem
Huang, Min-Jei
Commutators and invariant domains for Schrödinger propagators
Huang, Rongli
A convergence result on the second boundary value problem for parabolic equations
Huang, Ruizhi
Orders of the canonical vector bundles over configuration spaces of finite graphs
Huang, Rung-Tzung
Morse inequalities for Fourier components of Kohn-Rossi cohomology of CR covering manifolds with $S^1$-action
Twisted Cappell-Miller holomorphic and analytic torsions
Huang, Wu-Hsiung
Superharmonicity of curvatures for surfaces of constant mean curvature
Huang, Xiaojun
Some applications of Bell's theorem to weakly pseudoconvex domains
Huang, Yong
Boundary asymptotical behavior of large solutions to Hessian equations
Hubbard, Bert
Bounds for eigenvalues of the free and fixed membrane by finite difference methods
Hubbard, John
Approximation of compact homogeneous maps
Hubbart, Wayland
Some results on blocks over local fields
Huber, Alfred
Correction to: ``The reflection principle for polyharmonic functions''
The reflection principle for polyharmonic functions
Huber, Marius
Ribbon cobordisms between lens spaces
Huber-Klawitter, Annette
Tensor structure for Nori motives
Huckaba, James
Annihilation of ideals in commutative rings
Extensions of pseudo-valuations
Huckleberry, Alan
The weak envelope of holomorphy for algebras of holomorphic functions
Hudson, Richard
Class numbers of imaginary cyclic quartic fields and related quaternary systems
Diophantine determinations of $3^{(p-1)/8}$ and $5^{(p-1)/4}$
Extensions of theorems of Cunningham-Aigner and Hasse-Evans
Resolution of ambiguities in the evaluation of cubic and quartic Jacobsthal sums
Solutions of certain quaternary quadratic systems
Hudson, Sigmund
On the topology and geometry of arcwise connected, finite-dimensional groups
Hudson, Steve
Extremals for a Moser--Jodeit exponential inequality
Hudson, Thomas
Symplectic and odd orthogonal Pfaffian formulas for algebraic cobordism
Hudson, W.
A decomposition theorem for biadditive processes
Continuity of sample functions of biadditive processes
Volterra transformations of the Wiener measure on the space of continuous functions of two variables
Huebener, M. Jeanette
Complementation in the lattice of regular topologies
Huertas, Edmundo
On orthogonal polynomials with respect to certain discrete Sobolev inner product
Huff, Robert
Minimal capillary graphs over regular 2n-gons
Minimal solutions to the local capillary wedge problem
Huffstutler, R. G.
The approximation solution of $y^{\prime} =F(x,\,y)$
Huggins, Frank
A generalization of a theorem of F. Riesz
Hughes, C. Bruce
Controlled homotopy topological structures
Hughes, Daniel
The $H_p$-problem and the structure of $H_p$-groups
Hughes, John
Bordism and regular homotopy of low-dimensional immersions
Hughes, Mark
Geography of simply connected nonspin symplectic 4-manifolds with positive signature
Hughes, Mark
Dihedral group actions on homotopy complex projective three spaces
Hughes, Robert
Boundary behavior of random valued heat polynomial expansions
Hui, Kin Ming
Singular limit of solutions of\\ the equation $u_t=\Delta \left(\frac{u^m}{m}\right)$as $m\to 0$
Huibregtse, Mark
A description of certain affine open subschemes that form an open covering of ${\mathbf Hilb}^n_{\mathsf{A}^2_{\mathsf{k}}}$
An elementary construction of the multigraded Hilbert scheme of points
Huijsmans, C. B.
Characterizations of conditional expectation-type operators
Huisgen-Zimmermann, Birge
Algebraic compactness of ultrapowers and representation type
Endomorphism rings of self-generators
Viewing finite dimensional representations through infinite dimensional ones
Huisken, Gerhard
Capillary surfaces over obstacles
The $n$-dimensional analogue of the catenary: existence and nonexistence
Huisman, Johannes
Anisotropic real curves and bordered line arrangements
Hulanicki, Andrzej
On the spectral radius of hermitian elements in group algebras
Humke, Paul
Planar continua with restricted limit directions
Hummel, James
The coefficient regions of starlike functions
Humphreys, James
Existence of Levi factors in certain algebraic groups
Humphries, Peter
Effective lower bounds for $L(1,\chi)$ via Eisenstein series
Huneke, Craig
A characterization of locally Macaulay completions
Rings which are almost Gorenstein
Huneke, John
A counter example to the Blum Hanson theorem in general spaces
Hưng, Nguyễn
The mod $2$ equivariant cohomology algebras of configuration spaces
Hungerford, Thomas
A description of $\mathrm{Mult}_{i}(A^{1},\cdots,A^{n})$ by generators and relations
Correction to: ``A description of $\mathrm{Mult}_i(A^1,\cdots,A^n)$ by generators and relations''
On the structure of principal ideal rings
Hunsacker, Worthen
Local compactness of families of continuous point-compact relations
Hunsucker, John
Some new results on odd perfect numbers
Hunt, Gilbert
Changes of sign of sums of random variables
Hunt, J.
An $n$-arc theorem for Peano spaces
Hunt, Louis
Locally holomorphic sets and the Levi form
Hunt, Robert
The behavior of solutions of ordinary, self-adjoint differential equations of arbitrary even order
Hunter, J. Bockett
Hunter, Roger
Finite direct sums of cyclic valuated $p$-groups
Hunziker, Markus
A Pieri rule for Hermitian symmetric pairs I
Huq, S. A.
Semivarieties and subfunctors of the identity functor
Hurd, Albert
A uniqueness theorem for second order quasilinear hyperbolic equations
A uniqueness theorem for weak solutions of symmetric quasilinear hyperbolic systems
Maximum modulus algebras and local approximation in $C^{n}$
Hurder, Steven
Molino theory for matchbox manifolds
Hurley, James
Composition series in Chevalley algebras
Hurley, Ted
Intersections of terms of polycentral series of free groups and free Lie algebras
Intersections of terms of polycentral series of free groups and free Lie algebras. II
Hurvitz, Sara
The automorphism groups of spaces and fibrations
Husain, Taqdir
$S$-spaces and the open mapping theorem
Orthogonal bases are Schauder bases and a characterization of $\Phi$-algebras
Orthogonal primitive idempotents and Banach algebras isomorphic with $l_2$
Topological algebras with orthogonal Schauder bases
Husch, Lawrence
Homeomorphisms of manifolds with zero-dimensional sets of nonwandering points
Homotopy groups of $\mathrm{PL}$-embedding spaces
Homotopy groups of $\mathrm{PL}$-embedding spaces. II
Husen, William J.
Restrictions of $\Omega_m (q)$-modules to alternating groups
Derivation Lie algebras of new $k$-th local algebras of isolated hypersurface singularities
Generalized Cartan matrices arising from new derivation Lie algebras of isolated hypersurface singularities
Hutchinson, John
Poincaré-Sobolev and related inequalities for submanifolds of $\mathbf{R}^N$
Hutchinson, John
Subdirect sum decompositions of endomorphism rings
Hutchinson, Michael
Local $\Lambda $ sets for profinite groups
Hutchison, Gerald
Hutt, Steven
Huu Anh, Nguyen
Enveloping algebras of Lie groups with discrete series
Restriction of the principal series of $SL(n,\mathbf{C})$ to some reductive subgroups
Huynh, Hsueh-Ling
Generalized rotational hypersurfaces of constant mean curvature in the Euclidean spaces. II
Hwang, Frank
Construction of $2$-balanced $(n,k,\lambda)$ arrays
Hwang, Jenn-Fang
A uniqueness theorem for the minimal surface equation
Catenoid-like solutions for the minimal surface equation
On the uniqueness of capillary surfaces over an infinite strip
Phragm\`en--Lindel\"of theorem forminimal surface equations in higher dimensions
When is a minimal surfacea minimal graph?
Hwang, Jun Shung
A problem on continuous and periodic functions
Hwang, Seungsu
Bach-flat $h$-almost gradient Ricci solitons
Variational characterizations of the total scalar curvature and eigenvalues of the Laplacian
Hwang, Stephen
Hilbert spaces of tensor-valued holomorphic functions on the unit ball of ${\mathbb C}^n$
Hwang, Yoon
Galois groups of order $2n$ \\thatcontain a cyclic subgroup\\ of order $n$
The corestriction of valued division algebras over Henselian fields. I
The corestriction of valued division algebras over Henselian fields. II
Hyder, Ali
On SU(3) Toda system with multiple singular sources
Hyers, D. H.
Transformations with bounded $m$th differences
Hyman, D. M.
A generalization of the Borsuk-Whitehead-Hanner theorem
Hynd, Ryan
Symmetric surfaces of constant mean curvature in S^3