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Author Index – J
Jablonski, Michael
Maximal symmetry and unimodular solvmanifolds
Jackett, David R.
Rings on certain mixed abelian groups
Jackman, Connor
No hyperbolic pants for the 4-body problem
Jackson, David
An algebraically derived $q$-analogue of a character sum associated with a class of semiregular permutations
Jackson, James
On the existence problem of linear programming
Some theorems concerning absolute neighborhood retracts
Jackson, Lloyd
A generalized solution of the boundary value problem for $y^{\prime\prime}=f(x,\,y,\,y^{\prime})$
On generalized subharmonic functions
Subfunctions and the Dirichlet problem
Subfunctions of several variables
Jackson, Margaret
Transformations of series of the type $_3\Psi_3$
Jackson, William
On recursive functions and regressive isols
Jacob, Tom
Matrix transformations involving simple sequence spaces
Some matrix transformations on analytic sequence spaces
Jacob, William
Cohomological kernels of purely inseparable field extensions
Fans, real valuations, and hereditarily-Pythagorean fields
Quadratic forms over dyadic valued fields. I. The graded Witt ring
Quadratic forms over rational function fields in characteristic 2
Jacobowitz, Howard
The canonical bundle and realizable CR hypersurfaces
Jacobowitz, Ronald
Multiplicativity of the local Hilbert symbol
Jacobson, David
On the solution of linear $\mathrm{G.C.D.}$ equations
Jacobson, N.
A note on automorphisms of Lie algebras
Jacon, Nicolas
Generalized Mullineux involution and perverse equivalences
Kashiwara and Zelevinsky involutions in affine type A
Jacquet, Hervé
A correction to Conducteur des Représentations du groupe linéaire
Kloosterman integrals for skew symmetric matrices
Shalika periods on GL(2,D) and GL(4)
The Whittaker models of induced representations
Uniqueness of Shalika functionals: the archimedean case
Jaeger, François
New constructions of models for link invariants
Jafari, Raheleh
Ulrich elements in normal simplicial affine semigroups
Jaffrey, Marc J.
Submodules of the Hardy space over polynomial algebras
Jahn, Thomas
Ball convex bodies in Minkowski spaces
Jahren, Bjørn
A remark on the isotopy classes of diffeomorphisms of lens spaces
Jain, Surender
Prime rings with a one-sided ideal satisfying a polynomial identity
Rings in which every right ideal is quasi-injective
Rings whose proper cyclic modules are quasi-injective
Rings with quasi-projective left ideals
Jain, V. K.
Certain transformations of basic hypergeometric series and their applications
Some expansions involving basic hypergeometric functions of two variables
Jajodia, Sushil
Homotopy classification of lens spaces for one-relator groups with torsion
On $2$-dimensional $CW$-complexes with a single $2$-cell
Jakelic, Dijana
Finite-dimensional representations of Hyper Loop Algebras
Jakimovski, Amnon
$(C,\,\infty)$ and $(H,\,\infty)$ methods of summation
Tauberian constants for the $[J,\,f(x)]$ transformations
Transformations of certain sequences of random variables by generalized Hausdorff matrices
Jakóbczak, Piotr
The boundary regularity of the solution of the $\bar\partial$-equation in the product of strictly pseudoconvex domains
Jakobsen, James
The non-existence of expansive homeomorphisms on a closed $2$-cell
Jakubík, J.
On subgroups of a pseudo lattice ordered group
Jaligot, Éric
Involutive automorphisms of $N_\circ^\circ$-groups of finite Morley rank
James, Donald G.
Quaternion algebras, arithmetic Kleinian groups and $\mathbf{Z}$-lattices
James, Donald
Integral invariants for vectors over local fields
Invariant submodules of unimodular Hermitian forms
On the normal subgroups of integral orthogonal groups
On Witt's theorem for unimodular quadratic forms
On Witt's theorem for unimodular quadratic forms. II
Orthogonal groups of dyadic unimodular quadratic forms. II
James, Helen H.
Automorphism groups retracting onto symmetric groups
James, Ioan
On spaces with a multiplication
James, Ralph
Summable trigonometric series
James, Robert
Super-reflexive spaces with bases
Jamison, James
Hermitian and adjoint abelian operators on certain Banach spaces
One parameter groups of isometries on certain Banach spaces
Jamison, Robert
Functional representation of algebraic intervals
On embedding a compact convex set into a locally convex topological vector space
Partition numbers for trees and ordered sets
Jammes, Pierre
Multiplicité du spectre de Steklov sur les surfaces et nombre chromatique
Jana, Arindam
Iwahori-Hecke model for mod p representations of GL(2,F)
Janakiraman, S.
Totally bounded group topologies and closed subgroups
Janardhanan, Jaikrishnan
Proper holomorphic maps between bounded symmetric domains revisited
Janeczko, Stanisław
On isotropic submanifolds and evolution of quasicaustics
Jang, Ruey-Jen
On the ideal structure of positive, eventually compact linear operators on Banach lattices
Jang, Yeonhee
Distance of bridge surfaces for links with essential meridional spheres
Meridional rank and bridge number for a class of links
Janicka, Liliana
Radon-Nikodým problem for the variation of a vector measure
Janowitz, Melvin
Complemented congruences on complemented lattices
Principal multiplicative lattices
Quantifiers and orthomodular lattices
Jans, James
Janson, Svante
A note on $H^{1}$ $q$-martingales
Janssens, Bas
The L-infinity algebra of a symplectic manifold
Jantzen, Chris
Some remarks on degenerate principal series
Jantzen, Chris
Parametrization of the image of normalized intertwining operators
Jantzen, Jens
Simple periodic modules of twisted Chevalley groups
Janusz, Gerald
Generators for the Schur group of local and global number fields
Some remarks on Clifford's theorem and the Schur index
Januszewski, Janusz
Covering a convex body by its negative homothetic copies
Jaramillo Aguado, Jesús
Jarden, Moshe
The absolute Galois group of $C(x)$
The absolute Galois group of a pseudo real closed algebraic field
Jardim, Marcos
Moduli spaces of rank 2 instanton sheaves on the projective space
Jarosz, Krzysztof
Isometries between injective tensor products of Banach spaces
Small isomorphisms of $C(X,E)$ spaces
Ultraproducts and small bound perturbations
Jarque, Xavier
Polynomial foliations of $\mathcal{R}^2$
Jarvis, Frazer
Correspondences on Shimura curves and Mazur's principle at $p$
Jauregui, Jeffrey
Fill-ins of nonnegative scalar curvature, static metrics, and quasi-local mass
Lower semicontinuity of the ADM mass in dimensions two through seven
Javaloyes Victoria, Miguel
Comparison results for conjugate and focal points in semi-Riemannian geometry via Maslov index
Jaworowski, Jan
Jaworski, Wojciech
Strong approximate transitivity, polynomial growth, and spread out random walks on locally compact groups
Strongly approximately transitive group actions, the Choquet-Deny theorem, and polynomial growth
Jayachandran, M.
Scattered compactification for $N\cup \{p\}$
Jech, Thomas
Two remarks on elementary embeddings of the universe
Jedwab, Jonathan
The $L_4$ norm of Littlewood polynomials derived from the Jacobi symbol
Jeffcott, Barbara
Semimodularity in the completion of a poset
Jeffres, Thalia D.
Regularity of the heat operator on a manifold with cylindrical ends
Jelonek, Włodzimierz
Jenkins, James
Jenkins, Joe
A geometric criterion for Gelfand pairs associated with the Heisenberg group
On group actions with nonzero fixed points
Symmetry and nonsymmetry in the group algebras of discrete groups
Jenner, William
On non-associative algebras associated with bilinear forms
Jennings, George
Lines having contact four with a projective hypersurface
Lines having high contact with a projective variety
Jensen, Bruce
Commutative semigroups which are almost finite
Infinite semigroups whose non-trivial homomorphs are all isomorphic
Jensen, Christian
Algebraic compactness of ultrapowers and representation type
Jensen, Gary
On Kuiper's question whether taut submanifolds are algebraic
Jensen, Peter
Combinatorial classification of quantum lens spaces
Jeon, BoGwang
Heegaard genera in congruence towers of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Jeong, J. A.
Stable rank andreal rank of graph $C^*$-algebras
Jeong, Moonja
The Bergman kernel for circular multiply connected domains
Jeong, Sumi
Construction of elliptic curves with noninteger torsion points and noncyclic torsion groups
Jerison, David
Asymptotics of eigenfunctions on plane domains
Jerison, Meyer
An algebra associated with a compact group
Jerrard, Richard
Jessup, Barry
Approximating rational spaces with ellipticcomplexes and a conjecture of Anick
Jeter, Melvyn W.
On the extremal elements of the convex cone of superadditive $n$-homogeneous functions
Jewell, Nicolas
Characterizations of completely nondeterministic stochastic processes
Continuity of module and higher derivations
The existence of discontinuous module derivations
Jewett, John
Multiplication on classes of pseudo-analytic functions
Jeyaratnam, S.
The Diophantine equation $Y(Y+m)(Y+2m)(Y+3m)=2X(X+m)(X+2m)(X+3m)$
Jezierski, Jerzy
Homotopy minimal periods formaps of three dimensional nilmanifolds
Jha, Vikram
On the Lorimer-Rahilly and Johnson-Walker translation planes
Ji, Shanyu
Currents, metrics and Moishezon manifolds
Uniqueness problem without multiplicities in value distribution theory
Ji, Xiu
Spacelike hypersurfaces with constant conformal sectional curvature in $\mathbb{R}^{n+1}_1$
Jian, Huaiyu
Long-time existence of mean curvature flow with external force fields
The Monge--Amp\`ere equation with \\ infinite boundary value
Jiang, Boju
Estimation of the number of periodic orbits
Fixed points of surface diffeomorphisms
On the computations of the Nielsen number
Jiang, Cuipo
Irreducible representations for the abelian extension of the Lie algebra of diffeomorphisms of mu + 1 dimensional torus
Jiang, Dihua
Fourier coefficients of Eisenstein series of the exceptional group of type ${\mathbf{G_2}}$
On Fourier Coefficients of Certain Residual Representations of Symplectic Groups
On the Multiplicity One Theorem for generic automorphic forms of GSp(4)
Poles of certain residual Eisenstein series of classical groups
Symplectic supercuspidal representations of GL(2n) over p-adic fields
Jiang, Qifen
Irreducible representations for the abelian extension of the Lie algebra of diffeomorphisms of mu + 1 dimensional torus
Jiang, Wenfeng
Limit of first eigenfunctions of $p$-Laplacian on graphs
Jiang, Yueping
Circle patterns on surfaces of finite topological type revisited
Generators of the Gauss--Picard modular group in three complex dimensions
Jimbo, Michio
Braid group representations arising from the generalized chiral Potts models
Jimenez, Miguel
Genuine infinitesimal bendings of submanifolds
Jin, Gyo Taek
The Cochran sequences of semi-boundary links
Jin, Chunhua
Polynomial invariants of Weyl groups for Kac--Moody groups
Jin, Lu
Degeneracy theorems for two holomorphic curves in $\mathbb{P}^n(\mathbb{C})$ sharing few hypersurfaces
Jin, Xiaoshang
Boundary regularity for asymptotically hyperbolic metrics with smooth Weyl curvature
Jin, Yongyang
Regularity and analyticity of solutions in a direction for elliptic equations
Jin, Zhiren
A comparison principle for quasilinearelliptic equations and its application
A Phragm{\`e}n--Lindel{\"o}f theorem \\ and the behavior at infinity of \\ solutions of non-hyperbolic equations
Solvability of Dirichlet problems for semilinear elliptic equations on certain domains
Jing, Naihuan
Bosonic realizations of higher-level toroidal Lie algebras
Quantum Weyl algebras and deformations of $U(g)$
Jleli, Mohamed
An end-to-end construction for compact constant mean curvature surfaces
Jo, Young
Isometries of tridiagonal algebras
Jobe, John
Dendrites, dimension, and the inverse arc function
Jockusch, Carl
Countable retracing functions and $\prod_2^0$ predicates
Degrees of members of $\Pi^0_1$ classes
Recursively enumerable sets and van der Waerden's theorem on arithmetic progressions
Johannson, Klaus
Totally peripheral $3$-manifolds
Johansen, Søren
A generalized Radon-Nikodym derivative
The descriptive approach to the derivative of a set function with respect to a $\sigma $-lattice
Johansson, Christian
Local Langlands correspondence in rigid families
John, Kamil
On extension of rotund norms. II
John, O.
On the regularity up to the boundary for second order nonlinear elliptic systems
Johns, Milton
On conditional expectation and quasi-rings
Johnsen, Eugene
Combinatorial structures in loops. II. Commutative inverse property cyclic neofields of prime-power order
Commutativity theorems for nonassociative rings with a finite division ring homomorphic image
Integral solutions to the incidence equation for finite projective plane cases of orders $n\equiv 2\pmod{4}$
Johnsen, Karsten
Johnson, Barry
$AW^{\ast}$-algebras are $QW^{\ast}$-algebras
Continuity of homomorphisms of Banach $G$-modules
Continuity of transformations which leave invariant certain translation invariant subspaces
Norms of derivations on $\mathscr{L}(\mathfrak{X})$
Pseudo regular elements and the auxiliary multiplication they induce
The range of a normal derivation
Johnson, Bruce
Generalized Lerch zeta function
Johnson, Carlos
On certain poset and semilattice homomorphisms
Johnson, Charles
The Hadamard product of $A$ and $A^{\ast}$
Johnson, Dennis
The diophantine problem $Y^{2}-X^{3}=A$ in a polynomial ring
Johnson, Donald
Rings of quotients of $\Phi $-algebras
The Dedekind completion of $C(\mathscr{X})$
Johnson, E.
Representable distributive Noether lattices
Structure of Noether lattices with join-principal maximal elements
Johnson, G. D.
An intrinsic characterization of a class of minimal surfaces in constant curvature manifolds
Superadditivity intervals and Boas' test
Johnson, Gerald
Feynman integrals of non-factorable finite-dimensional functionals
Notes on the Feynman integral. I
Notes on the Feynman integral. III. The Schroedinger equation
Operator-valued Feynman integrals of finite-dimensional functionals
Scale-invariant measurability in Wiener space
The Feynman integral of quadratic potentials depending on two time variables
Johnson, Gordon
Moment sequences in Hilbert space
Johnson, Harold
An algebraic approach to exterior differential systems
Conditions for isomorphism in partial differential equations
Correction to "On terminating prolongation procedures"
Determination of hyperbolicity by partial prolongations
On terminating prolongation procedures
The absolute invariance of conservation laws
The non-invariance of hyperbolicity in partial differential equations
Johnson, Jerry
A note on Banach spaces of Lipschitz functions
Johnson, Jesse
Automorphisms of the three-torus preserving a genus three Heegaard splitting
Generalized handlebody sets and non-Haken 3-manifolds
Horizontal Heegaard splittings of Seifert fibered spaces
Johnson, Johnny
Ideals and radicals of some endomorphism rings
Johnson, Jon
Integral closure and generalized transforms in graded domains
Properties of uppers to zero in $R[x]$
Johnson, Kenneth
A reciprocity law for Ramanujan sums
Unitary analogs of generalized Ramanujan sums
Johnson, Norman
Derivable semi-translation planes
Translation planes constructed from semifield planes
Johnson, Peter
Best possible results in a class of inequalities
Johnson, R. E.
Quotient rings of rings with zero singular ideal
Johnson, R. H.
Johnson, Robert
Round and Pfister forms over $R(t)$
Johnson, Roy
Nearly Borel sets and product measures
Some relationships between measures
Johnson, Russell
Almost-periodic functions with unbounded integral
Existence of a strong lifting commuting with a compact group of transformations
Existence of a strong lifting commuting with a compact group of transformations. II
On the Sato-Segal-Wilson solutions of the K-dV equation
Strong liftings commuting with minimal distal flows
Johnson, Wallace
Existence of half-trajectories in prescribed regions and asymptotic orbital stability
Johnson, Wells
Symmetries for sums of the Legendre symbol
Johnson, William
Factorizations of natural embeddings of $l^n_p$ into $L_r$. II
Johnson, William
The characteristic function of a harmonic function in a locally Euclidean space
Johnston, Elgin
The boundary modulus of continuity of harmonic functions
Johnston, Katherine
The lattice of pseudovarieties of inverse semigroups
Joichi, James
Bijective proofs of basic hypergeometric series identities
Jolissaint, Paul
Index for pairs of finite von Neumann algebras
On spectra of simple random walks on one-relator groups.With an appendix by Paul Jolissain
Jolly, Robert
Concerning periodic subadditive functions
Jonah, David
Transitive affine transformations on groups
Jones, Charles
Weak and norm approximate identities are different
Jones, E. E.
The flexure of a non-uniform beam
Jones, F. Burton
The cyclic connectivity of plane continua
Jones, Gary
An asymptotic property of solutions of $y'''+py^{\prime}+qy=0$
Oscillation properties of certain self-adjoint differential equations of the fourth order
The embedding of homeomorphisms of the plane in continuous flows
Jones, Geoffrey
Projective pseudo complemented semilattices
Jones, Keith
Connectivity Properties for Actions on Locally Finite Trees
Controlled connectivity for semidirect products acting on locally finite trees
Jones, Kerry
The structure of closed non-positively curved Euclidean cone $3$-manifolds
Jones, Lee
On the range of an unbounded partly atomic vector-valued measure
Jones, Lowell
Construction of $Z_{p}$-actions on manifolds
Jones, Nathan
A bound for the conductor of an open subgroup of GL_2 associated to an elliptic curve
Elliptic aliquot cycles of fixed length
Jones, Oliver
On the geometry of varieties of invertible \\symmetric and skew-symmetric matrices
Jones, Patricia
Finite hereditary near-ring-semigroups
Jones, Peter
On the lattice of varieties of bands of groups
Jones, Peter
Harmonic measures supported on curves
Positive analytic capacity but zero Buffon needle probability
Ratios of interpolating Blaschke products
Jones, Vaughan
An orthogonal approach to the subfactor of a planar algebra
Hilbert space representation of the annular Temperley-Lieb Algebra
On knot invariants related to some statistical mechanical models
Jones, William
Duality and types of completeness in locally convex spaces
Erratum: ``Duality and types of completeness in locally covex spaces''
Jonov, Boyan
Hilbert series of certain jet schemes of determinantal varieties
Jónsson, Bjarni
Congruence relations and multiplicity types of algebras
Lattice varieties covering the smallest nonmodular variety
Refinements for infinite direct decompositions of algebraic systems
Representations of primary Arguesian lattices
The amalgamation property in equational classes of modular lattices
Jonsson, Jakob
Complexes of injective words and their commutation classes
Joo, Jae-Cheon
A generalization of the Greene-Krantz theorem for the semicontinuity property of automorphism groups
Uniqueness theorems for CR and conformal mappings
Jordan, James
The distribution of cubic and quintic non-residues
Jordan, Mary Joel
Periodic $H$-semigroups and $t$-semisimple periodic $H$-semigroups
Jorgensen, David
Support sets of pairs of modules
Jorgensen, Palle
$q$-canonical commutation relations and stability of the Cuntz algebra
Analytic continuation of local representations of Lie groups
Spectral representations of unbounded nonlinear operators on Hilbert space
The kernel of Fock representations of Wickalgebras with braided operator of coefficients
Jørgensen, Peter
A noncommutative BGG correspondence
Joseph, James
Joseph, V.
Smooth actions of the circle group on exotic spheres
Josephson, William
Coallocation between lattices with applications to measure extensions
Joshi, J. M. C.
Inversion and representation theorems for a generalized Laplace transform
On a generalized Stieltjes trasform
Joshi, Mark
Total determination of material parameters from electromagnetic boundary information
Joshi, N. E.
Collectively compact and semi-compact sets of linear operators in topological vector spaces
Joshi, Rohit
Spinoriality of orthogonal representations of $GL_n(\mb F_q)$
Jost, Jürgen
Jotz Lean, Madeleine
Lie 2-algebroids and matched pairs of $2$-representations: a geometric approach
Jouve, Florent
A positive density of fundamental discriminants with large regulator
Jow, Shin-Yao
Asymptotic order-of-vanishing functions on the pseudoeffective cone
Asymptotic orders of vanishing along base loci separate Mori chambers
Multigraded Fujita Approximation
Joy, Kenneth
A description of the topology on the dual space of a nilpotent Lie group
Joyner, William
Simple local trace formulas for unramified $p$-adic groups
Juan, Lourdes
Picard–Vessiot extensions with specified Galois group
Juberg, R. K.
On the Dirichlet problem for certain higher order parabolic equations
Juhász, István
Normality and the weak $cb$ property
Juhl, Andreas
Shift operators, residue families and degenerate Laplacians
Julian, William
$\varepsilon$-continuity and monotone operations
$\varepsilon$-covering dimension
A uniformly continuous function on $[0,\,1]$ that is everywhere different from its infimum
Algebraic numbers, a constructive development
Juneja, Om Prakash
Radii of convexity for certain classes of univalent analytic functions
Juneja, Pushpa
On extreme points of the joint numerical range of commuting normal operators
Jung, Il Bong
Complete contractivity of maps associated with the Aluthge and Duggal transforms
Some nonhypertransitive operators
Jung, Kenley
Junge, Marius
Volume estimates for log-concave densities with application to iterated convolutions
Jungerman, Mark
The non-orientable genus of the $n$-cube
Junghenn, Hugo
Almost periodic compactifications of transformation semigroups
Almost periodic functions on semidirect products of transformation semigroups
Jungnickel, Dieter
Klingenberg structures and partial designs. II. Regularity and uniformity
Junnila, Heikki J. K.
Jurchescu, Martin
Modulus of a boundary component
Jurisich, Elizabeth
Realizations of the three-point Lie algebra $\mathfrak{sl}(2, \mathcal R) \oplus( \Omega_{\mathcal R}/d{\mathcal R})$
Jurkat, Wolfgang
On weak restricted estimates and endpoint problems for convolutions with oscillating kernels. I
Juul, Karsten
Some three-point subset properties connected with Menger's characterization of boundaries of plane convex sets