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Author Index – K
Kaashoek, Marinus
On operators whose Fredholm set is the complex plane
Kabaya, Yuichi
Cyclic branched coverings of knots and Quandle homology
Kable, Anthony
Isotypic Multiharmonic Polynomials and Gelbart-Helgason Reciprocity
Legendre sums, Soto--Andrade sums and\\ Kloosterman sums
The Heisenberg Ultrahyperbolic Equation: The Basic Solutions as Distributions
Kadison, Richard
Banach algebras with unitary norms
Strong continuity of operator functions
Three test problems in operator theory
Unitary operators in $C^{\ast}$-algebras
Kaftal, Victor
Finite weight projections in von Neumann algebras
On the theory of compact operators in von Neumann algebras. II
Kahane, Jean-Pierre
On the construction of certain bounded continuous functions
Kahn, (Harold) David
Kahn, Donald
Differentiable approximations to homotopy resolutions and framed cobordism
Maps which induce the zero map on homotopy
Secondary cohomology operations which extend the triple product
Kahn, Steven
Cobordism obstructions to fibering manifolds over spheres
Kaimakamis, George
Biharmonic Lorentz hypersurfaces in E
Kainen, Paul
Universal coefficient theorems for generalized homology and stable cohomotopy
Kaiser, Uwe
Link homotopy in $\mathbb{R}^3$ and $S^3$
Kajimoto, Hiroshi
On the extension of Lipschitz functions from boundaries of subvarieties to strongly pseudoconvex domains
Kajiwara, Takeshi
Isomorphism theorem on low dimensional Lie algebras
Kajiwara, Tsuyoshi
Irreducible bimodules associated with crossed product algebras. II
Kakutani, Shizuo
An example concerning uniform boundedness of spectral measures
Kalaj, David
Harmonic quasiconformal self-mappings and Möbius transformations of the unit ball
Quasiconformal harmonic mappings between Dini's smooth Jordan domains
Kalantari, Iraj
Recursively enumerable sets and van der Waerden's theorem on arithmetic progressions
Kalb, Klaus
On the expansion in joint generalized eigenvectors
Kalbfleisch, J. G.
A uniqueness theorem for edge-chromatic graphs
Maximal and minimal coverings of $(k-1)$-tuples by $k$-tuples
Kalelkar, Tejas
Taut foliations in surface bundles with multiple boundary components
Kalfagianni, Efstratia
Knot adjacency, genus and essential tori
Kaliman, Shulim
Polynomials with general ${\mathbf C}^2$--fibers are variables
Rational polynomials with a $\mathbf{C}^*$-fiber
Two remarks on polynomials in two variables
Kalisch, G. K.
Characterizations of direct sums and commuting sets of Volterra operators
On integral representations of piecewise holomorphic functions
On similarity invariants of certain operators in $L_{p}$
Kaliszewski, Steven
Kalka, Morris
Holomorphic foliations and deformations of the Hopf foliation
Kallaher, Michael
On the Lorimer-Rahilly and Johnson-Walker translation planes
Kallina, Carl
A Green's function approach to perturbations of periodic solutions
Kalliongis, John
Homeotopy groups of irreducible $3$-manifolds which may contain two-sided projective planes
Kallman, Ralph
Gaussian Markov expectations and related integral equations
Kallman, Robert
Only trivial Borel measures on $S_{\infty}$ are quasi-invariant under automorphisms
Kalman, John
Continuity and convexity of projections and barycentric coordinates in convex polyhedra
Kálmán, Tamás
Rulings of Legendrian knots as spanning surfaces
Kalmár, Boldizsár
Fold maps and immersions from the viewpoint of cobordism
Maps on 3-manifolds given by surgery
Kalpazidou, Sofia
On a problem of Gauss-Kuzmin type for continued fraction with odd partial quotients
Kalton, Nigel
Complex interpolation and twisted twisted Hilbert spaces
Homomorphisms of group algebras with norm less than $\sqrt{2}$
Kamgarpour, Masoud
Geometrization of continuous characters of $\mathbb{Z}_p^\times$
Kammeyer, Holger
Adelic superrigidity and profinitely solitary lattices
Kamowitz, Herbert
Compact endomorphisms of Banach algebras
Compact operators of the form $uC_{\varphi}$
On operators whose spectrum lies on a circle or a line
The spectra of endomorphisms of algebras of analytic functions
The spectra of endomorphisms of the disc algebra
Kan, Charn-Huen
Norming vectors of linear operators between $L_p$ spaces
Kanazawa, Atsushi
Geometric transitions and SYZ mirror symmetry
Kandanaarachchi, Sevvandi
On the Convergence of Axially Symmetric Volume Preserving Mean Curvature Flow
Kane, Richard
On loop spaces without $p$ torsion
On loop spaces without $p$ torsion. II
Kaneda, Masaharu
On certain maximal cyclic modules for the quantized special linear algebra at a root of unity
On the Frobenius morphism of flag schemes
Some generalities on $\mathcal{D}$-modules in positive characteristic
Kaneda, Masayoshi
Ideal decompositions of a ternary ring of operators with predual
Kang, Byung
A remark on the Noetherian property of power series rings
Kang, Hyeonbae
Carleson measure characterizations of BMOA on pseudoconvex domains
Kang, Ming-Chang
Noether's problem for $\hat{S_4}$ and $\hat{S_5}$
Noether's problem for dihedral 2-groups II
Twisted symmetric group actions
Kang, Seok-Jin
Indefinite Kac-Moody algebras of special linear type
Kang, Soon-Yi
A certain quotient of eta-functions found in Ramanujan's lost notebook
Kang, Sungmo
Tunnel-number-one knot exteriors in S^3 disjoint from proper power curves
Kaniuth, Eberhard
Harmonic analysis on central hypergroups and induced representations
Kann, Edgar
Infinitesimal rigidity of almost-convex oriented polyhedra of arbitrary Euler characteristic
Kannan, Varadachariar
Lattices of Hausdorff compactifications of a locally compact space
Kannappan, Palaniappan
Generalized Bol functional equation
On functional equations connected with directed divergence, inaccuracy and generalized directed divergence
Kano, Yosuke
Taut foliations and the action of the fundamental group on leaf spaces and universal circles
Kantor, J.-M.
On Primitive Subdivisions of anElementary Tetrahedron
Kantor, William
On $2$-transitive collineation groups of finite projective spaces
Kao, Kuo Shih
Kaplan, Steve J.
Twisting to algebraically slice knots
Kaplansky, Irving
A theorem on rings of operators
Completely continuous normal operators with property $L$
Kaplicky, Petr
On existence of a classical solution to a generalized Kelvin-Voigt model
Kapovich, Ilya
Patterson-Sullivan currents, generic stretching factors and the asymmetric Lipschitz metric for outer space
Kapp, Kenneth
Induced topologies for quasigroups and loops
On Croisot's theory of decompositions
Topisms and induced non-associative systems
Kappeler, Thomas
On the Korteweg--de Vries equation:\\ Frequencies and initialvalue problem
Kaptanoğlu, Hakkı
Möbius-invariant Hilbert spaces in polydiscs
Karadağ, Tekin
Lie brackets on Hopf algebra cohomology
Karagüzel, Çisil
Fusion systems of blocks of finite groups over arbitrary fields
Karam, Albert
Karanikas, Konstantinos
Wiener pairs of measure algebras
Karlin, Samuel
Coincidence properties of birth and death processes
Many server queueing processes with Poisson input and exponential service times
Moment inequalities of Pólya frequency functions
Some random walks arising in learning models. I
Karlovitz, Les
Existence of fixed points of nonexpansive mappings in a space without normal structure
On tree structures in Banach spaces
Karpenko, Nikita
Karshon, Yael
Topology of complexity one quotients
Kartsatos, Athanassios
$N$th order oscillations with middle terms of order $N-2$
Hyperpolynomial approximation of solutions of nonlinear integro-differential equations
Nonzero solutions to boundary value problems for nonlinear systems
On polynomials approximating the solutions of nonlinear differential equations
Karunakaran, V.
Certain classes of regular univalent functions
The radius of starlikeness for a class of regular functions defined by an integral
Karush, W.
An iterative method for finding characteristic vectors of a symmetric matrix
Karvellas, P. H.
A note on compact semirings which are multiplicative semilattices
Kas, Arnold
On the handlebody decomposition associated to a Lefschetz fibration
Kasagawa, Ryoji
On crossed homomorphisms of the volume preserving diffeomorphism groups
Kascic, Michael
Polynomials in linear relations
Polynomials in linear relations. II
Kasprowski, Daniel
$\mathbb{CP}^2$-stable classification of $4$-manifolds with finite fundamental group
Kass, Guy
Strongly r-matrix induced tensors, Koszul cohomology, and arbitrary-dimensional quadratic Poisson cohomology
Kassel, Christian
Biquantization of Lie bialgebras
Kassel, Fanny
Compact anti-de Sitter 3-manifolds and folded hyperbolic structures on surfaces
Kastler, D.
Remarks on the differential envelopes of associative algebras
Katayama, Yoshikazu
Isomorphisms of the Fourier algebras in crossed products
Outer actions of a discrete amenable group on approximately finite dimensional factors III, the type III case, asymmetrization and examples
Katchalski, Meir
Symmetric twins and common transversals
Katerman, E.
Cleanliness of geodesics in hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Kato, Hisao
Chaos of continuum-wise expansive homeomorphisms and dynamical properties of sensitive maps of graphs
Concerning hyperspaces of certain Peano continua and strong regularity of Whitney maps
Kató, Sadao
Canonical domains in several complex variables
Kato, Tosio
Wave operators and unitary equivalence
Kato, Yoshifumi
On the vector fields on an algebraic homogeneous space
Katok, Anatole
The cohomology of expansive $\mathbb{Z}^d$-actions by automorphisms of compact, abelian groups
Katsabekis, Anargyros
An indispensable classification of monomial curves in $\mathbb{A}^4(\nmathbb{k})$
Katsaras, A.
Continuous linear maps positive on increasing continuous functions
Integral representations of weakly compact operators
Katsoulis, Elias
Geometry of the unit ball and representation theory for operator algebras
Katsura, Takeshi
Ideal structure of C*-algebras associated with C*-correspondences
Katz, Daniel
Asymptotic $L^4$ norm of polynomials derived from characters
Katz, Elyahu
A moduli representation for the classification of twisted tensor products
Free products in the category of $k_{w}$-groups
Free products of topological groups with amalgamation
Free products of topological groups with amalgamation. II
Recursion formulas for the homology of $\Omega(X\vee Y)$
Katz, Gabriel
On polynomial generators in the algebra of complex functions on a compact space
Katz, Melvin
Katz, Mikhail
An optimal inequality for CAT(0) metrics in genus two
Katz, Paul
Infinite sums in algebraic structures
Katz, Richard
A note on extremal length and modulus
Correction to: ``Function-theoretic degeneracy criteria for Riemannian manifolds''
Function-theoretic degeneracy criteria for Riemannian manifolds
Katz, Sheldon
Tangents to a multiple plane curve
Katznelson, Yitzhak
The Stone-Weierstrass property in Banach algebras
Kaufman, Robert
Brownian motion and sets of multiplicity
Correction to: ``Plane curves and removable sets''
Gap series and an example to Malliavin's theorem
Hausdorff measure, BMO, and analytic functions
Lacunary series and probability
Plane curves and removable sets
Kauta, John
On a class of semihereditary crossed-product orders
Kaveh, Kiumars
Vector fields, torus actions and equivariant cohomology
Kawada, Takayuki
Correction to: ``Sample functions of Pólya processes''
Sample functions of Pólya processes
Kawagoe, Kenichi
Twisted linking numbers via representations of fundamental groups
Kawahigashi, Yasuyuki
Cohomology of actions of discrete groups on factors of type $\mathrm{II}_1$
Normal states of type III factors
Kawamoto, Yusuke
Higher homotopy commutativity of $H$-spaces \\with finitely generated cohomology
Higher homotopy commutativity of H-spaces and homotopy localizations
Loop spaces of $H$-spaces with finitely \\ generated cohomology
Kawamura, Tomomi
Links and gordiannumbers associated with certain generic immersions of circles
Kawasaki, Morimichi
Bavard's duality theorem on conjugation-invariant norms
Kawata, T.
On the inversion formula for the characteristic function
Kawauchi, Akio
An estimate of infinite cyclic coverings and knot theory
Kawazoe, Takeshi
An endpoint estimate of the Kunze-Stein phenomenon on SU(n,m)
Kawohl, Bernd
Characterization of Cheeger sets for convex subsets of the plane
Kay, Alvin
Nonlinear integral equations and product integrals
Kay, David
Axiomatic convexity theory and relationships between the Carathéodory, Helly, and Radon numbers
The ptolemaic inequality in Hilbert geometries
Kayashima, Ikuko
On relations between Nörlund and Riesz means
Kazaras, Demetre
An Explicit Formula for the Spherical Curves with Constant Torsion
Kazarian, Maxim
A Giambelli-type formula for subbundles of the tangent bundle
Characteristic classes for the degenerations of two-planefields in four dimensions
Kazez, William
On equivalences of branched coverings and their action on homology
Ke, Wen-Fong
Maps characterized by action on zero products
Keagy, Thomas
Acceleration by subsequence transformations
Matrix transformations and absolute summability
On ``Tauberian theorems via block-dominated matrices''
Keane, Michael
Distinguishing a plane curve from other curves similar to it
Kearsley, Anthony J.
Existence of weak solutions to a class of nonstrictly hyperbolicconservation laws with non-interacting waves
Keaton, Rodney
Congruence primes for Ikeda lifts and the Ikeda ideal
Kechris, Alexander
Countable ordinals and the analytical hierarchy. I
Kečkić, Dragoljub
A functional calculus for unbounded generalized scalar operators on Banach spaces
Keedwell, A. Donald
Generalized complete mappings, neofields, sequenceable groups and block designs. I
Generalized complete mappings, neofields, sequenceable groups and block designs. II
Keef, Patrick
Mahlo Cardinals and the Torsion Product of Primary Abelian Groups
On the Tor functor and some classes of abelian groups
Keen, Linda Jo
Continuity of convex hull boundaries
Keener, L.
Characterizations of infinite-dimensional and nonreflexive spaces
Keener, Marvin
Oscillatory solutions and multi-point boundary value functions for certain $n$th-order linear ordinary differential equations
Keesling, James
A shape fibration with fibers of different shape
Decompositions of the Stone-Čech compactification which are shape equivalences
Mappings and dimension in general metric spaces
On the equivalence of normality and compactness in hyperspaces
Topological groups whose underlying spaces are separable Fréchet manifolds
Kegley, Junius
Convexity with respect to Euler-Lagrange differential operators
Keich, U.
Absolute continuity between the Wiener\\ and stationary Gaussian measures
The entropy distance between the Wiener and stationary Gaussian measures
Keigher, William
Adjunctions and comonads in differential algebra
Keisler, Harold
Applications of ultraproducts of pairs of cardinals to the theory of models
Keisler, Michael
A characterization of the representable Lebesgue decomposition projections
Integral representation for elements of the dual of $ba(S,\,\Sigma)$
Kelisky, Richard
Iterates of Bernstein polynomials
Keller, Hans
On the lattice of all closed subspaces of a Hermitian space
On valued, complete fields and their automorphisms
Keller, James
Annihilation of ideals in commutative rings
Keller, Thomas
Orbit sizes and character degrees
Kelley, Al
Analytic two-dimensional subcenter manifolds for systems with an integral
Invariance for linear systems of ordinary differential equations
Kelley, J. L.
Kelliher, James
Eigenvalues of the Stokes operator versus the Dirichlet Laplacian in the plane
Kellogg, Charles
Centralizers and $H^{\ast}$-algebras
Kelly, David
Chain conditions in free products of lattices with infinitary operations
Kelly, Leroy
Simple points in pseudoline arrangements
Kelly, Michael
Minimizing the number of fixed points for self-maps of compact surfaces
The relative Nielsen number and boundary-preserving surface maps
Kelly, Paul
A congruence theorem for trees
Curvature in Hilbert geometries
Curvature in Hilbert geometries. II
On some mappings related to graphs
Symmetric perpendicularity in Hilbert geometries
Kelman, Robert
A Dirichlet-Jordan theorem for dual trigonometric series
Kemarsky, Alexander
Gamma factors of distinguished representations of $GL_n(\mathbb{C})$
Kemeny, John
Kemperman, Johan
On the characterization of an interesting property of the arcsin distribution
Sets of uniqueness and systems of inequalities having a unique solution
Kempf, George
A theta divisor containing an abelian subvariety
Torsion divisors on algebraic curves
Kendall, David
Incidence matrices, interval graphs and seriation in archeology
The asymptotic distribution of the time-to-escape for comets strongly bound to the solar system
Kenderov, P.
Dense strong continuity of pointwise continuous mappings
Generic differentiability of convex functions on the dual of a Banach space
Kendig, Keith
Fibrations of analytic varieties
Moiré phenomena in algebraic geometry: polynomial alternations in $\mathbf{R}^{n}$
Moiré phenomena in algebraic geometry: rational alternations in $\mathbf{R}^{2}$
Kenelly, John
Characterizations of Radon partitions
Kenmotsu, Katsuei
Hadamard-Frankel type theorems for manifolds with partially positive curvature
Isometric deformation of surfaces in $R^3$ preserving the mean curvature function
Kennedy, Hubert
Kennedy, Maurice
A convergence theorem for a certain class of Markoff processes
Kennedy, Robert
Kent, Curtis
Homomorphisms of fundamental groups of planar continua
Kent, Darrell
A note on regular Cauchy spaces
Cauchy spaces with regular completions
Coarse uniform convergence spaces
Continuous convergence in $C(X)$
On the Wallman order compactification
Regular completions of Cauchy spaces
Kenyon, Hewitt
Keown, R.
On a class of topological algebras
Keppelmann, Edward
Correction to: ``Periodic points on nilmanifolds and solvmanifolds''
Periodic points on nilmanifolds and solvmanifolds
The Anosov theorem for exponential solvmanifolds
Kerber, Adalbert
Zu einer Arbeit von J. L. Berggren über ambivalente Gruppen
Kérchy, László
Obstructions to diagonalizationmodulo Lorentz ideals
Kerlin, J. E.
Norm decreasing homomorphisms between group algebras
On algebra actions on a group algebra
Kerman, Ely
Periodic orbits ofHamiltonian flows near symplectic extrema
Kerr, Matthew
Two applications of the integral regulator
Kertz, George
The exponential analogue of a generalized Weierstrass series
Kessar, Radha
Lusztig induction and $\ell$-blocks of finite reductive groups
On Tate duality and a projective scalar property for symmetric algebras
On the BV structure of the Hochschild cohomology of finite group algebras
Kessler, Liat
A symplectic form on the space of embedded symplectic surfaces and its reduction by reparametrizations
Torus actions on small blowups of ℂℙ2
Ketkar, R. D.
A note on $\mathrm{FR}$-perfect modules
Keyfitz, Barbara
Regularity of solutions of obstacle problems for elliptic equations with oblique boundary conditions
Keynes, Harvey
Ergodicity in affine skew-product toral extensions
Minimal $(G,\,\tau)$-extensions
Modelling expansion in real flows
Time changes for $\mathbf{R}^n$ flows and suspensions
Keys, Charles
On the decomposition of reducible principal series representations of $p$-adic Chevalley groups
Khabbaz, Samir A.
The module structure of $\mathrm{Ext}(F,T)$ over the endomorphism ring of $T$
The subgroups of a divisible group $G$ which can be represented as intersections of divisible subgroups of $G$
Khan, Mohammad
Chain conditions on subgroups of LCA groups
The existence of totally dense subgroups in LCA groups
Khan, Mohammad
Common fixed point theorems for multivalued mappings
Khan, Nisar
On a commutator result of Taussky and Zassenhaus
Khanfer, Ammar
On the existence of central fans of capillary surfaces
Khanh, Tran Vu
Regularity at the boundary and tangential regularity of solutions of the Cauchy--Riemann system
Kharaghani, Hadi
The evolution of bounded linear functionals with application to invariant means
Kharchenko, Vladislav
A Combinatorial approach to the quantification of Lie algebras
Khare, S. S.
Finite group action and equivariant bordism
Finite group action and vanishing of $N^G_*[F]$
Khavinson, Dmitry
An overdetermined problem in potential theory
Contractive zero-divisors in Bergman spaces
Factorization theorems for different classes of analytic functions in multiply connected domains
Khongsap, Ta
Hecke-Clifford algebras and spin Hecke algebras II: The rational double affine type
Khoshkam, Mahmood
Toeplitz algebras associated with endomorphisms\\and Pimsner--Voiculescu exact sequences
Khovanov, Mikhail
Correction to: Web bases for ${\rm sl}(3)$ are not dual canonical
Web bases for $\mathbf sl(3)$ are not dual canonical
Khurana, Surjit
A note on Radon-Nikodým theorem for finitely additive measures
Pointwise compactness and measurability
Kiang, Mo Tak
On ultimately nonexpansive semigroups
Semigroups with diminishing orbital diameters
Kidwell, Mark
The crossing number and maximal bridgelength of a knot diagram
Kiefe, Catarina
Pseudofinite fields, procyclic fields and model-completion
Kiefer, Jack
On large deviations of the empiric D. F. of vector chance variables and a law of the iterated logarithm
Kieffer, John
A ratio limit theorem for a strongly subadditive set function in a locally compact amenable group
A simple proof of the Moy-Perez generalization of the Shannon-McMillan theorem
Some topologies on the set of discrete stationary channels
Kikkawa, Michihiko
On Killing-Ricci forms of Lie triple algebras
Kikuchi, Kazunori
Positive $2$-spheres in $4$-manifolds of signature $(1,n)$
Kikuchi, Keizō
Canonical domains and their geometry in $C^{n}$
Starlike and convex mappings in several complex variables
Various $m$-representative domains in several complex variables
Killam, Eleanor
The spectrum and the radical in locally $m$-convex algebras
Kim, Choo
Uniform approximation of doubly stochastic operators
Kim, Christopher
Contracting an axially symmetric torus by its harmonic mean curvature
Kim, Dong Han
On the Lévy constants of Sturmian continued fractions
Kim, Dong S.
A boundary for the algebras of bounded holomorphic functions
Boundedly holomorphic convex domains
Kim, Henry
Parametrization of the image of normalized intertwining operators
Quantum affine algebras and q-deformation of arithmetical functions
Residual spectrum of split classical groups;\\contribution from Borel subgroups
Kim, Hong
Derivatives of Blaschke products
Kim, Hosung
Cartan-Fubini type rigidity of double covering morphisms of a quadratic manifolds
Kim, Hwankoo
Almost factoriality of integral domains and Krull-like domains
Kim, Jin Hong
Tight contact structures of certain Seifert fibered 3-manifolds with $e_0 = -1$
Kim, Jongsu
Four dimensional static and related critical spaces with harmonic curvature
Kim, Joong
$R$-automorphisms of $R[t][[X]]$
Kim, Ju-lee
On the Steinberg character of a semisimple $p$-adic group
Kim, Kang-Tae
Asymptotic behavior of the curvature of the Bergman metric of the thin domains
Automorphism groups of certain domains in $\mathbf{C}^n$ with a singular boundary
Boundary behavior of the Bergman curvature in strictly pseudoconvex polyhedral domains
Factorization of proper holomorphic \\ mappings through Thullen domains
On the uniform squeezing property of bounded convex domains in C^n
Semicontinuity of automorphism groups of strongly pseudoconvex domains: The low differentiability case
The constant curvature property\\ ofthe Wu invariant metric
Kim, Se-Goo
Knot mutation: 4-genus of knots and algebraic concordance
Nonsplittability of the rational homology cobordism group of 3-manifolds
Kim, Seick
Harnack inequality for nondivergent elliptic operators on Riemannian manifolds
Kim, Seong-A
Two-point distortion theorems for univalent functions
Kim, Seongtag
The Yamabe problem on noncompact CR manifolds
Kim, Soon-Kyu
On low dimensional minimal sets
Torus group actions on simply connected manifolds
Kim, Sungwoon
On the equivalence of the definitions of volume of representations
Kim, Tae-Sung
An invariance principle for associated random fields
Kim, Taekyung
The action of the Hecke operators on the component groups of modular Jacobian varieties
Kim, W.
Asymptotic properties of nonoscillatory solutions of higher order differential equations
On the first and the second conjugate points
The Schwarzian derivative and multivalence
Kim, Yeansu
Strongly positive representations of even GSpin groups
Kim, Yon-Seo
Virasoro constraints and Hurwitz numbers through asymptotic analysis
Kim, Young
Helicoids in S^2 x R and H^2 x R
Ruled minimal surfaces in the three dimensional Heisenberg group
Kim, Young-One
A zeta function for flip systems
Kim, Youngju
Quasiconformal conjugacy classes of parabolic isometries of complex hyperbolic space
Kimble, G. W.
A characterization of extremals for general multiple integral problems
Kimura, Naoki
The structure of idempotent semigroups. I
Kimura, Yoshiyuki
Remarks on quantum unipotent subgroup and dual canonical basis
Kin, Eiko
Flowlines transverse to knot and link fibrations
Kinderlehrer, David
The regularity of minimal surfaces defined over slit domains
King, Chen F.
King, Donald
Projections of measures on nilpotent orbits and asymptotic multiplicities of $K$-types in rings of regular functions. I
King, Henry
Polynomial equations of immersed surfaces
Rational structures on $3$-manifolds
Kingman, John
Kinoshita, Shin'ichi
On elementary ideals of $\theta $-curves in the $3$-sphere and $2$-links in the $4$-sphere
On elementary ideals of polyhedra in the $3$-sphere
On elementary ideals of projective planes in the $4$-sphere and oriented $\theta$-curves in the $3$-sphere
Kinukawa, Masakiti
Some generalizations of contraction theorems for Fourier series
Kionke, Steffen
Adelic superrigidity and profinitely solitary lattices
Lefschetz numbers of symplectic involutions on arithmetic groups
Kirch, Daniel
Construction of a Rapoport-Zink space for GU(1,1) in the ramified 2-adic case
Kirchberg, Eberhard
Inner quasidiagonality and strong NF algebras
Kiremidjian, Garo
A Nash-Moser-type implicit function theorem and nonlinear boundary value problems
On deformations of complex compact manifolds with boundary
Kirk, Joe
The uniformizing function for a class of Riemann surfaces
Kirk, Paul
Knot invariants in 3-manifolds and essential tori
Type 1 knot invariants in 3-manifolds
Kirk, Ronald
A note on the Mackey topology for $(C^{b}(X)^{\ast} ,\,C^{b}(X))$
The Haar integral via non-standard analysis
Kirk, William
A fixed point theorem for $k$-set-contractions defined in a cone
A generalization of Caristi's theorem with applications to nonlinear mapping theory
Fixed point theorems for nonlinear nonexpansive and generalized contraction mappings
Fixed point theorems for set-valued mappings of contractive type
Fixed-point theorems for families of contraction mappings
Normal structure in Banach spaces
On curvature of a metric space at a point
Some results on pseudo-contractive mappings
Kirkman, Ellen
On the global dimension of fibre products
Kirkpatrick, Kay
Quantum groups and generalized circular elements
Kirkwood, Bessie
The symplectic group over a ring with one in its stable range
Kirwan, Frances
Quotients of the complex ball by discrete groups
Kisbye, N. P.
The integralkernel in the \\ Kuznetsov sum formula for ${\rm SU}(n+1,1)$ (II).\\ The case of one dimensional $K$-types
Kishi, Kazuo
Analytic maps of the open unit disk onto a Gleason part
Kishore, Nand
A representation of the Bernoulli number $B_{n}$
Kisilevsky, Hershy
A Generalization of a result of Sinnott
Olga Taussky-Todd's work in class field theory
Signature Ranks of Units in Cyclotomic Extensions of Abelian Number Fields
The Diophantine equation $u(u+1)(u+2)(u+3)=v(v+1)(v+2)$
The Unit Signature Rank Deficiency is Unbounded over Cyclotomic Fields
Kissin, Edward
Derivations of $C^\ast$-algebras and almost Hermitian representations on $\Pi_k$-spaces
Dual spaces and isomorphisms of some differential Banach $*$-algebras of operators
Indices of unbounded derivations of $C^*$-algebras
On some reflexive operator algebras constructed from two sets of closed operators and from a set of reflexive operator algebras
On the uniqueness of representational indices of derivations of $C^*$-algebras
Kist, Joseph
Two characterizations of commutative Baer rings
Kitahara, Haruo
A formula for the normal part of the Laplace-Beltrami operator on the foliated manifold
Kitamura, Yuichi
On the nonoscillation of perturbed functional-differential equations
Kitano, Teruaki
Twisted Alexander polynomial and Reidemeister torsion
Kitayama, Hidetaka
Rationality problem for purely monomial group actions
Kitchen, Andrew
Watts cohomology and separability
Kitchen, Joseph
Sectional representations of Banach modules
Tensor products of Banach bundles
Kittaneh, Fuad
Non-commutative Clarkson inequalities for unitarily invariant norms
Kitto, William
Korovkin approximations in $L_{p}$-spaces
Klamkin, M. S.
Ptolemy's inequality, chordal metric, multiplicative metric
Klarner, David
Arithmetic properties of certain recursively defined sets
Sets of integers closed under affine operators---the closure of finite sets
Sets of integers closed under affine operators---the finite basis theorem
Klass, Michael
On stopping rules and the expected supremum of $S_{n}/T_{n}$
Klassen, V. M.
The disappearing closed set property
Klausen, Frederik
Combinatorial classification of quantum lens spaces
Klawe, Maria
Semidirect product of semigroups in relation to amenability, cancellation properties, and strong Følner conditions
Klebel, Martin
An infinite family of elliptic curves and Galois module structure
Klee, Victor
Exposed points of convex sets
Invariant extension of linear functionals
Klein, Abel
Periodic Gaussian Osterwalder-Schrader positive processes and the two-sided Markov property on the circle
Renormalized products of the generalized free field and its derivatives
Klein, Abraham A.
Matrix rings of finite degree of nilpotency
Klein, Albert
On the generalized Calkin algebra
Klein, Harry
Characterization of collectively compact sets of linear operators
Semi-groups and collectively compact sets of linear operators
Klein, Melvyn
Estimates for the transfinite diameter with applications to confomral mapping
Klein, Tom
The horofunction boundary of the Heisenberg group
Kleinfeld, Erwin
A generalization of $(-1,\,1)$ rings
A generalization of commutative and associative rings
Lie mappings in characteristic $2$
On right alternative rings without proper right ideals
Semisimple nil algebras of type $\delta $
Kleinfeld, Margaret Humm
More on a generalization of commutative and alternative rings
Kleinschmidt, Peter
On facets with non-arbitrary shapes
Kleinstein, Jerrold
Succinct and representational Witt rings
Klep, Igor
Kleptsyn, Victor
The Chabauty space of closed subgroups of the three-dimensional Heisenberg group
Kleshchev, Alexander
On comparing the cohomology of general linear and symmetric groups
On Kronecker products of spin characters \\ of the double covers of the symmetric groups
On Kronecker products\\ of complex representations \\ of the symmetric and alternating groups
Klingen, Helmut
Analytic automorphisms of bounded symmetric complex domains
Klingler, Lee
Representation type of commutative Noetherian rings I: Local wildness
Representation type of commutative Noetherian rings I: Local wildness
Representation type of commutative Noetherian rings II: Local tameness
Representation type of commutative Noetherian rings II: local wildness
Klopsch, Benjamin
A pro-p group with infinite normal Hausdorff spectra
Klyachko, Anton
What do Frobenius's, Solomon's, and Iwasaki's theorems on divisibility in groups have in common?
Knebusch, Manfred
Grothendieck and Witt rings of hermitian forms over Dedekind rings
Separation, retractions and homotopy extension in semialgebraic spaces
Knese, Gregory
Unions of Lebesgue spaces and $A_1$ majorants
Knight, Ronald
Dynamical systems of characteristic $0$
Knight, Virginia
A continuous partial order for Peano continua
Knightly, Andrew
Erratum: modular $L$-values of cubic level
Modular L-values of cubic level
Knill, R. J.
The Seifert and Van Kampen theorem via regular covering spaces
Knopf, Peter
Maximal functions on the unit $n$-sphere
Knopp, Marvin
Construction of a class of modular functions and forms
Construction of a class of modular functions and forms. II
Knopp, Paul
Concerning nonnegative matrices and doubly stochastic matrices
Knowles, Frank
Idempotents in the boundary of a Lie group
Knowles, Gareth J.
Quotients of nest algebras with trivial commutator
Knudby, Søren
Weak amenability of Lie groups made discrete
Knüppel, Frieder
Plane elliptic geometry over rings
Knuth, Donald
Permutations, matrices, and generalized Young tableaux
Ko, Eungil
Complete contractivity of maps associated with the Aluthge and Duggal transforms
Some nonhypertransitive operators
Ko, H.
Fixed point theorems for point-to-set mappings and the set of fixed points
Ko, Ki Hyoung
A combinatorial matrix in $3$-manifold theory
A family of representations of braid groups on surfaces
Kobayashi, Edward
A remark on the Nijenhuis tensor
Errata: ``A remark on the Nijenhuis tensor''
Kobayashi, Masashi
On the convexity of the kobayashi metric \\ on a taut complex manifold
Kobayashi, Midori
The connected component of the idèle class group of an algebraic number field
Kobayashi, Ryoma
Lefschetz pencils and finitely presented groups
Non-holomorphic Lefschetz fibrations with (-1)-sections
Kobayashi, Shimpei
Constant Gaussian curvature surfaces in the 3-sphere via loop groups
Kobayashi, Takayuki
Remark on the rate of decay ofsolutions to linearized compressible Navier--Stokes equations
Kobayashi, Tsuyoshi
Essential tangle decomposition from thin position of a link
The growth rate of the tunnel number of m-small knots
The Rubinstein--Scharlemann graphic of a 3-manifold as the discriminant set of a stable map
Koblitz, Neal
$p$-adic analog of Heine's hypergeometric $q$-series
$p$-adic integral transforms on compact subgroups of $\mathbf{C}_p$
Primality of the number of points on an elliptic curve over a finite field
Koch, Alan
The Hopf algebra of a uniserial group
Koch, Robert
Arcs in partially ordered spaces
Ordered semigroups in partially ordered semigroups
Kochetov, Mikhail
Group gradings on restricted Cartan type Lie algebras
Kochloukova, Dessislava
On the Bieri-Neumann-Strebel-Renz $\Sigma^1$-invariant of even Artin groups
Sigma theory and twisted conjugacy classes
The virtual first Betti number of soluble groups
Kochubei, Anatoly
A non-Archimedean wave equation
Radial solutions of non-Archimedean pseudodifferential equations
Koda, Yuya
Distance and the Goeritz groups of bridge decompositions
Knot homotopy in subspaces of the 3-sphere
Kodama, Laura
Boundary measures of analytic differentials and uniform approximation on a Riemann surface
Kodama, Yukihiro
On product of shape and a question of Sher
Kodama, Yuji
Toda lattice and toricvarieties for real split semisimple Lie algebras
Kodiyalam, Vijay
Flatness and fusion coefficients
Koehler, Anne
Quasi-projective and quasi-injective modules
Koehler, Donald
On numerical ranges of elements of locally $m$-convex algebras
Koehler, Fulton
Estimates for the eigenvalues of infinite matrices
Estimates for the errors in the Rayleigh-Ritz method
Koenig, Steffen
Ringel duality and Kazhdan--Lusztig theory
Koffi, Gerard
On incidence algebras and their representations
Kofner, Yakov
Koh, Doowon
On a theorem of Hegyvari and Hennecart
On the determinants and permanents of matrices with restricted entries over prime fields
Koh, Kwangil
On a representation of a strongly harmonic ring by sheaves
On the associativity and commutativity of algebras over commutative rings
Koh, Sung-Eun
Helicoids in S^2 x R and H^2 x R
Ruled minimal surfaces in the three dimensional Heisenberg group
Kohen, Abdelouahab
Kohlenbach, Ulrich
A uniform betweennness property in metric spaces and its role in the quantitative analysis of the "Lion-Man" game
Kohli, J.
Monotone extensions of mappings and their applications
Kohls, Carl W.
Decomposition spectra of rings of continuous functions
Some ring extensions with matrix representations
Kohn, Marvin
Summability $R_{r}$ for double series
Kohnen, Winfried
On certain Dirichlet series built from the Fourier coefficients of modular functions
On the average growth of Fourier coefficients of Siegel cusp forms of genus 2
Special values of Koecher--Maass series of Siegel cusp forms
Koike, Satoshi
Critical value sets of generic mappings
Koiso, Miyuki
Rolling construction for anisotropic Delaunay surfaces
Stable capillary hypersurfaces in a wedge
Koizumi, Shin
A Paley--Wiener theorem for the spectral projection of symmetric graphs
Kojcinovic, Slobodan M.
Extension of CR mappings between generic algebraic submanifolds
Kojima, Sadayoshi
Circle packings on surfaces with projective structures and uniformization
Kokubu, Masatoshi
Addendum: singularities of flat fronts in hyperbolic space
Flat fronts in hyperbolic 3-space
Singularities of flat fronts in hyperbolic space
Kolasa, Lawrence
Oscillatory integrals and Schr\" odinger maximal operators
Kolasa, Lawrence
On some variants of the Kakeya problem
Kolchin, E. R.
On universal extensions of differential fields
Kolesnik, Grigori
On the order of $\zeta ({1\over 2}+it)$ and $\Delta (R)$
On the order of Dirichlet $L$-functions
Koliha, J. J.
Some convergence theorems in Banach algebras
Kollross, Andreas
Exceptional (Z/2Z) × (Z/2Z)-symmetric spaces
Komatsu, Hikosaburo
Fractional powers of operators. II. Interpolation spaces
Komkov, Vadim
A technique for the detection of oscillation of second order ordinary differential equations
Kon, Mayuko
Ricci tensor of real hypersurfaces
Kondo, Satoshi
Regularity of quotients of Drinfeld modular schemes
Kondo, Toshiki
The azimuthal equidistant projection for a Finsler manifold by the exponential map
Kong, Xiaoli
Left-symmetric superalgebra structures on the super-Virasoro algebras
Konhauser, Joseph D. E.
Biorthogonal polynomials suggested by the Laguerre polynomials
Konheim, Alan G.
A note on functions which operate
Functions which operate on characteristic functions
Konishi, Yuji
Some remarks on actions of compact matrix quantum groups on $C^*$-algebras
Konkel, Austin
Bergman kernels of elementary Reinhardt domains
Konyndyk, Roger
Residually central wreath products
Koo, Hyungwoon
Carleson measure characterizations of BMOA on pseudoconvex domains
Composition operators on strictly pseudoconvex domains with smooth symbol
Koonce, Alexander
Relations among generalized characteristic classes
Koosis, Paul
Entire functions of exponential type as multipliers for weight functions
On the spectral analysis of bounded functions
Koplatadze, Roman
Optimal oscillation criteria for first order difference equations with delay argument
Kopp, Robert
A subcollection of algebras in a collection of Banach spaces
Kopperman, Ralph
Application of infinitary languages to metric spaces
Korányi, Adam
The Bergman kernel function for tubes over convex cones
Korevaar, Nicholas
On the behavior of a capillary surface at a re-entrant corner
Korezlioglu, Hayri
Reproducing kernels in separable Hilbert spaces
Korolev, Maksim
Sums of algebraic trace functions twisted by arithmetic functions
Korzeniowski, Andrzej
Asymptotics for certain Wiener integrals associated with higher order differential operators
Kosaki, Hideki
Characterization of crossed product (properly infinite case)
Generalized $s$-numbers of $\tau$-measurable operators
Non-splitting inclusions of factors of type ${III}_0$
On fusion algebras associated to finite group actions
Koschorke, Ulrich
Higher-dimensional link operations and stable homotopy
Kosier, Frank
Kosinski, Antoni
A theorem on families of acyclic sets and its applications
Kosiński, Łukasz
Coman conjecture for the bidisc
Košir, Tomaž
Permutability of characters on algebras
Koskela, M.
A characterization of non-negative matrix operators on $l^{p}$ to $l^{q}$ with $\infty > p\geqq q > 1$
Koskela, Pekka
The boundary distortion of a quasiconformal mapping
Kosler, Karl
On hereditary rings and Noetherian $V$-rings
Kosmodem'yanskii, A. A.
Application of representation formulae to comparison and nonexistence theorems for elliptic boundary value problems
Some unusual comparisonproperties of capillary surfaces
Kost, Franklin
Topological extensions of product spaces
Kostinsky, Alan
Projective lattices and bounded homomorphisms
Kotlarski, Ignacy
On a characterization using random sums
On characterizing the gamma and the normal distribution
Kotschick, Dieter
Geometric formality of homogeneous spaces and of biquotients
Kotschwar, Brett
On rotationally invariant shrinking Ricci solitons
Kottman, Clifford
Fixed points for orientation preserving homeomorphisms of the plane which interchange two points
Kotus, Janina
The straightening theorem for tangent-like maps
Koubek, V.
Sums of Boolean spaces represent every group
Koufogiorgos, Themis
The harmonicity of the Reeb vector field on contact metric 3-manifolds
Koumoullis, Georgios
Some topological properties of spaces of measures
Koutroufiotis, Dimitri
Mappings by parallel normals preserving principal directions
Kovac, R.
Obstructions to diagonalizationmodulo Lorentz ideals
Kovacs, Amos
Homomorphisms of matrix rings into matrix rings
Kovács, László
Finite permutation groups with large abelian quotients
Kowalski, Emmanuel
Zeros of families of automorphic$L$-functions close to $1$
Kowalski, Oldřich
On unitary automorphisms of solvable Lie algebras
Kowalski, Piotr
Lazard's Theorem for differential algebraic groups and proalgebraic groups
Kowalski, Robert
Rational jet dependence of formal equivalences between real-analytic hypersurfaces in $\mathbb C^2$
Koya, Yoshihiro
An analogue of Brumer's criterion for hypercohomology groups and class formations
Kozono, Hideo
Nonhomogeneous boundary value problems for stationary Navier-Stokes equations in a bounded domain with a multiply connected boundary
Krabbe, Gregers
A space of multipliers of type $L^{p}\,(-\infty ,\,\infty)$
An algebra of generalized functions on an open interval: two-sided operational calculus
Spectral permanence of scalar operators
Kraft, Hanspeter
On the nullcone of representations of reductive groups
Kraines, David
A duality between transpotence elements and Massey products
Krajkiewicz, Paul
The Picard theorem for multianalytic functions
Krakowski, Fred
Krall, Allan
Boundary value problems with interior point boundary conditions
Stieltjes differential-boundary operators. II
Stieltjes differential-boundary operators. III. Multivalued operators--linear relations
Krall, H. L.
Difference equations for some orthogonal polynomials
Kramer, Henry
Perturbation of differential operators
Krämer, Thomas
Semisimple Super Tannakian Categories with a Small Tensor Generator
Kramer, Thomas
A note on countably subparacompact spaces
Kramm, Bruno
A characterization of Riemann algebras
Kranjc, Marko
Embedding $2$-complexes in $\mathbf{R}^4$
Embedding a $2$-complex $K$ in $\mathbb{R}^4$ when $H^2(K)$ is a cyclic group
Krantz, Steven
Continuously varying peaking functions
Explicit solutions for the corona problem with Lipschitz data in the polydisc
Hyperbolic Reinhardt domains in ${\Bbb C}^2$\\with noncompact automorphism group
Semicontinuity of automorphism groups of strongly pseudoconvex domains: The low differentiability case
Krasinkiewicz, Jozef
Remark on mappings not raising dimension of curves
Krauel, Matthew
Length spectra of sub-Riemannian metrics on compact Lie groups
Krause, Günter
Admissible modules and a characterization of reduced left artinian rings
Krause, Henning
Cotilting modules over tame hereditary algebras
Krause, Ulrich
On diophantine monoids and their class groups
Krcatovich, David
A restriction on the Alexander polynomials of $L$-space knots
Kreimer, Herbert
A note on the outer Galois theory of rings
On an extension of the Picard-Vessiot theory
On the Galois theory of separable algebras
Outer Galois theory for separable algebras
Kreith, Kurt
A dynamical criterion for conjugate points
Conjugate points for nonlinear differential equations
Nonlinear differential equations with monotone solutions
Nonlinear relationships between oscillation and asymptotic behavior
Oscillation criteria for selfadjoint elliptic equations
Picone-type theorems for hyperbolic partial differential equations
The spectrum of singular self-adjoint elliptic operators
Krejčiřík, David
The Cheeger constant of curved strips
Kreyszig, Erwin
On Bergman operators for partial differential equations in two variables
On the radius of univalence of the function $\mathrm{exp}\,z^{2}\,\int_{0}^{z}\,\mathrm{exp} (-t^{2})dt$
Krieg, Aloys
Eisenstein-series on real, complex, and quaternionic half-spaces
Krieger, Holly
Uniform boundedness of $S$-units in arithmetic dynamics
Kriete, Thomas
A Phragmén-Lindelöf theorem with applications to $\mathscr{M}(u,v)$ functions
Complete non-selfadjointness of almost selfadjoint operators
Kripke, Bernard
Interposition and approximation
Krishnamoorthy, Srilakshmi
The Eisenstein elements of modular symbols for level product of two distinct odd primes
Kriz, Sophie
Notes on equivariant homology with constant coefficients
Kröger, Helmut
Padé approximants on Banach space operator equations
Krom, Melven
A decision procedure for a class of formulas of first order predicate calculus
Groups with free nonabelian subgroups
Infinite games and special Baire space extensions
Krom, Myren
Groups with free nonabelian subgroups
Kronstadt, Eric
Interpolating sequences for functions satisfying a Lipschitz condition
Kroopnick, Allan
Note on bounded $L^{p}$-solutions of a generalized Liénard equation
Krötz, Bernhard
Equivariant embeddingsof Stein domains sitting inside of complex semigroups
Krtinić, Djordje
A functional calculus for unbounded generalized scalar operators on Banach spaces
Krummel, Brian
On Isoperimetric Surfaces in General Relativity
Kruse, Arthur
An application of a family homotopy extension theorem to $\mathrm{ANR}\ $ spaces
Completion of mathematical systems
Kruse, Robert
On the join of subnormal elements in a lattice
On the subring structure of finite nilpotent rings
Krushkal, Vyacheslav
Robust 4-manifolds and robust embeddings
Krüskemper, Martin
On zeros of bounded degree of systems of homogeneous polynomial equations
Ku, Yin Bon
Interior and boundary regularity of intrinsic biharmonic maps to spheres
Kuan, Wei-Eihn
A note on primary powers of a prime ideal
On the hyperplane section through a rational point of an algebraic variety
Some results on normality of a graded ring
Kuang, Rui
Fractal entropy of nonautonomous systems
Kübel, Johannes
A Jantzen sum formula for restricted Verma modules over affine Kac--Moody algebras at the critical level
Kubo, Toshihisa
A system of third-order differential operators conformally invariant under so(8,C)
Kubota, K. K.
The diophantine equation $x^{2}+D=p^{n}$
Kučerovský, Daniel
An abstract Voiculescu--Brown--Douglas--Fillmore absorption theorem
Kucharz, Wojciech
Global almost analytic algebraicity of analytic sets
Küchle, Oliver
Some properties of Fano manifolds that are zeros of sections in homogeneous vector bundles over Grassmannians
Kudla, Stephen
Kueh, Ka-Lam
Fourier coefficients of nonholomorphic modular forms and sums of Kloosterman sums
The remainder terms aspect of the theory of the Riemann zeta-function
Kuehnel, Marco
Calabi--Yau threefolds with Picard number $\rho(X)=2$ and their K\"ahler cone II
Kueker, David
Ramsey quantifiers and the finite cover property
Kuelbs, James
A linear transformation theorem for analytic Feynman integrals
Abstract Wiener spaces and applications to analysis
Kuessner, Thilo
Efficient fundamental cycles of cusped hyperbolic manifolds
Generalizations of Agol's inequality and nonexistence of tight laminations
Kuhfittig, Peter K. F.
Common fixed points of nonexpansive mappings by iteration
Fixed points of locally contractive and nonexpansive set-valued mappings
Kuhlmann, Franz-Viktor
Eliminating tame ramification: generalizations of Abhyankar's Lemma
Kuhn, M. Gabriella
Multiplicative functions on free groups and irreducible representations
Kuhn, Nicholas
Bundles over configuration spaces
The geometry of the James-Hopf maps
Kuich, W.
Quasi-block-stochastic matrices
Kuijlaars, Arno
The support of the equilibrium measure for a class of external fields on a finite interval
Kujawa, Jonathan
Kula, Mieczysław
Direct limits of finite spaces of orderings
Kulik, Stephen
A method of approximating the complex roots of equations
Külshammer, Burkhard
Group-graded rings and finite block theory
Kumanduri, Ramanujachary
Distinguished representations for unitary groups
Kumar, Ajay
Harmonic analysis on central hypergroups and induced representations
Spectral synthesis in products and quotients of hypergroups
Spectral synthesis in Segal algebras on hypergroups
Kumar, Anil
Determination of bounds similar to the Lebesgue constants
Kumar, Arun
Absolute convergence fields of some triangular matrix methods
Absolute summability of Fourier series with factors
Kumar, Arvind
Rankin-Cohen brackets and identities among eigenforms
Kumar, Narasimha
(p,p)-Galois representations attached to automorphic forms on GL_n
Kumar, Shrawan
Shapovalov determinant for restricted and quantized restrictedenveloping algebras
Kumjian, Alexander
Cuntz--Krieger algebras of directed graphs
On certain Cuntz--Pimsner algebras
On localizations and simple $C^{\ast}$-algebras
Kummer, Mario
Spectrahedral representations of plane hyperbolic curves
Kummini, Manoj
Free resolutions of some Schubert singularities
Regularity of canonical and deficiency modules for monomial ideals
Kun, Zhang
Hyperbolic structures on closed spacelike manifolds
Kunen, Kenneth
Attaining the spread at cardinals of cofinality $\omega $
Martingale proofs of some geometrical results in Banach space theory
Kunikawa, Keita
Convergence of mean curvature flow in hyperkähler manifolds
Kunze, Ray
Alternative algebras having scalar involutions
On the Frobenius reciprocity theorem for square-integrable representations
Künzi, Hans-Peter
Extension properties induced by complete quasi-uniformities
Kuo, Hui-Hsiung
On Gross differentiation on Banach spaces
Stochastic integrals in abstract Wiener space
Kuo, Tsang Hai
On conjugate Banach spaces with the Radon-Nikodým property
Projections in the spaces of bounded linear operators
Kuperberg, Gregory
Algorithmic homeomorphism of 3-manifolds as a corollary of geometrization
Correction to: Web bases for ${\rm sl}(3)$ are not dual canonical
Web bases for $\mathbf sl(3)$ are not dual canonical
Kuratsubo, Shigehiko
A sufficient condition for $L^{p}$-multipliers
Kurepa, G.
On a characteristic property of finite sets
On a new reciprocity, distribution and duality law
Kuribayashi, Katsuhiko
The cohomology ring of the spaces of loops on Lie groups and homogeneous spaces
Kuroda, Masamichi
$\mathbb Q$-bases of the N\'{e}ron--Severi groups of certain elliptic surfaces
Kuroda, Shige
Finite-dimensional perturbation and a representaion of scattering operator
Kuroki, Shintarô
An Orlik--Raymond type classification of simply connected $6$-dimensional torus manifolds with vanishing odd-degree cohomology
Flag Bott manifolds and the toric closure of a generic orbit associated to a generalized Bott manifold
Kurowski, G. J.
Further results in the theory of monodiffric functions
On the convergence of semi-discrete analytic functions
Kurtz, Douglas
Operator estimates using the sharp function
Kurtz, Lynn
An extended form of the mean-ergodic theorem
Kurtzke, John
Centralizers of irregular elements in reductive algebraic groups
Kus, Deniz
Fusion products and toroidal algebras
Kusano, Takaŝi
Nonoscillation theorems for differential equations with deviating argument
On the nonoscillation of perturbed functional-differential equations
Oscillation criteria for general linear ordinary differential equations
Pairs of positive solutions of quasilinear elliptic equations in exterior domains
Kushner, León
Finite relative determination and relative stability
Kusner, Robert
Comparison surfaces for the Willmore problem
Kutev, Nikolai
Minimal surfaces in S^3 foliated by circles
Nonexistence and instability in the exterior Dirichlet problem for the minimal surface equation in the plane
Kuttler, James
Upper and lower bounds for eigenvalues by finite differences
Kuttner, B.
On the absolute matrix summability of Fourier series
Kuwabara, Toshiro
On deformation quantizations of hypertoric varieties
Kuwata, Masato
Elliptic fibrations on quartic $K3$ surfaces with large Picard numbers
Intersection homology of weighted projective spaces and pseudo-lens spaces
Kuzmanovich, James
Completions of Dedekind prime rings as second endomorphism rings
On the global dimension of fibre products
On the structure of finitely generated splitting rings
Kvarda, Betty
An inequality for the number of elements in a sum of two sets of lattice points
Consecutive integers for which $n^{2}+1$ is composite
On densities of sets of lattice points
Kwee, B.
On absolute de la Vallée Poussin summability
On generalized translated quasi-Cesàro summability
Kwok, Stephen
The projective linear supergroup and the SUSY-preserving automorphisms of $\mathbb{P}^{1|1}$
Kwon, Young
$\widetilde{HD}$-minimal but no $HD$-minimal
Behavior of $\Phi $-bounded harmonic functions at the Wiener boundary
Kwong, Kwok-Kun
A new monotone quantity along the inverse mean curvature flow in $\mathbb R^n$
Kyed, David
Uniqueness questions for C*-norms on group rings
Kyed, Mads
Asymptotic structure of a Leray solution to the Navier–Stokes flow around a rotating body
On the asymptotic structure of steady Stokes and Navier-Stokes flows around a rotating two-dimensional body
Kyle, J.
Kyuno, Shoji