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La Grange, Robert
On $(\mathfrak{m}-\mathfrak{n})$ products of Boolean algebras
La Pastina, Pier Paolo
Deformations of Linear Lie Brackets
Laatsch, Richard
Extensions of subadditive functions
Labbé, Marcel
Isomorphic classes of the spaces $C_{\sigma}(S)$
Labbi, Mohammed-Larbi
Manifolds with positive Gauss-Bonnet curvature
Lacey, Howard
Bicontractive projections and reordering of $L_{p}$-spaces
Concerning Banach spaces whose duals are abstract $L$-spaces
Extensions of regular Borel measures
On supports of regular Borel measures
On the classification of Lindenstrauss spaces
The range of a contractive projection on an $L_{p}$-space
Lacher, R. C.
Some mappings which do not admit an averaging operator
Lachlan, Alistair
Initial segments of one-one degrees
The transcendental rank of a theory
Theories with a finite number of models in an uncountable power are categorical
Lackenby, Marc
Exceptional surgery curves intriangulated 3-manifolds
Ladas, Gerasimos
Nonoscillatory functional-differential equations
Ladde, Gangaram
Systems of functional differential inequalities and functional differential systems
Ladhawala, Narendrakumar
Absolute summability of Walsh-Fourier series
LaDuke, Alice
On a certain generalization of $l_{p}$ spaces
Lady, Everett
Laetsch, Theodore
Normal cones, barrier cones, and the ``spherical image'' of convex surfaces in locally convex spaces
Laffer, Walter
Decomposition of sets of group elements
Laffey, Thomas
On the structure of algebraic algebras
Lafont, Jean-François
Comparing semi-norms on homology
Lafontaine, Jacques
On a nonlinear equation related to the geometry of the diffeomorphism group
Lagarias, Jeffrey
Best simultaneous Diophantine approximations. II. Behavior of consecutive best approximations
Errata to: ``The set of primes dividing the Lucas numbers has density $2/3$''
The set of primes dividing the Lucas numbers has density $2/3$
Laghi, Norberto
Strongly singular integrals along curves
Laghribi, Ahmed
Sur le déploiement des formes bilinéaires en caractéristique 2
Lagnese, John
Existence, uniqueness and limiting behavior of solutions of a class of differential equations in Banach space
Laha, Radha
On a linear form whose distribution is identical with that of a monomial
Lahiri, D. B.
Some restricted partition functions; Congruences modulo $3$
Some restricted partition functions. Congruences modulo $11$
Lahr, Charles
Approximate identities for convolution measure algebras
Weak and norm approximate identities are different
Lahyane, Mustapha
Irreducibility of $-1$-classes on anticanonical rational surfaces and finite generation of the effective monoid
Lai, Hon-Fei
Noncompact, minimal regular spaces
Lai, King
Orders of finite algebraic groups
Lai, King Fai
Asymptotic behaviour of eigenfunctions on semi-homogeneous tree
Integer points on elliptic curves
Lai, Mijia
On the gemetric flows solving Kählerian inverse $sigma_k$ equations
Lai, Ning-An
Global smooth solutions for exponential wave maps in FLRW spacetimes
Lai, Yuan Y.
Proof of the Double Bubble Conjecture in $\mathbf{R^{4}}$ and certain higher dimensional cases
Lair, Alan
Uniqueness for a nonlinear abstract Cauchy problem
Laird, Philip G.
On characterizations of exponential polynomials
Lakeland, Grant
Dirichlet-Ford Domains and Arithmetic Reflection Groups
Lakey, Joseph
Characterization of Hardy spaces by singular integrals and `Divergence-Free' wavelets
Lakien, Eric
Nonfactorization in commutative, weakly selfadjoint Banach algebras
Laking, Rosanna
Definability and approximations in triangulated categories
Lakser, H.
The amalgamation property in equational classes of modular lattices
Lakshmibai, Venkatramani
Free resolutions of some Schubert singularities
Free resolutions of some Schubert singularities in the Lagrangian Grassmannian
Lakshmikantham, V.
Laksov, Dan
An elementary, explicit, proof of the existence of Quot schemes of points
Determinantal criteria for transversality of morphisms
Lakzian, Sajjad
Differential Harnack estimates for positive solutions to heat equation under Finsler-Ricci flow
Lal, Nand
Characterization of certain invariant subspaces of $H^{p}$ and $L^{p}$ spaces derived from logmodular algebras
Lal, Shiva Narain
On a theorem of M. Izumi and S. Izumi
On the absolute Hausdorff summability of a Fourier series
Lallement, Gérard
On nilpotency and residual finiteness in semigroups
Lam, Ching
${\mathbb Z}_3$ symmetry and $W_3$ algebra in lattice vertex operator algebras
An explicit Majorana representation of the group $3^2{:}2$ of $3C$-pure type
Lam, K. Y.
Composition properties of projective homotopy classes
Lam, Kee
$KO$-equivalences and existence of nonsingular bilinear maps
Lam, Ping-Fun
Homeomorphisms of manifolds with zero-dimensional sets of nonwandering points
Lambek, Joachim
Completions and classical localizations of right Noetherian rings
On the distribution of Pythagorean triangles
Lambert, Alan
Strictly cyclic operator algebras
The structure of a special class of weighted translation semigroups
Lambert, Howard
Differential mappings on a vector space
Lambert, Howard
Links which are unknottable by maps
Planar surfaces in knot manifolds
Point-like $0$-dimensional decompositions of $S^{3}$
Lambert, Joseph
Conditions for simultaneous approximation and interpolation with norm preservation in $C[a,b]$
Simultaneous approximation and interpolation in $L_{1}$ and $C(T)$
Lambert, Leer
Bi-twist manifolds and two-bridge knots
Lambre, Thierry
Duality for differential operators of Lie-Rinehart algebras
Lamel, Bernhard
Holomorphic maps of real submanifolds in complex spaces of different dimensions
Lami Dozo, Enrique
Some geometric properties related to the fixed point theory for nonexpansive mappings
Lamm, Tobias
Compactness results for sequences of approximate biharmonic maps
Lamoreaux, Jack
Continua in the plane with limit directions
Lampe, William A.
Congruence lattices of algebras of fixed similarity type. I
Congruence lattices of algebras of fixed similarity type. II
Notes on related structures of a universal algebra
Lamperti, John
Chains of infinite order and their application to learning theory
Correction to: Chains of infinite order and their application to learning theory
On the isometries of certain function-spaces
Stationary measures for certain stochastic processes
Lan, Shi-Yi
Riemann mapping theorems for Beltrami equations by circle packings
Lancaster, Kirk
A comparison principle for quasilinearelliptic equations and its application
A generalization of "Existence and behavior of the radial limits of a bounded capillary surface at a corner"
A Phragm{\`e}n--Lindel{\"o}f theorem \\ and the behavior at infinity of \\ solutions of non-hyperbolic equations
A proof of the Concus-Finn conjecture
Behavior of some CMC capillary surfaces at convex corners
CMC capillary surfaces at reentrant corners
Correction to: Existence and behavior of the radial limits of a bounded capillary surface at a corner
Existence and behavior of the radial limits of a bounded capillary surface at a corner
Existence and geometry of a free boundary problem for the heat equation
On cusp solutions to a prescribed mean curvature equation
On the relationship of continuity and boundary regularity in PMC Dirichlet problems
Qualitative behavior of solutions of elliptic free boundary problems
Radial limits of bounded nonparametric PMC surfaces
Radial limits of capillary surfaces at corners
Remarks on the behavior of nonparametric capillary surfaces at corners
Lance, E.
Automorphisms of postliminal $C^{\ast}$-algebras
Lance, Timothy L.
Submodules of the Hardy space over polynomial algebras
Landau, Lawrence
Periodic Gaussian Osterwalder-Schrader positive processes and the two-sided Markov property on the circle
Landau, Zeph
Fuss--Catalan algebras and chains of intermediate subfactors
Landers, Dieter
Relations between convergence of series and convergence of sequences
Landes, Thomas
Normal structure and the sum-property
Permanence properties of normal structure
Landesman, Edward
Hilbert-space methods in elliptic partial differential equations
Linear eigenvalues and a nonlinear boundary value problem
Landstad, Magnus
Landucci, Mario
Factorization of proper holomorphic \\ mappings through Thullen domains
Lane, Ernest
Insertion of a continuous function
PM-normality and the insertion of a continuous function
Lane, Norman
Differentiable points of arcs in conformal $n$-space
Strong cyclic, parabolic and conical differentiability
Lang, George
Evaluation subgroups of factor spaces
The evaluation map and $EHP$ sequences
Lange, Christian
On the existence of closed geodesics on 2-orbifolds
Lange, Kenneth
Borel sets of probability measures
Lange, Ridgley
Automatic continuity for weakly decomposable operators
Duality and asymptotic spectral decompositions
Langer, Heinz
On generalized resolvents and $Q$-functions of symmetric linear relations (subspaces) in Hilbert space
Unitary colligations in $\Pi_\kappa$-spaces, characteristic functions and Štraus extensions
Langer, Joel
Geometric realizations of Fordy--Kulish \\ nonlinear Schr\"odinger systems
Langlands, Robert
A prologue to “Functoriality and Reciprocity”, part I
Representations of abelian algebraic groups
The Dirac monopole and induced representations
Lanini, Martina
Categorification of a parabolic Hecke module via sheaves on moment graphs
Degenerate flag varieties and Schubert varieties: a characteristic free approach
Lanski, Charles
Commutation with skew elements in rings with involution
Differential identities, Lie ideals, and Posner's theorems
Lie ideals and derivations in rings with involution
Lie structure of prime rings of characteristic $2$
On the relationship of a ring and the subring generated by its symmetric elements
Quadratic central polynomials with derivation and involution
Regularity and quotients in rings with involution
Lansky, Joshua
Conductors and newforms for SL(2)
Lansky, Joshua M.
Decomposition of double cosets in $\mathfrak{p}$-adic groups
Parahoric fixed spaces in unramified principal series representations
Lanteri, Antonio
Elliptic surfaces and ample vector bundles
Polarized surfaces with hyperelliptic sections
Lantz, David
Integral domains that lose ideals in overrings
Preservation of local properties and chain conditions in commutative group rings
Lapid, Erez
On the degrees of matrix coefficients of intertwining operators
Truncation of Eisenstein series
Lappan, Peter
Identity and uniqueness theorems for automorphic functions
Laquer, H.
Generalized immersions and the rank of the second fundamental form
Larcher, Gerhard
Base change problems for generalized Walsh series and multivariate numerical integration
Larcher, Heinrich
A geometric characterization for a class of discontinuous groups of linear fractional transformations
Lardy, Lawrence
Some ring extensions with matrix representations
Larguier, Everett
Homology bases with applications to local connectedness
Larman, D. G.
On the inner aperture and intersections of convex sets
On the union of two starshaped sets
Larmore, Lawrence
Enumerating immersions and embeddings of projective spaces
Enumerating normal bundles of immersions and embeddings of projective spaces
Twisted cohomology and enumeration of vector bundles
Twisted cohomology theories and the single obstruction to lifting
Larotonda, Angel
A spectral theory for solvable Lie algebras of operators
Homogeneous spectral sets and local-global methods in Banach algebras
Sheaves and functional calculus
Spectral sets as Banach manifolds
Larsen, Max
Prüfer and valuation rings with zero divisors
Larsen, Ronald
Larson, David
The carrier space of a reflexive operator algebra
Larson, Jean
A solution for scattered order types of a problem of Hagendorf
Square-free and cube-free colorings of the ordinals
Larson, Roland
Minimal $T_{0}$-spaces and minimal $T_D$-spaces
Lascarides, Constantine G.
A study of certain sequence spaces of Maddox and a generalization of a theorem of Iyer
Correction to: ``A study of certain sequence spaces of Maddox and a generalization of a theorem of Iyer''
Lashof, Richard
Lie algebras of locally compact groups
Laskar, Renu
Eigenvalues of the adjacency matrix of cubic lattice graphs
Lassak, Marek
Covering a convex body by its negative homothetic copies
Lasser, Rupert
Convolution semigroups on hypergroups
Lassueur, Caroline
Endo-trivial modules: a reduction to p'-central extensions
LaTorre, Donald
A construction of the idempotent-separating congruences on a bisimple orthodox semigroup
LaTorre, J. G.
A characterization of uniquely divisible commutative semigroups
Lattarulo, Michele
Anisotropic real curves and bordered line arrangements
Lau, A. Y. W.
The boundary of a semilattice on an $n$-cell
Lau, Anthony
Bilinear operators on $L^\infty(G)$ of locally compact groups
Complementation of certain subspaces of $L_\infty(G)$ of a locally compact group
Quasinormal structures for certain spaces of operators on a Hilbert space
The Fourier-Stieltjes algebra of a topological semigroup with involution
Weak convergence and nonlinear ergodic theorems for reversible semigroups of nonexpansive mappings
Weak$^\ast$-closed complemented invariant subspaces of $L_\infty(G)$ and amenable locally compact groups
Lau, Ka-Sing
A representation theorem for isometries of $C(X,E)$
Extreme operators on Choquet simplexes
On the Banach spaces of functions with bounded upper means
Lau, Michael
Representations of multiloop algebras
Lau, Siu-Cheong
Geometric transitions and SYZ mirror symmetry
Laue, Harmut
Laurençot, Philippe
Convergence to steady states for a one-dimensional viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equation with Dirichlet boundary conditions
Laurent-Gengoux, Camille
Foliations on super-manifolds and characteristic classes
Hierarchies and compatibility on Courant algebroids
Invariant connections and PBW theorem for Lie groupoid pairs
Laurie, Cecelia
Invariant subspace lattices and compact operators
Laursen, Kjeld
Continuity of linear maps from $C^*$-algebras
Ideal structure in generalized group algebras
Lavallee, Lorraine
Mosaics of metric continua and of quasi-Peano spaces
Laver, Richard
Square-free and cube-free colorings of the ordinals
Lavie, Meira
Disconjugacy of linear differential equations in the complex domain
Lavrov, Mikhail
Generalized normal rulings and invariants of Legendrian solid torus links
Law, Alan
Sharpened polynomial approximation
Lawlor, Gary
Area-minimizing minimal graphs overnonconvex domains
Paired calibrations applied to soap films, immiscible fluids, and surfaces or networks minimizing other norms
Lawn, Marie-Amélie
Spinorial representation of submanifolds in Riemannian space forms
Lawrence, James
Lopsided sets and orthant-intersection by convex sets
Lawrence, John
Lawson, Jimmie
Embeddings of compact convex sets and locally compact cones
Intrinsic topologies in topological lattices and semilattices
Lattices with no interval homomorphisms
Lie semigroups with triple decompositions
Measure algebras of semilattices with finite breadth
Lawther, Ross
Correction to: Fixed point spaces in actions of exceptional algebraic groups
Fixed point ratios in actions of finiteexceptional groups of Lie type
Fixed point spaces in actions ofexceptional algebraic groups
Lawton, Sean
Wonderful compactification of character varieties
E-polynomial of the SL(3, C)-character variety of free groups
Obtaining the one-holed torus from pants: Duality in an SL(3,C)-character variety
Singularities of free group character varieties
Lawver, Donald
Strongly semisimple abelian groups
Lax, Robert
Independence of normal Weierstrass points under deformation
The local rigidity of the moduli scheme for curves
Weierstrass points of products of Riemann surfaces
Weierstrass points on Gorenstein curves
Laxton, R.
On groups of linear recurrences. II. Elements of finite order
Lay, David
On operators whose Fredholm set is the complex plane
Lazar, Aldo
Nuclear spaces, Schauder bases, and Choquet simplexes
Sections and subsets of simplexes
Lazer, Alan
Linear differential systems with measurable coefficients
Linear eigenvalues and a nonlinear boundary value problem
The behavior of solutions of the differential equation $y'''+p(x)y^{\prime}+q(x)y=0$
Lê, Anh
On a theorem of Hegyvari and Hennecart
On the determinants and permanents of matrices with restricted entries over prime fields
Spectra of product graphs and permanents of matrices over finite rings
Le, Maohua
A Diophantine equation concerning finite groups
Le, Nam
Remarks on curvature behavior at the first singular time of the Ricci flow
Le Cam, Lucien
An approximation theorem for the Poisson binomial distribution
Le Merdy, Christian
Factorization of $p$-completely bounded multilinear maps
Le Meur, Patrick
Duality for differential operators of Lie-Rinehart algebras
Le Stum, Bernard
Formal confluence of quantum differential operators
Twisted calculus on affinoid algebras
Lea, Jim
The peripherality of irreducible elements of lattice
Leach, Ronald
Coefficient estimates for certain multivalent functions
Leader, Solomon
A topological characterization of Banach contractions
Convergence topologies for measures and the existence of transition probabilities
Leaf, G. K.
A spectral theory for a class of linear operators
Leahy, John
An analogue of Oka's theorem for weakly normal complex spaces
Leal, G.
On rings which are sumsof two PI-subrings: a combinatorial approach
Leavitt, William
A radical coinciding with the lower radical in associative and alternative rings
Lebed, Victoria
Cohomology and extensions of braces
Lebl, Jiří
Normal forms for CR singular codimension-two Levi-flat submanifolds
LeBrun, Claude
Topology versus Chern numbers\\ for complex 3-folds
Lechicki, Alois
Compactoid and compact filters
On bounded and subcontinuous multifunctions
Leckband, Mark
Extremals for a Moser--Jodeit exponential inequality
Leclercq, Rémi
Non-contractible Hamiltonian loops in the kernel of Seidel's representation
Lecouvey, Cédric
Kashiwara and Zelevinsky involutions in affine type A
Lediaev, J. P.
Representable distributive Noether lattices
Structure of Noether lattices with join-principal maximal elements
Lee, Chin-Chuan
A uniqueness theorem for the minimal surface equation on an unbounded domain in $\mathbb{R}^2$
Lee, Dong
Correction to: ``The adjoint group of Lie groups''
The adjoint group of Lie groups
Lee, Eunjeong
Grossberg-Karshon twisted cubes and hesitant walk avoidance
Lee, Hojoo
Solitons for the inverse mean curvature flow
Lee, Hyung Yong
Ruled minimal surfaces in the three dimensional Heisenberg group
Lee, Jaepil
Bordered Floer homology of (2,2n)-torus link complement
Lee, Jeffrey
Lichnerowicz and Obata theorems for foliations
Lee, Jeffrey
Domains in Riemannian manifolds and inverse spectral geometry
Lee, John
A note on flux integrals over smooth regular domains
Lee, John
Applications of topological transversality to differential equations. I. Some nonlinear diffusion problems
Topological transversality. II. Applications to the Neumann problem for $y^{\prime\prime}=f(t,\,y,\,y^{\prime})$
Lee, Jong-Sook
Isomorphism theorem on low dimensional Lie algebras
Lee, Jung
Bridge spheres for the unknot are topologically minimal
Lee, Jungseob
A zeta function for flip systems
Lee, Junho
Degree-three spin Hurwitz numbers
Lee, Kee Young
Certain self-homotopy equivalences on wedge products of Moore spaces
Lee, Kyu-Hwan
Quantum affine algebras and q-deformation of arithmetical functions
Lee, Kyung
On certain $g$-first countable spaces
Spaces in which compacta are uniformly regular $G_{\delta}$
Lee, Tim Weng
Fundamental domains of arithmetic quotients of reductive groups over number fields (with appendix by Takao Watanabe)
Lee, Lina
Asymptotic behavior of the Kobayashi metric on convex domains
Lee, Min
Conjugates of equivariant holomorphic maps of symmetric domains
Mixed automorphic vector bundles on Shimura varieties
Mixed cusp forms and holomorphic forms on elliptic varieties
Lee, Pjek-Hwee
On regular subdirect products of simple Artinian rings
On subrings of rings with involution
Lee, Pjek-Hwee
Maps characterized by action on zero products
Lee, Ronnie
Quotients of the complex ball by discrete groups
Lee, Sang Jin
The kernel of $\mathbf{Burau}(4)\otimes \mathbb{Z}_p$ is all pseudo-Anosov
Lee, Sangyop
Klein bottle and toroidal Dehn filling at distance 5
Lee, Soo Teck
On the $({\mathfrak g}, K)$-cohomology of certain theta lifts
Lee, Tai-Chung
Complete Ricci flat K\"ahler metric on$\mathbf{M}_{I}^n$, $\mathbf{M}_{II}^{2n}$, $\mathbf{M}_{III}^{4n}$
Lee, Ting-Yu
Embedding functor for classical groups and Brauer--Manin obstruction
On maximal tori of algebraic groups of type $G_2$
Lee, Tsiu-Kwen
Generalized skew derivations characterized by acting on zero products
Lee, Will
On a correctness class of the Bessel type differential operator $S_\mu$
Lee, Y. C.
A Witt's theorem for unimodular lattices
Lee, Yoonjin
Explicit isogeny theorems for Drinfeld modules
Lee, Yu-Lee
A class of infinite dimensional subgroups of $\mathrm{Diff}^{r}$ $(X)$ which are Banach Lie groups
A radical coinciding with the lower radical in associative and alternative rings
On the construction of lower radical properties
Topologies with the same class of homeomorphisms
Leela, S.
Stability of measure differential equations
Leeman, George
A local estimate for typically real functions
Leep, David
Galois groups of order $2n$ \\thatcontain a cyclic subgroup\\ of order $n$
Lees, Milton
Asymptotic decay of solutions of differential inequalities
von Newmann difference approximation to hyperbolic equations
Lefèvre, Pascal
The Blum Hanson property for C(K) spaces
Legg, D. A.
Discrete logarithmic energy on the sphere
Legg, David
Hermitian liftings in Orlicz sequence spaces
Orlicz space convergence of martingales of Radon-Nikodým derivatives given a $\sigma $-lattice
Lehman, R. Sherman
Algebraic properties of the composition of solutions of partial differential equations
Approximation of improper integrals by sums over multiples of irrational numbers
Development of the mapping function at an analytic corner
Lehmer, D. H.
The chromatic polynomial of a graph
Lehmer, Emma
On the number of solutions of $u^k+D\equiv w^2\pmod{p}$
Lehner, Joseph
A diophantine property of the Fuchsian groups
Note on the Schwarz triangle functions
On the generation of discontinuous groups
Lehrer, Gustav
Cellularity of certain quantum endomorphism algebras
Lei, Yutian
Asymptotic estimation for a p-Ginzburg-Landau type minimizer in higher dimensions
Lei, Zhen
Criticality of the axially symmetric Navier-Stokes equations
Structure of solutions of 3D Axi-symmetric Navier-Stokes Equations near Maximal Points
Leighton, Walter
On Liapunov functions with a single critical point
Leinen, Felix
Ideals in group algebras of\\ simple locally finite groups of 1-type
Leinert, Michael
Convolution and limit theorems for conditionally free random variables
Leingang, Matthew
Symmetric space valued moment maps
Leininger, Christopher
Exhausting curve complexes by finite rigid sets
Leistner, Thomas
The ambient obstruction tensor and conformal holonomy
Lejarraga, Pablo
The moduli of rational Weierstrass fibrations over $\mathbf{P}^1$: singularities
Leland, Kenneth
Maximum modulus theorems for algebras of operator valued functions
Lelek, Andrew
An example of a simple triod with surjective span smaller than span
Continua of constant distances in span theory
Lemaire, Bertrand
Int\'{e}grabilit\'{e} locale des caract\`{e}res de $\mathrm{SL}_n(D)$
Lembcke, Jörn
Hahn-Banach type theorems for hypolinear functionals on preordered topological vector spaces
Lemmermeyer, F.
Imaginary quadratic fields$k$ with ${\mathbf Cl}_2 (k) \simeq (2,2^m)$ and rank ${\mathbf Cl}_2 (k^1) = 2$
Lemmermeyer, Franz
On the unit group of some multiquadratic number fields
Lenagan, Thomas
Krull dimension of skew-Laurent extensions
Lenard, Andrew
Some remarks on large Toeplitz determinants
Leng, Yan
Notes on the extension of the mean curvature flow
Lennard, Christopher
A converse to a theorem of Komlós for convex subsets of $L_1$
León-Saavedra, Fernando
Cyclic properties of Volterra operator
Leonard, Philip
Note on the quadratic character of a quadratic unit
The quadratic and quartic character of certain quadratic units. I
The septic character of $2$, $3$, $5$ and $7$
Leptin, Horst
A new kind of eigenfunction expansions on groups
On symmetry of some Banach algebras
Lequain, Yves
Differential simplicity and complete integral closure
Differential simplicity and extensions of a derivation
Lerman, Eugene
Kähler metrics on singular toric varieties
Proper group actions and symplectic stratified spaces
Lerman, Manuel
$d$-simple sets, small sets, and degree classes
Lerner, Andrei
On some pointwise inequalities concerningtent spaces and sharp maximal functions
Lesfari, A.
Lesyst\`{e}me diff\'{e}rentiel de H\'{e}non--Heiles et lesvari\'{e}t\'{e}s de Prym
Lesley, Frank
Differentiability of minimal surfaces at the boundary
Leslie, Joshua
The vector bundle decomposition
Lesniak, Linda
On Ramsey theory and graphical parameters
Letizia, Maurizio
Quotients by complex conjugation of nonsingular quadrics and cubics in $\mathbf{P}^{3}_{\mathbf{C}}$ defined over $\mathbf{R}$
Letzter, Gail
Generalized reductive algebras\\and a quantum example
Shapovalov determinant for restricted and quantized restrictedenveloping algebras
Leung, Ka
A construction of an ordered division ring with a rank one valuation
Leung, Yuk
Some coefficient problems and applications
Leutert, Werner
The heavy sphere supported by a concentrated force
Levaro, Richard
Projective quasi-coherent sheaves of modules
Lévêque, Olivier
On generalized weighted Hilbert matrices
LeVeque, William
On uniform distribution modulo a subdivision
Leverson, Caitlin
Augmentations and rulings of Legendrian links in $\#^k(S^1\times S^2)$
Levesque, Claude
A class of fundamental units and some classes of Jacobi-Perron algorithms in pure cubic fields
Levi, Asa
Vassiliev Invariants of Virtual Legendrian Knots
Leviatan, Dany
A new approach to representation theory for convolution transforms
A representation theorem for convolution transform with determining function in $L^{p}$
Levin, Aaron
Uniform boundedness of $S$-units in arithmetic dynamics
Levin, Gerson
Homological dimensions and Macaulay rings
Levin, Michael
Crossing number ofalternating knots in $S \times I$
Some examples in cohomological dimension theory
Levin, Richard G.
Notes on commutative power joined semigroups
On commutative, nonpotent archimedean semigroups
Levinger, Bernard
Levitt, Gilbert
Scott and Swarup’s regular neighborhood as a tree of cylinders
Levitt, Norman
Intrinsic transversality structures
Levitz, Kathleen
A characterization of general $\mathrm{Z}.\mathrm{P}.\mathrm{I}.$-rings. II
Levow, Roy
Counterexamples to conjectures of Ryser and de Oliveira
Levrero, A.
Algebraic and differential star productson regular orbits of compact Lie groups
Lévy, Azriel
Axiom schemata of strong infinity in axiomatic set theory
Principles of partial reflection in the set theories of Zermelo and Ackermann
Levy, Lawrence
Commutative rings whose homomorphic images are self-injective
Representation type of commutative Noetherian rings I: Local wildness
Representation type of commutative Noetherian rings I: Local wildness
Representation type of commutative Noetherian rings II: Local tameness
Representation type of commutative Noetherian rings II: local wildness
Levy, Ronald
Countable spaces without points of first countability
The extension of equi-uniformly continuous families of mappings
Levy, Silvio
Lewand, Robert
Macdonald's theorem for quadratic Jordan algebras
Lewin, Mordechai
Lewis, Daniel C.
Lewis, Daniel
Integral operators on $\mathscr{L}_{p}$-spaces
Integration with respect to vector measures
Lewis, Donald
Linear recurrences of order two
Two classes of Diophantine equations
Lewis, George
Lewis, John
Coefficient bounds for some classes of starlike functions
Correction to: ``Subordination theorems for some classes of starlike functions''
Subordination theorems for some classes of starlike functions
Lewis, Paul
Lewis, Roger
Comparison and oscillation criteria for selfadjoint vector-matrix differential equations
Oscillation and nonoscillation criteria for some self-adjoint even order linear differential operators
Lewis, Wayne
Embeddings of the pseudo-arc in $E^{2}$
Lewowicz, Jorge
Invariant manifolds for regular points
Li, Bing
Fractal entropy of nonautonomous systems
On the commutativity of coset pressure
Li, Bing Ren
The perturbation theory for linear operators of discrete type
Li, Charles
Erratum: modular $L$-values of cubic level
Modular L-values of cubic level
Li, Congming
Prescribing scalar curvature on $S^n$
Li, Deying
Moebius isoparametric hypersurfaces with three distinct principal curvatures
Li, Dong
On the isentropic compressible Euler equations with adiabatic index \gamma=1
Li, Dongsheng
Regularity and analyticity of solutions in a direction for elliptic equations
Li, Fang
Genuses of cluster quivers of finite mutation type
Modulation and natural valued quiver of an algebra
Li, Gang
A compactness theorem on Branson's $Q$-curvature equation
Li, Gui Song
Li, Haigang
Harmonic maps on domains with piecewise Lipschitz continuous metrics
Li, Haisheng
Twisted modules for vertex algebras associated with vertex algebroids
Li, Haizhong
Gradient estimates and entropy formulae of porous medium and fast diffusion equations for the Witten Laplacian
Hamiltonian-minimal lagrangian submanifolds in complex space forms
Lagrangian submanifolds in complex projective space with parallel second fundamental form
Stability of capillary hypersurfaces in a Euclidean ball
The Möbius characterizations of Willmore tori and Veronese submanifolds in the unit sphere
Two Kazdan-Warner type identities for the renormalized volume coefficients and the the Gauss-Bonnet curvatures of a Riemannian metric
Li, Haozhao
The volume-preserving mean curvature flow in Euclidean space
Li, Hong-Quan
Remark on ``Maximal functions on the unit $n$-sphere'' by Peter M. Knopf (1987)
Li, Hui-Ling
Length-preserving evolution of immersed closed curves and the isoperimetric inequality
Li, Jian
On recurrence over subsets and weak mixing
Li, Jiangfan
Stationary surfaces in Minkowski spaces. I. A representation formula
Li, Jiayu
Energy identity for the maps from a surface with tension field bounded in $L^p$
Partial regularity for weak solutions of semilinear elliptic equations with supercritical exponents
Partial regularity of harmonic maps from a Riemannian manifold into a Lorentzian manifold
Li, Jing
Monotonity and radial symmetry results for Schrödinger system with fractional diffusion
Li, Jintang
Monotonicity formulae and vanishing theorems
Stable P-harmonic maps between Finsler manifolds
Li, Jun
On Gromov-Witten invariants of a quintic threefold and a Rigidity Conjecture
Li, Jun
The existence of a 3-D transonic shock in a curved nozzle with the axisymmetric exit pressure
The monotonicity and uniqueness of a 3-D transonic shock solution in a conic nozzle with variable end pressure
Li, Jun
Symplectic $(-2)$-spheres and the symplectomorphism group of small rational 4-manifolds
Li, Jungang
Ground state solutions of polyharmonic equations with potentials of positive low bound
Li, Martin Man-chun
Chord shortening flow and a theorem of Lusternik and Schnirelmann
Li, Muxi
Two applications of the integral regulator
Li, Nan
Relatively maximum volume rigidity in Alexandrov geometry
Li, Ping
$-1$-Phenomena for the pluri $\chi_y$-genus and elliptic genus
Chern numbers and the indices of some elliptic differential operators
Li, Qi-Rui
Some Dirichlet problems arising from conformal geometry
Li, Qing
Characterizing almost Prüfer v-multiplication domains in pullbacks
Li, Song-Ying
Composition operators on strictly pseudoconvex domains with smooth symbol
Explicit solutions for the corona problem with Lipschitz data in the polydisc
On the oblique boundary value problems for Monge-Amp\`ere equations
Weighted Hadamard products of holomorphic functions in the ball
Li, Songzi
$W$-entropy formula for the Witten Laplacian on manifolds with time dependent metrics and potentials
Li, Tao
Taut foliations in knot complements
Li, Tian-Jun
Symplectic $(-2)$-spheres and the symplectomorphism group of small rational 4-manifolds
Li, Tongzhu
Spacelike hypersurfaces with constant conformal sectional curvature in $\mathbb{R}^{n+1}_1$
Willmore Hypersurfaces with two distinct principal curvatures in R^{n+1}
Li, Weigu
Chebyshev property\\ of complete elliptic integrals\\ and its application to abelian integrals
Melnikov functions for period annulus, nondegenerate centers,\\ heteroclinic and homoclinic cycles
Li, Weiping
SL2(C)-character variety of a hyperbolic link and regulator
Li, Wen-Wei
Dual $R$-groups of the inner forms of $\SL(N)$
Li, Xiangdong
$W$-entropy formula for the Witten Laplacian on manifolds with time dependent metrics and potentials
Li, Xin
On polynomials orthogonal with respect to Sobolev inner product on the unit circle
On sieved orthogonal polynomials. IX: Orthogonality on the unit circle
Li, Yan
Mabuchi metrics and properness of the modified Ding functional
Li, Yi
Eigenvalues and entropies under the harmonic-Ricci flow
Li, Yongsheng
Abstract parabolic systems and regularized semigroups
Li, Youlin
$(\mathbb{Z}_2)^3$-colorings and right-angled hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Li, Yuan
Variational Inequality for Conditional Pressure on a Borel Subset
Li, Yuxiang
A counterexample to the energy identity for sequences of $\alpha$-harmonic maps
Li, Zhiqiang
Harish-Chandra modules for divergence zero vector fields on a torus
Li, Zhong-hua
On a conjecture of Kaneko and Ohno
Li, Zilai
Global well-posedness for the 2D fractional Boussinesq equations in the subcritical case
Liang, Chao-Chu
Involutions fixing codimension two knots
Liang, Fei-Tsen
Moon hypersurfaces and some related existence results of capillary hypersurfaces without gravity and of rotational symmetry
Phragm\`en--Lindel\"of theorem forminimal surface equations in higher dimensions
Liang, Jin
Differential operators and $C$-wellposedness\\of complete second order abstract\\ Cauchy problems
Liang, Jin
On complete second order linear differential equations in Banach spaces
Liang, Ke
Unitary representations of classical Lie groups of equal rank with nonzero Dirac cohomology
Liang, X. T.
Liang, Xinfeng
On the structure of cyclotomic nilHecke algebras
Liao, Guojun
A study of regularity problem of harmonic maps
On the compactness of a class of Riemannian manifolds
On the heat equation for harmonic maps from noncompact manifolds
Liaw, Constanze
Cyclicity in Dirichlet-type spaces and extremal polynomials II: functions on the bidisk
Liaw, Wen-Chin
Cubic modular equations and new Ramanujan-type series for $1/\pi$
Licata, Joan
Rational Seifert Surfaces in Seifert Fibered Spaces
Lickorish, William Bernard
Invariants for $3$-manifolds from the combinatorics of the Jones polynomial
Knotted contractible 4-manifolds in $S^4$
The reversing result for the Jones polynomial
Liden, Norman
$K$-spaces, their antispaces and related mappings
Lidman, Tye
Liebeck, Martin
Correction to: Fixed point spaces in actions of exceptional algebraic groups
Distinguished unipotent elements and multiplicity-free subgroups of simple algebraic groups
Fixed point ratios in actions of finiteexceptional groups of Lie type
Fixed point spaces in actions ofexceptional algebraic groups
Lieberman, Arthur
Some representations of the automorphism group of an infinite continuous homogeneous measure algebra
Spectral distribution of the sum of self-adjoint operators
Lieberman, Gary
Hölder continuity of the gradient at a corner for the capillary problem and related results
Regularized distance and its applications
Lieberstein, H. M.
On the generalized radiation problem of A. Weinstein
Liebert, Wolfgang
Characterization of the endomorphism rings of divisible torsion modules and reduced complete torsion-free modules over complete discrete valuation rings
Liebler, Robert
In search of nonsolvable groups of central type
Liebnitz, Paul
An application of a family homotopy extension theorem to $\mathrm{ANR}\ $ spaces
Liedahl, Steven
Maximal subfields of $\mathbf{Q}(i)$-division rings
Liedtke, Christian
Unirational surfaces on the Noether line
Liem, Vo Thanh
Homotopy dimension of some orbit spaces
Some cellular subsets of the spheres
Lien, Magnhild
Groups of knots in homology $3$-spheres that are not classical knot groups
Ligh, Steve
Finite hereditary near-ring-semigroups
Lillo, James
Asymptotic behavior of solutions of retarded differential difference equations
Lim, Dong Ho
The study of real hypersurfaces with Ricci operators in $2$-dimensional complex space form
Lim, Jung Wook
Almost factoriality of integral domains and Krull-like domains
Weakly Krull domains and the composite numerical semigroup ring $D+E[\Gamma^*]$
Lim, M.
Linear transformations on symmetric spaces
Lim, Marion-Josephine
$\mathcal{L}-2$ subspaces of Grassmann product spaces
Rank preservers of skew-symmetric matrices
Lim, Taw Pin
Some classes of rings with involution satisfying the standard polynomial of degree $4$
Lim, Teck Cheong
A constructive proof of the infinite version of the Belluce-Kirk theorem
A fixed point theorem for families on nonexpansive mappings
Asymptotic centers and nonexpansive mappings in conjugate Banach spaces
On common fixed point sets of commutative mappings
Lim, Yongdo
Lie semigroups with triple decompositions
Lim, Yuhan
Seiberg--Witten invariants for 3-manifolds\\ in the case ${\mathbf b}_1={\mathbf 0}$ or $\mathbf 1$
Lima, Åsvald
Intersections of $M$-ideals and $G$-spaces
Lima, Eraldo
Hypersurfaces with prescribed angle function
Lima, R.
Lima, Vanderson
Parabolic minimal surfaces in $\mathbb{M}^{2}\times\mathbb{R}$
Lin, Bor-Luh
On $k$-shrinking and $k$-boundedly complete bases in Banach spaces
Lin, Chang-Shou
On SU(3) Toda system with multiple singular sources
Lin, Chin-Cheng
Boundedness of singular integrals with flag kernels on weighted flag Hardy spaces
Lin, Chung
Rearranging Fourier transforms on groups
Lin, Huaxin
Approximation by normal elements with finite spectra in $C^\ast$-algebras of real rank zero
Classification of direct limits of generalized Toeplitz algebras
Determinant rank of $C^*$-algebras
Full extensions and approximate unitary equivalence
Injective Hilbert $C^\ast$-modules
Lin, James
Finitely generated cohomology Hopf algebras and torsion
On six-connected finite $H$-spaces
Lin, Jiezhu
Dimension jumps in Bott--Chern and Aeppli cohomology groups
Lin, Jin Kun
Nonsplit ring spectra and products of $\beta$-elements in the stable homotopy of Moore spaces
Lin, Pei-Kee
The isometries of $H^\infty(E)$
Unconditional bases and fixed points of nonexpansive mappings
Lin, Peng
Trace ideal criteria for Toeplitz and Hankel operators on the weighted Bergman spaces with exponential type weights
Lin, Shen
Construction of $2$-balanced $(n,k,\lambda)$ arrays
Lin, Shwu-Yeng
Fixed point properties and inverse limit spaces
Lin, T. Y.
Homological algebra of stable homotopy ring $\pi_{\ast}$ of spheres
Lin, Wen
The Adams spectral sequence of the real projective spaces
Lin, Xiao-Song
A volume-ish theorem for the Jones polynomial of alternating knots
Burau representation and random walks on string links
Knot adjacency, genus and essential tori
Lin, Yi
Equivariant formality of Hamiltonian transversely symplectic foliations
Lin, Yinbang
Lin, You-Feng
Ascoli's theorem for spaces of multifunctions
Generalized character semigroups: The Schwarz decomposition
Lin, Yu-Chu
Remarks on Some Isoperimetric Properties of the k-1 Flow
Lin, Yueh-Ju
A symmetric 2-tensor canonically associated to Q-curvature and its applications
Linckelmann, Markus
On Tate duality and a projective scalar property for symmetric algebras
Lind, John
Bundles of spectra and algebraic K-theory
Lindberg, John
Algebraic extensions of commutative Banach algebras
Lindberg, Magnus
On two Tauberian remainder theorems
Linden, C.
Integral logarithmic means for regular functions
On Blaschke products of restricted growth
Lindenstrauss, Joram
Lindgren, William
On $w\Delta $-spaces, $w\sigma $-spaces and $\Sigma^{\sharp}$-spaces
Quasi-uniformities with a transitive base
Spaces with bases satisfying certain order and intersection properties
Lindqvist, Peter
Note on the PWB-method in the nonlinear case
Lindsay, J. Martin
Dilation of Markovian cocycleson \\ a von Neumann algebra
Lindsey, John
On a six dimensional projective representation of $PSU_4(3)$
On a six dimensional projective representation of the Hall-Janko group
Lininger, Lloyd
Equivalent decomposition of $R^{3}$
Linnell, Peter
Zero divisors and group von Neumann algebras
Linton, Ronald
$\lambda $-large subgroups of $C_{\lambda}$-groups
Lipsman, Ronald
A geometric criterion for Gelfand pairs associated with the Heisenberg group
Harmonic analysis on exponential solvable homogeneous spaces: the algebraic or symmetric cases
Representation theory of almost connected groups
Restrictions of principal series to a real form
The Penney-Fujiwara Plancherel formula for abelian symmetric spaces and completely solvable homogeneous spaces
The Plancherel formula for homogeneous spaces with polynomial spectrum
Lipson, Andrew
Some more states models for link invariants
Lisca, Paolo
Notes on the contact Ozsvath-Szabo invariants
On overtwisted, right-veering open books
Lischewski, Andree
The ambient obstruction tensor and conformal holonomy
Lister, Frederick
Simplifying intersections of disks in Bing's side approximation theorem
Litherland, Richard
Littelmann, Peter
Degenerate flag varieties and Schubert varieties: a characteristic free approach
Fusion products and toroidal algebras
Little, John
On the distribution of Weierstrass points on irreducible rational nodal curves
Little, Robert D.
Cobordism of branched covering spaces
Cohomology complex projective space with degree one codimension-two fixed submanifolds
Complex vector fields and divisible Chern classes
Homotopy complex projective spaces with divisible splitting invariants
Projective space as a branched covering of the sphere with orientable branch set
Projective space as a branched covering with orientable branch set
Liu, Andrew
Symmetric twins and common transversals
Liu, Baiying
On Fourier Coefficients of Certain Residual Representations of Symplectic Groups
Poles of certain residual Eisenstein series of classical groups
Liu, Baiyu
Convex eigenfunction of a drifting Laplacian operator and the
Liu, Beibei
Heegaard Floer homology of L-space links with two components
Liu, Bingyuan
Two applications of the Schwarz lemma
Liu, Bo
On the Witten rigidity theorem for string$^c$ manifolds
Liu, Bowei
Differential Harnack estimates for Fisher's equation
Liu, Chun-Gen
Asymptotically linear Hamiltonian systems with Lagrangian
Liu, Dar-Biau
Integral representations of weakly compact operators
Liu, Dongwen
Remarks on the theta correspondence over finite fields
Liu, Fagui
Global classical solutions to hyperbolic geometric flow on Riemann surfaces
Liu, Feng
On singular integrals with angular integrability
Liu, Gang
Local comparison theorems for Kaehler manifolds
Liu, Heping
A functional calculus and restriction theorem on H-type groups
Admissible wavelets associated with the Heisenberg group
Liu, Huaifu
On the Landsberg curvature of a class of Finsler metrics generated from the navigation problem
Liu, Jichun
Genuses of cluster quivers of finite mutation type
Liu, Kefeng
Virasoro constraints and Hurwitz numbers through asymptotic analysis
Liu, Lei
Partial regularity of harmonic maps from a Riemannian manifold into a Lorentzian manifold
Liu, Luofei
Quantitative Hopf theorem and filling volume estimates from below
Liu, Matthew
Some properties of the Chebyshev method
Liu, Min
Pseudo-index theory and Nehari method for a fractional Choquard equation
Liu, Pei
Topologies compatible with homeomorphism groups
Liu, Peide
Small composition operators on \\ analytic vector-valued function spaces
Liu, Sanyang
Curvature and topology of compact submanifolds in the unit sphere
Liu, Shiping
Gradient estimates for solutions of the heat equation under Ricci flow
Liouville theorems for $f$-harmonic maps into Hadamard spaces
Liu, Taishun
An absolute estimate of the homogeneous expansions of holomorphic mappings
Schwarz lemma at the boundary on the classical domain of type IV
Liu, Teng-Sun
On some group algebra modules related to Wiener's algebra $M_{1}$
Liu, Tong
Steinitz class of Mordell--Weilgroups\\ of elliptic curves\\ with complex multiplication
Liu, Tsai Sheng
Oscillation of even order differential equations with deviating arguments
Liu, Weiming
Infinitely many positive solutions for the fractional Schrödinger-Poisson system
Liu, Xiang Yang
Bloch functions of several complex variables
Liu, XianGao
A Gaussian upper bound of the conjugate heat equation along Ricci-harmonic flow
Regularity of the p-harmonic maps with potential
Strong solutions to the compressible liquid crystal system
The Landau–Lifshitz–Maxwell equation in dimension three
Liu, Xiao
Strong solutions to the compressible liquid crystal system
Liu, Xiao-Lei
Curves with prescribed intersection with boundary divisors in moduli spaces of curves
Liu, Yanan
Long-time existence of mean curvature flow with external force fields
Liu, Yang
Boundary Schwarz lemma for non-equidimensional holomorphic mappings and its application
Liu, Yang
Positive solutions for nonlinear third-order multi-point
Liu, Yang
Hilbert spaces of tensor-valued holomorphic functions on the unit ball of ${\mathbb C}^n$
Liu, Yi
On slope genera of knotted tori in the 4-space
Liu, Zhao
Symmetry and monotonicity of positive solutions for an integral system with negative exponents
Liu, Zhengwei
Extremal pairs of Young's inequality for Kac algebras
Liu, Zhi-Guo
Addition formulas for Jacobi theta functions, Dedekind's eta function, and Ramanujan's congruences
An extension of the quintuple product identity and its applications
Elliptic functions to the quintic base
Some Eisenstein series identitiesrelated to modular equations of the seventh order
Liu, Zhongyuan
Solutions with large number of peaks for the supercritical H\'enon equation
Liukkonen, John
Measure algebras of semilattices with finite breadth
Liverani, Carlangelo
Generalization of the Hilbert metric to the space of positive definite matrices
Livingston, Albert
A coefficient inequality for functions of positive real part with an application to multivalent functions
On the integral means of univalent, meromorphic functions
Livingston, Arthur
A generalization of an inequality due to Beurling
Some Hausdorff means which exhibit the Gibbs' phenomenon
The space $H^p,\ 0 < p < 1$, is not normable
Livingston, Charles
Homology cobordisms of $3$-manifolds, knot concordances, and prime knots
Indecomposable surfaces in $4$-space
Knot 4-genus and the rank of classes in W(Q(t))
Knot invariants in 3-manifolds and essential tori
Knot mutation: 4-genus of knots and algebraic concordance
Nonsplittability of the rational homology cobordism group of 3-manifolds
Observations on Lickorish knotting of contractible 4-manifolds
On surgery curves for genus-one slice knots
Signature invariants related to the unknotting number
Stably irreducible surfaces in $S^4$
Type 1 knot invariants in 3-manifolds
Livorni, Elvira
Classification of algebraic surfaces with sectional genus less than or equal to six. I. Rational surfaces
Ljunggren, W.
On the Diophantine equation $Cx^{2}+D=y^{n}$
Lledó, M. A.
Algebraic and differential star productson regular orbits of compact Lie groups
On the deformation quantization of coadjoint orbits of semisimple groups
Llibre, Jaume
A family of isochronous foci with Darboux\\first integral
A note on the set of periods for Klein bottle maps
Badly ordered cycles of circle maps
Chebyshev property\\ of complete elliptic integrals\\ and its application to abelian integrals
Hopf bifurcation in higher dimensional differential systems via the averaging method
Melnikov functions for period annulus, nondegenerate centers,\\ heteroclinic and homoclinic cycles
Minimal sets of periods for torus maps via Nielsen numbers
Multiplicity of invariant algebraic curves in polynomial vector
On the configurations of centers of planar Hamiltonian Kolmogorov cubic polynomial differential systems
On the number of invariant straight lines \\for polynomial differential systems
Periods and Lefschetz zeta functions
Polynomial foliations of $\mathcal{R}^2$
Lloyd, Justin
Automorphisms of the semigroup of finite complexes of a periodic locally cyclic group
On the group of permutations with countable support
On the retractability of some one-relator groups
Representations of lattice-ordered groups having a basis
Lloyd, S. P.
Feller boundary induced by a transition operator
On certain projections in spaces of continuous functions
Lo, Siu-Kwong
Banach-Buck measure, density, and uniform distribution in rings of algebraic integers
Lo Giudice, Marco
The moduli space of étale double covers of genus 5 curves is unirational
Loats, James
Almost rigid Hopfian and dual Hopfian atomic Boolean algebras
Locker, John
Monotone operators and nonlinear biharmonic boundary value problems
Self-adjointness for multi-point differential operators
Lockhart, Paul
Relations between the maximum modulus and maximum term of entire functions
Lodato, Michael
On topologically induced generalized proximity relations. II
Loeb, Henry
Characterizing the divided difference weights for extended complete Tchebycheff systems
On the continuity of the nonlinear Tschebyscheff operator
Loebl, Richard
A Hahn decomposition for linear maps
Loewner, Charles
On generation of solutions of the biharmonic equation in the plane by conformal mappings
Loewy, Raphael
Subspaces of symmetric matrices containing matrices with a multiple first eigenvalue
Loewy, Raphael
On spaces of matrices containing a nonzero matrix of bounded rank
Loginov, Aleksei
Derivations of $C^\ast$-algebras and almost Hermitian representations on $\Pi_k$-spaces
Lohman, Robert
A geometric function determined by extreme points of the unit ball of a normed space
Lohrenz, Terry
Brownian motion and the heat semigroup on the path space of a compact Lie group
Loi, Phan
On the derived towers of certain inclusions of type ${III}_\lambda$ factors of index $4$
Loiudice, Eugenia
Canonical fibrations of contact metric $(\kappa,\mu)$-spaces
Loke, Hung
On representatiions of two-fold central extension of SL2(ℚ2)
Quaternionicrepresentations of exceptional Lie groups
Loke, Hung Yean
Trilinear forms of ${\mathfrak {gl}}_2$
Loktev, Sergey
Double affine Lie algebras and finite groups
Lombardi, Lionello A.
A general solution of Tonelli's problem of the calculus of variations
Lombardi, Lionello
The semicontinuity of the most general integral of the calculus of variations in non-parametric form
Lomonaco, Samuel
The homotopy groups of knots. I. How to compute the algebraic $2$-type
London, David
Monotonicity of permanents of certain doubly stochastic matrices
On the zeros of the solutions of $w^{\prime\prime}(z)+p(z)w(z)=0$
Rearrangement inequalities involving convex functions
Two inequalities in nonnegative symmetric matrices
Long, Calvin
Addition theorems for sets of integers
Necessary and sufficient conditions for simple $A$-bases
On real numbers having normality of order $k$
Long, Darren
Long, Ling
Hypergeometric evaluation identities and supercongruences
Long, Yiming
Bott formula of the Maslov-type index theory
Longman, Joyce
On generalizations of alternative algebras
Scalar dependent algebras in the alternative sense
Longo, Roberto
A simple proof of the existence of modular automorphisms in approximately finite-dimensional von Neumann algebras
A spectral mapping theorem for locally compact groups of operators
Loos, Ottmar
Über eine Beziehung zwischen Malcev-Algebren und Lietripelsystemen
Lopez, Antonio M.
The maximal right quotient semigroup of a strong semilattice of semigroups
López Camino, Rafael
Constant mean curvature graphs\\in a strip of ${\mathbb R}^2$
The two-dimensional analogue of the Lorentzian catenary and the Dirichlet problem
López Fernández, Francisco José
A note on the Gauss map of complete nonorientable minimal surfaces
Complete minimal surfaces derived from \\Chen--Gackstatter genus two example
Lorch, John
An integral transform and ladder representations of $U(p,q)$
Lorch, Lee
Lorentz, G. G.
On the theory of spaces $\Lambda$
Lorica, Benjamin
The closed geodesic problem for compact Riemannian $2$-orbifolds
Lorimer, Peter
A property of the groups $\mathrm{Aut}\ PU(3,q^{2})$
Loring, Terry
Stable relations. II. Corona semiprojectivity and dimension-drop $C^*$-algebras
The noncommutative topology of one-dimensional spaces
Losert, Viktor
Complementation of certain subspaces of $L_\infty(G)$ of a locally compact group
Counter-examples to some conjectures about doubly stochastic measures
Weak$^\ast$-closed complemented invariant subspaces of $L_\infty(G)$ and amenable locally compact groups
Losey, Gerald
Group membership in rings and semigroups
Loth, Peter
Lott, John
Eigenvalue bounds for the Dirac operator
Lotta, Antonio
Canonical fibrations of contact metric $(\kappa,\mu)$-spaces
Lou, Yuan
A singularly perturbed linear eigenvalue problem in $C^1$ domains
Loubeau, Eric
Biharmonic surfaces of constant mean curvature
Louboutin, Stéphane
Calcul du nombre de classes des corps de nombres
Loud, Warren
Correction to ``Self-adjoint multi-point boundary value problems''
Self-adjoint multi-point boundary value problems
Louden, Kenneth
Maximal quotient rings of ring extensions
Louhichi, Issam
Roots of Toeplitz operators on the Bergman space
Loupias, Guy
Cohomology over Banach crossed products. Application to bounded derivations and crossed homomorphisms
Loustaunau, Philippe
Analysis of the module determining the properties of regular functions of several quaternionic variables
Louton, Tom
A theorem on simultaneous observability
Lovejoy, Jeremy
$q$-hypergeometric double sums as mock theta functions
Lovelady, David
Algebraic structure for a set of nonlinear integral operations
An asymptotic analysis of an odd order linear differential equation
Product integrals for an ordinary differential equation in a Banach space
Loveland, Lowell
Double tangent ball embeddings of curves in $E^{3}$
Tame subsets of spheres in $E^{3}$
Vertically countable spheres and their wild sets
Löwe, Benedikt
Techniques for approaching the dual Ramsey property in the projective hierarchy
Löwe, Benedikt
The simulation technique and its applications to infinitary combinatorics under the axiom of Blackwell determinacy
Löwe, Harald
Sixteen-dimensional locally compact translation planes admitting $\mathrm{SL}_2\mathbb{H}$ as a group of collineations
Löwen, Rainer
Lowen-Colebunders, Eva
Completeness properties for convergence spaces
On the convergence of closed and compact sets
Lowenthal, Franklin
On generating subgroups of the Moebius group by pairs of infinitesimal transformations
Uniform finite generation of the affine group
Lowndes, John S.
Some dual series equations involving Laguerre polynomials
Triple series equations involving Laguerre polynomials
Loxton, John
Some explicit upper bounds on the class number and regulator of a cubic field with negative discriminant
Loya, Paul
Regularity of the heat operator on a manifold with cylindrical ends
Relative formulae for the sprectral invariants of the b-calculus and generalized APS boundary problems of Dirac operators
Lozano Imízcoz, María
Geodesic flows on hyperbolic orbifolds, and universal orbifolds
Lozano-Robledo, Álvaro
Formal groups of elliptic curves with potential good supersingular reduction
Lu, Chin-pi
Local rings with noetherian filtrations
Modules satisfying ACC on a certain type of colons
Lu, Guangcun
An explicit isomorphism between Floer homology\\ and quantum homology
Lu, Guozhen
The axial symmetry and regularity of solutions to an integral equation in a half space
Lu, Hengfei
The $SL_1(D)$-distinction problem
Theta correspondence and the Prasad conjecture for SL(2)
Lu, Min
Eigenvalue estimates on domains in complete noncompact Riemannian manifolds
Lu, Peng
The maximum principle for systems of parabolic equations subject to an avoidance set
Lu, Shanzhen
Some characterizations of Campanato spaces via commutators on Morrey spaces
Lu, Y. W.
Lü, Yingshu
A direct method of moving planes for the system of the fractional Laplacian
Lü, Zhi
2-torus manifolds, cobordism and small covers
Lu, Zhu Jia
Some maximum properties for a family of singular hyperbolic operators
Lubin, Arthur
On a class of contractive perturbations of restricted shifts
Lubinsky, Doron
Divergence of complex rational approximations
Lucas, Laércio Aparecido
Embeddings of $S^p \times S^q \times S^r$ in $S^{p+q+r+1}$
Lucas, Pascual
On surfaces in the $3$-dimensional Lorentz-Minkowski space
Surfaces in the $3$-dimensional Lorentz-Minkowski space satisfying $\Delta x=Ax+B$
Lucas, Thomas
Lucas, William
Games with unique solutions that are nonconvex
Lucchini, Andrea
On the probability of generating finite groups with a unique minimal normal subgroup
Some properties of the probabilistic zeta function of finite simple groups
Luchins, Edith
On radicals and continuity of homomorphisms into Banach algebras
On strictly semi-simple Banach algebras
Lucke, James
Commutativity in locally compact rings
Ludford, Geoffrey
Generalised Riemann invariants
Ludwig, Donald
Singularities of superpositions of distributions
Ludwig, Jean
Characterization of the simple $L^{1}(G)$-modules for exponential Lie groups
Luecke, Glenn
A class of operators on Hilbert space
A note on quasidiagonal and quasitriangular operators
A note on spectral continuity and on spectral properties of essentially $G_1$ operators
Operators satisfying condition $(G_{1})$ locally
Luecking, Daniel
Closed ranged restriction operators on weighted Bergman spaces
Luedeman, John
The generalized translational hull of a semigroup
Luft, Erhard
$3$-manifolds with subgroups $Z \oplus Z \oplus Z $ in their fundamental groups
On regular coverings of $3$-manifolds by homology $3$-spheres
Luh, Jiang
A commutativity theorem for non-associative algebras over a principal ideal domain
A note on the group structure of unit regular ring elements
Derivations and commutativity of rings
Derivations and commutativity of rings. II
Derivations of higher order and commutativity of rings
On the associativity and commutativity of algebras over commutative rings
Lukacs, Eugene
On a linear form whose distribution is identical with that of a monomial
On analytic characteristic functions
Some extensions of a theorem of Marcinkiewicz
Lukina, Olga
Molino theory for matchbox manifolds
Lum, Lewis
A quasi order characterization of smooth continua
Lumer, Gunter
Dissipative operators in a Banach space
Multiplicative perturbation of semigroup generators
Luminet, Denis
A functional calculus for Banach PI-algebras
Luna, George
Subdifferentials of convex functions on Banach spaces
Lund, Bruce
Subalgebras of finite codimension in the algebra of analytic functions on a Riemann surface
The endomorphisms of a Dirichlet algebra
Lundberg, Erik
An overdetermined problem in potential theory
Lundell, Albert
The $p$-equivalence of $\mathrm{SO}(2n+1)$ and $\mathrm{Sp}(n)$
Luo, Caihua
Knapp--Stein dimension theorem for finite central covering groups
Luo, Feng
Actions of finite groups on knot complements
Cell decompositions of Teichmüller spaces of surfaces with boundary
Representing homology classes of $C\mathbf{P}^2\,\#\,\overline{C\mathbf{P}}^2$
Luo, QiangHua
Circle patterns on surfaces of finite topological type revisited
Luo, Wenzhi
Determination of modular elliptic curves by Heegner points
Luo, Xiu-Hua
Monic representations and Gorenstein-projective modules
Luo, Yan-Feng
Weighted infinitesimal unitary bialgebras on rooted forests and weighted cocycles
Luo, Yong
Addendum to the article: Contact stationary Legendrian surfaces in $\mathbb{S}^5$
Contact stationary Legendrian surfaces in $\mathbb{S}^5$
Energy identity and removable of singularities of maps from a Riemann surface to a closed Riemannian manifold with unbounded tension field in L2
Luo, Zhilin
On the Braverman-Kazhdan Proposal for Local Factors: Spherical Case
Luoto, Kurt
A combinatorial characterization of tight fusion frames
Lupacciolu, Guido
A theorem on holomorphic extension of CR-functions
Continuous families of nonnegative divisors
Holomorphic continuation in several complex variables
Luschgy, Harald
Extreme points in the Hahn-Banach-Kantorovič setting
Lusk, Ewing
An obstruction to extending isotopies of piecewise linear manifolds
Lustig, Martin
Patterson-Sullivan currents, generic stretching factors and the asymmetric Lipschitz metric for outer space
Lusztig, George
Action of longest element on a Hecke algebra cell module
Families and Springer's correspondence
On the Steinberg character of a semisimple $p$-adic group
Luther, Norman
Weak denseness of nonatomic measures on perfect, locally compact spaces
Lutwak, Erwin
Lutz, Dieter
A perturbation theorem for spectral operators
Scalar spectral operators, ordered $l^{p}$-direct sums, and the counterexample of Kakutani-McCarthy
Lutz, Donald
On the reduction of rank of linear differential systems
Lutzer, David
Dugundji extension theorems for linearly ordered spaces
Generalized ordered spaces with capacities
Pseudo-completeness and the product of Baire spaces
Luxemburg, Leonid A.
On compact metric spaces with noncoinciding transfinite dimensions
On compactifications of metric spaces with transfinite dimensions
Luxemburg, W. A. J.
Lv, Zhongxue
A direct method of moving planes for the system of the fractional Laplacian
Symmetry and non-existence of solutions for a fully nonlinear nonlocal system
Ly, Tony
Représentations de Steinberg modulo p pour un groupe réductif sur un corps local
Lyall, Neil
Strongly singular integrals along curves
Lyndon, Roger
An interpolation theorem in the predicate calculus
Properties preserved in subdirect products
Properties preserved under homomorphism
Lyons, Richard
A {2,3}-Local shadow of O'Nan's Simple Group
Maximal subgroups and automorphisms of Chevalley groups
Lyons, Russell
The local structure of some measure-algebra homomorphisms
Lystad, Garr S.
Semilattices having bialgebraic congruence lattices
Lyzzaik, Abdallah
Covering theorems for open continuous mappings having two valences between orientable surfaces
Quasihomeomorphisms and univalent harmonic mappings ontopunctured bounded convex domains
The boundary behaviour of harmonic univalent maps