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Ma, Chun Ming
A uniqueness theorem for Navier-Stokes equations
Ma, Daowei
Osgood-Hartogs type properties of power series and smooth functions
Ma, Jiming
$(\mathbb{Z}_2)^3$-colorings and right-angled hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Ma, Jipu
A generalized transversality in global analysis
Ma, Li
Asymptotic behavior of positive solutions of some elliptic problems
Convex eigenfunction of a drifting Laplacian operator and the
Liouville theorems, volume growth, and volume comparison for Ricci shrinkers
Three remarks on mean field equations
Ma, Pei
Symmetry and Nonexistence of Positive Solutions for Fractional Choquard Equations
Ma, Ruiqin
Heisenberg uncertainty principle on Chébli–Trimèche hypergroups
Ma, Shiguang
Uniqueness of the foliation of constant mean curvature spheres in asymptotically flat 3-manifolds
Ma, William
Schwarzian norms and two-point distortion
Ma, Xi-Nan
A constant rank theorem for level sets of immersed hypersurfaces in n+1 with prescribed mean curvature
Sharp size estimates for capillary free surfaces without gravity
Ma, Xianfeng
Topological pressures for {$\epsilon$}-stable and stable sets
Ma, Xiang
Bernstein type theorems for spacelike stationary graphs in Minkowski spaces
Ma, Xiaonan
On the asymptotic behavior of Bergman kernels for positive line bundles
Transversal holomorphic sections and localization of analytic torsions
Ma'u, Sione
Transfinite diameter on complex algebraic varieties
Maalaoui, Ali
Norm constants in cases of the Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg inequality
Mac Lane, Gerald
On the radial limits of Blaschke products
MacBain, John
Local and global bifurcation from normal eigenvalues
Local and global bifurcation from normal eigenvalues. II
MacCluer, Barbara D.
Commuting analytic self-maps of the ball
MacDonald, John
Relative functor representability
MacDougall, James
Four-dimensional homogeneous algebras
Three dimensional homogeneous algebras
Macedo, Tiago
On Demazure and local Weyl modules for affine hyperalgebras
MacGibbon, Brenda
$\mathscr{K}$-Borelian embeddings and images of Hausdorff spaces
A necessary and sufficient condition for the embedding of a Lindelof space in a Hausdorff $\mathcal{K}\sigma $ space
MacGregor, Thomas
Subordination and extreme-point theory
Mach, Jaroslav
On the proximinality of Stone-Weierstrass subspaces
Machide, Tomoya
Identities involving cyclic sums of regularized multiple zeta values each of depth less than 5
Machigashira, Yoshiroh
Complete open manifolds of non-negative radial curvature
Macias Marques, Pedro
Macías-Díaz, Jorge
A generalization of the Pontryagin–Hill theorems to projective modules over Prüfer domains
Macintyre, A. J.
Inequalities for functions regular and bounded in a circle
Mack, John
The Dedekind completion of $C(\mathscr{X})$
Mackaaij, Marco
A diagrammatic categorification of the affine q-schur algebra S(n,n), for n > 2.
Bar-Natan's Khovanov homology for coloured links
Mackey, George W.
Multiplicity free representations of finite groups
Macki, Jack
A singular nonlinear boundary value problem
Oscillation of solutions to second-order nonlinear differential equations
The asymptotic behaviour of solutions to linear systems of ordinary differential equations
Maclachlan, Colin
Triangle subgroups of hyperbolic tetrahedral groups
MacLaren, M. Donald
Atomic orthocomplemented lattices
MacLean, H.
Riesz sets and a theorem of Bochner
MacRobert, T. M.
Evaluation of an $E$-function when three of its upper parameters differ by integral values
Multiplication formulae for the $E$-functions regarded as functions of their parameters
Transformations of series of $E$-functions
Madden, Daniel J.
Constructing families of long continued fractions
Madden, Daniel
Polynomials that represent quadratic residues at primitive roots
Madden, James
Correction to: ``One-dimensional Nash groups''
Maddox, I.
Continuous operators on paranormed spaces and matrix transformations
Mader, Adolf
A representation theorem for abelian groups with no elements of infinite $p$-height
Madhavan, S.
On bisimple weakly inverse semigroups
Madhekar, H. C.
Biorthogonal polynomials suggested by the Jacobi polynomials
Madsen, Ib
On the action of the Dyer-Lashof algebra in $H_{\ast}(G)$
Topological spherical space form problem. III. Dimensional bounds and smoothing
Maeda, Fumi-Yuki
Generalized spectral operators on locally convex spaces
Maeda, Hidetoshi
Elliptic surfaces and ample vector bundles
Maeda, Shûichirô
On point-free parallelism and Wilcox lattices
Maeda, Yoshiaki
Universal deformation formula, symplectic Lie groups and symmetric spaces
Maeda, Yoshitaka
Non-abelian base change for totally real fields
Maehara, Hiroshi
Maejima, Makoto
On the renewal function when some of the mean renewal lifetimes are infinite
Maeta, Shun
Some classifications of biharmonic hypersurfaces with constant scalar curvature
Mafi, Amir
Stability properties of powers of ideals over regular local rings of small dimension
Magaard, Kay
Irreducibility of tensor squares, symmetric squares and alternating squares
Maggioni, Renato
On the postulation of $0$-dimensional subschemes on a smooth quadric
Magid, Andy
A separably closed ring with nonzero torsion pic
Analytic subgroups of affine algebraic groups. II
Picard–Vessiot extensions with specified Galois group
Principal homogeneous spaces and Galois extensions
Magid, Martin
Lorentzian isoparametric hypersurfaces
Relative nullity foliations and indefinite isometric immersions
Magill, Kenneth
Structure spaces for sandwich semigroups
Topological spaces determined by left ideals of semigroups
Magnin, Louis
Some remarks about $C^{\infty}$ vectors in representations of connected locally compact groups
Magnus, Wilhelm
Infinite determinants associated with Hill's equation
Magurn, Bruce
Mah, Peter
Quasinormal structures for certain spaces of operators on a Hilbert space
Maharam, Dorothy
Maher, Joseph
Morse area and Scharlemann-Thompson width for hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Mahfoud, Wadi
Comparison theorems for delay differential equations
Mahnkopf, Joachim
Local constancy of dimension of slope subspaces of automorphic forms
Mahowald, Mark
$v_1$-periodic homotopy groups of $Sp(n)$
An addendum to: ``$bo$-resolutions''
Classification of the stable homotopy types of stunted real projective spaces
On the normal bundle of a manifold
The Adams spectral sequence of the real projective spaces
The index of a tangent $2$-field
Maican, Mario
Moduli spaces of rank 2 instanton sheaves on the projective space
On two notions of semistability
Maier, Eugene
Representation of real numbers by generalized geometric series
Maimani, Hamid Reza
Necessary and sufficient conditions for unit graphs to be Hamiltonian
Nonplanarity of unit graphs and classification of the toroidal ones
Mainkar, Meera
Bergman kernels of elementary Reinhardt domains
Maire, Christian
On infinite unramified extensions
Maitland Wright, John David
On orthomorphisms between von Neumann preduals and a problem of Araki
The quasi-linearity problem for $C^\ast$-algebras
Velocity maps in von Neumann algebras
Majid, Shahn
Braided groups of Hopf algebras obtained by twisting
Matched pairs of Lie groups associated to solutions of the Yang-Baxter equations
Noncommutative differentials on Poisson-Lie groups and pre-Lie algebras
Semi-classical differential structures
Makhoul, Ola
"Universal inequalities" for the eigenvalues of the biharmonic operator on submanifolds
Maki, Daniel
A note on recursively defined orthogonal polynomials
On constructing distribution functions: A bounded denumerable spectrum with $n$ limit points
On determining regular behavior from the recurrence formula for orthogonal polynomials
Malchiodi, Andrea
Boundary Clustered Interfaces for the Allen-Cahn Equation
Malfait, Wim
Homotopically periodic maps of\\ model aspherical manifolds
The Anosov theorem for infra-nilmanifolds with cyclic holonomy group
Malikiosis, Romanos
Malitz, Jerome
A complete countable $L^Q_{\omega_{1}}$ theory with maximal models of many cardinalities
Maximal models in the language with quantifier ``there exist uncountably many''
Malle, Gunter
Explicit realization of the Dickson groups $G_2(q)$ as Galois groups
Irreducibility of tensor squares, symmetric squares and alternating squares
Lusztig induction and $\ell$-blocks of finite reductive groups
Mallick, Nirupama
Regular representations of completely bounded maps
Malm, Dennis
Simplicity of partial and Schmidt differential operator rings
Malm, Donald
Concerning the cohomology ring of a sphere bundle
Maluta, E.
Uniformly normal structure and related coefficients
Malzan, Jerry
Corrections to: ``On groups with a single involution''
On groups with a single involution
Manaster, Alfred
Concerning partial recursive similarity transformations of linearly ordered sets
The decidability of a class of $AE$ sentence in the isols
Manchon, Dominique
Choix des signes pour la formalit\'e de M. Kontsevich
Manchón, Pedro
Homogeneous links and the Seifert matrix
Mancuso, Vincent
Mesocompactness and related properties
Mandelberg, Kenneth
Amitsur cohomology for certain extensions of rings of algebraic integers
Mandelkern, Mark
$F^{\prime}$-spaces and $z$-embedded subspaces
Continuity of monotone functions
Manderscheid, David C.
Quadraticbase change for $p$-adic $\mathrm{SL}(2)$ as a theta correspondence II: Jacquet modules
Mangad, Moshe
Asymptotic expansions of Fourier transforms and discrete polyharmonic Green's functions
Mani, P.
Manickam, Murugesan
Eichler-Zagier map for Jacobi forms of half-integral weight
Theory of newforms of half-integral weight
Manjarrez-Gutiérrez, Fabiola
Circular handle decompositions of free genus one knots
Mann, Benjamin
Characteristic classes for spherical fibrations with fibre-preserving free group actions
Mann, Henry B.
A new proof of the maximum principle for doubly-harmonic functions
A refinement of the fundamental theorem on the density of the sum of two sets of integers
Correction to: ``Properties of differential forms in $n$ real variables''
Corresponding residue systems in algebraic number fields
Decomposition of sets of group elements
On the number of integers in the sum of two sets of positive integers
Properties of differential forms in $n$ real variables
Mann, Jonah
The generalized Gibbs phenomenon for regular Hausdorff means
Mann, Kathryn
A characterization of Fuchsian actions by topological rigidity
A counterexample to the simple loop conjecture for $\mathrm{PSL}(2,\mathbb{R})$
Mann, W. R.
A generalized corollary of the Browder-Kirk fixed point theorem
On a certain nonlinear integral equation of the Volterra type
Manning, Jason
Separation of relatively quasiconvex subgroups
Manolescu, Ioan
Expected depth of random walks on groups
Manoussos, Antonios
Properness, Cauchy-indivisibility and the Weil completion of a group of isometries
Mansfield, Richard
Perfect subsets of definable sets of real numbers
Mansour, Zeinab
On certain dual $q$-integral equations
Mansuy, Mathieu
Quantum extremal loop weight modules and monomial crystals
Mantegazza, Carlo
On the distributional Hessian of the distance function
Mantero, Anna Maria
Sets of uniqueness and multiplicity for $L^{p}$
Mantese, Francesca
Cotilting versus pure-injective modules
Manuilov, Vladimir
Weakening idempotency in K-theory
Manzano, José
On the classification of Killing submersions and their isometries
Mao, Zhengyu
Howe duality and the trace formula
The induced Weil representation and the Shalika period
Mao, Zhengyu
Supercuspidal representations of $GL(n)$\\ distinguished by a unitary subgroup
Marafino, John
Boundary behavior of a conformal mapping
The boundary of a simply connected domain at an inner tangent point
Marano, Salvatore
On a Neumann problem with p-Laplacian and non-coercive nonlinearity
Marcellan, Francisco
Discrete semiclassical orthogonal polynomials of class one
On orthogonal polynomials with respect to certain discrete Sobolev inner product
On polynomials orthogonal with respect to Sobolev inner product on the unit circle
Marchesi, Simone
Marcos, Eduardo
Diagonalizable derivations of \\finite-dimensional algebras II
Marcoux, Laurent
Between the unitary and similarity orbits of normal operators
Marcum, Howard
Marcus, Brian
Mixing properties for hom-shifts and the distance between walks on associated graphs
Marcus, Daniel
Closed factors of normal $\mathbf{Z}$-semimodules
Marcus, Marvin
An analysis of equality in certain matrix inequalities. I
Correction to: ``On the degree of the minimal polynomial of a commutator operator''
Equality in certain inequalities
Linear maps on skew symmetric matrices: the invariance of elementary symmetric functions
On a commutator result of Taussky and Zassenhaus
On the degree of the minimal polynomial of a commutator operator
On the unitary invariance of the numerical radius
Symmetric positive definite multilinear functionals with a given automorphism
The invariance of symmetric functions of singular values
The sum of the elements of the powers of a matrix
Transformations on tensor product spaces
Weyl's inequality and quadratic forms on the Grassmannian
Marcus, Michael
Gaussian processes with stationary increments possessing discontinuous sample paths
Marcus, Moshe
A characterization of non-linear functionals on $W^{p}_{1}$ possessing autonomous kernels. I
Radial averaging transformations with various metrics
Transformations of domains in the plane and applications in the theory of functions
Marcus, Robert
Stochastic diffusion on an unbounded domain
Mărcuţ, Ioan
Formal equivalence of Poisson structures around Poisson submanifolds
The normal form theorem around Poisson transversals
Marden, Albert
On the regions bounded by homotopic curves
Marden, Morris
A representation for the logarithmic derivative of a meromorphic function
Level sets of polynomials in $n$ real variables
On the derivative of canonical products
Mardesic, Sibe
A shape fibration with fibers of different shape
Approximate inverse systems of compacta and covering dimension
Characterizing local connectedness in inverse limits
Images of ordered compacta are locally peripherally metric
Marelli, Giovanni
Quantum corrections in mirror symmetry for a 2-dimesional Lagrangian submanifold with an elliptic umbilic
Margolies, David
Margolis, Stuart
Minimal noncommutative varieties and power varieties
Mariano, Hugo
Realizing profinite reduced special groups
Marić, V.
On some properties of solutions of $\Delta \psi+A(r^{2})X\nabla \psi+C(r^{2})\psi =0$
Marica, John
Marinari, Maria Grazia
Affine curves over an algebraically nonclosed field
Marinov, Irina
Boundedness of the Riesz projection on spaces with weights
Marinov, Petko
Stability of capillary surfaces with planar boundary in the absence of gravity
Markellos, Michael
The harmonicity of the Reeb vector field on contact metric 3-manifolds
Markin, Nadya
Minimal ramification in nilpotent extensions
Markley, Nelson
Shear distality and equicontinuity
Markoe, Andrew
A characterization of normal analytic spaces by the homological codimension of the structure sheaf
Marks, Frederik
Torsion pairs in silting theory
Marlin, Joe
Integrals of foliations on manifolds with a generalized symplectic structure
Márquez Pérez, Alberto
Lusternik-Schnirelmann invariants in proper homotopy theory
Marquis, Ludovic
Le flot géodésique des quotients géométriquement finis des géométries de Hilbert
Marr, John
Sets with zero-dimensional kernels
Marschler, Marco
The Brin--Thompson groups $sV\!$ are of type $\F_\infty$
Marsden, Edwin
The commutator and solvability in a generalized orthomodular lattice
Marsh, Marcus
Marsh, Richard W.
Marsh, Robert
Braid groups and quiver mutation
Marshall, Albert
Game theoretic proof that Chebyshev inequalities are sharp
Norms and inequalities for condition numbers
Order-preserving functions: Applications to majorization and order statistics
Some inequalities for starshaped and convex functions
Marshall, Donald
Interpolating Blaschke products
Marshall, Murray
Direct limits of finite spaces of orderings
Exponentials and logarithms on Witt rings
Linked quaternionic mappings and their associated Witt rings
Marsiglietti, Arnaud
A note on an $L^p$-Brunn-Minkowski inequality for convex measures in the unconditional case
Martelli, Bruno
Complexity and Heegaard genus of\\ an infinite class of compact 3-manifolds
Marti, J. A.
On some types of completeness in topological vector spaces
Sur la rigidité comparée de fonctions, distributions, ou hyperfonctions analytiques par rapport à un groupe de variables
Marti, J.-A.
Nonlinear algebraic analysis of\\ delta shock wave solutions\\ to Burgers' equation
Marti, Jürg
On integro-differential equations in Banach spaces
On the existence of support points of solid convex sets
Martin, Benjamin
Cocharacter-closure and spherical buildings
Generic stabilisers for actions of reductive groups
Martín, Francisco
A note on the Gauss map of complete nonorientable minimal surfaces
Complete minimal surfaces derived from \\Chen--Gackstatter genus two example
Properly embedded minimal disks bounded by noncompact polygonal lines
Martin, Gaven
On discrete isometry groups of negative curvature
Random M\"obius Groups I; Random subgroups of PSL(2,R)
Martin, Geoffrey
Nonuniqueness of the metric in Lorentzian manifolds
Martin, Harold W.
Contractibility of topological spaces onto metric spaces
Local connectedness in developable spaces
Paracompact $C$-scattered spaces
Martin, John
Determining knot types from diagrams of knots
Fixed point set of products and cones
Fixed point sets of $1$-dimensional Peano continua
Fixed point sets of Peano continua
Martin, Joseph
A note on uncountably many disks
Martin, Kimball
Shalika periods on GL(2,D) and GL(4)
Martin, M. H.
The Monge-Ampère partial differential equation $rt-s^2+\lambda^2=0$
Martin, Nathaniel
Lebesgue density as a set function
Martin-Deschamps, Mireille
Construction de familles minimales de courbes gauches
Martin-Reyes, Francisco Javier
The maximal ergodic Hilbert transform with weights
Martindale, Wallace
Fixed elements of Jordan automorphisms of associative rings
On the iterates of derivations of prime rings
Prime nonassociative algebras
Primitive algebras with involution
Martineau, Robert
Splitting of group representations
Martinelli, F. J.
Construction of generalized normal numbers
Martinez, Hermes
Twisted K-theory for the orbifold $[*/G]$
Martinez, Jorge
A hom-functor for lattice-ordered groups
Approximation by archimedean lattice cones
Doubling chains, singular elements and hyper-$\mathscr{Z}$ $l$-groups
Tensor products of partially ordered groups
Martínez, Juan José
Cohomological dimension of discrete modules over profinite groups
Martínez López, Antonio
Helicoidal flat surfaces in hyperbolic 3-space
Martínez T., Wilfrido
Unicoherent plane Peano sets are $\sigma$-unicoherent
Martínez Torres, David
Codimension one foliations calibrated by non-degenerate closed 2-forms
Martinez Villa, Roberto
Koszul equivalences and dualities
Martínez-Abejón, Antonio
Local reflexivity of dual Banach spaces
Martínez-Maurica, J.
A new approach to the Kre\u{\i}n-Milman theorem
Martínez-Pedroza, Eduardo
Separation of relatively quasiconvex subgroups
Martínez-Pérez, Conchita
Presentations of generalisations of Thompson's group V
Martini, Horst
Ball convex bodies in Minkowski spaces
On Legendre curves in normed planes
Martino, Armando
Commensurations and metric properties of Houghton's groups
Martins, Gabriel
The Hamiltonian Dynamics of Magnetic Confinement in Toroidal Domains
Martio, Olli
Note on the PWB-method in the nonlinear case
Quasiregular mappings and ${\mathcal {WT}}$-classes of differential forms on Riemannian manifolds
Marugame, Taiji
Self-dual Einstein ACH metrics and CR GJMS operators in dimension three
Maruyama, Ken-ichi
Localization of a certain subgroup of self-homotopy equivalences
Marx, Imanuel
Lipschitz functions of continuous functions
Marzantowicz, Wacław
An almost classification of compact Lie groups with Borsuk-Ulam properties
Homotopy minimal periods formaps of three dimensional nilmanifolds
Masahiko, Yukihiro
A splitting theorem for Alexandrov spaces
Masai, Hidetoshi
On commensurability of fibrations on a hyperbolic 3-manifold
Masani, Pesi
The time-domain analysis of a continuous parameter weakly stationary stochastic process
Masat, Francis
Right simple congruences on a semigroup
Masbaum, Gregor
$3$-valent graphs and the Kauffman bracket
Integral TQFT for a one-holed torus
Mascellani, Giovanni
On the distributional Hessian of the distance function
Maschler, Gideon
Conformally-Kähler Ricci solitons and base metrics for warped product Ricci solitons
Maschler, Michael
A characterization, existence proof and dimension bounds for the kernel of a game
Classes of minimal and representative domains and their kernel functions
Derivatives of the harmonic measures in multiply-connected domains
Minimal domains and their Bergman kernel function
Maserick, P. H.
Applications of differentiation of $\mathcal{L}_{p}$-functions to semilattices
Equivalent definitions of positive definiteness
Moments of measures on convex bodies
Masiello, Charles
Maskit, Bernard
Masmoudi, Mohsen
Strongly r-matrix induced tensors, Koszul cohomology, and arbitrary-dimensional quadratic Poisson cohomology
Masmoudi, Mohsen
Chevalley cohomology for Kontsevich's graphs
Choix des signes pour la formalit\'e de M. Kontsevich
Mason, A.
Remarks on a theorem of L. Greenberg on the modular group
Mason, Geoffrey
Holomorphic vertex operator algebras of small central charge
Two theorems on groups of characteristic $2$-type
Mason, John
Transversal matroids and Hall's theorem
Mason, W. K.
Weakly almost periodic homeomorphisms of the two sphere
Massagli, Robert
On a new radical in a topological ring
Massari, Umberto
Existence and regularity for the problem of a pendent liquid drop
Massaza, Carla
Some conditions on the homology groups of the Koszul complex
Masser, David
Massey, David
Natural commuting of vanishing cycles and the verdier dual
Prepolar deformations and a new Lê-Iomdine formula
Singularities and enriched cycles
Massey, Frank
Nonlinear holomorphic semigroups
Massey, Pedro
Schur-Horn theorems in II$_\infty$-factors
Massey, William
Non-existence of almost-complex structures on quaternionic projective spaces
On the imbeddability of the real projective spaces in Euclidean space
Pontryagin squares in the Thom space of a bundle
Proof of a conjecture of Whitney
Masters, Joseph D.
Injectivity radii of hyperbolic polyhedra
Virtual homology of surgered torus bundles
Mastrolia, Paolo
A variational characterization of flat spaces in dimension three
On the geometry of gradient Einstein-type manifolds
Masuda, Toshihiko
Classification of strongly free actions of\\discrete amenable groups on\\strongly amenable subfactors of type $III_0$
Mate, Attila
Asymptotics for solutions of systems of smooth recurrence equations
Mateljević, Miodrag
Harmonic quasiconformal self-mappings and Möbius transformations of the unit ball
Materov, Evgeny
Tate resolutions and Weyman complexes
Matheron, Etienne
The Blum Hanson property for C(K) spaces
Matheson, Alec
Essential norms of composition operators and Aleksandrov measures
Extremal functions and the Chang-Marshall inequality
Mathot, Françoise
On the decomposition of states of some $^{\ast}$-algebras
Mathur, K. K.
On the convergence of quasi-Hermite-Fejér interpolation
Matić, Ivan
On Langlands quotients of the generalized principal series isomorphic to their Aubert duals
The unitary dual of p-adic Sp(2)
Theta lifts of strongly positive discrete series: the case of ($\widetilde(Sp(n))$, O(V))
Matignon, Daniel
Examples of bireducible Dehn fillings
Matijevic, Jacob
The Krull intersection theorem. II
Matlis, Eben
Injective modules over Noetherian rings
Matos, Mário
On some spaces of entire functions defined on infinite-dimensional spaces
Matringe, Nadir
Distinguished principal series representations of GL(n) over a p-adic field
Unitary representations of $\mathrm{GL}(n,K)$ distinguished by a Galois involution for a $p$-adic field $K$
Matsugu, Yasou
Multipliers and Bourgain algebras of $H^\infty+C$ on the polydisk
The Levi problem for a product manifold
Matsumoto, Kengo
Orbit equivalence of topological Markov shifts and Cuntz–Krieger algebras
Matsumoto, Yoshihiko
A GJMS construction for 2-tensors and the second variation of the total $Q$-curvature
Matsumura, Tomoo
Symplectic and odd orthogonal Pfaffian formulas for algebraic cobordism
Matsuura, Shozo
Bergman kernel functions and the three types of canonical domains
On the Lu Qi-Keng conjecture and the Bergman representative domains
Matsuyuki, Takahiro
Double graph complex and characteristic classes of fibrations
Matsuzaki, Katsuhiko
Polycyclic quasiconformal mapping class subgroups
Mattila, Pertti
On geometric properties of harmonic $\mathrm{Lip}_1$-capacity
Matucci, Francesco
Presentations for the higher dimensional Thompson's groups nV
Presentations of generalisations of Thompson's group V
Matui, Hiroki
Dimension groups of topological joinings and non-coalescence of Cantor minimal systems
Matumoto, Takao
An estimate of infinite cyclic coverings and knot theory
Matveev, Rostislav
Mauceri, Giancarlo
Square integrable representations and the Fourier algebra of a unimodular group
Zonal multipliers on the Heisenberg group
Mauldin, Richard
Conformal repellors with dimension one are Jordan curves
Correction: ``The set of continuous nowhere differentiable functions''
The boundedness of the Cantor-Bendixson order of some analytic sets
The set of continuous nowhere differentiable functions
Maurer, Donald
Arithmetic properties of the idèle discriminant
Mavlyutov, Anvar R.
Cohomology of complete intersections in toric varieties
Maxfield, John
A short proof of Pillai's theorem on normal numbers
Maxson, Carlton
A characterization of the maximal monoids and maximal groups in $\beta_X$
On semisimple rings that are centralizer near-rings
Maxwell, George
Maxwell, James
Tame $Z^{2}$-actions on $E^{n}$
May, Coy
Automorphisms of compact Klein surfaces with boundary
The species of bordered Klein surfaces with maximal symmetry of low genus
May, Everette
May, Warren
Endomorphisms of rank one mixed modules over discrete valuation rings
Mayer, Richard
Boolean algebras with ordered bases
Mayland, Edward
Knot groups in $S^{4}$ with nontrivial homology
Maynard, Hugh
A Radon-Nikodým theorem for finitely additive bounded measures
Mays, Michael
Groups of square-free order are scarce
Mazet, Laurent
Some uniqueness results for constant mean curvature graphs
Mazorchuk, Volodymyr
2-categories of symmetric bimodules and their 2-representations
Blocks of the category of cuspidal sp(2n)-modules
Some homological properties of the category O
Mazur, Tomasz
Canonical isometry on weighted Bergman spaces
Mazzeo, Rafe
Poincar\'e--Einstein metrics and \\ the Schouten tensor
Mazzieri, Lorenzo
Mazzucchelli, Marco
On the multiplicity of non-iterated periodic billiard trajectories
Mbuntum, F.
On $M$-projective and $M$-injective modules
Mc Cullough, Thomas
Rational approximation on certain plane sets
Mc Laughlin, James
Multi-variable polynomial solutions to Pell's equation and fundamental units in real quadratic fields
McAdam, Stephen
Asymptotic prime divisors and going down
Good chains with bad contractions
Unmixed $2$-dimensional local domains
McAlister, D. B.
$E$-unitary covers for inverse semigroups
$v$-prehomomorphisms on inverse semigroups
McAllister, Gregory
Singularities in a variational problem with an inequality
McArthur, Charles
On a theorem of Orlicz and Pettis
McArthur, William
$G_{\delta}$-diagonals and metrization theorems
McAsey, Michael
Canonical models for invariant subspaces
Invariant subspaces of nonselfadjoint crossed products
McAuley, Louis
A relation between perfect separability, completeness, and normality in semi-metric spaces
McCabe, Thomas
A note on Edelstein's iterative test and spaces of continuous functions
McCann, Roger
A classification of center-foci
Asymptotically stable dynamical systems are linear
Embedding asymptotically stable dynamical systems into radial flows in $l_{2}$
On embedding semiflows into a radial flow on $l_{2}$
Transversally perturbed planar dynamical systems
McCartan, Declan
Bicontinuous preordered topological spaces
McCarthy, Charles
Commuting Boolean algebras of projections
Projections in $\mathscr{L}_{1}$ and $\mathscr{L}_{\infty}$-spaces
The nilpotent part of a spectral operator
The nilpotent part of a spectral operator. II
The norm of a certain derivation
McCarthy, Dermot
The trace of Frobenius of elliptic curves and the $p$-adic gamma function
McCarthy, John
Reflexivity of subnormal operators
Unions of Lebesgue spaces and $A_1$ majorants
McCartney, Philip
Neighborly bushes and the Radon-Nikodým property for Banach spaces
McClanahan, Kevin
$KK$-groups of twisted crossed products by groups acting on trees
McCleary, John
Mod $p$ decompositions of $H$-spaces; another approach
McCleary, Stephen
$a^{\ast}$-closures of completely distributive lattice-ordered groups
$o$-2-transitive ordered permutation groups
$o$-primitive ordered permutation groups
$o$-primitive ordered permutation groups. II
Correction to: ``$a^*$-closures to completely distributive lattice-ordered groups''
The closed prime subgroups of certain ordered permutation groups
The lattice-ordered group of automorphisms of an $\alpha $-set
Wreath products of ordered permutation groups
McClendon, J. F.
On noncontractible valued multifunctions
On stable fiber space obstructions
McCooey, Michael
Groups which act pseudofreely on S2 × S2
McCord, Christopher
Estimating Nielsen numbers on infrasolvmanifolds
Nielsen numbers and Lefschetz numbers on solvmanifolds
The Anosov theorem for exponential solvmanifolds
McCord, Dan
An estimate of the Nielsen number and an example concerning the Lefschetz fixed point theorem
McCormick, Stephen
Gluing Bartnik extensions, continuity of the Bartnik mass, and the equivalence of definitions
McCoy, Duncan
On Seifert fibered spaces bounding definite manifolds
McCoy, Peter
Approximation and harmonic continuation of axially symmetric potentials in $E^{3}$
Extremal properties of real biaxially symmetric potentials in $E^{2(\alpha+\beta+2)}$
Generalized axisymmetric elliptic functions
Level sets of polynomials in $n$ real variables
Singularities of solutions to linear second order elliptic partial differential equations with analytic coefficients by approximation methods
Value distribution of linear combinations of axisymmetric harmonic polynomials and their derivatives
McCoy, Robert
Conditions under which a connected representable space is locally connected
Groups of homeomorphisms of normed linear spaces
McCrimmon, Kevin
Compatible Peirce decompositions of Jordan triple systems
Derivations and Cayley derivations of generalized Cayley-Dickson algebras
Macdonald's theorem for quadratic Jordan algebras
Macdonald's theorem with inverses
Nonassociative algebras with scalar involution
Norms and noncommutative Jordan algebras
Peirce ideals in Jordan algebras
Peirce ideals in Jordan triple systems
Speciality of quadratic Jordan algebras
McCuan, John
A variational formula for floating bodies
Capillarity and Archimedes' principle
Symmetric surfaces of constant mean curvature in S3
Symmetry via spherical reflection\\ and\\ spanning drops in a wedge
McCullough, Darryl
Homeotopy groups of irreducible $3$-manifolds which may contain two-sided projective planes
Ubiquity of geometric finiteness in mapping class groups of Haken 3-manifolds
McCullough, Scott
McDaniel, Andrew
Partially normal radical extensions of the rationals
McDonald, Bernard
The symplectic group over a ring with one in its stable range
McDonald, Janet
Davis's canonical pencils of lines
McDonald, John
Closed orbits of convex sets of operators on the disk algebra
Compact convex sets with the equal support property
Unimodular approximation in function algebras
McDonald, S.
Approximation properties of polynomials with bounded integer coefficients
McDowall, Stephen R.
Total determination of material parameters from electromagnetic boundary information
McDowall, Stephen R.
An inverse problem for the transport equation in the presence of a Riemannian metric
McDowell, K.
McEliece, Robert
Ramsey bounds for graph products
McEnnis, Brian
Shifts on indefinite inner product spaces
Shifts on indefinite inner product spaces. II
McGavran, Dennis
$T^{n}$-actions on simply connected $(n+2)$-manifolds
On the Nielsen number of a fiber map
Torus group actions on simply connected manifolds
McGehee, O. Carruth
Certain isomorphisms between quotients of a group algebra
McGivney, Raymond
Multiplier algebras of biorthogonal systems
McGovern, K.
On the lifting theory of finite groups of Lie type
McGrath, Stephen
Estimates of positive contractions
On almost everywhere convergence of Abel means of contraction semigroups
McGregor, James
Coincidence properties of birth and death processes
Many server queueing processes with Poisson input and exponential service times
McGuinness, Francis
McIntosh, Harold V.
On the degeneracy of the Kepler problem
McKelvey, Robert
The spectra of minimal self-adjoint extensions of a symmetric operator
McKennon, Kelly
Continuous convergence in $C(X)$
Corrections to: ``Multipliers of type $(p,\,p)$''; ``Multipliers of type $(p,\,p)$ and multipliers of the group $L_{p}$-algebras''; ``Multipliers and the group $L_p$-algebras''
Multipliers and the group $L_{p}$-algebras
Multipliers of type $(p,\,p)$ and multipliers of the group $L_{p}$-algebras
McKerracher, Ann L.
Sharpened polynomial approximation
McKiernan, Michel
General Pexider equations. I. Existence of injective solutions
General Pexider equations. II. An application of the theory of webs
McKnight, J. D.
McLachlan, Eugene
Extremal elements of the convex cone $B_{n}$ of functions
Extremal elements of the convex cone of semi-norms
McLaughlin, Dennis
Orientation and string structures on loop space
McLaughlin, Harry
An inequality for generalized means
McLaughlin, Jack
Structured theorems for relatively complemented lattices
McLaughlin, James
Comparison of Haar series with gaps with trigonometric series
Functions represented by Rademacher series
McLaughlin, Thomas
Countable retracing functions and $\prod_2^0$ predicates
On the intersection of regressive sets
Supersimple sets and the problem of extending a retracing function
McLemore, B. D.
Ritt's question on the Wronskian
McLinden, Lynn
An analogue of Moreau's proximation theorem, with application to the nonlinear complementarity problem
An extension of Fenchel's duality theorem to saddle functions and dual minimax problems
McMahon, Douglas
An intrinsic characterization for PI flows
Connectedness related to almost periodicity of compositions of flow homomorphisms
Homomorphisms of minimal flows and generalizations of weak mixing
On the role of an abelian phase group in relativized problems in topological dynamics
McMath, David
Cost-minimizing networks\\among immiscible fluids in $\mathbb R^2$
McMillan, Daniel
Generalized three-manifolds with zero-dimensional nonmanifold set
Some topological properties of piercing points
McMillan, Evelyn
On continuity conditions for functions
McMinn, Trevor
On the line segments of a convex surface in $E_{3}$
McMullen, John R.
A structural criterion for the existence of infinite Sidon sets
McNaughton, Robert
On the measure of normal formulas
McNeilly, David
Realizing the local Weil representation over a number field
McNinch, George
The second cohomology of small irreducible modules for simple algebraic groups
McNulty, George
Avoidable patterns in strings of symbols
Square-free and cube-free colorings of the ordinals
McOwen, Robert
Fredholm theory of partial differential equations on complete Riemannian manifolds
Remarks on singular elliptic theory for complete Riemannian manifolds
McPherson, James
Wild arcs in three-space. I. Families of Fox-Artin arcs
Wild arcs in three-space. II. An invariant of non-oriented local type
Wild arcs in three-space. III. An invariant of oriented local type for exceptional arcs
McShane, E. J.
Invariant extensions of linear functionals, with applications to measures and stochastic processes
McShane, Gregory
On the variation of a series on Teichmüller space
McVey, John
On a Galois connection between the subfield lattice and the multiplicative subgroup lattice
McWilliams, Ralph
A note on weak sequential convergence
On $w^{\ast}$-sequential convergence and quasi-reflexivity
On iterated $w^{\ast}$-sequential closure of cones
Mead, David
Determinantal ideals, identities, and the Wronskian
Ritt's question on the Wronskian
Meadows, Douglas
Explicit PL self-knottings and the structure of PL homotopy complex projective spaces
Meaney, Christopher
On almost-everywhere convergence of inverse spherical transforms
Meany, Robert
Mixed arithmetic and geometric means
Mecchia, Mattia
Hyperbolic 2-fold branched coverings of links and their quotients
On finite simple and nonsolvable groups acting on closed 4–manifolds
Meeks, William
Representing codimension-one homology classes by embedded submanifolds
Meester, Ronald
Higher-dimensional subshifts of finite type, factor maps and measures of maximal entropy
Megibben, Charles
Crawley's problem on the unique $\omega $-elongation of $p$-groups is undecidable
Megiddo, Nimrod
Kernels of compound games with simple components
Megory-Cohen, Igal
Finite-dimensional representation of classical crossed-product algebras
Meher, Jaban
Rankin-Cohen brackets and identities among eigenforms
Theory of newforms of half-integral weight
Mehta, Rajan
Q-groupoids and their cohomology
Meilhan, Jean-Baptiste
Meinrenken, Eckhard
Canonical bundles for Hamiltonian loop group manifolds
Tilings defined by affine Weyl groups
Meir, A.
Ptolemy's inequality, chordal metric, multiplicative metric
Relations between packing and covering numbers of a tree
Meira, Adson
A positive mass theorem and Penrose inequality for graphs with non-compact boundary
Meise, Reinhold
A density result in spaces of Silva holomorphic mappings
Characterization of the homogeneous \\ polynomials $P$ for which $(P + Q)(D)$ admits \\ a continuous linear right inverse\\ for all lower order perturbations $Q$
Perturbation ofdifferential operators admitting a continuous linear right inverse onultradistributions
Mejía, Diego
Hyperbolic geometry in $k$-convex regions
Schwarzian norms and two-point distortion
Mejia, Tito
Eigenvalue estimate and compactness for closed $f$-minimal surfaces
Mekler, Alan
$\omega$-elongations and Crawley's problem
The solution to Crawley's problem
Melin, Jaron
On the relationship of continuity and boundary regularity in PMC Dirichlet problems
Mellor, Blake
Graphs admitting only constant splines
Melman, Aaron
Melo, Severino
A comparison algebra on a cylinder with semi-periodic multiplications
Melo, Sofia
The Dirichlet problem for constant mean curvature graphs in HXR over unbounded domains
Melter, Robert
Contributions to Boolean geometry of $p$-rings
Mena, Roberto
On the retractability of some one-relator groups
Menal, Pere
Lifting units in self-injective rings and an index theory for Rickart $C^\ast$-algebras
Menasco, William
Determining incompressibility of surfaces in alternating knot and link complements
Notes on tangles, 2-handle additions and exceptional Dehn fillings
Studying links via closed braids. I: A finiteness theorem
Studying links via closed braids. III. Classifying links which are closed $3$-braids
Studying links via closed braids. VI. A nonfiniteness theorem
Mendel, C. W.
A functional independence theorem for square matrices
Mendès France, Michel
Mendivil, Franklin
On the Hausdorff $h$-measure of Cantor sets
Menezes de Jesus, Ana
The Alexandrov problem in a quotient space of $\mathbb H^2\times \mathbb R$
Menini, C.
A counterexample to the corona theorem for operators on $H^{2}({\mathbb D}^{n})$
Menon, V. V.
A theorem on partitions of mass-distribution
Mercourakis, Sophocles
Some characterizations of analytic metric spaces
Mercuri, Francesco
Stability of the conjugate index, degenerate conjugate points and the Maslov index in semi-Riemannian geometry
Merigon, Stéphane
Categories of unitary representations of Banach-Lie supergroups and restriction functors
Merkes, Edward
A geometric characterization of indeterminate moment sequences
On univalence of a continued fraction
Merklen, Héctor
Hereditary crossed product orders
Merkurjev, Alexander
Rost invariant of the center, revisited
Merlevède, Florence
Reflexive operator algebras on Banach spaces
Merrill, John
A class of consistent anti-Martin's axioms
Merrill, Kathy
On quadratic reciprocity over function fields
Merrill, Samuel
Characterization of certain invariant subspaces of $H^{p}$ and $L^{p}$ spaces derived from logmodular algebras
Merris, Russell
An identity for matrix functions
Relations among generalized matrix functions
Merry, William
Closed orbits of a charge in a weakly exact magnetic field
Correction to the article Closed orbits of a charge in a weakly exact magnetic field
Mersman, W. A.
Evaluation of an integral occurring in servomechanism theory
Mese, Chikako
Higgs bundles over cell complexes and representations of finitely presented groups
Meshulam, Roy
Locally linearly dependent operators
Mesnaoui, Abdeslam
Unitary bordism of classifying spaces of quaternion groups
Unitary cobordism of classifying spaces of quaternion groups
Messer, Robert
Embedding open $3$-manifolds in compact $3$-manifolds
Mestrano, Nicole
Irreducibility of the moduli space of stable vector bundles of rank two and odd degree on a very general quintic surface
Mészáros, Karola
Calculating Greene's function via root polytopes and subdivision algebras
Demystifying a divisibility property of the Kostant partition function
Metcalf, Frederic
An inequality for generalized means
Metcalf, Scott
Finding a boundary for a Hilbert cube manifold bundle
Metzger, James
Local ideals in a topological algebra of entire functions characterized by a non-radial rate of growth
Metzler, Richard C.
Positive linear functions, integration, and Choquet's theorem
Uniqueness of extensions of positive linear functions
Mewborn, Ancel
A note on a paper of L. Guttman
Meyer, Albert
On orders of translations and enumerations
Meyer, Burnett
Two nonseparable complete metric spaces defined on $[0,\,1]$
Meyer, Donald
Equivalent decomposition of $R^{3}$
Meyer, Jeffrey L.
Character analogues of Dedekind sums and transformations of analytic Eisenstein series
Meyer, Maike
Chekanov--Eliashberg invariants and transverse approximations of Legendrian knots
Meyer, Walter J.
Characterization of the Steiner point
Meyers, Robert
Dirichlet forms on the Sierpi\'nski gasket
Meyerson, Mark
Convexity and the table theorem
Remarks on Fenn's ``the table theorem'' and Zaks' ``the chair theorem''
Meyerson, William
Lipschitz and bilipschitz maps on Carnot groups
Meylan, Francine
A reflection principle in complex space for a class of hypersurfaces and mappings
Mező, István
Mezo, Paul
Metaplectic tensor products for irreducible representations
Mezzetti, Emilia
Some remarks on varieties with degenerate Gauss image
Miao, Changxing
Global well-posedness for the 3D rotating Navier--Stokes equations with highly oscillating initial data
Maximal estimates for Schr\"{o}dinger equations with inverse-square potential
On the isentropic compressible Euler equations with adiabatic index \gamma=1
Regularity conditions for the suitable weak solutions of the Navier-Stokes system from its rotation form
The global well-posedness and scattering for the $5$D defocusing conformal invariant NLW with radial initial data in a critical Besov space
Miao, Pengzi
A new monotone quantity along the inverse mean curvature flow in $\mathbb R^n$
A positive mass theorem for manifolds with boundary
Miatello, Roberto
Transitive isometry groups with noncompact isotropy
Micchelli, Charles
Total positivity and the exact $n$-width of certain sets in $L^1$
Michael, Ernest
A unified theorem on continuous selections
Another note on Eberlein compacts
Continuous selections and finite-dimensional sets
On $k$-spaces, $k_R$-spaces and $k(X)$
On certain point-countable covers
On maps related to $\sigma $-locally finite and $\sigma $-discrete collections of sets
Quotients of the space of irrationals
Some extension theorems for continuous functions
Spaces determined by point-countable covers
Michailov, Ivo
Noether's problem for abelian extensions of cyclic $p$-groups
Michałek, Mateusz
Michel, Jean
Complements on disconnected reductive groups
Springer theory in braid groups and the Birman--Ko--Lee monoid
Michel, Philippe
Corrigendum Sommes de modules de sommes d'exponentielles
Sommes de modules de sommes d'exponentielles
Zeros of families of automorphic$L$-functions close to $1$
Michelacakis, Nickolas J.
On a special class of fibrations and K\"ahler rigidity
Micheletti, Anna
On Yamabe type problems on Riemannian manifolds with boundary
Michler, Gerhard
Completions and classical localizations of right Noetherian rings
Miech, Ronald
An asymptotic property of the Euler function
Mielke, Marvin
Rearrangement of spherical modifications
Miemietz, Vanessa
2-categories of symmetric bimodules and their 2-representations
Miers, Charles
Lie homomorphisms of operator algebras
On the iterates of derivations of prime rings
Miersemann, Erich
Asymptotic expansion at a corner for the capillary problem
Asymptotic expansion at a corner for the capillary problem: the singular case
Capillary surfaces in wedge domains
On the ascent of a liquid on a circular needle
On the behaviour of capillaries at a corner
Migliore, Juan
Liaison of a union of skew lines in $\mathbf{P}^4$
Mignotte, Maurice
On the Diophantine equation $\displaystyle\frac{x^n - 1}{x-1} = y^q$
Mihalik, Michael
Ends of fundamental groups in shape and proper homotopy
Mijatović, Aleksandar
Simplifying triangulations of $S^3$
Triangulations of fibre-free Haken 3-manifolds
Mikami, Edward
Focal points in a control problem
Mikami, Kentaro
Godbillon--Vey classes of symplectic foliations
Mikhail, M.
On the difference and sum of basic sets of polynomials
On the order of the reciprocal set of a basic set of polynomials
Miki, Kei
Braid group representations arising from the generalized chiral Potts models
Miklavčič, Milan
Stability for semilinear parabolic equations with noninvertible linear operator
Miklyukov, Vladimir
Quasiregular mappings and ${\mathcal {WT}}$-classes of differential forms on Riemannian manifolds
Mikolás, M.
On certain sums generating the Dedekind sums and their reciprocity laws
Milani, Albert
Singular limits of quasilinear hyperbolic systems in a bounded domain of $\mathbf{R}^3$ with applications to Maxwell's equations
Miles, Frank
Existence of special $K$-sets in certain locally compact abelian groups
Miles, Joseph
Linear combinations of logarithmic derivatives of entire functions with applications to differential equations
On entire functions of infinite order with radially distributed zeros
On the growth of meromorphic functions with radially distributed zeros and poles
Miles, Philip
$B^{\ast}$ algebra unit ball extremal points
Derivations on $B^\ast$ algebras
Miletta, Peter
A necessary and sufficient condition for uniqueness of solutions to two point boundary value problems
Milgram, Richard
Group representations and the Adams spectral sequence
Surgery with finite fundamental group. I: The obstructions
Surgery with finite fundamental group. II: The oozing conjecture
Miličić, Dragan
Character identities and asymptotic behavior of matrix coefficients of discrete series
Milinković, Darko
On equivalence of two constructions of invariants of Lagrangian submanifolds
Millar, Terrence
Homogeneous models and decidability
Miller, Arnold
When the continuum has cofinality $\omega_1$
Miller, Donald
Commutative semigroups which are almost finite
Miller, Douglas
Borel selectors for separated quotients
Miller, Edward
Characteristic classes for spherical fibrations with fibre-preserving free group actions
Miller, Evan
Bergman kernels of elementary Reinhardt domains
Miller, Ezra
Bass numbers of semigroup-graded local cohomology
Systems of parameters and holonomicity of A-hypergeometric systems
Miller, Forrest
A class of infinite dimensional subgroups of $\mathrm{Diff}^{r}$ $(X)$ which are Banach Lie groups
Gauge groups and classification of bundles with simple structural group
Miller, Gary
Souslin's conjecture as a problem on the real line
Miller, H. D.
Generalization of a theorem of Marcinkiewicz
Miller, Haynes
A spectral sequence for the homology of an infinite delooping
Miller, James
Sequences of quasi-subordinate functions
Subordinating factor sequences and convex functions of several variables
Miller, Keith
Logarithmic convexity results for holomorphic semigroups
Miller, Kenneth
An index theorem and hypoellipticity on nilpotent Lie groups
Miller, Leonhard
The Hasse-Witt-matrix of special projective varieties
Miller, Michael
On the lattice of normal subgroups of a direct product
Miller, Paul
Characterizing the distributions of three independent $n$-dimensional random variables, $X_{1},\,X_{2},\,X_{3},$ having analytic characteristic functions by the joint distribution of $(X_{1}+X_{3},\,X_{2}+X_{3})$
Miller, Richard
Gleason parts and Choquet boundary points in convolution measure algebras
Miller, Robert
Endomorphism rings of finitely generated projective modules
Finitely generated projective modules and $\mathrm{TTF}$ classes
The descending chain condition relative to a torsion theory
TTF classes and quasi-generators
Miller, Sanford S.
Miller, Willard
A branching law for the symplectic groups
Millett, Kenneth
Obstructions to pseudoisotopy implying isotopy for embeddings
The reversing result for the Jones polynomial
Millichap, Christian
Hidden symmetries and commensurability of 2-bridge link complements
Millington, H.
Inverse systems of group-valued measures
Mills, Janet
Certain congruences on orthodox semigroups
Regular semigroups which are extensions of groups
The idempotents of a class of $0$-simple inverse semigroups
Mills, Stuart
Normed Köthe spaces as intermediate spaces of $L_{1}$ and $L_{\infty}$
Mills, William
A system of quadratic Diophantine equations
A theorem on the representation theory of Jordan algebras
An application of linear programming to permutation groups
On almost-commuting permutations
Polynomials with minimal value sets
Milman, Pierre
Metrics for singular analytic spaces
Milne, Stephen
A multiple series transformation of the very well poised $_{2k+4}\Psi_{2k+4}$
Milnes, Harold
Milnes, Paul
Counterexample in the theory of continuous functions on topological groups
Extension of continuous functions on topological semigroups
On the extension of continuous and almost periodic functions
Milnor, John
Two remarks on fiber homotopy type
Milousheva, Velichka
Minimal surfaces in S3 foliated by circles
Milton, E. O.
Distributional boundary values in the dual spaces of spaces of type $\mathscr{S}$
Fourier transforms of odd and even tempered distributions
Min, Ji
A remark on the symmetry of solutions to nonlinear elliptic equations
Minamide, Makoto
Bounds of double zeta-function and their applications
Minassian, Donald
Minc, H.
Doubly stochastic matrices with minimal permanents
The invariance of symmetric functions of singular values
Minda, Carl
Distortion theorems for Bloch functions
Hyperbolic geometry in $k$-convex regions
Schwarzian norms and two-point distortion
The hyperbolic metric and coverings of Riemann surfaces
The modulus of a doubly connected region and the geodesic curvature-area method
Two-point distortion theorems for univalent functions
Mines, Ray
$\varepsilon$-covering dimension
A family of functors defined on generalized primary groups
Algebraic numbers, a constructive development
Minh, Pham
Modular invariant theory and cohomology algebras of extra-special $p$-groups
Minty, George
On the monotonicity of the gradient of a convex function
On the solvability of nonlinear functional equations of `monotonic' type
Miquel Molina, Vicente
Some examples of Riemannian almost-product manifolds
Volume estimates for real hypersurfaces of a Kaehler manifold with strictly positive holomorphic sectional and antiholomorphic Ricci curvatures
Miranda-Neto, Cleto
A generalization of Maloo's theorem on freeness of derivation modules
Miró-Roig, Rosa
Singular moduli spaces of stable vector bundles on $\mathbf{P}^3$
Mirzaii, Behrooz
Virtual rational Betti numbers of nilpotent-by-abelian groups
Mishoe, Luna
Eigenfunction expansions associated with a non-self-adjoint differential equation
On the uniform convergence of a certain eigenfunction series
Mishra, M. N.
Strong result for real zeros of random polynomials
Misiurewicz, Michał
Badly ordered cycles of circle maps
Mislove, Michael
Measure algebras of semilattices with finite breadth
Misra, Kailash
Bosonic realizations of higher-level toroidal Lie algebras
Indefinite Kac-Moody algebras of special linear type
Ultra-discretization of the D34-geometric crystal to the G12-perfect crystals
Misra, P. R.
Structure spaces for sandwich semigroups
Misso, P.
Derivations with invertible values in rings with involution
Mitchell, Alfred
Mitchell, Colm
A capillary surface with no radial limits
Mitchell, Josephine
A new proof of the maximum principle for doubly-harmonic functions
Correction to: ``Properties of differential forms in $n$ real variables''
Properties of differential forms in $n$ real variables
Mitchell, Kevin
Symmetries for sums of the Legendre symbol
Mitchell, Roger
Mitchell, Theodore
Invariant means and analytic actions
Mitchell, William
Mitra, Arnab
On representations of ${\rm GL}_{2n}(F)$ with a symplectic period
Mitrea, Irina
On the boundedness of singular integrals
Mitrea, Marius
On the boundedness of singular integrals
Mitschi, Claude
Differential Galois groups of confluent generalized hypergeometric equations: an approach using Stokes multipliers
Matrices de Stokes et groupe de Galois des équations hypergéométriques confluentes généralisées
Mitsuishi, Ayato
Locally Lipschitz contractibility of Alexandrov spaces and its applications
Mittal, Yashaswini
A class of isotropic covariance functions
Mittenthal, Lothrop
Operator valued analytic functions and generalizations of spectral theory
Mityagin, Boris
On the Korteweg--de Vries equation:\\ Frequencies and initialvalue problem
Mityushev, Vladimir
The Bergman kernel for circular multiply connected domains
Miwa, Takuo
Complexes are spaces with a $\sigma $-almost locally finite base
Miwa, Tetsuji
Braid group representations arising from the generalized chiral Potts models
Miyachi, Akihiko
Weak factorization of distributions in $H^{p}$ spaces
Miyajima, Shizuo
Generators of positive $C_0$-semigroups
Miyamoto, Ikuko
On inclusion relations for absolute Nörlund summability
Miyamoto, Masahiko
An affirmative answer to Glauberman's conjecture
Miyazaki, Katura
Toroidal surgery on periodic knots
Mizel, Victor
A characterization of non-linear functionals on $W^{p}_{1}$ possessing autonomous kernels. I
Nonsymmetric projections in Hilbert space
Mizner, Robert
The equivalence problem for higher-codimensional CR structures
Mizokami, Takemi
On $M$-structures and strongly regularly stratifiable spaces
On functions and stratifiable $\mu$-spaces
On the closed images of paracomplexes
Mizuta, Yoshihiro
Growth properties for modifiedPoisson integrals in a half space
Mo, Xiaohuan
On the flag curvature of a class of Finsler metrics produced by the navigation problem
On the Landsberg curvature of a class of Finsler metrics generated from the navigation problem
Regularity of weakly harmonic maps from a Finsler surface into an $n$-sphere
Mo, Xiaokang
Value distribution of the Gauss map and the total curvature of complete minimal surface in $R^m$
Mocanu, Petru
Mochizuki, Horace
Finitistic global dimension for rings
Kostrikin's theorem on Engel groups of prime power exponent
Moeckel, Richard
Symmetric regularization, reduction and blow-up of the planar three-body problem
Moedomo, S.
Radon-Nikodým theorems for the Bochner and Pettis integrals
Mœglin, Colette
Classification et changement de base pour les séries discrètes des groupes unitaires p-adiques
Sur les paquets d'Arthur des groupes unitaires et quelques conséquences pour les groupes classiques
Moen, Courtney
Irreducibility of unitary principal series for covering groups of $\mathrm{SL}(2,k)$
The dual pair $(U(1),U(1))$ over a $p$-adic field
The dual pair $(U(3), U(1))$ over a $p$-adic field
Moen, Kabe
Unions of Lebesgue spaces and $A_1$ majorants
Mogilski, Jerzy
The space of infinite-dimensional compacta and other topological copies of $(l^2_f)^\omega$
Mogra, M. L.
Radii of convexity for certain classes of univalent analytic functions
Mohamed, Saad
Rings in which every right ideal is quasi-injective
Rings whose homomorphic images are $q$-rings
Mohammad, Q. G.
Mohammadian, Ali
On Zero-Divisor Graphs of Boolean Rings
Mohammed, Ahmed
Uniform integrability of approximate Green functions of some degenerate elliptic operators
Mohanty, R.
On the convergence of a trigonometric integral
Mohanty, S. P.
On a theorem of Delaunay and some related results
Mohapatra, Rabindra
Best possible results in a class of inequalities
Mohapatra, Ram
The non absolute Nörlund summability of Fourier series
Mohapatro, Premalata
Generalised quasi-Nörlund summability
Mohler, Lee
The fixed point property for tree-like continua with finitely many arc components
Mohrherr, Jean-Leah
Density of a final segment of the truth-table degrees
Mokari, Fatemeh
Virtual rational Betti numbers of nilpotent-by-abelian groups
Moldovan, Daniel
Hermitian categories, extension of scalars and systems of sesquilinear forms
Molitor-Braun, Carine
Characterization of the simple $L^{1}(G)$-modules for exponential Lie groups
Møller, Jesper
On the homology of spaces of sections of complex projective bundles
Spaces of sections of Eilenberg-Mac Lane fibrations
Mollin, Richard
Induced $p$-elements in the Schur group
The Schur group of a field of characteristic zero
Molnar, David
The distribution of Jager pairs for continued fraction like mappings of the interval
Moloney, James
Residue class domains of the ring of convergent sequences and of $C^\infty([0,1],\mathbf{R})$
Molter, Ursula
On the Hausdorff $h$-measure of Cantor sets
Molzon, Robert
Univalence of holomorphic mappings
Mombelli, Juan
Representations of the category of modules over pointed Hopf algebras over $S_3$ and $S_4$
Moncasi, Juame
Lifting units in self-injective rings and an index theory for Rickart $C^\ast$-algebras
Mond, Bertram
An inequality for operators in a Hilbert space
Mondal, Amiya
On the degree of certain local L-functions
Monden, Naoyuki
Lefschetz fibrations with small slope
Lefschetz pencils and finitely presented groups
Non-holomorphic Lefschetz fibrations with (-1)-sections
On stable commutator length in hyperelliptic mapping class groups
Monk, G. S.
Desargues' law and the representation of primary lattices
On the endomorphism ring of an abelian $p$-group, and of a large subgroup
Monk, George
Representations of primary Arguesian lattices
Monk, James
On the representation theory for cylindric algebras
Monsalve, Sergio
On sieved orthogonal polynomials. X. General blocks of recurrence relations
Monsurrò, Marina
The discriminantof a symplectic involution
Trace forms of $G$-Galois algebras in virtual cohomological dimension 1~and~2
Montealegre, Cristina R.
Closedconformal vector fields and Lagrangian submanifolds in complex space forms
Montefalcone, Francescopaolo
Geometric inequalities in Carnot groups
Montejano Peimbert, Luis
Flat Hilbert cube manifold pairs
Montes-Rodríguez, Alfonso
The essential norm of a composition operator on Bloch spaces
Montesinos-Amilibia, Ángel
Spaces of constant para-holomorphic sectional curvature
Montesinos-Amilibia, José María
Closed oriented $3$-manifolds as $3$-fold branched coverings of $S^{3}$ of special type
Constructions of two-fold branched covering spaces
Geodesic flows on hyperbolic orbifolds, and universal orbifolds
On the Birman invariants of Heegaard splittings
Montgomery, Deane
A theorem on the action of $\mathrm{SO}(3)$
On the action of $\mathrm{SO}(3)$ on $S^{n}$
Montgomery, Richard
Characteristic classes for the degenerations of two-planefields in four dimensions
Convexity of the figure eight solution to the three-body problem
No hyperbolic pants for the 4-body problem
Symmetric regularization, reduction and blow-up of the planar three-body problem
The chains of left-invariant Cauchy-Riemann structures on SU(2)
Montgomery, M.
A generalization of a theorem of Jacobson. II
Crossed products and Galois extensions of Hopf algebras
Fixed elements of Jordan automorphisms of associative rings
Lie structure of prime rings of characteristic $2$
Monti Bragadin, Giacomo
Abstract Riemannian stratifications
Monticelli, Dario
A variational characterization of flat spaces in dimension three
On the geometry of gradient Einstein-type manifolds
Montiel, Sebastián
On a Liu--Yau type inequality for surfaces
Mookini, Edwin
Sufficient conditions for an optimal control problem in the calculus of variations
Moon, Hwan Pyo
Mathematical theory of medial axis transform
Moon, John
An extension of Landau's theorem on tournaments
Cycles in $k$-strong tournaments
Generating oriented graphs by means of team comparisons
Relations between packing and covering numbers of a tree
Mooney, Michael
A theorem on bounded analytic functions
Moore, C.
Concrete semispaces and lexicographic separation of convex sets
Moore, Calvin
On the Frobenius reciprocity theorem for locally compact groups
Square integrable primary representations
The Mautner phenomenon for general unitary representations
Totally real representations and real function spaces
Moore, Hal
Equational definability of addition in certain rings
Moore, John
Isometric immersions of space forms in space forms
Nondegeneracy of coverings of minimal tori and Klein bottles in Riemannian manifolds
Moore, Lawrence
A comparison of the relative uniform topology and the norm topology in a normed Riesz space
Strictly increasing Riesz norms
Moore, Marion
Some results on completability in commutative rings
Moore, Richard
The behavior of solutions of a linear differential equation of second order
Moore, Robert
Reductivity in $C^*$-algebras and essentially reductive operators
Moors, Warren
Generic differentiability of convex functions on the dual of a Banach space
Morabito, Filippo
An end-to-end construction for singly periodic minimal surfaces
Morales, Pedro
Compact subsets of a Tychonoff set
Non-Hausdorff multifunction generalization of the Kelley-Morse Ascoli theorem
Morales Rojas, Carlos
A spectral decomposition for singular-hyperbolic sets
Sufficient conditions for robustness of attractors
Moran, William
Analytic discs in the maximal ideal space of $M(G)$
Mordell, Louis
On the integer solutions of $y(y+1)=x(x+1)(x+2)$
On the linear independence of algebraic numbers
Mordeson, John
Splitting and modularly perfect fields
Moreau, Anne
Jet schemes of the closure of nilpotent orbits
Moree, Pieter
Counting divisors of Lucas numbers
Moreira Galicia, Manuel
Moreno, Carlos
The Petersson inner product and the residue of an Euler product
Morgan, Christopher
On relations for representations of finite groups
Morgan, Frank
Clusters with multiplicities in ${\mathbb R}^2$
Hexagonal surfaces of Kapouleas
Paired calibrations applied to soap films, immiscible fluids, and surfaces or networks minimizing other norms
Soap bubbles in $\mathbb{R}^2$ and in surfaces
Morgan, John
Morgan, John
Homotopy theoretic consequences of N. Levitt's obstruction theory to transversality for spherical fibrations
Mori, Hiroshi
Mori, Masamitsu
A vanishing theorem for the $\mathrm{mod}$ $p$ Massey-Peterson spectral sequence
Morifuji, Takayuki
Twisted Alexander polynomials of $2$-bridge knots for parabolic representations
Morini, Fiorenza
On the probability of generating finite groups with a unique minimal normal subgroup
Some properties of the probabilistic zeta function of finite simple groups
Moriyoshi, Hitoshi
The Godbillon-Vey cyclic cocycle and longitudinal Dirac operators
Moroianu, Andrei
Deformations of nearly Kahler structures
Morpurgo, Carlo
A Selberg integral formula and applications
Morrey, Charles B.
Quasi-convexity and the lower semicontinuity of multiple integrals
Morris, Charles
A graph-theoretic proof of Sharkovsky's theorem on the periodic points of continuous functions
Morris, Peter
Functional representation of topological algebras
Morris, Robert
The inflation-restriction theorem for Amitsur cohomology
Morris, Stephen
The universal flip matrix and the generalized faro-shuffle
Morris, Sidney
Free products of topological groups with amalgamation
Free products of topological groups with amalgamation. II
Locally invariant topologies on free groups
Morrison, John
Approximations to real algebraic numbers by algebraic numbers of smaller degree
Morrison, Kent
The scheme of finite-dimensional representations of an algebra
Morrison, Scott
The braid group surjects onto G2 tensor space
Morse, A. P.
A topological measure construction
Separative relations for measures
Mortini, Raymond
Division theorems and the\\Shilov property for ${\rm H}^{\infty} + {\rm C}$
Morton, Richard
On sums of Rudin-Shapiro coefficients. II
The quadratic number fields with cyclic $2$-classgroups
Moscatelli, V. B.
On a problem of completion in bornology
On bases in strict inductive and projective limits of locally convex spaces
Moschovakis, Yiannis (John)
Many-one degrees of the predicates $H_{a}\,(x)$
The Suslin-Kleene theorem for $V_\kappa$ with cofinality $(\kappa)=\omega$
Moser, Leo
Generating oriented graphs by means of team comparisons
On the distribution of Pythagorean triangles
Moser, Louise
Elementary surgery along a torus knot
On the impossibility of obtaining $S^{2}\times S^{1}$ by elementary surgery along a knot
Mosher, Robert
The product formula for the third obstruction
Moskowitz, Martin
Cyclic vectors for representations associated with positive definite measures: nonseparable groups
Groups of automorphisms of Lie groups: density properties, bounded orbits, and homogeneous spaces of finite volume
Moss, William
Positive solutions of elliptic equations
Mossinghoff, Michael
Average Mahler's measure and $L_p$ norms of unimodular polynomials
Mostow, George
On a remarkable class of polyhedra in complex hyperbolic space
Motegi, Kimihiko
Knotting trivial knots and resulting knot types
Toroidal surgery on periodic knots
Motreanu, Dumitru
Generalized eigenvalue problems of nonhomogeneous elliptic operators and their application
Mott, John
The asymptotic distribution of the time-to-escape for comets strongly bound to the solar system
Motteler, Zane
Existence theorems for certain quasi-linear elliptic equations
Motzkin, T. S.
A composite Newton-Raphson gradient method for the solution of systems of equations
A persistent local maximum of the $p\mathrm{th}$ power deviation on an interval, $p < 1$
Divisors of polynomials and power series with positive coefficients
Equilibrium of inverse-distance forces in three-dimensions
On $L(S)$-tuples and $l$-pairs of matrices
Proof of the fundamental theorem on implicit functions by use of composite gradient corrections
Representation of a point of a set as sum of transforms of boundary points
Moulis, Edward
Generalizations of the Robertson functions
Mount, Kenneth
Some remarks on Fitting's invariants
Moutafi, Evaggelia
On the concircular curvature of a $(\kappa, \mu, \nu)$-manifold
Three classes of pseudosymmetric contact metric 3-manifolds
Two classes of pseudosymmetric contact metric 3-manifolds
Movahedi, Mina
On the density theorem of the subdifferential of convex functions on Hadamard spaces
Moy, Allen
Degrees and formal degrees for division algebras and $\mathrm{GL}_n$ over a $p$-adic field
Moy, Shu-Teh Chen
A note on generalizations of Shannon-McMillan theorem
Asymptotic properties of derivatives of stationary measures
Characterizations of conditional expectation as a transformation on function spaces
Generalizations of Shannon-McMillan theorem
Moyls, Benjamin
Transformations on tensor product spaces
Moynihan, Richard
Betweenness relations in probabilistic metric spaces
Mrówka, Stanisław
On preservation of $E$-compactness
Mu, Qiang
Odd Hamiltonian Superalgebras and Special Odd Hamiltonian Superalgebras of Formal Vector Fields
Mucci, Anthony G.
Another martingale convergence theorem
Limits for martingale-like sequences
Muckenhoupt, Benjamin
Weighted reverse weak type inequalities for the Hardy-Littlewood maximal function
Mueller, Bruno
Localization in fully bounded Noetherian rings
Muenzenberger, Thomas
Characterizations of arboroids and dendritic spaces
Fixed point theorems for acyclic and dendritic spaces
Mues, Erwin
Über eine Differentialungleichung $m$-ter Ordnung im Komplexen
Muhly, Paul
Analyticity and spectral decompositions of $L^p$ for compact abelian groups
Coordinates for triangular operator algebras. II
Muić, Goran
Reducibility of standard representations
Mukerjee, Himadri
Errata: ``Poincaré cobordism exact sequences and characterisation''
Poincaré cobordism exact sequences and characterisation
Mukherjea, Arunava
A remark on Tonelli's theorem on integration in product spaces
Invariant measures and the converse of Haar's theorem on semitopological semigroups
Mukherjee, N.
Generalized quasicenter and hyperquasicenter of a finite group
Generalized Sylow tower groups. II
The normal index of a finite group
Mukhopadhyay, S. N.
On the regularity of the $P^n$-integral and its application to summable trigonometric series
Peano derivatives and general integrals
Mukhoti, S.
Theorems on Cesàro summability of series
Muldowney, James
The asymptotic behaviour of solutions to linear systems of ordinary differential equations
Müller, Detlef
$L^q$-theory of a singular ``winding'' integral operator arising from fluid dynamics
A geometric bound for maximal functions associated to convex bodies
Müller, Frank
Projectability and uniqueness of F-stable immersions with partially free boundaries
Müller, Paul
Jean Bourgain's analytic partition of unity via holomorphic martingales
Müller, Vladimír
Kaplansky's theorem and Banach PI-algebras
Müller, Werner
On the degrees of matrix coefficients of intertwining operators
Mullikin, Thomas
Semi-groups of class $(C_{0})$ in $L_{p}$ determined by parabolic differential equations
Mullin, Ronald
A map-theoretic approach to Davenport-Schinzel sequences
The enumeration of Hamiltonian polygons in triangular maps
Munasinghe, Samangi
Complex tangential flows and compactness of the d-bar-Neumann operator
Lp regularity of weighted Szegö projections on the unit disc
Munemasa, Akihiro
On fusion algebras associated to finite group actions
Muñoz, Vicente
E-polynomial of the SL(3, C)-character variety of free groups
Munro, William
Some iterative methods for determining zeros of functions of a complex variable
Munson, Brian A.
Cost-minimizing networks\\among immiscible fluids in $\mathbb R^2$
Mura, Roberta
Solvable groups in which every maximal partial order is isolated
Murahara, Hideki
Restricted sum formula for finite and symmetric multiple zeta values
Murai, Satoshi
Regularity of canonical and deficiency modules for monomial ideals
Murai, Takafumi
Positive analytic capacity but zero Buffon needle probability
The power $3/2$ appearing in the estimate of analytic capacity
Murakami, Hitoshi
Murakami, Jun
A state model for the multivariable Alexander polynomial
Murase, Atsushi
On the uniform distribution property of certain linear algebraic groups
Murasugi, Kunio
Genera and Fibredness of Montesinos knots
Jones polynomials of periodic links
On the divisibility of knot groups
Murillo, Aniceto
Approximating rational spaces with ellipticcomplexes and a conjecture of Anick
Murley, Charles
Abelian groups, $A$, such that $\mathrm{Hom}(A,-)$ preserves direct sums of copies of $A$
The classification of certain classes of torsion free Abelian groups
Murnaghan, Fiona
Asymptotic behaviour of supercuspidal characters of $p$-adic $\mathrm{GL}_3$ and $\mathrm{GL}_4$: the generic unramified case
Characters of supercuspidal representations of $SL(n)$
Murphy, Gerard J.
Commutative non-Archimedean $C^{\ast}$-algebras
Hyperinvariant subspaces and the topology on $\mathrm{Lat}\,A$
Ordered groups and crossed products of $C^*$-algebras
Murphy, Grattan
A metric basis characterization of Euclidean space
Murphy, Thomas
Variation of complex structures and the stability of K\"ahler--Ricci Solitons
Murray, Devin
Topology and dynamics of the contracting boundary of cocompact CAT(0) spaces
Murray, F. J.
Families of $L_p$-spaces with inductive and projective topologies
Murray, William
Triangulations with the free cell property
Murty, Maruti Ram
On a conjecture of Erdős and certain Dirichlet series
Murty, Vijaya
Murufas, Roderic
Inverse spectral problems for certain differential operators
Rank of positive matrix measures
Muskat, J. B.
On the solvability of $x^{e}\equiv e\pmod{p}$
Muskat, Joseph
Musser, Gary L.
Linear semiprime $(p;\,q)$ radicals
Musso, Monica
Entire sign changing solutions with finite energy to the fractional Yamabe equation
Musson, Ian
Rings of differential operators on one-dimensional algebras
Mutchler, Carl
The flat Cauchy problem for radially hyperbolic operators from a characteristic manifold of high codimension
Myers, Dale
The back-and-forth isomorphism construction
Myers, Donald
An imbedding space for Schwartz distributions
Topologies for Laplace transform spaces
Myers, Lawrence
On stopping rules and the expected supremum of $S_{n}/T_{n}$
Myers, John
$\mathbf{R}^2$-irreducible universal covering spaces of $\mathbf{P}^2$-irreducible open 3-manifolds
Concordance of Seifert surfaces
Homology $3$-spheres which admit no PL involutions
Myers, Wm. M.
Functionals associated with a continuous transformation
Myerson, Gerald
A combinatorial problem in finite fields. I
Myhill, John
Category methods in recursion theory
Myjak, Józef
On continuous approximations for multifunctions
Myropolska, Aglaia
Expected depth of random walks on groups
Mysior, Adam
For every Hausdorff space $Y$ there exists a nontrivial Moore space on which all continuous functions into $Y$ are constant
Myung, Hyo
A generalization of the prime radical in nonassociative rings