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Nachman, Louis
An intrinsic characterization for PI flows
Nadkarni, Mahendra
A class of measures on the Bohr group
Nadler, Sam
Hyperspaces of compact convex sets
Multi-valued contraction mappings
Sequences of contractions and fixed points
Sequences of contractive maps and fixed points
Nag, Subhashis
Errata: ``On the holomorphy of maps from a complex to a real manifold''
On the holomorphy of maps from a complex to a real manifold
Nagano, Koichi
A sphere theorem for 2-dimensional CAT(1)-spaces
Nagao, Kentaro
Refined open noncommutative Donaldson-Thomas invariants for small crepant resolutions
Nagata, Jun-iti
A characterization of covering dimension by use of $\Delta_{k}(X)$
Nagel, Alexander
Local reproducing kernels on wedge-like domains with type $2$ edges
Model rigid CR submanifolds of CR dimension 1
The Bergman and Szegő kernels near points of infinite type
Nagisa, Masaru
Some remarks on actions of compact matrix quantum groups on $C^*$-algebras
Nagle, Richard
Monotonicity and alternative methods for nonlinear boundary value problems
Nagy, Gabriel
Reduction of topological stable rank in inductive limits of $C^*$-algebras
Nagy, Paul-Andi
Deformations of nearly Kahler structures
Nahlus, Nazih
Basic groups of Lie algebras and Hopf algebras
Naidu, Deepak
Crossed pointed categories and their equivariantizations
Twisted quantum Drinfeld Hecke algebras
Naik, Swatee
Periodicity, genera and Alexander polynomials of knots
Naimi, Ramin
Constructing essential laminations in 2-bridge~knot surgered 3-manifolds
Naimpally, Somashekhar
Local compactness of families of continuous point-compact relations
Proximity approach to semi-metric and developable spaces
Naito, Manabu
Oscillation criteria for general linear ordinary differential equations
Naito, Yūki
A note on the moving sphere method
Nakagami, Yoshiomi
Essential spectrum $\Gamma (\beta)$ of a dual action on a von Neumann algebra
Takesaki's duality for regular extensions of von Neumann algebras
Nakagawa, Kenji
On the orders of automorphisms of a closed Riemann surface
Nakai, Isao
Nice dimensions for the $I_0$ equivalence relation of diagrams of map germs
Nakai, Mitsuru
$\Phi $-bounded harmonic functions and classification of Riemann surfaces
Behavior of Green lines at the Kuramochi boundary of a Riemann surface
Corona problem for Riemann surfaces of Parreau-Widom type
Duffin's function and Hadamard's conjecture
Harmonic functionals on open Riemann surfaces
Point norms in the construction of harmonic forms
Point separation by bounded analytic functions of a covering Riemann surface
Radon-Nikodým densities and Jacobians
Royden algebras and quasi-isometries of Riemannian manifolds
Surjective extension of the reduction operator
Nakajima, Toru
A remark on instability of harmonic maps between spheres
Nakamoto, Kazunori
Topology of the moduli of representations with Borel mold
Nakamula, Ken
An explicit formula for the fundamental units of a real pure sextic number field and its Galois closure
Nakamura, Inasa
Showing distinctness of surface links by taking 2-dimensional braids
Nakamura, Tsutomu
Localization functors and cosupport in derived categories of commutative Noetherian rings
Nakamura, Yoshihiro
Distance between unitary orbits in von Neumann algebras
Nakanishi, Tomoki
Structure of seeds in generalized cluster algebras
Nakano, Daniel
Category O for the Virasoro algebra: cohomology and Koszulity
On comparing the cohomology of general linear and symmetric groups
Nakano, Hidegoro
Nakano, Kazumi
Nakao, Mitsuhiro
On the existence of global classical solution of initial-boundary value problem for $\square u-u^{3}=f$
Nakashima, Tohru
Adjoint linear systems on a surface of general type in positive characteristic
Chern classes of vector bundles on arithmetic varieties
Nakashima, Toshiki
On certain maximal cyclic modules for the quantized special linear algebra at a root of unity
Ultra-discretization of the D34-geometric crystal to the G12-perfect crystals
Nakayama, Hiromichi
Fiberwise divergent orbits of projective flows with exactly two minimal sets
Nakazi, Takahiko
$(A_2)$-conditions and Carleson inequalities in Bergman spaces
Bounded Hankel forms with weighted norms and lifting theorems
Extended weak-$^{\ast}$Dirichlet algebras
Invariant subspaces of weak-$*$Dirichlet algebras
Superalgebras of weak-$\ast$Dirichlet algebras
Näkki, Raimo
Conformal cluster sets and boundary cluster sets coincide
Naldi, Simone
Spectrahedral representations of plane hyperbolic curves
Namioka, Isaac
Separate continuity and joint continuity
Tensor products of compact convex sets
Nan-Yue, Zhang
Values of the Riemann zeta function and integrals involving $\log(2\,\sinh\tfrac{\theta}{2})$ and $\log(2\sin\tfrac{\theta}{2})$
Nanbu, Tokumori
On the existence of global classical solution of initial-boundary value problem for $\square u-u^{3}=f$
Nanjundiah, T. S.
Refinements of Wallis's estimate and their generalizations
Naranjo del Val, Joan Carles
The positive-dimensional fibres of the Prym map
Narasimhan, M.
Compactification of $M_{\mathbb{P}_3}(0,2)$ and Poncelet pairs of conics
Narayanan, E.
Analogues of the Wiener-Tauberian and Schwartz theorems for radial functions on symmetric spaces
Wiener-Tauberian theorems for L1(K \ G/K)
Narcowich, Francis
An imbedding theorem for indeterminate Hermitian moment sequences
An operator version of a theorem of Kolmogorov
Narens, Louis
A nonstandard proof of the Jordan curve theorem
Narici, Lawrence
Function algebras over valued fields
Narukawa, Kimiaki
Oscillatory theorem and pendent liquid drops
Nascimento, Marcelo José
Regularity and upper semicontinuity of pullback attractors for a class of non-autonomous thermoelastic plate systems
Nash, Daniel
Nashed, Mohammed Zuhair
Fixed points and stability for a sum of two operators in locally convex spaces
Nashier, Budh Singh
Determination of a unique solution of the quadratic partition for primes $p\equiv 1 \pmod{7}$
Nasim, Cyril
An inversion formula for Hankel transform
Best approximation by a saturation class of polynomial operators
Nassif, M.
On the difference and sum of basic sets of polynomials
Nassrallah, Bassam
A $q$-analogue of Appell's $F_1$ function, its integral representation and transformations
Nastasescu, Constantin
Quiver Algebras, Path Coalgebras and co-reflexivity
Naszódi, Márton
On the volume bound in the Dvoretzky--Rogers lemma
Natale, Sonia
Frobenius--Schur indicators for a class of fusion categories
Nathan, William
Nation, James
Congruence lattices of semilattices
Natsume, Toshikazu
The Godbillon-Vey cyclic cocycle and longitudinal Dirac operators
Navara, Mirko
Navarrete Carrillo, Juan
On the number of lines in the limit set for discrete subgroups of PSL(3,C)
One line complex Kleinian groups
Three dimensional SOL manifolds and complex Kleinian groups
Navarro Ortega, Gabriel
Nayak, N. N.
Strong result for real zeros of random polynomials
Nazarov, Sergei
Asymptotic behaviour at infinity of three-dimensional steady viscoelastic flows
Ndiaye, Cheikh
Constant T-curvature conformal metrics on 4-manifolds with boundary
Neal, Matthew
Completely contractive projections on operator algebras
Operator space characterizations of C*-algebras and ternary rings
Nebbia, Claudio
Amenability and Kunze-Stein property for groups acting on a tree
Groups of isometries of a tree and the Kunze-Stein phenomenon
Necas, Jindrich
On the regularity up to the boundary for second order nonlinear elliptic systems
Systems of nonlinear wave equations with nonlinear viscosity
Nechita, Ion
A permutation model for free random variables and its classical analogue
Neeb, Karl-Hermann
A convexity theorem for semisimple symmetric spaces
C* algebras and direct integral decomposition for Lie supergroups
Categories of unitary representations of Banach-Lie supergroups and restriction functors
Coherent states, holomorphic extensions, and highest weight representations
Correction to: ``A convexity theorem for semisimple symmetric spaces''
KMS conditions, standard real subspaces and reflection positivity on the circle group
Negrepontis, Stelios
$F^{\prime}$-spaces and their product with $P$-spaces
On a theorem by Hoffman and Ramsay
Negron, Cris
Gauge invariants from the powers of antipodes
Nehari, Zeev
On an inequality of P. R. Bessack
On the principal frequency of a membrane
Neher, Erhard
Jordan triple systems with completely reducible derivation or structure algebras
Neidhardt, Wayne
General Kac-Moody algebras and the Kazhdan-Lusztig conjecture
Translation to and fro over Kac-Moody algebras
Neidinger, Richard
Norm-attainment of linear functionals on subspaces and characterizations of Tauberian operators
Neisendorfer, Joseph
Bundles over configuration spaces
Lie algebras, coalgebras and rational homotopy theory for nilpotent spaces
Nel, Louis
Lattices of lower semi-continuous functions and associated topological spaces
Nelli, Barbara
Global properties of constant mean curvature surfaces in H2 X R
Nelson, Evelyn
Homomorphisms of mono-unary algebras
Nelson, George
Boolean powers, recursive models, and the Horn theory of a structure
Nelson, J. L.
A stability theorem for a third order nonlinear differential equation
Nelson, James
Word equations in a band of paths
Nelson, Oscar
Subdirect decompositions of lattices of width two
Nelson, Victor
Semiquandles and flat virtual knots
Nelson, Stuart
Mixed arithmetic and geometric means
Némethi, András
Reduction of topological stable rank in inductive limits of $C^*$-algebras
Nemitz, William
Varieties of implicative semi-lattices. II
Varieties of implicative semilattices
Nerurkar, Mahesh
Ergodic continuous skew product actions of amenable groups
Ergodicity in affine skew-product toral extensions
Nešetřil, Jaroslav
A congruence theorem for asymmetric trees
Neshveyev, Sergey
Nestoridis, Vassileios
Inner functions invariant connected components
Inner functions: noninvariant connected components
Neto, Ana
Supercharacters of the Sylow p-subgroups of the finite symplectic and orthogonal groups
Neto, Orlando
On regular holonomic systems with solutions ramified along $y^k=x^n$
Netzer, Tim
Real closed separation theorems and applications to group algebras
Neuberger, John
Concerning boundary value problems
Continuous products and nonlinear integral equations
Existence of a spectrum for nonlinear transformations
The lack of self-adjointness in three-point boundary value problems
Neubrander, Frank
Integrated semigroups and their applications to the abstract Cauchy problem
Neumann, Michael
Nonanalytic functional calculi and spectral maximal spaces
Neumann, Walter
Rational polynomials of simple type
Neusel, Mara D.
The transfer in the invariant theory ofmodular permutation representations
Neustadt, Lucien
The moment problem and weak convergence in $L^{2}$
Nevai, Paul
Asymptotics for solutions of systems of smooth recurrence equations
Compact perturbations of orthogonal polynomials
Nevanlinna, Veikko
A refinement of Selberg's asymptotic equation
Neville, Charles W.
Banach spaces with a restricted Hahn-Banach extension property
Newman, Charles
Newman, Donald
A characterization of the weights in a divided difference
Addendum to: ``Rational approximation of $e^{-x}$ on the positive real axis''
Rational approximation of $e^{-x}$ on the positive real axis
Rational approximation to $x^{n}$
Splines and the logarithmic function
The generalized Gibbs phenomenon for regular Hausdorff means
The Gibbs phenomenon for Hausdorff means
Newman, Morris
On the number of absolute points of a correlation
The sum of the elements of the powers of a matrix
Newman, Stephen
Measure algebras on idempotent semigroups
Newns, W.
On the difference and sum of a basic set of polynomials
Newton, D.
Minimal $(G,\,\tau)$-extensions
Newton, James
Local Langlands correspondence in rigid families
Newton, Tyre
Ng, Che
On functional equations connected with directed divergence, inaccuracy and generalized directed divergence
Ng, Ho
Finitely presented dimension of commutative rings and modules
Ng, Lenhard
The Correspondence between Augmentations and Rulings for Legendrian Knots
Ng, Ping
A characterization of\\ completely 1-complemented\\ subspaces of noncommutative $L_1$-spaces
Ng, Siu-Hung
Gauge invariants from the powers of antipodes
Ng, Ting
Cost-minimizing networks\\among immiscible fluids in $\mathbb R^2$
Ng, Tuen Wai
On the composition of a prime transcendental function and a prime polynomial
Ng, Tze-Beng
$4$-fields on $(4k+2)$-dimensional manifolds
Vector bundles over $(8k+3)$-dimensional manifolds
Ngai, Sze-Man
Eigenvalue asymptotics and Bohr's formula for fractal Schrödinger operators
Nguyen, Athena
Essential dimension and error-correcting codes
Nguyen, Dong Quan
Algebraic families of hyperelliptic curves violating the Hasse principle
Nguyễn, Minh Hoàng
Ruled minimal surfaces in 3 with density ez
Nguyên, Viêt-Anh
On the asymptotic behavior of Bergman kernels for positive line bundles
Ni, Wei-Ming
Boundary Clustered Interfaces for the Allen-Cahn Equation
Ni, Xiang
O-operators on associative algebras and associative Yang-Baxter equations
Pre-alternative algebras and pre-alternative bialgebras
Ni, Yi
On slope genera of knotted tori in the 4-space
Ni, Yilong
Cross curvature flow on locally homogenous three-manifolds, I
Niblett, J.
Some hypergeometric identities
Nica, Alexandru
Asymptotically free families of random unitaries in symmetric groups
Maximality of the microstatesfree entropy for $R$-diagonal elements
Nicas, Andrew
The horofunction boundary of the Heisenberg group
Nichols, John
Examples concerning sum properties for metric-dependent dimension functions
Nichols, Warren
The Krull intersection theorem. II
Nicholson, William
Semiperfect rings with abelian adjoint group
Semiperfect rings with abelian group of units
Nickel, Paul
A note on extremal properties characterizing weakly $\lambda$-valent principal functions
A note on principal functions and multiply-valent canonical mappings
On extremal properties for annular radial and circular slit mappings of bordered Riemann surfaces
Nickolas, Peter
Locally invariant topologies on free groups
Nico, William
Nicolaescu, Liviu
On the Cappell--Lee--Miller gluing theorem
Nicolau, Artur
Approximating the modulus of an inner function
Interpolating Blaschke products generate $H^\infty$
Nevanlinna's coefficients and Douglas algebras
On $H^p$-solutions of the Bezout equation
Nicolau, Monica
Niederreiter, Harald
Banach-Buck measure, density, and uniform distribution in rings of algebraic integers
Nielsen, Ole
Locally compact spaces and two classes of $C^{\ast}$-algebras
Niemiec, Piotr
Isometry groups among topological groups
Nien, Chufeng
Symplectic supercuspidal representations of GL(2n) over p-adic fields
Nietert, Sloan
Polarization, sign sequences and isotropic vector systems
Nikaidô, Hukukane
Note on non-cooperative convex games
On von Neumann's minimax theorem
Nikčević, S.
The local index formula for a Hermitian manifold
Nikiel, Jacek
On the rim-structure of continuous images of ordered compacta
Nikkuni, Ryo
On intrinsically knotted or completely 3-linked graphs
Nikolaev, Igor
Operator algebras and conjugacy problem for the pseudo-Anosov automorphisms of a surface
Nikolaus, Thomas
Four equivalent versions of nonabelian gerbes
Nikolayevsky, Yuri
Nikolov, Nikolai
On the sum of powered distances to three points
Nillsen, Rodney
Moment sequences obtained from restricted powers
Nilsson, Jonathan
A new family of simple $\mathfrak{gl}_{2n}(\mathbb{C})$-modules
Nipp, Gordon
Quaternion orders associated with ternary lattices
Nishimura, Takashi
Whitney umbrellas and swallowtails
Nishimura, Yasuzo
Combinatorial constructions of three-dimensional small covers
Nishioka, Keiji
Transcendental constants over the coefficient fields in differential elliptic function fields
Nishiyama, Kyo
Enhanced adjoint action and their orbits for the general linear group
Nistor, Victor
Pseudodifferential operators on differential groupoids
Niu, Pengcheng
Payne--Polya--Weinberger type inequalities for eigenvalues of nonelliptic operators
Niven, Ivan
On the definition of normal numbers
Njȧstad, Olav
On some classes of nearly open sets
Quasiregular nearness spaces and extensions of nearness-preserving maps
Nobile, Augusto
Correction to: ``On equisingular families of isolated singularities''
Equisingularity theory for plane curves with embedded points
On equisingular families of isolated singularities
Some properties of the Nash blowing-up
Noell, Alan
Local and global plurisubharmonic defining functions
Peak points in boundaries not of finite type
Noll, Dominikus
Directional differentiability of the metric projection in Hilbert space
Sums and products of $B_r$ spaces
Noma, Atsushi
Restrictions of rank-2 semistable vector bundles on surfaces in positive characteristic
Nomura, Akito
Unramified 3-extensions over cyclic cubic fields
Nomura, Yasutoshi
Noonan, James
On close-to-convex functions of order $\beta $
Noorvash, Shahbaz
Covering the vertices of a graph by vertex-disjoint paths
Norbury, Paul
Rational polynomials of simple type
Nordahl, T. E.
Commutative cancellative semigroups without idempotents
Semigroups whose lattice of congruences is Boolean
Nordgren, Eric
Invariant subspaces of a direct sum of weighted shifts
Noronha, Maria Helena
Conformally flat immersions and flatness of the normal connection
Noronha, Maria Helena
Manifolds with $2$-nonnegative Ricci operator
Norris, Eugene
Relationally induced semigroups
Norton, Donald
Groups of orthogonal row-latin squares
Norton, Emily
Generalized Mullineux involution and perverse equivalences
Nourdin, Ivan
Freeness characterizations on free chaos spaces
Noussair, E. S.
Existence and nonexistence of interior-peaked solution for a nonlinear Neumann problem
Noussair, Ezzat
Global positive solutions of semilinear elliptic problems
Nova G., Lucimar
Fixed point theorems for some discontinuous operators
Novaga, Matteo
Droplet condensation and isoperimetric towers
Uniqueness of the Cheeger set of a convex body.
Novak, Jodie D.
Explicit realizations of certain representations of $Sp(n,\mathbb R)$ via the double fibration transform
Novikoff, Albert
Novinger, W. P.
Real parts of uniform algebras on the circle
Novoa, L.
On $n$-ordered sets and order completeness
Novotný, Antonín
On the two-dimensional steady-state problem of a viscous gasin an exterior domain
Novotný, Miroslav
Nowak, Marian
On the finest Lebesgue topology on the space of essentially bounded measurable functions
Nowak, Werner
Primitive lattice points in starlike planar sets
Nowell, William
Tubular neighborhoods of Hilbert cube manifolds
Nowik, Tahl
Higher order invariants of immersions of surfaces into 3-space
Nowlan, Robert
A study of $H$-spaces via left translations
Nucinkis, Brita
Presentations of generalisations of Thompson's group V
Nunes, Ana
Periods and Lefschetz zeta functions
Nunes, Giovanni
Energy and topology of singular unit vector fields on S3
Energy and volume of vector fields on spherical domains
Nunes da Costa, Joana
Hierarchies and compatibility on Courant algebroids
Núñez, Roberto
A characterization of round spheres in space forms
Núñez, Víctor
Circular handle decompositions of free genus one knots
Universal links for $S^2 \widetilde\times S^1$
Nunke, Ronald
A note on Abelian group extensions
On the extensions of a torsion module
On the structure of $\mathrm{Tor}$. II
Nur, Hussain
Singular perturbation of linear partial differential equation with constant coefficients
Singular perturbations of differential equations in abstract spaces
Nürnberger, Günther
Weak Chebyshev subspaces and alternation
Nussbaum, Roger
A folk theorem in the spectral theory of $C_{0}$-semigroups
A geometric approach to the fixed point index
Nygaard, Olav
New applications of extremely regular function spaces
Nyikos, Peter
Spaces with bases satisfying certain order and intersection properties
Nymann, DeWayne