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Pabiniak, Milena
The Gromov width of coadjoint orbits of the symplectic group
Pacard, Frank
A note on some overdetermined elliptic problem
An end-to-end construction for compact constant mean curvature surfaces
Attaching handles to Delaunay nodoids
Poincar\'e--Einstein metrics and \\ the Schouten tensor
Pacheco, Amílcar
Finite quotients of the algebraic fundamental group of projective curves in positive characteristic
Pachl, Jan
Measures as functionals on uniformly continuous functions
Pachpatte, Baburao
Discrete generalized Gronwall inequalities in three independent variables
Pacifico, Maria
A spectral decomposition for singular-hyperbolic sets
Sufficient conditions for robustness of attractors
Pacini, Tommaso
Deformations of asymptotically conical special Lagrangian submanifolds
Packer, Judith
On the embedding of subalgebras corresponding to quotient actions in group-measure factors
Point spectrum of ergodic abelian group actions and the corresponding group-measure factors
Padmanabhan, R.
Symmetric difference in abelian groups
Padula, Mariarosaria
On the two-dimensional steady-state problem of a viscous gasin an exterior domain
Pagani, Nicola
Harer stability and orbifold cohomology
Pagano, Andrea
Bergman isometries between convex domains in $\mathbb{C}^2$ which are polyhedral
Page, Lavon
A new look at some familiar spaces of intertwining operators
Compact Hankel operators and the F. and M. Riesz theorem
Operators that commute with a unilateral shift on an invariant subspace
Page, Stanley
Correction to: ``Regular FPF rings''
Correction to: ``Regular FPF rings''
Pagliantini, Cristina
Relative measure homology and continuous bounded cohomology of topological pairs
Pahk, Sang-Hyoun
Cost-minimizing networks\\among immiscible fluids in $\mathbb R^2$
Paige, Lowell
Complete mappings of finite groups
Complete mappings of finite groups
Symmetric perpendicularity in Hilbert geometries
Pak, Jingyal
Actions of torus $T^{n}$ on $(n+1)$-manifolds $M^{n+1}$
On the Nielsen number of a fiber map
Torus group actions on simply connected manifolds
Pakala, Jagannadham
Pakshirajan, Rajakularaman
An analogue of Kolmogorov's three-series theorem for abstract random variables
Pal, Arup
Pal, Tanusree
Vogan diagrams of twisted affine Kac-Moody Lie algebras
Palagallo, Judith
A representation of additive functionals on $L^{p}$-spaces, $0 < p < 1$
Palcoux, Sébastien
Ore's theorem on cyclic subfactor planar algebras and beyond
Palka, Karol
Classification of singular $Q$-homology planes, II: $C^1$- and $C^*$-rulings
Palmer, Bennett
Rolling construction for anisotropic Delaunay surfaces
Rotating drops with helicoidal symmetry
Palmer, Edgar
Enumeration of self-dual configurations
Palmer, John
Tau functions for the Dirac operator in the Euclidean plane
Palmer, Theodore
Collectively compact sets of linear operators
Jordan $^\ast$-homomorphisms between reduced Banach $^\ast$-algebras
Spectral analysis of collectively compact, strongly convergent operator sequences
The reducing ideal is a radical
Pan, Ivan
On birational properties of smooth codimension two determinantal varieties
Pan, Shengliang
Evolving convex curves to constant-width ones by a perimeter-preserving flow
Some remarks about closed convex curves
Pan, Shu-Yen
Orbit correspondences for real reductive dual pairs
Splittings of the metaplectic covers of some reductive dual pairs
Pan, Ting-Kwan
The spherical curvature of a hypersurface in Euclidean space
Pan, Yibiao
Hardy spaces and oscillatory singular integrals. II
Pan, Yifei
Boundary Schwarz lemma for non-equidimensional holomorphic mappings and its application
Uniqueness theorem for ordinary differential equations with H\"older continuity
Pan, Yu
Exact Lagrangian fillings of Legendrian $(2,n)$ torus links
Panaite, Florin
A quotient of the braid group related to pseudosymmetric braided categories
Panaitopol, L.
On the generalized difference polynomials
Panchapagesan, T. V.
Semi-groups of scalar type operators in Banach spaces
Unitary operators in Banach spaces
Pandey, Ghan
Multipliers for $|C,1|$ summability of Fourier series
Pandey, Jagdish
An extension of Haimo's form of Hankel convolutions
Complex inversion for the generalized convolution transformation
Pandit, S. G.
Differential systems with impulsive perturbations
Pandžić, Pavle
Dirac cohomology of Wallach representations
Pang, Myung
On infinitesimal behavior of the Kobayashi distance
Pang, Xuecheng
Normal families of holomorphic mappings into complex projective space concerning shared hyperplanes
Panitchpakdi, Prom
Correction to: ``Extension of uniformly continuous transformations in hyperconvex metric spaces''
Extension of uniformly continuous transformations and hyperconvex metric spaces
Pantano, Alessandra
Unitary principal series of split orthogonal groups
Pantoja, José E.
Liftings of supercuspidal representations of $\mathrm{Gl}_2$
Panyushev, Dmitri
On seaweed subalgebras and meander graphs in type C
Quotients by actions of the derived group of a maximal unipotent subgroup
Pao, Chia-Ven
Asymptotic stability and nonexistence of global solution for a semilinear parabolic equation
Pao, Peter
Circle actions on homotopy spheres with codimension $4$ fixed point set
Paoletti, Roberto
Generalized Wahl maps and adjoint line bundles on a general curve
Paoluzzi, Luisa
Homologically trivial actions on cyclic coverings of knots
Papadima, Ştefan
Braidcommutators and homogenous\\ Campbell--Hausdorff tests
Papadopoulos, Athanase
A characterization of pseudo-Anosov foliations
Enumerating pseudo-Anosov foliations
Geometric intersection functions and Hamiltonian flows on the space of measured foliations on a surface
Papageorgiou, Evgenia
Multiplicity of solutions for a class of resonant p-Laplacian Dirichlet problems
Papageorgiou, Nikolaos
Carathéodory convex integrand operators and probability theory
Multiplicity of solutions for a class of resonant p-Laplacian Dirichlet problems
Nonsmooth analysis on partially ordered vector spaces. I. Convex case
Nonsmooth analysis on partially ordered vector spaces. II. Nonconvex case, Clarke's theory
On a Neumann problem with p-Laplacian and non-coercive nonlinearity
On nonlinear nonhomogeneous resonant Dirichlet equations
Papangelou, Fredos
Some considerations on convergence in abelian lattice-groups
Papantoniou, Vassilis
Biharmonic Lorentz hypersurfaces in E
The harmonicity of the Reeb vector field on contact metric 3-manifolds
Papi, Paolo
Papick, Ira
Finite type extensions and coherence
Paques, O. W.
On the strong compact-ported topology for spaces of holomorphic mappings
Paradan, Paul-Émile
Paramonov, P. V.
On geometric properties of harmonic $\mathrm{Lip}_1$-capacity
Paranjape, S. R.
Probabilities of Wiener paths crossing differentiable curves
Pardo, Rosa
Resonant solutions and turning points in an elliptic problem with oscillatory boundary conditions
Pardon, William
The exact sequence of a localization for Witt groups. II. Numerical invariants of odd-dimensional surgery obstructions
Parente, Ulisses
Hypersurfaces with prescribed angle function
Parimala, Raman
Embedding functor for classical groups and Brauer--Manin obstruction
Totaro's question for simply connected groups of low rank
Trace forms of $G$-Galois algebras in virtual cohomological dimension 1~and~2
Paris, Luis
A simple solution to the word problem for virtual braid groups
Representations of the braid group\\by automorphisms of groups, invariants of links,\\and Garside groups
Park, Bahn
Geography of simply connected nonspin symplectic 4-manifolds with positive signature
Park, Chol
Semi-stable deformation rings in even Hodge–Tate weights
Park, Chull
A simple formula for conditional Wiener integrals with applications
Conditional Wiener integrals. II
Distribution estimates of barrier-crossing probabilities of the Yeh-Wiener process
On Fredholm transformations in Yeh-Wiener space
Operator-valued Feynman integrals via conditional Feynman integrals
Probabilities of Wiener paths crossing differentiable curves
Representations of Gaussian processes by Wiener processes
Wiener integrals over the sets bounded by sectionally continuous barriers
Park, Efton
Index theory and Toeplitz algebras on one-parameter subgroups of Lie groups
Park, G. H.
Stable rank andreal rank of graph $C^*$-algebras
Park, Hwasin
Construction of elliptic curves with noninteger torsion points and noncyclic torsion groups
Park, Jinsung
Relative formulae for the sprectral invariants of the b-calculus and generalized APS boundary problems of Dirac operators
Park, Jong-Do
Partial integrability of almost complex structures and the existence of solutions for quasilinear Cauchy--Riemann equations
Park, Kyewon
A zeta function for flip systems
Entropy of a skew product with a $Z^2$-action
Even Kakutani equivalence via $\vec\alpha$ and$\vec\beta$ equivalence in $\mathbb Z^2$
Nice dense subsets for ergodic flows and Bernoulli flows
Park, Seonjeong
Topological classification of quasitoric manifolds with the second Betti number 2
Park, Sung-ho
Embedded minimal and constant mean curvature annulus touching
On a necessary condition for spanners in a wedge
Symmetric surfaces of constant mean curvature in S3
Park, Young
Wallman's type order compactification
Parker, Ernest
On quadruply transitive groups
Parker, George
Semigroups of continuous transformations and generating inverse limit sequences
Parker, Jeff
$4$-dimensional $G$-manifolds with $3$-dimensional orbits
Parker, John
Complex hyperbolic (3,3,n) triangle groups
Unfaithful complex hyperbolic triangle groups I: Involutions
Unfaithful complex hyperbolic triangle groups II: Higher order reflections
Parker, Phillip
Klein-Gordon solvability and the geometry of geodesics
Whitney stability of solvability
Parks, Harold
Regularity of solutions to elliptic isoperimetric problems
Parnes, Milton N.
Limit sets of power series outside the circles of convergence
Parr, Judy
Cohomology of cyclic groups of prime square order
Parrott, David
On the Higman-Sims simple group of order $44,352,000$
Parrott, Stephen
Unitary dilations for commuting contractions
Parry, Charles
Integral bases for bicyclic biquadratic fields over quadratic subfields
The $2$-class group of biquadratic fields. II
Parry, Walter
Bi-twist manifolds and two-bridge knots
Representations associated with elliptic surfaces
Parshall, Brian
Extending Hecke endormorphism algebras
Parson, Louse Alayne
Normal congruence subgroups of the Hecke groups $G(2^{(1/2)})$ and $G(3^{(1/2)})$
Parthasarathy, R.
The transfer of invariant pairings to lattices
Parthasarathy, Thiruvenkatackari
Equilibria of continuous two-person games
Paschke, William L.
Pure eigenstates for the sum of generators of the free group
Paschke, William
$C^{\ast}$-algebras associated with free products of groups
$K$-theory for commutants in the Calkin algebra
A factorable Banach algebra without bounded approximate unit
The flow space of a directed $G$-graph
Pascuas Tijero, Daniel
Holomorphy tests based on Cauchy's integral formula
Pask, David
Cuntz--Krieger algebras of directed graphs
Pasnicu, Cornel
Homomorphisms of Bunce-Deddens algebras
Reduction of topological stable rank in inductive limits of $C^*$-algebras
Shape equivalence, nonstable $K$-theory and $AH$ algebras
Pasquale, Angela
A Paley--Wiener theorem\\ for theinverse spherical transform
Pasquinelli, Irene
Fundamental domains and presentations for the Deligne-Mostow lattices with 2-fold symmetry
Passman, Donald
$p$-solvable doubly transitive permutation groups
A characterization of groups in terms of the degrees of their characters
A characterization of groups in terms of the degrees of their characters. II
Corrections to: ``Isomorphic groups and group rings''
Exceptional $3/2$-transitive permutation groups
Finite groups with small character degrees and large prime divisors. II
Group rings satisfying a polynomial identity. II
Groups whose irreducible representations have degrees dividing $p^{2}$
Isomorphic groups and group rings
Linear identities in group rings. I
Linear identities in group rings. II
On the semisimplicity of group rings of linear groups
On the semisimplicity of group rings of linear groups. II
On the semisimplicity of group rings of some locally finite groups
Some $5/2$ transitive permutation groups
Some isolated subsets of infinite solvable groups
The Jacobian of a growth transformation
Passow, Eli
Negative theorems on generalized convex approximation
Pastijn, Francis
Lattices of completely regular semigroup varieties
Subsemigroups of completely simple semigroups
Pata, Vittorino
Domains of partial attraction in noncommutative probability
Patassini, Massimiliano
The probabilistic Zeta function of PSL(2,q), of the Suzuki groups 2B2(q) and of the Ree groups 2G2(q)
Pate, Thomas
A characterization of a Neuberger type iteration procedure that leads to solutions of classical boundary value problems
Patel, Priyam
Quantifying separability in virtually special groups
Patel, S. M.
On generalized numerical ranges
Patel, Shiv Prakash
A theorem of M{\oe}glin and Waldspurger for covering groups
Branching laws for the metaplectic cover of $GL_2$
Patel, Terk
Generalized handlebody sets and non-Haken 3-manifolds
Paternain, Gabriel
Magnetic rigidity of horocyle flow
Paternostro, Victoria
Improved Buckley's theorem on Locally Compact Abelian groups
Paterson, Alan
Amenable groups for which every topological left invariant mean is invariant
Virtual diagonals and $n$-amenability for Banach algebras
Pathak, Ram
Finite Hankel transforms of distributions
On the Meijer transform of generalized functions
Pathak, V. D.
Pati, Justin
On the equivalence problem for toric contact structures on ${\bf S^3}$-bundles over ${\bf S^2}$
Pati, Vishwambhar
The spherical mean value operator for compact symmetric spaces
Patrangenaru, Victor
Classifying $3$- and $4$-dimensional homogeneous Riemannian manifolds by Cartan triples
Patrick, Merrell
Extensions of inequalities of the Laguerre and Turán type
Patrusky, Julie
Representing codimension-one homology classes by embedded submanifolds
Pattanayak, Swadeenananda
Strong result for real zeros of random polynomials
Patterson, Roger
Characterization of a generalized Shanks sequence
Patureau-Mirand, Bertrand
An invariant supertrace for the category of representations of Lie superalgebras
Kuperberg and Turaev-Viro invariants in unimodular categories
Paul, Annegret
On the dual pairs $(O(p,q),SL(2,\mathbb R))$, $(U(p,q),U(1,1))$ and $(Sp(p,q),O^\ast(4))$
Unitary principal series of split orthogonal groups
Paul, Dietrich
Theory of bounded groups and their bounded cohomology
Paul, Jerome L.
Addendum to: ``Sequences of homeomorphisms which converge to homeomorphisms''
Sequences of homeomorphisms which converge to homeomorphisms
Paulsen, Vern
Continuous canonical forms for matrices under unitary equivalence
Injective envelopes of $C^*$-algebras as operator modules
Multipliersof operator spaces, and the injective envelope
Paupert, Julien
Unfaithful complex hyperbolic triangle groups II: Higher order reflections
Unfaithful complex hyperbolic triangle groups, III: Arithmeticity and commensurability
Pavelescu, Elena
Braiding knots in contact 3-manifolds
Pavlović, Branka
Defining metric spaces via operators\\ from unital $C^*$-algebras
Pavlović, Miroslav
Pawlikowski, Janusz
Small subset of the plane which almost contains almost all Borel functions
Pawlowski, James
A comparison theorem and oscillation criteria for second order differential systems
Oscillation criteria for second order self adjoint differential systems
Pax, Steven
Appropriate cross-sectionally simple four-cells are flat
Payne, Lawrence
Bounds for derivatives in elliptic boundary value problems
Bounds in the Neumann problem for second order uniformly elliptic operators
Capacity, virtual mass, and generalized symmetrization
New bounds for solutions of second order elliptic partial differential equations
Pearce, Kent
Area, width, and logarithmic capacity of~convex~sets
Pearcy, Carl
A complete set of unitary invariants for operators generating finite $W^*$-algebras of type I
Complete contractivity of maps associated with the Aluthge and Duggal transforms
On continuous matrix-valued functions on a Stonian space
Some nonhypertransitive operators
Pearson, Bennie
Dendritic compactifications of certain dendritic spaces
Pearson, Terrance
On products of maximally resolvable spaces
Peck, Emily Mann
Lattice projections on continuous function spaces
Peck, John
On the numerical solution of Poisson's equation over a rectangle
Peck, Newton
Extreme points and dimension theory
Pecker, Daniel
On the elimination of algebraic inequalities
Sur la projection de variétés algébriques réelles
Pedersen, Franklin
Automorphisms of the semigroup of finite complexes of a periodic locally cyclic group
Pedersen, Gert
Atomic and diffuse functionals on a $C^{\ast}$-algebra
Derivations of $C^{\ast}$-algebras have semi-continuous generators
Three quavers on unitary elements in $C^*$-algebras
Pedersen, Henrik
Connected sums of self-dual manifolds and equivariant relative smoothings
Pedersen, Steen
How large are the spectral gaps?
Pederson, R. N.
Laplace's method for two parameters
Pedrosa, Renato
A free boundary isoperimetric problem in hyperbolic 3-space between parallel horospheres
Peigné, Marc
On the horoboundary and the geometry of rays of negatively curved manifolds
Peitgen, Heinz-Otto
On fixed points of zero index in asymptotic fixed point theory
Peleg, Bezalel
A characterization, existence proof and dimension bounds for the kernel of a game
Peligrad, Costel
Maximal subalgebras of $C^{\ast}$-crossed products
Reflexive operator algebras on Banach spaces
Peligrad, Magda
Reflexive operator algebras on Banach spaces
Pell, Richard
Support point functions and the Loewner variation
Pellegrini, Fabien
On real forms of complex Lie superalgebras and complex algebraic supergroups
Peloso, Marco
Besov spaces, mean oscillation, and generalized Hankel operators
Pendergrass, James
Calculations of the Schur group
The Schur subgroup of the Brauer group
Pendleton, Ian
Differential Harnack estimates for Fisher's equation
Penegini, Matteo
Calabi-Yau 4-folds of Borcea–Voisin type from F-theory
Peng, Chiakuei
Dilatation of maps between spheres
Peng, Lizhong
Admissible wavelets associated with the Heisenberg group
Peng, Shuangjie
Solutions with large number of peaks for the supercritical H\'enon equation
Penn, Howard
Inner-outer factorization of functions whose Fourier series vanish off a semigroup
Penna, Michael
On the geometry of combinatorial manifolds
Penne, Rudi
The Alexander polynomial of a configuration of skew lines in 3-Space
Penner, Robert
A characterization of pseudo-Anosov foliations
Enumerating pseudo-Anosov foliations
Penney, David
Establishing isomorphism between tame prime knots in $E^{3}$
Penney, Richard
A Fourier transform theorem on nilmanifolds and nil-theta functions
The theory of ad-associative Lie algebras
Penneys, David
Calculating two-strand jellyfish relations
Pensavalle, Carlo
Tensor products with anisotropic principal series representations of free groups
Pepe, Wilfred
Norm decreasing homomorphisms between group algebras
Slices, multiplicity, and Lebesgue area
Pera, Maria
A continuation principle for forced oscillations on differentiable manifolds
A continuation principle for periodic solutions of forced motion equations on manifolds and applications to bifurcation theory
Noncompactness principles in nonlinear operator approximation theory
Perales Aguilar, Raquel
Sequences of open Riemannian manifolds with boundary
Perdomo, Óscar
A dynamical interpretation of the profile curve of cmc Twizzlers surfaces
Rotating drops with helicoidal symmetry
Perdomo-Pío, Francisco
On a spectral theorem in the para-orthogonality theory
Pereira, Fernanda
Non-Minimality of Certain Irregular Coherent Preminimal Affinizations
Pereira, Jorge
Multiplicity of invariant algebraic curves in polynomial vector
Perera, A. A. S.
On extreme points and support points of the family of starlike functions of order $\alpha$
Peres, Yuval
How likely is Buffon's needle to fall near a planar Cantor set?
Pereyra, María
Sobolev spaces on Lipschitz curves
Pérez García, C.
A new approach to the Kre\u{\i}n-Milman theorem
Perez Gavilan Torres, Jacinta
The symplectic plactic monoid, crystals, and MV cycles
Pérez-López, Jhean E.
Besov-weak-Herz spaces and global solutions for Navier-Stokes equations
Perkins, Patrick
Commutative subalgebras of the ring of differential operators on a curve
Perkins, Peter
Perkins, Tony
The Dirichlet problem for harmonic functions on compact sets
Perline, Ron
Geometric realizations of Fordy--Kulish \\ nonlinear Schr\"odinger systems
Perlman, Michael
Generating $O(n)$ with reflections
Perrin, Daniel
Construction de familles minimales de courbes gauches
Perrin, Nicolas
Smooth Schubert varieties and generalized Schubert polynomials in algebraic cobordism of Grassmannians
Perrone, Domenico
Instability of the geodesic flow for the energy functional
Unit vector fields on real space forms which are harmonic maps
Perrot, Bernard
A density result in spaces of Silva holomorphic mappings
Persek, Stephen
Iterated averaging for periodic systems with hidden multiscale slow times
Persinger, C. A.
Subsets of $n$-books in $E^{3}$
Perucca, Antonella
Characterizing abelian varieties by the reduction of the Mordell--Weil group
Pervin, William
Integration on topological semifields
Separation axioms and metric-like functions
Pesenson, Isaac
An approach to spectral problems on Riemannian manifolds
Pestana, Domingo
Distortion of boundary sets under inner functions. II
Pestien, Victor
Weak approximation of strategies in measurable gambling
Pestov, Vladimir
Correction to: ``Free Banach-Lie algebras, couniversal Banach-Lie groups, and more''
Free Banach-Lie algebras, couniversal Banach-Lie groups, and more
Peternell, Thomas
Fano bundles and splitting theorems on projective spaces and quadrics
Peters, Emily
Calculating two-strand jellyfish relations
Peters, Justin
Automorphisms of locally compact groups
Entropy of automorphisms on L.C.A. groups
Semicrossed products of the disk algebra: Contractiverepresentations and maximal ideals
Some representations of TAF algebras
Petersen, Dan
Cohomology of local systems on the moduli of principally polarized abelian surfaces
Petersen, Gordon
Petersen, Peter
Rigidity of gradient Ricci solitons
Peterson, Allan
Distribution of zeros of solutions of a fourth order differential equation
Peterson, Brian
Extensions of pro-affine algebraic groups
Extensions of pro-affine algebraic groups. II
Peterson, Gerald
Plessner's theorem for Riesz conjugates
Peterson, Harold
Discontinuous characters and subgroups of finite index
Regular and irregular measures on groups and dyadic spaces
Peterson, Jesse
A 1-cohomology characterization of property (T) in von Neumann algebras
Peterson, Kevin
The stress spaces of bipartite frameworks
Petráček, Petr
On maximal Lindenstrauss spaces
Petrich, Mario
Maximal submonoids of the translational hull
Semicharacters of the Cartesian product of two semigroups
Semigroups generated by certain operators on varieties of completely regular semigroups
Varieties of orthodox bands of groups
Word problems for free objects in certain varieties of completely regular semigroups
Petronio, Carlo
Complexity and Heegaard genus of\\ an infinite class of compact 3-manifolds
Petryshyn, Walter
Fixed point theorems for multivalued noncompact acyclic mappings
Solvability of various boundary value problems for the equation $x''=f(t,x,x',x'')-y$
Petsche, Clayton
non-archimedean equidistribution on elliptic curves with global applications
Pettet, Martin
On semisimple rings that are centralizer near-rings
Pettey, Dix
Inverse limits and mappings of minimal topological spaces
Noncompact, minimal regular spaces
One-one-mappings onto locally connected generalized continua
Pettis, Ted R.
Collections of covers of metric spaces
Petty, Clinton
Radon partitions in real linear spaces
Petz, Dénes
State extensions and a Radon-Nikodým theorem for conditional expectations on von Neumann algebras
Pfaff, Donald
Separative relations for measures
Pfaltzgraff, John
Close-to-starlike holomorphic functions of several variables
Pfeffer, Washek
On the measurability of Perron integrable functions
Some properties of the Sorgenfrey line and related spaces
Pfeffer Johnston, Carolyn
On a Plancherel formula for certain discrete, finitely generated, torsion-free nilpotent groups
On factor representations of discrete rational nilpotent groups and the Plancherel formula
Phadke, Bhalchandra
A general version of Beltrami's theorem in the large
Polyhedron inequality and strict convexity
Two theorems on general symmetric spaces
Phadke, Bhalchandra
Pham, Thang
On a theorem of Hegyvari and Hennecart
On the determinants and permanents of matrices with restricted entries over prime fields
Phan, Toan
A remark on the Noetherian property of power series rings
Phan, Tuoc
Interior gradient estimates for weak solutions of quasi-linear $p$-Laplacian type equations
Pheidas, Athanasios
The analogue of Büchi's problem for cubes in rings of polynomials
Phelps, Robert
Čebyšev subspaces of finite codimension in $C(X)$
Gaussian null sets and differentiability of Lipschitz map on Banach spaces
Tensor products of compact convex sets
Philipowski, Robert
Entropy and lowest eigenvalue on evolving manifolds
Philipp, S. P.
Abel summability of conjugate integrals
The Abel summability of conjugate multiple Fourier-Stieltjes integrals
Philipp, Walter
Some metrical theorems in number theory
Phillips, John
Perturbations of type $I$ von Neumann algebras
Phillips, Keith
Hilbert transforms for the $p$-adic and $p$-series fields
Singular integrals in several variables over a local field
Phillips, Norman
Factorization problems in the invertible group of a homogeneous $C^*$-algebra
Lp operator algebras with approximate identities I
Modules with norms which take values in a C*-algebra
Phillips, R. S.
Dissipative operators in a Banach space
On the generation of semigroups of linear operators
Phillips, Richard
Maximal subgroups and chief factors of certain generalized soluble groups
Phillips, Robert
Phillips, Thomas M.
Primitive extensions of Aronszajn spaces
Phillips, W. J.
Flow under a function and discrete decomposition of properly infinite $W^{\ast}$-algebras
Philos, Ch.
Asymptotic properties of nonoscillatory solutions of differential equations with deviating argument
Phung, Xuan Kien
On the Garden of Eden theorem for endomorphisms of symbolic algebraic varieties
Phuong Các, Nguyên
On bounded solutions of a strongly nonlinear elliptic equation
Piacenza, Robert
Cohomology of diagrams and equivariant singular theory
Transfer in generalized prestack cohomology
Piacun, Norma
Wallman compactifications on $E$-completely regular spaces
Pianzola, Arturo
Piazza, Paolo
Groups with torsion, bordism and rho-invariants
Picardello, Massimo A.
Functions that operate on the algebra $B_{0}(G)$
Positive definite functions and $L^p$ convolution operators on amalgams
Piccione, Paolo
Comparison results for conjugate and focal points in semi-Riemannian geometry via Maslov index
Multiplicity of solutions to the Yamabe problem on collapsing Riemannian submersions
Stability of the conjugate index, degenerate conjugate points and the Maslov index in semi-Riemannian geometry
Pichereau, Anne
Formal deformations of Poisson structures in low dimensions
Pickett, Harry
Homomorphisms and subalgebras of multialgebras
Pickrell, Doug
On the action of the group of diffeomorphisms of a surface on sections of the determinant line bundle
Pickrell, Douglas
Decomposition of regular representations for $U(H)_\infty$
Mackey analysis of infinite classical motion groups
Piech, M. Ann
Differential equations on abstract Wiener space
Locality of the number of particles operator
Piepenbrink, John
Positive solutions of elliptic equations
Rellich densities and an application to unconditionally nonoscillatory elliptic equations
Piepmeyer, Greg
Criteria for vanishing of Tor over complete intersections
Pierce, Keith
Amalgamated sums of abelian $l$-groups
Amalgamating abelian ordered groups
Pierce, Richard
A generalization of atomic Boolean algebras
Boolean algebras with ordered bases
Centers of purity in abelian groups
Correction to: ``Realizing central division algebras''
Distributivity and the normal completion of Boolean algebras
Distributivity in Boolean algebras
Realizing central division algebras
Pierce, Stephen
Linear transformations that preserve the nilpotent matrices
Orthogonal groups of positive definite multilinear functionals
Symmetric positive definite multilinear functionals with a given automorphism
The preservers of any orthogonal group
Pierce, Virgil
Determining the potential of a Sturm--Liouville operator from its Dirichlet and Neumann spectra
Pieroni, F.
Separation of global semianalytic subsets of $2$-dimensional analytic manifolds
Pietz, Kenneth
Cauchy transforms and characteristic functions
Piggott, Adam
Recognizing right-angled Coxeter groups using involutions
Pigno, Louis
Analytic and arithmetic properties of thin sets
Pigno, Vincent
Length spectra of sub-Riemannian metrics on compact Lie groups
Pigola, Stefano
Some remarks on the prescribed mean curvature equation oncomplete manifolds
Pilato, A. M.
Correction to: ``On the density of twistor elementary states''
On the density of twistor elementary states
Pilca, Mihaela
Remarks on the product of harmonic forms
Pillay, Anand
Algebraic $D$-groups and differential Galois theory
Galois theory, functional Lindemann-Weierstrass, and Manin maps
Some foundational questions concerning differential algebraic groups
Pin, Jean-Eric
Minimal noncommutative varieties and power varieties
Pinasco, Juan
Maximal operators for the p-Laplacian family
Pinault, Steven C.
An a priori estimate in the calculus of variations
An isoperimetric inequality for surfaces stationary with respect to an elliptic integrand and with at most three boundary components
Pincus, Joel
Eigenvalues of seminormal operators, examples
Pinczon, Georges
Nonlinear multipliers and applications
The structure of ${\mathrm{s}}{\mathrm{l}}(2,1)$-supersymmetry: irreducible representations and primitive ideals
Pink, Richard
F-zips with additional structure
Pinkus, Allan
Total positivity and the exact $n$-width of certain sets in $L^1$
Pinney Mortensen, Karen
Univalence of holomorphic mappings
Pinsky, Mark
On the spectrum of Cartan-Hadamard manifolds
Pinton, Stefano
On the Ekeland-Hofer symplectic capacities of the real bidisc
Pinzón-Caicedo, Juanita
Diagrams for relative trisections
Piotrowski, Zbigniew
Piquard, Françoise
On the minorant properties in $C_p(H)$
Piqueras-Lerena, Antonio
Cyclic properties of Volterra operator
Piranian, George
Lipschitz functions of continuous functions
Schlicht Taylor series whose convergence on the unit circle is uniform but not absolute
Sets of radial continuity of analytic functions
Uniformly accessible Jordan curves through large sets of relative harmonic measure zero
Pirola, Gian
Algebraic curves and non rigid minimal surfaces in the Euclidean space
Pirsic, Gottlieb
Base change problems for generalized Walsh series and multivariate numerical integration
Pisier, Gilles
Interpolation between $H^p$ spaces and noncommutative generalizations. I
Pistoia, Angela
Deformation retracts to the fat diagonal and applications to the existence of peak solutions of nonlinear elliptic equations
On Yamabe type problems on Riemannian manifolds with boundary
Piszczek, Krzysztof
(DN)-(\Omega) Type conditions for Frechet operator spaces
Pitale, Ameya
Steinberg representation of GSp(4): Bessel models and integral representation of L-functions
Pitcher, Tom
A more general property than domination for sets of probability measures
Pitt, Loren
Integral invariants of functions and $L^{p}$ isometries on groups
Pittel, Boris
Random permutations and Brownian motion
Pittet, Christophe
Comparing semi-norms on homology
Pitts, David
Perturbations of certain reflexive algebras
Pixley, Carl
A unified theorem on continuous selections
Pizer, Arnold
A note on a conjecture of Hecke
Piziak, Robert
Sesquilinear forms in infinite dimensions
Plamondon, Pierre-Guy
τ-tilting finite gentle algebras are representation-finite
Plans, Bernat
On the minimal number of ramified primes in some solvable extensions of ${\mathbb Q}$
Plastiras, Joan
Quasitriangular operator algebras
Platt, Craig
Embedding lattices into lattices of ideals
Plaumann, Daniel
Spectrahedral representations of plane hyperbolic curves
Plavchak, Thomas
A polyhedral transversality theorem for one-parameterfixed point theory
Plemmons, Robert
On the semigroup of binary relations
Pletch, Andrew
Strong completeness in profinite groups
Płonka, J.
On the number of polynomials of an idempotent algebra. I
On the number of polynomials of an idempotent algebra. II
Ploog, David
Exceptional sequences and spherical modules for the Auslander algebra of $k[x]/(x^t)$
Plotnick, Steven
Embedding homology $3$-spheres in $S^{5}$
Plummer, Michael
On the critical lines of a graph
Poddar, Mainak
Equivariant principal bundles and logarithmic connections on toric varieties
Orbifold Hodge numbers of Calabi--Yauhypersurfaces
Podkolzin, G. B.
Quantum Stiefel manifold and double cosets of quantum unitary group
Poguntke, Werner
Distributive lattices with finite projective covers
Pohjanpelto, Juha
The local index formula for a Hermitian manifold
Pokrass, David
Some radical properties of rings with $(a,b,c)=(c,a,b)$
Pol, Elżbieta
The Baire-category method in some compact extension problems
Pol, Roman
Note on the spaces $P(S)$ of regular probability measures whose topology is determined by countable subsets
Polansky, Frank J.
On the conformal mapping of variable regions
Polcino Milies, Francisco César
Derivations with invertible values in rings with involution
Põldvere, Märt
New applications of extremely regular function spaces
Polimeni, Albert
Groups in which $\mathrm{Aut}(G)$ is transitive on the isomorphism classes of $G$
Ramsey theory and chromatic numbers
Polishchuk, Alexander
Analogues of the exponential map associated with complex structures on non-commutative two-tori
Pollak, Henry
Linear functionals and analytic continuation problems
On a class of polynomials orthogonal over a denumerable set
Pollington, Andrew
The Hausdorff dimension of a set of normal numbers
Poltoratski, Alexei G.
Equivalence up to a rank one perturbation
Pólya, G.
Remarks on de la Vallée Poussin means and convex conformal maps of the circle
Pomerance, Carl
On composite $n$ for which $\varphi(n)\mid n-1$. II
On divisors of sums of integers. III
On multiply perfect numbers with a special property
Some new results on odd perfect numbers
Pommerenke, Christian
Angular derivatives of boundedunivalent functions and extremal partitions of the unit disk
Characteristic properties of Nehari functions
On meromorphic starlike functions
On Schwarz--Christoffel mappings
On the boundary continuity of conformal maps
Poncin, Norbert
Strongly r-matrix induced tensors, Koszul cohomology, and arbitrary-dimensional quadratic Poisson cohomology
Ponge, Raphaël
The tangent groupoid of a Heisenberg manifold
Poon, Yat-Sun
Connected sums of self-dual manifolds and equivariant relative smoothings
Popa, Mihai
A combinatorial approach to monotonic independence over a C*-algebra
Popa, Sorin
On local finite dimensional approximation of $C^*$-algebras
Relative dimension, towers of projections and commuting squares of subfactors
Pope, David
On the approximation of function spaces in the calculus of variations
Popescu, Gelu
Commutator lifting inequalities and interpolation
Noncommutative joint dilations and free product operator algebras
Popov, Vladimir
On the equations defining affine algebraic groups
Popovici, Dan
Adiabatic limit and the Fr\"olicher spectral sequence
Poreda, Stanley
A note on the continuity of best polynomial approximations
Port, Sidney
Equilibrium systems of stable processes
Hitting times for transient stable processes
Ratio limit theorems for Markov chains
Porta, Horacio
Differential geometry of systems of projections in Banach algebras
Porta, Mauro
Comparison results for derived Deligne-Mumford stacks
Porter, Don
Correction to: ``Symplectic bordism, Stiefel-Whitney numbers, and a Novikov resolution''
Symplectic bordism, Stiefel-Whitney numbers, and a Novikov resolution
Porter, Jack
$\theta$-closed subsets of Hausdorff spaces
$S(\alpha)$ spaces and regular Hausdorff extensions
Completely regular absolutes and projective objects
Ultra-Hausdorff $H$-closed extensions
When all semiregular $H$-closed extensions are compact
Porter, James
Compact convergence and the order bidual for $C(X)$
Porter, Richard
de Rham theorem with cubical forms
Porter, Richard
Nilmanifolds and associated Lie algebras over the integers
Porti, Joan
Representations of knot groups into SL(n,C) and twisted Alexander polynomials
Rigidity of representations in SO(4,1) for Dehn fillings on 2-bridge knots
Portnoy, Esther
Developable surfaces in hyperbolic space
Transitive groups of isometries on $H^{n}$
Positselski, Leonid
Posner, Edward
Integral closure of differential rings
Integral closure of rings of solutions of linear differential equations
Potter, Ruth Lind
On self-adjoint differential equations of second order
Pournaki, Mohammad
Necessary and sufficient conditions for unit graphs to be Hamiltonian
Nonplanarity of unit graphs and classification of the toroidal ones
Powell, Mark
Nonconcordant links with homology cobordant zero-framed surgery manifolds
Powell, Robert
Tauberian theorems for matrices generated by analytic functions
Powell, Wayne
Free products in the class of abelian $l$-groups
Power, G.
Forces on the boundary of a dielectric
Some perturbed electrostatic fields
The slow shearing motion of a liquid past a semi-infinite plane
The slow steady motion of liquid past a semi-elliptical boss
Powers, Michael
Lefschetz fixed point theorems for a new class of multi-valued maps
Powers, Victoria
Characterizing reduced Witt rings of higher level
Rational certificates of positivity on compact semialgebraic sets
Prabhakar, Tilak Raj
On a set of polynomials suggested by Laguerre polynomials
On the other set of the biorthogonal polynomials suggested by the Laguerre polynomials
Prabhu, R. A.
An inversion formula for a distributional finite-Hankel-Laplace transformation
Praeger, Cheryl
Finite permutation groups with large abelian quotients
Prajapat, J.
Monotonicity and symmetry results for degenerate elliptic equations on nilpotent Lie groups
Prajs, Janusz R.
On local connectedness of absolute retracts
Pramanik, Malabika
Multilinear singular operators with fractional rank
Prasad, Amritanshu
Combinatorics of finite abelian groups and Weil representations
Schur Algebras for the Alternating Group and Koszul Duality
Prasad, Dipendra
A mod-p Artin-Tate conjecture, and generalizing the Herbrand-Ribet theorem
Multiplicity upon restriction to the derived subgroup
Theta correspondence for unitary groups
Prasad, Manoranjan
Prasad, Vidhu
Homeomorphic measures in the Hilbert cube
Prasanna, Kartik
p-adic Rankin L-series and rational points on CM elliptic curves
Pratelli, Aldo
The Cheeger constant of curved strips
Prather, Carl
On the zeros of derivatives of balanced trigonometric polynomials
Zeros of successive iterates of multiplier-sequence operators
Preissmann, Emmanuel
On generalized weighted Hilbert matrices
Pressley, Andrew
Quantum affine algebras and affine Hecke algebras
Prest, Mike
Tensor structure for Nori motives
Prestini, Elena
On almost-everywhere convergence of inverse spherical transforms
Preston, Gerald C.
On locally compact totally disconnected Abelian groups and their character groups
Previte, Joseph P.
Topological dynamics on moduli spaces, I
Prevot, Kenneth
Imbedding smooth involutions in trivial bundles
Prezelj, Jasna
Weakly regular embeddings of Stein spaces with isolated singularities
Price, David
On the subring structure of finite nilpotent rings
Price, Geoffrey
Shifts of integer index on the hyperfinite $\mathrm{II}_1$ factor
The $C^*$-algebras generated by pairs of semigroups of isometries satisfying certain commutation relations
Price, John
Applications of random Fourier series over compact groups to Fourier multipliers
Price, Justin
Comparison of Haar series with gaps with trigonometric series
Price, Martin
On the variation of the Bernstein polynomials of a function of unbounded variation
Price, Thomas
Spanning surfaces for projective planes in four space
Pride, Stephen
Residual properties of free groups
Pries, Rachel
Conductors of wildly ramified covers, III
Priest, Dean
Prikry, Karel
On the semimetric on a Boolean algebra induced by a finitely additive probability measure
When the continuum has cofinality $\omega_1$
Primc, Mirko
Vertex operator construction of standard modules for $A^{(1)}_n$
Prins, Geert
Every generalized Petersen graph has a Tait coloring
Promislow, David
The Kakutani theorem for tensor products of $W^*$-algebras
Proschan, Frank
Moment inequalities of Pólya frequency functions
Some inequalities for starshaped and convex functions
Proskurin, Daniil P.
The kernel of Fock representations of Wickalgebras with braided operator of coefficients
Prosser, Reese
A form of the moment problem for Lie groups
Protsak, Victor
Dirac cohomology of Wallach representations
Protter, Murray
The Cauchy problem and asymptotic decay for solutions of differential inequalities in Hilbert space
The two noncharacteristic problem with data partly on the parabolic line
Vibration of a nonhomogeneous membrane
Proudfoot, Nicholas
Moduli spaces for Bondal quivers
Properties of the residual circle action \\ on a hypertoric variety
Pruidze, Goderdzi
Topological complexity of basis-conjugating automorphism groups
Przebinda, Tomasz
The wave front set and the asymptotic support for $p$-adic groups
Przeworski, Andrew
Delaunay Cells for Arrangements of Flats in Hyperbolic Space
Przeworski, Andrew
Density of tube packings in hyperbolic space
Przymusiński, Teodor C.
A solution to a problem of E. Michael
Extending functions from products with a metric factor and absolutes
Ptak, Marek
The harmonic functional calculus and hyperreflexivity
Pták, Pavel
Pu, Dong
Surface diffusion flow of arbitrary codimension in space forms
Pu, P. M.
Some inequalities in certain nonorientable Riemannian manifolds
Puchol, Martin
The first terms in the expansion of the Bergman kernel in higher degrees
Pudaite, Paul
The asymptotic behavior of a family of sequences
Pugh, W. J.
On the growth of entire functions of bounded index
Puglisi, Orazio
Ideals in group algebras of\\ simple locally finite groups of 1-type
Pullman, Norman
Infinite products of substochastic matrices
Puls, Michael
Graphs of bounded degree and the p-harmonic boundary
Pumplün, Susanne
Structurable algebras of skew-rank 1 over the affine plane
Witt groups of hermitian forms over a Brauer–Severi variety
Puppe, Volker
Vector fields, torus actions and equivariant cohomology
Purcell, Jessica
Bi-twist manifolds and two-bridge knots
Purcell, Wilbur
Convergence of extended Bernstein polynomials in the complex plane
Pursell, Lyle
An algebraic characterization of fixed ideals in certain function rings
Pusti, Sanjoy
An Analogue of Krein's theorem for semisimple Lie groups
Putcha, Mohan
A commutativity theorem for non-associative algebras over a principal ideal domain
A semilattice decomposition into semigroups having at most one idempotent
Generalization of Lentin's theory of principal solutions of word equations in free semigroups to free product of copies of positive reals under addition
On the associativity and commutativity of algebras over commutative rings
Polynomial constraints for finiteness of semisimple rings
Word equations in a band of paths
Word equations in some geometric semigroups
Puthenpurakal, Tony
Associated primes of local cohomology modules over regular rings
On the finite generation of a family of Ext modules
Putinar, Mihai
On invariant subspaces of several variable Bergman spaces
Putnam, Calvin
Continuous spectra and unitary equivalence
Hyponormal contractions and strong power convergence
On Toeplitz matrices, absolute continuity, and unitary equivalence
Operators satisfying a $G_{1}$ condition
Singular integrals and positive kernels
Toeplitz matrices and invertibility of Hankel matrices
Unbounded inverses of hyponormal operators
Putnam, Ian
Order on the homology groups of Smale spaces
The $C^*$-algebras associated with minimal homeomorphisms of the Cantor set
Pyke, Ronald
Doubly stochastic operators obtained from positive operators
On conditional expectation and quasi-rings
Pylyavskyy, Pavlo
Puzzles in $K$-homology of Grassmannians
Pym, John
Counterexample in the theory of continuous functions on topological groups
Idempotent measures on semigroups
Pyo, Juncheol
Foliations of a smooth metric measure space by hypersurfaces with constant $f$-mean curvature
Rigidity theorems of hypersurfaces with free boundary in a wedge in a space form