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Author Index – R
Rabin, Michael
Rachidi, Mostafa
Recursive relations, Jacobi matrices, moment problems and continued fractions
Raciti, G.
The Lüroth semigroup of plane algebraic curves
Raczek, Mélanie
On the second K-group of a rational function field
Radici, Emanuela
A planar Sobolev extension theorem for piecewise linear homeomorphisms
Radin, Charles
Ergodicity in von Neumann algebras
Radjabalipour, Mehdi
Equivalence of decomposable and $2$-decomposable operators
On the geometry of numerical ranges
Radjavi, Heydar
Jordan analogs of the Burnside and Jacobson density theorems
On the geometry of numerical ranges
Permutability of characters on algebras
Radko, Olga
Picard groups of topologically stable Poisson structures
Rado, R.
Arithmetic properties of certain recursively defined sets
Radó, Tibor
An approach to singular homology theory
Rădulescu, Florin
Singularity of the radial subalgebra of $\mathscr{L}(F_N)$ and the Pukánszky invariant
Raeburn, Iain
An implicit function theorem in Banach spaces
Cuntz--Krieger algebras of directed graphs
Equivariant completely bounded operators
The bigger Brauer group and étale cohomology
Rafailov, Rafael
On the sum of powered distances to three points
Rafalski, Shawn
Rafi, Kasra
Lines of minima are uniformly quasi-geodesic
Ragab, F.
Transcendental addition theorems for the hypergeometric function of Gauss
Raghavan, Thirukkannamangai
Equilibria of continuous two-person games
Raghunathan, Madabusi
A note on generators for arithmetic subgroups of algebraic groups
Raghuram, Anantharam
Conductors and newforms for SL(2)
On representations of $p$-adic $GL_2 (\mathcal{D})$
Ragusa, Alfio
On the postulation of $0$-dimensional subschemes on a smooth quadric
Some conditions on the homology groups of the Koszul complex
Raha, Asit
On completely Hausdorff-completion of a completely Hausdorff space
Rahilly, Alan
Generalized Hall planes of even order
Rahman, Mizan
Connection relations and expansions
Some basic bilateral sums and integrals
Rahman, Qazi
Differential inequalities and local valency
Inequalities for polynomials with a prescribed zero
On the zeros of a polynomial and its derivative
Rai, R. K.
On orthogonal completion of reduced rings
Raimondo, Mario
Affine curves over an algebraically nonclosed field
Rainwater, John
Spaces whose finest uniformity is metric
Rajagopal, C. T.
Additional note on some Tauberian theorems of O. Szász
Note on some Tauberian theorems of O. Szász
Simplified proofs of ``Some Tauberian theorems'' of Jakimovski
Simplified proofs of ``Some Tauberian theorems'' of Jakimovski: Addendum and corrigendum
Rajagopalan, M.
Ergodic automorphisms and affine transformations of locally compact groups
Scattered compactification for $N\cup \{p\}$
Raju, Nambury
Periodic Jacobi-Perron algorithms and fundamental units
Rajwade, A.
Determination of a unique solution of the quadratic partition for primes $p\equiv 1 \pmod{7}$
Rakestraw, Roy
A representation theorem for real convex functions
Extremal elements of the convex cone $A_{n}$ of functions
The convex cone of $n$-monotone functions
The extremal structure of locally compact convex sets
Rall, Louis
Error bounds for iterative solutions of Fredholm integral equations
Rallis, Stephen
Fourier coefficients of Eisenstein series of the exceptional group of type ${\mathbf{G_2}}$
Howe duality and the trace formula
Kloosterman integrals for skew symmetric matrices
Symplectic-Whittaker models for $\mathrm{Gl}_n$
The induced Weil representation and the Shalika period
Ralph, William J.
A homotopy transfer for finite group actions
An extension of singular homology to Banach algebras
Ram, Arun
Characters of Brauer's centralizer algebras
Ram, Siya
On the absolute Hausdorff summability of a Fourier series
Ramadan, Zejnullahu
On orthogonal polynomials with respect to certain discrete Sobolev inner product
Ramakrishnan, Dinakar
+ In memoriam-Jonathan Rogawski (1955-2011)
Determination of modular elliptic curves by Heegner points
Spectral decomposition of $L^2(N\backslash \mathrm{GL}(2),\eta)$
Ramamurthi, V. S.
Ramanujan, M.
$(s)$-nuclear sets and operators
Ramella, Luciana
On the incidence cycles of a curve: some geometric interpretations
Ramey, Wade
Averaging properties of pluriharmonic boundary values
Ramirez, Donald
Fourier-Stieltjes transforms and weakly almost periodic functionals for compact groups
Ramírez-Losada, Enrique
Circular handle decompositions of free genus one knots
Ramos Batista, Valério
A family of triply periodic Costa surfaces
Ramras, Daniel
Wonderful compactification of character varieties
Ramras, Mark
Increasing sequences of Betti numbers
Orders with finite global dimension
Rams, Michal
Generic behavior of iterated function systems\\with overlaps
Ramsay, Arlan
Ramsey, Donald
Generating monomials for finite semigroups
Ramsey, Laurence
On certain sequences of lattice points
Planar sidonicity and quasi independence for multiplicative subgroups of the roots of unity
Randall, Duane
Tangent frame fields on spin manifolds
Randell, Richard
Quotients of complete intersections by $C^*$ actions
Ranga Rao, R.
On some explicit formulas in the theory of Weil representation
Rangaswamy, Kulumani
Quasi projectives in abelian and module categories
Range, Rolf
A pointwise a-priori estimate for the d-bar Neumann problem on weakly pseudoconvex domains
Approximation to bounded holomorphic functions on strictly pseudoconvex domains
On holomorphic approximation in weakly pseudoconvex domains
The Carathéodory metric and holomorphic maps on a class of weakly pseudoconvex domains
Ranicki, Andrew
Intrinsic transversality structures
Rankin, Samuel
Boundary value problems for partial functional differential equations
Oscillation properties of certain self-adjoint differential equations of the fourth order
Oscillation results for a nonhomogeneous equation
Rankin, Stuart
Right subdirectly irreducible semigroups
Ransford, Thomas
Analytic multifunctions, the $\overline\partial$-equation, and a proof of the corona theorem
On the range of an analytic multivalued function
The spectrum of an interpolated operator and analytic multivalued functions
Rao, Aroor
Mathematical instantons with maximal order jumping lines
Rao, Aribindi Satyanarayan
Matrix summability of a class of derived Fourier series
On the absolute matrix summability of a Fourier series
Rao, Ayyagari
Existence of triconnected graphs with prescribed degrees
Rao, Bhagavatula
Infinitely divisible characteristic functionals on locally convex topological vector spaces
Rao, Malempati
Linear functionals on Orlicz spaces: General theory
Nonsymmetric projections in Hilbert space
Rao, Murali
Normpreserving extensions in subspaces of $C(X)$
Rao, Nagisetty
A note on real orthogonal measures
Linear isometries of some function spaces
Roots of Toeplitz operators on the Bergman space
Rao, Senapathi
Classification of irreducible integrable modules for twisted toroidal Lie algebras with finite dimensional weight spaces
Iterated loop modules and a filtration for vertex representation of toroidal Lie algebras
Rao, Sheng
Applications of the deformation formula of holomorphic one-forms
Rao, Siddani
Existence of triconnected graphs with prescribed degrees
Rao, Uppuluri
Correction to: ``On a stronger version of Wallis' formula''
On a stronger version of Wallis' formula
Rao, V. Sree Hari
On random solutions of Volterra-Fredholm integral equations
Raphael, Louise
A characterization of integral operators on the space of Borel measurable functions bounded with respect to a weight function
On a characterization of infinite complex matrices mapping the space of analytic sequences into itself
Raphael, Marc
Commutants of quasisimilar subnormal operators
Raphael, Robert
$K_1$ of separative exchange rings and C*-algebras with real rank zero
Abian's order relation and orthogonal completions for reduced rings
Rings of quotients and $\pi $-regularity
Rapoport, Michael
Rapp, Andreas
Elimination of Malitz quantifiers in stable theories
Rasala, Richard
The Stone-Weierstrass theorem for valuable fields
Rashid, Laila E. M.
Application to global Bertini theorems
Raske, David
Connected sums of closed Riemannian manifolds and forth order conformal invariants
Rasmussen, Peter
Combinatorial classification of quantum lens spaces
Rasskazova, Marina
Ratcliff, Gail
A geometric criterion for Gelfand pairs associated with the Heisenberg group
Rathbun, Matt
Hyperbolic manifolds containing high topological index surfaces
Ratiu, Tudor
On a nonlinear equation related to the geometry of the diffeomorphism group
Ratliff, Louis
A characterization of analytically unramified semi-local rings and applications
A theorem on prime divisors of zero and characterizations of unmixed local domains
Five theorems on Macaulay rings
Integrally closed ideals and asymptotic prime divisors
Locally quasi-unmixed Noetherian rings and ideals of the principal class
Notes on ideal covers and associated primes
On Rees localities and $H_i$-local rings
On the prime divisors of zero in form rings
Polynomial rings and $H_i$-local rings
Powers of ideals in locally unmixed Noetherian rings
Three theorems on imbedded prime divisors of principal ideals
Two theorems on the prime divisors of zeros in completions of local domains
Rauch, S. E.
Mapping properties of Cesàro sums of order two of the geometric series
Raulot, Simon
A new upper bound for the Dirac operator on hypersurfaces
On a Liu--Yau type inequality for surfaces
Rautio, Juho
Chain transitive homeomorphisms on a space: all or none
Ravdin, Doron
On extensions of homeomorphisms to homeomorphisms
Various types of local homogeneity
Ravenel, Douglas
Multiplicative operations in $BP^{\ast} BP$
Ravisankar, T. S.
On differentiably simple algebras
Ray, B. K.
On the convergence of a trigonometric integral
Ray, Barada K.
Corrections to: ``Fixed-point theorems for mappings with a contractive iterate''
Fixed point-theorems for mappings with a contractive iterate
Ray, William
Renorming and the theory of phi-accretive set-valued mappings
Solvability of nonlinear operator equations
Rayburn, Marlon C.
Raymond, Frank
Some remarks on the coefficients used in the theory of homology manifolds
The end point compactification of manifolds
Read, Charles
The bidual of a radical operator algebra can be semisimple
Read, Dwight
On $(J,\,M,\,m)$-extensions of Boolean algebras
Read, Thomas
A limit-point criterion for expressions with oscillatory coefficients
Bounds and quantitative comparison theorems for nonoscillatory second order differential equations
Read, Walter
Positive holomorphic differentials on Klein surfaces
Reade, Maxwell O.
Reading, Nathan
Initial-seed recursions and dualities for d-vectors
Rearick, David
Divisibility of arithmetic functions
Multiplicativity-preserving arithmetic power series
Reay, John
Caratheodory theorems in convex product structures
Rebolledo, Marusia
Module supersingulier, formule de Gross-Kudla et points rationnels de courbes modulaires
Recht, Lázaro
Differential geometry of systems of projections in Banach algebras
Rechtman, Ana
Rector, David
Homotopy theory of rigid profinite spaces. I
Redden, Corbett
String structures and canonical 3-forms
Reddy, A.
Addendum to: ``Rational approximation of $e^{-x}$ on the positive real axis''
Rational approximation of $e^{-x}$ on the positive real axis
Rational approximation to $x^{n}$
Reddy, William
Each compact orientable surface of positive genus admits an expansive homeomorphism
Redfield, Robert
Archimedean and basic elements in completely distributive lattice-ordered groups
The generalized interval topology on distributive lattices
Redheffer, Raymond
An inequality for the Hilbert transform
Analytic proof of the Lindemann theorem
Comparison theorems for parabolic functional inequalities
Functions with real poles and zeros
Inequalities involving derivatives
On a theorem of Plancherel and Pólya
On the convergence of asymptotic solutions of linear differential equations
Über eine Differentialungleichung $m$-ter Ordnung im Komplexen
Redmond, Donald
Explicit formulae for a class of Dirichlet series
Mean value theorems for a class of Dirichlet series
Reed, Ellen
A class of $T_{1}$-compactifications
A class of Wallman-type extensions
Proximity convergence structures
Reed, George
On metrizability of complete Moore spaces
Reed, J. H.
Inverse limits of indecomposable continua
Reed, Joylyn
On completeness and semicompleteness of first countable spaces
Reed, Michael
Covariant representations of infinite tensor product algebras
Reed, Terence
On the boundary correspondence of quasiconformal mappings of domains bounded by quasicircles
Reed, William
Reeder, John
Some exact solutions of the nonlinear problem of water waves
Reeder, Mark
Desingularizations of some unstable orbit closures
On certain Iwahori invariants in the unramified principal series
Reeds, James
Optimal paths for a car that goes both forwards and backwards
Rees, Sarah
Sofic groups: graph products and graphs of groups
Some closure results for C-approximable groups
Regan, Francis
The exponential analogue of a generalized Weierstrass series
Regbaoui, Rachid
Yamabe flow with prescribed scalar curvature
Rege, Mangesh
Chain conditions and pure-exactness
Regev, Amitai
A primeness property for central polynomials
Reich, Daniel
Partitioning integers using a finitely generated semigroup
Reich, Edgar
An inequality for subordinate analytic functions
On canonical conformal maps of regions of arbitrary connectivity
Reich, J. I.
Pointwise ergodic theorems in l.c.a. groups
Reich, Simeon
Fixed point iterations of nonexpansive mappings
Reichardt, Ben W.
Proof of the Double Bubble Conjecture in $\mathbf{R^{4}}$ and certain higher dimensional cases
Reichaw-Reichbach, Marian
Some characterizations of a class of unavoidable compact sets in the game of Banach and Mazur
Reichelderfer, Paul V.
On the barycentric homomorphism in a singular complex
Reichstein, Zinovy
A birational invariant for algebraic group actions
Essential dimension and error-correcting codes
Splitting fields of G-varieties
Reid, Alan
A non-Haken hyperbolic $3$-manifold covered by a surface bundle
Reid, George
A generalisation of $W^{\ast}$-algebras
Reid, James
Counting subgroups and topological group topologies
On subgroups of an Abelian group maximal disjoint from a given subgroup
Reid, William T.
A disconjugacy criterion for higher order linear vector differential equations
A Prüfer transformation for differential systems
Oscillation criteria for linear differential systems with complex coefficients
Principal solutions of non-oscillatory self-adjoint linear differential systems
Riccati matrix differential equations and non-oscillation criteria for associated linear differential systems
Some remarks on special disconjugacy criteria for differential systems
Some results on the Floquet theory for disconjugate definite Hamiltonian systems
Variational aspects of generalized convex functions
Reiff, Andrea M.
Existence of weak solutions to a class of nonstrictly hyperbolicconservation laws with non-interacting waves
Reilly, Norman
$E$-unitary covers for inverse semigroups
Congruences on regular semigroups
Extension of congruences and homomorphisms to translational hulls
Inverse semigroups of partial transformations and $\theta $-classes
Modular sublattices of the lattice of varieties of inverse semigroups
Semigroups generated by certain operators on varieties of completely regular semigroups
Reinecke, Carolus
Existence and uniqueness of solutions on bounded domains to a FitzHugh--Nagumo type elliptic system
Reiner, Irma
On the two-adic density of representations by quadratic forms
Reiner, Irving
Congruence subgroups of matrix groups
Invariants of integral representations
Reiner, Victor
The Koszul property in affine semigroup rings
Reinhardt, William
A complete countable $L^Q_{\omega_{1}}$ theory with maximal models of many cardinalities
Maximal models in the language with quantifier ``there exist uncountably many''
Reinoehl, John
Lie algebras and affine algebraic groups
Reis, Clive
Right subdirectly irreducible semigroups
Reisner, Shlomo
On Banach spaces having the property G.L
Reiter, H. B.
On the compactness of the hyperspace of faces
Reiter, Michael
Topological Aspects of Holomorphic Mappings of Hyperquadrics from $\mathbb C^2$ to $\mathbb C^3$
Rejto, Peter
On the essential spectrum of the hydrogen energy and related operators
Rela, Ezequiel
Improved Buckley's theorem on Locally Compact Abelian groups
Remmel, Jeffrey
Realizing partial orderings by classes of co-simple sets
Rémond, Gaël
Une remarque de dynamique sur les variétés semi-abéliennes
Ren, Guangbin
The growth and distortion theorems for slice monogenic functions
Ren, Li
Odd Hamiltonian Superalgebras and Special Odd Hamiltonian Superalgebras of Formal Vector Fields
Renard, David
Sur les paquets d'Arthur des groupes unitaires et quelques conséquences pour les groupes classiques
Renault, G.
Actions of finite groups on self-injective rings
Renggli, Heinz
An inequality for logarithmic capacities
Reni, Marco
Homologically trivial actions on cyclic coverings of knots
Hyperbolic 2-fold branched coverings of links and their quotients
Renz, Peter
Intersection representations of graphs by arcs
Repka, Joe
Base change for tempered irreducible representations of $\mathrm{GL}(n,\,\mathbf{R})$
Base change lifting and Galois invariance
Shalika's germs for $p$-adic $\mathrm{GL}(n)$. I. The leading term
Shalika's germs for $p$-adic $\mathrm{GL}(n)$. II. The subregular term
Supercuspidal components of the quaternion Weil representation of $\mathrm{SL}_{2}(\mathfrak{k})$
Tensor products for $SL_{2}(\mathfrak{k})$. II. Supercuspidal representations
Tensor products for $SL_{2}(\mathscr{K})$. I. Complementary series and the special representation
Repovš, Dušan
Homogeneity groups of ends of open $3$-manifolds
Uncountably many inequivalentLipschitz homogeneous Cantor sets in $\mathbb{R}^{3}$
Resco, Richard
Resnikoff, Howard
Hermitian quadratic forms and Hermitian modular forms
Respess, J. R.
Best approximation problems in tensor-product spaces
Retherford, James
Basic sequences and the Paley-Wiener criterion
Nuclear spaces, Schauder bases, and Choquet simplexes
Reventós, Agustí
Focal sets in two dimensional space forms
Reversat, Marc
A local-global problem for linear differential equations
Reynolds, William
Blocks and $F$-class algebras of finite groups
Reznick, Bruce
Banach spaces which satisfy linear identities
Banach spaces with polynomial norms
Linearly dependent powers of binary quadratic forms
Some inequalities for products of power sums
Some new canonical forms for polynomials
The asymptotic behavior of a family of sequences
Reznikoff, Sarah
Hilbert space representation of the annular Temperley-Lieb Algebra
Rhemtulla, Akbar
Solvable groups in which every maximal partial order is isolated
Rhoades, Billy
Commutants of some Hausdorff matrices
Commutants of some quasi-Hausdorff matrices
Correction to: ``Commutants of some Hausdorff matrices''
Corrections to: ``Fixed-point theorems for mappings with a contractive iterate''
Fixed point-theorems for mappings with a contractive iterate
Mercerian theorems via spectral theory
Some commutants in $B(c)$ which are almost matrices
Some properties of the Chebyshev method
The fine spectra for weighted mean operators
Rhoades, Robert
Unimodal sequences and ``strange'' functions: a family of quantum modular forms
Rhodes, Christopher
A note on primary decompositions of a pseudovaluation
Rhodes, Joe
Decomposition of semilattices with applications to topological lattices
Rhodes, John
The theta multiplier for number fields via $\mathfrak{p}$-adic planes
Riazi, Abdolhamid
Characterisations of amenable locally compact semigroups
Ribe, Martin
Necessary convexity conditions for the Hahn-Banach theorem in metrizable spaces
Ribeiro, Ernani
Remarks on critical metrics of the scalar curvature and volume functionals on compact manifolds with boundary
Ribeiro, Hermano de Souza
Uniqueness in a doubly characteristic Cauchy problem
Ribenboim, Paulo
Un théorème de réalisation de groupes réticulés
Ribes, Luis
Ribet, Kenneth
Images of semistable Galois representations
Riboulet-Deyris, Emmanuel
Computation of some moduli spaces of covers and explicit ${\mathcal S}_n$ and ${\mathcal A}_n$ regular ${\mathbb Q}(T)$-extensions with totally real fibers
Ricciardi, Tonia
Some sharp Hardy inequalities on spherically symmetric domains
Rice, Michael
The extension of equi-uniformly continuous families of mappings
Rich, Michael
On alternate rings and their attached Jordan rings
On nearly commutative degree one algebras
Scalar dependent algebras in the alternative sense
Richards, Donald
Ramanujan's master theorem for symmetric cones
Richards, I.
On the regions bounded by homotopic curves
Richardson, G.
Continuous convergence in $C(X)$
Richardson, Gary
Cauchy spaces with regular completions
Regular completions of Cauchy spaces
Richardson, Ken
Lichnerowicz and Obata theorems for foliations
Richardson, Leonard
$D$-harmonic distributions and global hypoellipticity on nilmanifolds
Richardson, Moses
Relativization and extension of solutions of irreflexive relations
Richardson, Roger
On the rigidity of semi-direct products of Lie algebras
Richman, Fred
$\varepsilon$-covering dimension
A uniformly continuous function on $[0,\,1]$ that is everywhere different from its infimum
Algebraic numbers, a constructive development
Finite direct sums of cyclic valuated $p$-groups
The constructive theory of $KT$-modules
The constructive theory of countable abelian $p$-groups
The fundamental theorem of algebra:\\ a constructive development without choice
Richmond, Edward
A combinatorial characterization of tight fusion frames
Richoux, Anthony
Derivations and commutativity of rings
Derivations and commutativity of rings. II
Richter, Christian
Ball convex bodies in Minkowski spaces
Richter, Stefan
Unitary equivalence of invariant subspaces of Bergman and Dirichlet spaces
Rickart, C. E.
Analytic phenomena in general function algebras
Ricker, Werner
Representation of vector-valued functions by Laplace transforms
Rickert, Neil
Riddell, James
Covering theorems for finite nonabelian simple groups. V
Riddell, Ronald
Spectral concentration for self-adjoint operators
Ridenhour, Jerry
On the sign of Green's functions for multipoint boundary value problems
Rider, Daniel
A theorem of Littlewood and lacunary series for compact groups
A theorem on random Fourier series on noncommutative groups
Functions which operate on $\mathscr{F}L_{p}(T),\ 1 < p < 2$
Transformations of Fourier coefficients
Rieck, Yo'av
The growth rate of the tunnel number of m-small knots
Riecke, Caroll
Complementation in the lattice of convergence structures
Riedel, Norbert
Classification of the $C^{\ast}$-algebras associated with minimal rotations
Disintegration of KMS-states and reduction of standard von Neumann algebras
Rieffel, Marc
$C^{\ast}$-algebras associated with irrational rotations
A bounded operator approach to Tomita-Takesaki theory
A characterization of the group algebras of the finite groups
Stable isomorphism and strong Morita equivalence of $C^*$-algebras
Rieger, Georg
Remark on a paper of Stux concerning squarefree numbers in non-linear sequences
Some theorems on prime ideals in algebraic number fields
Riera, Gonzalo
The period matrix of Bring's curve
Riffelmacher, David
Multiplication alteration and related rigidity properties of algebras
Sweedler's two-cocycles and Hochschild cohomology
Rifkin, Neil
Electrical resistance of N-gasket fractal networks
Rigdon, Robert
Enumerating immersions and embeddings of projective spaces
Enumerating normal bundles of immersions and embeddings of projective spaces
Rigoli, Marco
A Liouville type theorem for a general class of operators on complete manifolds
Biharmonic hypersurfaces in complete Riemannian manifolds
On the geometry of gradient Einstein-type manifolds
Some remarks on the prescribed mean curvature equation oncomplete manifolds
Riihentaus, Juhani
Removable sets for subharmonic functions
Riley, John
Cross-sections of decompositions
Rimányi, Richárd
Multiple-point formulas --- a new point of view
Rimoldi, Michele
A remark on Einstein warped products
Rindler, Harald
Ringel, Claus
Socle conditions for $QF$-1 rings
Ringrose, John
On sub-algebras of a $C^{\ast}$-algebra
Ringseth, Paul
The Selberg trace formula for groups without Eisenstein series
Rionero, Salvatore
On the best conditions on the gradient of pressure for uniqueness of viscous flows in the whole space
Ripoll, Jaime
Complete conical type end\\ immersed manifolds in ${\Bbb R}^N$
Gauss map harmonicity and mean curvature of a hypersurface in a homogeneous manifold
Some characterization, uniqueness and existence results for Euclidean graphs of constant mean curvature with planar boundary
Ritchie, Robert
Classes of recursive functions based on Ackermann's function
Rival, Ivan
Lattice varieties covering the smallest nonmodular variety
Rivaud, Juan
The geometry of sum-preserving permutations
Riveros, Carlos
On Dupin hypersurfaces with constant Moebius curvature
Rivière, Tristan
Singularity removability at branch points for Willmore surfaces
Rivlin, Theodore
A characterization of the weights in a divided difference
Iterates of Bernstein polynomials
Roach, Francis
A generalization of a classical necessary condition for convergence of continued fractions
Roan, Raymond
Weak* generators of $H^{\infty}$ and $l^{1}$
Robba, P.
Sur les équations différentielles linéaires $p$-adiques. II
Robbiano, Lorenzo
Primary powers of a prime ideal
Robbins, David
Sectional representations of Banach modules
Tensor products of Banach bundles
Robert, Frédéric
On the local Nirenberg problem for the Q-curvatures
Roberts, C. E.
Convergence theorems for some scalar valued integrals when the measure is Nemytskii
Roberts, J. B.
Analytic continuation of meromorphic functions in valued fields
Roberts, John
Roberts, J. H.
On a certain nonlinear integral equation of the Volterra type
Roberts, James
Roberts, John
On Ramsey theory and graphical parameters
Roberts, Rachel
Taut foliations in knot complements
Taut foliations in surface bundles with multiple boundary components
When incompressible tori meet essential laminations
Robertson, Jack
Some topological properties of certain spaces of differentiable homeomorphisms of disks and spheres
The time-domain analysis of a continuous parameter weakly stationary stochastic process
Robertson, Lewis
Cardinality constraints for pseudocompact and for totally dense subgroups of compact topological groups
Robertson, M. S.
Applications of the subordination principle to univalent functions
Cesàro partial sums of harmonic series expansions
Robertson, Muril
A class of generalized functional differential equations
Concerning Siu's method for solving $y'(t)=F(t,$ $y(g(t)))$
The equation $y^{\prime} (t)=F(t,\,y(g(t)))$
Robinson, Abraham
On generalized limits and linear functionals
Solution of an invariant subspace problem of K. T. Smith and P. R. Halmos
Robinson, Derek
Groups which are minimal with respect to normality being intransitive
Maximal subgroups and chief factors of certain generalized soluble groups
Robinson, Derek
Hereditary cones, order ideals and half-norms
The Jordan decomposition and half-norms
Robinson, Marcus
Explicit Hilbert-Kunz functions of 2x2 determinantal rings
Robinson, Robert
Enumeration of self-dual configurations
Generalized Ramsey theory. IX. Isomorphic factorizations. IV. Isomorphic Ramsey numbers
Robinson, Stanley
Robison, Gerson B.
Invariant integrals over a class of Banach spaces
Robkin, Eugene
Families of parallels associated with sets
Roblot, Xavier-François
Index formulae for Stark units and their solutions
Rochberg, Richard
Almost isometries of Banach spaces and moduli of planar domains
Deformation of uniform algebras on Riemann surfaces
Higher order estimates in complex interpolation theory
Interpolation of Banach spaces and negatively curved vector bundles
Linear maps of the disk algebra
Trace ideal criteria for Toeplitz and Hankel operators on the weighted Bergman spaces with exponential type weights
Which linear maps of the disk algebra are multiplicative?
Rockafellar, Ralph
A general correspondence between dual minimax problems and convex programs
Characterization of the subdifferentials of convex functions
Duality and stability in extremum problems involving convex functions
Generalized Hamiltonian equations for convex problems of Lagrange
Integrals which are convex functionals
Integrals which are convex functionals. II
On the maximal monotonicity of subdifferential mappings
Stochastic convex programming: basic duality
Stochastic convex programming: singular multipliers and extended duality singular multipliers and duality
Rodabaugh, David
Some new results on simple algebras
Rodemich, Eugene
An embedding of Riemann surfaces of genus one
Rodin, Burt
On the regions bounded by homotopic curves
Rodney, Scott
A compact embedding theorem for generalized Sobolev spaces
Rodrigues, B.
Holomorphy of Igusa's and topological zeta functions for homogeneous polynomials
Rodrigues, Luciana
On Dupin hypersurfaces with constant Moebius curvature
Rodrigues, P. R.
Almost $s$-tangent manifolds of higher order
Rodríguez, D.
Complete minimal surfaces derived from \\Chen--Gackstatter genus two example
Rodriguez, Lucio
Normal curvature of surfaces in space forms
Rodríguez, Maria
An end-to-end construction for singly periodic minimal surfaces
Rodriguez, Rubi
Orbifolds with signature $(0;k,k^{n-1},k^{n},k^{n})$
The period matrix of Bring's curve
Rodríguez Garcia, José Manuel
Distortion of boundary sets under inner functions. II
Rodriguez-Vega, J.
Elliptic pseudodifferential equations and Sobolev spaces over p-adic fields
Taibleson operators, p-adic parabolic equations and ultrametric diffusion
Rodway, Paul
Restrictions of certain function spaces to closed subgroups of locally compact groups
Roeder, David
Category theory applied to Pontryagin duality
Roesler, Friedrich
Squarefree integers in nonlinear sequences
Roetman, Ernest
On the biharmonic wave equation
Rogalewicz, Vladimír
Rogawski, Jonathan
Some comments on Weyl's complete reducibility theorem
Rogers, Claude
The convex generation of convex Borel sets in euclidean space
Rogers, Jack
On universal tree-like continua
Rogers, James
Decompositions of homogeneous continua
Mapping solenoids onto strongly self-entwined, circle-like continua
Whitney continua in the hyperspace $C(X)$
Rogers, K.
A note on orthoganal Latin squares
Infinitely integer-valued polynomials over an algebraic number field
Rogers, Leland
Continua in which only semi-aposyndetic subcontinua separate
Mutually aposyndetic products of chainable continua
Rogge, Lothar
Relations between convergence of series and convergence of sequences
Roggero, Margherita
Chern classes and cohomology for rank $2$ reflexive sheaves on $\mathbf{P}^3$
Röhrle, Gerhard
Cocharacter-closure and spherical buildings
Counting conjugacy classes in the unipotent radical of parabolic subgroups of GLn(q)
Spherical nilpotent orbits in positive characteristic
Rohrlich, David
An elementary case of Serre's conjecture
Roitberg, Joseph
On weak epimorphisms in homotopy theory
Roitman, Judith
Almost rigid Hopfian and dual Hopfian atomic Boolean algebras
Attaining the spread at cardinals of cofinality $\omega $
Attaining the spread at cardinals which are not strong limits
The number of automorphisms of an atomic Boolean algebra
Roitman, Pedro
Surfaces in with the same Gaussian curvature induced by the Euclidean and hyperbolic metrics
Rolf, Howard
The free lattice generated by a set of chains
Rolfsen, Dale
An unexpected surgery construction of a lens space
Higher-dimensional link operations and stable homotopy
Ordered groups as a tensor category
Rational surgery calculus: extension of Kirby's theorem
Rolin, Jean-Marie
The inverse of a continuous additive functional
Romero, Alfonso
Bochner's technique on Lorentzian manifolds and infinitesimal conformal symmetries
Romero, Nadia
The center of a Green biset functor
Römisch, Werner
Approximate solutions of nonlinear random operator equations: convergence in distribution
Romo, Fernando
Central extensions, symbols and Reciprocity Laws on Gl(n,F)
Ron, Amos
On two polynomial spaces associated with a box spline
Röndigs, Oliver
The homotopy groups of the $\eta$-periodic motivic sphere spectrum
Rong, Feng
Absolutely isolated singularities of holomorphic maps of n tangent to the identity
Rong, Xiaochun
Relatively maximum volume rigidity in Alexandrov geometry
Rong, Yongwu
Maps between Seifert fibered spaces of infinite $\pi_1$
Roos, Bernard W.
On a class of singular second order differential equations with a non linear parameter
Three spectral theorems for a pair of singular first-order differential equations
Roques, Alban
Local evolution systems in general Banach spaces
Roques, Julien
Galois groups of the basic hypergeometric equations
Rørdam, Mikael
Approximation with normal operators with finite spectrum, and an elementary proof of a Brown--Douglas--Fillmore theorem
Rorres, Chris
Strong concentration of the spectra of self-adjoint operators
Ros Mulero, Antonio
On stability of capillary surfaces in a ball
Rosa, Domenico
$B$-complete and $B_{r}$-complete topological algebras
Rosales González, José Carlos
Correction to:\\Modular Diophantine inequalities\\and numerical semigroups
Irreducible numerical semigroups
Modular diophantine inequalities and numerical semigroups
Numerical semigroups generated by intervals
On Buchsbaum simplicial affine semigroups
Rosay, Jean-Pierre
Un exemple d'ouvert borné de $\mathbf{C}^3$ ``taut'' mais non hyperbolique complet
Rose, David
Ascoli's theorem for spaces of multifunctions
Rose, Gene
Approximation of functions on the integers
Roseblade, James
Maximal subgroups and chief factors of certain generalized soluble groups
Roselle, David
Restricted bipartite partitions
Rosen, David
The Diophantine equation $ax+by=c$ in $Q(\sqrt 5)$ and other number fields
Rosenbaum, Jordan
Simultaneous interpolation in $H_{2}$. II
Rosenberg, Alex
Automorphisms of separable algebras
Grothendieck and Witt rings of hermitian forms over Dedekind rings
Succinct and representational Witt rings
Rosenberg, Harold
Attaching handles to Delaunay nodoids
Embedded constant curvature curves on convex surfaces
Global properties of constant mean curvature surfaces in H2 X R
Rosenberg, Ivo
The Galois connection between partial functions and relations
Rosenberg, Jonathan
$C^{\ast}$-algebras with approximately inner flip
Fine structure of the Mackey machine for actions of abelian groups with constant Mackey obstruction
The $C^*$-algebras of some real and $p$-adic solvable groups
Rosenberg, Milton
Quasi-isometric dilations of operator-valued measures and Grothendieck's inequality
Rosenberger, Gerhard
Alternierende Produkte in freien Gruppen
Test words, generic elements and almost primitivity
Rosenblatt, Murray
On the structure of infinitely divisible distributions
Recurrence-time moments in random walks
Rosenbloom, P. C.
Comments on the preceding paper by Herzog and Piranian
Rosenblum, Marvin
A Phragmén-Lindelöf theorem with applications to $\mathscr{M}(u,v)$ functions
Perturbation of the continuous spectrum and unitary equivalence
Spectra, tensor products, and linear operator equations
The absolute continuity of Toeplitz's matrices
Rosendal, Christian
Light groups of isomorphisms of Banach spaces and invariant LUR renormings
Rosenfeld, Melvin
The Darboux property and solutions of algebraic differential equations
Rosenkranz, Markus
Rota-Baxter operators on the polynomial algebras, integration and averaging operators
Rosenlicht, Maxwell
Another proof of a theorem on rational cross sections
Canonical forms for local derivations
Differential extension fields of exponential type
Liouville's theorem on functions with elementary integrals
On Liouville's theory of elementary functions
The nonminimality of the differential closure
Rosenmann, Amnon
Ideals of finite codimension in free algebras and the fc-localization
Rosenstein, Joseph
Concerning partial recursive similarity transformations of linearly ordered sets
Rosenthal, H.
On wide-$(s)$ sequences and their applications to certain classes of operators
Rosenthal, Haskell
A characterization of restrictions of Fourier-Stieltjes transforms
A characterization of the linear sets satisfying Herz's criterion
Martingale proofs of some geometrical results in Banach space theory
Norm-attainment of linear functionals on subspaces and characterizations of Tauberian operators
On unconditionally converging series and biorthogonal systems in a Banach space
The Kreĭ n-Mil'man property and a martingale coordinatization of certain nondentable convex sets
Rosenthal, John
Relations not determining the structure of $L$
Rosenthal, P.
On the Bergman integral operator for an elliptic partial differential equation with a singular coefficient
On the singularities of the function generated by the Bergman operator of the second kind
Rosenthal, Peter
Corrections to: ``On an inversion for the general Mehler-Fock transform pair''
On an inversion theorem for the general Mehler-Fock transform pair
On operator algebras containing cyclic Boolean algebras
Rosentrater, Charles
Compact operators and derivations induced by weighted shifts
Rosier, Ronald C.
Dual spaces of certain vector sequence spaces
Rosinger, Elemer
Rosiński, Jan
Weakly orthogonally additive functionals, white noise integrals and linear Gaussian stochastic processes
Rosłanowski, A.
Rosoff, Jeff
Effective divisor classes on a ruled surface
Rosoff, Jeffrey
Effective divisor classes and blowings-up of $\mathbf{P}^{2}$
Ross, Kenneth A.
Riemann sums and modular functions\\ on locally compact groups
Ross, Kenneth
Jessen's theorem on Riemann sums for locally compact groups
Lacunarity for compact groups. II
Pseudocompactness and uniform continuity in topological groups
Spectral synthesis in hypergroups
The structure of certain measure algebras
Ross, Susan
Separable algebras over a commutative Banach algebra
Rossa, R. F.
Radical properties involving one-sided ideals
Rosset, Shmuel
Ideals of finite codimension in free algebras and the fc-localization
Rossi, Hugo
Group representations on Hilbert spaces defined in terms of $\overline{\partial}_{b}$-cohomology on the Silov boundary of a Siegel domain
The minimum boundary for an analytic polyhedron
Rossi, John
Linear combinations of logarithmic derivatives of entire functions with applications to differential equations
Rossi, Julio
Maximal operators for the p-Laplacian family
Rossman, Wayne
Addendum: singularities of flat fronts in hyperbolic space
Minimal surfaces with catenoid ends
Singularities of flat fronts in hyperbolic space
Rost, Hermann
A counter example to the Blum Hanson theorem in general spaces
Roth, Ben
When is a bipartite graph a rigid framework?
Roth, Emile
Conjugate space representations of Banach spaces
Roth, Julien
Spinorial representation of submanifolds in Riemannian space forms
Roth, Richard
On restricting irreducible characters to normal subgroups
On the conjugating representation of a finite group
Roth, Walter
A general Rudin-Carlson theorem in Banach-spaces
Uniform approximation by elements of a cone of real-valued functions
Rothaus, Oscar
A combinatorial problem in the symmetric group
Asymptotic properties of groups generation
Further results on $p$-automorphic $p$-groups
Rothe, E. H.
A note on the Banach spaces of Calkin and Morrey
Rothenberg, Melvin
Nonlinear smooth representations of compact Lie groups
Rothman, Neal
An $L^{1}$ algebra for certain locally compact topological semigroups
An $L^{1}$ algebra for linearly quasi-ordered compact semigroups
Rothschild, Bruce
Primitive subalgebras of exceptional Lie algebras
Rothschild, Linda
Bi-invariant pseudo-local operators on Lie groups
Rotman, Joseph
Mixed modules over valuation rings
Rottenberg, R.
Simple points in pseudoline arrangements
Rouhani, H.
Roulier, John
Negative theorems on generalized convex approximation
Roulleau, Xavier
Automorphisms and quotients of quaternionic fake quadrics
Rouquier, Raphaël
Calogero-Moser versus Kazhdan-Lusztig cells
Rourke, Colin
Order automatic mapping class groups
Rouse, Jeremy
On the existence of large degree Galois representations for fields of small discriminant
Rousseau, Guy
Iwahori-Hecke algebras for Kac-Moody groups over local fields
Rouyer, Joël
On antipodes on a manifold endowed with a generic Riemannian metric
Röver, Claas
Commensurations and metric properties of Houghton's groups
Rovnyak, James
On the theory of unbounded Toeplitz operators
Rowell, Eric
Braid group representations from twisted quantum doubles of finite groups
Congruence Subgroups and Super-Modular Categories
Rowell, Michael
A new general conjugate Bailey pair
Rowen, Louis
An embedding of semiprime $P.I.$-rings
Classes of rings torsion-free over their centers
Rowlett, Julie
Dynamics of Asymptotically Hyperbolic Manifolds
Errata to ``Dynamics of asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds''
Rowley, Peter
Solubility of finite groups admitting a fixed-point-free automorphism of order $rst$. I
Roy, Ashoke
Linear isometries of some function spaces
Roy, Nina
An $M$-ideal characterization of $G$-spaces
Roy, Yves
On the Diophantine equation $\displaystyle\frac{x^n - 1}{x-1} = y^q$
Royden, Halsey
A modification of the Neumann-Poincaré method for multiply connected regions
Invariant subspaces of ${\mathscr{H}}^p$ for multiply connected regions
Roydor, Jean
Dual operator algebras close to injective von Neumann algebras
Rozema, Edward
Almost Chebyshev subspaces of $L^{1}(\mu ;\,E)$
Rózga, Krzysztof
On central extensions of gyrocommutative gyrogroups
Ru, Shaolei
The well-posedness of nonlinear Schrödinger equations in Triebel-type spaces
Ruan, Zhong-Jin
The structure of pure completely bounded and completely positive multilinear operators
Ruan, Zhuoping
Minimal regularity solutions of semilinear generalized Tricomi equations
Ruane, Kim
Recognizing right-angled Coxeter groups using involutions
Rubel, Lee
Convolution cut-down in some radical convolution algebras
Maximal means and Tauberian theorems
The Darboux property and solutions of algebraic differential equations
Rubenthaler, Hubert
Invariant differential operators on a class of multiplicity-free spaces
Ruberman, Daniel
Imbedding punctured lens spaces and connected sums
Seifert surfaces of knots in $S^4$
Rubin, Herman
Transformations of systems of relativistic particle mechanics
Rubin, Leonard
Another characterization of the $n$-sphere and related results
Approximate inverse systems of compacta and covering dimension
Completely regular absolutes and projective objects
Limit theorem for inverse sequences \\of metric spaces in extension theory
The hyperspaces of infinite-dimensional compacta for covering and cohomological dimension are homeomorphic
Rubin, Robert
Rubinstein, Joachim
Dehn's lemma and handle decompositions of some $4$-manifolds
One-sided Heegaard splittings of $3$-manifolds
Rubinstein, S.
Maximal subalgebras of $C^{\ast}$-crossed products
Rubinstein, Zalman
Analytic methods in the study of zeros of polynomials
On the multivalence of a class of meromorphic functions
Solution of the middle coefficient problem for certain classes of $C$-polynomials
Some results in the location of zeros of polynomials
Rubio de Francia, José Luis
Vector extensions of operators in $L^{p}$ spaces
Ruckle, William
Absolutely divergent series and isomorphism of subspaces
Absolutely divergent series and isomorphism of subspaces. II
Multiplier algebras of biorthogonal systems
Representation and series summability of complete biorthogonal sequences
Rudin, Mary Ellen
A topological characterization of sets of real numbers
Another note on Eberlein compacts
Continuous images of weakly compact subsets of Banach spaces
Rudin, Walter
Approximation by inner functions
Extreme points and extremum problems in $H_{1}$
Idempotent measures on Abelian groups
Peak-interpolation sets of class $C^{1}$
The Stone-Weierstrass property in Banach algebras
Rudman, Ronald
On the fundamental unit of a purely cubic field
Ruess, Wolfgang
[Weakly] compact operators and DF spaces
Generalized inductive limit topologies and barrelledness properties
Weak compactness in spaces of compact operators and of vector-valued functions
Weakly almost periodic semigroups of operators
Ruette, Sylvie
On the Vere--Jones classification and existence of maximal measures for countable topological Markov chains
Transitive topological Markov chains of given entropy and period with or without measure of maximal entropy
Ruiz, Cesar
Universal classes of Orlicz function spaces
Ruiz, Francisco José
A unified approach to Carleson measures and $A_p$ weights
A unified approach to Carleson measures and $A_p$ weights. II
Ruiz, Jesús
A remark on fields with the dense orbits property
Ruiz, Jesús M.
Positive semidefinite germs on the cone
Rumsey, Howard
Rumynin, Dmitriy
Integration of modules I: stability
Runde, Volker
Automatic continuity of derivations and epimorphisms
Runde, Volker
Representations of locally compact groups on QSL$_p$-spaces and a $p$-analog of the Fourier--Stieltjes algebra
Rung, Donald
Meier type theorems for general boundary approach and $\sigma $-porous exceptional sets
Rupp, Russell
A new type of variational theory sufficiency theorem
The Weierstrass excess function
Rupp, Werner
Riesz-presentation of additive and $\sigma $-additive set-valued measures
Rush, David
Notes on ideal covers and associated primes
Rushing, Thomas
Direct limit groups and the Keesling-Mardešić shape fibration
Embeddings of shape classes of compacta in the trivial range
Rusin, David
What is the probability that two elements of a finite group commute?
Rusk, Michael D.
Korovkin sets for an operator on a space of continuous functions
Ruškuc, Nikola
On finite presentability of monoids and their Sch\"utzenberger groups
Russak, Ira
An indirect sufficiency proof for problems with bounded state variables
Russell, A. M.
A commutative Banach algebra of functions of generalized variation
Russell, Heather
A topological construction for all two-row Springer varieties
Russell, Peter
Forms of the affine line and its additive group
Russo, Antonio
On the asymptotic behavior of D-solutions of the plane steady-state Navier–Stokes equations
Russo, Bernard
Conditional expectation without order
Geometry of the unit sphere of a $C^{\ast}$-algebra and its dual
On the Hausdorff-Young theorem for integral operators
Operator space characterizations of C*-algebras and ternary rings
Some affine geometric aspects of operator algebras
Unimodular contractions in Hilbert space
Rutherford, Dan
Generalized normal rulings and invariants of Legendrian solid torus links
Rutherford, Harold
Characterizing primes in some noncommutative rings
Rutter, Edgar
$QF$-3 rings with zero singular ideal
A characterization of $QF$-3 rings
Rings of quotients of endomorphism rings of projective modules
Two characterizations of quasi-Frobenius rings
Růžička, Pavel
Cotilting versus pure-injective modules
Ryan, Frank
On the radial limits of Blaschke products
Ryan, John
Extensions of representations of Lie algebras
Ryan, Nathan
Testing the functional equations of a high degree Euler product
Ryan, Patrick
Ryan, Raymond
Weakly compact holomorphic mappings on Banach spaces
Ryan, Robert
Conjugate functions in Orlicz spaces
Ryavec, Charles
The addition of residue classes modulo $n$
Ryden, Roy
Groups of arithmetic functions under Dirichlet convolution
Ryder, Gerald
Boundary value problems for a class of nonlinear differential equations
Ryff, John
On the representation of doubly stochastic operators
Rzedowski-Calderón, Martha
Automorphisms of congruence function fields