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Saab, Elias
A dual geometric characterization of Banach spaces not containing $l_{1}$
On measurable projections in Banach spaces
On Peł czyński's properties $(\mathrm{V})$ and $(\mathrm{V}^\ast)$
On the Radon-Nikodým property in a class of locally convex spaces
Saab, Paulette
A dual geometric characterization of Banach spaces not containing $l_{1}$
On Peł czyński's properties $(\mathrm{V})$ and $(\mathrm{V}^\ast)$
Weak compactness in spaces of Bochner integrable functions and the Radon-Nikodým property
Saal, L.
$L^2$ spectral decomposition on the Heisenberg group associated to the action of $U( p,q)$
Sabau, Sorin
Topology of complete Finsler manifolds admitting convex functions
Sabloff, Joshua
Rational Seifert Surfaces in Seifert Fibered Spaces
The Correspondence between Augmentations and Rulings for Legendrian Knots
Sabourau, Stéphane
An optimal inequality for CAT(0) metrics in genus two
Sabourin, Hervé
Transverse Poisson structures to adjoint orbits in semi-simple Lie algebras
Sachs, David
Partition and modulated lattices
Sacker, Robert
Asymptotic approach to periodic orbits and local prolongations of maps
Sade, A.
Isomorphisme d'hypergroupoïdes isotopes
Théorie des systèmes demosiens de groupoï des
Sadeghi, Arash
Linkage of modules with respect to a semidualizing module
Sadofsky, Hal
The Koszul property as a topological invariant and measure of singularities
Sadykov, Rustam
On the cohomology ring of Grassmann manifolds
Saeidi Gholikandi, Sarah
Order on the homology groups of Smale spaces
Saeki, Osamu
A primary obstruction to topological embeddings \\ for maps between generalized manifolds
Embeddings of $S^p \times S^q \times S^r$ in $S^{p+q+r+1}$
On special generic maps into $\mathbf{R}^3$
Singular Fibers and 4-dimensional Cobordism Group
The Rubinstein--Scharlemann graphic of a 3-manifold as the discriminant set of a stable map
Saeki, Sadahiro
Symmetric maximal ideals in $M(G)$
Saff, Edward
Geometric overconvergence of rational functions in unbounded domains
Hyperpolynomial approximation of solutions of nonlinear integro-differential equations
On the convergence of rational functions which interpolate in the roots of unity
Safont, Carmen
On the Birman invariants of Heegaard splittings
Sagan, Bruce
Bijective proofs of certain vector partition identities
Sagle, Arthur
Analytic $H$-spaces, Campbell-Hausdorff formula, and alternative algebras
Anti-commutative algebras and homogeneous spaces with multiplications
Multiplications on homogeneous spaces, nonassociative algebras and connections
On anti-commutative algebras and general Lie triple systems
On simple algebras obtained from homogeneous general Lie triple systems
On simple extended Lie algebras over fields of characteristic zero
Power-associative algebras and Riemannian connections
Remarks on simple extended Lie algebras
Simple Malcev algebras over fields of characteristic zero
Saha, Abhishek
Pullbacks of Eisenstein series from GU(3,3) and critical L-values for GSp(4) ×GL(2)
Şahin, Ayşe A.
Even Kakutani equivalence via $\vec\alpha$ and$\vec\beta$ equivalence in $\mathbb Z^2$
Sahney, B. N.
Best approximation by a saturation class of polynomial operators
On the absolute matrix summability of Fourier series
On the Nörlund summability of Fourier series
Sahu, D. P.
Absolute convergence fields of some triangular matrix methods
Sahutoglu, Sönmez
A local weighted Axler-Zheng theorem in $\mathbb{C}^n$
Saikia, Neelam
Certain character sums and hypergeometric series
Saito, Hiroshi
Two remarks on a theorem of Dipendra Prasad
Saitô, Kazuyuki
Groups of ${\ast}$-automorphisms and invariant maps of von Neumann algebras
Saito, Kichi-Suke
Automorphisms and nonselfadjoint crossed products
Coordinates for triangular operator algebras. II
Invariant subspaces for finite maximal subdiagonal algebras
Saito, Masahico
Connected quandles associated with pointed abelian groups
Homology for quandles with partial group operations
Singularities of the projections of surfaces in 4-space
Saito, Seiken
On a prime zeta function of a graph
Saito, Shingo
Restricted sum formula for finite and symmetric multiple zeta values
Saitô, Tôru
Ordered completely regular semigroups
Proper ordered inverse semigroups
Regular elements in an ordered semigroup
Saito, Toshio
Knots yielding homeomorphic lens spaces by Dehn surgery
Saito, Yoshimi
A remark on the limiting absorption principle for the reduced wave equation with two unbounded media
Schrödinger operators with a nonspherical radiation condition
Saitoh, Saburou
A characterization of the adjoint $L$-kernel of Szegő type
On some completenesses of the Bergman kernel and the Rudin kernel
The exact Bergman kernel and the kernels of Szegő type
The Rudin kernels on an arbitrary domain
Saji, Kentaro
Addendum: singularities of flat fronts in hyperbolic space
Singularities of flat fronts in hyperbolic space
Sakai, Katsuro
A characterization of local equiconnectedness
Manifold subgroups of the homeomorphism group of a compact $Q$-manifold
On the space of Lipschitz homeomorphisms of a compact polyhedron
Sakai, Keiichi
An integral expression of the first non-trivial one-cocycle of the space of long knots in R3
Sakai, Masami
A new class of isocompact spaces and related results
Sakai, Shoichiro
A characterization of $W^*$-algebras
Weakly compact operators on operator algebras
Saker, Samir
Some dynamic Wirtinger-Type inequalities and their applications
Sakhajev, Iskhak
Flat modulesand lifting of finitely generated projective modules
Saks, Victor
Countably compact groups and finest totally bounded topologies
Some applications of ultrafilters in topology
Saksena, K. M.
Inversion and representation theorems for a generalized Laplace integral
Saksman, Eero
Carleson's convergence theorem for Dirichlet series
Small composition operators on \\ analytic vector-valued function spaces
Sakuma, Kazuhiro
On special generic maps into $\mathbf{R}^3$
Salama, Ibrahim
Corrections to: ``Topological entropy and recurrence of countable chains''
Topological entropy and recurrence of countable chains
Salamanca Riba, Susana
Unitary principal series of split orthogonal groups
Salavessa, Isabel M. C.
Minimal submanifolds of K\"{a}hler--Einstein manifolds with equal K\"{a}hler angles
Saldanha, Nicolau
Components of spaces of curves with constrained curvature on flat surfaces
Salehi, Habib
On interpolation of $q$-variate stationary stochastic processes
Salepci, Nermin
Invariants of totally real Lefschetz fibrations
Saleski, Alan
A conditional entropy for the space of pseudo-Menger maps
Entropy of self-homeomorphisms of statistical pseudo-metric spaces
Stopping times for Bernoulli automorphisms
Salgado, Modesto
Almost $s$-tangent manifolds of higher order
Salinas, Norberto
$C^{\ast}$-algebras associated with free products of groups
Invariant subspaces and operators of class $(S)$
Nilpotent approximations and quasinilpotent operators
Sallee, George
The maximal set of constant width in a lattice
Sally, Judith
Bounds for numbers of generators of Cohen-Macaulay ideals
Sally, Paul
Degrees and formal degrees for division algebras and $\mathrm{GL}_n$ over a $p$-adic field
Salmasian, Hadi
C* algebras and direct integral decomposition for Lie supergroups
Categories of unitary representations of Banach-Lie supergroups and restriction functors
Saloff-Coste, Laurent
Cross curvature flow on locally homogenous three-manifolds, I
Transition operators, groups, norms, \\and spectral radii
Salow, Edzard
Plane elliptic geometry over rings
Saltz, Daniel
An inversion theorem for Laplace-Stieltjes transforms
Salvadori, Anna
A quasi-additivity type condition and the integral over a BV variety
Salvatori, Maura
A Liouville type theorem for a general class of operators on complete manifolds
Salzmann, Helmut
Homogene kompakte projektive Ebenen
Sam, Steven
Jacobi--Trudi determinants and characters of minimal affinizations
Sambale, Benjamin
2-Blocks with minimal nonabelian defect groups III
Brauer's height zero conjecture for metacyclic defect groups
Sambandham, Masilamani
On the average number of real zeros of a class of random algebraic curves
Sambusetti, Andrea
On the horoboundary and the geometry of rays of negatively curved manifolds
Samelson, Hans
On the action of $\mathrm{SO}(3)$ on $S^{n}$
Samoĭlenko, Yuriĭ S.
The kernel of Fock representations of Wickalgebras with braided operator of coefficients
Sampson, Donald
Isoperimetric Surfaces with Boundary II
Sampson, Gary
Fourier transforms and their Lipschitz classes
On weak restricted estimates and endpoint problems for convolutions with oscillating kernels. I
Sharp estimates of convolution transforms in terms of decreasing functions
Two-sided $L_{p}$ estimates of convolution transforms
Samuel, Christian
Complemented copies of $c_0(\tau)$ in tensor products of $L_p[0,1]$
Samur, Jorge
On semigroups of convolution operators in Hilbert space
Sánchez, David
Some existence theorems in the calculus of variations
Sánchez, Urko
Perturbations of a critical fractional equation
Sánchez Caja, Miguel
Bochner's technique on Lorentzian manifolds and infinitesimal conformal symmetries
Sánchez-Pérez, Enrique
Spaces of integrable functionswith respect to vector measures of convex range and factorization ofoperators from $L_p$-spaces
Sanders, Jeffery
Sanders, Thomas
Sanders, William
Classifying resolving subcategories
Sanderson, Brian
Fixed points of boundary-preserving maps of surfaces
Sandler, Reuben
On almost-commuting permutations
The collineation groups of division ring planes. II. Jordan division rings
Sandomierski, Francis
On commutative rings over which the singular submodule is a direct summand for every module
Sands, George
Embedding lattices into lattices of ideals
Sane, Sharad
Sanerib, Richard
Ultrafilters and the basis property
Sanford, Michael D.
Extending maps of a Cantor set product with an arc to near homeomorphisms of the 2-disk
Sangren, Ward
Three spectral theorems for a pair of singular first-order differential equations
Sangwine-Yager, Jane
A Bonnesen-style inradius inequality in $3$-space
Sankappanavar, Hanamatagouda
Heyting algebras with dual pseudocomplementation
Sankaran, Gregory
The moduli space of étale double covers of genus 5 curves is unirational
Sankaran, Parameswaran
Groups of PL-homeomorphisms admitting non-trivial invariant characters
On stable parallelizability of flag manifolds
Sigma theory and twisted conjugacy-II: Hougton groups and pure symmetric automorphism groups
Stable parallelizability of partially oriented flag manifolds
Sankaranarayanan, G.
Correction to: ``Some renewal theorems concerning a sequence of correlated random variables''
Ordered cycle lengths in a random permutation
Some renewal theorems concerning a sequence of correlated random variables
Sano, Takashi
Commuting co-commuting squares and finite-dimensional Kac algebras
Non-splitting inclusions of factors of type ${III}_0$
Sansone, F. J.
Combinatorial functions and regressive isols
Santiago-González, Grissel
Tunnel number one knots and meridional tori
Santoni, Larry
Horrocks' question for monomially graded modules
Santos, Joedson
Operator ideals related to absolutely summing and Cohen strongly summing operators
Saorín, Manuel
Koszul equivalences and dualities
Sapounakis, A.
The existence of strong liftings for totally ordered measure spaces
Saralegi-Aranguren, Martintxo
Cohomologie d'intersection modérée. Un théorème de de Rham
Saran, S.
A general theorem for bilinear generating functions
Sarason, Donald
Invariant subspaces and unstarred operator algebras
Weak-star generators of $H^{\infty}$
Sarfatti, Giulia
Landau--Toeplitz theorems for slice regular functions over quaternions
Šarić, Dragomir
Earthquakes and Thurston's boundary for the Teichmüller space of the universal hyperbolic solenoid
Sario, Leo
Alternating method on arbitrary Riemann surfaces
Behavior of Green lines at the Kuramochi boundary of a Riemann surface
Counterexamples in the biharmonic classification of Riemannian $2$-manifolds
Duffin's function and Hadamard's conjecture
Existence of Dirichlet finite biharmonic functions on the Poincaré $3$-ball
Harmonic functionals on open Riemann surfaces
Meromorphic functions and conformal metrics on Riemann surfaces
On locally meromorphic functions with single-valued moduli
Point norms in the construction of harmonic forms
The class of $(p,\,q)$-biharmonic functions
Sarkar, Rudra
Wiener Tauberian Theorem\\for rank one symmetric spaces
Wiener tauberian theorems for $SL_2 (\mathbb{R})$
Sarkaria, Karanbir
On Primitive Subdivisions of anElementary Tetrahedron
Tverberg partitions and Borsuk--Ulam theorems
Sárközy, András
On divisors of sums of integers. III
On divisors of sums of integers. V
Problems and results on additive properties of general sequences. I
Sarraille, John
Module finiteness of low-dimensional $PI$ rings
Sarrico, Carlos
Multiplication of distributions and a nonlinear model in elastodynamics
Sasaki, Shigeo
Pseudo-analytic vectors on pseudo-Kählerian manifolds
Sasao, Seiya
Homotopy types of spherical fibre spaces over spheres
Sasser, Dallas
Sastry, Pramathanath
Free resolutions of some Schubert singularities
Sathaye, Avinash
$R$-endomorphisms of $R[[X]]$ are essentially continuous
Sather, Duane
Asymptotics. III. Stationary phase for two parameters with an application to Bessel functions
Maximum and monotonicity properties of initial boundary value problems for hyperbolic equations
Sather, J. O.
Asymptotics. II. Laplace's method for multiple integrals
Sato, Daihachiro
Binomial coefficients whose products are perfect $k$th powers
Utterly integer valued entire functions. I
Sato, Ken iti
On dispersive operators in Banach lattices
Sato, Masatoshi
On stable commutator length in hyperelliptic mapping class groups
Sato, Nobuya
Two subfactors arising from a non-degenerate commuting square: An answer to a question raised by V.F.R. Jones
Satō, Ryōtarō
A general ratio ergodic theorem for semigroups
Abel-ergodic theorems for subsequences
An Abel-maximal ergodic theorem for semi-groups
Contraction semigroups in Lebesgue space
Invariant measures for ergodic semigroups of operators
Maximal functions for a semiflow in an infinite measure space
On decomposition of transformations in infinite measure spaces
Positive operators and the ergodic theorem
Satō, Takeyoshi
Integral comparison theorems for relative Hardy spaces of solutions of the equations $\Delta u=Pu$ on a Riemann surface
The equations $\Delta u=Pu$ $(P\geqq 0)$ on Riemann surfaces and isomorphisms between relative Hardy spaces
Sato, Yoshihisa
The canonical classes and the geography of nonminimal Lefschetz fibrations over S^2
Satoh, Shin
Minimal triple point numbers \\ of some non-orientable surface-links
Satoh, Takao
Erratum to The Johnson-Morita theory for the ring of Fricke characters of free groups
The Johnson-Morita theory for the ring of Fricke characters of free groups
Satyanarayana, M.
Naturally totally ordered semigroups
Sauer, Timothy
The number of equations defining points in general position
Saurabh, Bipul
Topological invariance of quantum quaternion spheres
Saussol, Benoît
Products of non-stationary random matrices and multiperiodic equations of several scaling factors
Sauter, John
Isomorphisms among monodromy groups and applications to lattices in $\mathrm{PU}(1,2)$
Sauvigny, Friedrich
Surfaces of prescribed mean curvature H=H(x,y,z) with one-to-one central projection onto a plane
Savage, Alistair
Erratum to quiver grassmannians, quiver varieties and the preprojective algebra
Quiver grassmannians, quiver varieties and the preprojective algebra
Savage, Thomas
Generalized inverses in regular rings
Saveliev, Nikolai
A Casson-Lin type invariant for links
Fukumoto--Furuta invariants of plumbed homology 3-spheres
Savin, Gordan
On representatiions of two-fold central extension of SL2(ℚ2)
On the tensor product of theta representations of $\mathrm{GL}_3$
Savo, Alessandro
Large eigenvalues and concentration
The Bochner formula for isometric immersions
Sawin, Stephen
Closed subset of the Weyl Alcove and TQFT's
Saworotnow, P. P.
Correction to: On continuity of multiplication in a complemented algebra
On continuity of multiplication in a complemented algebra
On some classes of scalar-product algebras
On two-sided $H^{\ast}-$algebras
Sawyer, Patrice
The asymptotic expansion of spherical functions on symmetric cones
The product formula for the spherical functions on symmetric spaces inthe complex case
Saxena, R.
On the convergence of quasi-Hermite-Fejér interpolation
Scalari, Alberto
On the dimension of the set of extremal discs for a CR manifold of codimension two
Scalora, Frank
Abstract martingale convergence theorems
Scanlon, Charles
Rings of functions with certain Lipschitz properties
Scanlon, Jane
The Dirichlet problem for nonlinear elliptic equations
Scannell, Kevin
Infinitesimal deformations of some $SO(3,1)$ lattices
Scarborough, Charles
Scavia, Federico
On the Noether problem for torsion subgroups of tori
Schacher, Murray
Maximal subfields of tensor products
Norms in central simple algebras
Schachermayer, Walter
Norm attaining operators on some classical Banach spaces
Schaefer, Helmut
On nonlinear positive operators
Some spectral properties of positive linear operators
Schaeffer, A. C.
Schaeffer Fry, Amanda
Fields of character values for finite special unitary groups
Schafer, R. D.
Schaffhauser, Florent
Vector bundles over a real elliptic curve
Schaflitzel, Reinhard
$\mathbf{II}_1$-subfactors associated with the $C^*$-tensor categoryof a finite group
Schapiro, Philip J.
Limit theorem for inverse sequences \\of metric spaces in extension theory
Schaps, Mary
Nonsingular deformations of a determinantal scheme
Versal determinantal deformations
Scharlau, Rudolf
A weak multiplicity-one theorem forSiegel modular forms
Scharlemann, Martin
Essential tori in $4$-manifold boundaries
Proximity in the curve complex: Boundary reduction and bicompressible surfaces
Transverse Whitehead triangulations
Schätz, Florian
Schauenburg, Peter
\texorpdfstring{Computing higher Frobenius--Schur indicators in fusion categories constructed from inclusions of finite groups} {Computing higher Frobenius-Schur indicators in fusion categories constructed from inclusions of finite groups}
Schechter, Eric
Stability conditions for nonlinear products and semigroups
Schechter, Martin
Infinite dimensional sandwich pairs
Non-autonomous second order Hamiltonian systems
Potential estimates in Orlicz spaces
Schechtman, Gideon
Factorizations of natural embeddings of $l^n_p$ into $L_r$. II
Scheffer, Vladimir
Partial regularity of solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations
Scheiblich, Herman
Congruences on regular semigroups
Scheiderer, Claus
Some remarks on orderings under finite field extensions
Schein, Boris
Homomorphisms and subdirect decompositions of semi-groups
Scheinberg, Stephen
Alternative algebras having scalar involutions
Fatou's lemma in normed linear spaces
Gauthier's localization theorem on meromorphic uniform approximation
Schenkman, Eugene
A generalization of the central elements of a group
On the tower theorem for finite groups
Scherk, Peter
An inequality for sets of integers
Scherr, Zachary
Uniform boundedness of $S$-units in arithmetic dynamics
Scheuneman, John
Fundamental groups of compact complete locally affine complex surfaces
Fundamental groups of compact complete locally affine complex surfaces. II
Schiabel-Silva, Karina
Regularity and upper semicontinuity of pullback attractors for a class of non-autonomous thermoelastic plate systems
Schick, Thomas
$L^2$-index theorem for elliptic differential boundary problems
Bundles with spherical Euler class
Groups with torsion, bordism and rho-invariants
Schiff, Joel
Isomorphisms between harmonic and $P$-harmonic Hardy spaces on Riemann surfaces
Schiffer, M.
Fredholm eigen values of multiply-connected domains
Grunsky inequalities for univalent functions with prescribed Hayman index
Riemann surfaces which are doubles of plane domains
Robin functions and energy functionals of multiply connected domains
The Fredholm eigen values of plane domains
Schilder, Michael
Expected values of functionals with respect to the Ito distribution
Schimpf, Susanne
On the geometric construction of cohomology classes for cocompact discrete subgroups of $SL_n(R)$ and $SL_n(C)$
Schinzel, Andrzej
Reducibility of polynomials in several variables. II
Schirmer, Helga
Coincidences and fixed points of multifunctions into trees
Effluent and noneffluent fixed points on dendrites
Fixed point and coincidence sets of biconnected multifunctions on trees
Mappings of polyhedra with prescribed fixed points and fixed point indices
Properties of fixed point sets on dendrites
Schirmer, Helga
Nielsen root theory and Hopf degree theory
Schlafly, Roger
Universal connections: the local problem
Schlais, Harold
Non-aposyndesis and non-hereditary decomposability
Schleimer, Saul
Schleischitz, Johannes
Approximation to an extremal number, its square and its cube
Schleissinger, Sebastian
Chordal generators and the hydrodynamic normalization for the unit ball
Schlenker, Jean-Marc
On the infinitesimal rigidity of polyhedra with vertices in convex position
Schlesinger, Enrico
Gonality of a general ACM curve in P^3
Schlette, Annemarie
Artinian, almost abelian groups and their groups of automorphisms
Schlussel, Z.
Principal ideal and Noetherian groups
Schmeling, Joerg
Products of non-stationary random matrices and multiperiodic equations of several scaling factors
Schmerl, James
Correction to: ``Peano models with many generic classes''
Peano models with many generic classes
Schmidt, Benjamin
Complete curvature homogeneous metrics on ${\rm SL}_2(\R)$
Schmidt, Brian
Homotopy invariance of contravariant functors acting on smooth manifolds
On the homotopy invariance of certain functors
Schmidt, H. J.
The $\mathfrak{F}$-depth of an $\mathfrak{F}$-projector
Schmidt, Kai-Uwe
The $L_4$ norm of Littlewood polynomials derived from the Jacobi symbol
Schmidt, Klaus
Mixing automorphisms of compact groups and a theorem by Kurt Mahler
The cohomology of expansive $\mathbb{Z}^d$-actions by automorphisms of compact, abelian groups
The cohomology of higher-dimensional shifts of finite type
Schmidt, Ralf
Testing the functional equations of a high degree Euler product
Zeta integrals for GSp(4) via Bessel models
Schmidt, Rolf
Regular sequences and lifting property
Schmidt, Wolfgang
Irregularities of distribution. III
Schmitt, Burkhard J.
Mean values and non-periodic pressure in convectionproblems between plates or with stress-free boundaries
Schmitt, L. M.
$q$-canonical commutation relations and stability of the Cuntz algebra
Schneider, Hans
Group membership in rings and semigroups
Schneider, Joel
Schneider, Matthias
Embedded constant curvature curves on convex surfaces
Schneider, Peter
Smooth representations and Hecke modules in characteristic $p$
Zelevinsky operations for multisegments and a partial order on partitions
Schneider, Robert
Some theorems in Fourier analysis on symmetric sets
The boundary behavior of Henkin's kernel
Schneider, Rolf
A measure of convexity for compact sets
On the projections of a convex polytope
Schneiderman, Robert
Simple Whitney towers,half-gropes\\and the Arf invariant of a knot
Schnitzer, F. J.
A class of modified $\zeta $ and $L$-functions
Schnitzer, Jonas
A universal construction of universal deformation formulas, Drinfel'd twists and their positivity
Schnürer, Oliver
Translating solutions for Gau\ss curvature flows with Neumann boundary conditions
Schober, Glenn
Interpolation, continuation, and quadratic inequalities
Some coefficient problems and applications
Schochet, Claude
Rational Pontryagin classes, local representations, and $K^G$-theory
Topological methods for $C^{\ast}$-algebras. I. Spectral sequences
Topological methods for $C^{\ast}$-algebras. II. Geometry resolutions and the Künneth formula
Topological methods for $C^{\ast}$-algebras. III. Axiomatic homology
Topological methods for $C^{\ast}$-algebras. IV. $\mod p$ homology
Schoenberg, I. J.
Remarks on de la Vallée Poussin means and convex conformal maps of the circle
Splines and the logarithmic function
Schoenfeld, Alan
Continous measure-preserving maps onto Peano spaces
Schoenfeld, Lowell
A new proof of the maximum principle for doubly-harmonic functions
Correction to: ``Properties of differential forms in $n$ real variables''
Properties of differential forms in $n$ real variables
Schoenwaelder, Ulrich
Centralizers of abelian, normal subgroups of hypercyclic groups
Scholz, Dan
Some minimum problems in the theory of functions
Schoneberg, Rainald
Some results on pseudo-contractive mappings
Schonheim, Johanan
Schoof, René
Trace forms of $G$-Galois algebras in virtual cohomological dimension 1~and~2
Schori, Richard
Hyperspaces of graphs are Hilbert cubes
Schoutens, Hans
Approximation properties for some non-Noetherian local rings
Asymptotic homological conjectures in mixed characteristic
Schrader, Keith
Sufficient conditions for the existence of convergent subsequences
Schramm, Oded
The inverse Riemann mapping theorem for relative circle domains
Schreiber, Bertram
Bimeasure algebras on LCA groups
Ergodic automorphisms and affine transformations of locally compact groups
On the coset ring and strong Ditkin sets
Transitive affine transformations on groups
Schreiner, Erik
Modular pairs in orthomodular lattices
Schroder, M.
Continuous convergence in $C(X)$
Schröer, Stefan
Ample families, multihomogeneous spectra, and algebraization of formal schemes
Schrohe, Elmar
The symbols of an algebra of pseudodifferential operators
Schubert, Cedric
Schulenberger, John
Time-harmonic solutions of some dissipative problems for Maxwell's equations in a three-dimensional half space
Schultens, Jennifer
On the geometric and the algebraic rank of graph manifolds
Width complexes for knots and 3-manifolds
Schultz, Phillip
Correction to: ``The typeset and cotypeset of a rank $2$ abelian group''
The typeset and cotypeset of a rank $2$ abelian group
Schultz, Reinhard
Composition constructions on diffeomorphisms of $S^{p}\times S^{q}$
Surgery of involutions with middle-dimensional fixed point set
Schulze, Bert-Wolfgang
On the index formula for singular surfaces
Schumi, J. R.
Anti-commutative algebras and homogeneous spaces with multiplications
Multiplications on homogeneous spaces, nonassociative algebras and connections
Schürmann, Achill
Three-dimensional antipodal and norm-equilateral sets
Schuster, Seymour
Constructions for poles and polars in $n$-dimensions
Schütt, Matthias
Unirational surfaces on the Noether line
Schuur, Jerry
Nonoscillatory solutions of $(rx^{n})^{n}\pm f(t,\,x)x=0$
Schwab, Dirk
Interior regularity of conical capillary surfaces
Schwanengel, Ulrich
Examples of locally compact noncompact minimal topological groups
Schwartz, Alan
Generalized convolutions and positive definite functions associated with general orthogonal series
Weak type multipliers for Hankel transforms
Schwartz, Benjamin L.
Infinite self-interchange graphs
Schwartz, Jacob
Perturbations of spectral operators, and applications. I. Bounded perturbations
Schwartz, Jean-Marie
Schwartz, Niels
Archimedean lattice-ordered fields that are algebraic over their $o$-subfields
Schwartzbauer, T.
Entropy and approximation of measure preserving transformations
Schwarz, Binyamin
Bounds for the principal frequency of the non-homogeneous membrane and for the generalized Dirichlet integral
Totally positive differential systems
Schwarz, Gideon
A pretender to the title ``canonical Moebius strip''
Equidiscontinuity of Borsuk-Ulam functions
Schwarz, Matthias
On the action spectrum for closedsymplectically aspherical manifolds
Schwarz, Willi
Applications of loop groups and standard modules to Jacobians and theta functions of isospectral curves
Schweinsberg, Allen
The operator equation $AX-XB=C$ with normal $A$ and $B$
Schweitzer, Larry B.
$C^\infty$ functions on the Cantor set, and\\a smooth $m$-convex Fr\'echet subalgebra of $O_2$
Schweizer, Berthold
Betweenness relations in probabilistic metric spaces
The metrization of statistical metric spaces
Schwenk, Allen
The spectral approach to determining the number of walks in a graph
Schwermer, Joachim
Non-vanishing square-integrable automorphic cohomology classes - the case GL(2) over a central division algebra
Schwetlick, Hartmut
Translating solutions for Gau\ss curvature flows with Neumann boundary conditions
Schwingenheuer, Martin
Hamiltonian unknottedness of certain monotone Lagrangian tori in $S^2\times S^2$
Sciffer, S. D.
Generic differentiability of convex functions on the dual of a Banach space
Scorpan, Alexandru
Scott, Brian
Scott, Frederick J.
New partial asymptotic stability results for nonlinear ordinary differential equations
Scott, Leonard
Extending Hecke endormorphism algebras
Scott, Godfrey
Non-compact totally peripheral $3$-manifolds
The uniqueness of compact cores for $3$-manifolds
Totally peripheral $3$-manifolds
Scott, Thomas
Monotonic permutations of chains
Scott, W. R.
Scott, W. T.
On univalence of a continued fraction
Scott-Hutton, D. L.
The slow shearing motion of a liquid past a semi-infinite plane
The slow steady motion of liquid past a semi-elliptical boss
Scoville, Richard
Some measure algebras on the integers
Scruggs, W.
Unbounded representations of $\ast$-algebras
Seabury, Chester
On extending regular holomorphic maps from Stein manifolds
Seall, Robert
Some connections between continued fractions and convex sets
Seaman, Walter
Helicoids of constant mean curvature and their Gauss maps
Searcy, Jerry
A cyclic inequality and a related eigenvalue problem
Correction to: ``A cyclic inequality and a related eigenvalue problem''
Sears, M.
Extension of flows via discontinuous functions
Modelling expansion in real flows
Time changes for $\mathbf{R}^n$ flows and suspensions
Seaton, Christopher
Generalized twisted sectors of orbifolds
Sécherre, Vincent
An analogue of the Cartan decomposition for p-adic symmetric spaces of split p-adic reductive groups
Seco, Daniel
Cyclicity in Dirichlet-type spaces and extremal polynomials II: functions on the bidisk
Sedgwick, Eric
Locally helical surfaces have bounded twisting
Theirreducibility of Heegaard splittings of Seifert fibered spaces
Seeger, Andreas
Endpoint inequalities for Bochner-Riesz multipliers in the plane
Seever, Galen
Nonnegative projections on $C_{0}(X)$
Segal, Irving
Algebraic characterization of the vacuum for quantized fields transforming nonunitarily
Segal, Jack
Quasi dimension type. I. Types in the real line
Quasi dimension type. II. Types in $1$-dimensional spaces
Segawa, Shigeo
Bounded analytic functions on unbounded covering surfaces
Harmonic majoration of quasibounded type
Segert, Jan
Topological invariants of putative -symmetric exotic complex projective spaces
Segev, Yoav
Anisotropic groups of type $A_n$and the commuting graph of finite simple groups
Sehgal, Virinda
On a fixed point theorem of Krasnoselskii for locally convex spaces
Seid, H. A.
Cyclic multiplication operators on $L_{p}$-spaces
The decomposition of multiplication operators on $L_{p}$-spaces
Seidel, Paul
Symplectic Floer homology\\ and the mapping class group
Seiden, Ester
On the theory and application of sum composition of Latin squares and orthogonal Latin squares
Seidenberg, A.
A note on the dimension theory of rings
Derivations and integral closure
On homogeneous linear differential equations with arbitrary constant coefficients
On the dimension theory of rings. II
Seidman, Thomas
Bounded generators of linear spaces
The solution of singular equations, I. Linear equations in Hilbert space
Seifert, Benedict
Combinatorial and geometric properties of weight systems of irreducible finite-dimensional representations of simple split Lie algebras over fields of $0$ characteristic
Highly transitive group actions on trees and normalizing Tits systems
Seifert, George
A third order irregular boundary value problem and the associated series
Seip, Kristian
Seitz, Gary
Anisotropic groups of type $A_n$and the commuting graph of finite simple groups
Correction to: Fixed point spaces in actions of exceptional algebraic groups
Distinguished unipotent elements and multiplicity-free subgroups of simple algebraic groups
Fixed point ratios in actions of finiteexceptional groups of Lie type
Fixed point spaces in actions ofexceptional algebraic groups
The root subgroups for maximal tori in finite groups of Lie type
Sekigawa, Kouei
Sufficient conditions for a Riemannian manifold to be locally symmetric
Selfridge, John
On the determination of numbers by their sums of a fixed order
Selfridge, Ralph
Approximations with least maximum error
Selick, Paul
A reformulation of the Arf invariant one $\mod p$ problem and applications to atomic spaces
Sell, George
Growth transformations for functions on manifolds
Selmi, Abdelbaki
Concentration phenomena for a fourth order equation on Rn
Sember, John
Semenov, Evgenii
Invariant Banach limits and applications to noncommutative geometry
Semmelmann, Uwe
Deformations of nearly Kahler structures
Semmes, Stephen
Quasiminimal surfaces of codimension 1\\and John domains
Šemrl, Peter
Locally linearly dependent operators
Senesi, Prasad
The block decomposition of finite-dimensional representations of twisted loop algebras
Senge, Hans
Sentilles, Francis
Kernel representations of operators and their adjoints
Pettis integration via the Stonian transform
The strict topology on bounded sets
Seo, Aeryeong
Semicontinuity of automorphism groups of strongly pseudoconvex domains: The low differentiability case
Seo, Keomkyo
$L^p$ harmonic $1$-forms and first eigenvalue of a stable minimal hypersurface
Liouville-type theorems for weighted p-harmonic 1-forms and weighted p-harmonic maps
Seo, Sangwon
Global existence and decreasing property of boundary values of solutionsto parabolic equations with nonlocal boundary conditions
Seo, Tae
Generalized Frattini subgroups of finite groups
Sepanski, Mark
$K$-types of $SU(1,n)$ representations and restriction of cohomology
Application of restriction of Fourier transforms to an example fromrepresentation theory
Global representations of the conformal group and eigenspaces of the Yamabe operator on S^1 \times S^n
Sequeira, Adélia
Asymptotic behaviour at infinity of three-dimensional steady viscoelastic flows
Series, Caroline
An application of groupoid cohomology
An extension of Wolpert's derivative formula
Continuity of convex hull boundaries
Ergodic actions of product groups
Lines of minima are uniformly quasi-geodesic
Serrano-García, Fernando
Elliptic surfaces with an ample divisor of genus two
Sersouri, Abderrazzak
The Mazur property for compact sets
Sertöz, Sinan
Local structure of holomorphic foliation singularities
Servedio, Frank
Affine open orbits, reductive isotropy groups, and dominant gradient morphisms; a theorem of Mikio Sato
Seshadri, Conjeerveram
Free resolutions of some Schubert singularities
Šešum, Nataša
Remarks on curvature behavior at the first singular time of the Ricci flow
Sethuraman, Bharath
$\mathrm{Dec}$ groups for arbitrarily high exponents
Hilbert series of certain jet schemes of determinantal varieties
Setti, Alberto
Some remarks on the prescribed mean curvature equation oncomplete manifolds
Setzer, Bennett
Elliptic curves over complex quadratic fields
Sficas, Y. G.
Nonoscillatory functional-differential equations
Sha, Min
Effective results on linear dependence for elliptic curves
Shackleton, Kenneth
Combinatorial rigidity in curve complexes and mapping class groups
Shafii-Mousavi, M.
On hypoelliptic differential operators of constant strength
Shah, Ghulam
On the univalence of some analytic functions
Shah, S. M.
Asymptotic values of a holomorphic function with respect to its maximum term
On the growth of entire functions of bounded index
Shahidi, Freydoon
Endoscopic transfer for unitary groups and holomorphy of Asai L-functions
On equality of arithmetic and analytic factors through local Langlands correspondence
On non-vanishing of twisted symmetric and exterior square $L$-functions for $\mathbf{GL}(n)$
Shahriari, Shahriar
Shahshahani, Mehrdad
The spherical mean value operator for compact symmetric spaces
Shalen, Peter
Orders of elements in finite quotients of Kleinian groups
Shalika, Joseph
The Whittaker models of induced representations
Shanahan, John P.
On uniqueness questions for hyperbolic differential equations
Shanahan, Patrick
On the signature of Grassmannians
Shanbrom, Corey
Length spectra of sub-Riemannian metrics on compact Lie groups
Shang, Haifeng
Global well-posedness for the 2D fractional Boussinesq equations in the subcritical case
Shang, Xudong
Symmetry and Nonexistence of Positive Solutions for Fractional Choquard Equations
Shanks, Daniel
Shanmugasundaram, Sundar
K-groups of the quantum homogeneous space SUq(n)/SUq(n-2)
Shannon, Christine
Shantaram, R.
Convergence of a sequence of transformations of distribution functions
Convergence of a sequence of transformations of distribution functions. II
Shao, Guokuan
Morse inequalities for Fourier components of Kohn-Rossi cohomology of CR covering manifolds with $S^1$-action
Shapiro, Boris
A Giambelli-type formula for subbundles of the tangent bundle
Characteristic classes for the degenerations of two-planefields in four dimensions
Shapiro, Daniel
Intersections of the space of skew-symmetric maps with its translates
Spaces of similarities. IV. $(s,t)$-families
Shapiro, Harold
Iterates of arithmetic functions and a property of the sequence of primes
On the least primitive root of a prime
Shapiro, Harold
Contractive zero-divisors in Bergman spaces
Shapiro, Helene
Commutators which commute with one factor
Shapiro, Joel
Isolation amongst the composition operators
Shapiro, Victor
Bounded generalized analytic functions on the torus
Cantor-type uniqueness of multiple trigonometric integrals
Intrinsic operators in three-space
The Abel summability of conjugate multiple Fourier-Stieltjes integrals
Shar, Albert
$P$-primary decomposition of maps into an $H$-space
Images and pre-images of localization maps
Shareshian, John
Divisibility of binomial coefficients and generation of alternating groups
Sharma, Ambikeshwar
A theorem of J. L. Walsh, revisited
Least squares and interpolation in roots of unity
Sharma, Prem Lal
Sharp, Henry
Sharpe, Kevin
Compatible topologies and continuous irreducible representations
Sharpe, Michael
A class of operators on excessive functions
Sharpe, Richard
Parametrized surgery and isotopy
Shavel, Ira
A class of algebraic surfaces of general type constructed from quaternion algebras
Shaw, Ken
Series expansions of analytic functions. II
Whittaker constants for entire functions of several complex variables
Zeros of successive iterates of multiplier-sequence operators
Shaw, Mei-Chi
Eigenfunctions of the nonlinear equation $\Delta u+\nu f(x,u)=0$ in $R^2$
Shay, Margaret
Characterizing the orders changed by program translators
Shea, Daniel
Functions analytic in a finite disk and having asymptotically prescribed characteristic
Sheffer, I. M.
Difference equations for some orthogonal polynomials
Shekhtman, Boris
A duality principle for rational approximation
Shelah, Saharon
$\omega$-elongations and Crawley's problem
A combinatorial problem; stability and order for models and theories in infinitary languages
On the number of non-almost isomorphic models of $T$ in a power
On the universality of systems of words in permutation groups
The Hanf number of omitting complete types
The solution to Crawley's problem
Sheldon, Philip
Shelstad, Diana
Endoscopic groups and base change $\mathbf{C}/\mathbf{R}$
Shelton, Brad
A duality theorem for extensions of induced highest weight modules
Correction to: ``Loewy series and simple projective modules in the category ${\mathscr{O}}_S$''
Determination of the intertwining operators for holomorphically induced representations of Hermitian symmetric pairs
Loewy series and simple projective modules in the category ${\mathscr{O}}_S$
The Koszul property as a topological invariant and measure of singularities
Shemanske, Thomas
Determining multiplicities of half-integral weight newforms
Representations of ternary quadratic forms and the class number of imaginary quadratic fields
Shen, Chao-Liang
A note on the automorphism groups of simple dimension groups
Automorphisms of dimension groups and the construction of AF algebras
Shen, Chun-Yen
On the determinants and permanents of matrices with restricted entries over prime fields
Shen, Chunfang
Positive solutions for nonlinear third-order multi-point
Shen, Liangming
Smooth approximation of conic Kahler metric with lower Ricci curvature bound
Shen, Yibing
Harmonic maps from complex Finsler manifolds
Shen, Ying
On Ricci deformation of a Riemannian metric on manifold with boundary
Shen, Zhongmin
On complete Riemannian manifolds with collapsed ends
Sheng, Weimin
A class of Neumann problems arising in conformal geometry
Some Dirichlet problems arising from conformal geometry
Sheng, Yunhe
Semidirect products of representations up to homotopy
Shephard, Geoffrey
Corrections to: ``Isotoxal tilings''
Shepherdson, J. C.
Shepler, Anne
Resolutions for twisted tensor products
Shepp, Lawrence
Gaussian measures in function space
Optimal paths for a car that goes both forwards and backwards
Sher, Richard
Defining subsets of $E^{3}$ by cubes
Point-like $0$-dimensional decompositions of $S^{3}$
Sherbert, Donald
Banach algebras of Lipschitz functions
Sherif, S.
A Tauberian relation between the Borel and the Lototsky transforms of series
Sherman, Clayton
The $K$-theory of an equicharacteristic discrete valuation ring injects into the $K$-theory of its field of quotients
Sherman, Gary
A lower bound for the number of conjugacy classes in a finite nilpotent group
Sherman, Malcolm
Disjoint maximal invariant subspaces
Sherman, Morgan
Interior derivative estimates for the Kahler-Ricci flow
Sherman, Thomas
Properties of solutions of $n$-th order linear differential equations
Sheth, I. H.
Sheu, Albert
The structure of twisted $\mathrm{SU}(3)$ groups
The Weyl quantization of Poisson $SU(2)$
Shi, Danzhu
Capillary surfaces at a re-entrant corner
On a theorem of Lancaster and Siegel
Shi, Gen Hua
On the least number of fixed points for infinite complexes
Shi, Jian-Yi
A new algorithm for finding an l.c.r. set in certain two-sided cells
Lower boundary hyperplanes of the canonical left cells in the affine weyl group
Some numeric results on root systems
Shi, Qian
The two-parameter quantum group of exceptional type G2 and Lusztig's symmetries
Shi, Shaoguang
Some characterizations of Campanato spaces via commutators on Morrey spaces
Shi, Yalong
An example of singular metric arising from the blow-up limit in the continuity approach
Shi, Yuguang
Harmonic Maps from ${\mathbb R}^{n}$ to ${\mathbb H}^{m}$ with symmetry
Scalar curvature and singular metrics
Shibata, Yoshihiro
Remark on the $L_q - L_\infty$ estimate of\\ the Stokes semigroup\\in a 2-dimensional exterior domain
Remark on the rate of decay ofsolutions to linearized compressible Navier--Stokes equations
Shields, Allen
Coefficient multipliers of $H^{p}$ and $B^{p}$ spaces
Connectivity of topological lattices
Extensions of harmonic and analytic functions
Shields, Sandra
{\bf R}-covered branched surfaces
An equivalence relation for codimension one foliations of $3$-manifolds
Branched surfaces and the simplest foliations of 3-manifolds
Branching in the universal cover of taut foliations
Detecting when a nonsingular flow is transverse to a foliation
The simplest branched surfaces for a foliation
Shiffman, Max
Correction to: ``Partially measurable sets in measure spaces''
Measure-theoretic properties of nonmeasurable sets
Partially measurable sets in measure spaces
Shiflett, Ray C.
Extreme Markov operators and the orbits of Ryff
Shifrin, Theodore
The osculatory behavior of surfaces in $\mathbf{P}^5$
Shih, Mau-Hsiang
Noncompact sets with convex sections
Shikishima-Tsuji, Kayoko
Correction to: ``Galois theory of differential fields of positive characteristic''
Galois theory of differential fields of positive characteristic
Shilane, Lewis
Filtered spaces admitting spectral sequence operations
Shilkret, Niel
Shimada, Ichiro
On Kummer type construction of supersingular K3 surfaces in characteristic 2
The fundamental group of the complementof a resultant hypersurface
Shimakura, Hiroki
Classification of Ising vectors in the vertex operator algebra $V_L^+$
Shimeno, Nobukazu
A formula for the hypergeometric function of type BCn
Shimokawa, Koya
Thin position of a pair ($3$-manifold, $1$-submanifold)
Shimomura, Tetsu
Growth properties for modifiedPoisson integrals in a half space
Shimrat, Moshe
Simple proof of a theorem of P. Kirchberger
Shin, Dong Yun
Stable rank andreal rank of graph $C^*$-algebras
Shin, Heayong
Helicoids in S2 × R and H2 × R
Ruled minimal surfaces in the three dimensional Heisenberg group
Shin, Jinwoo
Four dimensional static and related critical spaces with harmonic curvature
Shinbrot, Marvin
Some exact solutions of the nonlinear problem of water waves
Shiohama, Katsuhiro
Mass of rays on complete open surfaces
Topology of complete Finsler manifolds admitting convex functions
Shiota, Masahiro
Critical value sets of generic mappings
Shioya, Takashi
Mass of rays on complete open surfaces
Shipman, Barbara A.
On the geometry of certain isospectral sets\\in the full Kostant--Toda lattice
Shirali, Satish
Correction to: ``On the Jordan structure of complex Banach $^\ast$algebras''
On the Jordan structure of complex Banach $^{\ast}$algebras
Shirey, James
On the theorem of Helley concerning finite-dimensional subspaces of a dual space
Shisha, Oved
On the location of the zeros of some infrapolynomials with prescribed coefficients
On the structure of infrapolynomials with prescribed coefficients
Tchebycheff systems and best partial bases
Shiu, Elias
Commutators and numerical ranges of powers of operators
Shiu, Peter
Shkalikov, Andrei
Estimates of meromorphic functions and summability theorems
Shkredov, Ilya
Shlapentokh, Alexandra
Hilbert's Tenth Problem for algebraic function fields over infinite fieldsof constants of positive characteristic
Polynomials with a given discriminant over fields of algebraic functions of positive characteristic
Shlyakhtenko, Dimitri
An orthogonal approach to the subfactor of a planar algebra
Free Fisher information for non-tracial states
Shlyakhtenko, Dimitri
Maximality of the microstatesfree entropy for $R$-diagonal elements
Shmuely, Zahava
The structure of Galois connections
Shniad, H.
Convexity properties of integral means of analytic functions
Shock, Robert
Dual generalizations of the Artinian and Noetherian conditions
Polynomial rings over finite dimensional rings
Shockley, James
On the functional equation $F(mn)F((m,\,n))=F(m)F(n)f((m, n))$
Shoda, Toshihiro
Minimal surfaces with two ends which have the least total absolute curvature
Trigonal minimal surfaces in flat tori
Shoenfeld, Peter S.
Highly proximal and generalized almost finite extensions of minimal sets
Sholander, Marlow
Plane geometries from convex plates
Shonkwiler, Ronald
On the Hausdorff $h$-measure of Cantor sets
Shonkwiler, Ronald
Kernel dilation in reproducing kernel Hilbert space and its application to moment problems
Shoop, Richard
The Lebesgue constants for $(f,d_{n})$-summability
Shore, Samuel
Completeness in semimetric spaces
Shores, Thomas
Injective modules over duo rings
Shorey, Tarlok
On the Diophantine equation $\displaystyle\frac{x^{m}-1}{x-1} = \frac{y^{n} -1}{y-1}$
Short, Donald R.
Branched immersions between $2$-manifolds of higher topological type
Branched immersions onto compact orientable surfaces
Shortt, Rae Michael
Borel density, the marginal problem and isomorphism types of analytic sets
Reticulated sets and the isomorphism of analytic powers
Shouman, Abdolhakim
Sobolev inequalities on a weighted Riemannian manifold of positive Bakry-Emery curvature and convex boundary
Showalter, Ralph
Equations with operators forming a right angle
Local regularity of solutions of Sobolev-Galpern partial differential equations
Partial differential equations of Sobolev-Galpern type
Shparlinski, Igor
Effective results on linear dependence for elliptic curves
Sums of algebraic trace functions twisted by arithmetic functions
Shreve, Steven
Probability measures and the $C$-sets of Selivanovskij
Shrikhande, Mohan
Strongly regular graphs and group divisible designs
Shu, Shichang
Curvature and topology of compact submanifolds in the unit sphere
Shukla, Alok
Co-dimensions of the spaces of cusp forms for Siegel congruence subgroups in degree two
Shukla, U. S.
Shukla, U.
On the projective cover of a module and related results
Shulman, Tatiana
Variations of projectivity for C*-algebras
Shulman, Victor
Derivations of $C^\ast$-algebras and almost Hermitian representations on $\Pi_k$-spaces
Dual spaces and isomorphisms of some differential Banach $*$-algebras of operators
Shult, Ernest
Nilpotence of the commutator subgroup in groups admitting fixed point free operator groups
Shultz, Frederic
Characterization of $C^*$-algebras with continuous trace by properties of their pure states
Dual maps of Jordan homomorphisms and $^{\ast}$-homomorphisms between $C^{\ast}$-algebras
Shultz, Harris
A very weak topology for the Mikusinski field of operators
Shurman, Jerry
Fourier coefficients of an orthogonal Eisenstein series
Shyr, H. J.
On the radicals of lattice-ordered rings
Sibner, Lesley
A note on the Atiyah-Bott fixed point formula
A sub-elliptic estimate for a class of invariantly defined elliptic systems
Sibner, Robert
A note on the Atiyah-Bott fixed point formula
A sub-elliptic estimate for a class of invariantly defined elliptic systems
Sibuya, Yasutaka
The Stokes phenomenon in exact asymptotics
Sichler, J.
Homomorphisms of commutative rings with unit element
Lattices with unique complementation
On the endomorphism semigroup (and category) of bounded lattices
Siciak, Józef
On function families with boundary
Siciliano, Salvatore
Siddiqi, J.
Infinite matrices summing every almost periodic sequence
Sidney, Stuart
Distinguishing a plane curve from other curves similar to it
Functions which operate on the real part of a uniform algebra
Siebenmann, Laurence
A characterization of free projective planes
Construction of irreducible homology $3$-spheres with orientation reversing involution
Siegberg, Hans-Willi
Fixed point index and chain approximations
Siegel, David
Approximating annular capillary surfaces with equal contact angles
Approximating symmetric capillary surfaces
Bounded and Unbounded Capillary Surfaces in a Cusp Domain
Correction to: Existence and behavior of the radial limits of a bounded capillary surface at a corner
Existence and behavior of the radial limits of a bounded capillary surface at a corner
Height estimates for capillary surfaces
Properties of annular capillary surfaces with equal contact angles
Uniqueness for the $n$-dimensional half space Dirichlet problem
Siegel, Jerrold
$G$-spaces, $H$-spaces and $W$-spaces
Numerical invariants of homotopies into spheres
On a space between $BH$ and $B_\infty$
On the structure of $B_{\infty}(F),\,F$ a stable space
Sieradski, Allan
Twisted self-homotopy equivalences
Sierksma, Gerard
Carathéodory and Helly-numbers of convex-product-structures
Sierra, Susan
Maps from the enveloping algebra of the positive Witt algebra to regular algebras
Silberbush, Paul
Order of the identity of the stable summands of $\Omega^{2k}S^{2n+1}$
Sills, William
On absolutely continuous functions and the well-bounded operator
The Abel summability of conjugate multiple Fourier-Stieltjes integrals
Silva, Márcio
A free boundary isoperimetric problem in hyperbolic 3-space between parallel horospheres
Silva, Pedro C.
On regular holonomic systems with solutions ramified along $y^k=x^n$
Silva, Sergio
On isometric and conformal rigidity of submanifolds
Silver, Daniel
A generalized Burau representation for string links
Silver, Murray
On extremal figures admissible relative to rectangular lattices
Silverman, Edward
An intrinsic inequality for Lebesgue area
Morrey's representation theorem for surfaces in metric spaces
Set functions associated with Lebesgue area
Silverman, Herbert
Convexity theorems for subclasses of univalent functions
Locally univalent functions and coefficient distortions
Silverman, Joseph
$S$-integer points on elliptic curves
A quantitative estimate for quasi-integral points in orbits
Good reduction and Shafarevich-type theorems for dynamical systems with portrait level structures
Silverman, Robert
Silverman, Ruth
Decomposition of plane convex sets. I
Decomposition of plane convex sets. II. Sets associated with a width function
On starshaped sets and Helly-type theorems
Silvestre, Ana
Existence of time-periodic solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations around a moving body
Silvia, Evelyn
Locally univalent functions and coefficient distortions
Simeonov, Plamen C.
The spectrum of an integral operator in weighted $L_2$ spaces
Simmons, Harold
The solution of a decision problem for several classes of rings
Simmons, William
Explicit polynomial bounds on prime ideals in polynomial rings over fields
Simon, Barry
Pointwise domination of matrices and comparison of $\mathscr{I}_{p}$ norms
Schrödinger semigroups on the scale of Sobolev spaces
Simon, Jacques C. H.
Nonlinear representations of Poincaré group and global solutions of relativistic wave equations
Simon, Jonathan
Knot groups in $S^{4}$ with nontrivial homology
Wirtinger approximations and the knot groups of $F^{n}$ in $S^{n+2}$
Simon, K.
Hausdorff dimension of limit sets for parabolic IFS with overlaps
Simon, Leon
Equations of mean curvature type in $2$ independent variables
Regularity of capillary surfaces over domains with corners
Simone, Joseph
Metric components of continuous images of ordered compacta
Simonič, Aleksander
A construction of Lomonosov functions and applications to the invariant subspace problem
Simons, Stephen
A convergence theorem with boundary
A theorem on lattice ordered groups, results of Ptak, Namioka and Banach, and a front-ended proof of Lebesgue's theorem
Maximinimax, minimax, and antiminimax theorems and a result of R. C. James
The iterated limit condition and sequential convergence
Simpson, Carlos
Irreducibility of the moduli space of stable vector bundles of rank two and odd degree on a very general quintic surface
Simpson, James E.
Dilations on locally convex spaces
Nilpotency and spectral operators
Sims, Brailey
Geometrical implications of upper semi-continuity of the duality mapping on a Banach space
Simson, Daniel
Endo-wild representation type and\\generic representations of finite posets
Pure-periodicmodules and a structure of pure-projective resolutions
Sinal, Fred
A homeomorphism classification of wildly imbedded two-spheres in $S^{3}$
Sinclair, Allan
Eigenvalues in the boundary of the numerical range
Equivariant completely bounded operators
On the vanishing of $H^n({\mathscr{A}},{\mathscr{A}}^*)$ for certain $C^*$-algebras
Sinclair, Annette
$\vert \varepsilon (z)\vert $-closeness of approximation
A general solution for a class of approximation problems
Strong Carleman and strong uniform approximation
Sinclair, Thomas
Games and elementary equivalence of II_1 factors
Sine, Robert
Geometric theory of a single Markov operator
On local uniform mean convergence for Markov operators
Spectral decomposition of a class of operators
Sinelshchikov, Sergey D.
Regularization of actions of groups and groupoids on measured equivalence relations
Singal, M. K.
More sum theorems for topological spaces
On the locally countable sum theorem
Singare, S. M.
Discrete generalized Gronwall inequalities in three independent variables
Singer, Isadore
The geometric interpretation of a special connection
Three test problems in operator theory
Singer, Ivan
Multipliers and unconditional convergence of biorthogonal expansions
On $k$-shrinking and $k$-boundedly complete bases in Banach spaces
Weak Chebyshev subspaces and alternation
Singer, Michael
Elementary solutions of differential equations
Moduli of linear differential equations on the Riemann sphere with fixed Galois groups
Singer, Stephanie
Loop algebras, gauge invariants and a new completely integrable system
Singh, Anurag
Veronese subrings and tight closure
Singh, Kamla
Strong cyclic, parabolic and conical differentiability
Singh, O. P.
Finite Hankel transforms of distributions
Singh, Sankatha
On a fixed point theorem of Krasnoselskii for locally convex spaces
Singh, S. R.
Some convergence properties of the Bubnov-Galerkin method
Singh, Surjeet
$(hnp)$-rings over which every module admits a basic submodule
Rings in which every right ideal is quasi-injective
Rings whose proper cyclic modules are quasi-injective
Rings with quasi-projective left ideals
Singh, V. N.
A note on the computation of Alder's polynomials
Certain generalized hypergeometric identities of the Rogers-Ramanujan type
Certain generalized hypergeometric identities of the Rogers-Ramanujan type. II
Singh, Vashishtha
Reproducing kernels and operators with a cyclic vector. I
Singh, Vikramaditya
Interior variations and some extremal problems for certain classes of univalent functions
On the number of singular points, located on the unit circle, of certain functions represented by $C$-fractions
Valence properties of the solution of a differential equation
Singhal, J. P.
A class of bilateral generating functions for certain classical polynomials
Sinha, Indranand
Certain representations of infinite group algebras
Characteristic ideals in group algebras
Reduction of sets of matrices to a triangular form
Sinha, Kalyan
Dilation of Markovian cocycleson \\ a von Neumann algebra
Sinkhorn, Richard
Concerning nonnegative matrices and doubly stochastic matrices
Sinnamon, Gordon
The $D$-topology for diffeological spaces
Sion, Maurice
A characterization of weak$^{\ast}$ convergence
A representation theorem for measures on infinite dimensional spaces
Inverse systems of group-valued measures
Sipe, Patricia
Families of Riemann surfaces over the punctured disk
Sire, Yannick
Some elliptic PDEs on Riemannian manifolds with boundary
Sirois-Dumais, R.
Quotient-universal sequential spaces
Sirvent, Victor
Self-affine tiling via substitution dynamical systems and Rauzy fractals
Sisto, Alessandro
Hierarchically hyperbolic spaces II: Combination theorems and the distance formula
Sit, Cho
Quotients of complete multipartite graphs
Sitaram, Alladi
An analogue of Hardy's theorem for very rapidly decreasingfunctions on semi-simple Lie groups
An analogue of the Wiener-Tauberian theorem for spherical transforms on semisimple Lie groups
Analogues of the Wiener-Tauberian and Schwartz theorems for radial functions on symmetric spaces
Hardy's Uncertainty Principle \\ on semisimple groups
On an analogue of the Wiener Tauberian theorem for symmetric spaces of the noncompact type
Some remarks on measures on noncompact semisimple Lie groups
Spherical mean periodic functions on semisimple Lie groups
The spherical mean value operator for compact symmetric spaces
Sitaramachandra Rao, R.
On some infinite series of L. J. Mordell and their analogues
Transformation formulae for multiple series
Siu, Yum-Tong
Analytic sheaf cohomology groups of dimension $n$ of $n$-dimensional noncompact complex manifolds
Sivatski, Alexander
Linked triples of quaternion algebras
On rational points of certain affine hypersurfaces
Siwiec, Francis
On defining a space by a weak base
Sizemore, James
Unique prime decomposition results for factors coming from wreath product groups
Sjamaar, Reyer
A \hskip.1em de Rham theorem for symplectic quotients
Sjerve, Denis
$3$-manifolds with subgroups $Z \oplus Z \oplus Z $ in their fundamental groups
Duality and cohomology for one-relator groups
On regular coverings of $3$-manifolds by homology $3$-spheres
Sjödin, Tord
Capacities of compact sets in linear subspaces of $R^{n}$
Sjögren, Peter
Convergence for the square root of the Poisson kernel
Skaff, Michael
Vector valued Orlicz spaces generalized $N$-functions. I
Vector valued Orlicz spaces. II
Skalski, Adam
On MASAs in q-deformed von Neumann algebras
Skandalis, Georges
Toeplitz algebras associated with endomorphisms\\and Pimsner--Voiculescu exact sequences
Skerry, H.
On matrix maps of entire sequences
Skibinsky, Morris
On the characterization of an interesting property of the arcsin distribution
Skinner, Christopher
Multiplicative reduction and the cyclotomic main conjecture for GL_2
The Diophantine equation $x^2=4q^n-4q+1$
Skipper, Rachel
Commensurability growth of branch groups
Skjelbred, Tor
Combinatorial geometry and actions of compact Lie groups
Skjelnes, Roy
An elementary, explicit, proof of the existence of Quot schemes of points
Sklar, Abe
The metrization of statistical metric spaces
Skordev, Guentcho
Borsuk-Ulam theorem, fixed point index and chain approximations for maps with multiplicity
Fixed point index and chain approximations
Skoufranis, Paul
A combinatorial approach to Voiculescu's bi-free partial transforms
Skoug, David
A simple formula for conditional Wiener integrals with applications
Conditional Wiener integrals. II
Distribution estimates of barrier-crossing probabilities of the Yeh-Wiener process
Feynman integrals of non-factorable finite-dimensional functionals
Generalized Ilstow and Feynman integrals
Notes on the Feynman integral. I
Notes on the Feynman integral. III. The Schroedinger equation
Operator-valued Feynman integrals of finite-dimensional functionals
Operator-valued Feynman integrals via conditional Feynman integrals
Scale-invariant measurability in Wiener space
The Feynman integral of quadratic potentials depending on two time variables
Wiener integrals over the sets bounded by sectionally continuous barriers
Skwarczyński, Maciej
A representation of a bounded function as infinite product in a domain with Bergman-Shilov boundary surface
Slack, Michael
On the odd primary cohomology of higher projective planes
Sładek, Andrzej
Direct limits of finite spaces of orderings
Witt rings of complete skew fields
Śladkowska, J.
Bounds of analytic functions of two complex variables in domains with the Bergman-Shilov boundary
Slater, Morton
A class of linear differential-difference equations
A permanent inequality for positive functions on the unit square
On the equation $\varphi(x)=\int_x^{x+1}K(\xi)f[\varphi(\xi)]\,d\xi$
Slater, Peter
Permutations of the positive integers with restrictions on the sequence of differences
Permutations of the positive integers with restrictions on the sequence of differences. II
Sleijpen, Gerard
A note on measures on foundation semigroups with weakly compact orbits
Slepian, David
The content of some extreme simplexes
Slepian, Paul
On the Lebesgue area of a doubled map
Sloan, Alan
A note on exponentials of distributions
Slocum, Richard
Using brick partitionings to establish conditions which insure that a Peano continuum is a $2$-cell, a $2$-sphere or an annulus
Slodkowski, Zbigniew
Pseudoconvex classes of functions. I. Pseudoconcave and pseudoconvex sets
Pseudoconvex classes of functions. II. Affine pseudoconvex classes on $R^N$
Sloss, James
Chebyshev approximation to zero
Global reflection for a class of simple closed curves
Reflection and approximation by interpolation along the boundary for analytic functions
Reflection laws of systems of second order elliptic differential equations in two independent variables with constant coefficients
Reflection of biharmonic functions across analytic boundary conditions with examples
The bending of space curves into piecewise helical curves
Small, Charles
Normal bases for quadratic extensions
Small, Lance
Generalized reductive algebras\\and a quantum example
Integrality of subrings of matrix rings
Inversion invariant additive subgroups of division rings
Regular elements in $\mathrm{P}.\mathrm{I}.$-rings
Smallen, David
The group of self-equivalences of certain complexes
Smart, D.
Fixed points in a class of sets
Smiley, William
On the group of permutations with countable support
Smith, David
On fixed points of automorphisms of classical Lie algebras
Smith, Dean
On the Cohen-Macaulay property in commutative algebra and simplicial topology
Smith, Douglas
On the number of finitely generated $0$-groups
Smith, Eric
The Garabedian function of an arbitrary compact set
Smith, Graham
Eternal forced mean curvature flows II - Existence
Smith, Hal
A discrete Lyapunov function for a class of linear differential equations
A note on disconjugacy for second order systems
Smith, Harry
Equivalent nilpotencies in certain generalized right alternative rings
Smith, Ivan
Symplectic submanifolds from surface fibrations
Smith, J. R.
Smith, J.
A homology spectral sequence for submersions
Fiber homology and orientability of maps
Smith, Jack
Smith, James
Examples concerning sum properties for metric-dependent dimension functions
Smith, James
On some classes of scalar-product algebras
The $p$-classes of an $H^{\ast}$-algebra
Smith, James
Local domains with topologically $T$-nilpotent radical
Smith, Jerrod
Local unitary periods and relative discrete series
Smith, John
On $S$-units almost generated by $S$-units of subfields
Smith, Justin
Complements of codimension-two submanifolds. III. Cobordism theory
Topological realizations of chain complexes. II. The rational case
Smith, Kirby
On semisimple rings that are centralizer near-rings
Smith, Lawrence
A note on annihilator ideals of complex bordism classes
Hilbert-Kunz invariants and Euler characteristic polynomials
On ideals in $\Omega^{U}_\ast $
Realizing certain polynomial algebras as cohomology rings of spaces of finite type fibered over $\times BU(d)$
The rational homotopy of a wedge
Smith, Mark
MLUR renormings of Banach spaces
Normal structure in Bochner $L^p$-spaces
Products of Banach spaces that are uniformly rotund in every direction
Smith, Michel
Generating large indecomposable continua
Large indecomposable continua with only one composant
Smith, Patrick
Decomposing modules into projectives and injectives
Smith, Philip
Characterization of a function by certain infinite series it generates
Smith, R. J.
A determinant in continuous rings
Smith, Robert S.
On the distributivity of the lattice of filters of a groupoid
Smith, Roger
The $R$-Borel structure on a Choquet simplex
Smith, Roy
A Riemann singularities theorem for Prym theta divisors, with applications
On the geometry of two dimensional Prym varieties
Smith, S. W.
Cone relationships of biorthogonal systems
Smith, Sholto
Non-commutative geometry of homogenized quantum $\mathfrak{sl}(2,\mathbb{C})$
Smith, Tara
Generalized Clifford-Littlewood-Eckmann groups
Generalized Clifford-Littlewood-Eckmann groups II: Linear representations and applications
Smith, V. M.
On a characterization using random sums
Smith, V. Merriline
Smith, Walter
On the elementary renewal theorem for non-identically distributed variables
On the weak law of large numbers and the generalized elementary renewal theorem
Smith, William
Weak integral convergence theorems and operator measures
Smithson, Raymond
A common fixed point theorem for nested spaces
Characterizations of arboroids and dendritic spaces
Correction to: ``Some general properties of multi-valued functions''
Fixed point theorems for acyclic and dendritic spaces
Fixed points in partially ordered sets
Some general properties of multi-valued functions
Subcontinuity for multifunctions
The fixed point property for arcwise connected spaces: a correction
Uniform convergence for multifunctions
Smolinsky, Lawrence
A combinatorial matrix in $3$-manifold theory
Smucker, Russel
Smyrlis, George
On nonlinear nonhomogeneous resonant Dirichlet equations
Snader, Jon
Strongly analytic subspaces and strongly decomposable operators
Snaith, Victor
Three remarks on symmetric products and symmetric maps
Snapper, Ernst
Inflation and deflation for all dimensions
Snay, Richard
Decompositions of $E^{3}$ into points and countably many flexible dendrites
Snider, Robert
On the von Neumann regularity of rings with regular prime factor rings
The zero divisor conjecture for some solvable groups
Snyder, A. K.
Universal interpolating sets and the Nevanlinna-Pick property in Banach spaces of functions
Snyder, William
Imaginary quadratic fields$k$ with ${\mathbf Cl}_2 (k) \simeq (2,2^m)$ and rank ${\mathbf Cl}_2 (k^1) = 2$
On the unit group of some multiquadratic number fields
Snyder, David
On proper surjections with locally trivial Leray sheaves
Snyder, Larry
Stolz angle convergence in metric spaces
So, Bing Kwan
Regularity of analytic torsion form on families of normal coverings
So, Yong Sian
Soardi, Paolo M.
Schauder bases and fixed points of nonexpansive mappings
Soare, Robert
$d$-simple sets, small sets, and degree classes
Cohesive sets and recursively enumerable Dedekind cuts
Degrees of members of $\Pi^0_1$ classes
Soares, Helena
Sobczyk, Andrew
Sobolevski, Andrei
Droplet condensation and isoperimetric towers
Socrates, Jude
Unramified Hilbert modular forms,\\with examples relating to elliptic curves
Sogge, Christopher
On restriction theorems of maximal-type
Sohn, Woon-Ha
The study of real hypersurfaces with Ricci operators in $2$-dimensional complex space form
Sola, Alan
Cyclicity in Dirichlet-type spaces and extremal polynomials II: functions on the bidisk
Solanes Farrés, Gil
Focal sets in two dimensional space forms
Solel, Baruch
Coordinates for triangular operator algebras. II
The multiplicity functions of invariant subspaces for nonselfadjoint crossed products
Solleveld, Maarten
Langlands parameters, functoriality and Hecke algebras
Solomon, Bruce
Constant mean curvature, flux conservation, and symmetry
Solomon, Ronald
Finite groups with small unbalancing $2$-components
Solomyak, Boris
Hausdorff dimension of limit sets for parabolic IFS with overlaps
How likely is Buffon's needle to fall near a planar Cantor set?
Solonnikov, Vsevolod
On the solvability of boundary and initial-boundary value problems for the Navier-Stokes system in domains with noncompact boundaries
Sols Lucía, Ignacio
Rank-$2$ Fano bundles over a smooth quadric $Q_3$
Soltani, Fethi
Generalized Fock spaces and Weyl commutation relations for the Dunkl kernel
Solynin, Alexander Yu.
Area, width, and logarithmic capacity of~convex~sets
Soma, Teruhiko
Atoroidal, irreducible $3$-manifolds and $3$-fold branched coverings of $S^{3}$
Sombra, Martin
The geometry of the flex locus of a hypersurface
Sommervoll, Dag Einar
Rational curves on a complete intersection Calabi--Yau varietyin $\mathbb P^3\times\mathbb P^3$
Sommese, Andrew
Generic properties of the adjuction mapping for singular surfaces and applications
Son, Vuong Manh
Enveloping algebras of Lie groups with discrete series
Sondow, Jonathan
Nonlinear smooth representations of compact Lie groups
Song, Guang'ai
Quantization of Hamiltonian type Lie agebras
Song, Hyunjung
The study of real hypersurfaces with Ricci operators in $2$-dimensional complex space form
Song, Manli
A functional calculus and restriction theorem on H-type groups
Song, Minju
Extension of an analytic disc and domains in $\mathbb{C}^2$ with noncompact automorphism group
Song, Wei
The natural filtrations of finite-dimensional modular Lie superalgebras of Witt and Hamiltonian type
Song, Won Taek
The kernel of $\mathbf{Burau}(4)\otimes \mathbb{Z}_p$ is all pseudo-Anosov
Sonneborn, Lee
Sons, Linda
Zero distribution of functions with slow or moderate growth in the unit disc
Zeros of sums of series with Hadamard gaps
Sontag, Eduardo
Remarks on piecewise-linear algebra
Sorani, Giuliano
Cohomology groups associated with the $\partial \bar{\partial}$-operator
Søreng, Jan
Sørensen, Claus
Eigenvarieties and invariant norms
Local Langlands correspondence in rigid families
Sorgenfrey, R. H.
Closed and image-closed relations
Soria, Javier
Tent spaces over general approach regions and pointwise estimates
Sormani, Christina
Contrasting various notions of convergence in geometric analysis
Harmonic functions on manifolds with\\nonnegative Ricci curvature\\and linear volume growth
Sequences of open Riemannian manifolds with boundary
Sottile, Frank
The equivariant Chow rings of quot schemes
Souam, Rabah
On stability of capillary surfaces in a ball
Souchek, Julianne
Soudry, David
On The Multiplicity One Theorem for generic automorphic forms of GSp(4)
Soundararajan, T.
Pseudocompact group topologies and totally dense subgroups
Totally bounded group topologies and closed subgroups
Sourour, Ahmed
Characterization and order properties of pseudo-integral operators
On operator algebras containing cyclic Boolean algebras
Souto Menéndez, José M.
Souza, Thyago
A generalization of Maloo's theorem on freeness of derivation modules
Spain, P. G.
Boolean algebras of projections \& algebras of spectral operators
Spallone, Steven
Stable Trace Formulas and Discrete Series Multiplicities
Spanier, Edwin
Semigroups, Presburger formulas, and languages
Singular homology and cohomology with local coefficients and duality for manifolds
Tautness for Alexander-Spanier cohomology
Two remarks on fiber homotopy type
Spears, William
Semimodularity in the completion of a poset
Specht, William
A factorization theorem for $p$-constrained groups
Speh, Birgit
A Plancherel Formula for L^2(G/H) for almost symmetric subgroups
Speicher, Roland
Classification results for easy quantum groups
Convolution and limit theorems for conditionally free random variables
Maximality of the microstatesfree entropy for $R$-diagonal elements
Speiser, Robert
Determinantal criteria for transversality of morphisms
Spellman, Dennis
Test words, generic elements and almost primitivity
Spellmann, J. W.
Concerning the domains of generators of linear semigroups
Concerning the infinite differentiability of semigroup motions
Diagonal similarity of irreducible matrices to row stochastic matrices
Spencer, Armond
Maximal nonnormal chains in finite groups
Spencer, Joel
Directed graphs as unions of partial orders
Sperber, Steven
On solutions of differential equations which satisfy certain algebraic relations
p-adic variation of unit root L-functions
Speyer, Liron
Decomposable Specht modules indexed by bihooks
Spice, Loren
Fourier transforms of semisimple orbital integrals on the Lie algebra of SL2
Spicer, Donald
Group algebras of vector-valued functions
Spiegel, Eugene
On semi-simple group algebras. I
On semi-simple group algebras. II
Spielberg, John
Spielman, Anita
Proof of the Double Bubble Conjecture in $\mathbf{R^{4}}$ and certain higher dimensional cases
Spielman, Jeffrey
A characterization of the Gaussian distribution in a Hilbert space
Spiga, Pablo
Cherlin's conjecture for sporadic simple groups
Spikes, Paul
On the nonoscillation of perturbed functional-differential equations
Spinas, Otmar
Partitioning products of $\mathcal{P}(\omega)/\mathrm{fin}$
Spiro, Andrea F.
Factorization of proper holomorphic \\ mappings through Thullen domains
Spoar, Gary
Differentiability conditions and bounds on singular points
Differentiable curves of cyclic order four
Spodzieja, Stanisław
A geometric model of an arbitrary real closed field
Spreafico, Mauro
Zeta invariants for Dirichlet series
Sprinkle, H.
Two nonseparable complete metric spaces defined on $[0,\,1]$
Spurný, Jiří
On maximal Lindenstrauss spaces
Spurr, Michael
Branched coverings of surfaces with ample cotangent bundle
Squier, Donald
Elliptic differential equations with discontinuous coefficients
Srebro, Uri
Sribala, S.
On $\Sigma $-inverse semigroups
Sridharan, Ramaiyengar
Homological dimension of Ore-extensions
Srinivasacharyulu, K.
Correction to: ``Topology of some Kähler manifolds''
Topology of some Kähler manifolds
Srinivasan, Bhama
On CRDAHA and finite general linear and unitary groups
Srinivasan, T. P.
Srivastava, Hari
A class of bilateral generating functions for certain classical polynomials
A multilinear generating function for the Konhauser sets of biorthogonal polynomials suggested by the Laguerre polynomials
A note on certain dual series equations involving Laguerre polynomials
A note on the Konhauser sets of biorthogonal polynomials suggested by the Laguerre polynomials
Fractional integration and inversion formulae associated with the generalized Whittaker transform
On the Konhauser sets of biorthogonal polynomials suggested by the Laguerre polynomials
Some biorthogonal polynomials suggested by the Laguerre polynomials
Some generalizations of Carlitz's theorem
Srivastava, K. N.
On an entire function of an entire function defined by Dirichlet series
On dual series relations involving Laguerre polynomials
Srivastava, Shraddha
Schur Algebras for the Alternating Group and Koszul Duality
Stacey, Andrew
Finite-dimensional subbundles of loop bundles
Stacey, Peter
On group algebras of central group extensions
Stack, Cora
Dimensions of nilpotent algebras over fields of prime characteristic
Stade, Eric
Weyl's law for $SL(3,\mathbb{Z}) \backslash SL(3,\mathbb{R}) / SO(3,\mathbb{R})$
Stafford, J.
Stafney, James
Analytic interpolation of certain multiplier spaces
Arens multiplication and convolution
Set approximation by lemniscates and the spectrum of an operator on an interpolation space
The spectrum of certain lower triangular matrices as operators on the $l_{p}$ spaces
Staic, Mihai
A quotient of the braid group related to pseudosymmetric braided categories
Staïkos, V. A.
Asymptotic properties of nonoscillatory solutions of differential equations with deviating argument
Stalley, Robert
A modified Schnirelmann density
Stamey, William
On generalized euclidean and non-euclidean spaces
Stampfli, Joseph
Minimal range theorems for operators with thin spectra
On selfadjoint derivation ranges
One-dimensional perturbations of operators
Which weighted shifts are subnormal
Standish, Charles
A class of measure preserving transformations
Stanford, Theodore
Braid commutators and Vassiliev invariants
Stanke, Ron
Szegő maps and highest weight representations
Stankiewicz, Jan
Differential inequalities and local valency
Stanley, Donald
Affine weakly regular tensor triangulated categories
Stanley, Richard
Stanoyevitch, Alexander
Equivalence of analytic and Sobolev Poincar\'e inequalities for planar domains
Stanton, Charles
Bounded analytic functions on a class of open Riemann surfaces
Stanton, Charles
Counting functions and majorization for Jensen measures
Stanton, Dennis
Bijective proofs of basic hypergeometric series identities
Stanton, Ralph
A map-theoretic approach to Davenport-Schinzel sequences
An upper bound for the period of the simple continued fraction for $\sqrt{D}$
Maximal and minimal coverings of $(k-1)$-tuples by $k$-tuples
Stanton, Robert
Stará, J.
On the regularity up to the boundary for second order nonlinear elliptic systems
Starbird, Michael
Stark, Betty Salzberg
Irreducible subgroups of orthogonal groups generated by groups of root type $I$
Stark, Christopher
Resolutions modeled on ternary trees
Stark, Jeremiah
Minimum problems in the theory of pseudo-conformal transformations and their application to estimation of the curvature of the invariant metric
On distortion in pseudo-conformal mapping
Stasheff, James
Staum, Richard
The algebra of bounded continuous functions into a nonarchimedean field
Stavrakas, N.
A note on starshaped sets, $(k)$-extreme points and the half ray property
Hyperspaces of compact convex sets
On the compactness of the hyperspace of faces
Stavroulakis, Ioannis
Nonoscillatory functional-differential equations
Optimal oscillation criteria for first order difference equations with delay argument
Stebe, Peter
Invariant functions of an iterative process for maximization of a polynomial
Steer, Brian
First order differential operators on a locally symmetric space
Spectral symmetry of the Dirac operator for compact and noncompact symmetric pairs
Ştefan, Marius B.
Indecomposability of free groupfactors over nonprime subfactors and abelian subalgebras
Stefanescu, Doru
On the generalized difference polynomials
Stefani, Davide
Stegel, Giovanni
Stegenga, David
Equivalence of analytic and Sobolev Poincar\'e inequalities for planar domains
Generic covering properties for spaces of analytic functions
Generic covering properties for spaces of analytic functions. II
Steger, Arthur
Diagonability of idempotent matrices
Some results on completability in commutative rings
Steger, Tim
Multiplicative functions on free groups and irreducible representations
Tensor products with anisotropic principal series representations of free groups
Steif, Jeffrey
An application of the very weak Bernoulli condition for amenable groups
Steif, Jeffrey E.
Higher-dimensional subshifts of finite type, factor maps and measures of maximal entropy
Stein, Alan
A mean value theorem for binary digits
Stein, Frederick
The approximation solution of $y^{\prime} =F(x,\,y)$
Stein, James
Homomorphisms of $B^{\ast}$-algebras
Homomorphisms of semi-simple algebras
Some aspects of automatic continuity
The open mapping theorem for spaces with unique segments
Two uniform boundedness theorems
Stein, P.
On the numerical solution of Poisson's equation over a rectangle
Stein, Sherman
Abelian groups and packing by semicrosses
The symmetry function in a convex body
Transversals of Latin squares and their generalizations
Stein, William
A mod five approach to modularity of icosahedral Galois representations
Steinbach, Anja
Generalized quadrangles weakly embedded of degree $2$ in projective space
Steinberg, Benjamin
A topological approach toinverse and regular semigroups
Steinberg, Leon
Enumeration of the quasisimplicial $3$-spheres and $4$-polytopes with eight vertices
The complete enumeration of the $4$-polytopes and $3$-spheres with eight vertices
Steinberg, Robert
Analytic proof of the Lindemann theorem
Automorphisms of classical Lie algebras
Eigenvalues of the unitary part of a matrix
Finite subgroups of $SU_2$, Dynkin diagrams and affine Coxeter elements
The simplicity of certain groups
Variations on a theme of Chevalley
Steinberg, Stuart
Rings of quotients of rings without nilpotent elements
Steinburg, Neil
Isoperimetric Surfaces with Boundary II
Steiner, Eugene
Normal structure in Banach spaces
Steinhauer, Mark
On existence of a classical solution to a generalized Kelvin-Voigt model
Steinke, John
Local restrictions on nonpositively curved $n$-manifolds in ${\mathbf R}^{n+p}$
Steinlein, Heinrich
Some abstract generalizations of the Ljusternik-Schnirelmann-Borsuk covering theorem
Stella, Salvatore
Initial-seed recursions and dualities for d-vectors
Stembridge, John
On the eigenvalues of representations of reflection groups and wreath products
Stensholt, Eivind
An application of Steinberg's construction of twisted groups
Stepanov, Eugene
Droplet condensation and isoperimetric towers
Stephenson, Kenneth
Generic covering properties for spaces of analytic functions
Generic covering properties for spaces of analytic functions. II
Stephenson, Robert
Minimal first countable Hausdorff spaces
Pseudocompact and Stone-Weierstrass product spaces
Stepp, James
Automorphisms of the semigroup of finite complexes of a periodic locally cyclic group
Locally compact Clifford semigroups
Sterling, Daniel
Coverings of algebraic groups and Lie algebras of classical type
Sterling, Ivan
A generalization of a theorem of Delaunay to rotational $W$-hypersurfaces of $\sigma_l$-type in $H^{n+1}$ and $S^{n+1}$
An Explicit Formula for the Spherical Curves with Constant Torsion
Stern, Frederick
An estimate for Wiener integrals connected with squared error in a Fourier series approximation
Stern, J. L.
Stern, Ronald J.
Stern, Ronald
Nonsymplectic $4$-manifolds with one basic class
Sternbach, Leonard
On $k$-shrinking and $k$-boundedly complete basic sequences and quasi-reflexive spaces
Sternfeld, Y.
A fixed point theorem in $c_{0}$
Stessin, Michael
Submodules of the Hardy space over polynomial algebras
Stetkaer, Henrik
A factorization theorem for analytic functions operating in a Banach algebra
Stevenson, Edith
Integral representations of algebraic cohomology classes on hypersurfaces
Stevenson, Greg
Derived categories of representations of small categories over commutative noetherian rings
Stevenson, Katherine
Finite quotients of the algebraic fundamental group of projective curves in positive characteristic
Stewart, B. M.
Asymmetry of a plane convex set with respect to its centroid
Stewart, Cameron
On divisors of sums of integers. III
On divisors of sums of integers. V
Stewart, Patrick
A ``going down'' theorem for certain reflected radicals
A sheaf theoretic representation of rings with Boolean orthogonalities
Stiel, Edsel
Isometric immersions of manifolds of nonnegative constant sectional curvature
Stiénon, Mathieu
Generalized complex submanifolds
Stille, Michael
Test words, generic elements and almost primitivity
Stiller, Peter
Monodromy and invariants of elliptic surfaces
On the uniformization of certain curves
The Picard numbers of elliptic surfaces with many symmetries
Stipsicz, András
Maps on 3-manifolds given by surgery
Notes on the contact Ozsvath-Szabo invariants
On invariants for Legendrian knots
Stitzinger, Ernest
A nonimbedding theorem of associative algebras
Engel's theorem for a class of algebras
Frattini subalgebras of a class of solvable Lie algebras
On saturated formations of solvable Lie algebras
Stob, Michael
Invariance of properties under automorphisms of the lattice of recursively enumerable sets
Stoddart, Arthur
Stoimenow, Alexander
Graphs, determinants of knots and hyperbolic volume
The crossing number and maximal bridgelength of a knot diagram
Stolarsky, Kenneth
Mapping properties, growth, and uniqueness of Vieta (infinite cosine) products
The sum of the distances to $N$ points on a sphere
The sum of the distances to certain pointsets on the unit circle
Stoll, Wilhelm
On the propagation of dependences
Stoller, Gerald
The convergence-preserving rearrangements of real infinite series
Stoltenberg, R. A.
A note on $p$-spaces and Moore spaces
Stone, A. H.
Incidence relations in multicoherent spaces. III
Quotients of the space of irrationals
Stone, Andrew
Evolutionary existence proofs for the pendant drop and $n$-dimensional catenary problems
Stone, David
Torsion-free and divisible modules over matrix rings
Stone, Richard
Stong, Richard
Four manifold topology and groups of polynomial growth
The Jones polynomial of parallels and applications to crossing number
Stong, Robert
Stiefel-Whitney classes of manifolds
Storer, Thomas
Combinatorial structures in loops. II. Commutative inverse property cyclic neofields of prime-power order
Storey, Charles
Størmer, Erling
A completely positive map associated with a positive map
Asymptotic lifts of positive linear maps
Automorphisms and equivalence in von Neumann algebras
Normal states of type III factors
On anti-automorphisms of von Neumann algebras
Stormes, James
On the $KO$-orientability of complex projective varieties
Storrer, Hans H.
Storvick, David
Two related integrals over spaces of continuous functions
Story, Donald
A characterization of the local Radon-Nikodým property by tensor products
Stós, Andrzej
Transition density estimates for stable processes on symmetric spaces
Stothers, Walter
Remarks on a theorem of L. Greenberg on the modular group
Stout, Edgar
Additional results on modules over polydisc algebras
Continuous families of nonnegative divisors
Some remarks on varieties in polydiscs and bounded holomorphic functions
The second Cousin problem with bounded data
Stover, Matthew
Arithmeticity of complex hyperbolic triangle groups
Šťovíček, Jan
Strait, Peggy
Level crossing probabilities for a multi-parameter Brownian process
On the maximum and minimum of partial sums of random variables
Sample function regularity for Gaussian processes with the parameter in a Hilbert space
Strake, Martin
Ricci curvature and volume growth
Stralka, Albert
Compact, distributive lattices of finite breadth
Semilattices having bialgebraic congruence lattices
The congruence extension property for compact topological lattices
Strambach, Karl
Lie's fundamental theorems for local analytical loops
Strano, Rosario
Azumaya algebras over Hensel rings
Strantzalos, Polychronis
Properness, Cauchy-indivisibility and the Weil completion of a group of isometries
Strikt fast gleichgradig-stetige und eigentliche Aktionen
Strasser, Elvira
On the defining relations of a free product
Stratmann, Bernd
Metrical diophantine analysis for tame parabolic iterated function systems
Straube, Emil
Complex tangential flows and compactness of the d-bar-Neumann operator
Orthogonal projections onto subspaces of the harmonic Bergman space
Straus, Ernst
Binomial coefficients whose products are perfect $k$th powers
Curvature in Hilbert geometries
Curvature in Hilbert geometries. II
Divisors of polynomials and power series with positive coefficients
Infinite sums in algebraic structures
Infinitely integer-valued polynomials over an algebraic number field
On characterizations and integrals of generalized numerical ranges
On linear independence of sequences in a Banach space
On the approximation of a function of several variables by the sum of functions of fewer variables
On the determination of numbers by their sums of a fixed order
On the determination of sets by the sets of sums of a certain order
On the irrationality of certain series
On the number of absolute points of a correlation
Relations between the maximum modulus and maximum term of entire functions
Remark on the preceding paper: ``Ideals in near rings of polynomials over a field''
Remark on the preceding paper. Algebraic equations satisfied by roots of natural numbers
Representation of a point of a set as sum of transforms of boundary points
Strauss, Walter
On continuity of functions with values in various Banach spaces
Scattering for non-linear wave equations
Strawther, D.
Orthogonally additive and orthogonally increasing functions on vector spaces
Stray, Arne
A scheme for approximating bounded analytic functions on certain subsets of the unit disc
An approximation theorem for subalgebras of $H_{\infty}$
Approximation and interpolation
Approximation and interpolation for some spaces of analytic functions in the unit disc
Interpolating Blaschke products
Interpolation by analytic functions
Interpolation sets for analytic functions
Interpolation sets for uniform algebras
Nevanlinna's coefficients and Douglas algebras
Pointwise bounded approximation by functions satisfying a side condition
Two applications of the Schur-Nevanlinna algorithm
Strebel, Ralph
Groups of PL-homeomorphisms admitting non-trivial invariant characters
Strecker, George
Semi-universal maps and universal initial completions
Street, Ross
Strichartz, Robert
Dirichlet forms on the Sierpi\'nski gasket
Isometric isomorphisms of measure algebras
The Laplacian on the Sierpinski gasket via the method of averages
Stringall, Robert
Endomorphism rings of primary abelian groups
Stroeker, Roelof
Reduction of elliptic curves over imaginary quadratic number fields
Stroescu, Elena
Isometric dilations of contractions on Banach spaces
Stroethoff, Karel
Bourgain algebras on the unit disk
Ströh, Anton
A Riesz theory in von Neumann algebras
Ströhmer, Gerhard
About compressible viscous fluid flow in a bounded region
Stromberg, Karl
Jessen's theorem on Riemann sums for locally compact groups
Strong, Joshua
Iterated automorphism orbits of bounded convex domains in Cn
Stroppel, Catharina
Blocks of the category of cuspidal sp(2n)-modules
Cellular structures using Uq-tilting modules
Stroyan, Keith
A characterization of the Mackey uniformity $m(L^{\infty},$ $L^{1})$ for finite measures
Studenmund, Daniel
Commensurability growth of branch groups
Commensurators of solvable S-arithmetic groups
Stuelpnagel, John
Euclidean fiberings of solvmanifolds
Stuth, C. J.
On partial homomorphisms of semigroups
On the structure of commutative periodic semigroups
Stux, Ivan
A mean value theorem for binary digits
Distribution of squarefree integers in non-linear sequences
Su, Guangxiang
Burghelea-Haller analytic torsion for twisted de Rham complexes
Regularity of analytic torsion form on families of normal coverings
Su, Hongbing
Classification of direct limits of generalized Toeplitz algebras
Su, Li
Algebraic properties of certain rings of continuous functions
Homomorphisms of near-rings of continuous functions
Rings of analytic functions on any subset of the complex plane
Wallman compactifications on $E$-completely regular spaces
Su, Xiaole
Su, XunLi
The measures of asymmetry for coproducts of convex bodies
Su, Yucai
Modules for the core of EALAs of type A1 with coordinates in rank 2 quantum tori
Quantization of Hamiltonian type Lie agebras
Suárez, Daniel
Closed commutants of the backward shift operator
Generalized rational convexity in Banach algebras
Suárez-Peiró, Eva
A Schl\"afli differential formula for simplices in semi-riemannian hyperquadrics, Gauss-Bonnet formulas for simplices in the\\ de Sitter sphere and the dual volume of a hyperbolic simplex
Subba Rao, M. V.
Congruence properties of $\sigma_{r}(N)$
On some infinite series of L. J. Mordell and their analogues
On the density of $(k,\,r)$ integers
On two congruences for primality
Some Rogers-Ramanujan type partition theorems
Transformation formulae for multiple series
Subbarao, M. V.
Some summations of $q$-series by telescoping
Subrahmanyam, P. V.
Altman's contractors and fixed points of multivalued mappings
Subramanian, H.
Subramanian, Ramachandran
On a generalization of martingales due to Blake
Subramanian, S.
Connections onprincipal bundles over curves in positive characteristics
Suchan, Gerald
Concerning the minimum of permanents on doubly stochastic circulants
Sucheston, Louis
On the ratio ergodic theorem for semi-groups
Suciu, Alexander
The oriented homotopy type of spun $3$-manifolds
Sudderth, William
Sudler, C.
An upper bound for the period of the simple continued fraction for $\sqrt{D}$
Sudo, Masaki
Some forms of odd degree for which the Hasse principle fails
Suffridge, Ted
Biholomorphic maps in Hilbert space have a fixed point
Close-to-starlike holomorphic functions of several variables
Starlike and convex maps in Banach spaces
The principle of subordination applied to functions of several variables
Suh, Dong Youp
Smith equivalence for finite abelian groups
Topological classification of quasitoric manifolds with the second Betti number 2
Suh, Sungwoo
The space of real parts of algebras of Fourier transforms
Suh, Tae-il
Algebras formed by the Zorn vector matrix
Sujatha, Ramdorai
Level and Witt groups of real Enriques surfaces
Sukla, Indulata
Generalization of a theorem of McFadden
Sukochev, Fedor
Disjointification inequalities in symmetric quasi-Banach spaces and their applications
Invariant Banach limits and applications to noncommutative geometry
Sullivan, Francis
Projecting onto cycles in smooth, reflexive Banach spaces
Sullivan, John
A proof of the finite generation of invariants of a normal subgroup
On the geometry of extensions of irreducible modules for simple algebraic groups
The Euler character and cancellation theorems for Weyl modules
The second Lie algebra cohomology group and Weyl modules
Universal observability and codimension one subgroups of Borel subgroups
Sultan, Alan
On regular extensions of measures
Regular lattice measures: mappings and spaces
Sumesh, K.
Regular representations of completely bounded maps
Summerhill, Ralph
Unknotting cones in the topological category
Summers, William
Weakly almost periodic semigroups of operators
Sumners, De Witt
On embeddings of $1$-dimensional compacta in a hyperplane in $E^{4}$
Sun, Ao
Compactness of constant mean curvature surfaces in a three-manifold with positive Ricci curvature
Sun, Binyong
Conjugacy and element-conjugacy of homomorphisms of compact Lie groups
Dual pairs and contragredients of irreducible representations
Sun, Hongbin
On slope genera of knotted tori in the 4-space
Sun, Hongwei
Sun, Huafei
Spacelike hypersurfaces with constant conformal sectional curvature in $\mathbb{R}^{n+1}_1$
Sun, Jiacheng
Rigidity of Hawking mass for surfaces in three manifolds
Sun, Jun
Gradient estimates for positive solutions of the heat equation under geometric flow
Sun, Xidian
On curves and polygons with the equiangular chord property
Sun, Yuhua
Nonexistence results for systems of elliptic and parabolic differential inequalities in exterior domains of $\mathbb{R}^n$
Uniqueness result on nonnegative solutions of a large class of differential inequalities on Riemannian manifolds
Sun, Zhi-Wei
Values of Bernoulli polynomials
Sund, Terje
Automorphisms of locally compact groups
Sundaresan, Kondagunta
$L$-orthogonally scattered measures
Geometry and nonlinear analysis in Banach spaces
On the strict and uniform convexity of certain Banach spaces
Sundari, Maddala
An analogue of Hardy's theorem for very rapidly decreasingfunctions on semi-simple Lie groups
Hardy's Uncertainty Principle \\ on semisimple groups
Sunday, Daniel
The self-equivalences of an $H$-space
Sundberg, Carl
Contractive zero-divisors in Bergman spaces
Isolation amongst the composition operators
The rate of growth of the number of prime alternating links and tangles
Sunder, Viakalathur
Flatness and fusion coefficients
On the nonoccurrence of the Coxeter graphs $\beta_{2n+1},\ D_{2n+1}$ and $E_7$ as the principal graph of an inclusion of $\mathrm{II}_1$ factors
Stochastic integration in Fock space
Unitary equivalence to integral operators
Sung, Chiung-Jue
A note on P-harmonic $l$-forms on complete manifolds
Dimension estimate of harmonic forms on complete manifolds
The space of harmonic p forms of complete manifolds with weighted Poincaré inequality
Suppes, Patrick
Chains of infinite order and their application to learning theory
Correction to: Chains of infinite order and their application to learning theory
Transformations of systems of relativistic particle mechanics
Sureau, Yves
Les cogroupes et la construction de Utumi
Suryanarayana, D.
On a theorem of Apostol concerning Möbius functions of order $k$
On the distribution of some generalized square-full integers
Suryanarayana, Manda
A Sobolev space and a Darboux problem
On multidimensional integral equations of Volterra type
Suryanarayana, Ponnaluri
The higher order differentiability of solutions of abstract evolution equations
Sutherland, Colin
Actions of discrete amenable groups on injective factors of type $\mathrm{III}_\lambda,\;\lambda\neq 1$
Takesaki's duality for regular extensions of von Neumann algebras
Type analysis of the regular representation of a nonunimodular group
Sutton, Louise
Decomposable Specht modules indexed by bihooks
Suyambulingom, C.
Correction to: ``Some renewal theorems concerning a sequence of correlated random variables''
Ordered cycle lengths in a random permutation
Some renewal theorems concerning a sequence of correlated random variables
Suzuki, Haruo
Central $S^1$-extensions of symplectic groupoids and the Poisson classes
Suzuki, Masaaki
The generalized Schwarz lemma for the Bergman metric
The intrinsic metrics on the circular domains in $\mathbf{C}^{n}$
Suzuki, Masuo
Continuation of holomorphic mappings, with values in a complex Lie group
Suzuki, Miyu
A Casselman-Shalika formula for the generalized Shalika model of \mathrm{SO}_{4n}
Suzuki, Takashi
A note on the moving sphere method
Oscillatory theorem and pendent liquid drops
Svirsky, Roman
Maximally resonant potentials subject to $p$-norm constraints
On minimal and maximal eigenvalue gaps and their causes
Swaminathan, Srinivasa
Continuous selections and realcompactness
Swan, Richard
$n$-generator ideals in Prüfer domains
Factorization of polynomials over finite fields
Swanepoel, Konrad
Three-dimensional antipodal and norm-equilateral sets
Swann, Andrew
Curvature of special almost hermitian manifolds
Swanson, Charles
Asymptotic estimates for limit circle problems
Asymptotic estimates for limit point problems
Asymptotic perturbation series for characteristic value problems
Comparison theorems for elliptic differential systems
Conjugate points for nonlinear differential equations
Criteria for oscillatory sublinear Schrödinger equations
Global positive solutions of semilinear elliptic problems
Oscillation criteria for elliptic equations
Pairs of positive solutions of quasilinear elliptic equations in exterior domains
Swanson, Irena
Explicit Hilbert-Kunz functions of 2x2 determinantal rings
Swanson, Laif
Generators of factors of Bernoulli shifts
Swanson, Richard
Conjugacy class structure of smooth hyperbolic sectors
Minimal sets of periods for torus maps via Nielsen numbers
Swardson, Mary Anne
Strong integral summability and the Stone-Čech compactification of the half-line
Swart, Johan
A Riesz theory in von Neumann algebras
Swarup, Gadde
Sweedler, Moss
Right derivations and right differential operators
Sweeney, William
``The $\delta $-Poincaré estimate''
Sweers, Guido
Existence and uniqueness of solutions on bounded domains to a FitzHugh--Nagumo type elliptic system
Nonexistence of local minima of supersolutions for the circular clamped plate
Sweet, Lowell
Four-dimensional homogeneous algebras
Three dimensional homogeneous algebras
Sweezy, Caroline
$L$-harmonic functions and the exponential square class
Swenson, Carl
Direct sum subset decompositions of $Z$
Necessary and sufficient conditions for simple $A$-bases
Swerling, Peter
Families of transformations in the function spaces $H^p$
Świerczkowski, Stanisław
Cohomology of group germs and Lie algebras
Swift, Jonathan
Chains and graphs of Ostrom planes
Congruence subgroups of matrix groups
Swingle, P. M.
Another characterization of the $n$-sphere and related results
Symonds, Peter
Group actions on polynomialand power series rings
Localization in the classification of flat manifolds
Symonds, Robin
Rings whose proper cyclic modules are quasi-injective
Szabó, Endre
Complete intersection subvarieties of general hypersurfaces
Szabó, Sándor
A new proof of Rédei's theorem
Szafraniec, Franciszek
Equivalent definitions of positive definiteness
Szász, Otto
On a Tauberian theorem for Abel summability
On analytic characteristic functions
On some trigonometric transforms
The representation of an analytic function by general Laguerre series
Száz, Árpád
Convolution multipliers and distributions
Szczepanski, Susan
Invariant submanifolds of free cyclic actions on spheres
Szegő, Giorgio
A theorem of Rolle's type in $E^{n}$ for functions of the class $C^{1}$
Szegő, Gábor
Remark on the preceding paper of Charles Loewner
Székelyhidi, László
Note on exponential polynomials
Szekeres, George
$(C,\,\infty)$ and $(H,\,\infty)$ methods of summation
Szeto, George
On the Brauer splitting theorem
The group character and split group algebras
Szlenk, Wieslaw
Minimal sets of periods for torus maps via Nielsen numbers
Sznajder, S.
Solvability of convolution equations in $\mathscr{K}'_{p},$ $p > 1$
Szpruch Alpert, Daniel
Uniqueness of Whittaker model for the metaplectic group.
Szurek, Michał
Fano bundles over $P^3$ and $Q_3$
Rank-$2$ Fano bundles over a smooth quadric $Q_3$
Szwarc, Ryszard
Banach algebras associated with spherical representations of the free group
Szymański, Wacław
Singly generated antisymmetric operator algebras
Szymański, Wojciech
Quantum lens spaces and graph algebras
Simplicity of Cuntz--Krieger algebras of infinite matrices
Szymiczek, Kazimierz
Generalized rigid elements in fields