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Author Index – T
T. F. da Costa, Gustavo
An analogue to the Witt identity
Taam, Choy-Tak
Asymptotic relations between systems of differential equations
On the complex zeros of functions of Sturm-Liouville type
The boundedness of the solutions of a differential equation in the complex domain
Tabachnikov, Sergei
On algebraically integrable outer billiards
On curves and polygons with the equiangular chord property
Tachikawa, Hiroyuki
Tadano, Homare
Some Ambrose and Galloway Types Theorems via Bakry-Émery and Modified Ricci Curvatures
Tadić, Marko
Harmonic analysis of spherical functions on reductive groups over $\mathfrak{p}$-adic fields
Notes on representations of non-Archimedean $\mathrm{SL}(n)$
Tafel, Richard
Global properties of rational and logarithmico-rational minimal surfaces
Taflin, E.
Analytic linearization of the Korteweg-de Vries equation
Taft, Earl
A counter-example to a fixed point conjecture
Invariant splitting in Jordan and alternative algebras
Tai, Yung sheng
Ordinary points mod p of GL(n,R) locally symmetric spaces
Real structures on polarized Dieudonne modules
Taibleson, Mitchell
Singular integrals in several variables over a local field
The existence of natural field structures for finite dimensional vector spaces over local fields
The failure of even conjugate characterizations of $H^{1}$ on local fields
Takaguchi, Makoto
Boundary points of joint numerical ranges
Takahashi, Ryo
Modules in resolving subcategories which are free on the punctured spectrum
Reconstruction from Koszul homology and applications to module and derived categories
Thick subcategories over isolated singularities
Takahashi, Ryosuke
Convergence of mean curvature flow in hyperkähler manifolds
Takahashi, Sechiko
Extension of the theorems of Carathéodory-Toeplitz-Schur and Pick
Nevanlinna parametrizations for the extended interpolation problem
Takahashi, Wataru
Nonlinear ergodic theorems for an amenable semigroup of nonexpansive mappings in a Banach space
The common fixed point theory of singlevalued mappings and multivalued mappings
Weak convergence and nonlinear ergodic theorems for reversible semigroups of nonexpansive mappings
Takahasi, Sin-Ei
A characterization for compact central double centralizers of $C^*$-algebras
Takano, Katsuo
On Cameron and Storvick's operator valued function space integral
Takarajima, Itaru
On a construction of pseudo-Anosov diffeomorphisms by sequences of train tracks
Takase, Masamichi
Embeddings of${\mathbf Z}_2$-homology 3-spheres in ${\mathbf R}^5$ up to regular homotopy
Takeda, Shuichiro
Remarks on metaplectic tensor products for covers of GL(r)
Takeda, Wataru
Uniform bounds of Piltz divisor problem over number fields
Takeda, Yuichiro
Chern classes of vector bundles on arithmetic varieties
Takesaki, Masamichi
Actions of discrete amenable groups on injective factors of type $\mathrm{III}_\lambda,\;\lambda\neq 1$
Algebraic equivalence of locally normal representations
Faithful states on a $C^{\ast}$-algebra
Outer actions of a discrete amenable group on approximately finite dimensional factors III, the type III case, asymmetrization and examples
The quotient algebra of a finite von Neumann algebra
Takeshita, Akira
Takeuchi, Yasuji
On strongly radicial extensions
Takeuchi, Yuya
Stability of the existence of a pseudo-Einstein contact form
Talagrand, Michel
Deux généralisations d'un théorème de I. Namioka
Talenti, Giorgio
A note on the Gauss curvature of harmonic and minimal surfaces
Tall, Franklin
Normal subspaces of the density topology
Talvila, Erik
Uniqueness for the $n$-dimensional half space Dirichlet problem
Tam, Geo Kam-Fai
Explicit Whittaker data for essentially tame supercuspidal representations
Tam, Kwok-Wai
Isometries of certain function spaces
Tam, Luen-Fai
Harmonic Maps from ${\mathbb R}^{n}$ to ${\mathbb H}^{m}$ with symmetry
On existence criteria for capillary free surfaces without gravity
On quasiconformal harmonic maps
On the heat equation for harmonic maps from noncompact manifolds
Regularity of capillary surfaces over domains with corners: borderline case
Scalar curvature and singular metrics
Tam, Tin-Yau
K-orbit of normal element in complex semisimple Lie algebra
Tamanini, I.
Existence and regularity for the problem of a pendent liquid drop
Tamano, Hisahiro
Tamássy, Lajos
A characteristic property of the sphere
Tamura, Takayuki
Commutative cancellative semigroups without idempotents
Completely semisimple inverse $\Delta $-semigroups admitting principal series
Notes on commutative power joined semigroups
Semigroups and their subsemigroup lattices
Semigroups satisfying identity $xy=f(x,\,y)$
Tan, Eng-Chye
Invariant theory of special orthogonal groups
Tan, Eng-Chye
On the dual pairs $(O(p,q),SL(2,\mathbb R))$, $(U(p,q),U(1,1))$ and $(Sp(p,q),O^\ast(4))$
Tan, Ki-Seng
Integer points on elliptic curves
Tan, Kok Keong
Fixed point theorems for nonexpansive mappings
Noncompact sets with convex sections
Tan, Ser
McShane's identity for classical Schottky groups
Tan, Shaobin
A class of irreducible integrable modules for the extended baby TKK algebra
Bosonic realizations of higher-level toroidal Lie algebras
Harish-Chandra modules for divergence zero vector fields on a torus
On Whittaker modules for a Lie algebra arising from the 2-dimensional torus
Tan, Sheng-Li
A note on the topology of the complements of fiber-type line arrangements in CP2
Tan, Victor
Cubic singular moduli, Ramanujan's class invariants $\lambda_n$ and the explicit Shimura Reciprocity Law
Tanabe, Kenichiro
${\mathbb Z}_3$ symmetry and $W_3$ algebra in lattice vertex operator algebras
The fixed point subalgebra of a lattice vertex operator algebra by an automorphism of order three
Tanaka, Jun-ichi
A certain class of total variation measures of analytic measures
Blaschke cocycles and generators
On isometries of Hardy spaces on compact abelian groups
Tanaka, Kokoro
Homology for quandles with partial group operations
Tanaka, Mieko
Generalized eigenvalue problems of nonhomogeneous elliptic operators and their application
Tanaka, Minoru
Mass of rays on complete open surfaces
Tanaka, Shohei
On the representation of the determinant of Harish-Chandra's $C$-function of $\mathrm{SL}(n,\mathbb{R})$
Tanaka, Yoshio
On closedness of $C$- and $C^*$-embeddings
Point-countable $k$-systems and products of $k$-spaces
Spaces determined by point-countable covers
Tandon, Rajat
Tang, Francis
On uniqueness of central decompositions of groups
On uniqueness of generalized direct decompositions
Tang, Robert
The srank conjecture on Schur’s Q-functions
Tang, Robert
Projections in the curve complex arising from covering maps
Tang, S. C.
Some theorems on the ratio of empirical distribution to the theoretical distribution
Tang, Shiang
Action of intertwining operators on pseudospherical K-types
Tang, Wei
Eigenvalue asymptotics and Bohr's formula for fractal Schrödinger operators
Tang, Xiang
Quantization of Poisson–Hopf stacks associated with group Lie bialgebras
Tang, Xiaomin
Schwarz lemma at the boundary on the classical domain of type IV
Tang, Xin
Ringel-Hall algebras and two-parameter quantized enveloping algebras
Tang, Zhongwei
Multi-bump bound state solutions for the quasilinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation with critical frequency
Pseudo-index theory and Nehari method for a fractional Choquard equation
Tang, Zizhou
A proof of the DDVV conjecture and its equality case
Dilatation of maps between spheres
Tange, Rudolf
Highest weight vectors for the adjoint action of GL_n on polynomials
Tangedal, Brett
Tangeman, Richard
Strong heredity in radical classes
Tanigawa, Yoshio
Analytic properties of Dirichlet series obtained from the error term in the Dirichlet divisor problem
Bounds of double zeta-function and their applications
Taniyama, Kouki
Higher dimensional links in a simplicial complex embedded in a sphere
Local moves on spatial graphs \\and finite type invariants
On intrinsically knotted or completely 3-linked graphs
Vassiliev invariants of knots in a spatial graph
Tannech, Rachdi
Weyl transforms associated with a singular second-order differential operator
Tannenbaum, Peter
Partitions of groups and complete mappings
Tanner, R.
Some content maximizing properties of the regular simplex
Tanno, Shûkichi
Sufficient conditions for a Riemannian manifold to be locally symmetric
Tao, Jing
Tao, Terence
A new bound for finite field Besicovitch sets\\in four dimensions
Nonconventional ergodic averages and multiple recurrence for von Neumann dynamical systems
Tao, Wenqing
Noncommutative differentials on Poisson-Lie groups and pre-Lie algebras
Tapia, Richard
An application of a Newton-like method to the Euler-Lagrange equation
Tardiff, Robert
Topologies for probabilistic metric spaces
Tarkhanov, N.
On the index formula for singular surfaces
Tarski, Alfred
A lattice-theoretical fixpoint theorem and its applications
On algebras whose factor algebras are Boolean
Tarwater, Dalton
Galois cohomology of abelian groups
Taschner, Rudolf
A general version of van der Corput's difference theorem
Tashjian, Gloria
Cartesian-closed coreflective subcategories of Tychonoff spaces
Tausch, Engelbert
The two-dimensional analogue of the catenary
Tausk, Daniel Victor
Stability of the conjugate index, degenerate conjugate points and the Maslov index in semi-Riemannian geometry
Taussky, Olga
Classes of matrices and quadratic fields
On the number of absolute points of a correlation
On the similarity transformation between a matirx and its transpose
Remark on the preceding paper. Algebraic equations satisfied by roots of natural numbers
Taylor, Angus E.
Mittag-Leffler expansions and spectral theory
On the spectra of linked operators
Operators of meromorphic type with multiple poles of the resolvent
Taylor, Barbara
Taylor, Bert
Characterization of the homogeneous \\ polynomials $P$ for which $(P + Q)(D)$ admits \\ a continuous linear right inverse\\ for all lower order perturbations $Q$
Components of zero sets of analytic functions in $\mathbf{C}^{2}$ in the unit ball or polydisc
On weighted polynomial approximation of entire functions
Perturbation ofdifferential operators admitting a continuous linear right inverse onultradistributions
Taylor, David
Temperedness of measures defined by polynomial equations over local fields
Taylor, Donald
A general Phillips theorem for $C^{^{\ast}}$-algebras and some applications
A generalized Fatou theorem for Banach algebras
The $\bar \beta $ topology for $W^{\ast}$-algebras
The strong bidual of $\Gamma (K)$
Taylor, Herbert
Ramsey bounds for graph products
Taylor, Jean
Nonexistence of $F$-minimizing embedded disks
Taylor, John
The Šilov boundary for a lattice-ordered semigroup
Taylor, Joseph
Noncommutative convolution measure algebras
The bigger Brauer group and étale cohomology
Taylor, Michael
Asymptotic behavior of multiplicities of representations of compact groups
The Schr{\"o}dinger equation on spheres
Taylor, Peter
On embedding a compact convex set into a locally convex topological vector space
Subgradients of a convex function obtained from a directional derivative
Taylor, Richard
Icosahedral Galois representations
Taylor, Scott
Taylor, Tom
Off diagonal asymptotics of hypoelliptic diffusion equations and singular Riemannian geometry
Some aspects of differential geometry associated with hypoelliptic second order operators
Taylor, Walter
Congruence lattices of algebras of fixed similarity type. I
Taylor, Willie
On the oscillatory and asymptotic behavior of solutions of fifth order selfadjoint differential equations
The essential uniqueness of bounded nonoscillatory solutions of certain even order differential equations
Teague, Tommy
Tefteller, Stephen
A two-point boundary problem for nonhomogeneous second order differential equations
Existence of eigenvalues for second-order differential systems
Teh, Jyh-Haur
Semi-topological cycle theory, I
Teixeira, Ralph
On Legendre curves in normed planes
Telage, D. N.
Locally univalent functions and coefficient distortions
Telichevesky, Miriam
A note on minimal graphs over certain unbounded domains of Hadamard manifolds
Teller, John
On abelian pseudo lattice ordered groups
On the extensions of lattice-ordered groups
ten Kroode, A.
Partitions, vertex operator constructions and multi-component KP equations
Tenenblat, Keti
Helicoidal flat surfaces in hyperbolic 3-space
On characteristic hypersurfaces of submanifolds in Euclidean space
On Dupin hypersurfaces with constant Moebius curvature
Ribaucour transformations for constant mean curvature \\ and linear Weingarten surfaces
Teodorescu, Razvan
An overdetermined problem in potential theory
Teply, Mark
Homological dimension and splitting torsion theories
Semiprime rings with the singular splitting property
Some aspects of Goldie's torsion theory
The descending chain condition relative to a torsion theory
The singular submodule of a finitely generated module splits off
Teplyaev, Alexander
Dirichlet forms on the Sierpi\'nski gasket
Electrical resistance of N-gasket fractal networks
Terada, Toshiji
On spaces whose Stone-Čech compactification is Oz
Teragaito, Masakazu
Klein bottle surgery and genera of knots
Knots yielding homeomorphic lens spaces by Dehn surgery
Terakawa, Hiroyuki
The $d$-very ampleness on a projective surface \\ in positive characteristic
Teramoto, Tomomitsu
A Liouville type theorem for semilinear elliptic systems
Terlinden, D. M.
A spectral containment theorem analogous to the semigroup theory result $e^{t\sigma (A)}\subseteqq \sigma (e^{tA})$
Terra Leme, Brasil
Finite relative determination and relative stability
Terras, Audrey
Integral formulas and integral tests for series of positive matrices
Terry, Raymond
Oscillatory properties of a delay differential equation of even order
Terzić, Svjetlana
Geometric formality of homogeneous spaces and of biquotients
Testerman, Donna
Distinguished unipotent elements and multiplicity-free subgroups of simple algebraic groups
Teufel, Hugo
A note on second order differential inequalities and functional differential equations
Tewari, Udai
Structure spaces for sandwich semigroups
Textorius, B.
On generalized resolvents and $Q$-functions of symmetric linear relations (subspaces) in Hilbert space
Thakare, N. K.
Biorthogonal polynomials suggested by the Jacobi polynomials
Thalmaier, Anton
Entropy and lowest eigenvalue on evolving manifolds
Thangavelu, Geetha
Schur Algebras for the Alternating Group and Koszul Duality
Thangavelu, Sundaram
Gutzmer's formula and Poisson integrals on the Heisenberg group
Thebaldi, Rafael
A flag structure on a cusped hyperbolic 3-manifold with unipotent boundary holonomy
Thele, Robert
Iterative techniques for approximation of fixed points of certain nonlinear mappings in Banach spaces
Theriault, Stephen
Homotopy decompositions of the classifying spaces of pointed gauge groups
Thévenaz, Jacques
Endo-trivial modules: a reduction to p'-central extensions
Thickstun, Thomas
Closed oriented $3$-manifolds as $3$-fold branched coverings of $S^{3}$ of special type
Degree-one, monotone self-maps of Pontryagin surfaces are near-homeomorphisms
Thiel, Anne-Laure
A diagrammatic categorification of the affine q-schur algebra S(n,n), for n > 2.
Thiel, Carsten
Thiel, Ulrich
Blocks in flat families of finite-dimensional algebras
Thiele, Christoph
Multilinear singular operators with fractional rank
Thieleker, Ernest
A unitary representation of the conformal group on Minkowski space and dynamical groups. I
Thierrin, Gabriel
Right subdirectly irreducible semigroups
Thillaisundaram, Anitha
A pro-p group with infinite normal Hausdorff spectra
Thilliez, Vincent
A sharp division estimate for ultradifferentiable germs
Thistlethwaite, Morwen
On the algebraic part of an alternating link
The rate of growth of the number of prime alternating links and tangles
Thizy, Pierre-Damien
Sharp quantization for Lane-Emden problems in dimension two
Thom, Andreas
Real closed separation theorems and applications to group algebras
Thomas, Barbara V. Smith
On the metrizability of $k_{\omega}$-spaces
Thomas, Carolyn
Some bounds on convex mappings in several complex variables
Thomas, Charles
Topological spherical space form problem. III. Dimensional bounds and smoothing
Thomas, Edward
Thomas, Paul
On the zeta function for function fields over $F_p$
The suspension of the generalized Pontrjagin cohomology operations
Thomas, J. Pelham
Maximal connected Hausdorff spaces
Thomas, James
A bifurcation theorem for $k$-set contractions
Thomas, Jean-Claude
Extended Adams-Hilton's construction
Thomas, Mark
Algebra homomorphisms and the functional calculus
Closed ideals of $l^{1}(\omega_{n})$ when $\{\omega_{n}\}$ is star-shaped
Primitive ideals and derivations on noncommutative Banach algebras
Thomas, Pascal
Coman conjecture for the bidisc
Green vs. Lempert functions: a minimal example
Hardy interpolating sequences of hyperplanes
Thomas, R.
Some fundamental properties of continuous functions and topological entropy
Thompson, Abigail
Thompson, Anthony
$n$-dimensional area and content in Minkowski spaces
Some results on nearest points and support properties of convex sets in $c_{0}$
Thompson, Gerard
Nonuniqueness of the metric in Lorentzian manifolds
Thompson, Harold
Differentiability properties of subfunctions for second order ordinary differential equations
Second order ordinary differential equations with fully nonlinear two-point boundary conditions. I
Second order ordinary differential equations with fully nonlinear two-point boundary conditions. II
Thompson, John
A combinatorial problem in the symmetric group
Bibliography, from Solvability of groups of odd order
Chapter I, from Solvability of groups of odd order
Chapter II, from Solvability of groups of odd order
Chapter III, from Solvability of groups of odd order
Chapter IV, from Solvability of groups of odd order
Chapter V, from Solvability of groups of odd order
Chapter VI, from Solvability of groups of odd order
Factorizations of $p$-solvable groups
Further results on $p$-automorphic $p$-groups
Groups which have a faithful representation of degree less than $(p-1/2)$
Nonsolvable finite groups all of whose local subgroups are solvable, IV
Nonsolvable finite groups all of whose local subgroups are solvable, V
Nonsolvable finite groups all of whose local subgroups are solvable, VI
Nonsolvable finite groups all of whose local subgroups are solvable. II
Nonsolvable finite groups all of whose local subgroups are solvable. III
The $H_p$-problem and the structure of $H_p$-groups
Weakly closed direct factors of Sylow subgroups
Thompson, Robert
Classes of definite group matrices
Classes of unimodular abelian group matrices
Convex and concave functions of singular values of matrix sums
Normal matrices and the normal basis in abelian number fields
Some matrix factorization theorems. I
Some matrix factorization theorems. II
The case of equality in the matrix-valued triangle inequality
Unimodular group matrices with rational integers as elements
Thompson, Robert
A permanent inequality for positive functions on the unit square
On essential absolute continuity
Thomsen, Klaus
Duality in equivariant $K\mskip-2mu K$-theory
Thomsen, Wolfgang
Extreme points in the Hahn-Banach-Kantorovič setting
Thomson, James
Irreducible operators whose spectra are spectral sets
Thornburg, James
Sufficient conditions for the existence of convergent subsequences
Thorne, Billy
$\mathrm{A}-\mathrm{P}$ congruences on Baer semigroups
Thorne, Frank
On the existence of large degree Galois representations for fields of small discriminant
Thorp, Edward
Projections onto the subspace of compact operators
The metrization of statistical metric spaces
Thorpe, Benjamin
A Regularity Theorem for Graphic Spacelike Mean Curvature Flows
Thorpe, Brian
Universal approximation by regular weighted means
Thrivikraman, Thekkedath
Lattices of Hausdorff compactifications of a locally compact space
Thron, W. J.
On the lattice of proximities of Čech compatible with a given closure space
On the number of singular points, located on the unit circle, of certain functions represented by $C$-fractions
Order-induced topological properties
Thunder, Jeffrey
Mean values of $L$-functions over function fields
Thurber, Edward
The Scholz-Brauer problem on addition chains
Thurber, Phillip
Semi-localization of a one pointed Kan complex
Thurman, Robert
A problem of McMillan on conformal mappings
Bridged extremal distance and maximal capacity
Tian, Fangyang
On the Archimedean local gamma factors for adjoint representation of $GL_3$, part I
Tian, Feng
Burau representation and random walks on string links
Tian, Ling
Tidmore, Freddie
Extremal structure of star-shaped sets
Tiep, Pham
Irreducibility of tensor squares, symmetric squares and alternating squares
Weil representations of finite general linear groups and finite special linear groups
Tierney, Myles
Some applications of a property of the functor $Ef$
Tignol, Jean-Pierre
Decomposability of orthogonal involutions in degree 12
Discriminants of involutions on Henselian division algebras
The discriminantof a symplectic involution
Tijdeman, Robert
Correction to: ``Sums of products of powers of given prime numbers''
Sums of products of powers of given prime numbers
Tikhomirov, Alexander
Moduli spaces of rank 2 instanton sheaves on the projective space
Tikoo, Mohan
Tillich, Jean-Pierre
Wave equations for graphs and the edge-based Laplacian
Tillmann, Stephan
The Thurston norm via normal surfaces
Tillotson, J.
Monoidal closed, Cartesian closed and convenient categories of topological spaces
Timourian, James
A nonlinear elliptic operator and its singular values
Differentiable maps with $0$-dimensional critical set. I
Differentiable open maps of $(p+1)$-manifold to $p$-manifold
Maps with $0$-dimensional critical set
Tinberg, N.
The Levi decomposition of a split $(B,\,N)$-pair
Ting, Tsuan
The unloading problem for severely twisted bars
Torsional rigidities in the elastic-plastic torsion of simply connected cylindrical bars
Ting, Wei-lung
On secondary characteristic classes in cobordism theory
Tingley, Peter
Erratum to quiver grassmannians, quiver varieties and the preprojective algebra
Quiver grassmannians, quiver varieties and the preprojective algebra
Tinsley, Frederick
Noncompact manifolds that are inward tame
Tinsley, Marion
Tintarev, Kyril
Level set maxima and quasilinear elliptic problems
Tiraboschi, Alejandro
Tirao, Paulo
Primitive compact flat manifolds with holonomy group ${\mathbf Z}_2 \oplus {\mathbf Z}_2$
Tischer, Jürgen
Gleason's theorem for type $\mathrm{I}$ von Neumann algebras
Tisdell, Christopher
Oscillation and nonoscillation of forced second order dynamic equations
Tits, Jacques
The integration of a Lie algebra representation
Titus, Charles
A theory of normal curves and some applications
Tiwary, Awadhesh
Injective hulls of semi-simple modules over regular rings
Tkachev, Vladimir
Algebraic structure of quasiradial solutions to the Y-harmonic equation
To, Ting-On
A generalized Jensen's inequality
To, Wing-Keung
Admissible Hermitian metrics on families of line bundles over certain degenerating Riemann surfaces
Todd, Aaron
Continuous linear images of pseudo-complete linear topological spaces
Quasiregular, pseudocomplete, and Baire spaces
Todd, John
On the radius of univalence of the function $\mathrm{exp}\,z^{2}\,\int_{0}^{z}\,\mathrm{exp} (-t^{2})dt$
Todjihounde, Léonard
Todorov, Pavel G.
Correction to: ``New explicit formulas for the $n$th derivative of composite functions''
New explicit formulas for the $n$th derivative of composite functions
Toghani, Zeinab
The fundamental theorem of tropical differential algebraic geometry
Tokunaga, Hiro-o
Miranda--Persson's problem on extremal elliptic K3 surfaces
Toledo, Domingo
Nonexistence of certain closed complex geodesics in the moduli space of curves
Tolev, Doychin
On the number of pairs of positive integers x1, x2 ≤ H such that x1 x2 is a k-th power
Tollefson, Jeffrey
Involutions of Seifert fiber spaces
Tollefson, Jeffrey L.
Tolli, Filippo
Failure of global regularity of $\bar\partial_{\protect \lowercase{b}}$on a convex domain with only one flat point
Tolo, Kenneth
Tomaru, Tadashi
On Gorenstein surface singularities with fundamental genus $p_f\geqq 2$ which satisfy some minimality conditions
Tomassini, Giuseppe
$M$-hyperbolic real subsets of complex spaces
Tomaszewski, Boguslaw
A construction of inner maps preserving the Haar measure on spheres
Tomei, Carlos
Moment maps on symplectic cones
Tomi, Friedrich
Nonexistence and instability in the exterior Dirichlet problem for the minimal surface equation in the plane
Tomiyama, Jun
Derivations of operator algebras into spaces of unbounded operators
On the tensor products of von Neumann algebras
Topological full groups and structure of normalizers in transformation group $C^\ast$-algebras
Tomkins, Robert
Properties of martingale-like sequences
Tomm, Ludwig
Universal approximation by regular weighted means
Tommasi, Orsola
Some remarks on varieties with degenerate Gauss image
Tomova, Maggy
Distance of Heegaard splittings of knot complements
Tomter, Per
Minimal hyperspheres in two-point homogeneous spaces
Ton, Bui
Boundary value problems for elliptic convolution equations of Wiener-Hopf type in a bounded region
Nonlinear elliptic convolution equations of Wiener-Hopf type in a bounded region
On strongly nonlinear elliptic variational inequalities
Tondra, R.
A property of manifolds compactly equivalent to compact manifolds
Tondra, Richard J.
Biholomorphic approximation of planar domains
Tonev, Thomas (Toma)
Tong, Alfred
Diagonal submatrices of matrix maps
Tong-Viet, Hung
Finite nonsolvable groups with many distinct character degrees
Tonin, Francesco
Cauchy problem for hyperbolic $\mathcal{D}$-modules with regular singularities
Tonita, Valentin
A virtual Kawasaki--Riemann--Roch formula
Tonne, Philip C.
Bounded series and Hausdorff matrices for absolutely convergent sequences
Matrix representations for linear transformations on analytic sequences
Matrix representations for linear transformations on series analytic in the unit disc
Polynomials and Hausdorff matrices
Power-series and Hausdorff matrices
Tonolo, Alberto
Cotilting versus pure-injective modules
Toomer, Graham H.
Generalized homotopy excision theorems modulo a Serre class of nilpotent groups
Topkis, Donald
The structure of sublattices of the product of $n$ lattices
Topping, David
Asymptoticity and semimodularity in projection lattices
Toralballa, L. V.
An elementary definition of surface area in $E^{n+1}$ for smooth surfaces
Toranzos, Fausto A.
The points of local nonconvexity of starshaped sets
Torelli, Alessandro
The two-obstacle problem for the biharmonic operator
Torii, Takeshi
On the K(n)-localization of K(n+1)-local En+1-Adams spectral sequences
Topology of the moduli of representations with Borel mold
Torisu, Ichiro
On theadditivity of the Thurston--Bennequin invariant of Legendrian knots
Törner, Günter
Right chain rings and the generalized semigroup of divisibility
Tornheim, Leonard
Minimal basis and inessential discriminant divisors for a cubic field
Torrea Hernandez, José
A unified approach to Carleson measures and $A_p$ weights. II
Vector extensions of operators in $L^{p}$ spaces
Torunczyk, Henryk
On the topology of direct limits of ANRs
Toskey, Burnett
A system of canonical forms for rings on a direct sum of two infinite cyclic groups
Toth, Gabor
Dual mean Minkowski measures and the Grunbaum conjecture for affine diameters
Totik, Vilmos
An interpolation theorem and its applications to positive operators
Toubassi, Elias
Endomorphisms of rank one mixed modules over discrete valuation rings
The module structure of $\mathrm{Ext}(F,T)$ over the endomorphism ring of $T$
Touikan, Nicholas
On the one-endedness of graphs of groups
Toulisse, Jérémy
Irreducible decomposition for local representations of quantum Teichmüller space
Towber, Jacob
Natural transformations of tensor-products of representation-functors. I. Combinatorial preliminaries
Townsend, Billie
Townsend, D. W.
Discrete logarithmic energy on the sphere
Townsend, Douglas
Imaginary values of meromorphic functions in the disk
Towse, Christopher
Generalized Wronskians and Weierstrass weights
Towsner, Henry
Explicit polynomial bounds on prime ideals in polynomial rings over fields
Tozoni, Sergio A.
Vector singular integral operators on a local field
Trace, Bruce
On attaching $3$-handles to a $1$-connected $4$-manifold
Traldi, Lorenzo
The determinantal ideals of link modules. I
The determinantal ideals of link modules. II
Tran, Anh
Twisted Alexander polynomials of $2$-bridge knots for parabolic representations
Tran, Long
Zeta integrals for GSp(4) via Bessel models
Trapani, Stefano
Envelopes of holomorphy of Hartogs and circular domains
Holomorphically convex compact sets and cohomology
Trautmann, Günther
Compactification of $M_{\mathbb{P}_3}(0,2)$ and Poncelet pairs of conics
Travis, Curtis
Oscillation criteria for selfadjoint elliptic equations
Traylor, Donald
Metrizability and completeness in normal Moore spaces
Metrizability in normal Moore spaces
On normality and pointwise paracompactness
Two theorems on metrizability of Moore spaces
Traynor, Lisa
Non-orientable Lagrangian cobordisms between Legendrian knots
Traynor, Tim
An elementary proof of the lifting theorem
The group-valued Lebesgue decomposition
Treil, Sergei
Completely regular multivariate stationary processes and the Muckenhoupt condition
Treinen, Ray
Capillarity and Archimedes' principle
Trent, Tavan
$H^{2}(\mu)$ spaces and bounded point evaluations
New conditions for subnormality
Treuden, Mike
Regular operator approximation theory
Treves, J. François
An estimate for differential polynomials in $\tfrac{\partial}{\partial z_1},\cdots,\tfrac{\partial}{\partial z_n}$
Treybig, Leon
Concerning certain locally peripherally separable spaces
Concerning homogeneity in totally ordered, connected topological space
Triangulations with the free cell property
Tricomi, Francesco
The asymptotic expansion of a ratio of gamma functions
Trigg, Charles W.
Corrections to: ``Versum sequences in the binary system''
Versum sequences in the binary system
Triggiani, Roberto
Proof of extensions of two conjectures on structural damping for elastic systems
Trlifaj, Jan
Strong submodules of almost projective modules
Trnková, Vĕra
Sums of Boolean spaces represent every group
Troesch, Beat
A cyclic inequality and a related eigenvalue problem
Correction to: ``A cyclic inequality and a related eigenvalue problem''
Sloshing frequencies in a half-space by Kelvin inversion
Trojan, Peter
On semi-simple group algebras. I
On semi-simple group algebras. II
Trombi, P. C.
Invariant harmonic analysis on split rank one groups with applications
Uniform asymptotics for real reductive Lie groups
Trotter, Hale
Approximation of semi-groups of operators
Trotter, Peter
Completely semisimple inverse $\Delta $-semigroups admitting principal series
Lattices of completely regular semigroup varieties
Truini, Piero
Exceptional lie algebras, SU(3) and Jordan Pairs
Tsagas, Grigorios
A Riemannian space with strictly positive sectional curvature
A special deformation of the metric with no negative sectional curvature of a Riemannian space
Tsai, Dong-Ho
Remarks on Some Isoperimetric Properties of the k-1 Flow
Tsai, Jung-Hsien
On $E$-compact spaces and generalizations of perfect mappings
On preservation of $E$-compactness
Tsang, Cindy
Binary quartic forms with bounded invariants and small Galois groups
Tsapogas, Georgios
Approximation of recurrence in negatively curved metric spaces
Tsau, Chichen
Normal holonomy and writhing number\\ of polygonal knots
Tserpes, Nicolas
Invariant measures and the converse of Haar's theorem on semitopological semigroups
Tsinakis, Constantine
Free products in the class of abelian $l$-groups
Tsui, Sze-Kai
The splitting of operator algebras
Tsukada, Makoto
Sufficiency and relative entropy in $\ast $-algebras with applications in quantum systems
Sufficiency, KMS condition and relative entropy in von Neumann algebras
Tsumura, Hirofumi
Analogues of level $N$ Eisenstein series
Tsuzuki, Masao
Green currents for modular cycles in arithmetic quotients of complex hyperballs
Tu, Fang-Ting
Schwarzian differential equations associated to Shimura curves of genus zero
Tu, Yuping
The nef cones of and minimal-degree curves in the Hilbert schemes of points on certain surfaces
Tu, Zhenhan
Rigidity of proper holomorphic mappings between generalized Fock-Bargmann-Hartogs domains
Tuan, P. D.
On starlikeness and convexity of certain analytic functions
Tuba, Imre
Representations of the braidgroup $B_3$ and of $SL(2,{\bf Z})$
Tubbenhauer, Daniel
Cellular structures using Uq-tilting modules
Tucker, Alan
Matrix characterizations of circular-arc graphs
Tucker, Charles
Concerning $\sigma $-homomorphisms of Riesz spaces
Riesz homomorphisms and positive linear maps
Tucker, Don
An existence theorem for a Goursat problem
An extended form of the mean-ergodic theorem
Weak integral convergence theorems and operator measures
Tucker, Henry
Frobenius-Schur indicators for near-group and Haagerup-Izumi fusion categories
Tucker, Howard
Absolute continuity of infinitely divisible distributions
Tucker, Richard R.
The $\delta^{2}$-process and related topics
The $\delta^{2}$-process and related topics. II
Tucker, Thomas
A variant of a theorem by Ailon-Rudnick for elliptic curves
Uniform boundedness of $S$-units in arithmetic dynamics
Tucker, Thomas
Quotients of complete graphs: revisiting the Heawood map-coloring problem
Tuffley, Christopher
Connectivity of finite subset spaces of cell complexes
Tugores, Francesc
Free interpolation for holomorphic functions regular to the boundary
Tuler, Randolph
Arithmetic sums that determine linear characters on $\Gamma (N)$
Tull, Jack
Dirichlet multiplication in lattice point problems. II
Tully, Edward
$\mathscr{H}$-commutative semigroups in which each homomorphism is uniquely determined by its kernel
Tuncali, H.
On the rim-structure of continuous images of ordered compacta
Tung, Chia-Chi
Equidistribution theory in higher dimensions
Tung, Shih-hsiung
Harnack's inequalities on the classical Cartan domains
Tunnell, Jerrold B.
An elementary case of Serre's conjecture
Turaev, Vladimir
Biquantization of Lie bialgebras
Kuperberg and Turaev-Viro invariants in unimodular categories
Turbek, Peter
On non-orientable Riemann surfaces with $2p$ or $2p+2$ automorphisms
Turett, Jay
Normal structure in Bochner $L^p$-spaces
Some properties of the characteristic of convexity relating to fixed point theory
Turkington, Bruce
Height estimates for exterior problems of capillarity type
Turner, Ari M.
Crossing number ofalternating knots in $S \times I$
Turner, Paul
Bar-Natan's Khovanov homology for coloured links
Turner, Thomas
Double commutants of weighted shifts
Turnidge, Darrell
Rings of quotients of endomorphism rings of projective modules
Torsion theories and rings of quotients of Morita equivalent rings
Turyn, Richard
Character sums and difference sets
Tuy, H.
Fourier transforms and their Lipschitz classes
Tylli, Hans-Olav
Small composition operators on \\ analytic vector-valued function spaces
Tymchatyn, Edward
Fixed point set of products and cones
Fixed point sets of $1$-dimensional Peano continua
On the rim-structure of continuous images of ordered compacta
The $2$-cell as a partially ordered space
Tymoczko, Julianna
Generalized splines on arbitrary graphs
Graphs admitting only constant splines
Tysk, Johan
An index characterization of the catenoid and index bounds for minimal surfaces in $\mathbf{R}^4$
Eigenvalue estimates with applications to minimal surfaces
Tzafriri, L.
Operators commuting with Boolean algebras of projections of finite multiplicity
Projections in $\mathscr{L}_{1}$ and $\mathscr{L}_{\infty}$-spaces
Quasi-similarity for spectral operators on Banach spaces
Tzung, Fu-Chien
Sufficient conditions for the set of Hausdorff compactifications to be a lattice