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founded and published with the scientific support and advice of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia)

Diophantine approximations, geometry of numbers, dynamical systems, uniform distribution

Combinatorial geometry, geometric graphs, random graphs, extremal graph and hypergraph theory, probability and linear algebra in combinatorics, Ramsey theory in combinatorics and geometry


Université de Strasbourg (France)

Diophantine approximation, transcendence, Diophantine equations, distribution modulo one


Combinatorics, combinatorial geometry, graph theory

Moscow Lomonosov State University (Russia)

Diophantine approximation, geometry of numbers, multidimensional continued fractions

Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)

Coding theory, packings, combinatorics on words

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia)

Combinatorial and geometric applications of algebraic topology, in particular: configuration spaces and Borsuk-Ulam type results

Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary)

Extremal combinatorics, applications

Rutgers University (United States)

Analytic number theory, automorphic forms

Steklov Mathematical Institute (Russia)

Short Kloosterman sums, Riemann's zeta-function

Universität Wien (Austria)

Combinatorics, special functions

Vilnius University (Lithuania)

Analytic and probabilistic number theory

University of Haifa at Oranim (Israel)

Additive combinatorics, combinatorial number theory and group theory, combinatorial problems in algebraic structures


Discrete and computational geometry, combinatorics

Israel Institute of Technology - Technion (Israel)

University of Chicago (United States)

Extremal combinatorics, computational complexity

Elementary and Analytic Number theory

Institut Fourier, CNRS (France)

Classical diophantine approximation, Padé approximation

University of Ottawa (Canada)

Diophantine approximation, transcendental number theory

Bryansk State Technical University (Russia)

Diophantine approximations, special functions, algebraic properties of solutions of special differential equations

University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

Harmonic analysis, additive combinatorics and number theory

Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia)

IITP RAS (Russia)

Additive combinatorics, number theory, combinatorial ergodic theory

University of British Columbia (Canada)

Discrete geometry, additive combinatorics, extremal combinatorics

UCLA (United States)

Probabilistic and extremal combinatorics and its application to mathematics and computer science

University of Leoben (Austria)

Number systems and continued fractions, Fractal structures in Number Theory, Dynamical systems in Number Theory

Number theory, linear and non-linear Diophantine equations, distribution of square-free numbers, the Riemann zeta function

Number theory, discrete geometry