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On a localization formula of epsilon factors via microlocal geometry

Tomoyuki Abe, Deepam Patel

Positive scalar curvature and low-degree group homology

Noé Bárcenas, Rudolf Zeidler

Triple linkage

Karim Johannes Becher

Geometric obstructions for Fredholm boundary conditions for manifolds with corners

Paulo Carrillo Rouse, Jean-Marie Lescure

A fixed point theorem on noncompact manifolds

Peter Hochs, Hang Wang

Algebraic $K$-theory and a semi-finite Fuglede-Kadison determinant

Peter Hochs, Jens Kaad, André Schemaitat

An explicit basis for the rational higher Chow groups of abelian number fields

Matt Kerr, Yu Yang

Algebraic K-theory of quotient stacks

Amalendu Krishna, Charanya Ravi

Poincaré duality and Langlands duality for extended affine Weyl groups

Graham A. Niblo, Roger Plymen, Nick Wright

Stable $\mathbb{A}^1$-connectivity over Dedekind schemes

Johannes Schmidt, Florian Strunk

Topological K-theory of affine Hecke algebras

Maarten Solleveld

Connectedness of cup products for polynomial representations of $GL_n$ and applications

Antoine Touzé

A^1-equivalence of zero cycles on surfaces II

Qizheng Yin, Yi Zhu