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Non-smooth convex caustics for Birkhoff billiard

Maxim Arnold, Misha Bialy

Remarks on critical metrics of the scalar curvature and volume functionals on compact manifolds with boundary

Halyson Baltazar, Ernani Ribeiro Jr.

A positive mass theorem and Penrose inequality for graphs with non-compact boundary

Ezequiel Barbosa, Adson Meira

Certain character sums and hypergeometric series

Rupam Barman, Neelam Saikia

Congruence Subgroups and Super-Modular Categories

Parsa Bonderson, Eric C. Rowell, Zhenghan Wang, Qing Zhang

Diagrams for relative trisections

Nickolas A. Castro, David T. Gay, Juanita Pinzón-Caicedo

On the structure of holomorphic isometric embeddings of complex unit balls into bounded symmetric domains

Shan Tai Chan

Hamiltonian stationary cones with isotropic links

Jingyi Chen, Yu Yuan

Quandle theory and the optimistic limits of the representations of link groups

Jinseok Cho

Composition series of a class of induced representations, a case of one half cuspidal reducibility

Igor Ciganović

Classification of positive smooth solutions to third-order PDEs involving fractional Laplacians

Wei Dai, Guolin Qin

Linkage of modules with respect to a semidualizing module

Mohammad T. Dibaei, Arash Sadeghi

Besov-weak-Herz spaces and global solutions for Navier-Stokes equations

Lucas C. F. Ferreira, Jhean E. Pérez-López

The projective linear supergroup and the SUSY-preserving automorphisms of $\mathbb{P}^{1|1}$

Rita Fioresi, Stephen Kwok

A non-strictly pseudoconvex domain for which the squeezing function tends to one towards the boundary

John Erik Fornæss, Erlend Fornaess Wold

Four-manifolds with positive Yamabe constant

Hai-Ping Fu

Biharmonic hypersurfaces with constant scalar curvature in space forms

Yu Fu, Min-Chun Hong

Nonabelian Fourier transforms for spherical representations

Jayce R. Getz

A variant of a theorem by Ailon-Rudnick for elliptic curves

Dragos Ghioca, Liang-Chung Hsia, Thomas J. Tucker

Entropy of embedded surfaces in quasi-fuchsian manifolds

Olivier Glorieux

The Gromov width of coadjoint orbits of the symplectic group

Iva Halacheva, Milena Pabiniak

On the exactness of ordinary parts over a local field of characteristic p

Julien Hauseux

Minimal braid representatives of quasipositive links

Kyle Hayden

Stability properties of powers of ideals over regular local rings of small dimension

Jürgen Herzog, Amir Mafi

Smooth Schubert varieties and generalized Schubert polynomials in algebraic cobordism of Grassmannians

Jens Hornbostel, Nicolas Perrin

On the structure of cyclotomic nilHecke algebras

Jun Hu, Xinfeng Liang

Sobolev inequalities on a weighted Riemannian manifold of positive Bakry-Emery curvature and convex boundary

Saïd Ilias, Abdolhakim Shouman

Homomorphisms of fundamental groups of planar continua

Curtis Kent

Four dimensional static and related critical spaces with harmonic curvature

Jongsu Kim, Jinwoo Shin

The action of the Hecke operators on the component groups of modular Jacobian varieties

Taekyung Kim, Hwajong Yoo

Weak amenability of Lie groups made discrete

Søren Knudby

The growth rate of the tunnel number of m-small knots

Tsuyoshi Kobayashi, Yo'av Rieck

Addendum: singularities of flat fronts in hyperbolic space

Masatoshi Kokubu, Wayne Rossman, Kentaro Saji, Masaaki Umehara, Kotaro Yamada

A restriction on the Alexander polynomials of $L$-space knots

David Krcatovich

On the existence of closed geodesics on 2-orbifolds

Christian Lange

Two applications of the Schwarz lemma

Bingyuan Liu

Extremal pairs of Young's inequality for Kac algebras

Zhengwei Liu, Jinsong Wu

Boundary Schwarz lemma for non-equidimensional holomorphic mappings and its application

Yang Liu, Zhihua Chen, Yifei Pan

Monads on projective varieties

Simone Marchesi, Pedro Macias Marques, Helena Soares

Presentations of generalisations of Thompson's group V

Conchita Martinez-Perez, Francesco Matucci, Brita Nucinkis

Erratum to The Johnson-Morita theory for the ring of Fricke characters of free groups

Takao Satoh

Effective results on linear dependence for elliptic curves

Min Sha, Igor Shparlinski

Good reduction and Shafarevich-type theorems for dynamical systems with portrait level structures

Joseph H. Silverman

A Casselman-Shalika formula for the generalized Shalika model of \mathrm{SO}_{4n}

Miyu Suzuki

Temperedness of measures defined by polynomial equations over local fields

David Taylor, V. S. Varadarajan, Jukka Virtanen, David Weisbart

Blocks in flat families of finite-dimensional algebras

Ulrich Thiel

Nontautological bielliptic cycles

Jason van Zelm

Distinguished residual spectrum for $\GL_2(D)$

Mahendra Kumar Verma

Convexity of level sets and a two-point function

Ben Weinkove

Toric surfaces over an arbitrary field

Fei Xie

Minimal regularity solutions of semilinear generalized Tricomi equations

Huicheng Yin, Zhuoping Ruan, Ingo Witt