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New applications of extremely regular function spaces

Trond A. Abrahamsen, Olav Nygaard, Märt Põldvere

Multiplicity upon restriction to the derived subgroup

Jeffrey D. Adler, Dipendra Prasad

Unknotting number and Khovanov homology

Akram Alishahi

Contrasting various notions of convergence in geometric analysis

Brian Allen, Christina Sormani

Light groups of isomorphisms of Banach spaces and invariant LUR renormings

Leandro Antunes, Valentin Ferenczi, Sophie Grivaux, Christian Rosendal

An A infinity version of the Poincare lemma

Camilo Arias Abad, Alexander Quintero Velez, Sebastian Velez Vasquez

Some uniform estimates for scalar curvature type equations

Samy Skander Bahoura

Explicit formulae and discrepancy estimates for $a$-points of the Riemann zeta-function

Siegfred Baluyot, Steven M. Gonek

Regularity and upper semicontinuity of pullback attractors for a class of non-autonomous thermoelastic plate systems

Flank D. M. Bezerra, Vera L. Carbone, Marcelo J. D. Nascimento, Karina Schiabel

Wonderful compactification of character varieties

Indranil Biswas, Sean Lawton, Daniel Ramras, Arlo Caine, Samuel R. Evens

Lp operator algebras with approximate identities I

David P. Blecher, N. Christopher Phillips

Hochschild coniveau spectral sequence and the Beilinson residue

Oliver Braunling, Jesse Wolfson

What do Frobenius's, Solomon's, and Iwasaki's theorems on divisibility in groups have in common?

Elena Brusyanskaya, Anton Klyachko, Andrey Vasil'ev

On homogeneous and inhomogeneous Diophantine approximation over the fields of formal power series

Yann Bugeaud, Zhenliang Zhang

On the boundedness of multilinear fractional strong maximal operator with multiple weights

Mingming Cao, Qingying Xue, Kôzô Yabuta

On MASAs in q-deformed von Neumann algebras

Martijn Caspers, Adam Skalski, Mateusz Wasilewski

Torsion of rational elliptic curves over the maximal abelian extension of Q

Michael Chou

Diffeological vector spaces

J. Daniel Christensen, Enxin Wu

Embedding and compact embedding for weighted and abstract Sobolev spaces

Seng-Kee Chua

The Graph Laplacian and Morse Inequalities

Ivan Contreras, Boyan Xu

Complemented copies of $c_0(\tau)$ in tensor products of $L_p[0,1]$

Vinícius Morelli Cortes, Elói Medina Galego, Christian Samuel

Fully non-linear parabolic dead core problems

João Vítor da Silva, Pablo Ochoa

Degree-one, monotone self-maps of Pontryagin surfaces are near-homeomorphisms

Robert J. Daverman, Thomas L. Thickstun

Local estimates for Hormander's operators of first kind with analytic Gevrey coefficients and application to the regularity of their Gevrey vectors

Makhlouf Derridj

Braid group representations from braiding gapped boundaries of Dijkgraaf-Witten theories

Nicolás Escobar-Velásquez, César Galindo, Zhenghan Wang

Counting using Hall algebras III. Quivers with potentials

Jiarui Fei

J-invariant of hermitian forms over quadratic extensions

Raphaël Fino

On the volume bound in the Dvoretzky--Rogers lemma

Ferenc Fodor, Márton Naszódi, Tamás Zarnócz

The compact picture of symmetry breaking operators for rank one orthogonal and unitary groups

Jan Frahm, Bent Ørsted

De-noetherianizing Cohen-Macaulay rings

László Fuchs, Bruce Olberding

Free Rota-Baxter family algebras and (tri)dendriform family algebras

Xing Gao, Yuanyuan Zhang

Real structures on polarized Dieudonne modules

Mark Goresky, Yung sheng Tai

Ordinary points mod p of GL(n,R) locally symmetric spaces

Mark Goresky, Yung sheng Tai

Lifting of Elliptic Curves

Sanoli Gun, Vijaya Kumar Murty

Loxodromics for the cyclic splitting complex and their centralizers

Radhika Gupta, Derrick Wigglesworth

Variations of projectivity for C*-algebras

Don Hadwin, Tatiana Shulman

Boundedness of singular integrals with flag kernels on weighted flag Hardy spaces

Yongsheng Han, Chin-Cheng Lin, Xinfeng Wu

Exceptional sequences and spherical modules for the Auslander algebra of $k[x]/(x^t)$

Lutz Hille, David Ploog

The topological biquandle of a knot

Eva Horvat

On the Landsberg curvature of a class of Finsler metrics generated from the navigation problem

Libing Huang, Huaifu Liu, Xiaohuan Mo

Symplectic and odd orthogonal Pfaffian formulas for algebraic cobordism

Thomas Hudson, Tomoo Matsumura

Lower semicontinuity of the ADM mass in dimensions two through seven

Jeffrey L. Jauregui

Spacelike hypersurfaces with constant conformal sectional curvature in $\mathbb{R}^{n+1}_1$

Xiu Ji, Tongzhu Li, Huafei Sun

Boundary regularity for asymptotically hyperbolic metrics with smooth Weyl curvature

Xiaoshang Jin

Lie 2-algebroids and matched pairs of $2$-representations: a geometric approach

Madeleine Jotz Lean

An endpoint estimate of the Kunze-Stein phenomenon on SU(n,m)

Takeshi Kawazoe

On the determinants and permanents of matrices with restricted entries over prime fields

Doowon Koh, Thang Pham, Chun-Yen Shen, Lê Anh Vinh

Spectrahedral representations of plane hyperbolic curves

Mario Kummer, Daniel Plaumann, Simone Naldi

Algorithmic homeomorphism of 3-manifolds as a corollary of geometrization

Greg Kuperberg

Geometric transitions and SYZ mirror symmetry

Siu-Cheong Lau, Atsushi Kanazawa

Invariant connections and PBW theorem for Lie groupoid pairs

Camille Laurent-Gengoux, Yannick Voglaire

A compactness theorem on Branson's $Q$-curvature equation

Gang Li

Mabuchi metrics and properness of the modified Ding functional

Yan Li, Bin Zhou

Harish-Chandra modules for divergence zero vector fields on a torus

Zhiqiang Li, Shaobin Tan, Qing Wang

On singular integrals with angular integrability

Feng Liu, Dashan Fan

Symmetry and monotonicity of positive solutions for an integral system with negative exponents

Zhao Liu

Canonical fibrations of contact metric $(\kappa,\mu)$-spaces

Eugenia Loiudice, Antonio Lotta

The SL(1,D)-distinction problem

Hengfei Lu

On Braverman-Kazhdan Proposal for Local Factors: Spherical Case

Zhilin Luo

Symmetry and Nonexistence of Positive Solutions for Fractional Choquard Equations

Pei Ma, Xudong Shang, Jihui Zhang

A characterization of Fuchsian actions by topological rigidity

Kathryn Mann, Maxime Wolff

The Hamiltonian Dynamics of Magnetic Confinement in Toroidal Domains

Gabriel Martins

Self-dual Einstein ACH metrics and CR GJMS operators in dimension three

Taiji Marugame

Double graph complex and characteristic classes of fibrations

Takahiro Matsuyuki

A generalization of Maloo's theorem on freeness of derivation modules

Cleto B. Miranda-Neto, Thyago S. Souza

Restricted sum formula for finite and symmetric multiple zeta values

Hideki Murahara, Shingo Saito

Eigenvalue asymptotics and Bohr's formula for fractal Schrödinger operators

Sze-Man Ngai, Wei Tang

Fundamental domains and presentations for the Deligne-Mostow lattices with 2-fold symmetry

Irene Pasquinelli

τ-tilting finite gentle algebras are representation-finite

Pierre-Guy Plamondon

Adiabatic limit and the Fr\"olicher spectral sequence

Dan Popovici

∞-tilting theory

Leonid Positselski, Jan Šťovíček

A mod-p Artin-Tate conjecture, and generalizing the Herbrand-Ribet theorem

Dipendra Prasad

Puzzles in $K$-homology of Grassmannians

Pavlo Pylyavskyy, Jed Yang

Integration of modules I: stability

Dmitriy Rumynin, Matthew Westaway

Fields of character values for finite special unitary groups

A. A. Schaeffer Fry, C. Ryan Vinroot

On a complex Hessian flow

Weimin Sheng, Jiaxiang Wang

Uniform bounds of Piltz divisor problem over number fields

Wataru Takeda

Explicit Whittaker data for essentially tame supercuspidal representations

Geo Kam-Fai Tam

Homotopy decompositions of the classifying spaces of pointed gauge groups

Stephen Theriault

Sharp quantization for Lane-Emden problems in dimension two

Pierre-Damien Thizy

On the Archimedean local gamma factors for adjoint representation of $GL_3$, part I

Fangyang Tian

Frobenius-Schur indicators for near-group and Haagerup-Izumi fusion categories

Henry Tucker

Obstructions to lifting abelian subalgebras of corona algebras

Andrea Vaccaro

Towards a sharp converse of Wall's theorem on arithmetic progressions

Joseph Vandehey

Deformations of Linear Lie Brackets

Luca Vitagliano, Pier Paolo La Pastina

K-theory of affine actions

James Waldron

Optimal decay estimate of strong solutions for the 3D incompressible Oldroyd-B model without damping

Renhui Wan

Local Sobolev constant estimate for integral Bakry-Emery Ricci curvature

Lili Wang, Guofang Wei

Schwarz lemma at the boundary on the classical domain of type IV

Jianfei Wang, Taishun Liu, Xiaomin Tang

Cyclic $\eta$-parallel shape and Ricci operators on real hypersurfaces in two-dimensional nonflat complex space forms

Yaning Wang

The "quantum" Turan problem for operator systems

Nik Weaver

Yamabe equation on some complete noncompact manifolds

Guodong Wei

BCOV torsion and degenerations of Calabi-Yau manifolds

Wei Xia

Binary quartic forms with bounded invariants and small Galois groups

Stanley Yao Xiao, Cindy Tsang

Finsler spheres with constant flag curvature and finite orbits of prime closed geodesics

Ming Xu

Classification of gradient expanding and steady Ricci solitons

Fei Yang, Shouwen Fang, Liangdi Zhang

triangulated categories with cluster tilting subcategories

Wuzhong Yang, Panyue Zhou, Bin Zhu

Compactness theorems for 4-dimensional gradient Ricci solitons

Yongjia Zhang

Weighted unitary infinitesimal bialgebras on rooted forests and weighted cocycles

Yi Zhang, Dan Chen, Xing Gao, Yan-feng Luo

Degeneracy theorems for two holomorphic curves in $\mathbb{P}^n(\mathbb{C})$ sharing few hypersurfaces

Kai Zhou, Lu Jin