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Airy point process via supersymmetric lifts

Andrew Ahn

Large deviation principles via spherical integrals

Serban Belinschi, Alice Guionnet, Jiaoyang Huang

Exponential growth of random determinants beyond invariance

Gérard Ben Arous, Paul Bourgade, Benjamin McKenna

Quantitative fluid approximation in transport theory: A unified approach

Émeric Bouin, Clément Mouhot

Validity of Bogoliubov’s approximation for translation-invariant Bose gases

Morris Brooks, Robert Seiringer

Gaussian complex zeroes are not always normal: Limit theorems on the disc

Jeremiah Buckley, Alon Nishry

Stability of vacuum for the Landau equation with hard potentials

Sanchit Chaturvedi

Characterization of $H$-Brownian Gibbsian line ensembles

Evgeni Dimitrov

Wilson loops in the abelian lattice Higgs model

Malin P. Forsström, Jonatan Lenells, Fredrik Viklund

Structure of Gibbs measures for planar FK-percolation and Potts models

Alexander Glazman, Ioan Manolescu

The genus-zero five-vertex model

Richard Kenyon, István Prause

Asymptotic stability of solitary waves for the 1D cubic-quintic Schrödinger equation with no internal mode

Yvan Martel