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Mathematics of magic angles in a model of twisted bilayer graphene

Simon Becker, Mark Embree, Jens Wittsten, Maciej Zworski

Fluctuations of the number of excursion sets of planar Gaussian fields

Dmitry Beliaev, Michael McAuley, Stephen Muirhead

An Eyring-Kramers law for slowly oscillating bistable diffusions

Nils Berglund

Gaussian free fields and Riemannian rigidity

Nguyen Viet Dang

Global solutions to the supercooled Stefan problem with blow-ups: regularity and uniqueness

Fran├žois Delarue, Sergey Nadtochiy, Mykhaylo Shkolnikov

Joint moments of a characteristic polynomial and its derivative for the circular beta-ensemble

Peter J. Forrester

Quasi-invariant Gaussian measures for the nonlinear wave equation in three dimensions

Trishen Gunaratnam, Tadahiro Oh, Nikolay Tzvetkov, Hendrik Weber

Large time behavior of small data solutions to the Vlasov-Navier-Stokes system on the whole space

Daniel Han-Kwan

Large deviations in the quantum quasi-1D jellium

Christian Hirsch, Sabine Jansen, Paul Jung

Generalized random energy models in a transversal magnetic field: Free energy and phase diagrams

Chokri Manai, Simone Warzel

Pinning for the critical and supercritical membrane model

Florian Schweiger