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Submitting a paper to Algebraic & Geometric Topology

Papers must be submitted using the submission page. You will need to choose a suitable editor from the list of editors' interests.

Preparing your article for Algebraic & Geometric Topology

The normal language used by the journal is English, but articles written in other languages are acceptable, provided your chosen editor is happy with the language. However, please note that, if your chosen language is not English, then we will need an additional English version of your abstract.

For submission purposes you can prepare your article in any way which suits you and is acceptable to your chosen editor. However please bear in mind that, once accepted for publication, the paper must be prepared in some flavour of LaTeX, preferably using the journal's prepared class file. For more information on preparing articles in LaTeX for publication in AGT consult the LaTeX instructions.

Bibliographical references should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper. All references in the bibliography should be cited at least once in the text. Use of BibTeX is preferred but not required. Any bibliographical citation style may be used, but will be converted to the house style (see a current issue for examples).
Figures, whether prepared electronically or hand-drawn, must be of publication quality. Figures prepared electronically should be submitted in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) or Portable Document Format (PDF) or in a form that can be converted to one of these, such as GnuPlot, Maple, Mathematica or XFig. Many drawing tools such as Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator and Aldus FreeHand can produce EPS or PDF output. Figures containing bitmaps should be generated at the highest possible resolution. If there is doubt whether a particular figure is in an acceptable format, the authors should check with production by sending an email to:

Page proofs will be made available to authors (or to the designated corresponding author) at a Web site in PDF format. Failure to acknowledge the receipt of proofs or to return corrections within the requested deadline may cause publication to be postponed.