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Sam, Steven
Computing inclusions of Schur modules
Santos, João
Sayrafi, Mahrud
The virtual resolutions package for Macaulay2
Schmitt, Johannes
admcycles - a Sage package for calculations in the tautological ring of the moduli space of stable curves
Schönemann, Hans
The gfanlib interface in Singular and its applications
Schwede, Karl
Finding Points On Varieties With Macaulay2
Seminormalization package for Macaulay2
The Frobenius thresholds package for Macaulay2
Seceleanu, Alexandra
Calculations involving symbolic powers
Serbinowski, Bernard
Seminormalization package for Macaulay2
Smith, Gregory
Smolkin, Daniel
Soprunov, Ivan
Sottile, Frank
Staglianò, Giovanni
A Macaulay2 package for computations with rational maps
A package for computations with classical resultants
A package for computations with sparse resultants
Computations with rational maps between multi-projective varieties
Stasi, Despina
Random Monomial Ideals: a Macaulay2 package
Stewart, Allen
Stone, Branden
Calculations involving symbolic powers
Computing free bases for projective modules
Sullivant, Seth
Swinarski, David
Software for computing conformal block divisors on $\overline{M}_{0,n}$