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Abdoul-Anziz, Houssam
Strain gradient and generalized continua obtained by homogenizing frame lattices
Abisset-Chavanne, Emmanuelle
On the effect of phase transition on the manifold dimensionality: Application to the Ising model
Agrawal, Ashutosh
Electromechanics of polarized lipid bilayers
Ahzi, Saïd
Modeling and experimental validation of the elastic modulus of polysulfone membranes reinforced with cellulose nanofibers
Aizikovich, Sergei
Characterization of the behavior of different contacts with double coating
Alaluf, David
An investigation in the active damping of suspension bridges
Alasfar, Reema
Modeling and experimental validation of the elastic modulus of polysulfone membranes reinforced with cellulose nanofibers
Aldowaji, Marwa
Aleandri, Michele
A model for interfaces and its mesoscopic limit
Alhasadi, Mawafag
A three-dimensional Airy stress function
Eshelby’s inclusion theory under the light of Noether’s theorem
Alibert, Jean-Jacques
Homogenization of nonlinear inextensible pantographic structures by Gamma-convergence
Alipour, Amin
Computational analysis of 1D multiple-memory shape memory alloys under thermomechanical loadings
Allena, Rachele
A general method for the determination of the local orthotropic directions of heterogeneous materials: application to bone structures using µCT images
A multiphysics stimulus for continuum mechanics bone remodeling
A new comprehensive approach for bone remodeling under medium and high mechanical load based on cellular activity
Computational implementation of non-uniform orthotropic directions in the femoral diaphysis based on cortical bone microstructure to build a constitutive model.
Heterogeneous directions of orthotropy in three dimensional structures: Finite Elements description based on diffusion equations
Theramechanics: how acting on mechanics will help conceiving new medical treatments
Altenbach, Holm
On the constitutive equations of viscoelastic micropolar plates and shells of differential type
Altucci, Carlo
Amar, Micol
Error estimate for a homogenization problem involving the Laplace-Beltrami operator
Amiri-Hezaveh, Amirhossein
IBVP for electro-magneto-elasto-materials: variational approach
Andreaus, Ugo
A two-dimensional continuum model of pantographic sheets moving in a 3D space and accounting for the offset and relative rotations of the fibers
Andrić, Marijan
Lie group dynamics of reduced multibody-fluid system
Arruda, Mário
Node-dependent kinematic models applied to reinforced concrete structures
Askes, Harm
Analytical solutions for the natural frequencies of rectangular symmetric angle-ply laminated plates
Dynamic Bergan-Wang theory for thick plates
Reducible and irreducible forms of stabilised gradient elasticity in dynamics
Astesiano, Davide
Low energy limits of general relativity and galactic dynamics
Auffray, Nicolas
Anisotropic structure of two-dimensional linear Cosserat elasticity
Symmetry classes for even-order tensors
Symmetry classes in piezoelectricity from second-order symmetries
Augello, Riccardo
Node-dependent kinematic models applied to reinforced concrete structures
Avalishvili, Gia
On the well-posedness of the Green-Lindsay model
Avalishvili, Mariam
On the well-posedness of the Green-Lindsay model
Azzi, Perla
Clips operation between type II and type III O(3)-subgroups with application to piezoelectricity
Distance to a constitutive tensor isotropy stratum by the Lasserre polynomial optimization method