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Carlo Altucci, Francesco Bajardi, Emilio Barchiesi, Andrea Basti, Nicolò Beverini, Thomas Braun, Giorgio Carelli, Salvatore Capozziello, Simone Castellano, Donatella Ciampini, Fabrizio Davì, Gaetano De Luca, Roberto Devoti, Rita Di Giovambattista, Giuseppe Di Somma, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Angela D. V. Di Virgilio, Daniela Famiani, Alberto Frepoli, Francesco Fuso, Ivan Giorgio, Aladino Govoni, Gaetano Lambiase, Enrico Maccioni, Paolo Marsili, Alessia Mercuri, Fabio Morsani, Antonello Ortolan, Alberto Porzio, Matteo Luca Ruggiero, Marco Tallini, Jay Tasson, Emilio Turco, Raffaele Velotta

Node-dependent kinematic models applied to reinforced concrete structures

Riccardo Augello, Erasmo Carrera, Alfonso Pagani, Mário Arruda, Jiahui Shen

Clips operation between type II and type III O(3)-subgroups with application to piezoelectricity

Perla Azzi, Marc Olive

Influence of rapidly-time-varying boundary conditions on the control of two-dimensional elastic pulses in laminates

Arkadi Berezovski, Mihhail Berezovski

Modelling immunodominancein the B-cell response to viral infection

Nikolay M. Bessonov, Gennady A. Bocharov, Daria Neverova, Vitaly Volpert

On Dirac structures admitting a variational approach

Oscar Cosserat, Alexei Kotov, Camille Laurent-Gengoux, Leonid Ryvkin, Vladimir Salnikov

A cohesive interface model with degrading friction coefficient

Massimo Cuomo, Loredana Contrafatto, Leopoldo Greco

Comparison between different viewpoints on bulk growth mechanics

Alfio Grillo, Salvatore Di Stefano

An a posteriori approach to the mechanics of volumetric growth

Alfio Grillo, Salvatore Di Stefano

Uniform attractor of impulse-perturbed reaction-diffusion system

Oleksiy Kapustyan, Olena Kapustian, Ihor Korol, Bruno Rubino

Explicit benchmark solution for the topology optimization of the variable-thickness plates

Kyaw Ye Ko, Yury Solyaev

A method for setting the objective function in the problem of the topological optimization of three-dimensional structures using a density gradient

Vladimir Levin, Anatoly Vershinin, Konstantin Zingerman, Petr Vasilyev

FFR quantification in a left coronary artery using a three-element Windkessel model and the non-linear viscoelastic property of blood

André A. Martins, Catarina F. Castro, Carlos C. António, Luísa C. Sousa, Sónia I. S. Pinto

Escape dynamics in a double periodic potential

Giacomo Rotoli

Low energy limits of general relativity and galactic dynamics

Matteo Luca Ruggiero, Davide Astesiano

Fluid diffusion related aging effect in a concrete dam modeled as Timoshenko beam

Angelo Scrofani, Emilio Barchiesi, Bernardino Chiaia, Anil Misra, Luca Placidi

An overview on uncertainty quantification and probabilistic learning on manifolds in multiscale mechanics of materials

Christian Soize