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Gagneux, Gérard
Modeling capillary hysteresis in unsatured porous media
Gallavotti, Giovanni
Lucio Russo: probability theory and current interests
Gandolfi, Alberto
A note on Gibbs and Markov random fields with constraints and their moments
Ganghoffer, Jean-François
Spatial and material stress tensors in continuum mechanics of growing solid bodies
Gao, David
Canonical duality theory and triality for solving general global optimization problems in complex systems
Garra, Roberto
Localization of point vortices under curvature perturbations
Gavrilyuk, Sergey
Dynamic boundary conditions for membranes whose surface energy depends on the mean and Gaussian curvatures
George, Daniel
A multiphysics stimulus for continuum mechanics bone remodeling
A new comprehensive approach for bone remodeling under medium and high mechanical load based on cellular activity
Germain, Paul
The method of virtual power in the mechanics of continuous media, I: Second-gradient theory
Gianfelice, Michele
Some results on the asymptotic behaviour of finite connection probabilities in percolation
Gianni, Roberto
Error estimate for a homogenization problem involving the Laplace-Beltrami operator
Giorgio, Ivan
A two-dimensional continuum model of pantographic sheets moving in a 3D space and accounting for the offset and relative rotations of the fibers
A variational formulation for one-dimensional linear thermo-viscoelasticity
Energy based trajectory-tracking and vibration control for multi-link highly flexible manipulators
Linear pantographic sheets: Asymptotic micro-macro models identification
Gitman, Inna
Reducible and irreducible forms of stabilised gradient elasticity in dynamics
Glocker, Christoph
On the notion of stress in classical continuum mechanics
Glüge, Rainer
Gradient materials with internal constraints
Goddard, Joe
On linear non-local thermo-viscoelastic waves in fluids
Gouin, Henri
Dynamic boundary conditions for membranes whose surface energy depends on the mean and Gaussian curvatures
Interfaces endowed with nonconstant surface energies revisited with the d'Alembert--Lagrange principle
Govoni, Aladino
Graffi, Sandro
A remark on eigenvalue perturbation theory at vanishing isolation distance
Graziani, Giorgio
Particles for fluids: SPH versus vortex methods
Grecchi, Vincenzo
Quantum mechanics: some basic techniques for some basic models. Part I: the models
Quantum mechanics: some basic techniques for some basic models. Part II: the techniques
Grigoreva, Polina
A model of the proppant flowback. Setup of the theoretical framework
Grillo, Alfio
An a posteriori approach to the mechanics of volumetric growth
Comparison between different viewpoints on bulk growth mechanics
Eshelby’s inclusion theory under the light of Noether’s theorem
Grimmett, Geoffrey
Correlation inequalities for the Potts model
Gros, Claudius
Self-organized stochastic tipping in slow-fast dynamical systems
Guzev, Mikhail
Stability analysis of two coupled oscillators
The object detection by autonomous apparatus as a solution of the Buffon needle problem