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Maes, Christian
What decides the direction of a current?
Mahnken, Rolf
A polynomial chaos expanded hybrid fuzzy-stochastic model for transversely fiber reinforced plastics
A variational formulation for fuzzy analysis in continuum mechanics
Malyarenko, Anatoliy
Statistically isotropic tensor random fields: Correlation structures
Mandal, Dinbandhu
Generation of SH-type waves due to shearing stress discontinuity in an anisotropic layer overlying an initially stressed elastic half-space
Mangini, Fabio
Analysis on the electromagnetic reflection and transmission through a stratified lossy medium of an elliptically polarized plane wave
Marigo, Jean-Jacques
Asymptotic analysis of small defects near a singular point in antiplane elasticity, with an application to the nucleation of a crack at a notch
The homogenized behavior of unidirectional fiber-reinforced composite materials in the case of debonded fibers
Markowich, Peter
Stationary solutions of Keller-Segel type crowd motion and herding models: multiplicity and dynamical stability
Marx, Christian
Analysis of the latitudinal data of Eratosthenes and Hipparchus
Matias, José
Explicit formulas for relaxed disarrangement densities arising from structured deformations
Mavelli, Gabriella
On a stochastic approach to model the double phosphorylation/dephosphorylation cycle
Messelmi, Farid
On the blocking limit of steady-state flow of Herschel-Bulkley fluid
Millet, Olivier
Modeling capillary hysteresis in unsatured porous media
Milton, Graeme
On the possible effective elasticity tensors of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional printed materials
Towards a complete characterization of the effective elasticity tensors of mixtures of an elastic phase and an almost rigid phase
Misra, Anil
A strain gradient variational approach to damage. A comparison with damage gradient models and numerical results.
Identification of higher-order elastic constants for grain assemblies based upon granular micromechanics
Mokrani, Bilal
An investigation in the active damping of suspension bridges
Morales-Silva, Daniel
Canonical duality theory and triality for solving general global optimization problems in complex systems
Morandotti, Marco
Explicit formulas for relaxed disarrangement densities arising from structured deformations
Morozova, Anna
Models for drug release of gentamicin in polylactic acid matrix
Müller, Wolfgang
A note on Couette flow of micropolar fluids according to Eringen’s theory
Models for drug release of gentamicin in polylactic acid matrix
On the well-posedness of the Green-Lindsay model
The effect of rotation on the flattening of celestial bodies: a historical journey through four centuries