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Salnikov, Vladimir
Generalized and graded geometry for mechanics: a comprehensive introduction
On Dirac structures admitting a variational approach
Sangiorgio, Filippo
Decomposition method for reliability analysis of structural systems
Sangiovanni, Andrea
An investigation in the active damping of suspension bridges
Sankad, Gurunath
Modeling of blood flow with stenosis and dilatation
Scala, Riccardo
Constraint reaction and the Peach-Koehler force for dislocation networks
Scheuer, Adrien
On the effect of phase transition on the manifold dimensionality: Application to the Ising model
Schiavone, Peter
A crack with surface elasticity in finite plane elastostatics
An arbitrarily shaped Eshelby inclusion interacting with a circular piezoelectric inhomogeneity penetrated by a semi-infinite crack
Continuously distributed edge dislocations in pileups near a circular inhomogeneity
Dislocations, imperfect interfaces and interface cracks in anisotropic elasticity for quasicrystals
Neutrality of eccentrically coated elastic inclusions
Scoppettuolo, Maria Rosaria
Investigating the evolution of landslides via dimensionless displacement trends
Scott, James
Fractional Korn’s inequalities without boundary conditions
Scrofani, Angelo
Fluid diffusion related aging effect in a concrete dam modeled as Timoshenko beam
Segev, Reuven
On jets, almost symmetric tensors, and traction hyper-stresses
Selvadurai, Antony
A mixed boundary value problem in potential theory for a bimaterial porous region: An application in the environmental geosciences
Seppecher, Pierre
Strain gradient and generalized continua obtained by homogenizing frame lattices
Seyranian, Alexander
Effects of damping on the stability of the compressed Nicolai beam
Shen, Jiahui
Node-dependent kinematic models applied to reinforced concrete structures
Shen, Lihua
Responses of first-order dynamical systems to Mat\'{e}rn, Cauchy, and Dagum excitations
Shirani, Milad
Equilibrium theory for a lipid bilayer with a conforming cytoskeletal membrane
On the equations of equilibrium for asymmetric tilted lipid bilayers
Šilhavý, Miroslav
A direct approach to nonlinear shells with application to surface-substrate interactions
On the approximation theorem for structured deformations from $\operatorname{\mathit{BV}}(\Omega)$
Relaxed disarrangements densities for structured deformations
Simonella, Sergio
Inhomogeneities in Boltzmann--SIR models
Propagation of chaos and effective equations in kinetic theory: a brief survey
Smelser, Ronald
An appreciation and discussion of Paul Germain's ``The method of virtual power in the mechanics of continuous media, I: Second-gradient theory''
Śniatycki, Jędrzej
On jets, almost symmetric tensors, and traction hyper-stresses
Soize, Christian
An overview on uncertainty quantification and probabilistic learning on manifolds in multiscale mechanics of materials
Solci, Margherita
Discrete double-porosity models for spin systems
Solyaev, Yury
Explicit benchmark solution for topology optimization of variable-thickness plates
Sousa, Luísa
FFR quantification in a left coronary artery using a three-element Windkessel model and the non-linear viscoelastic property of blood
Steigmann, David
A two-dimensional continuum model of pantographic sheets moving in a 3D space and accounting for the offset and relative rotations of the fibers
Continuum theory for mechanical meta-materials with a cubic lattice substructure
Corrigendum: on the theory of diffusion and swelling in finitely deforming elastomers
Electromechanics of polarized lipid bilayers
Equilibrium theory for a lipid bilayer with a conforming cytoskeletal membrane
On the equations of equilibrium for asymmetric tilted lipid bilayers
On the theory of diffusion and swelling in finitely deforming elastomers
Steinmann, Paul
Analytical mechanics allows novel vistas on mathematical epidemic dynamics modelling
Sweers, Guido
A sufficient condition for a discrete spectrum of the Kirchhoff plate with an infinite peak