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Baklouti, Ali
Welcome to the Tunisian Journal of Mathematics
Bakry, Dominique
The Markov sequence problem for the Jacobi polynomials and on the simplex
Balmer, Paul
Nilpotence theorems via homological residue fields
Barwick, Clark
Spectral Mackey functors and equivariant algebraic K-theory (II)
Ben Ayed, Mohamed
Finite dimensional reduction of a supercritical exponent equation
Blumberg, Andrew
G-symmetric monoidal categories of modules over equivariant commutative ring spectra
Bortz, Simon
Non-local self-improving properties : a functional analytic approach
Brenier, Yann
Geometric origin and various properties of the arctangential heat equation
Brereton, Justin
Almost Sure Local Well-Posedness for the Supercritical Quintic NLS
Breteaux, Sebastien
Quantum mean-field asymptotics and multiscale analysis
Bushnell, Colin
Tame multiplicity and conductor for local Galois representations