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Horocycle averages on closed manifolds and transfer operators

Alexander Adam, Viviane Baladi

Asymptotics for the rotating fluids and primitive systems with large ill-prepared initial data in critical spaces

Frédéric Charve

Maximal variation of curves on K3 surfaces

Yajnaseni Dutta, Daniel Huybrechts

Singular limit of an Allen-Cahn equation with nonlinear diffusion

Perla El Kettani, Tadahisa Funaki, Danielle Hilhorst, Hyunjoon Park, Sunder Sethuraman

Analytic continuation of multiple polylogarithms in positive characteristic

Hidekazu Furusho

The $\ell$-adic hypergeometric function and associators

Hidekazu Furusho

Homological mirror symmetry at large volume

Benjamin Gammage, Vivek Shende

Exponential bounds for random walks on hyperbolic spaces without moment conditions

Sébastien Gouëzel

A paradifferential approach for hyperbolic dynamical systems and applications

Colin Guillarmou, Thibault de Poyferré, Yannick Bonthonneau

A proof of the refined class number formula of Gross

Minoru Hirose

Rigidity aspects of singular patches in stratified flows

Taoufik Hmidi, Haroune Houamed, Mohamed Zerguine

Uniform observation of semiclassical Schrödinger eigenfunctions on an interval

Camille Laurent, Matthieu Léautaud

Estimations polynomiales pour les problèmes de transmission sur des domaines à bords plats

Hassan Mohsen, Simon Labrunie, Victor Nistor

The monodromy pairing for logarithmic 1-motifs

Jonathan Wise