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P1-Localisation et une classe de Kodaira-Spencer arithmétique

Joseph Ayoub

Rankin-Cohen brackets on tube-type domains

Jean-Louis Clerc

Diffusion regime with a high and oscillating field

Thierry Goudon

Averages along the square integers: $\ell^p$ improving and sparse inequalities

Rui Han, Michael Thoreau Lacey, Fan Yang

Square root $p$-adic $L$-functions, I: Construction of a one-variable measure

Michael Harris

Existence of contacts for the motion of a rigid body into a viscous incompressible fluid with the Tresca boundary conditions

Matthieu Hillairet, Takéo Takahashi

Local Weak Limits of Laplace Eigenfunctions

Maxime Ingremeau

Supersymmetry and the Suzuki chain

Theo Johnson-Freyd

Albanese kernels and Griffiths groups

Bruno Kahn

On the nonlinear regularized Schrodinger equation in exterior domains

Mohamed Karmous, Moez Khenissi

A finiteness theorem for holonomic DQ-modules on Poisson manifolds

Masaki Kashiwara, Pierre Schapira

Central limit theorem for a critical multi-type branching process in random environment

Emile Le Page, Marc Peigné, Da Cam Pham

A geometric construction of semistable extensions of crystalline representations

Martin Olsson

Lifting Chern classes by means of Ekedahl-Oort strata

Gerard van der Geer, Eduard Looijenga