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An invitation to tropical Alexandrov curvature  [in Hawaii 2022]

Carlos Améndola, Anthea Monod

Use of indicator functions to enumerate cross-array designs without direct product structure  [in Hawaii 2022]

Satoshi Aoki, Masayuki Noro

Sampling lattice points in a polytope: a Bayesian biased algorithm with random updates

Miles Bakenhus, Sonja Petrović

Computing maximum likelihood thresholds using graph rigidity  [in Hawaii 2022]

Daniel Irving Bernstein, Sean Dewar, Steven J. Gortler, Anthony Nixon, Meera Sitharam, Louis Theran

Combinatorial and algebraic perspectives on the marginal independence structure of Bayesian networks  [in Hawaii 2022]

Danai Deligeorgaki, Alex Markham, Pratik Misra, Liam Solus

Computing algebraic degrees of phylogenetic varieties  [in Hawaii 2022]

Luis David García Puente, Marina Garrote-López, Elima Shehu

Toric ideals of characteristic imsets via quasi-independence gluing  [in Hawaii 2022]

Benjamin Hollering, Joseph Johnson, Irem Portakal, Liam Solus

Tropical support vector machine and its applications to phylogenomics  [in Hawaii 2022]

Xiaoxian Tang, Houjie Wang, Ruriko Yoshida

Minimal representations of tropical rational functions

Ngoc M. Tran, Jidong Wang