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Algebraic Analysis of Rotation Data

Michael Adamer, András Lőrincz, Anna-Laura Sattelberger, Bernd Sturmfels

Compatibility of distributions in probabilistic models: An algebraic frame and some characterizations

Luigi Burigana, Michele Vicovaro

Maximum likelihood degree of the two-dimensional linear Gaussian covariance model

Jane Ivy Coons, Orlando Marigliano, Michael Ruddy

1-Wasserstein Distance on the Standard Simplex

Andrew Frohmader, Hans Walter Volkmer

The norm of the saturation of a binomial ideal, and applications to Markov bases

David Holmes

Equivariant Hilbert series for Hierarchical models

Aida Maraj, Uwe Nagel

Holonomic Gradient Method for Two Way Contingency Tables

Yoshihito Tachibana, Yoshiaki Goto, Tamio Koyama, Nobuki Takayama

Tropical Gaussians: A brief survey

Ngoc M. Tran