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Logarithmic Voronoi polytopes for discrete linear models

Yulia Alexandr

An invitation to tropical Alexandrov curvature  [in Hawaii 2022]

Carlos Améndola, Anthea Monod

Use of indicator functions to enumerate cross-array designs without direct product structure  [in Hawaii 2022]

Satoshi Aoki, Masayuki Noro

Computing maximum likelihood thresholds using graph rigidity  [in Hawaii 2022]

Daniel Irving Bernstein, Sean Dewar, Steven J. Gortler, Anthony Nixon, Meera Sitharam, Louis Theran

Likelihood geometry of determinantal point processes

Hannah Friedman, Bernd Sturmfels, Maksym Zubkov

Toric ideals of characteristic imsets via quasi-independence gluing  [in Hawaii 2022]

Benjamin Hollering, Joseph Johnson, Irem Portakal, Liam Solus

Tropical support vector machine and its applications to phylogenomics  [in Hawaii 2022]

Xiaoxian Tang, Houjie Wang, Ruriko Yoshida