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Labbate, Domenico
Landjev, Ivan
Caps in projective Hjelmslev spaces over finite chain rings of nilpotency index $2$
Larato, Bambina
Lavrauw, Michel
The two sets of three semifields associated with a semifield flock
Law, Hiu
Leder, Nils
Leemans, Dimitri
Incidence geometries with trialities coming from maps with Wilson trialities
On the thin regular geometries of rank four for the Janko group $J_1$
Leung, Harris
Distances between fixed-point sets in metrically complete 2-dimensional Euclidean buildings are realised
Li, Liangpan
Lisonek, Petr
Lo Re, Pia Maria
On minimum size blocking sets of external lines to a quadric in PG($d,q$)
Lorscheid, Oliver
Towards the horizons of Tits's vision — on band schemes, crowds and $\mathbb{F}_1$-structures
Lovász, László
Löwe, Harald
Parabolic and unipotent collineation groups of locally compact connected translation planes
Löwen, Rainer
A characterization of Clifford parallelism by automorphisms
Lunardon, Guglielmo
From semifield flocks to the generalized translation dual of a semifield