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Manogue, Corinne
An octonionic construction of $E_8$ and the Lie algebra magic square
Marcugini, Stefano
Marino, Giuseppe
Mars, Andreas
On topological split Kac-Moody groups and their twin buildings
Martin, Benjamin
Edifices: Building-like spaces associated to linear algebraic groups
Maschietti, Antonio
Collineation groups with one or two orbits on the set of points not on an oval and its nucleus
Matraś, Andrzej
Transitive groups of axial homologies of hyperbola structures and Minkowski planes
Mellinger, Keith
Partitions in finite geometry and related constant composition codes
Mengyán, Csaba
Minimal blocking sets in $\mathsf{PG}(2, q)$ arising from a generalized construction of Megyesi
Metsch, Klaus
Maximal co-cliques in the Kneser graph on plane-solid flags in PG(6,q)
Milićević, Elizabeth
Chimney retractions in affine buildings encode orbits in affine flag varieties
Möhler, Verena
Montinaro, Alessandro
Flag-transitive and almost simple orbits in finite projective planes
On the finite projective planes of order up to $q^4$, $q$ odd, admitting $\mathsf{PSL}(3,q)$ as a collineation group
The general structure of the projective planes admitting PSL(2,q) as a collineation group
Mühlherr, Bernhard
Moufang quadrangles and affine twin buildings of type $\tillde{C}_2$
Müller, Peter
Munemasa, Akihiro
The twisted Grassmann graph is the block graph of a design