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Pambianco, Fernanda
Pankov, Mark
Parkinson, James
Automorphisms and opposition in spherical buildings of exceptional type, II: Moufang hexagons
Opposition diagrams for automorphisms of small spherical buildings
Parreau, Anne
Affine buildings: Construction by norms and study of isometries
Pasini, Antonio
A characterization of the geometry of large maximal cliques of the alternating forms graph
On two non-building but simply connected compact Tits geometries of type C3
Synthetic and projective properties of embeddable polar spaces
The universal representation group of Huybrechts's dimensional dual hyperoval
Pasotti, Stefano
Patra, Kamal
A non-abelian representation of the dual polar space $DQ(2n,2)$
Payne, Stanley
The classification of spreads of $T_2({\mathcal O})$ and $\alpha$-flocks over small fields
Penttila, Tim
The classification of spreads of $T_2({\mathcal O})$ and $\alpha$-flocks over small fields
Pianta, Silvia
Pichot, Mikaël
Pokora, Piotr
Polverino, Olga
Praeger, Cheryl
Line-transitive point-imprimitive linear spaces: the grid case
Rank three innately transitive permutation groups and related $2$-transitive groups
Pralle, Harm
Certain generalized quadrangles inside polar spaces of rank $4$
Prince, Alan