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Wantz, Kenneth
An arc partition of the Hughes plane using a field-theoretic model
Wassermann, Alfred
Weigel, Christian
Weiner, Zsuzsa
A $t \pmod{p}$ result on weighted multiple $(n-k)$-blocking sets in $\mathsf{PG}(n,q)$
Small point sets of $\mathrm{PG}(n,q)$ intersecting each $k$-space in $1$ modulo $\sqrt{q}$ points
Werner, Daniel
Maximal co-cliques in the Kneser graph on plane-solid flags in PG(6,q)
Wild, Peter
Wilke, Frederick
Wilson, Robert
An octonionic construction of $E_8$ and the Lie algebra magic square
Woldar, Andrew
Wong, Philip Pit Wang
On the autotopism group of the commutative Dickson semifield $K$ and the stabilizer of the Ganley unital embedded in the semifield plane $\Pi(K)$
W├Ârner, Andreas