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An energy method for averaging lemmas

Diogo Arsénio, Nicolas Lerner

Existence of a non-equilibrium steady state for the non-linear BGK equation on an interval

Josephine Evans, Angeliki Menegaki

A DtN approach to the mathematical and numerical analysis in waveguides with periodic outlets at infinity

Sonia Fliss, Patrick Joly, Vincent Lescarret

Analysis of a fourth order exponential PDE arising from a crystal surface jump process with Metropolis-type transition rates

Yuan Gao, Anya Katsevich, Jian-Guo Liu, Jianfeng Lu, Jeremy Louis Marzuola

Resolvent Trace Asymptotics on Stratified Spaces

Luiz Hartmann, Matthias Lesch, Boris Vertman

Local Holder regularity of solutions to generated Jacobian equations

Seonghyeo Jeong

Growth of Sobolev norms for coupled Lowest Landau Level equations

Valentin Schwinte, Laurent Thomann

The transmission problem in linear isotropic elasticity

Plamen Stefanov, Gunther Uhlmann, András Vasy

Exact control for Schrödinger equation on torus from small balls

Zhongkai Tao

Resolvent near zero energy on Riemannian scattering (asymptotically conic) spaces

András Vasy

Streak artifacts from non-convex metal objects in X-ray tomography

Yiran Wang, Yuzhou Zou

Removing numerical dispersion from linear evolution equations

Jens Wittsten, Erik Koene, Fredrik Andersson, Johan Robertsson

Wave equation on certain noncompact symmetric spaces

Hong-Wei Zhang