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On the relative Galois module structure of rings of integers in tame extensions

Adebisi Agboola, Leon McCulloh

The Euclidean distance degree of smooth complex projective varieties

Paolo Aluffi, Corey Harris

High moments of the Estermann function

Sandro Bettin

Jordan blocks of cuspidal representations of symplectic groups

Corinne Blondel, Guy Henniart, Shaun Stevens

Higher weight on GL(3), II - The cusp forms

Jack Buttcane

Dynamics on abelian varieties in positive characteristic

Jakub Byszewski, Gunther Cornelissen, Robert Royals, Tom Ward

Degree and the Brauer-Manin obstruction

Brendan Creutz, Bianca Viray, Alexei N. Skorobogatov

Random flag complexes and asymptotic syzygies

Daniel Erman, Jay Yang

A formula for the Jacobian of a genus one curve of arbitrary degree

Tom Fisher

Tensor triangular geometry of filtered modules

Martin Gallauer Alves de Souza

Heights of hypersurfaces in toric varieties

Roberto Gualdi

Variance of sums in arithmetic progressions of arithmetic functions associated with higher degree L-functions in F_q[t]

Chris Hall, Jonathan P. Keating, Edva Roditty-Gershon

Artin's criteria for algebraicity revisited

Jack Hall, David Rydh

Grothendieck rings for Lie superalgebras and the Duflo-Serganova functor

Crystal Hoyt, Shifra Reif

Extended eigenvarieties for overconvergent cohomology

Christian Johansson, James Newton

The Maillot-Rössler current and the polylogarithm on abelian schemes

Guido Kings, Danny Scarponi

Le théorème de Fermat sur certains corps de nombres totalement réels

Alain Kraus

A "tubular'' variant of Runge's method in all dimensions, with applications to integral points on Siegel modular varieties

Samuel Le Fourn

Categorical representations and KLR algebras

Ruslan Maksimau

Bounded generation of SL_2 over rings of S-integers with infinitely many units

Aleksander V. Morgan, Andrei S. Rapinchuk, Balasubramanian Sury

Microlocal lifts and quantum unique ergodicity on GL_2(Q_p)

Paul D. Nelson

Heights on square of modular curves

Pierre Parent, Pascal Autissier

Bounds for traces of Hecke operators and applications to modular and elliptic curves over a finite field

Ian Petrow

On non-primitive Weierstrass points

Nathan Pflueger

Average non-vanishing of Dirichlet $L$-functions at the central point

Kyle Pratt

Stark Systems over Gorenstein Local Rings

Ryotaro Sakamoto

Infinitely generated symbolic Rees algebra over finite fields

Akiyoshi Sannai, Hiromu Tanaka

Realizing 2-groups as Galois groups following Shafarevich and Serre

Peter Schmid

2-Parts of real class sizes

Hung P. Tong-Viet