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A generic slice of the moduli space of line arrangements

Kenneth Ascher, Patricio Gallardo

Pseudo-exponential maps, variants, and quasiminimality

Martin Bays, Jonathan Kirby

Sums of two cubes as twisted perfect powers, revisited

Michael A. Bennett, Carmen Bruni, Nuno Freitas

Algebraic de Rham theory for weakly holomorphic modular forms of level one

Francis Brown, Richard Hain

Certain abelian varieties bad at only one prime

Armand Brumer, Kenneth Kramer

Mean square in the prime geodesic theorem

Giacomo Cherubini, João Guerreiro

Polynomial bound for the nilpotency index of finitely generated nil algebras

Mátyás Domokos

On faithfulness of the lifting for Hopf algebras and fusion categories

Pavel Etingof

Continuity of the Green function in meromorphic families of polynomials

Charles Favre, Thomas Gauthier

Semi-stable Chow-Hall algebras of quivers and quantized Donaldson-Thomas invariants

Hans Franzen, Markus Reineke

Cohomology for Drinfeld doubles of some infinitesimal group schemes

Eric Friedlander, Cris Negron

A blowup algebra for hyperplane arrangements

Mehdi Garrousian, Aron Simis, Ştefan O. Tohǎneanu

Irreducible components of minuscule affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties

Paul Hamacher, Eva Viehmann

Parabolic induction and extensions

Julien Hauseux

Big Cohen-Macaulay algebras and the vanishing conjecture for maps of Tor in mixed characteristic

Raymond Heitmann, Linquan Ma

Differential forms in positive characteristic II: cdh-descent via functorial Riemann-Zariski spaces

Annette Huber, Shane Kelly

Local root numbers and spectrum of the local descents for orthogonal groups: p-adic case

Dihua Jiang, Lei Zhang

Torsion in the 0-cycle group with modulus

Amalendu Krishna

Correspondences without a Core

Raju Krishnamoorthy

Generalized Fourier coefficients of multiplicative functions

Lilian Matthiesen

Nilpotence order growth of recursion operators in characteristic p

Anna Medvedovsky

On non-primitive Weierstrass points

Nathan Pflueger

Invariant theory of $\wedge^3(9)$ and genus 2 curves

Eric M. Rains, Steven V Sam

Arithmetic functions in short intervals and the symmetric group

Brad Rodgers

$(\varphi, \Gamma)$-modules de de Rham et fonctions $L$ $p$-adiques

Joaquín Rodrigues Jacinto

Local topological algebraicity with algebraic coefficients of analytic sets or functions

Guillaume Rond

Akizuki-Witt maps and Kaletha's global rigid inner forms

Olivier Taïbi

Characterization of Kollár surfaces

Giancarlo Urzúa, José Ignacio Yáñez

Représentations de réduction unipotente pour SO(2n+1), III: exemples de fronts d'onde

Jean-Loup Waldspurger

Elliptic quantum groups and Baxter relations

Huafeng Zhang