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On the first non-trivial strand of syzygies of projective schemes and condition ND(l)

Jeaman Ahn, Kangjin Han, Sijong Kwak

Semisimple algebras and PI-invariants of finite dimensional algebras

Eli Aljadeff, Yakov Karasik

Axiomatizing the existential theory of F_q((t))

Sylvy Anscombe, Philip Dittmann, Arno Fehm

Fitting ideals of class groups for CM abelian extensions

Mahiro Atsuta, Takenori Kataoka

On self-correspondences on curves

Joël Bellaïche, Gaëtan Chenevier

Differences between perfect powers: Prime power gaps

Michael A. Bennett, Samir Siksek

Differential operators, retracts, and toric face rings

Christine Berkesch, Chin-Yi Jean Chan, Patricia Klein, Laura Felicia Matusevich, Janet Page, Janet Vassilev

Bézoutians and the $\mathbb{A}^1$-degree

Thomas Brazelton, Stephen McKean, Sabrina Pauli

Projective orbifolds of Nikulin type

Chiara Camere, Alice Garbagnati, Grzegorz Kapustka, Michał Kapustka

Generalized Igusa functions and ideal growth in nilpotent Lie rings

Angela Carnevale, Michael Schein, Christopher Voll

Isotriviality, integral points, and primitive primes in orbits in characteristic p

Alexander Carney, Wade Hindes, Thomas J. Tucker

A deterministic algorithm for Harder-Narasimhan filtrations for representations of acyclic quivers

Chi-Yu Cheng

A number theoretic characterization of $E$-smooth and (FRS) morphisms: estimates on the number of $\mathbb{Z}/p^k\mathbb{Z}$-points

Raf Cluckers, Itay Glazer, Yotam I. Hendel

Quadratic points on intersections of two quadrics

Brendan Creutz, Bianca Viray

Degree growth for tame automorphisms of an affine quadric threefold

Nguyen-Bac Dang

Breuil-Mézard conjectures for central division algebras

Andrea Dotto

On fake linear cycles inside Fermat varieties

Jorge Duque Franco, Roberto Villaflor Loyola

A weighted one-level density of families of $L$-functions

Alessandro Fazzari

Global dimension of real-exponent polynomial rings

Nathan Geist, Ezra Miller

Limit multiplicity for unitary groups and the stable trace formula

Mathilde Gerbelli-Gauthier

On the variation of Frobenius eigenvalues in a skew-abelian Iwasawa tower

Asvin G.

The diagonal coinvariant ring of a complex reflection group

Stephen Griffeth

On Ozaki's theorem realizing prescribed p-groups as p-class tower groups

Farshid Hajir, Christian Maire, Ravi Ramakrishna

A categorical Künneth formula for constructible Weil sheaves

Tamir Hemo, Timo Richarz, Jakob Scholbach

Hybrid subconvexity bounds for twists of GL(3)×GL(2) L-functions

Bingrong Huang, Zhao Xu

On Kato and Kuzumaki's properties for the Milnor $\mathrm{K}_2$ of function fields of $p$-adic curves

Diego Izquierdo, Giancarlo Lucchini Arteche

Decidability via the tilting correspondence

Konstantinos Kartas

Equidistribution theorems for holomorphic Siegel cusp forms of general degree: The level aspect

Henry H. Kim, Satoshi Wakatsuki, Takuya Yamauchi

Sub-convexity bound for $GL(3) \times GL(2)$ $L$-functions: Hybrid level aspect

Sumit Kumar, Ritabrata Munshi, Saurabh Kumar Singh

Separation of periods of quartic surfaces

Pierre Lairez, Emre Can Sertöz

Unipotent l-blocks for simply-connected p-adic groups

Thomas Lanard

GKM-theory for Torus actions on cyclic quiver Grassmannians

Martina Lanini, Alexander Pütz

Fundamental Exact Sequence for the Pro-\'Etale Fundamental Group

Marcin Lara

The de Rham-Fargues-Fontaine cohomology

Arthur-César Le Bras, Alberto Vezzani

Differentially large fields

Omar León Sánchez, Marcus Tressl

On Tamagawa numbers of CM tori

Pei-Xin Liang, Yasuhiro Oki, Hsin-Yi Yang, Chia-Fu Yu, Jianing Li

On moment map and bigness of tangent bundles of G-varieties

Jie Liu

Operations in connective K-theory

Alexander Merkurjev, Alexander Vishik

Sur les espaces homogènes de Borovoi–Kunyavskiĭ

Nguyen Manh Linh

Wide moments of $L$-functions I: Twists by class group characters of imaginary quadratic fields

Asbjørn Christian Nordentoft

Spectral reciprocity via integral representations

Ramon M. Nunes

Partial sums of typical multiplicative functions over short moving intervals

Mayank Pandey, Victor Y. Wang, Max Wenqiang Xu

The behavior of essential dimension under specialization II

Zinovy Reichstein, Federico Scavia

The structure of Frobenius kernels for automorphism group schemes

Stefan Schröer, Nikolaos Tziolas

Special cycles on the basic locus of unitary Shimura varieties at ramifed primes

Yousheng Shi

A p-adic Simpson correspondence for rigid analytic varieties

Yupeng Wang

$p$-groups, $p$-rank, and semi-stable reduction of coverings of curves

Yu Yang

Quotients of admissible formal schemes and adic spaces by finite groups

Bogdan Zavyalov