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Statistics of the first Galois cohomology group: A refinement of Malle's conjecture

Brandon Alberts

Precobordism and cobordism

Toni Annala

Chebyshev’s bias in dihedral and generalized quaternion Galois groups

Alexandre Bailleul

Computing integral points on $X_{ns}^+(p)$

Aurélien Bajolet, Yuri Bilu, Benjamin Matschke

The Erd\H{o}s--Selfridge problem with square-free moduli

Paul Balister, Béla Bollobás, Robert Morris, Julian Sahasrabudhe, Marius Tiba

Flag manifolds over semifields

Huanchen Bao, Xuhua He

Rational dynamical systems, $S$-units, and $D$-finite power series

Jason P. Bell, Shaoshi Chen, Ehsaan Hossain

Elements of given order in Tate-Shafarevich groups of abelian varieties in quadratic twist families

Manjul Bhargava, Zev Klagsbrun, Robert Lemke Oliver, Ari Shnidman

Motivic Euler products in motivic statistics

Margaret Bilu, Sean Howe

The Hasse principle for diagonal forms restricted to lower-degree hypersurfaces

Julia Brandes, Scott Parsell

The Navarro conjecture for the alternating groups

Olivier Brunat, Rishi Nath

Positivity determines the quantum cohomology of Grassmannians

Anders Skovsted Buch, Chengxi Wang

Base sizes for primitive groups with soluble stabilisers

Timothy C. Burness

A proof of Perrin-Riou's Heegner point main conjecture

Ashay Burungale, Francesc Castella, Chan-Ho Kim

Reconstructing function fields from Milnor K-theory

Anna Cadoret, Alena Pirutka

On the distribution of lattice points on hyperbolic circles

Dimitrios Chatzakos, Pär Kurlberg, Stephen Lester, Igor Wigman

On some modular contractions of the moduli space of stable pointed curves

Giulio Codogni, Luca Tasin, Filippo Viviani

Essential finite generation of valuation rings in characteristic zero algebraic function fields

Steven Dale Cutkosky

Sato-Tate equidistribution for families of automorphic representations through the stable trace formula

Rahul Dalal

Frobenius splitting of valuation rings and $F$-singularities of centers

Rankeya Datta

Elliptic (p,q)-difference modules

Ehud De Shalit

Sporadic cubic torsion

Maarten Derickx, Anastassia Etropolski, Mark H. F. van Hoeij, Jackson S. Morrow, David Zureick-Brown

Support varieties and modules of finite projective dimension for modular Lie superalgebras

Christopher M. Drupieski, Jonathan R. Kujawa

Differential operators mod $p$: analytic continuation and consequences

Ellen Eischen, Max Flander, Alexandru Ghitza, Elena Mantovan, Angus McAndrew

The unit equation over cyclic number fields of prime degree

Nuno Freitas, Alain Kraus, Samir Siksek

McKay bijections for symmetric and alternating groups

Eugenio Giannelli

Frobenius lifts and elliptic curves with complex multiplication

Lance Gurney

Equidistribution of shapes of complex cubic fields of fixed quadratic resolvent

Robert Harron

Functional transcendence for the unipotent Albanese map

Daniel Rayor Hast

Classification of subbundles on the Fargues-Fontaine curve

Serin Hong

Algebraic realization of noncommutative near-group fusion categories

Masaki Izumi, Henry Tucker

Generic planar algebraic vector fields are strongly minimal and disintegrated

Rémi Jaoui

The Prime Geodesic Theorem for PSL_2(Z[i]) and Spectral Exponential Sums

Ikuya Kaneko

A Hecke algebra on the double cover of a Chevalley group over $\mathbb{Q}_{2}$

Edmund Karasiewicz

The Chow ring of the classifying space of the unitary group

Nikita A. Karpenko, Alexander Merkurjev

Wild ramification, the nearby cycle complexes, and the characteristic cycles of l-adic sheaves

Hiroki Kato

Remarks on generating series for special cycles on orthogonal Shimura varieties

Stephen Kudla

On the $\mu$-invariants of abelian varieties over function fields of positive characteristic

King Fai Lai, Ignazio Longhi, Takashi Suzuki, Ki-Seng Tan, Fabien Trihan

Cohomology of cluster varieties. I. Locally acyclic case

Thomas Lam, David E Speyer

The geometric average size of Selmer groups over function fields

Aaron Landesman

A note on Lie algebra cohomology

Michael J. Larsen, Valery A. Lunts

Higher frames and G-displays

Eike Lau

Height of rational points on random Fano hypersurfaces

Pierre Le Boudec

Residual Galois representations of elliptic curves with image contained in the normaliser of a non-split Cartan

Samuel Le Fourn, Pedro Lemos

Skeletons of Prym varieties and Brill-Noether theory

Yoav Len, Martin Ulirsch

Reduction type of smooth quartics

Reynald Lercier, Qing Liu, Elisa Lorenzo García, Christophe Ritzenthaler

Modèle local des schémas de Hilbert-Siegel de niveau $\Gamma_1(p)$

Shinan Liu

Arithmetic properties of Fourier coefficients of meromorphic modular forms

Steffen Löbrich, Markus Schwagenscheidt

Universal abelian variety and Siegel modular forms

Shouhei Ma

Bigness of the tangent bundle of del Pezzo surfaces and D-simplicity

Devlin Mallory

Sato-Tate equidistribution for families of Hecke-Maass forms on SL(n,\R) / SO(n)

Jasmin Matz, Nicolas Templier

Integral p-adic Hodge theory of formal schemes in low ramification

Yu Min

Tate modules of isocrystals and good reduction of Drinfeld modules

Maxim Mornev

The universal unramified module for GL(n) and the Ihara conjecture

Gilbert Moss

n-torsion points on theta divisors and semihomogeneous vector bundles

Giuseppe Pareschi

A quaternionic Saito-Kurokawa lift and cusp forms on G_2

Aaron Pollack

Algebraic maps constant on isomorphism classes of unpolarized abelian varieties are constant

Eric M. Rains, Karl Rubin, Travis Scholl, Shahed Sharif, Alice Silverberg

A proof of the Brown-Goodearl Conjecture for module-finite weak Hopf algebras

Daniel Rogalski, Robert Won, James J. Zhang

Tamagawa numbers and other invariants of pseudo-reductive groups over global function fields

Zev Rosengarten

Pathological behavior of arithmetic invariants of unipotent groups

Zev Rosengarten

Manin’s conjecture and the Fujita invariant of finite covers

Akash Sengupta

On the automorphy of 2-dimensional potentially semi-stable deformation rings of $\G_{\mathbb{Q}_p}$

Shen-Ning Tung

The Hodge ring of varieties in positive characteristic

Remy van Dobben de Bruyn

Roth's Theorem over arithmetic function fields

Paul Alan Vojta

Arithmetic exponent pairs for algebraic trace functions and applications

Jie Wu, Ping Xi, Will Sawin

Additive properties of numbers with restricted digits

Han Yu

Gromov-Witten theory of [\mathbb{C}^2 / \mathbb{Z}_{n+1}] \times \mathbb{P}^1

Zijun Zhou, Zhengyu Zong