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Toroidal orbifolds, destackification, and Kummer blowings up

Dan Abramovich, Michael Temkin, Jarosław Włodarczyk, David Rydh

Equivariant Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch and localization in operational K-theory

David Anderson, Richard P. Gonzales, Sam Payne

Abelian extensions in dynamical Galois theory

Jesse Andrews, Clayton Petsche

The Brauer group of the moduli stack of elliptic curves

Benjamin Antieau, Lennart Meier

Nouvelles cohomologies de Weil en caractéristique positive

Joseph Ayoub

Friezes satisfying higher SL_k-determinants

Karin Baur, Eleonore Faber, Sira Gratz, Khrystyna Serhiyenko, Gordana Todorov

Quadratic Chabauty for (bi)elliptic curves and Kim's conjecture

Francesca Bianchi

An algebraic framework for noncommutative bundles with homogeneous fibres

Tomasz Brzeziński, Wojciech Szymański

Moments of quadratic twists of elliptic curve L-functions over function fields

H. M. Bui, Alexandra Florea, Jonathan P. Keating, Edva Roditty-Gershon

Sous-groupe de Brauer invariant et obstruction de descente itérée

Yang Cao

The dimension growth conjecture, polynomial in the degree and without logarithmic factors

Wouter Castryck, Raf Cluckers, Philip Dittmann, Kien Huu Nguyen

Burch ideals and Burch rings

Hailong Dao, Toshinori Kobayashi, Ryo Takahashi

An intriguing hyperelliptic Shimura curve quotient of genus 16

Lassina Dembélé

Elliptic curves over totally real cubic fields are modular

Maarten Derickx, Filip Najman, Samir Siksek

Algorithms for orbit closure separation for invariants and semi-invariants of matrices

Harm Derksen, Visu Makam

Harmonic theta series and the Kodaira dimension of A_6

Moritz Dittmann, Riccardo Salvati Manni, Nils Scheithauer

Nonvanishing of hyperelliptic zeta functions over finite fields

Jordan Ellenberg, Wanlin Li, Mark Shusterman

On asymptotic Fermat over $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extensions of $\mathbb{Q}$

Nuno Freitas, Alain Kraus, Samir Siksek

+ Behavior of infinities and the operations among the infinite series and functions

Waqar Ibni Farooq Ganie

Invertible functions on non-archimedean symmetric spaces

Ernst-Ulrich Gekeler

Modular forms from Noether-Lefschetz theory

François Greer

Auslander correspondence for triangulated categories

Norihiro Hanihara

On iterated product sets with shifts II

Brandon Hanson, Oliver Roche-Newton, Dmitrii Zhelezov

Equidistribution of shapes of complex cubic fields of fixed quadratic resolvent

Robert Harron

Curtis Homomorphisms and the integral Bernstein center for GL_n

David Helm

Corrigendum to: On the supersingular locus of the GU(2,2) Shimura variety

Benjamin Howard, George Pappas

The Laplace transform of the second moment in the Gauss circle problem

Thomas A. Hulse, Chan Ieong Kuan, David Lowry-Duda, Alexander Walker

Pro-unipotent harmonic actions and dynamical properties of p-adic cyclotomic multiple zeta values

David Jarossay

Motivic multiple zeta values relative to \mu_2

Zhongyu Jin, Jiangtao Li

$p$-adic estimates of exponential sums on curves

Joe Kramer-Miller

Most words are geometrically almost uniform

Michael J. Larsen

Height of rational points on random Fano hypersurfaces

Pierre Le Boudec

Reduction type of smooth quartics

Reynald Lercier, Qing Liu, Elisa Lorenzo García, Christophe Ritzenthaler

An analogue of the Grothendieck-Springer resolution for symmetric spaces

Spencer Leslie

Motivic Gauß-Bonnet formulas

Marc Levine, Arpon Raksit

On a conjecture of Yui and Zagier

Yingkun Li, Tonghai Yang

Relative crystalline representations and $p$-divisible groups in the small ramification case

Tong Liu, Yong Suk Moon

Supersingular locus of Hilbert modular varieties, arithmetic level raising and Selmer groups

Yifeng Liu, Yichao Tian

P-adic Asai L-functions of Bianchi modular forms

David Loeffler, Christopher Williams

Iterated local cohomology groups and Lyubeznik numbers for determinantal rings

András Lőrincz, Claudiu Raicu

The Prasad conjectures for GSp(4) and PGSp(4)

Hengfei Lu

Burgess bounds for short character sums evaluated at forms

Lillian B. Pierce, Junyan Xu

On the Breuil-Schneider conjecture: Generic case

Alexandre Pyvovarov

Galois action on the principal block and cyclic Sylow subgroups

Noelia Rizo, A. A. Schaeffer Fry, Carolina Vallejo

Generating series of a new class of orthogonal Shimura varieties

Eugenia Rosu, Dylan Yott

On the birational section conjecture over finitely generated fields

Mohamed Saïdi, Michael Tyler

Torsion orders of Fano hypersurfaces

Stefan Schreieder

The cancellation of projective modules of rank 2 with a trivial determinant

Tariq Syed

On a cohomological generalization of the Shafarevich conjecture for K3 surfaces

Teppei Takamatsu

Greatest common divisors of integral points of numerically equivalent divisors

Julie Tzu-Yueh Wang, Yu Yasufuku

Moduli spaces of symmetric cubic fourfolds and locally symmetric varieties

Chenglong Yu, Zhiwei Zheng