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Statistics of the first Galois cohomology group: A refinement of Malle's conjecture

Brandon Alberts

Precobordism and cobordism

Toni Annala

Flag manifolds over semifields

Huanchen Bao, Xuhua He

Rational dynamical systems, $S$-units, and $D$-finite power series

Jason P. Bell, Shaoshi Chen, Ehsaan Hossain

Tamely ramified covers of the projective line with alternating and symmetric monodromy

Renee Bell, Jeremy Booher, William Chen, Yuan Liu

Motivic Euler products in motivic statistics

Margaret Bilu, Sean Howe

Waring and cactus ranks and strong Lefschetz property for annihilators of symmetric forms

Mats Boij, Juan Migliore, Rosa M. Miró-Roig, Uwe Nagel

The Hasse principle for diagonal forms restricted to lower-degree hypersurfaces

Julia Brandes, Scott Parsell

Explicit computation of symmetric differentials and its application to quasi-hyperbolicity

Nils Bruin, Jordan Thomas, Anthony Várilly-Alvarado

Base sizes for primitive groups with soluble stabilisers

Timothy C. Burness

A proof of Perrin-Riou's Heegner point main conjecture

Ashay Burungale, Francesc Castella, Chan-Ho Kim

The arithmetic Kuznetsov formula on GL(3), II: The general case

Jack Buttcane

Reconstructing function fields from Milnor K-theory

Anna Cadoret, Alena Pirutka

Entirety of certain cuspidal Eisenstein series on Kac-Moody groups

Lisa J. Carbone, Kyu-Hwan Lee, Dongwen Liu

On the distribution of lattice points on hyperbolic circles

Dimitrios Chatzakos, Pär Kurlberg, Stephen Lester, Igor Wigman

Resolution of ideals associated to subspace arrangements

Aldo Conca, Manolis C. Tsakiris

Stability of normal bundles of space curves

Izzet Coskun, Eric Larson, Isabel Vogt

Monoidal abelian envelopes and a conjecture of Benson - Etingof

Kevin Coulembier, Inna Entova-Aizenbud, Thorsten Heidersdorf

Essential finite generation of valuation rings in characteristic zero algebraic function fields

Steven Dale Cutkosky

Sato-Tate equidistribution for families of automorphic representations through the stable trace formula

Rahul Dalal

Frobenius splitting of valuation rings and $F$-singularities of centers

Rankeya Datta

The mean values of cubic L-functions over function fields

Chantal David, Alexandra Florea, Matilde Lalín

Sporadic cubic torsion

Maarten Derickx, Anastassia Etropolski, Mark H. F. van Hoeij, Jackson S. Morrow, David Zureick-Brown

The G-stable rank for tensors and the cap set problem

Harm Derksen

Topological spectrum and perfectoid Tate rings

Dimitri Dine

Automorphisms of Cartan modular curves of prime and composite level

Valerio Dose, Guido Lido, Pietro Mercuri

Saturation bounds for smooth varieties

Lawrence Ein, Huy Tài Hà, Robert Lazarsfeld

Duflo-Serganova functor and superdimension formula for the periplectic Lie superalgebra

Inna Entova-Aizenbud, Vera Serganova

On the Grothendieck-Serre conjecture about principal bundles and its generalizations

Roman Fedorov

Enveloppe étale de morphismes plats

Daniel Ferrand

The unit equation over cyclic number fields of prime degree

Nuno Freitas, Alain Kraus, Samir Siksek

On the geometry of geometric rank

Runshi Geng, Joseph Montague Landsberg

McKay bijections for symmetric and alternating groups

Eugenio Giannelli

Descent on elliptic surfaces and arithmetic bounds for the Mordell-Weil rank

Jean Gillibert, Aaron Levin

Snowflake modules and Enright functor for Kac-Moody superalgebras

Maria Gorelik, Vera Serganova

Vinogradov's theorem with Fouvry-Iwaniec primes

Lasse Grimmelt

Square-free OM computation of global integral bases

Jordi Guàrdia i Rúbies, Enric Nart

Frobenius lifts and elliptic curves with complex multiplication

Lance Gurney

Lower bounds for discrete negative moments of the Riemann zeta function

Winston Heap, Junxian Li, Jing Zhao

The integral monodromy of isolated quasihomogeneous singularities

Claus Hertling, Makiko Mase

Multiplicities and Betti numbers in local algebra via lim Ulrich points

Srikanth B. Iyengar, Linquan Ma, Mark E. Walker

Generic planar algebraic vector fields are strongly minimal and disintegrated

Rémi Jaoui

The Prime Geodesic Theorem for PSL_2(Z[i]) and Spectral Exponential Sums

Ikuya Kaneko

A Hecke algebra on the double cover of a Chevalley group over $\mathbb{Q}_{2}$

Edmund Karasiewicz

The Chow ring of the classifying space of the unitary group

Nikita A. Karpenko, Alexander Merkurjev

Serre weight conjectures for p-adic unitary groups of rank 2

Karol Kozioł, Stefano Morra

Rank 2 local systems, Barsotti-Tate groups, and Shimura curves

Raju Krishnamoorthy

Remarks on generating series for special cycles on orthogonal Shimura varieties

Stephen Kudla

Artin's conjecture for Drinfeld modules

Wentang Kuo, David Tweedle

The average size of the 2-Selmer group of a family of non-hyperelliptic curves of genus 3

Jef Laga

Cohomology of cluster varieties. I. Locally acyclic case

Thomas Lam, David E Speyer

Higher frames and G-displays

Eike Lau

Modèle local des schémas de Hilbert-Siegel de niveau $\Gamma_1(p)$

Shinan Liu

Arithmetic properties of Fourier coefficients of meromorphic modular forms

Steffen Löbrich, Markus Schwagenscheidt

Galois representations attached to elliptic curves with complex multiplication

Álvaro Lozano-Robledo

Universal abelian variety and Siegel modular forms

Shouhei Ma

Bigness of the tangent bundle of del Pezzo surfaces and $D$-simplicity

Devlin Mallory

Experiments on the Brauer map in high codimension

Siddharth Mathur

Local constancy of intersection numbers

Andreas Mihatsch

Noncommutative Knörrer's periodicity theorem and noncommutative quadric hypersurfaces

Izuru Mori, Kenta Ueyama

On the geometry and representation theory of isomeric matrices

Rohit Nagpal, Steven V Sam, Andrew Snowden

Transcendental series of reciprocals of Fibonacci and Lucas numbers

Khoa Dang Nguyen

On rationally connected varieties over C1 fields of characteristic 0

Marta Pieropan

Zero-sum subsets in vector spaces over finite fields

Cosmin Pohoaţă, Dmitriy Zakharov

Formal groups and lifts of the field of norms

Léo Poyeton

Pathological behavior of arithmetic invariants of unipotent groups

Zev Rosengarten

Tamagawa numbers and other invariants of pseudo-reductive groups over global function fields

Zev Rosengarten

Frobenius-Witt differentials and regularity

Takeshi Saito

Cotangent bundle and micro-supports in mixed characteristic case

Takeshi Saito

Manin’s conjecture and the Fujita invariant of finite covers

Akash Sengupta

Covering gonalities of complete intersections in positive characteristic

Geoffrey Smith

On some families of Gushel-Mukai fourfolds

Giovanni Staglianò

Categorifications of rational Hilbert series and characters of FSop modules

Philip Tosteson

On the automorphy of 2-dimensional potentially semi-stable deformation rings of $\G_{\mathbb{Q}_p}$

Shen-Ning Tung

Integral Period Relations and Congruences

Eric Urban, Jacques Tilouine

Roth's Theorem over arithmetic function fields

Paul Alan Vojta

Arithmetic level raising on triple product of Shimura curves and Gross-Schoen diagonal cycles I: Ramified case

Haining Wang

Parameterizing roots of polynomial congruences

Matthew Welsh

Arithmetic exponent pairs for algebraic trace functions and applications

Jie Wu, Ping Xi, Will Sawin

Gromov-Witten theory of [\mathbb{C}^2 / \mathbb{Z}_{n+1}] \times \mathbb{P}^1

Zijun Zhou, Zhengyu Zong