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On the gap between Gamma-limit and pointwise limit for a non-local approximation of the total variation

Clara Antonucci, Massimo Gobbino, Nicola Picenni

Optimal constants for a non-local approximation of Sobolev norms and total variation

Clara Antonucci, Massimo Gobbino, Matteo Migliorini, Nicola Picenni

Tangent measures of elliptic measure and applications

Jonas Azzam, Mihalis Mourgoglou

Variable coefficient Wolff-type inequalities and sharp local smoothing estimates for wave equations on manifolds

David Beltran, Jonathan Hickman, Christopher D. Sogge

The gradient flow of the Möbius energy: $\varepsilon$-regularity and consequences

Simon Blatt

Spacelike radial graphs of prescribed mean curvature in the Lorentz-Minkowski space

Denis Bonheure, Alessandro Iacopetti

On the existence of translating solutions of mean curvature flow in slab regions

Theodora Bourni, Mat Langford, Giuseppe Tinaglia

Discretely self-similar solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations with data in $L^2_{\mathrm{loc}}$ satisfying the local energy inequality

Zachary Bradshaw, Tai-Peng Tsai

On solvability and ill-posedness of the compressible Euler system subject to stochastic forces

Dominic Breit, Eduard Feireisl, Martina Hofmanová

On the Trace Operator for Functions of bounded A-Variation

Dominic Breit, Lars Diening, Franz Gmeineder

Almost sure scattering for the radial energy critical nonlinear wave equation in three dimensions

Bjoern Bringmann

Sharp Strichartz inequalities for fractional and higher order Schrödinger equations

Gianmarco Brocchi, Diogo Oliveira e Silva, René Quilodrán

Local minimality results for the Mumford-Shah functional via monotonicity

Dorin Bucur, Ilaria Fragalà, Alessandro Giacomini

Solutions of the 4-species quadratic reaction-diffusion system are bounded and $C^\infty$-smooth, in any space dimension

Maria-Cristina Caputo, Thierry Goudon, Alexis F. Vasseur

Absence of Cartan subalgebras for right-angled Hecke von Neumann algebras

Martijn Caspers

A well-posedness result for viscous compressible fluids with only bounded density

Raphaël Danchin, Francesco Fanelli, Marius Paicu

Infinite time blow-up for the 3-dimensional energy critical heat equation

Manuel Del Pino, Monica Musso, Juncheng Wei

Parabolic $l^p$ dirichlet boundary value problem and VMO-type time-varying domains

Martin Dindoš, Luke Dyer, Sukjung Hwang

Regularity estimates for elliptic nonlocal operators

Bartłomiej Dyda, Moritz Kassmann

Continuity properties for divergence form boundary data homogenization problems

William M. Feldman, Yuming Paul Zhang

Asymptotic expansions of fundamental solutions in parabolic homogenization

Jun Geng, Zhongwei Shen

The Calderon problem for the fractional Schrodinger equation

Tuhin Ghosh, Mikko Salo, Gunther Uhlmann

External boundary control of the motion of a rigid body immersed in a perfect two-dimensional fluid

Olivier Glass, József J. Kolumbán, Franck Sueur

A higher dimensional Bourgain-Dyatlov fractal uncertainty principle

Rui Han, Wilhelm Schlag

Dynamics of one fold symmetric patches for the aggregation equation and collapse to singular measure

Taoufik Hmidi, Dong Li

Carleson measure estimates and the Dirichlet problem for degenerate elliptic equations

Steve Hofmann, Phi Le, Andrew Morris

Coupled Kähler-Ricci solitons on toric Fano manifolds

Jakob Hultgren

Generalized q-Gaussian von Neumann algebras with coefficients, I. Relative strong solidity

Marius Junge, Bogdan Udrea

Capillary surfaces arising in singular perturbation problems

Aram L. Karakhanyan

Isolated Singularities for Semilinear Elliptic Systems with Power-Law Nonlinearity

Sunghan Kim, Marius Ghergu, Henrik Shahgholian

On the discrete Fuglede and Pompeiu problems

Gergely Kiss, Romanos Diogenes Malikiosis, Gábor Somlai, Máté Vizer

A spiral interface with positive Alt-Caffarelli-Friedman limit at the origin

Dennis Kriventsov, Mark Allen

Geometric regularity for elliptic equations in double-divergence form

Raimundo Leitao, Edgard Pimentel, Makson Santos

Distance graphs and sets of positive upper density in $\mathbb{R}^d$

Neil Lyall, Akos Magyar

Estimates for the Navier-Stokes equations in the half-space for non localized data

Yasunori Maekawa, Hideyuki Miura, Christophe Prange

Stability of small solitary waves for the 1$d$ NLS with an attractive delta potential

Satoshi Masaki, Jason Murphy, Jun-ichi Segata

Complex interpolation and Calder\'on-Mityagin couples of Morrey spaces

Mieczysław Mastyło, Yoshihiro Sawano

Square function estimates, BMO Dirichlet problem, and absolute continuity of harmonic measure on lower-dimensional sets

Svitlana Mayboroda, Zihui Zhao

Regularity of the free boundary for the vectorial Bernoulli problem

Dario Mazzoleni, Susanna Terracini, Bozhidar Velichkov

A bootstrapping approach to jump inequalities and their applications

Mariusz Mirek, Elias M. Stein, Pavel Zorin-Kranich

On the H\"older continuous subsolution problem for the complex Monge-Amp\`ere equation, II

Cuong Ngoc Nguyen

A vector field method for radiating black hole spacetimes

Jesús Oliver, Jacob Sterbenz

Non-existence of global characteristics for viscosity solutions

Valentine Roos

Errata: the heat kernel on an asymptotically conic manifold

David A. Sher

Energy Conservation for the Compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations with Vacuum

Jack Skipper, Emil Wiedemann, Ibrokhimbek Akramov, Tomasz Dębiec

Stable ODE-type blowup for some quasilinear wave equations with derivative-quadratic nonlinearities

Jared Speck

Monotonicity and local uniqueness for the Helmholtz equation

Bastian Harrach, Valter Pohjola, Mikko Salo

Strichartz estimates for the Schr\"odinger flow on compact Lie groups

Yunfeng Zhang