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Relative heat content asymptotics for sub-Riemannian manifolds

Andrei Agrachev, Luca Rizzi, Tommaso Rossi

Variational methods for the kinetic Fokker-Planck equation

Dallas Albritton, Scott Armstrong, Jean-Christophe Mourrat, Matthew Novack

Monge-Ampère gravitation as a Gamma-limit of good rate functions

Luigi Ambrosio, Aymeric Baradat, Yann Brenier

On a spatially inhomogeneous nonlinear Fokker-Planck equation: Cauchy problem and diffusion asymptotics

Francesca Anceschi, Yuzhe Zhu

Global stability of spacetimes with supersymmetric compactifications

Lars Andersson, Pieter Blue, Zoe Wyatt, Shing-Tung Yau

The rank-one theorem on RCD spaces

Gioacchino Antonelli, Camillo Brena, Enrico Pasqualetto

Discrete velocity Boltzmann equations in the plane: Stationary solutions

Leif Arkeryd, Anne Nouri

Semi-classical eigenvalue estimates under magnetic steps [Former title: Hearing the shape of a magnetic edge in the semiclassical limit]

Wafaa Assaad, Bernard Helffer, Ayman Kachmar

The Kato square root problem for weighted parabolic operators

Alireza Ataei, Moritz Egert, Kaj Nyström

Defining the spectral position of a Neumann domain

Ram Band, Graham Cox, Sebastian K. Egger

Minkowski inequality on complete Riemannian manifolds with nonnegative Ricci curvature

Luca Benatti, Mattia Fogagnolo, Lorenzo Mazzieri

A Poincaré-Steklov map for the MIT bag model

Badreddine Benhellal, Vincent Bruneau, Mahdi Zreik

The Dirichlet problem for the Lagrangian mean curvature equation

Arunima Bhattacharya

Existence of resonances for Schrödinger operators on hyperbolic space

David Borthwick, Yiran Wang

Classification of convex ancient free boundary curve shortening flows in the disc

Theodora Bourni, Mat Langford

Families of functionals representing Sobolev norms

Haïm Brezis, Andreas Seeger, Jean Van Schaftingen, Po-Lam Yung

Measure propagation along C^0-vector field and wave controllability on a rough compact manifold

Nicolas Burq, Belhassen Dehman, Jérôme Le Rousseau

The quermassintegral preserving mean curvature flow in the sphere

Esther Cabezas-Rivas, Julian Scheuer

On a family of fully nonlinear integro-differential operators: From fractional Laplacian to nonlocal Monge-Ampère

Luis Caffarelli, María Soria-Carro

Trigonometric chaos and Xp inequalities I —Balanced Fourier truncations over discrete groups—

Antonio Ismael Cano-Mármol, José M. Conde-Alonso, Javier Parcet

Growth of high L^p norms for eigenfunctions: An application of geodesic beams

Yaiza Canzani, Jeffrey Galkowski

Shift equivalences through the lens of Cuntz-Krieger algebras

Toke Meier Carlsen, Adam Dor-On, Søren Eilers

The Landau equation as a gradient Flow

José A. Carrillo, Matias G. Delgadino, Laurent Desvillettes, Jeremy Wu

Stability of traveling waves for the Burgers-Hilbert equation

Ángel Castro, Diego Córdoba, Fan Zheng

Local lens rigidity for manifolds of Anosov type

Mihajlo Cekić, Colin Guillarmou, Thibault Lefeuvre

Global well-posedness of Vlasov-Poisson-type systems in bounded domains

Ludovic Cesbron, Mikaela Iacobelli

Structure of sets with nearly maximal Favard length

Alan Chang, Damian Dąbrowski, Tuomas Orponen, Michele Villa

On the spectrum of non degenerate magnetic Laplacians

Laurent Charles

Haagerup's phase transition at polydisc slicing

Giorgos Chasapis, Salil Singh, Tomasz Tkocz

Non-linear periodic waves on the Einstein cylinder

Athanasios Chatzikaleas, Jacques Smulevici

Dynamical torsion for contact Anosov flows

Yann Chaubet, Nguyen Viet Dang

Scattering of the three-dimensional cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equation with partial harmonic potentials

Xing Cheng, Chang-Yu Guo, Zihua Guo, Xian Liao, Jia Shen

Extreme temporal intermittency in the linear Sobolev transport: Almost smooth nonunique solutions

Alexey Cheskidov, Xiaoyutao Luo

A uniqueness result for the two vortex travelling wave in the nonlinear Schrodinger equation

David Chiron, Eliot Pacherie

Improved endpoint bounds for the lacunary spherical maximal operator

Laura Cladek, Ben Krause

Uniqueness of excited states to −Δu+u−u3=0 in three dimensions

Alex Cohen, Zhenhao Li, Wilhelm Schlag

Non-negative Ricci curvature and minimal graphs with linear growth

Giulio Colombo, Eddygledson Gama, Luciano Mari, Marco Rigoli

Ground state properties in the quasiclassical regime

Michele Correggi, Marco Falconi, Marco Olivieri

On blowup for the supercritical quadratic wave equation

Elek Csobo, Irfan Glogić, Birgit Schörkhuber

The Willmore flow of tori of revolution

Anna Dall'Acqua, Marius Müller, Reiner Schätzle, Adrian Spener

Hausdorff measure bounds for nodal sets of Steklov eigenfunctions

Stefano Decio

A determination of the blowup solutions to the focusing, quintic NLS with mass equal to the mass of the soliton

Benjamin Dodson

Overdetermined boundary problems with nonconstant Dirichlet and Neumann data

Miguel Domínguez-Vázquez, Alberto Enciso, Daniel Peralta-Salas

Mathematics of internal waves in a 2D aquarium

Semyon Dyatlov, Jian Wang, Maciej Zworski

Curvewise characterizations of minimal upper gradients and the construction of a Sobolev differential

Sylvester Eriksson-Bique, Elefterios Soultanis

Schwarz-Pick lemma for harmonic maps which are conformal at a point

Franc Forstnerič, David Kalaj

$C^\infty$ partial regularity of the singular set in the obstacle problem

Federico Franceschini, Wiktoria Zatoń

Blow-up of solutions of critical elliptic equations in three dimensions

Rupert L. Frank, Tobias König, Hynek Kovařík

Decoupling inequalities for short generalized Dirichlet sequences

Yuqiu Fu, Larry Guth, Dominique Maldague

Arnold's variational principle and its application to the stability of planar vortices

Thierry Gallay, Vladimir Šverák

Optimal Prandtl expansion around a concave boundary layer

David Gérard-Varet, Yasunori Maekawa, Nader Masmoudi

Perturbed interpolation formulae and applications

João P. G. Ramos, Mateus Sousa

Necessary density conditions for sampling and interpolation in spectral subspaces of elliptic differential operators

Karlheinz Gröchenig, Andreas Klotz

A general notion of uniform ellipticity and the regularity of the stress field for elliptic equations in divergence form

Umberto Guarnotta, Sunra Mosconi

Schauder estimates for equations with cone metrics, II

Bin Guo, Jian Song

On $L^\infty$ estimates for Monge-Ampère and Hessian equations on nef classes

Bin Guo, Duong H. Phong, Freid Tong, Chuwen Wang

Small cap decoupling for the moment curve in $\mathbb{R}^3$

Larry Guth, Dominique Maldague

Large-scale regularity for the stationary Navier-Stokes equations over non-Lipschitz boundaries

Mitsuo Higaki, Christophe Prange, Jinping Zhuge

Higher rank quantum-classical correspondence

Joachim Hilgert, Tobias Weich, Lasse L. Wolf

Semiclassical propagation through cone points

Peter Hintz

A fast point charge interacting with the screened Vlasov-Poisson system

Richard M. Höfer, Raphael Winter

Transference of scale-invariant estimates from Lipschitz to non-tangentially accessible to uniformly rectifiable domains

Steve Hofmann, José María Martell, Svitlana Mayboroda

IDA and Hankel operators on Fock spaces

Zhangjian Hu, Jani A. Virtanen

Global well-posedness for a system of quasilinear wave equations on a product space

Cécile Huneau, Annalaura Stingo

On the endpoint regularity in Onsager's conjecture

Philip Isett

An improved regularity criterion and absence of splash-like singularities for g-SQG patches

Junekey Jeon, Andrej Zlatoš

Unique continuation for the heat operator with potentials in weak spaces

Eunhee Jeong, Sanghyuk Lee, Jaehyeon Ryu

Strong illposedness for SQG in critical Sobolev spaces

In-Jee Jeong, Junha Kim

Upper bound on the number of resonances for even asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds with real-analytic ends

Malo Jézéquel

Non-existence of the box dimension for dynamically invariant sets

Natalia Jurga

Nonlocal operators related to nonsymmetric forms II: Harnack inequalities

Moritz Kassmann, Marvin Weidner

Strong cosmic censorship in the presence of matter: The decisive effect of horizon oscillations on the black hole interior geometry

Christoph Kehle, Maxime Van de Moortel

Small scale formation for the 2D Boussinesq equation

Alexander Kiselev, Jaemin Park, Yao Yao

Smooth extensions for inertial manifolds of semilinear parabolic equations

Anna Kostianko, Sergey Zelik

Inverse problems for nonlinear magnetic Schroedinger equations on conformally transversally anisotropic manifolds

Katya Krupchyk, Gunther Uhlmann

Noncommutative maximal operators with rough kernels

Xudong Lai

Spectral inequalites for the Schrödinger operator

Gilles Lebeau, Iván Moyano

Explicit formula of radiation fields of free waves with applications on channel of energy

Liang Li, Ruipeng Shen, Lijuan Wei

Uniform Skoda integrability and Calabi-Yau degeneration

Yang Li

The weak null condition on Kerr backgrounds

Hans Lindblad, Mihai Tohaneanu

On full asymptotics of real analytic torsions for compact locally symmetric orbifolds

Bingxiao Liu

The stability of simple plane-symmetric shock formation for 3D compressible Euler flow with vorticity and entropy

Jonathan Luk, Jared Speck

Uniform stability in the Euclidean isoperimetric problem for the Allen–Cahn energy

Francesco Maggi, Daniel Restrepo

On Gagliardo-Nirenberg inequalities with vanishing symbols

Rainer Mandel

Characterization of rectifiability via Lusin type approximation

Andrea Marchese, Andrea Merlo

The Singular Strata of a Free-Boundary Problem for Harmonic Measure

Sean McCurdy

A semiclassical Birkhoff normal form for constant-rank magnetic fields

Léo Morin

Strichartz inequalities with white noise potential on compact surfaces

Antoine Mouzard, Immanuel Zachhuber

A new approach to the Fourier extension problem for the paraboloid

Camil Muscalu, Itamar Oliveira

A characterization of the Razak-Jacelon algebra

Norio Nawata

Bosons in a double well: Two-mode approximation and fluctuations

Alessandro Olgiati, Nicolas Rougerie, Dominique Spehner

A substitute for Kazhdan's property (T) for universal non-lattices

Narutaka Ozawa

Optimal regularity & Liouville property for stable solutions to semilinear elliptic equations in \mathbb R^n with n\ge10

Fa Peng, Yi Zhang, Yuan Zhou

The 3D strict separation property for the nonlocal Cahn-Hilliard equation with singular potential

Andrea Poiatti

Anisotropic micropolar fluids subject to a uniform microtorque: The stable case

Antoine Remond-Tiedrez, Ian Tice

The prescribed curvature problem for entire hypersurfaces in Minkowski space

Changyu Ren, Zhizhang Wang, Ling Xiao

Host-Kra factors for $\bigoplus_{p\in P}\mathbb{Z}/p\mathbb{Z}$ actions and finite dimensional nilpotent systems

Or Shalom

On complete embedded translating solitons of the mean curvature flow that are of finite genus

Graham Smith

Plateau flow or the heat flow for half-harmonic maps

Michael Struwe

Projective embedding of stably degenerating sequence of hyperbolic Riemann surfaces

Jingzhou Sun

Connectivity conditions and boundary Poincaré inequalities

Olli Tapiola, Xavier Tolsa

Spectral gap for obstacle scattering in dimension 2

Lucas Vacossin

A generalization of the Beurling–Malliavin Majorant theorem

Ioann Vasilyev

Degenerating hyperbolic surfaces and spectral gaps for large genus

Yunhui Wu, Haohao Zhang, Xuwen Zhu

Propagation of singularities for gravity-capillary water waves

Hui Zhu