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The Gamma and Strominger--Yau--Zaslow conjectures: a tropical approach to periods

Mohammed Abouzaid, Sheel Ganatra, Hiroshi Iritani, Nick Sheridan

Closed ideal planar curves

Ben Andrews, James McCoy, Glen Wheeler, Valentina-Mira Wheeler

GL(2,R)-invariant measures in marked strata: generic marked points, Earle-Kra for strata and illumination

Paul Apisa

Towards conservativity of Gm-stabilization

Tom Bachmann, Maria Yakerson

Asymmetric L-space knots

Kenneth L. Baker, John Luecke

A gluing formula for families Seiberg-Witten invariants

David Baraglia, Hokuto Konno

Anomalous partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms III: abundance and incoherence

Christian Bonatti, Andrey Gogolev, Andy Hammerlindl, Rafael Potrie

The quantum tropical vertex

Pierrick Bousseau

Natural extensions of unimodal maps: virtual sphere homeomorphisms and prime ends of basin boundaries

Philip Boyland, André de Carvalho, Toby Hall

Classification of tight contact structures on surgeries on the figure-eight knot

James Conway, Hyunki Min

Sutured manifolds and polynomial invariants from higher rank bundles

Aliakbar Daemi, Yi Xie

More concordance homomorphisms from knot Floer homology

Irving Dai, Jennifer Hom, Matthew Stoffregen, Linh Truong

Geodesic stability, the space of rays, and uniform convexity in Mabuchi geometry

Tamás Darvas, Chinh H. Lu

Geometry of compact complex manifolds associated to generalized quasi-Fuchsian representations

David Dumas, Andrew Sanders

Floer homology, group orderability, and taut foliations of hyperbolic 3-manifolds

Nathan M. Dunfield

Corrigendum to Boundaries and Automorphisms of Hierarchically Hyperbolic Spaces

Matthew Gentry Durham, Mark F. Hagen, Alessandro Sisto

Reflection positivity and invertible topological phases

Daniel S. Freed, Michael J. Hopkins

Graph manifolds as ends of negatively curved Riemannian manifolds

Koji Fujiwara, Takashi Shioya

Taming the pseudoholomorphic beasts in $\mathbb{R} \times (S^1 \times S^2)$

Chris Gerig

The Engel-Lutz twist and overtwisted Engel structures

Álvaro del Pino, Thomas Vogel

Pluripotential Kähler-Ricci flows

Vincent Guedj, Chinh H. Lu, Ahmed Zeriahi

Homological eigenvalues of lifts of pseudo-Anosov mapping classes to finite covers

Asaf Hadari

Eilenberg-MacLane spectra as equivariant Thom spectra

Jeremy Hahn, Dylan Wilson

Hodge theory of the Goldman bracket

Richard Hain

Equivariant Hodge theory and noncommutative geometry

Daniel Halpern-Leistner, Daniel Pomerleano

A vanishing theorem for tautological classes of aspherical manifolds

Fabian Hebestreit, Markus Land, Wolfgang Lück, Oscar Randal-Williams

New differential operator and non-collapsed RCD spaces

Shouhei Honda

Kähler groups and subdirect products of surface groups

Claudio Llosa Isenrich

Recognition of being fibered for compact 3-manifolds

Andrei Jaikin-Zapirain

Contact handles, duality, and sutured Floer homology

András Juhász, Ian Zemke

Edge stabilization in the homology of graph braid groups

Ben Knudsen, Byung Hee An, Gabriel C. Drummond-Cole

HF=HM I : Heegaard Floer homology and Seiberg-Witten Floer homology

Çağatay Kutluhan, Yi-Jen Lee, Clifford Henry Taubes

HF=HM IV: The Sieberg-Witten Floer homology and ech correspondence

Çağatay Kutluhan, Yi-Jen Lee, Clifford Henry Taubes

HF = HM, II: Reeb orbits and holomorphic curves for the ech/Heegaard Floer correspondence

Çağatay Kutluhan, Yi-Jen Lee, Clifford Henry Taubes

HF = HM V: Seiberg-Witten-Floer homology and handle additions

Çağatay Kutluhan, Yi-Jen Lee, Clifford Henry Taubes

HF=HM III:Holomorphic curves and the differential for the ech/Heegaard Floer correspondence

Çağatay Kutluhan, Yi-Jen Lee, Clifford Henry Taubes

Monopole contributions to refined Vafa-Witten invariants

Ties Laarakker

Bridge trisections in CP^2 and the Thom conjecture

Peter Lambert-Cole

Khovanov homotopy type, Burnside category, and products

Tyler Lawson, Robert Lipshitz, Sucharit Sarkar

Simplifying Weinstein Morse functions

Oleg Lazarev

Min-max minimal disks with free boundary in Riemannian manifolds

Longzhi Lin, Ao Sun, Xin Zhou

Rigidity of mapping class group actions on $S^1$

Kathryn Mann, Maxime Wolff

Kaledin's degeneration theorem and topological Hochschild homology

Akhil Mathew

Conical metrics on Riemann surfaces, I: the compactified configuration space and regularity

Rafe Mazzeo, Xuwen Zhu

Euler characteristics of Gothic Teichmüller curves

Martin Möller, David Torres-Teigell

Augmentations are sheaves

Lenhard Ng, Dan Rutherford, Vivek Shende, Steven Sivek, Eric Zaslow

Salem number stretch factors and totally real fields arising from Thurston's construction

Joshua Pankau

Coalgebraic Formal Curve Spectra and Spectral Jet Spaces

Eric Peterson

Versality of the relative Fukaya category

Nick Sheridan

Trees of manifolds as boundaries of spaces and groups

Jacek Świątkowski

Trees of metric compacta and trees of manifolds

Jacek Świątkowski

Higher genus relative and orbifold Gromov-Witten invariants

Hsian-Hua Tseng, Fenglong You

A construction of the quantum Steenrod squares and their algebraic relations

Nicholas Wilkins