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Homological mirror symmetry for hypersurfaces in $(\mathbb{C}^*)^n$

Mohammed Abouzaid, Denis Auroux

Configuration spaces of disks in a strip, twisted algebras, persistence, and other stories

Hannah Alpert, Fedor Manin

Algebraic $K$-theory of elliptic cohomology

Gabriel Angelini-Knoll, Christian Ausoni, Dominic Leon Culver, Eva Höning, John Rognes

The asymmetry of Thurston's earthquake flow

Francisco Arana-Herrera, Alex Wright

The motivic lambda algebra and motivic Hopf invariant one problem

William Balderrama, Dominic Leon Culver, J. D. Quigley

Small Dehn surgery and SU(2)

John A. Baldwin, Zhenkun Li, Steven Sivek, Fan Ye

Orbit equivalences of $\mathbb{R}$-covered Anosov flows and hyperbolic-like actions on the line

Thomas Barthelmé, Kathryn Mann, Jonathan Bowden

Gromov-Witten theory via roots and logarithms

Luca Battistella, Navid Nabijou, Dhruv Ranganathan

On the subvarieties with nonsingular real loci of a real algebraic variety

Olivier Benoist

A tropical computation of refined toric invariants II

Thomas Blomme

The homology of the Temperley-Lieb algebras

Rachael Boyd, Richard Hepworth

On the top-weight rational cohomology of $\mathcal{A}_g$

Madeline Brandt, Juliette Bruce, Melody Chan, Margarida Melo, Gwyneth Moreland, Corey Wolfe

Stability of tori under lower sectional curvature

Elia Bruè, Aaron Naber, Daniele Semola

On the high-dimensional geography problem

Robert Burklund, Andrew Senger

Moduli spaces of residueless meromorphic differentials and the KP hierarchy

Alexandr Buryak, Paolo Rossi, Dimitri Zvonkine

On automorphisms of high-dimensional solid tori

Mauricio Bustamante, Oscar Randal-Williams

Quantitative marked length spectrum rigidity

Karen Butt

Shear-shape cocycles for measured laminations and ergodic theory of the earthquake flow

Aaron Calderon, James Farre

Chromatic cyclotomic extensions

Shachar Carmeli, Tomer M. Schlank, Lior Yanovski

Limits of manifolds with a Kato bound on the Ricci curvature

Gilles Carron, Ilaria Mondello, David Tewodrose

Microlocal theory of Legendrian links and cluster algebras

Roger Casals, Daping Weng

Scalar and mean curvature comparison via the Dirac operator

Simone Cecchini, Rudolf Zeidler

Helly groups

Jérémie Chalopin, Victor Chepoi, Anthony Genevois, Hiroshi Hirai, Damian Osajda

Closed geodesics with prescribed intersection numbers

Yann Chaubet

Riemannian manifolds with entire Grauert tube are rationally elliptic

Xiaoyang Chen

Automorphisms of surfaces over fields of positive characteristic

Yifei Chen, Constantin Shramov

Pseudo-Anosovs are exponentially generic in mapping class groups

Inhyeok Choi

A nonexistence result for wing-like mean curvature flows in R^4

Kyeongsu Choi, Robert Haslhofer, Or Hershkovits

Embedded contact homology and open book decompositions

Vincent Colin, Paolo Ghiggini, Ko Honda

The smooth classification of 4-dimensional complete intersections

Diarmuid Crowley, Csaba Nagy

Equivariant aspects of singular instanton Floer homology

Aliakbar Daemi, Christopher Scaduto

3-manifolds without any embedding in symplectic 4-manifolds

Aliakbar Daemi, Tye Lidman, Mike Miller Eismeier

Hyperbolic hyperbolic-by-cyclic groups are cubulable

François Dahmani, Suraj Krishna Meda Satish, Jean Pierre Mutanguha

The volume of pseudoeffective line bundles and partial equilibrium

Tamás Darvas, Mingchen Xia

The signature and cusp geometry of hyperbolic knots

Alex Davies, András Juhász, Marc Lackenby, Nenad Tomašev

Dual structures on Coxeter and Artin groups of rank three

Emanuele Delucchi, Giovanni Paolini, Mario Salvetti

Stable cuspidal curves and the integral Chow ring of $\overline{\mathscr{M}}_{2,1}$

Andrea Di Lorenzo, Michele Pernice, Angelo Vistoli

Teichmüller curves in genus two: Square-tiled surfaces and modular curves

Eduard Duryev

Lagrangian mean curvature flow in the complex projective plane

Christopher G. Evans

Monodromy of Schwarzian equations with regular singularities

Gianluca Faraco, Subhojoy Gupta

Fixed-point-free pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms, knot Floer homology and the cinquefoil

Ethan Farber, Braeden Reinoso, Luya Wang

The non-abelian Brill-Noether divisor on M_13 and the Kodaira dimension of R_13

Gavril Farkas, David Jensen, Sam Payne

The stable Adams operations on Hermitian K-theory

Jean Fasel, Olivier Haution

Holomorphic 1-forms on the moduli space of curves

Filippo Favale, Gian Pietro Pirola, Sara Torelli

Topologically trivial proper 2-knots

Robert E. Gompf

Moduli spaces of Ricci positive metrics in dimension five

McFeely Jackson Goodman

Parametric inequalities and Weyl law for the volume spectrum

Larry Guth, Yevgeny Liokumovich

Algebraic uniqueness of Kahler-Ricci flow limits and optimal degenerations of Fano varieties

Jiyuan Han, Chi Li

When does the zero fiber of the moment map have rational singularities?

Hans-Christian Herbig, Gerald W. Schwarz, Christopher Seaton

Realizability in tropical geometry and unobstructedness of Lagrangian submanifolds

Jeffrey Hicks

Packing Lagrangian tori

Richard Hind, Ely Kerman

Cluster categories and rational curves

Zheng Hua, Bernhard Keller

Rank one Hilbert geometries

Mitul Islam

Embedding surfaces in 4-manifolds

Daniel Kasprowski, Mark Powell, Arunima Ray, Peter Teichner

Virtual classes via vanishing cycles

Tasuki Kinjo

Relations in singular instanton homology

Peter B. Kronheimer, Tomasz S. Mrowka

Quadric bundles and hyperbolic equivalence

Alexander Kuznetsov

The local (co)homology theorems for equivariant bordism

Marco La Vecchia

The triangulation complexity of fibred 3-manifolds

Marc Lackenby, Jessica S. Purcell

O(2)-symmetry of 3D steady gradient Ricci solitons

Yi Lai

Global Brill–Noether theory over the Hurwitz space

Eric Larson, Hannah Larson, Isabel Vogt

Curvature tensor of smoothable Alexandrov spaces

Nina Lebedeva, Anton Petrunin

Thurston's bounded image theorem

Cyril Lecuire, Ken'ichi Ohshika

Orbit closures of unipotent flows for hyperbolic manifolds with Fuchsian ends

Minju Lee, Hee Oh

On endomorphisms of the de Rham cohomology functor

Shizhang Li, Shubhodip Mondal

Ancient solutions to the Kähler Ricci flow

Yu Li

Monopoles, twisted integral homology, and Hirsch algebras

Francesco Lin, Mike Miller Eismeier

Errata to "Bimodules in bordered Heegaard Floer homology"

Robert Lipshitz, Peter Ozsváth, Dylan P. Thurston

Zariski dense surface groups in SL(2k+1,Z)

Darren D. Long, Morwen B. Thistlethwaite

CAT(0) 4-manifolds are Euclidean

Alexander Lytchak, Koichi Nagano, Stephan Stadler

Random unitary representations of surface groups II: The large n limit

Michael Magee

Rigidity and geometricity for surface group actions on the circle

Kathryn Mann, Maxime Wolff

Valuations on the character variety: Newton polytopes and residual Poisson bracket

Julien Marché, Christopher-Lloyd Simon

Weak del Pezzo surfaces with global vector fields

Gebhard Martin, Claudia Stadlmayr

Homological mirror symmetry for hypertoric varieties I: Conic equivariant sheaves

Michael McBreen, Ben Webster

The string coproduct "knows" Reidemeister/Whitehead torsion

Florian Naef

Two-dimensional metric spaces with curvature bounded above I

Koichi Nagano, Takashi Shioya, Takao Yamaguchi

Small energy isotopies of loose Legendrian submanifolds

Lukas Nakamura

Holomorphic anomaly equations for the Hilbert scheme of points of a K3 surface

Georg Oberdieck

Multiple cover formulas for K3 geometries, wall-crossing, and Quot schemes

Georg Oberdieck

Higgs bundles, harmonic maps and pleated surfaces

Andreas Ott, Jan Swoboda, Richard Wentworth, Michael Wolf

Nonnegative Ricci curvature, metric cones, and virtual abelianness

Jiayin Pan

Intersection theory on moduli of disks, open KdV and Virasoro

Rahul Pandharipande, Jake P. Solomon, Ran J. Tessler

Sublinearly Morse boundary II: Proper geodesic spaces

Yulan Qing, Kasra Rafi, Giulio Tiozzo

Subgroups of genus-2 quasi-Fuchsian groups and cocompact Kleinian groups

Zhenghao Rao

Lee filtration structure of torus links

Qiuyu Ren

The persistence of a relative Rabinowitz-Floer complex

Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell, Michael Sullivan

On certain quantifications of Gromov's non-squeezing theorem

Kevin Sackel, Antoine Song, Umut Varolgunes, Jonathan J. Zhu

On definite lattices bounded by a homology 3-sphere and Yang-Mills instanton Floer theory

Christopher Scaduto

Localization in Khovanov homology

Matthew Stoffregen, Melissa Zhang

The parabolic Verlinde formula: iterated residues and wall-crossings

András Szenes, Olga Trapeznikova

Scattering amplitudes of stable curves

Jenia Tevelev

Categorical wall-crossing formula for Donaldson-Thomas theory on the resolved conifold

Yukinobu Toda

Symplectic capacities, unperturbed curves, and convex toric domains

Dusa McDuff, Kyler Siegel

On boundedness of singularities and minimal log discrepancies of Kollár components, II

Ziquan Zhuang

Taut foliations, left orders, and pseudo-Anosov mapping tori

Jonathan Zung

Reeb flows transverse to foliations

Jonathan Zung