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Betti realization of varieties defined by formal Laurent series

Piotr Achinger, Mattia Talpo

Holomorphic Legendrian curves in CP^3 and superminimal surfaces in S^4

Antonio Alarcón, Franc Forstnerič, Finnur Lárusson

Marked Points on Translation Surfaces

Paul Apisa, Alex Wright

Counting hyperbolic multi-geodesics with respect to the lengths of individual components and asymptotics of Weil-Petersson volumes

Francisco Arana-Herrera

On the equivalence of contact invariants in sutured Floer homology theories

John A. Baldwin, Steven Sivek

$\mathbb A^1$-connected components of ruled surfaces

Chetan Balwe, Anand Sawant

Free Seifert pieces of pseudo-Anosov flows

Thierry Barbot, Sérgio R. Fenley

Inner geometry of complex surfaces: a valuative approach

André Belotto da Silva, Lorenzo Fantini, Anne Pichon

Supersymmetric field theories and the elliptic index theorem with complex coefficients

Daniel Berwick-Evans

Codimension-1 simplices in divisible convex domains

Martin Bobb

The induced metric on the boundary of the convex hull of a quasicircle in hyperbolic and anti de Sitter geometry

Francesco Bonsante, Jeffrey Danciger, Sara Maloni, Jean-Marc Schlenker

On the isometric conjecture of Banach

Gil Bor, Luis Hernández-Lamoneda, Valentin Jimenez-Desantiago, Luis Montejano Peimbert

Natural extensions of unimodal maps: virtual sphere homeomorphisms and prime ends of basin boundaries

Philip Boyland, André de Carvalho, Toby Hall

The Jordan property for local fundamental groups

Lukas Braun, Stefano Filipazzi, Joaquín Moraga, Roberto Svaldi

On Kodaira fibrations with invariant cohomology

Corey Bregman

Uniqueness of convex ancient solutions to mean curvature flow in higher dimensions

Simon Brendle, Kyeongsu Choi

The Legendrian Whitney trick

Roger Casals, Dishant M. Pancholi, Francisco Presas

The theory of N-mixed-spin-P fields

Huai-liang Chang, Shuai Guo, Jun Li, Wei-Ping Li

On the geometry of asymptotically flat manifolds

Xiuxiong Chen, Yu Li

Analytic tangent cones of admissible Hermitian-Yang-Mills connections

Xuemiao Chen, Song Sun

The space of almost calibrated $(1,1)$ forms on a compact K\"ahler manifold

Jianchun Chu, Tristan C. Collins, Man-Chun Lee

More concordance homomorphisms from knot Floer homology

Irving Dai, Jennifer Hom, Matthew Stoffregen, Linh Truong

Conformal blocks from vertex algebras and their connections on $\overline{\mathcal{M}}_{g,n}$

Chiara Damiolini, Angela Gibney, Nicola Tarasca

Moduli theory, stability of fibrations and optimal symplectic connections

Ruadhaí Dervan, Lars Martin Sektnan

Hurwitz theory of elliptic orbifolds, I

Philip Engel

Braid monodromy of univariate fewnomials

Alexander Esterov, Lionel Lang

Pseudoholomorphic curves relative to a normal crossings symplectic divisor: compactification

Mohammad Farajzadeh-Tehrani

Complete non-compact Spin(7) manifolds from self-dual Einstein 4-orbifolds

Lorenzo Foscolo

The cohomology rings of smooth toric varieties and quotients of moment-angle complexes

Matthias Franz

Reflection positivity and invertible topological phases

Daniel S. Freed, Michael J. Hopkins

Topological dualities in the Ising model

Daniel S. Freed, Constantin Teleman

On the vanishing topology of isolated Cohen-Macaulay codimension 2 singularities

Anne Frühbis-Krüger, Matthias Zach

Corrigendum to: "A spectral sequence for stratified spaces and configuration spaces of points"

Nir Gadish, Dan Petersen

Asymptotically rigid mapping class groups I: Finiteness properties of braided Thompson's and Houghton's groups

Anthony Genevois, Anne Lonjou, Christian Urech

Complex algebraic compactifications of the moduli space of Hermitian-Yang-Mills connections on a projective manifold

Daniel Greb, Benjamin Sibley, Matei Toma, Richard Wentworth

Boundaries of relative factor graphs and subgroup classification for automorphisms of free products

Vincent Guirardel, Camille Horbez

Positive scalar curvature on manifolds with odd order abelian fundamental groups

Bernhard Hanke

Holomorphic one-forms without zeros on threefolds

Feng Hao, Stefan Schreieder

Quasipositive links and Stein surfaces

Kyle Hayden

A vanishing theorem for tautological classes of aspherical manifolds

Fabian Hebestreit, Markus Land, Wolfgang Lück, Oscar Randal-Williams

Homological stability and densities of generalized configuration spaces

Quoc P. Ho

On the total curvature and Betti numbers of complex projective manifolds

Joseph Hoisington

A formula for the Voevodsky motive of the moduli stack of vector bundles on a curve

Victoria Hoskins, Simon Pepin Lehalleur

Global rigidity of some Abelian-by-cyclic group actions on \T^2

Sebastian Hurtado, Jinxin Xue

Transverse invariants and exotic surfaces in the 4-ball

András Juhász, Maggie Miller, Ian Zemke

On the topology and the boundary of N-dimensional RCD(K,N) spaces

Vitali Kapovitch, Andrea Mondino

Mixed curvature almost flat manifolds

Vitali Kapovitch

Distinguishing open symplectic mapping tori via their wrapped Fukaya categories

Yusuf Barış Kartal

Bounds on spectral norms and barcodes

Asaf Kislev, Egor Shelukhin

Characteristic classes via 4-dimensional gauge theory

Hokuto Konno

The Gromov-Lawson codimension $2$ obstruction to positive scalar curvature and the $C^*$-index

Yosuke Kubota, Thomas Schick

Producing 3d Ricci flows with non-negative Ricci curvature via singular Ricci flows

Yi Lai

Quadratic differentials and circle patterns on complex projective tori

Wai Yeung Lam

Barcodes and area-preserving homeomorphisms

Frédéric Le Roux, Sobhan Seyfaddini, Claude Viterbo

Commensurating HNN-extensions: non-positive curvature and biautomaticity

Ian J. Leary, Ashot Minasyan

K\"ahler manifolds with almost nonnegative curvature

Man-Chun Lee, Luen-Fai Tam

On the monopole Lefschetz number of finite order diffeomorphisms

Jianfeng Lin, Daniel Ruberman, Nikolai Saveliev

A refinement of Khovanov homology

Andrew Lobb, Liam Watson

Discrete conformal geometry of polyhedral surfaces and its convergence

Feng Luo, Jian Sun, Tianqi Wu

The geometry of groups containing almost normal subgroups

Alexander Margolis

A homological model for $U_q(sl2)$ Verma modules and their braid representations

Jules Martel

Quasi-complementary Foliations and the Mather-Thurston Theorem

Gaël Meigniez

Homology of torus knots

Anton Mellit

On the top dimensional cohomology groups of congruence subgroups of SL(n,Z)

Jeremy Miller, Peter Patzt, Andrew Putman

Extending fibrations of knot complements to ribbon disk complements

Maggie Miller

An average John theorem

Assaf Naor

Abelian quotients of the $Y$-filtration on the homology cylinders via the LMO functor

Yuta Nozaki, Masatoshi Sato, Masaaki Suzuki

Quot schemes of curves and surfaces: virtual classes, integrals, Euler characteristics

Dragos Oprea, Rahul Pandharipande

On the escape rate of geodesic loops in an open manifold with nonnegative Ricci curvature

Jiayin Pan

Factorization statistics and bug-eyed configuration spaces

Dan Petersen, Philip Tosteson

Vanishing cycles, plane curve singularities, and framed mapping class groups

Pablo Portilla Cuadrado, Nick Salter

A homology theory for tropical cycles on integral affine manifolds and a perfect pairing

Helge Ruddat

Erratum to: Surface bundles over surfaces with arbitrarily many fiberings

Nick Salter

Blowups with log canonical singularities

Gregory K. Sankaran, Francisco Santos

Local mollification of Riemannian metrics using Ricci flow, and Ricci limit spaces

Miles Simon, Peter M. Topping

From flops to diffeomorphism groups

Gleb Smirnov

Mayer-Vietoris property for relative symplectic cohomology

Umut Varolgunes

Dalian notes on rational Pontryagin classes (new title: Rational Pontryagin classes of Euclidean fiber bundles)

Michael S. Weiss

Enumeration of holomorphic cylinders in log Calabi-Yau surfaces. II. Positivity, integrality and the gluing formula

Tony Yue Yu

$(\mathbb{RP}^{2n-1},\xi_{std})$ is not exactly fillable for $n\ne 2^k$

Zhengyi Zhou