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Jahnel, Jörg
The Picard group of a K3 surface and its reduction modulo p
Jaoui, Rémi
Generic planar algebraic vector fields are strongly minimal and disintegrated
Jaradat, Imad
Proper triangular $\mathbb{G}_{a}$-actions on $\mathbb{A}^{4}$ are translations
Jardim da Fonseca, Tiago
Algebraic Independence for Values of Integral Curves
Jarossay, David
Pro-unipotent harmonic actions and dynamical properties of p-adic cyclotomic multiple zeta values
Javanpeykar, Ariyan
Polynomial bounds for Arakelov invariants of Belyi curves
Jedwab, Jonathan
Constructions of difference sets in nonabelian 2-groups
Jelisiejew, Joachim
Irreducibility of the Gorenstein loci of Hilbert schemes via ray families
Jenkins, Paul
Integral traces of singular values of Maass forms
Jensen, David
Tropical independence I: Shapes of divisors and a proof of the Gieseker--Petri theorem
Tropical independence II: The maximal rank conjecture for quadrics
Jha, Somnath
On twists of modules over non-commutative Iwasawa algebras
Jiang, Chen
Boundedness of log pluricanonical representations of log Calabi--Yau pairs in dimension 2
Jiang, Dihua
Local root numbers and spectrum of the local descents for orthogonal groups: p-adic case
Jin, Zhongyu
Motivic multiple zeta values relative to \mu_2
Johansson, Christian
Extended eigenvarieties for overconvergent cohomology
Johnson, Ryan
Indicators of Tambara-Yamagami categories and Gauss sums
Jones, John
The tame-wild principle for discriminant relations for number fields
Jonsson, Mattias
A finiteness property of graded sequences of ideals
Jørgensen, Peter
Intermediate co-$t$-structures, two-term silting objects, $\tau$-tilting modules, and torsion classes
Jossen, Peter
On the second Tate--Shafarevich group of a 1-motive
Joyce, Michael
The Nef cone volume of generalized Del Pezzo Surfaces
Jun, Byungheup
The behavior of Hecke's L-function of real quadratic fields at s=0
Jung, Junehyuk
Intersecting geodesics on the modular surface
Junger, Damien
Cohomologie analytique des arrangements d'hyperplans