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Kahle, Thomas
Decompositions of commutative monoid congruences and binomial ideals
Kahn, Bruno
Classes de cycles motiviques étales
Kaletha, Tasho
Genericity and contragredience in the local Langlands correspondence
Kaliman, Shulim
Proper G_a-actions on \C^4 preserving a coordinate
Kamber, Amitay
Optimal lifting for the projective action of SL3(Z)
Kamienny, Sheldon
Torsion points on elliptic curves over number fields of small degree
Kamnitzer, Joel
Yangians and quantizations of slices in the affine Grassmannian
Kane, Daniel
On the ranks of the $2$-Selmer groups of twists of a given elliptic curve
Kaneko, Ikuya
The Prime Geodesic Theorem for PSL_2(Z[i]) and Spectral Exponential Sums
Kaplan, Daniel
Multiplicative preprojective algebras are 2-Calabi-Yau
Kappen, Christian
Analytic functions on tubes of non-Archimedean analytic spaces
Kapustka, Grzegorz
Projective orbifolds of Nikulin type
Kapustka, Michał
Projective orbifolds of Nikulin type
Karasiewicz, Edmund
A Hecke algebra on the double cover of a Chevalley group over $\mathbb{Q}_{2}$
Karasik, Yakov
Semisimple algebras and PI-invariants of finite dimensional algebras
Karpenko, Nikita
The Chow ring of the classifying space of the unitary group
Kårström, Johan
A new approach to Kostant's problem
Kartas, Konstantinos
Decidability via the tilting correspondence
Karu, Kalle
Bivariant Algebraic Cobordism
Kass, Jesse
The geometry and combinatorics of cographic toric face rings
Two ways to degenerate the Jacobian are the same
Kassel, Christian
Algebraicity of the zeta function associated to a matrix over a free group algebra
Kataoka, Takenori
Fitting ideals of class groups for CM abelian extensions
Kato, Hiroki
Wild ramification, the nearby cycle complexes, and the characteristic cycles of l-adic sheaves
Katz, Eric
Piecewise polynomials, Minkowski weights, and localization on toric varieties
Kawaguchi, Shu
Local and global canonical height functions for affine space regular automorphisms
Kazhdan, David
The Tannakian formalism and the Langlands conjectures
Keating, Jonathan
Moments of quadratic twists of elliptic curve L-functions over function fields
Squarefree polynomials and M\"obius values in short intervals and arithmetic progressions
Variance of arithmetic sums and $L$-functions in $\mathbb{F}_q[t]$
Kedlaya, Kiran
On Families of (Phi,Gamma)-modules
Swan conductors for p-adic differential modules, I: A local construction
Keilberg, Marc
On tensor factorizations of Hopf algebras
Kelly, Shane
Differential forms in positive characteristic II: cdh-descent via functorial Riemann-Zariski spaces
Kerz, Moritz
Erratum: Lefschetz theorem for abelian fundamental group with modulus
Lefschetz theorem for abelian fundamental group with modulus
Kessar, Radha
The principal block of a {\mathbb Z}_{\ell}-spets and Yokonuma type algebras
Khan, Rizwanur
Nonvanishing of Dirichlet L-functions
Khare, Apoorva
Homogeneous length functions on groups
Khoroshkin, Anton
Shuffle algebras, homology, and consecutive pattern avoidance
Kim, Chan-Ho
A proof of Perrin-Riou's Heegner point main conjecture
Variation of anticyclotomic Iwasawa invariants in Hida families
Kim, Henry
Equidistribution theorems for holomorphic Siegel cusp forms of general degree: The level aspect
Kings, Guido
The Maillot-Rössler current and the polylogarithm on abelian schemes
Kinser, Ryan
Actions of some pointed Hopf algebras on path algebras of quivers
Idempotents in representation rings of quivers
Kiraly, Franz
Group actions of prime order on local normal rings
Kirby, Jonathan
Finitely presented exponential fields
Pseudo-exponential maps, variants, and quasiminimality
Kisilevsky, Hershy
On the minimal ramification problem for semiabelian groups
Kıral, Eren
The Voronoi formula and double Dirichlet series
Klagsbrun, Zev
Elements of given order in Tate-Shafarevich groups of abelian varieties in quadratic twist families
Klein, Patricia
Differential operators, retracts, and toric face rings
Kleppe, Jan
Ideals generated by submaximal minors
Kleshchev, Alexander
Generalized Schur algebras
Small dimension projective representations of symmetric and alternating groups
Kloosterman, Remke
The zeta-function of monomial deformations of Fermat hypersurfaces
Klüners, Jürgen
On the Spiegelungssatz for the 4-Rank
Klurman, Oleksiy
On the orbits of multiplicative pairs
Klys, Jack
The distribution of p-torsion in degree p cyclic fields
Knop, Friedrich
Localization of spherical varieties
Kobayashi, Toshinori
Burch ideals and Burch rings
Kohl, Timothy
Hopf-Galois structures arising from groups with unique subgroup of order p
Regular permutation groups of order {\slshape mp} and Hopf Galois structures
Kollár, János
Diophantine subsets of function fields of curves
Kontogeorgis, Aristides
On the tangent space of the deformation functor of Curves with Automorphisms
Korchmáros, Gábor
Ordinary algebraic curves with many automorphisms in positive characteristic
Kovács, Sándor
Inversion of adjunction for rational and Du Bois pairs
Kowalski, Emmanuel
New equidistribution estimates of Zhang type
Kowalski, Piotr
Difference modules and difference cohomology
Koymans, Peter
The 16-rank of $\mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{-p})$
Kozioł, Karol
Serre weight conjectures for p-adic unitary groups of rank 2
Kramer, Kenneth
Certain abelian varieties bad at only one prime
Kramer-Miller, Joe
$p$-adic estimates of exponential sums on curves
Kraus, Alain
Le théorème de Fermat sur certains corps de nombres totalement réels
On asymptotic Fermat over $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extensions of $\mathbb{Q}$
The unit equation over cyclic number fields of prime degree
Krause, Henning
Complexes of injective kG-modules
Kravchenko, Rostyslav
On the smallest number of generators and the probability of generating an algebra
Kret, Arno
Galois-generic points on Shimura varieties
Krishna, Amalendu
A moving lemma for relative 0-cycles
Higher Chow groups of varieties with group action
Moving lemma for additive higher Chow groups
Torsion in the 0-cycle group with modulus
Krishna, Rahul
A new proof of the Waldspurger formula I
Krishnamoorthy, Raju
Correspondences without a core
Rank 2 local systems, Barsotti-Tate groups, and Shimura curves
Kriz, Daniel
Generalized Heegner cycles at Eisenstein primes and the Katz $p$-adic $L$-function
Krone, Robert
Noetherianity for infinite-dimensional toric varieties
Krumm, David
A finiteness theorem for specializations of dynatomic polynomials
Kuan, Chan Ieong
The Laplace transform of the second moment in the Gauss circle problem
Kudla, Stephen
Remarks on generating series for special cycles on orthogonal Shimura varieties
Kujawa, Jonathan
Support varieties and modules of finite projective dimension for modular Lie superalgebras
Külshammer, Burkhard
Group algebra extensions of depth one
Kumar, Abhinav
K3 surfaces and equations for Hilbert modular surfaces
Multiplicative excellent families of elliptic surfaces of type $E_7$ or $E_8$
Kumar, Sumit
Sub-convexity bound for $GL(3) \times GL(2)$ $L$-functions: Hybrid level aspect
Künnemann, Klaus
A tropical approach to non-archimedean Arakelov geometry
Kuo, Bob
A classification of modular compactifications of the space of pointed elliptic curves by Gorenstein curves
Kuo, Wentang
Artin's conjecture for Drinfeld modules
Kurihara, Masato
On Iwasawa theory, zeta elements for $\mathbb{G}_m$, and the equivariant Tamagawa number conjecture
Kurinczuk, Robert
$\ell$-modular representations of unramified $p$-adic U(2,1)
Kurlberg, Pär
On a problem of Arnold: The average multiplicative order of a given integer
On the distribution of lattice points on hyperbolic circles
Küronya, Alex
Local positivity of linear series on surfaces
Kustin, Andrew
The equations defining blowup algebras of height three Gorenstein ideals
Kuznetsov, Alexander
Coble fourfold, $S_6$-invariant quartic threefolds, and Wiman-Edge sextics
Kwak, Sijong
On the first non-trivial strand of syzygies of projective schemes and condition ND(l)