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Hyperbolic structures on groups

Carolyn Abbott, Sahana Hassan Balasubramanya, Denis V. Osin

Colored Khovanov-Rozansky homology for infinite braids

Michael Abel, Michael Willis

Upsilon type concordance invariants

Antonio Alfieri

Vanishing theorems for representation homology and the derived cotangent complex

Yuri Berest, Ajay C. Ramadoss, Wai-kit Yeung

Species substitution, graph suspension, and graded Hopf algebras of painted tree polytopes.

Lisa Berry, Stefan Forcey, María O. Ronco, Patrick Showers

The verbal width of acylindrically hyperbolic groups is infinite

Mladen Bestvina, Kenneth W. Bromberg, Koji Fujiwara

Topological complexity of unordered configuration spaces of surfaces

Andrea Bianchi, David Recio-Mitter

Topology of (small) Lagrangian cobordisms

Mads Bisgaard

$E_2$ structures and derived Koszul duality in string topology

Andrew J. Blumberg, Michael A. Mandell


Nathaniel Bottman

Twisted differential cohomology

Ulrich Bunke, Thomas Nikolaus

A note on the (infty,n)-category of cobordisms

Damien Calaque, Claudia Scheimbauer

On uniqueness of end sums and 1-handles at infinity

Jack S. Calcut, Robert E. Gompf

Topological Hochschild homology and higher characteristics

Jonathan A. Campbell, Kate Ponto

Parametrized homology via zigzag persistence

Gunnar Carlsson, Vin de Silva, Sara Kališnik Verovšek, Dmitriy Morozov

Topological Hochschild homology of maximal orders in central simple Q-algebras

Henry Yi-Wei Chan, Ayelet Lindenstrauss

Pretty rational models for Poincaré duality pairs

Hector Cordova Bulens, Pascal Lambrechts, Donald Stanley

On $BP\langle 2\rangle$ cooperations

Dominic Culver

Connected Heegaard Floer homology of sums of Seifert fibrations

Irving Dai

Cohomology rings of compactifications of toric arrangements

Corrado De Concini, Giovanni Gaiffi

Semi-simplicial spaces

Johannes Ebert, Oscar Randal-Williams

Brendon cohomology and robot motion planning

Michael Farber, Mark Grant, Gregory Lupton, John Oprea

Torsion homology and cellular approximation

Ramón Flores, Fernando Muro

On negative-definite cobordisms among lens spaces of type (m,1) and uniformization of four-orbifolds

Yoshihiro Fukumoto

Examples of non-trivial contact mapping classes for overtwisted contact manifolds in all dimensions

Fabio Gironella

Twisted differential generalized cohomology theories and their Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence

Daniel Grady, Hisham Sati

Boundaries of Baumslag-Solitar groups

Craig R. Guilbault, Molly A. Moran, Carrie J. Tirel

Algebraic laminations for free products and arational trees

Vincent Guirardel, Camille Horbez

Higher cyclic operads

Philip Hackney, Marcy Robertson, Donald Yau

Symmetric spectra model global homotopy theory of finite groups

Markus Hausmann

Distortion of surfaces in graph manifolds

G. Christopher Hruska, Hoang Thanh Nguyen

Relative phantom maps

Kouyemon Iriye, Daisuke Kishimoto, Takahiro Matsushita

Representing a point and the diagonal as zero loci in flag manifolds

Shizuo Kaji

Uniform Exponential Growth for CAT(0) Square Complexes

Aditi Kar, Micah Sageev

Generalized Kuperberg invariants of 3-manifolds

Rinat Kashaev, Alexis Virelizier

On the homotopy types of $\mathrm{Sp}(n)$ gauge groups

Daisuke Kishimoto, Akira Kono

Homotopical intersection theory, III: multi-relative intersection problems

John R. Klein, Bruce Williams

Ropelength, crossing number and finite type invariants of links

Rafal Komendarczyk, Andreas Michaelides

On Kauffman bracket skein modules of marked 3-manifolds and the Chebyshev-Frobenius homomorphism

Thang T. Q. Lê, Jonathan Paprocki

Homotopy theory of unital algebras

Brice Le Grignou

Distance one lens space fillings and band surgery on the trefoil knot

Tye Lidman, Allison H. Moore, Mariel Vazquez

Least dilatation of pure surface braids

Marissa Loving, Hugo Parlier

C*-algebraic drawings of dendroidal sets

Snigdhayan Mahanta

Constructing the virtual fundamental class of a Kuranishi atlas

Dusa McDuff

Arrow calculus for welded and classical links

Jean-Baptiste Meilhan, Akira Yasuhara

The Lannes-Zarati homomorphism and decomposable elements

Ngo A. Tuan

Simplicial James-Hopf map and decompositions of the unstable Adams spectral sequence for suspensions

Fedor Pavutnitskiy, Jie Wu

On Ruan’s Cohomological Crepant Resolution Conjecture for the complexified Bianchi orbifolds

Fabio Perroni, Alexander D. Rahm

The motivic Mahowald invariant

J.D. Quigley

New hyperbolic 4-manifolds of low volume

Stefano Riolo, Leone Slavich

Representing the deformation infinity-groupoid

Daniel Robert-Nicoud

The topology of arrangements of ideal type

Gerhard Röhrle, Nils Amend

Dimensional reduction and the equivariant Chern character

Augusto Stoffel

A combinatorial model for the known Bousfield classes

Neil Patrick Strickland

A dynamical characterization of acylindrically hyperbolic groups

Bin Sun

Occupants in simplicial complexes

Steffen Tillmann

Tight small Seifert fibered manifolds with e_0=-2

Bülent Tosun

Truncated Heegaard Floer homology and knot concordance invariants

Linh Truong

Rips filtrations for quasi-metric spaces and asymmetric functions with stability results

Katharine Turner

Infinite staircases in the symplectic embedding problem for four-dimensional ellipsoids into polydisks

Michael Usher

Hyperbolic extensions of free groups from atoroidal ping-pong

Caglar Uyanik

Seifert surfaces for genus one hyperbolic knots in the 3-sphere

Luis G. Valdez-Sánchez

Interwining for semi-direct product operads

Benjamin C. Ward

Classifying spaces from Ore categories with Garside families

Stefan Witzel

Asymptotic Behavior of the Colored Jones polynomials and Turaev-Viro Invariants of the figure eight knot

Ka Ho Wong, Kwok Keung Au

Commensurability invariance for abelian splittings of right-angled Artin groups, braid groups and loop braid groups

Matthew C. B. Zaremsky

Kauffman states and Heegaard diagrams for tangles

Claudius Bodo Zibrowius