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Actions of solvable Baumslag-Solitar groups on hyperbolic metric spaces

Carolyn Abbott, Alexander Rasmussen

On the limit set of a spherical CR uniformization

Miguel Acosta

Modifications preserving hyperbolicity of link complements

Colin Adams, William H. Meeks III, Álvaro K. Ramos

Anchored foams and annular homology

Rostislav Akhmechet, Mikhail Khovanov

Homology of configuration spaces of hard squares in a rectangle

Hannah Alpert, Ulrich Bauer, Matthew Keith Kahle, Robert MacPherson, Kelly Spendlove

Infinite families of higher torsion in the homotopy groups of Moore spaces

Steven Amelotte, Frederick Cohen, Yuxin Luo

Augmentations and ruling polynomials for Legendrian graphs

Byung Hee An, Youngjin Bae, Tao Su

Free and based path groupoids

Andrés Ángel, Hellen Colman

Comparaison des nerfs n-catégoriques (Comparison of the n-categorical nerves)

Dimitri Ara, Georges Maltsiniotis

Detecting isomorphisms in the homotopy category

Kevin Carlson, J. Daniel Christensen

Module structure of the homology of right-angled Artin kernels

Enrique Artal Bartolo, José Ignacio Cogolludo-Agustín, Santiago López de Medrano, Daniel Matei

Acylindrical hyperbolicity of cubical small-cancellation groups

Goulnara Arzhantseva, Mark F. Hagen

The classification of linked 3-manifolds in 6-space

Sergey Avvakumov

The bridge number of arborescent links with many twigs

Sebastian Baader, Ryan Blair, Alexandra Kjuchukova, Filip Misev

Asymptotic translation lengths and normal generation for pseudo-Anosov monodromies of fibered 3-manifolds

Hyungryul Baik, Eiko Kin, Hyunshik Shin, Chenxi Wu

Cohomology of quotients in real symplectic geometry

Thomas John Baird, Nasser Heydari

Infinitely many arithmetic alternating links

Mark D. Baker, Alan W. Reid

Torsion models for tensor-triangulated categories: The one-step case

Scott Balchin, John Greenlees, Luca Pol, Jordan Williamson

On measurings of algebras over operads and homology theories

Abhishek Banerjee, Surjeet Kour

Stable cohomology of the universal degree $d$ hypersurface in $\mathbb{P}^n$

Ishan Banerjee

Operads in unstable global homotopy theory

Miguel Barrero

A connection between cut locus, Thom space and Morse-Bott functions

Somnath Basu, Sachchidanand Prasad

Operadic actions on long knots and 2-string links

Etienne Batelier, Julien Ducoulombier

Cusp volumes of alternating knots on surfaces

Brandon Bavier

Extension DGAs and topological Hochschild homology

Haldun Özgür Bayındır

Admissible replacements for simplicial monoidal model categories

Haldun Özgür Bayındır, Boris Chorny

A uniqueness theorem for transitive Anosov flows obtained by gluing hyperbolic plugs

Francois Béguin, Bin Yu

On the functoriality of sl2 tangle homology

Anna Beliakova, Matthew Hogancamp, Krzysztof Putyra, Stephan M. Wehrli

Lower bounds for volumes and orthospectra of hyperbolic manifolds with geodesic boundary

Mikhail Belolipetsky, Martin Jude Bridgeman

Smooth one-dimensional topological field theories are vector bundles with connection

Daniel Berwick-Evans, Dmitri Pavlov

Strictly systolic angled complexes and hyperbolicity of one-relator groups

Martín Axel Blufstein, Elias Gabriel Minian

Adequate links in thickened surfaces and the generalized Tait conjectures

Hans U. Boden, Homayun Karimi, Adam Sikora

Nontrivial Steenrod Squares on Prime, Hyperbolic and Satellite Knots

Holt Bodish

A quantum invariant of links in $T^2 \times I$ with volume conjecture behavior

Joe Boninger

On the homotopy theory of equivariant colored operads

Peter J. Bonventre, Luís A. Pereira

Pressure metrics for deformation spaces of quasifuchsian groups with parabolics

Harrison Bray, Richard Canary, Lien-Yung Kao

Leighton's theorem: Extensions, limitations, and quasitrees

Martin R. Bridson, Sam Shepherd

Bi-filtrations and persistence paths for 2-Morse functions

Ryan Budney, Tomasz Kaczynski

Iterated traces in 2-categories and Lefschetz theorems

Jonathan A. Campbell, Kate Ponto

A model for configuration spaces of points

Ricardo Campos, Thomas Willwacher

Amenable category and complexity

Pietro Capovilla, Clara Löh, Marco Moraschini

Proper 2-equivalences between infinite ended finitely presented groups

Manuel Cardenas, Francisco F. Lasheras, Antonio Quintero, Ranja Roy

4-Manifold Invariants From Hopf Algebras

Julian Chaidez, Jordan Cotler, Shawn X. Cui

Right-angled polyhedra and alternating links

Abhijit Champanerkar, Ilya Kofman, Jessica S. Purcell

Bigrading the symplectic Khovanov cohomology

Zhechi Cheng

Stable subgroups of the genus two handlebody group

Marissa Chesser

+ Milnor's concordance invariants for knots on surfaces

Micah W. Chrisman

The Hurewicz theorem in homotopy type theory

J. Daniel Christensen, Luis Scoccola

Free algebras through Day convolution

Hongyi Chu, Rune Haugseng

Non-slice linear combinations of iterated torus knots

Anthony Conway, Min Hoon Kim, Wojciech Politarczyk

An embedding of the Morse boundary in the Martin boundary

Matthew Cordes, Matthieu Dussaule, Ilya Gekhtman

Examples of groups whose automorphisms have exotic growth

Rémi Coulon

Bialgebraic approach to rack cohomology

Simon Covez, Marco Andrés Farinati, Victoria Lebed, Dominique Manchon

Special eccentricities of rational four-dimensional ellipsoids

Dan Cristofaro-Gardiner

Two robots moving geodesically on a tree

Donald M. Davis, Michael Harrison, David Recio-Mitter

Differential geometric invariants for time-reversal symmetric Bloch-bundles II: The low dimensional "Quaternionic" case

Giuseppe De Nittis, Kiyonori Gomi

Unexpected essential surfaces among exteriors of twisted torus knots

Thiago de Paiva

Mapping class groups of surfaces with noncompact boundary components

Ryan Dickmann

Distinguishing Legendrian knots with trivial orientation-preserving symmetry group

Ivan Dynnikov, Vladimir Shastin

Maximal knotless graphs

Lindsay Eakins, Thomas Fleming, Thomas Mattman

Diffeomorphisms of odd-dimensional discs, glued into a manifold

Johannes Ebert

Time-periodic solutions of Hamiltonian PDEs using pseudoholomorphic curves

Oliver Fabert, Niek Lamoree

The handlebody group and the images of the second Johnson homomorphism

Quentin Faes

The topological slice genus of satellite knots

Peter Feller, Allison N. Miller, Juanita Pinzón-Caicedo

Unchaining surgery, branched covers, and pencils on elliptic surfaces

Terry Fuller

Floer theory of disjointly supported Hamiltonians on symplectically aspherical manifolds

Yaniv Ganor, Shira Tanny

Projective Naturality In Heegaard Floer Homology

Michael Gartner

Quasi-isometrically rigid subgroups in right-angled Coxeter groups

Anthony Genevois

Regluing graphs of free groups

Pritam Ghosh, Mahan MJ

The Hodge Chern character of holomorphic connections as a map of simplicial presheaves

Cheyne Glass, Micah Miller, Thomas Tradler, Mahmoud Zeinalian

GKM manifolds are not rigid

Oliver Goertsches, Panagiotis Konstantis, Leopold Zoller

Non-orientable link cobordisms and torsion order in Floer homologies

Sherry Gong, Marco Marengon

Topological finiteness properties of monoids Part 1: Foundations

Robert D. Gray, Benjamin Steinberg

The Devinatz-Hopkins theorem via algebraic geometry

Rok Gregoric

Z-compactifiable manifolds which are not pseudo-collarable

Shijie Gu

The mod 2 cohomology of the infinite families of Coxeter groups of type B and D as almost-Hopf rings

Lorenzo Guerra

Groups acting on CAT(0) cube complexes with uniform exponential growth

Radhika Gupta, Kasia Jankiewicz, Thomas Ng

Projection complexes and quasimedian maps

Mark F. Hagen, Harry Petyt

Geometric triangulations and highly twisted links

Sophie L. Ham, Jessica S. Purcell

Ribbon 2-knots of Coxeter type

Jens Harlander, Stephan Rosebrock

The Sp_{k,n}-local stable homotopy category

Drew Heard

Simplicial volume of one-relator groups and stable commutator length

Nicolaus Heuer, Clara Löh

Symmetries and Hidden Symmetries of $(\epsilon, d_L)$-Twisted Knot Complements

Neil Readon Hoffman, Christian Millichap, William Worden

Suspension homotopy of $6$-manifolds

Ruizhi Huang

Loop homotopy of $6$-manifolds over $4$-manifolds

Ruizhi Huang

Weave realizability for D-type

James Hughes

Chromatic (co)homology of finite general linear groups

Samuel Hutchinson, Samuel Marsh, Neil P. Strickland

A lower bound on the stable 4-genus of knots

Damian Iltgen

Golod and tight 3-manifolds

Kouyemon Iriye, Daisuke Kishimoto

The realization problem for non-integer Seifert fibered surgeries

Ahmad Issa, Duncan McCoy

A remark on the finiteness of purely cosmetic surgeries

Tetsuya Ito

A uniformizable spherical CR structure on a two-cusped hyperbolic 3-manifold

Yueping Jiang, Jieyan Wang, Baohua Xie

Residual torsion-free nilpotence, bi-orderability and pretzel knots

Jonathan Johnson

Bounds on Pachner moves and systoles of cusped 3-manifolds

Tejas Kalelkar, Sriram Raghunath

Fold cobordisms and a Poincaré-Hopf type theorem for the signature

Boldizsár Kalmár

Homotopy types of gauge groups over Riemann surfaces

Masaki Kameko, Daisuke Kishimoto, Masahiro Takeda

Spun Normal Surfaces in 3-Manifolds I: 1-efficient Triangulations

Ensil Kang, J. Hyam Rubinstein

Splitting Madsen-Tillmann spectra II. The Steinberg idempotents and Whitehead conjecture

Takuji Kashiwabara, Hadi Zare

Homotopy classification of 4-manifolds whose fundamental group is dihedral

Daniel Kasprowski, John Nicholson, Benjamin Ruppik

The minimal genus of homology classes in a finite 2-complex

Thorben Kastenholz, Mark Pedron

A concave holomorphic filling of an overtwisted contact 3-sphere

Naohiko Kasuya, Daniele Zuddas

On the wheeled prop of stable cohomology of Aut(F_n) with bivariant coefficients

Nariya Kawazumi, Christine Vespa

Pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms of punctured non-orientable surfaces with small stretch factor

Sayantan Khan, Caleb Partin, Rebecca R. Winarski

${\rm SL}_2$ quantum trace in quantum Teichmüller theory via writhe

Hyun Kyu Kim, Thang T. Q. Lê, Miri Son

Constraints on families of smooth 4-manifolds from $\mathrm{Pin}^{-}(2)$-monopole

Hokuto Konno, Nobuhiro Nakamura

Finite presentations for stated skein algebras and lattice gauge field theory

Julien Korinman

A mnemonic for the Lipshitz-Ozsváth-Thurston correspondence

Artem Kotelskiy, Liam Watson, Claudius Zibrowius

Equivariant cohomology and the super reciprocal plane of a hyperplane arrangement

Sophie Kriz

A new construction of CAT(0) cube complexes

Robert Kropholler, Federico Vigolo

External Spanier-Whitehead duality and homology representation theorems for diagram spaces

Malte Lackmann

Planar legendrian graphs

Peter Lambert-Cole, Danielle O'Donnol

Rectification of interleavings and a persistent Whitehead theorem

Edoardo Lanari, Luis Scoccola

Colored Jones polynomials without tails

Christine Ruey Shan Lee, Roland van der Veen

An Algorithmic Definition of Gabai Width

Ricky Lee

Uniform foliations with Reeb components

Joaquín Lema

Bounded cohomology of classifying spaces for families of subgroups

Kevin Li

Heegaard Floer homology of surgeries on two-bridge links

Yajing Liu

Intrinsic symmetry groups of links

Charles Livingston

Subgroups of direct products of limit groups over Droms RAAGs

Jone Lopez de Gamiz Zearra

Twisting Kuperberg invariants via Fox calculus and Reidemeister torsion

Daniel López Neumann

Geometrically bounding 3-manifold, volume and Betti number

Jiming Ma, Fangting Zheng

A bivariant Yoneda lemma and (infinity, 2)-categories of correspondences

Andrew W. Macpherson

Staircase symmetries in Hirzebruch surfaces

Nicki Magill, Dusa McDuff

Geometric limits of cyclic subgroups of SO_0(1, k+1) and SU(1, k+1)

Sara Maloni, Maria Beatrice Pozzetti

Neighboring mapping points theorem

Andrei V. Malyutin, Oleg R. Musin

A short proof that the L^p-diameter of Diff_0(S,area) is infinite

Michał Marcinkowski

Presentations for cusped arithmetic hyperbolic lattices

Alice Mark, Julien Paupert

Quasi-isometric rigidity of subgroups and filtered ends

Eduardo Martínez-Pedroza, Luis Jorge Sánchez Saldaña

First return maps of Birkhoff sections of the geodesic flow

Théo Marty

Legendrian large cables and new phenomenon for non-uniformly thick knots

Andrew McCullough

Geodesic complexity of homogeneous Riemannian manifolds

Stephan Mescher, Maximilian Stegemeyer

Loxodromic elements in big mapping class groups via the Hooper-Thurston-Veech construction

Israel Morales, Ferrán Valdez

A Kontsevich integral of order 1

Arnaud Mortier

A model structure for weakly horizontally invariant double categories

Lyne Moser, Maru Sarazola, Paula Verdugo

Sublinearly Morse geodesics in CAT(0) spaces: Lower divergence and hyperplane characterization

Devin Murray, Yulan Qing, Abdul Zalloum

New bounds on maximal linkless graphs

Ramin Naimi, Andrei Pavelescu, Elena Pavelescu

Gluck twisting roll spun knots

Patrick Naylor, Hannah R. Schwartz

On a problem of Hopf for circle bundles over aspherical manifolds with hyperbolic fundamental groups

Christoforos Neofytidis

Cheeger-Gromoll Splitting Theorem for groups

Thang Nguyen, Shi Wang

On finitely generated normal subgroups of Kähler groups

Francisco Nicolás

Geometric triangulations of a family of hyperbolic 3-braids

Barbara Nimershiem

Twisted loop transgression and higher Jandl gerbes over finite groupoids

Behrang Noohi, Matthew B. Young

Monotone Lagrangian submanifolds of C^n and toric topology

Vardan Oganesyan

Smooth constructions of homotopy-coherent actions

Yong-Geun Oh, Hiro Lee Tanaka

On the rank of \pi_1(Ham)

Andrés Pedroza

Milnor-Witt motivic cohomology of complements of hyperplane arrangements

Keyao Peng

On the surjectivity of tmf-Hurewicz image of $A_1$

Viet-Cuong Pham

On homotopy groups of $E_C^{hG_{24}}\wedge A_1$

Viet-Cuong Pham

Dimension of representation and character varieties for two and three-orbifolds

Joan Porti

Partial Torelli groups and homological stability

Thomas Andrew Putman

On some p-differential graded link homologies II

You Qi, Joshua Sussan

$\mathit{tmf}$-based Mahowald invariants

James D. Quigley

Thom spectra, higher THH and tensors in ∞-categories

Nima Rasekh, Bruno Stonek, Gabriel Valenzuela

The existence of a universal transverse knot

Jesús Rodríguez-Viorato

A Levine-Tristram invariant for knotted tori

Daniel Ruberman

+ Convexity in hierarchically hyperbolic spaces

Jacob Russell, Davide Spriano, Hùng Công Trần

Rigidity at infinity for the Borel function of the tetrahedral reflection lattice

Alessio Savini

Discrete Real Specializations of Sesquilinear Representations of the Braid Groups

Nancy Scherich

A Leray-Serre spectral sequence for Lagrangian Floer Theory

Douglas Schultz

A scanning algorithm for odd Khovanov homology

Dirk Schütz

Cusps and commensurability classes of hyperbolic 4-manifolds

Connor Sell

Parametrized higher category theory

Jay Shah

Classification of torus bundles that bound rational homology circles

Jonathan Simone

Realization of graded monomial ideal rings modulo torsion

Tseleung So, Donald Stanley

Generalized Long-Moody functors

Arthur Soulié

Two-Dimensional Extended Homotopy Field Theories

Kürşat Sözer

G-infinity ring spectra and Moore spectra for beta-rings

Michael Stahlhauer

Fibrations of 3-manifolds and asymptotic translation length in the arc complex

Balázs Strenner

Relative Khovanov-Jacobsson classes

Isaac Sundberg, Jonah Swann

The Heisenberg Plane

Steve Trettel

Coxeter quotients of the automorphism group of a Coxeter group

Olga Varghese

Recognition of connective commutative algebra spectra through an idempotent quasiadjunction

Renato Vasconcellos Vieira

Alternative versions of the Johnson homomorphisms and the LMO functor

Anderson Vera

A construction of pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms using positive twists

Yvon Verberne

Homological polynomial coefficients and the twist number of alternating surface links

David A. Will

Mod 2 power operations revisited

Dylan Wilson

Leighton's theorem and regular cube complexes

Daniel J. Woodhouse

Constrained knots in lens spaces

Fan Ye

The group of quasi-isometries of the real line cannot act effectively on the line

Shengkui Ye, Yanxin Zhao

Analytic approach to $S^1$-equivariant Morse inequalities

Mostafa E. Zadeh, Reza Moghadasi

On the cohomology ring of symplectic fillings

Zhengyi Zhou