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A relative 2-nerve

Fernando Abellán García, Tobias Dyckerhoff, Walker Stern

Rational homology cobordisms of plumbed 3-manifolds

Paolo Aceto

Space of isospectral periodic tridiagonal matrices

Anton Ayzenberg

The realizability of some finite-length modules over the Steenrod algebra by spaces

Andrew Baker, Tilman Bauer

Constructing thin subgroups of SL(n+1,R) via bending

Samuel Ballas, Darren Long

The prism manifold realization problem

William Ballinger, Chloe Ching-Yun Hsu, Wyatt Mackey, Yi Ni, Tynan Ochse, Faramarz Vafaee

Ribbon 2-knots, 1+1=2, and Duflo's theorem for arbitrary lie algebras

Dror Bar-Natan, Zsuzsanna Dancso, Nancy C. Scherich

The Reidemeister graph is a complete knot invariant

Agnese Barbensi, Daniele Celoria

Invertible k(2)-local e-modules in c_4-spectra

Agnès Beaudry, Irina Bobkova, Michael Anthony Hill, Vesna Stojanoska

Localizing the $E_2$ page of the Adams spectral sequence

Eva Belmont

Reidemeister torsion form on character varieties

Léo Bénard

Towards the $K(2)$ local homotopy groups of Z

Prasit Bhattacharya, Philip Egger

Moduli space of meromorphic differentials with marked horizontal separatrices

Corentin Boissy

Small $C^1$ actions of semidirect products on compact manifolds

Christian Bonatti, Sang-hyun Kim, Thomas Koberda, Michele Triestino

Limits of sequences of pseudo-Anosov maps and of hyperbolic 3-manifolds

Sylvain Bonnot, André de Carvalho, Juan González-Meneses, Toby Hall

Equivariant dendroidal Segal spaces and $G$-$\infty$-operads

Peter Bonventre, Luís Alexandre Pereira

The extrinsic primitive torsion problem

Khalid Bou-Rabee, W. Patrick Hooper

The low-dimensional homology of finite-rank Coxeter groups

Rachael Boyd

The dihedral genus of a knot

Patricia Cahn, Alexandra Kjuchukova

On the KO-groups of toric manifolds

Li Cai, Suyoung Choi, Hanchul Park

Hofer-Zehnder capacity and Bruhat graph

Alexander Caviedes Castro

Section problems for configurations of points on the Riemann sphere

Lei Chen, Nick Salter

On symplectic fillings of virtually overtwisted torus bundles

Austin Christian

Transverse link invariants from the deformations of Khovanov $\mathfrak{sl}_{3}$-homology

Carlo Collari

Hyperbolicity of link complements in Seifert-fibered spaces

Tommaso Cremaschi, José Andrés Rodríguez Migueles

Non-Semisimple Quantum Invariants and TQFTs from Small and Unrolled Quantum Groups

Marco De Renzi, Nathan Geer, Bertrand Patureau-Mirand

Symmetric homotopy theory for operads

Malte Dehling, Bruno Vallette

A new non-arithmetic lattice in PU(3,1)

Martin Deraux

Boundary braids

Michael Dougherty, Jon McCammond, Stefan Witzel

Cohomological correspondence categories

Andrei Druzhinin, Håkon Kolderup

Naturality of the contact invariant in monopole floer homology under strong symplectic cobordisms

Mariano Echeverria

Correction to the article: Floer homology and splicing knot complements

Eaman Eftekhary

Fundamental groups of formal Legendrian and horizontal embedding spaces

Eduardo Fernández, Javier Martínez-Aguinaga, Francisco Presas

Trees, dendrites, and the Cannon-Thurston map

Elizabeth Field

Roller boundaries for median spaces and algebras

Elia Fioravanti

The syzygy order of big polygon spaces

Matthias Franz, Jianing Huang

Topological properties of spaces admitting a coaxial homeomorphism

Ross Geoghegan, Craig R. Guilbault, Michael Mihalik

State graphs and fibered state surfaces

Darlan Girão, Jessica S. Purcell

Pillowcase covers: Counting Feynman-like graphs associated with quadratic differentials

Elise Goujard, Martin Möller

Horizontal vector fields and Seifert fiberings

Andy Hammerlindl

Null-homologous exotic surfaces in 4-manifolds

Neil Readon Hoffman, Nathan Sarkis Sunukjian

On the Brun spectral sequence for topological Hochschild homology

Eva Höning

Motivic random variables and representation stability I: Configuration spaces

Sean Howe

Immersed Möbius bands in knot complements

Mark C. Hughes, Seungwon Kim

Axiomatic S^1 Morse-Bott theory

Michael Hutchings, Jo Nelson

Topological spines of 4-manifolds

Hee Jung Kim, Daniel Ruberman

Amenable signatures, algebraic solutions, and filtrations of the knot concordance group

Taehee Kim

Shadows of acyclic 4-manifolds with sphere boundary

Yuya Koda, Hironobu Naoe

Trisections, intersection forms and the Torelli group

Peter Lambert-Cole

Disjoinable Lagrangian tori and semisimple symplectic cohomology

Yin Li

Contact structures, excisions and sutured monopole Floer homology

Zhenkun Li

On spectral sequences from Khovanov homology.

Andrew Lobb, Raphael Zentner

The Segal conjecture for infinite discrete groups

Wolfgang Lück

Strands algebras and Ozsváth–Szabó's Kauffman-states functor

Andrew Manion, Marco Marengon, Michael Willis

Unboundedness of some higher Euler classes

Kathryn Mann

A structure theorem for $RO(C_2)$-graded Bredon cohomology

Clover May

The dual Bonahon-Schläfli formula

Filippo Mazzoli

Immersed cycles and the JSJ decomposition

Suraj Krishna Meda Satish

An extension of Quillen's theorem B

Ieke Moerdijk, Joost Nuiten

Equivariant loops on classifying spaces

Kristian Moi

The Little Bundles Operad

Lukas Müller, Lukas Woike

Homology of ternary algebras yielding invariants of knots and knotted surfaces

Maciej Niebrzydowski

On the mod-$\ell$ homology of the classifying space for commutativity

Cihan Okay, Thomas Benedict Williams

Model structures for $(\infty,n)$-categories on (pre)stratified simplicial sets and prestratified simplicial spaces

Viktoriya Ozornova, Martina Rovelli

The cohomology rings of the unordered configuration spaces of elliptic curves

Roberto Pagaria

Exponential functors, R-matrices and twists

Ulrich Pennig

Non-abelian reciprocity laws and higher Brauer--Manin obstructions

J. P. Pridham

$\tau$-invariants for knots in rational homology spheres

Katherine Raoux

On the homotopy theory for Lie $\infty$-groupoids, with an application to integrating $L_\infty$-algebras

Christopher L. Rogers, Chenchang Zhu

An explicit model for the homotopy theory of finite type Lie $n$-algebras

Christopher L. Rogers

Holomorphic bundles on the blown-up plane and the bar construction

João Paulo Santos

Ribbon distance and Khovanov homology

Sucharit Sarkar

Rational homology 3-spheres and simply connected definite bounding

Kouki Sato, Masaki Taniguchi

Finite Rigid Sets in Arc Complexes

Emily Shinkle

An unstable change of rings for Morava E-theory

Robert Thompson

Alternative versions of the Johnson homomorphisms and the LMO functor

Anderson Vera

Relative recognition principle

Renato Vasconcellos Vieira

Some results related to finiteness properties of groups for families of subgroups

Timm von Puttkamer, Xiaolei Wu

2-Segal spaces as invertible infinity-operads

Tashi Walde

E_n Hopf invariants

Felix Wierstra

Asymptotic Behavior of the Colored Jones polynomials and Turaev-Viro Invariants of the figure eight knot

Ka Ho Wong, Kwok Keung Au

Pseudo-Anosov maps with small stretch factors on punctured surfaces

Mehdi Yazdi