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Colored Khovanov-Rozansky homology for infinite braids

Michael Abel, Michael Willis

On the Alexander theorem for the oriented Thompson group $\vec{F}$

Valeriano Aiello

Algebraic filling inequalities and cohomological width

Meru Alagalingam

Upsilon type concordance invariants

Antonio Alfieri

Using secondary Upsilon invariants to rule out stable equivalence of knot complexes

Samantha Allen

Towards topological Hochschild homology of Johnson-Wilson spectra

Christian Ausoni, Birgit Richter

The prism manifold realization problem

William Ballinger, Chloe Ching-Yun Hsu, Wyatt Mackey, Yi Ni, Tynan Ochse, Faramarz Vafaee

The Reidemeister graph is a complete knot invariant

Agnese Barbensi, Daniele Celoria

An algebraic model for rational toral G-spectra

David Barnes, John Greenlees, Magdalena Kędziorek

Splittings and calculational techniques for higher $\mathit{THH}$

Irina Bobkova, Eva Höning, Ayelet Lindenstrauss, Kate Poirier, Birgit Richter, Inna Zakharevich

Coarse homology theories and finite decomposition complexity

Ulrich Bunke, Alexander Engel, Daniel Kasprowski, Christoph Winges

On the KO-groups of toric manifolds

Li Cai, Suyoung Choi, Hanchul Park

Incidence bicomodules, Möbius inversion, and a Rota formula for infinity adjunctions

Louis Carlier

Hofer-Zehnder capacity and Bruhat graph

Alexander Caviedes Castro

On the Hikami-Inoue conjecture

Jinseok Cho, Seokbeom Yoon, Christian K. Zickert

Non-orientable Lagrangian surfaces in rational 4-manifolds

Bo Dai, Chung-I Ho, Tian-Jun Li

Connected Heegaard Floer homology of sums of Seifert fibrations

Irving Dai

Symmetric homotopy theory for operads

Malte Dehling, Bruno Vallette

A new non-arithmetic lattice in PU(3,1)

Martin Deraux

An upper bound on the LS-category in presence of the fundamental group

Alexander N. Dranishnikov

Simplicial G-complexes and representation stability of polyhedral products

Xin Fu, Jelena Grbić

Contracting isometries of CAT(0) cube complexes and acylindrical hyperbolicity of diagram groups

Anthony Genevois

Topological properties of spaces admitting a coaxial homeomorphism

Ross Geoghegan, Craig R. Guilbault, Michael Mihalik

Mapping class groups of covers with boundary and braid group embeddings

Tyrone Ghaswala, Alan McLeay

State graphs and fibered state surfaces

Darlan Girão, Jessica S. Purcell

On Local Tameness of Certain Graphs of Groups

Rita Gitik

Functoriality of the EH class and the LOSS invariant under Lagrangian concordances

Marco Golla, András Juhász

Twisted differential generalized cohomology theories and their Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence

Daniel Grady, Hisham Sati

On rational homological stability for block automorphisms of connected sums of products of spheres

Matthias Grey

Algebraic laminations for free products and arational trees

Vincent Guirardel, Camille Horbez

Local cut points and splittings of relatively hyperbolic groups

Matthew Haulmark

On equivariant and motivic slices

Drew Heard

On the Brun spectral sequence for topological Hochschild homology

Eva Höning

Quasi-right-veering braids and non-loose links

Tetsuya Ito, Keiko Kawamuro

Z2-Thurston norm and complexity of 3-manifolds, II

William Jaco, Hyam Rubinstein, Jonathan Spreer, Stephan Tillmann

Generalized Kuperberg invariants of 3-manifolds

Rinat Kashaev, Alexis Virelizier

$C^{1,0}$ foliation theory

William H. Kazez, Rachel Roberts

Trisections of surface complements and the Price twist

Seungwon Kim, Maggie Miller

Ropelength, crossing number and finite type invariants of links

Rafal Komendarczyk, Andreas Michaelides

Trisections, intersection forms and the Torelli group

Peter Lambert-Cole

On Kauffman bracket skein modules of marked 3-manifolds and the Chebyshev-Frobenius homomorphism

Thang T. Q. Lê, Jonathan Paprocki

Distance one lens space fillings and band surgery on the trefoil knot

Tye Lidman, Allison H. Moore, Mariel Vazquez

Minimal pseudo-Anosov stretch factors on nonoriented surfaces

Livio Liechti, Balázs Strenner

On the genus defect of positive braid knots

Livio Liechti

On properties of Bourgeois contact structures

Samuel Lisi, Aleksandra Marinković, Klaus Niederkrüger

Four genera of links and Heegaard Floer homology

Beibei Liu

On spectral sequences from Khovanov homology.

Andrew Lobb, Raphael Zentner

The Segal conjecture for infinite discrete groups

Wolfgang Lück

Treewidth, crushing and hyperbolic volume

Clement Maria, Jessica S. Purcell

The universality of the Rezk nerve

Aaron Mazel-Gee

Splitting formulas for the rational lift of the Kontsevich integral

Delphine Moussard

On the coarse geometry of certain right-angled Coxeter groups

Hoang Thanh Nguyen, Hung Cong Tran

On the mod-$\ell$ homology of the classifying space for commutativity

Cihan Okay, Ben Williams

On the local homology of Artin groups of finite and affine type

Giovanni Paolini

The complement of a NIL graph with thirteen vertices is IL

Andrei Pavelescu, Elena Pavelescu

On Ruan’s Cohomological Crepant Resolution Conjecture for the complexified Bianchi orbifolds

Fabio Perroni, Alexander D. Rahm

Non-abelian reciprocity laws and higher Brauer--Manin obstructions

J. P. Pridham

The motivic Mahowald invariant

J.D. Quigley

New hyperbolic 4-manifolds of low volume

Stefano Riolo, Leone Slavich

On the homotopy theory for Lie $\infty$-groupoids, with an application to integrating $L_\infty$-algebras

Christopher L. Rogers, Chenchang Zhu

A new approach to twisted K-theory of compact Lie groups

Jonathan Rosenberg

Ribbon distance and Khovanov homology

Sucharit Sarkar

The ∞-categorical Eckmann-Hilton argument

Tomer M. Schlank, Lior Yanovski

Essential loops in taut ideal triangulations

Saul Schleimer, Henry Segerman

Categories and orbispaces

Stefan Schwede

Lusternik-Schnirelmann category of products with half-smashes

Donald Stanley, Jeffrey Strom

A combinatorial model for the known Bousfield classes

Neil Patrick Strickland

Tight small Seifert fibered manifolds with e_0=-2

Bülent Tosun

Seifert surfaces for genus one hyperbolic knots in the 3-sphere

Luis G. Valdez-Sánchez

Relative recognition principle

Renato Vasconcellos Vieira

Coproducts in brane topology

Shun Wakatsuki

Asymptotic Behavior of the Colored Jones polynomials and Turaev-Viro Invariants of the figure eight knot

Ka Ho Wong, Kwok Keung Au

Symplectic structure perturbations and continuity of symplectic invariants

Jun Zhang

Kauffman states and Heegaard diagrams for tangles

Claudius Bodo Zibrowius