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The geometry of maximal components of the PSp(4,R) character variety

Daniele Alessandrini, Brian Collier

Generators for a complex hyperbolic braid group

Daniel Allcock, Tathagata Basak

Parametrized spectra, multiplicative Thom spectra, and the twisted Umkehr map

Matthew Ando, Andrew J. Blumberg, David Gepner

Stein fillings and SU(2) representations

John A. Baldwin, Steven Sivek

Gauge theory on Aloff-Wallach spaces

Gavin Ball, Goncalo Oliveira

Endotrivial representations of finite groups and equivariant line bundles on the Brown complex

Paul Balmer

Quasi-projectivity of even Artin groups

Rubén Blasco-García, José Ignacio Cogolludo-Agustín

The homotopy groups of the algebraic K-theory of the sphere spectrum

Andrew J. Blumberg, Michael A. Mandell

Operads of genus zero curves and the Grothendieck-Teichmuller group

Pedro Boavida de Brito, Geoffroy Horel, Marcy Robertson

An application of the Duistertmaat--Heckman Theorem and its extensions in Sasaki Geometry

Charles P. Boyer, Hongnian Huang, Eveline Legendre

Erratum to: commensurations of the Johnson kernel

Tara E. Brendle, Dan Margalit

Indicability, residual finiteness, and simple subquotients of groups acting on trees

Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace, Phillip Wesolek

Orbifolds of n-dimensional defect TQFTs

Nils Carqueville, Ingo Runkel, Gregor Schaumann

Kähler-Ricci flow, Kähler-Einstein metric, and K-stability

Xiuxiong Chen, Song Sun, Bing Wang

Classifying matchbox manifolds

Alex Clark, Steven Edmond Hurder, Olga Lukina

Sasaki-Einstein metrics and K-stability

Tristan C. Collins, Gábor Székelyhidi

Quasi-asymptotically conical Calabi-Yau manifolds

Ronan J. Conlon, Anda Degeratu, Frédéric Rochon

Ubiquitous quasi-Fuchsian surfaces in cusped hyperbolic 3-manifolds

Daryl Cooper, David Futer

The normal closure of big Dehn twists, and plate spinning with rotating families

François Dahmani

On homology cobordism and local equivalence between plumbed manifolds

Irving Dai, Matthew Stoffregen

(Log-)epiperimetric inequality and regularity over smooth cones for almost area-minimizing currents

Max Engelstein, Luca Spolaor, Bozhidar Velichkov

On the Farrell-Jones conjecture for Waldhausen's A-theory

Nils-Edvin Enkelmann, Wolfgang Lück, Malte Pieper, Mark Ullmann, Christoph Winges

Rigidity of Teichmüller space

Alex Eskin, Howard Masur, Kasra Rafi

Towards a quantum Lefschetz hyperplane theorem in all genera

Honglu Fan, Yuan-Pin Lee

The resolution of paracanonical curves of odd genus

Gavril Farkas, Michael Kemeny

Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson classes of degeneracy loci

László M. Fehér, Richard Rimányi

Topology of automorphism groups of parabolic geometries

Charles Frances, Karin Melnick

Motivic hyperKähler resolution conjecture: I. Generalized Kummer varieties

Lie Fu, Zhiyu Tian, Charles Vial

Ricci flow from spaces with isolated conical singularities

Panagiotis Gianniotis, Felix Schulze

A formal Riemannian structure on conformal classes and uniqueness for the $\sigma_2$-Yamabe problem

Matthew Gursky, Jeffrey Streets

C*-Algebraic Higher Signatures and an Invariance Theorem in Codimension Two

Nigel Higson, Thomas Schick, Zhizhang Xie

Faithful actions from hyperplane arrangements

Yuki Hirano, Michael Wemyss

A Morse lemma for quasigeodesics in symmetric spaces and euclidean buildings

Michael Kapovich, Bernhard Leeb, Joan Porti

Phase tropical hypersurfaces

Gabriel Kerr, Ilia Zharkov

Higher enveloping algebras

Ben Knudsen

Computational complexity and 3-manifolds and zombies

Greg Kuperberg, Eric Samperton

HF=HM II revision

Çağatay Kutluhan, Yi-Jen Lee, Clifford Henry Taubes

HF=HM I : Heegaard Floer homology and Seiberg-Witten Floer homology

Çağatay Kutluhan, Yi-Jen Lee, Clifford Henry Taubes

HF=HM III:Holomorphic curves and the differential for the ech/Heegaard Floer correspondence

Çağatay Kutluhan, Yi-Jen Lee, Clifford Henry Taubes

Upsilon-like concordance invariants from sl(n) knot cohomology

Lukas Lewark, Andrew Lobb

Birational models of moduli spaces of coherent sheaves on the projective plane

Chunyi Li, Xiaolei Zhao

Derived induction and restriction theory

Akhil Mathew, Niko Naumann, Justin Noel

Strand algebras and contact categories

Daniel V. Mathews

Tropical refined curve counting via motivic integration

Johannes Nicaise, Sam Payne, Franziska Schroeter

On the symplectic cohomology of log Calabi-Yau surfaces

James Pascaleff

Volumes of $SL_n(\mathbb{C})$-representations of hyperbolic $3$-manifolds

Wolfgang Pitsch, Joan Porti

Contractible stability spaces and faithful braid group actions

Yu Qiu, Jon Woolf

Cohomology classes of strata of differentials

Adrien Sauvaget

Lagrangian mean curvature flow of Whitney spheres

Andreas Savas-Halilaj, Knut Smoczyk

Equivariant concentration in topological groups

Friedrich Martin Schneider

Additive invariants for knots, links and graphs in 3-manifolds

Scott A. Taylor, Maggy Tomova

Rigidity of convex divisible domains in flag manifolds

Wouter Van Limbeek, Andrew Zimmer