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Author Index – F
Faifman, Dmitry
Contact integral geometry and the Heisenberg algebra
Falbel, Elisha
Complex hyperbolic geometry of the figure-eight knot
Tetrahedra of flags, volume and homology of $\mathrm{SL}(3)$
Fan, Honglu
Towards a quantum Lefschetz hyperplane theorem in all genera
Fan, Huijun
A mathematical theory of the gauged linear sigma model
Fang, Bohan
The Eynard-Orantin recursion and equivariant mirror symmetry for the projective line
Fantechi, Barbara
Riemann–Roch theorems and elliptic genus for virtually smooth schemes
Farajzadeh Tehrani, Mohammad
Counting genus zero real curves in symplectic manifolds
Farb, Benson
$\mathrm{FI}$-modules over Noetherian rings
Convex cocompact subgroups of mapping class groups
Farber, Michael
Cohomological estimates for cat(X,ξ)
Farkas, Gavril
The resolution of paracanonical curves of odd genus
Fausk, Halvard
Equivariant homotopy theory for pro—spectra
Feehan, Paul
Resolution of singularities and geometric proofs of the Lojasiewicz inequalities
Fehér, László
Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson classes of degeneracy loci
Feighn, Mark
Abelian subgroups of Out(Fn)
The Grushko decomposition of a finite graph of finite rank free groups: an algorithm
Feller, Peter
The degree of the Alexander polynomial is an upper bound for the topological slice genus
Fendley, Paul
Tutte chromatic identities from the Temperley–Lieb algebra
Fenley, Sérgio
Ideal boundaries of pseudo-Anosov flows and uniform convergence groups, with connections and applications to large scale geometry
Pseudo-Anosov flows in toroidal 3-manifolds
Ferreira de Velloso Vianna, Renato
On exotic Lagrangian tori in $\mathbb{CP}^2$
Ferry, Steven
Desingularizing homology manifolds
Fichou, Goulwen
Grothendieck ring of semialgebraic formulas and motivic real minor fibers
Fillastre, François
Hyperbolic cusps with convex polyhedral boundary
Fine, Joel
Hyperbolic geometry and non-Kähler manifolds with trivial canonical bundle
Fintushel, Ronald
Invariants for Lagrangian tori
Fish, Joel
Target-Local Gromov compactness
Fisher, David
Quasi-isometric embeddings of symmetric spaces
Totally non-symplectic Anosov actions on tori and nilmanifolds
Flores Diaz, Ramón
Cellular properties of nilpotent spaces
Florit, Luis
Topological obstructions to fatness
Folha, Abigail
The Dirichlet problem for constant mean curvature graphs in $\m\times\real$
Forester, Max
Deformation and rigidity of simplicial group actions on trees
Density of isoperimetric spectra
Snowflake groups, Perron–Frobenius eigenvalues and isoperimetric spectra
Forstnerič, Franc
On the Hodge conjecture for q-complete manifolds
Foulon, Patrick
Contact Anosov flows on 3-manifolds
Francaviglia, Stefano
Branched projective structures with quasi-Fuchsian holonomy
Frances, Charles
Topology of automorphism groups of parabolic geometries
Frankel, Steven
Quasigeodesic flows and sphere-filling curves
Franks, John
Area preserving group actions on surfaces
Entropy zero area preserving diffeomorphisms of S2
Global fixed points for centralizers and Morita's Theorem
Periodic points of Hamiltonian surface diffeomorphisms
Frauenfelder, Urs
Symplectic topology of Mañé's critical values
Freed, Daniel
An index theorem in differential K–theory
Freedman, Michael
Distortion in transformation groups
Quantum SU(2) faithfully detects mapping class groups modulo center
Universal manifold pairings and positivity
Freeman, Daniel
The metric geometry of the Hamming cube and applications
Friedl, Stefan
Correction to “New topologically slice knots”
New topologically slice knots
Thurston norm via Fox calculus
Friedman, Greg
Intersection homology and Poincaré duality on homotopically stratified spaces
Frøyshov, Kim A
Monopoles over 4—manifolds containing long necks I
Fu, Joseph
Criticality for the Gehring link problem
Fu, Lie
Motivic hyperKähler resolution conjecture: I. Generalized Kummer varieties
Fujiwara, Koji
Bounded cohomology of subgroups of mapping class groups
Fukaya, Kenji
Anti-symplectic involution and Floer cohomology
Funar, Louis
The braided Ptolemy—Thompson group is finitely presented
Torus bundles not distinguished by TQFT invariants
Funke, Florian
Alexander and Thurston norms, and the Bieri--Neumann--Strebel invariants for free-by-cyclic groups
Futer, David
Dehn filling and the geometry of unknotting tunnels
Ubiquitous quasi-Fuchsian surfaces in cusped hyperbolic 3-manifolds