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Vafaee, Faramarz
Berge--Gabai knots and L--space satellite operations
Valdez Lorenzo, José
Veech groups of infinite genus surfaces
Van Cott, Cornelia
Relationships between braid length and the number of braid strands
Ozsvath-Szabo and Rasmussen invariants of cable knots
van der Veen, Roland
The volume conjecture for augmented knotted trivalent graphs
Van Horn-Morris, Jeremy
Positive factorizations of mapping classes
Vandembroucq, Lucile
Joins of DGA modules and sectional category
Varisco, Marco
On the Adams isomorphism for equivariant orthogonal spectra
Vaugon, Anne
On growth rate and contact homology
Vautaw, William
Abelian subgroups of the Torelli group
Vavrichek, Diane
Strong accessibility for hyperbolic groups
Vaz, Pedro
The universal sl3 link homology
The foam and the matrix factorization sl3 link homologies are equivalent
Super q-Howe duality and web categories
Vazquez, Mariel
Tangle analysis of difference topology experiments: applications to a Mu protein-DNA complex
Vela-Vick, David
Generalized Gauss maps and integrals for three-component links: toward higher helicities for magnetic fields and fluid flows, part II
A note on the knot Floer homology of fibered knots
Velásquez, Mario
Twisted equivariant K-theory and K-homology of SL3(Z)
Vera, Ramón
Verity, Dominic
Kan extensions and the calculus of modules for $\infty$-categories
Vershinin, Vladimir
Vértesi, Vera
A self-pairing theorem for tangle Floer homology
Vespa, Christine
Generic representations of orthogonal groups: the mixed functors
Villarreal-Herrera, Bernardo
Cosimplicial groups and spaces of homomorphisms
Villemoes, Rasmus
The first cohomology of the mapping class group with coefficients in algebraic functions on the SL(2, C) moduli space
Virelizier, Alexis
Hopf diagrams and quantum invariants
Vishne, Uzi
The fundamental group of a Galois cover of CP1 × T
Vlamis, Nicholas
Moments of a length function on the boundary of a hyperbolic manifold
Algebraic and topological properties of big mapping class groups
Vogel, Thomas
Notes on open book decompositions for Engel structures
Vogt, Elmar
Foliations with few non-compact leaves
Vogt, Rainer
On the multiplicative structure of topological Hochschild Homology
Associahedra and weak monoidal structures on categories
Rectification of weak product algebras over an operad in cat and top and applications
Vogtmann, Karen
Erratum to: Homology stability for outer automorphism groups of free groups
Homology stability for outer automorphism groups of free groups
Tethers and homology stability for surfaces
Volić, Ismar
Real homotopy theory of semi-algebraic sets
Volovikov, Alexey
Configuration-like spaces and coincidences of maps on orbits
Vonseel, Audrey
Ends of Schreier graphs of hyperbolic groups