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Staff and math­em­aticians at the LMS looked at sev­er­al com­pan­ies to provide an on­line sub­mis­sion and pa­per-man­age­ment sys­tem. We were struck by MSP’s unique ex­pert­ise in un­der­stand­ing the needs of ed­it­ors and au­thors on math­em­at­ics journ­als and the reas­on­able price. Since the move to Ed­it­Flow in mid-2011, the ser­vice provided by the MSP staff has been first class.

Susan Hez­let
Pub­lish­er, Lon­don Math­em­at­ic­al So­ci­ety

Ed­it­Flow is an ex­tremely re­li­able and ef­fi­cient soft­ware for a math­em­at­ic­al journ­al. It is backed by an alert, re­spons­ible, and tal­en­ted team who can ad­apt the soft­ware to the prac­tices of any par­tic­u­lar journ­al, even as these prac­tices evolve in time. Its data­base of pos­sible ref­er­ees and their up-to-date ad­dresses is a great as­set. I would re­com­mend the use of Ed­it­Flow to any journ­al without any hes­it­a­tion.

Duong H. Phong
Columbia Uni­versity
Ed­it­or-in-Chief, Math­em­at­ic­al Re­search Let­ters

Ed­it­Flow is the best on­line journ­al man­age­ment tool out there. As a man­aging ed­it­or of AGT I find that Ed­it­Flow makes keep­ing track of pa­pers and com­mu­nic­at­ing with ed­it­ors fast and easy. Its auto­mat­ic re­mind­ers to ed­it­ors con­cern­ing dead­lines is in­valu­able in mak­ing sure pa­pers are handled in a timely fash­ion. I also ap­pre­ci­ate Ed­it­Flow as an au­thor and ref­er­ee. Ed­it­Flow for pa­per sub­mis­sions and the ref­er­ee­ing of pa­pers is far su­per­i­or to oth­er pa­per man­age­ment sys­tems. I es­pe­cially like not hav­ing to cre­ate a new ac­count or re­mem­ber a pass­word when I want to sub­mit a pa­per or when a journ­al asks me to ref­er­ee for them.

John Et­nyre
Geor­gia In­sti­tute of Tech­no­logy
Man­aging Ed­it­or, Al­geb­ra­ic & Geo­met­ric To­po­logy

Ed­it­Flow is very easy to use and con­tains everything needed for edit­ing. There’s no need for ex­tern­al re­cords and the work­flows are com­pletely trans­par­ent. It’s an ex­cel­lent sys­tem.

Peter Jør­gensen
New­castle Uni­versity
Ed­it­or­i­al Ad­viser, Bul­let­in, Journ­al and Pro­ceed­ings of the LMS

Ed­it­Flow is a power­ful sys­tem with an in­tu­it­ive design. It not only makes ed­it­ors’ jobs man­age­able, but also en­cour­ages com­mu­nic­a­tion between ed­it­ors in a way that leads to bet­ter de­cision-mak­ing.

Bjorn Poon­en
Mas­sachu­setts In­sti­tute of Tech­no­logy
Man­aging Ed­it­or, Al­gebra & Num­ber The­ory

As one of the chief ed­it­ors of AGT since it was foun­ded, I have lots of ex­per­i­ence work­ing both without and with Ed­it­Flow. Our work def­in­itely be­came much easi­er after it was in­tro­duced. Even more im­port­antly, it has made it much less likely that a pa­per ‘falls through the cracks’ and gets over­looked for any peri­od of time.

Bob Oliv­er
Uni­versité Par­is 13
former Man­aging Ed­it­or, Al­geb­ra­ic & Geo­met­ric To­po­logy

What I liked so much about Ed­it­Flow is that I could use it straight off, without hav­ing to con­sult a manu­al. It was in­tu­it­ive. I am now [2012] an ed­it­or of two journ­als which do not use Ed­it­Flow, very much to my re­gret.

An­drew Ran­icki
Uni­versity of Ed­in­burgh
former Ed­it­or, Al­geb­ra­ic & Geo­met­ric To­po­logy

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